Yurtdışı Yatırım

The new membership system should be working now. You can either sign up with Patreon or sign up with FFA, just like before. At the moment, FFA still only is supported by paypal. I am currently working with companies to try to process credit cards. Stripe actually banned me and refused to take my payments, and so has Authorize.net. They’ve referred me to a third party that “takes anyone”, so we’ll see how that turns out.

Over the three days, given the turbulent nature of the site, some people’s access was lost. If you’re still paying but lost access, let me know and I’ll restore it ASAP.

Anyway, the system works now. If you’ve set up a free membership and have Patreon, simply sign into your membership, go to ‘Edit Your Profile’ in the menu dropdown with your username, and click connect to patreon.

If you sign up to Patreon, you do not need to make a membership first. It’ll just be automatically created when you connect to patreon. From now on, you will sign in with patreon. For FFA members, you will sign in directly.

How is this different from before? While you sign in with Patreon, the posts are locked with me. So, you won’t have an issue like it asking you to sign in every post anymore.

Vouchers for free eBooks will now occur automatically. You just put something in the store while signed in to your membership, and the discount will be taken off automatically. No codes any longer.

I may be rolling out more changes as I grow used to it, but for now, let’s all take a breather, make sure you have access, and we’ll go from there.

As for Patreon versus FFA, you are welcome to remain in Patreon if you prefer, but I will retain more money from FFA and you won’t have to fiddle with their sometimes wonky connections.