Yurtdışı Yatırım

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“Eat my cunt, you slut!” Her sweaty legs were wrapped around my neck, and the pungent scent of her sweet nectar box pushed down against my face.

I instinctively stuck out my tongue, but it wasn’t enough for her. She pushed herself down on my face, forcing my tongue to slide into her. Without waiting for me to recover, she started to rock her hips erotically, effectively riding my face.

“Fuck… ah… shit… yeah… suck it… suck it… you slut,” She said, grabbing a chunk of my hair and forcing my head against her pie.

Only when I began to suck strongly on her clit did she finally let out a moan of satisfaction and lessen her rough treatment. She was an attractive woman, with blond hair, and sharp eyes. She didn’t shave down there, making her snatch somewhat hairy, but she was clean and smelled erotically of sex. Her tits were large melons which bounced as she rode my face.

“Ah… I’m about to cum!” cried out another girl.

She was standing nearby, and her finger was rubbing her clit excitedly with her pelvic region pushed out in my direction. Compared to the girl on top of me, she was only pretty. She had a small body and a tight looking pussy with just a small patch of hair on it. A fountain of clear liquid squirted out as she panted. She positioned herself so that it fell on my chest. I could feel the drops of hot, feminine liquid leak down on my chest.

“Keep going?” A woman purred on my left.

She was holding my arm, and had my hand pressed between her legs. She was trying to make me finger her. Every time I grew distracted and stopped moving my hand, she started humping my hand like a desperate dog, using her own hands to push my finger inside herself, using me like a toy.

“Hehe… since no one else has claimed his cock…” yet another woman murmured, “I’ll enjoy his virginity first.”

She immediately squatted down, grabbing my cock roughly, lining it up, and then lowering herself down. I could feel my cock plunging deep inside her. Her pussy twitched excitedly, and she appeared to already be cumming with it just going in.

“What a loser!” A girl shoved her off. “You couldn’t even last a single thrust! Hahaha. Hey, boy… I’ll give you a real good ride.”

This next girl didn’t squat down. Instead, she got on her knees, leaning back as she lined my cock up with her pussy. Pushing forward, my cock ended up in her pussy instead. Comparatively, she was a bit tighter than the first woman. I couldn’t help but let out a moan at the feel of her pussy gripping down on my cock.

“You like that? Yeah… I bet you like that.”

“Turn him around, I want to eat his asshole.” A girl laughed.

“Don’t be gross.”

“What? Guys like it when you eat their asses. I’m not saying you have to!”

“Dude, don’t be gay.”

“Fuck you, I only like sluts like him.”

“Suck it, suck my pussy.” The girl on top was getting impatient as I helplessly listened to the women all around me.

They were all naked, as was I. I was on the floor of a locker room and covered by various women. They seemed to lack any shame, eagerly using me to get off. Those that couldn’t touch my flesh merely watched, touching themselves excitedly like it was a greatly erotic show. If I had to say how many girls were around me using their bodies to get off on me, the number was around ten.

At first, I had been startled, but things had snowballed to this state. At first, I was overwhelmed, even a little frightened. However, wasn’t this a dream of any man? None of these women were ugly. The oldest was 20, and the youngest was 16. Basically, these were a bunch of slightly drunk teenage girls, and they had gone completely wild. If this was the way things ended up, I might as well get the most enjoyment out of it!

Raising my head I dived into her snatch. Sucking her little clit in my mouth, I began to suck it like it contained a precious resource. With my free hand, I reached down and grabbed the hip of the girl riding on my cock. With a bit of leverage, I summoned all my strength and began to thrust up as roughly as I could. I began to jackhammer into the woman on top. She let out a cry of surprise, losing her own grip and falling down, her hands landing on my chest as she just tried to hold on.

With my other hand, I spread her pussy and summoned all of my knowledge of women to find her g-spot and started stroking it relentlessly. The change caused the atmosphere to warp in the room in a moment. The lewd comments were completely overwhelmed by the sounds of three delectable moaning women, which I was pleasuring simultaneously.

As for the girls watching, their lewd commentary was silenced as they saw the scene of their friends being taken for a ride. Not a single girl in the room couldn’t help but have her mouth open in shock.

“Damn… look at him go.”

“F-f-f-uck, I’m cumming!” The girl riding started squirting all over my face as her entire body shook and she moaned loudly.

I sucked down her sweet nectar, not even thinking about it as I sucked harder and harder. Her entire body began to spasm and her hips rocked hard on my lady-cum drenched face.

“Ahhhhhh…. Ahhhh… st-stop… too much…” she moaned.

Her face was scrunched up completely, lost in the throes of a powerful orgasm that bordered on agony. As for me, I sucked her little clit until my cheeks and mouth were completely sore, and didn’t even stop there. I engulfed more of her nub until the entire top of her pussy was sucking into my mouth like I was trying to swallow it.

“G-ggg….aaaaaaa…..” She lost all energy, and she was now completely sitting on my face, having no power to sit up.

The expressions on her face were expressions the other girls had never seen before. Tears and drool dripped down her face, her face filled with pain, but also nirvana. A sudden flood gate of liquid squirted out of her, dripping down my chin and neck without stopping.

“Oh… dude… she’s peeing on him…”

“I-isn’t that squirting? I… read about it… but didn’t think it was possible?”

Whatever it was, the stink of sex filled the room, and the girl spasmed for a solid minute before pulling away desperately, unable to take any more. However, she rolled over and seemed unable to get up, lying on the wet floor covered in sex like all the energy had been sapped out of her.

This wasn’t to imply that during this time, the other two ladies fared any better. The girl on top of me desperately hung on while I jackhammered her cunny as aggressively as I could manage. She let out shouts of pure pleasure as my cock slid in and out of her, making slapping noises with each thrust. The girl I was fingering had her knees buckle under the pleasure. She fell to the ground and her thighs were tight around my hand as orgasms shot through her body.

I finally ripped my hand out of her wet thighs, allowing her to finally gasp in relief, the sexual agony of being savagely fingered coming to an end. With only the girl on top of me, I had regained my sight and orientation. I sat up. She let out a girlish cry as she fell back, but I caught her and then pushed down on the floor. It was the exact definition of spinning the situation one-eighty.

With her pinned under me, she no longer could fight back. She seemed surprised that I could support her weight and was physically stronger than her, but I didn’t give her any time to dwell on it. Spreading her legs open roughly, I could see her wet juices had spread down her thighs and almost to her knees. She was quite horny and had gotten extremely wet while bouncing up and down on my cock. Now it was my cocks turn to enjoy her swollen, pink cunt.

Pushing her butt up with my knees, spreading her legs with my elbows, and grabbing her shoulders with my hands, I bent her like a pretzel. Before anyone could understand what I was doing, I started pounding my cock into her as aggressively as I could. Loud smacks resounded as my balls slapped against her cunt, and wet juices splattered on the already drenched locker room floor. I was almost covered in female ejaculate, as was the floor. The entire room stunk of the sex of these horny vixens.

I relished in it and pounded her cunt like my own personal sex toy. The woman under me tried to resist at first, finding my rough nature to be a bit more aggressive than she liked, but she was completely trapped, and as my balls pounded her in a rhythmic fashion, her body started to lose all sense of control. She howled in complete erotic pleasure, her body shaking and coming as I pumped her good.

The other women didn’t disturb this scene, although many of them were still excitedly watching and touching themselves. They seemed almost stunned, both at how good I was dominating them sexually, but also at how crazy their friend was going as she had more and more orgasms. She seemed completely helpless. Her moans and whimpers made her seem… well… like a guy. One girl suddenly walked up and slapped my ass just as I was bringing it down into her friend.

“You go, boy, you give that bitch your cock!”

The girls all burst out laughing. Suddenly, they all started to join in, berating the girl under me for being such a beta-hoe and then chanting for me to continue to have my way with her. The girl had a horrified, desperate look on her face, but as snot, tears, and drool fell from her face, her eyes rolled up in her head and all she could do is shout and moan while covering her face, trying to hide from the ridicule of her friends.

“Fuck that bitch! Fuck that bitch!” Soon a chant rose up, and the girls all called as they egged me on.

Of course, the constant positive encouragement was quite exhilarating, and my balls slapped her until they were red and sore, and still, I didn’t want to stop. The sight of the naked women all around me cheering was too much, and my body which could fight and flight seemed to have short-circuited into one that fucked. However, even pornstars had their limits, and mine was about to be reached.

“I’m almost there…” I said through gritted teeth, even as I refused to slow up the pace.

“Cum on me!” One girl said, “I want to feel your seed on me!”

“No, me!”

“No… you can do it in me! It’s okay, I’m on the pill!”

“Girls on the pill aren’t as good! I’ll take a morning after, so put it in me!”

The girls were all begging for my cum. I’d just as soon deposit it where it was, in this little broken girl under me. Just as I was about to fill her womb with seed, the door suddenly slammed open.

“What the hell is going on here?” a woman shouted.

Somehow, in the process. I got pushed back, and my cock, not yet spent, fell out of the girl under me and I fell back to the locker room floor with a splash. I looked up. My hair was a complete mess. My body was covered in feminine fluids. My lips were chapped. Suffice it to say, I was a mess. However, the person who saw me didn’t look grossed out. Rather, she looked angry and horrified.

“Shit… Mackenzie… this isn’t…” The first person tried to hold up their hands and defend themselves.

The newcomer, Mackenzie, punched her with a pretty strong right hook. The woman fell back to the wall and collapsed immediately. The other nine girls suddenly shied away in fear, stumbling over each other to get away from me and Mackenzie. She grabbed a nearby towel and immediately tossed it over me. Looking down at me with stern eyes, she said a single word.


“Sister…” I responded back helplessly.

Mackenzie, the third oldest sister of my family was staring down at me with a very strange look. Well, what sister would act normal walking in on their brother in a ten-girl gangbang? However, her eyes weren’t disgusted. They looked extremely lost and hurt. She reached down and picked me up in her arms.

“H-hey! What the hell?” I said as she stood up with me in her grip. “What are you doing?”

“I’m taking you home,” she responded sternly.

As she turned and left the room, none of the other women would dare meet her eyes. They all looked away awkwardly before skulking away to get dressed. Mackenzie wrapped me in a blanket she picked up from a nearby bench. She didn’t even try to find my clothing, instead, she swaddled me up like a baby and carried me out to the car. I had never thought my sister was particularly strong, but she was able to carry me with ease, even though I felt I was heavy. It was an odd feeling to be carried by a girl.

The drive home felt somewhat awkward. She didn’t say anything at all. Instead, she seemed to be muttering to herself, an angry expression on her face. I didn’t dare break her from her thoughts, as I worried I’d get a tongue lashing. When we finally did reach the house, she at least let me walk indoors without picking me up. I went straight to the bathroom to clean up. When I got out, I noticed that Mackenzie was in the living room. She appeared to be the only one home right now.

“Where are the others?” I asked awkwardly, sitting on the couch next to Mackenzie, wrapped up in a clean, dry towel now.

“Mother is working right now. The others are busy,” Mackenzie responded flatly, not indicating she intended to say anything more on the subject…


Just as I wanted to say more, the TV show went to a commercial break, and the sound on the television jacked up several octaves. Annoyed, I let the towel drop down and then reached out to grab the remote. Suddenly, a hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me forcefully back to the couch. I turned to see Mackenzie glaring at me. She had a furious expression on her face.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she demanded.


She pointed to my chest. “How can you expose yourself like this? You’re a guy! You were just raped earlier! Don’t you care about your body? Your reputation?”

“Ah… you’re hurting my wrist!” I said helplessly, finding her kind of scary like this.

“Don’t you know when you show your chest to a girl like that, you… you… you’re just asking for them to push you down!”

“Hah? You’re my sister!”

Those words seemed to set her off. She suddenly shoved me down and grabbed my other hand. She pulled them up over my head, pinning me down. Her body was on top of mine, her legs straddling my body. She was breathing hard as if struggling to control herself. The feeling of her body started to make me think thoughts I knew I shouldn’t.

“I’m also a girl! You know how girls are!” she hissed. “If you weren’t my brother, I’d rip your clothes off and do all kinds of things to you! That’s why… that’s why you need to be more careful around girls! You live with six horny teenage women! I just want you to have some self-awareness for a change!”

“Guys get horny too, you know…” I responded, finding the entire situation to be strange and surreal.

“Th-that… even so… boys have to protect themselves from women. We all only want one thing.”

“And if I want the same thing?”

She shook her head, an incredulous look on her face. “Stop saying things like that! You used to… you used to be so sweet and innocent. What happened to my cute little brother?”

“I was never cute or little,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“You… well… even if you don’t think so, what about your mother? What about your other sisters? Did you think about us when you were acting so willful? How do you think it would affect us with a brother who gained a reputation as a sl-, I mean, like… like… like…” She didn’t seem to be able to find the words to finish.

I bit my lip, not sure what to say. “I-I’m sorry…”

Mackenzie let out a sigh, her sweet breath tickling my nose. “I am too. I just… I just want…”

At this point, she realized how close she was to me. Her face was only a few inches from mine. The towel was still down, exposing my chest, and on top of that, she had my hands held up over my head.

“N-Noah…” she said breathily.

“If you want me, then have me…” I found the words leaving my mouth before I could stop myself.

Her entire body seemed to shake again. Her eyes kept looking at my lips. If she wasn’t holding my arms, I would have grabbed her and pulled her against me entirely. No… wait… I really needed to calm down. She was my sister. Even though everything went weird, I had to remember that. Sure, I had fantasized about having her dozens of times. I had fantasized about all of my sisters. My mom too. The women in my family were really hot. Late at night, I’d watch incest porn and jack off into mountains of tissue paper.

That was only a week ago. I mused.

My sisters used to think I was the grossest guy, though, and wouldn’t come within an inch of me. In fact, as of a week ago, I had never had a girlfriend, let alone experienced sex. I was a reclusive nerd and gamer. Well, living in a family with six sisters, I learned to keep to myself. My door and my room were the only relief I ever got from the estrogen-rich environment I found myself in. My mother constantly nagged me to go get a job. My sisters treated me like a leper. I was a pale, skinny loser.

Yet, I just banged ten horny women, and I had no doubt that if I went out, I could enjoy just about any woman I wanted. Now, my sister was the slightest breeze from fucking my brains out. My other sisters all seemed to like me as well. No one even questioned me living at home, and they, in fact, encouraged me to keep my privacy in my room. My life had completely changed, seemingly overnight.

What happened? It was actually rather simple. Last week, for whatever reason, the expectations, attitudes, wants, and general roles between men and women suddenly flipped. The patriarchy became a matriarchy. Women started enjoying fast cars, action movies, video games, and porn… while men got in touch with their feminine side, staying at home as cooks and supporters.

Just one week ago, everything suddenly changed.

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