Hey Guys,

I’m just giving the people what they want! Here’s an audio of me ranting for 2 hours. Well, sort of… I made a video of me going over my December Surveys on December 31st. It went on longer than I planned, and at first I was going to skip it because I did get a little ranty in certain parts.

Then, when I decided to show it, I found my website for some reason just could not show the media. I tried converting it, choping it up, uploading it three different ways, and it just would not function. So, I had to convert it into audio. This was a video and you were supposed to see my screen and what i saw. I still have that video on my desktop, but it’s too big to fit on my site and won’t upload onto any free site I’ve found.

So, after two months of failing to get it to work, here is the audio. Below it are the images of the survey. You’ll just have to follow along like a lecture recording. Sorry… for the next survey, I’ll try giving streaming another go, but this is the best I got. So press play and enjoy the smooth baritones of Whatsawhizzer as he puts you to sleep.