Yurtdışı Yatırım

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to announce how the schedule will be changing with the finish of NTR Crush. After reviewing the survey and taking in the results…

I’ve decided to make three changes.

A) Apocalypse will be released twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday. This will include this Tuesday.

B) Guy on a Spaceship will be picked up on Fridays. I may be reducing the word count of chapters to 2000-2500 words though. We’ll see.

C) Reincarnated Demon Lord will be picked up on rotation in the place GOAS was filling.

To answer other points raised in the survey.

A) Enslaved will still release when WoW V4 is finished. This will only be about two months away. I should add the last chapter of Enslaved V2 came out In April of last year, so, it’ll have only been a single year between volumes… not this “omg it’s been forever!” people act. You can wait a whole year for the next season of a TV show… just deal with it.

B) Requiem to the Stars will finish this volume and then be dropped by rotation. I will finish this volume, which at the rate of once a month will still take about a year, but then I’ll probably call it quits. I have no clue why noone is interested in it, considering it’s actually a pretty solid isekai with a harem, but whatever. I might try it on scribblehub and see if I can bring in people that way, but I don’t know.