Dear Readers,

There is not much I can say other than I’m sorry for the lack of releases this month. It was not my intention to release almost nothing for two weeks, but this move plus the end of the year classes have eaten up my time and made it near impossible to do anything. Most nights, I’m driving back and forth between my condo and my new house. I still want to keep you guys up to date on my progress though. On the 15th, the last of my teaching responsibles is gone. On the 16th, I plan to rent a uhaul and do the “big move”.

Once I’m set up in my new house and only returning to the condo intermittently, I’m hoping I can get back to a normal writing schedule. By next week, I hope I can get back on my current schedule releases. I will do my best to make up as much writing as I can this month, as well as the next two months I have off with nothing to do but unpack and write.

I still have a lot planned for you guys. The card game will be coming to fruition soon. I have a new novel that I plan to write I think many of you will like. I probably should have just taken a month off when I planned my move, but it’s hard to tell your income source you depend on you’re not going to produce anything while still hoping they provide income. It’s not like you guys give me $5 donations with time off and benefits, but that’s exactly where I’m at.

I’ll keep trying to do my best, and at least I can say I’m going to keep you posted and not just ghost you guys. My releases will pick up.