I’ve started up just about every novel except world of women, and some people are asking me about when it will appear. The public releases still haven’t finished releasing, let alone the the 5 bonus chapters I’d like to put out with the pdf. Right now, I’m completing the PDF for NTR Crush with its bonus chapters.

However, if you REALLY don’t want to wait for two months, and you just HAVE to have WoW start this second, I set a Patreon goal. It translates to about $350. Once my monthly reaches $1800, I will immediately start releasing WoW on a weekly schedule, and you’ll see the next chapter within a week. If it reaches $2000, I’ll release twice a week just like before. The bonus chapters and the pdf will also still be released as normal.

As an added bonus, I’d probably just mass release the remainder of the WoW chapters publicly.

If these goals are not met, no big deal. I will release in 2 months as planned, after the public releases are finished and I have time to complete the PDF. Also, just an FYI, for two releases of WoW a week, that $2000 goal is static. So, when I release in June, it’ll be once a week unless I’ve met that goal. Extra money, extra work, simple as that. It’s up to you guys. Thanks for all of your support!