Jobs to Help Whatsawhizzer

At the end of the day, I’m just a single artist. While some artists like/want total control of everything, I’m not above seeking a little help here or there. There are many things I need people to do either because I lack the skill or because I lack the time. Here are various jobs you can take on for me that would be deeply appreciated.

This is, for all intent and purposes, fan work, but I will award fans with access to pdfs, images, and chapters they otherwise couldn’t access. This is a way to get patreon-locked content without paying.

You get a special role on discord. You can be involved in the work, and you can even get acknowledgements. If you have books, a writing profile, or your own website… we can discuss listing you as an affiliate, linking your site, and I might even give you a plug of free advertisement. Great for a starting writers trying to get a few fans.

If you’re reliable and good enough, I’d even consider paying for any of these jobs to be done well and consistently.


Before my writing goes live, it gets a plug through Grammarly and then a single read-through by me. Fortunately, my writing on the first draft is at a level that it’s manageable, but that still means there are a lot of errors that get into my post. This is unavoidable… and frankly, I don’t mind they are there.

The reason I don’t mind is because the final product is the PDF. The PDFs are the digital volume of my writing that should be at the peak grammatically, yet, even then, time doesn’t permit me to correct everything nearly to the level I’d like. Thus… I could use editors both in the creation of new PDFs and editors to go back over old PDFs. You could go through an old PDF and mark up a list of all of the mistakes, so I can create a newer, better version. Or… you can help me create new digital books which come after the end of every volume.


I’m always in the need for more pictures. Bookcovers, character art, sex scenes, banners… I’ll take Portraits, erotic, echii, and even landscape illustrations are appreciated. Scenes can be part of the book, or just something you thought looked cool. I’ll take just about anything as long as it looks like it’s supposed to look. Fan art is totally appreciated and I reward fan art with content access.

Format PDFs

Once a volume is finished, it must be converted to a single file. That means I need to copy and paste every chapter of the story into a single document in order. That can be as many as 50 labeled chapters. Then, I need to make sure the formatting is done properly. That’s a page break after every Chapter Title, and the chapter titles actually marked as headings where the rest is marked as Paragraphs. If you can do the editing and thus reliably, and to the level observed in my PDFs, I’d even be willing to pay.

Create ePubs

I made every book I own into a pdf, but many people demand the ePub format. Unfortunately, ePubs are a massive pain, and converting them over is a very time consuming process of around 3-4 hours. I’d like every book I have to have a ePub version. You could put those together for me.

Create Wallpapers

This is a bit of a newer project. I’ve been looking for other content to sell in my store, and one such idea was desktop Wallpapers. I have the images, you bring the photoshop, and then create Wallpapers for me. I’ll sell them in my store.

Programmer (Microsoft Office Plugins)

This is a job I’ve not been able to find anyone to do. I have some ideas for some programming, and I’m willing to pay someone to carry it out for me. I don’t have a basis for how difficult it would be to carry it out, but there are various tools I was designed. I plan to sell them to other writers. I think they’ll be extremely popular. I’m even willing to negotiate a split in the profits.


Want to be a writer but you still want someone to go all over your work first? Have the technical knowledge but lack the creative details? Constantly struggling with writer’s block? I’m looking for halfway decent writers who are interested in putting their books on my website. I will be the final say on any content produced and act as an editor / partial writer. In exchange, I get full rights to the content produced to have on my site and sell. I helped get Ruki (machineslicedbread) off the ground and now he’s making $300 a month on Patreon for the book we started together, so I can help you grow a fan base and get popular too. If the story is good, I’d even pay for the rights to the chapters.

I also sometimes can use help with my own writing. If you suffer with writing plot but think you’re good with “plot”, I could really use you to help me build the scaffolding of my scenes. Basically, I’ll come up to you and say “Can you give me a 1000 word anal scene between these two characters?”, then you write it, and I’ll take what you wrote and paraphrase and modify it for my story. Sometimes, I can only come up with so many way to write a sex scene, and getting a little help can go a long way.

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