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Click… buzz… vrrrr…

The image on the screen steadily moved out of static fuzz and into focus. There was a pretty girl standing in front of a shaky camera. She was wearing something very forward, a black lingerie nightie that was partially see through. This put her black underwear on display as seen through the nightie. Her blonde hair was done up in a cute braid and she had a blush on her face.

“H-hannah, s-stop filming…” She said with a furrowed brow.

“Shh… it’s fine…” the person holding the camera said, nodding the camera as if to encourage Madison. “Don’t you want to give Clyburn a present?”

“You can’t be serious, this is too much… do I have to do it on camera?” Madison looked back, seemingly nearly in tears.

“How else am I supposed to show Clyburn? Didn’t you say you wanted to do something for brother?” Hannah’s voice held a mischievous tone in it that seemed to make Madison feel helpless.

“E-even so…”

“Didn’t you say you also wanted to do something for your little sister?” Hannah continued savagely.

“H-hannah… this is a little different than that…”

“Come on, Madison…” Hannah said, moving close enough that the camera blurs for a second. “It’ll be just like we used to do…”

Madison’s face grew a shade of pink and she looked down, seemingly embarrassed. “We promised never to talk about that…”

“Hah? About you and me? The things we used to do in the shower…”

Madison grew even redder. “Hannah… don’t tell Clyburn about that…”

“Why not?” Hannah’s voice grew pouty. “He might even like it.”

Hannah was being playful and mischievous, but Madison turned solemn with that. Madison stood there in silence, looking down at nothing for a few moments before finally glancing up at her sister. There were tears in her eyes, and by Hannah’s silence, it seemed like she had been caught off guard by her sister’s sudden sullen attitude. She put the camera down on some kind of stand, and then walked up to her sister. She had an uncharacteristic look on her face as she reached out and touched Madison’s shoulder.

“Remember a few years ago… the theater…” Madison spoke softly, still not meeting Hannah’s eyes.


“We went to the theater, and stupidly thought we were alone. So, I slid my hand up your skirt. Then, your friends showed up…”

Hannah bit her lip. “They didn’t realize it was you. I just said some lipstick lesbian was sexual harassing me.”

“Nasty rumors spread because of me!” Madison responded, shaking her head sadly. “I’m your big sister, yet I just took advantage of you. Then I did it again with Clyburn…”

Hannah let out a long sigh, guiding Madison down and taking a seat on the edge of the bed while holding her hand. “I didn’t blame you for that. Besides, I eventually got some revenge for that…”

Madison looked up at Hannah, who was trying to give her genuine sympathy now. “Do you think that part of the reason you went to Primrose is because of that?”

Hannah’s eyes widened and then she snickered, her hand over her mouth. “You think I joined a gang because my big sister used to diddle me on her knee?”

Madison looked away, not able to laugh it off as Hannah did. It was clear that Madison had exactly these fears. Hannah reached up to Madison’s face and brushed the lock of her hair away from her cheek. She gave a gentle smile, leaned forward, and then kissed Madison. The kiss was gentle, a light peck on the lips before Hannah pulled back and sat down next to her sister.


“Madison, you’re my sister.” Hannah explained. “There was a time when I thought of you as competition.”

“Competition?” Madison scrunched up her face.

“As soon as I started having an interest in Clyburn, you grew so close to him. I got angry and took it out on you.” Hannah sighed. “I’m sorry.”

“Clyburn and I…” Madison grew somewhat anxious at his mention.

Hannah raised a finger to Madison’s mouth, stopping her. “The two of you are a lot alike. That’s probably why you do so well together…”


“It’s also why… I love both of my siblings!” Hannah admitted.

Madison gave a gentle smile, the kind of look a big sister gives her younger sister when she’s humoring her. Hannah’s eyes narrowed at that look, taking Madison’s expression as her not taking her little sister seriously. Before Madison could stop her, Hannah attacked Madison’s lips again. As if to leave no doubt, her hand touched Madison’s knee and then slid up her thigh, invading the regions under her skirt. As her lips pressed against the surprised Madison, she pushed her tongue into Madison’s mouth.

Mm!” Madison let out a muffled moan as her eyes widened.

However, Hannah didn’t let Madison pull away, instead pushing her back down onto the bed. Her hand lifted up Hannah’s skirt. From the screen of the video, this left a clear view of her black underwear, which Hannah skillfully removed to reveal her pink slit. As Hannah kissed Madison aggressively, her fingers spread opened Madison’s cunt and her thumb circled around her sister’s clit with an experience that suggested she had done this before.

Madison’s eyes had closed, and she seemed to have fallen for her sister’s attack, but a moment later her eyes snapped open and she pushed Hannah away. With a gasp, her lips pulled away from Hannah, a bit of spit connecting the two sisters. Hannah had a mischievous and aroused look on her face. Meanwhile, Madison looked nervous and out of breath. From the outside, it wouldn’t be surprising to think that Hannah was the older sister pushing down her sibling.

“H-hannah… what about Clyburn?” Madison said breathily, only slight regret as she reached down to grab the wrist of Hannah’s hand, still touching her between her legs.

“What about him?” Hannah grinned. “He already had both of us… so what’s so wrong with this?”

“Th-that… I don’t want to cheat…”

Hannah giggled. “We’re not cheating. I’m just warming you up for brother. I think he’d be happy that his sisters are getting along.”

“Hannah…” Madison’s eyes were conflicted, but even as she held Hannah’s wrist, she didn’t seem to have the energy to pull it away.

Instead, Hannah’s hand continued to twist and move as she fingered Madison. She bit her lip as she gazed at her little sister, unable to resist the pleasurable feelings be transmitted from her fingers. Hannah moved forward and kissed Madison again. This time, Madison kissed back hesitantly. The emboldened Hannah who pressed her chest up against Madison’s flatter chest slid two fingers inside Madison’s pussy, which was growing particularly wet and lewd.

“Mmm… Hannah…” Madison moaned, her eyes closing and her head leaning back as Hannah sucked on her neck.

Hannah pulled away and lowered her head. Madison’s breath quickened as Hannah’s hair ran down her body and her head moved to between Madison’s legs. Her arousal was already quite excessive though, so Madison didn’t hesitate to spread her legs for her sister. Hannah took the opportunity graciously and immediately stuck her tongue out to taste her sister’s cunt. Madison gasped as a little warm tongue darted across her clit.

Madison slid her hand up Hannah’s skirt, fumbling around with less precision as she found the depressed cameltoe to her sister’s pussy. Her underwear was already wet, showing Hannah’s own growing excitement. Madison pressed her fingers against the wet point, pushing her fingers up and down in a stroking motion. Hannah let out a gasp of warm breath over her sister’s pussy, causing shivers to shoot through the other woman.

Using both hands, Hannah spread her sister open, a view that was clear for the position of the camera. She sucked on Madison’s clit hard, pulling it up in her lips before releasing. Madison cried out at this stimulation, but Hannah didn’t quit. Her fingers poked and played with Madison while Hannah stuck out  her tongue and slid it inside her. Madison’s hips began to rock up and down, pushing against Hannah’s tongue and rubbing her aroused cunt on Hannah’s face.

With her eyes closed and her mouth open, Madison was gasping roughly under her sister’s attacks. Her hand still played with Hannah’s cunt, her fingers somewhere up Hannah’s skirt. However, between the two sisters, Madison was far more lost in her lust, quickly growing to point where she couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Ahhhn… I’m… cumming…” Madison panted, her body writhing out of control.

Hannah moved faster and faster, two fingers diving into Madison’s pussy rapidly enough to make an audible shlicking noise. Her tongue lapped at Madison’s juices, occasionally sucking her clit with a loud pop. Madison let out a cry, her hips lifting as her back forcibly arched while erotic feelings flood through her body. Hannah kept on sucking, lapping up all of her sister’s juices as they flowed out of her. Finally, Madison’s lower body dropped back down, her body covered in a sheen of sweat as she gasped for breath.

“What are you two doing?” A voice came from off the camera.

Madison’s eyes shot open and her she immediately lifted up, covering her chest, which Hannah had unbuttoned and exposed at some point earlier. Hannah lifted her head up as well, but did not move from between her sister’s legs. Instead, she remained on all fours, her butt wagging next to Madison as she grinned naughtily.

“Hey, Clyburn…” Hannah said, lacking any guilt or worry in her voice. “I’m glad you came. Sister just did as well.”

“Y-you invited him here?” Madison let out a noise of disbelief.

Clyburn finally came into frame. He was staring at the two women wide-eyed, seemingly not able to grasp the sight of his two sisters having sex on the bed.

“You two…” Clyburn’s words came out, still a little shocked.

“Hehe… it looks like little brother caught us…” Hannah sighed, as if this was an inevitability.


“It’s true…” Hannah sighed, finally pulling away from Madison’s crotch. “Madison and I are in love.”

“Eh?” Madison let out a cry, her face growing pink.

It was clear by her expression that she wanted to deny what Hannah said, but she was stuck in a difficult place. On the one hand, she was finally getting closer to Hannah again. She really did love Hannah, just not in the same romantic way that she loved Clyburn. She only let Hannah go so far because she didn’t have the heart to tell her sister no. Adding her own teenage hormones, she found herself cumming under Hannah unintentionally.

Thus, if she tried to correct the situation, she could hurt Hannah’s feelings. On the other hand, if the direction kept going this way, she’d hurt Clyburn’s feelings. As only their half-sister, Madison’s emotions quickly started to grow self-deprecating. Not only would she be responsible for tearing a natural brother and sister apart, but she would also loose one or both of the people who meant the most to her in this world. Madison was nearly in tears, unable to explain herself as Hannah continued to dig the hole deeper.

“It seems as if Clyburn has to learn the truth. Both of your sisters, Madison and I, are lesbians. We’ve been together for years. I’m sorry, brother, I enjoy pussy.” Hannah admitted.

Clyburn’s hand went up over his mouth, his eyes lowering. To Madison, the pain he was wearing on his face was evident. If she didn’t say something now, she would lose the man she loved. Madison still had insecurities when it came to her brother. After all, she was only a half-sister. There were many women in Clyburn’s life, Rose, Mia, Lyra, Mako… if Madison hurt Clyburn enough, he’d have no need or incentive to keep her around. Clyburn was a man, 1:1000, and a man who cared deeply for the women in his life, which was one in a billion. There were no shortage of women, but only one Clyburn. Madison didn’t feel she was special in the slightest. What Clyburn said next stopped her voice in her throat.

“I know…” Clyburn finally spoke up removing his hands and uncovering his face, the hurt Madison thought he’d have completely nonexistent.

Hannah blinked. “You know?”

“Yeah? You were in a lipstick lesbian gang and I’m pretty sure you were in a sexual relationship with Tinya.” Clyburn walked up to the foot of the bed, facing Hannah directly. “How could I not know you liked pussy?”

Hannah gave a small frown. “That might be true, but I never loved Tinya. Madison, on the other hand, is my lover, what do you have to say to that?”

Madison grew even more flustered, wanting to leap and shut Hannah up. She expected her poor little brother to turn around and flee the room crying any second. So, she was quite surprised when he raised his head and then patted Hannah on the head, shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

“I’m glad you’re getting along with Madison.” He said simply, and then turned and approached Madison. “But you shouldn’t tease big sister so much. She’s not as naughty as you are, and you’re going to make her cry.”

Madison blinked as Clyburn affectionately wiped the moisture from her eyes and then kissed her. She could only stare in a daze as his eyes held no hurt or concern. She had been caught in a compromising situation with another woman. She felt like a cheater, but her brother held no disgust or resentment.

“Who are you calling naughty!” Hannah pouted. “I genuinely cheated on you with Madison!”

“Mm…” Clyburn nodded thoughtfully, then reached over and gave Hannah’s butt a single spank.

“Ah! You hit me! How dare you hit your older sister!” Hannah cried.

“Isn’t that just punishment for being so greedy?” Clyburn asked, reaching out and grabbing Hannah forcefully. “Although if my sister is so libidinous that she needs sexual release from sister, then I guess I’ll need to give you more attention?”

As Clyburn pushed Hannah down on the bed next to Madison, both girls had wide eyes and could only stare up at their little brother, who had assertively pushed them both down on the bed under him after catching the pair of them fornicating. In that moment, he looked a lot more manly than usual, and it made both women feel flutters in their stomachs.

“You’re the one who set up the one girl a day rule.” Hannah recovered first and sniffed, truly speaking to the heart of the matter.

Hannah was a difficult woman, after all. She compulsively lied. She formed gangs. She fought. She liked to deceive people and set up elaborate plans of deception. Of course, Clyburn recognized the second he saw her with Madison that she was trying to get a rise out of him. She liked to act out when she wasn’t happy with something, and it seemed like after coming back home to the mansion after the end of the trial, she felt that Clyburn hadn’t been giving her enough attention. Therefore, she seduced Madison and arranged for Clyburn to walk in on it.

As for Clyburn, rather than being disgusted, he was aroused. He’d naturally considered Hannah’s lesbian nature from the moment he found out about it. Both Madison and Hannah were very attractive women, and the sight of the two women Clyburn loved the most being in a sexual situation aroused him greatly. Rose didn’t have a lesbian bone in her body, and while Ashley may come around to being with another woman, no one knew that she wasn’t a guy yet. Then there was Lyra, whom Clyburn had yet to enjoy. Perhaps Rebecca eventually… well, the point was, Clyburn hadn’t been with more than one woman at a time since Nada and Veris.

He had been thinking about having both of his sisters since Hannah had teased the idea at the end of the trial. However, bringing it up to the pair of them seemed impossible without coming off as a pig. Madison would grow flustered and upset. Meanwhile, Hannah would grow mischievous, and find a way to make it more trouble than it was worth, possibly by turning it into some kind of game.

Thus, walking in at this moment had put Clyburn into the perfect opportunity. He was never a guy who hesitated when he could enjoy himself, and manipulating his sisters was something he had tried to do many times in the past. Catching them in this moment was the perfect situation for Clyburn to play. He had even thought to lock the door on the way in.

“Hmmm…” Clyburn stroked his chin, his own dark thoughts starting to come to the surface. “It is true, I’m only one man. Perhaps I should give Hannah some ben wa balls?”

“Wh-what are those?” Hannah asked suspiciously, the term apparently being uncommon in this world.

“Ah… they’re a pair of small balls, which you stick… up there.” Clyburn’s finger pushes up a hole he made with his other hand.

“H-how is that supposed to help?” Hannah furrowed her brow, while even Madison looked on with interest.

“Hehe… two balls, inside you, swirling and twirling all day long?” Clyburn shrugged. “Or maybe… I should get you two panties that vibrate. I can hold the controller, and all day long, change the strength when I feel like it.”

Clyburn’s eyes had turned dark, and as he looked down at both women, they gave shivers as if they were being looked at by a predator ready to pounce on them. Their hearts started beating faster, and blood rushed to certain areas of the two girl’s bodies. Even the more deceptive Hannah was caught up in Clyburn’s rhetoric.

“Although…” Clyburn sighed. “The easiest way to give you two girls time, is to share…”

“Sh-share?” Hannah asked.

“What does little brother mean?” Madison breaths out.

“You each have one day with me, but if you shared that day with each other, then you would each have two days with me, isn’t that right?”

“T-t-together?” Madison’s voice raised a pitch, not quite understanding what Clyburn meant.

Hannah was a little faster at understanding. “Together, you say?”

Clyburn grinned, “Well, you already have that kind of relationship with each other, and with me, so since we’re all siblings, I think it’s best if we all play together.”

Clyburn didn’t give the two older sisters time to dwell on his offer. Rather, his hand went up their shirts and attacked their breasts. His hands quickly pushed up the bras and soon he was groping a boob in each hand. One boob was large and soft, with a hard dark nipple that came from Hannah’s developing body. The second was smaller and smoother, only a bit more than a handful. Her nipples was small and pink, and they didn’t harden quite as much as her sister when aroused. But they were soft and malleable, and twisted and turned in Clyburn’s fingers with ease.

There was a flash of excitement in Hannah’s eyes as he grabbed her lewdly, but Clyburn wasn’t surprised. Clyburn had become very good at reading Hannah. That’s how he had recognized his sister in the Tinya disguise. She wasn’t a girl who could fool him easily anymore. The truth was, she had been aiming for a threesome herself! That’s not to say she wasn’t looking for a little bit of attention and vengeance, but it was clear to Clyburn that this was the outcome his mischievous younger sister was aiming for.

In fact, she wasted no time, her hand shooting out and grabbing her brother’s crotch, which was above the two girls as Clyburn pinned them to the bed.

“Little brother is so hard…” Hannah said teasingly. “Brother must have wanted both of us sisters for some time.”

Using her spare hand, Hannah guided the stunned Madison to the tent in Clyburn’s pants too. Feeling the wet spot where some precum had been released and the hard, erect thing fighting to escape his pants, Madison lost her hesitation as well. Both girls worked together with their free hands to removed Clyburn’s belt and free his cock. While they did they, he unbuttoned and removed the bras, freeing bother of their chests, which he touched and played with freely.

Both girls were panting excitedly as their boobs were stroked and pinched. Meanwhile, their warm, small hands had found their brother’s cock, and they began to excitedly stroke it. It grew even larger, a big thing of almost even inches. With a small, thin body of a fifteen-year old, the dick looked humungous on him, and both girls could only look down excitedly at that big thing, hoping to put it inside their own pussies, which were still wet and aroused from earlier.

Clyburn moaned as the girls had gotten into a pattern. Madison’s long fingers were stroking the shaft while Hannah played with his balls. Neither girl was a stranger to handjobs, and Clyburn was already feeling like he’d cum. Not wanting to waste it, he moved to the side, spreading Madison’s legs. She gasped as she was suddenly spread open. Hannah looked over longily, and then blinked when Clyburn stuck a tongue out at her.

Madison’s bear pussy was a great deal wetter, having just climaxed under Hannah’s machinations. However, the reason Clyburn had picked Madison first was simply as a form of punishment for Hannah manipulating the situation. Hannah could only look on helplessly as the cock she craved was slid into her sister instead. Worst off, today was a Hannah day, so normally, that cock would have been hers.

She could only give a wry smile and sigh, realizing that her brother was once again cleverer than she gave him credit for. She had come up with a whole strategy to initiate this threesome, yet Clyburn had instantly seen through it all, pushed her down, and completely taken charge. Of course, of the three of them, only Clyburn had previous enjoyed a threesome himself, so he could be considered the expect here.

Clyburn sped up his movements, his cock piercing Madison hard. She had been home quite a lot longer than Hannah, and thus the pair of them had enjoyed a great deal of sex. For while, they were going at it daily, and thus Clyburn was very familiar with Madison’s body. Her pussy was still tight, but at the same time, it offered no resistance to Clyburn’s cock, perfectly accommodating it. He knew just how hard to thrust and just wear to thrust it to make Madison go crazy. It took no time at all to bring her to a state of panting, reading to have her second orgasm of the day.

At this point, Hannah was starting to feel truly regretful for teasing the pair earlier. Her hand was down her skirt and she was fingering herself. She hadn’t expected the sight of Madison getting fucked would be so arousing. She, of course, had seen porn before, but it had never been more than mildly arousing to her. Hannah always depended on her imagination when she masturbated. Watching videos of people fucking, which even male on female videos could be found, just didn’t do it.

However, when they were doing it in front of her, and they were her own brother and sister, the effect was more than Madison could bear. She was about to loose her mind when Clyburn reached out and pulled her closer, keeping both women under him even though his dick was inside Madison. He leaned down and kissed Hannah on the lips. Knowing that her brother’s dick was inside Madison while kissing her, it caused Hannah to grow even hornier. She was wetter than her sister was after being eaten out, that was how effective this scene was for her.

Even though Madison was euphoric, the feel of Clyburn’s big dick giving her immense pleasure, she still felt guilty that her sister was made to watch. Madison had actually had sex with Clyburn only two days ago, where it had been nearly a week for Hannah. She reached out and slid her hand down the belt of her skirt, and then began fingering Hannah’s twat. Clyburn grinned, deciding to join in. He slid two fingers deep inside Hannah, and while he continued to bang Madison, he twisted his fingers in and out of Hannah.

Hannah hadn’t had an orgasm yet, so the feeling of two hands fondling her crotch, one rubbing her clit while a second pair pushed in and out was enough to drive Hannah over the edge.

“Clyburn… Madison… I love you…” Hannah moaned as the combined efforts of both of her siblings drove her to orgasm.

A little squirt of liquid came out as she came, dribbing down over Clyburn’s had and onto the bed. With each thrust of his fingers, a little more spurt out, splashing out wetly as Hannah came. At the same moment, the combined smells, sounds, and sights caused Madison to start cumming too. Clyburn truly was no superhero. He had grown better endurance than he once had, but Madison’s pussy contracting on his cock, while Hannah’s pussy splashed her womanly juices all over her hand and arm was too much.

“I’m cumming!” Clyburn gasped barely a second before he did so.

“Deep inside!” Madison moaned, spreading her legs so Clyburn could get deep.

Clyburn shoved himself deep inside Madison. The pair had been trying to get pregnant for some time, and even though the trial had passed, they were still trying. Even Hannah understood this, and thus only turned lovingly as she washed her brother creampie her big sister. Hannah reached out and stroked Madison’s stomach as Clyburn filled it up with seed. She could even swear she felt the warm jizz shooting inside Madison’s womb. Madison was on the skinny side, after all, so the cum rushing inside her wasn’t buried much at all.

After making sure every last drop was deposited inside Madison, Clyburn lied down between the two girls. Hannah was still a bit worked up, and was thus stroking Clyburn’s chest and kissing him excitedly, her pussy still leaking a little from her orgasm, which she rubbed against his leg. Madison was much calmer, lying back with a satisfied expression and a hand on her stomach, as if she was trying to guide the seed up to her ovaries.

Clyburn kissed each girl a bit, holding a sister on either side. Of course, he wanted to go again. What was the point of a threesome when he hadn’t stuck it in both yet? Hannah seemed to know this as well, as she started fondling Clyburn’s cock. She went down and over, and began to play with both her brother and her sister, helping them quickly recover their arousal. She spread open Madison’s cunt, and a little bit of white started leaking out. She made a surprised noise, and started trying to scoop it back into Madison.

Hannah was still a young girl, so she probably thought that every last drop needed to get inside. Thus, by spreading Madison open, she was losing precious seed. This showed how much she loved Madison more than anything, as she knew how important getting pregnant was to the other woman. As she desperately played with Madison’s pussy, more white leaked out and it ended up all over her hands and even on her face. She grew more flustered, and even messier as she went. Madison and Clyburn, who were more experienced with sex, could only chuckle and look down at the younger sister with fondness as she desperately tried to fix her mess, only making it worst.


It was at this point that the camera stopped. It was a frozen still image of Hannah’s face covered in spooge. Her butt was in the air, her underwear had been pulled down to her knees so her pussy and backside was exposed. Madison was also spread open, cum leaking down her exposed crack.

“Oh… yah…damn, that made me horny…” A voice said in a sensual manner.

Unlike Hannah, there was a certain girl who very much liked masturbating to porn. She pushed her pants and underwear down to her ankles, and she spread her legs open as she sat at the foot of the bed, the screen on the wall. Her fingers started touching her twat, which she played with aggressively while her eyes shot excitedly between the images of the naked Madison and Hannah. Her eyes, in particularly, dwindled on Hannah’s exposed backside, which showed her pussy and asshole for the screen.

“Ahhn… Morgan…” She moaned this name instead of Hannah’s.

Schlick. Schlick. Schlick.

Her fingers started moving faster and faster. However, her gaze started drifting away from the two women, occasionally flickering to Clyburn’s cock. She frowned at it, but didn’t stop fingering herself. She then looked at the cum on the screen, leaking out of Madison’s vagina. She wondered what it would feel like. One day… one day, she’d have him cum inside her. She tried to imagine what that gross, sticky stuff would feel like leaking out her pussy. It was hard to imagine anything but her own fluids coming out.

“C-clyburn… I’m cumming!” She cried out.

The name she cried was surprising, but it was too late now. Her pussy squirted as she had an orgasm. She clenched her teeth and closed her eyes, riding out the good feelings. However, before she could recover, the door opened and someone walked in.

“Hey, Brooke, I was thinking of going to the prison today, could you…” Clyburn froze as he stared at the half naked woman on the bed.

“Fucking knock!” Brooke moaned out, still climaxing, her legs slamming closed as she grabbed a pillow and threw it at him.

“Shit!” He cried out, dodging the pillow.

However, as he was turning to go, his eyes suddenly caught the image on the screen. Of course, he recognized the sight of himself and his two sisters. His eyes immediately widened.

“Wh-what is that?” He pointed before Brooke could find anything more to throw at him.

She covered her lower half quickly, but as her eyes followed his finger, she realized what he was pointing at and turned white.

“I-it’s not what it looks like!” Brooke cried out, “I just found the video lying around! I watched it to find out who it was!”

“B-brooke…” Clyburn couldn’t stop himself from shaking his head. “Were you masturbating at images of me-“

“There are two young naked girls, why wouldn’t I look?” Brooke cried. “Besides, you masturbate over lesbian things! It’s the same deal! Don’t think you have any influence on this, it’s just… Hannah! She looks like her mother!”

Of course, Clyburn remembered that Brooke had a long running crush on Morgan, so it was easy to imagine her watching a tape of Morgan’s similar looking young daughter being sexually active. Of course, Clyburn could already guess who made the tape. It must have been Hannah, that little sphinx! However, why would she leave it lying around?

Clyburn sighed. “I’m confiscating this. Please don’t use my sisters for jackoff material, okay?”

Brooke lowered her head shamefully. She really had been just trying to see what was on it. Had the tape not been so sexually stimulating, including a long lesbian scene between Hannah and Madison, she wouldn’t have let herself get so worked up as to pull down her pants and masturbate. As for failing to lock her door, she was becoming as bad as Clyburn.

Clyburn retrieved the tape. Of course, he planned to take it back to his room and watch it himself! It’d be a shame to let it go to waste in some drawer, after all. During sex, Clyburn was pretty distracted just getting off, so he was eager to see what his sisters looked like naked on camera. As he reached the door, Brooke spoke up.

“Hey, Clyburn…” Brooke said in a low voice, clearly still repenting.

Clyburn stopped. “Yeah?”

“About our agreement…”


“Y-you know… wh-when you… cum in me…” She said shyly.

“Right… well, I figured we could use a turkey baster or something. You still need to find a woman to raise them with, right…”

“Ah… r-right…” Brooke nodded, turning away.

As Clyburn turned and left the room, Brooke lifted up her sheet and looked down at her pussy. She was shaved and clean. She always thought she had a particularly attractive pussy, with just the right folds it looked a bit like a flower. She imagined the scene she had just watched, with Clyburn’s cock being shoved inside it. What would that feel like? She imagined the whole scene playing out, up until the point cum was injected inside her from a throbbing cock. She made sure to lock the door this time before finishing herself off. She had grown incredibly excited by those thoughts, but she told herself it must be because she wants to have a baby.

As Clyburn disappeared down the hall, Hannah emerged from a corner and watched him leave with the tape in his hands. She looked over at Brooke’s room as Brooke shut and locked the door. She could only lightly snicker to herself.

“Soon, I might get you into a foursome.” Hannah giggled. “Hehehe, little brother should know all the things big sister does for him and give her some extra appreciation. Well, I’ll look forward to next time.”

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