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Mom was standing next to me where I was lying on the desk. She was breathing hard, and her face had a look I had never seen before. It was a scary look filled with anger and hate. I was still stunned, and it wasn’t until I felt someone touch me that I snapped out of my daze.

“Noah, come with me.” Bethany was there.

She was still in her work clothes and even had a smudge of dirt on her cheek, but her eyes were focused on me, an expression filled with fear and worry. She gripped my wrist tightly with one hand while the other tried to turn my lower half so I could get off the desk.

“Wh-what?” I could barely seem to form a question.

It wasn’t the shock of what Ms. Dean had tried to do with me. Even now, such an act rolled off me without much effect. However, her crushing revelations from before still resonated through my mind, shocking my senses and keeping my brain from seemingly restarting. Bethany wrapped her arm around me and pulled me up anyway. I could vaguely hear her saying something.

“Your radio was on for a bit… I heard her coming onto you. That’s why… I ran here as quick as I could.” Bethany did sound a bit winded as she ushered me to the door.

Even though she was smaller than me and my little sister, she seemed in control of the situation. While this was happening, Ms. Dean was standing back up.

“You hit me? You’d be lucky if I only fire you. I’m going to sue your ass for assault. You’ll never work in this down again.” She cried, her nose sounding stuffy.

I glanced back to see she was holding it to keep it from bleeding.

“You want to talk about assault, bitch?” mom cursed, taking a step forward.

“Mom!” Bethany cried, causing her to stop for a second and come to her senses.

She lifted her finger and wagged it at Ms. Dean. “Watch yourself. I quit.”

She turned and followed Bethany out of the room. They didn’t move far though. Bethany took me to mom’s desk, sitting me down.

“You can’t quit, I fired you!” A voice came from her boss’s room, but Mom ignored it.

“Sweetie, look at me.” Mom grabbed my head and turned me to her. “Are you okay? Sweetie, are you doing okay?”

I blinked slightly, the events of the last few minutes slowly reviewing in my head like they were a movie. I could barely associate them with my own life. Realizing that they were waiting for an answer, I came up with the first thing that came to my mind.

“I-I’m sorry I cost you your job.”

“Oh, honey…” Mom grabbed me and hugged me, her chest pressing against my head tightly before finally pulling me away while still holding my shoulders reassuring me. “I’m going to take you and Bethany home. We can get take out tonight. Anywhere you want.”

“I don’t…” My mind shook, and I started to connect the things Ms. Dean had said with reality again. “Was it true?”

Mom frowned. “Is what true?”

I opened my mouth, but I struggled to say the words. “She… she said…”

Mom put her hand around the back of my neck, looking me in the eyes directly. “What did she say? What?”

I couldn’t even ask the question. How was I going to handle the answer? I couldn’t deal with this right now. I needed some time to think. I needed some quiet.

“I need to use the bathroom.” I blurted out.

“Ah…” Mom’s face turned red, and she let go of me. “O-okay.”

I stood up as mother and Bethany backed up a step, then I made a straight line for the bathroom. It was located right next to the break room where Ms. Dean had first cornered me, so I knew where it was. Moving into the bathroom, I immediately went to the sink and splashed water on my face. I felt like I was going to throw up. I went to the toilet, but in the end, nothing came up.

Finally getting back up, I looked around the room. My mind was still a mess. I just… I just needed to do something. I needed to do something to get my mind off of Ms. Dean’s words. Yes, that’s what I needed. What did I do when I wanted to distract myself? Didn’t I bang girls? Of course, I just fucked girls. It’s what I was good at doing. I just needed a girl who wanted to fuck. My mind didn’t even have to work for a name to come up. In this world, what girl wasn’t a slut that would let any guy slide his dick in her?

I stormed out of the bathroom, heading straight to the entrance. My mother was at her desk, emptying her stuff into a box to leave. Bethany was helping her. As for Ms. Dean, her door was closed now, so I wasn’t sure if she was hiding or if she had already left.

“Noah?” Bethany caught me as I slid out the door.

I broke into a run, hitting the stairway hard. I took five steps at a time, breaking out into the lobby. That receptionist from the floor was startled by my sudden entry.

“Sweetie, are you okay?”

I didn’t give him any mind, racing out of the door. When I hit the street, I started running at full sprint. It felt almost like mom and Bethany were chasing me, although when I looked back, I didn’t see them. The location I was heading for wasn’t far. It was naturally the construction site. When I thought about some slut who wanted to fuck, wasn’t Rory giving me all of those signs earlier. She was the kind of distraction I needed.

I walked into the building, following the sound of a nail gun where I found Rory. She was wearing jeans and didn’t have a shirt on. She seemed to hear someone coming so she stopped and put her gun down. As she stood up, she pulled off her goggles, a surprised look on her face.

“You’re back?”

“It’s your lucky day.” I shot back.

“Hmm?” She blinked. “I… um… I was there when the radio clicked on. I heard what happened. Are you okay?”

I smiled. “All be better in a minute.”

“Your sister was pretty worried. Did she mmm!” I grabbed her and kissed her.

Her eyes widened, but a moment later she pushed me away. “What are you doing?”

“Come on… don’t act like that. I’ll eat your pussy. You offered earlier, didn’t you? I’m all yours.”

“Ah… that…” She looked away awkwardly.

I tried to grab her again, but she pushed back stronger. “What? I’ll give you a good time. You can do whatever you want to my body. I’ll do whatever you want to your body.”


I felt a spike of anger and frustration. “Why? Why not? Am I tainted?”

“That’s not it.”

“Then, why? Why won’t you fuck me?” I demanded.

“I like women!”

My mouth froze, staring at her. It took a while for those words to click. It was a term that seemed almost foreign to me.

“Jeese…” She grabbed the back of her head, looking up. “I can be a real asshole sometimes.”

“H-how… you… you slapped my butt, and… and…”

“I just… I don’t want people to know, okay?” She sighed. “My therapist says it’s projecting. I treat men like sexual objects to hide my sexuality. I’m sure you’re very pretty, but I like women. I’m gay.”


Slamming into this unexpected wall destroyed my momentum. Without another word, I broke into tears. I started crying.

“H-hey… it’s okay.” She grabbed me, and I found my face buried into her sweaty chest.

It was such a surreal scene. I was crying like a complete bay into the naked chest of a girl only a handful of years older than me. It felt pathetic and thinking how pathetic it felt, made me cry even harder. She reached around and patted my head as I cried. I didn’t realize how long we stood there as I cried, but when I felt a gentle hand on my back, I looked away to see mother and Bethany standing there.

Mother’s expression was extremely gentle and kind. The anger and fury that she had before were completely gone. Bethany had a complicated expression on her face. I supposed I had failed to give her any man card. Even after racing to save me, I had ended up running into the arms of another woman. I wiped my face, my head throbbing.

“Sweaty, we can go whenever you’re ready.” Mother merely said.

“Okay…” I nodded, doing my best to clean up my face. “I’ll go.”

Mom gave a nod and then turned away. Bethany gave me a look before following mom.

“Thank you… I’m… sorry…” I said quietly, finally pulling away from Rory.

She had absolutely nothing to do with me, yet she had remained by my side and held me even as I cried. I had been thinking the worst of her, but I guess people could surprise you. I felt her grab my shirt as I turned away, so I looked back.

“Could you…” She responded a bit stiffly. “Maybe, put in a good word with Bethany for me?”


“She’s kind of cute. I’ve been wanting to get closer to her, but I don’t think she likes me very much.”

“She’s like ten years younger than you.”

“Ah… haha… well, big sister is happy to educate her on the pleasures of homosexuality. Got to help them when they are young or they’ll grow up confused. What do you say?”



“Not a chance in hell.” I reached out and twisted one of her nipples. “Stay away from my sister. She’s mine!”

“Ow! Fuck! Okay, I was just asking!” She cried, rubbing her chest.

I pulled away and stuck my tongue out at her. “I’m the only one she can love.”

I turned away, feeling strangely a bit better. I heard her mumbling behind me.

“Crazy dick. This is why I like pussy.”

I joined my mom and little sister. In the future, I’d have to find some way to keep Bethany from doing this kind of stuff anymore. I didn’t want my precious little sister to be lead down the wrong path.  

The car ride home was rather silent. Bethany got out of the car, but as I tried to, the door clicked shut. Mom gave Bethany a wave, and then pulled back out onto the street.


“We still need to talk.” Mom declared.

“Ah… about that… it’s not necessary. I’ll be fine.”

“Noah. I know my son.”

“Am I your son?” I snapped back, and as soon as I did, I covered my mouth.

Mom jerked like she had been struck. After a moment, she pulled over into a parking lot. After shutting down the car, she turned to me.

“Noah…” She began.

Since it had already come this far, I didn’t see any point in hiding it.

“You had Mackenzie with someone who isn’t dad. And Dad had me with someone who isn’t you. Right?”

Mom opened her mouth and then closed it again. The guilty look on her face told me the answer, even if she wasn’t willing to say it.

“Is dad even my dad? Are they even my sisters?”

She spoke after a few moments of silence. “I don’t know. I considered doing a blood test, but I decided not to.”


“Because it wouldn’t change anything. I’m the person who raised you. They are the ones who lived beside you. They are your sisters. I’m your mother.” She spoke in a low voice.

“Can you even say that?”


“Do you love me like a son?”

“How can you ask that?”

“Or do you want to have sex with me?”


I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. As I did, my tongue started to slip into her mouth. She grabbed me and pushed me back. For a moment, her surprised eyes locked with my red ones. Was this just like with Rory?

Just as I was thinking that she grabbed me and pulled me back to her, her lips pressing against mine. It was like a flood had broken through, and neither of us could stop.

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