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“Ah, ah! Quick! Cum in me! Quickly! I want your cum!”

I was twelve when I realized that I was someone reincarnated to another world. It was said that regaining the memories of reincarnation often involves being subjected to some sort of traumatic experience. A harsh enough experience will trigger your old memories like PTSD. As to the experience that triggered my memories, it would have to be the day I was raped by a family maid.

Many of you may hold the opinion that “being raped by a maid” would hardly be traumatic. However, I was a sheltered twelve-year-old who was denied even things like the internet and public education. I was incredibly inexperienced with women outside of my mother and sisters. So, when this maid locked the door, pushed me to the ground, and started pulling down my pants, I was afraid I was being attacked. Even as she did things that felt good, I was confused and shocked by what was happening.

My erection hardened for the first time, and no sooner had I gotten over the shock of seeing it grow than did she pull off her panties and plunge it into her depths. I could barely understand what was happening, and the woman herself looked so desperate, so frenzied, that it did nothing but terrify me. 

The woman who did it wasn’t extraordinary in any way. She had brown hair tied up in a bun, a small button nose, a heart-shaped face, and a small mousy body. She was somewhat plain-looking overall, but she still had the youthful exuberance of a teenage girl. The least I could say was that she was rather pretty. 

Then, the memories came flooding in. In an instant, I went from a twelve-year-old boy afraid at the ferocity of this strange older woman to a thirty-five-year-old man staring up curiously while this teenage girl desperately road my cock. Did I die and go to heaven? A girl in a maid outfit riding my cock certainly sounded like an afterlife I’d like to live in.

The panic disappearing from eyes seemed to only edge the girl on. She began to ride me harder and harder. Meanwhile, I dug through my memories, trying to understand how I ended up here. I was a businessman. Not a great one, but I knew how to hard sell and I could get an affordable house and even convinced a beautiful woman to marry me. We started dating in college, got married when I graduated, and she stuck with me for five years while I finally got myself set up with a 401K in a fortune 500 company.

Then… things went bad. The one thing my wife wanted more than anything was a baby. However, after a year of trying, the doctor revealed that I was infertile. Of course, it wasn’t the stone ages, so naturally, there were options. We started looking into artificial insemination. That was when things went from bad to shit. 

The doctor and I had radically different ideas on what artificial insemination implied. I ended up pushing into my wife’s examination room when I heard some odd noises during her insemination procedure. What I found was the good doctor balls deep in my wife.

To the woman I thought I loved, it was the quickest way for her to become pregnant, and she didn’t care who the father was. The had talked many desperate women into being “implanted” by his genes. He was a handsome man, after all. What woman wouldn’t want his surefire genes passed on to their children over an infertile husband at $50,000 a try? It only came out later that after having the baby, he had continued to blackmail the woman into sex, lest he revealed their cheating to their husbands.

This wasn’t like those fake-ass stories where I attacked the lover, ended up getting arrested while my lying wife got away without consequence before ultimately marrying her lover and mocking me from afar. This was the real world. The doctor certainly lost his job and license. My wife was horrified to find out she was tricked by a scheme he had used on countless women. I still left her, and she didn’t fight for alimony or anything. I heard from a friend a few months later she had gotten involved in sex parties and was the centerfold girl of a gangbang which left her pregnant. She finally got the baby she wanted; she just didn’t happen to know who the father was.

As for me, I drank, smoked, and hired hookers. My life fell to shambles and my nice job was likely in jeopardy. The only reason I didn’t get fired was that I suddenly found myself in this predicament. Was it a heart attack? Who knows? However, now I was being mounted by this strange maid. 

No… that’s not right. She’s not a stranger. Not entirely. There are other memories. They’re not as strong as my previous life, but they are also distinctly mine. I was a boy who lived in a mansion. My mother constantly looked after me, and the old me would call the current me a momma’s boy. I was homeschooled, and frankly, I knew almost nothing about the world outside this mansion.

However, the woman on top of me now was on the maid staff. She was hired about five months ago. She was only a teenage girl, but her life story was slightly pitiable, and my mother chose to allow her on. Naturally, as new staff, she was kept away from me. All the maids I interacted with were much older, in their late fifties or more. As for men, I only realized now as I compared my old memories with my new ones that I oddly had never seen another man in these twelve years of life.

This had become the first chance in which I was alone with this fifteen-year-old girl, and she had immediately taken the chance to jump on me. In my old life, it’d have been a crime to sleep with a fifteen-year-old girl, but considering I appeared to have the body of a twelve-year-old, she’d be the offender in this situation. I still couldn’t figure out why she was doing it, nor why she looked so desperate and panicked as she worked her hips like her life depended on it. Nothing in this child’s mind up to this point necessarily explained this insane behavior.

Thus, the thirty-five-year-old adult man could only lay back and enjoy the scene unfolding. Her pussy was tight, her body was smooth, and while her beauty wasn’t at the level of my last wife, it was difficult to find a teenage girl that couldn’t arouse my penis. The half-cocked penis of a confused boy not understanding his feelings quickly warped into the full-blown erection of a man enjoying the ride.

As she could feel the cock hardening inside her, the girl grew even more excited, her eyes flashing as she started to raise her butt up and down, creating slapping noises as her body bounced up and down on my cock. 

Her boobs were modest, so I didn’t have the pleasant sight of the two things bouncing up and down, but for the teeny-bopper that she was, it was certainly doing the trick. The greatest part was that this was condom free. I couldn’t even remember the last time I got to fuck a girl bareback.

“Cum in me! Please! Cum!” She pleaded.

As the erotic feelings built inside me, I realized I was about to lose my nut. Whores usually made me wear condoms, which don’t feel nearly as nice as this tight pussy. As someone infertile, I had sweet-talked one or two novice prostitutes into bareback, but it was usually the girls easily talked into breaking the rules that offered the most risk. It was from one such skank I had gotten chlamydia at some point. And even those girls didn’t let me blow it inside. In another girl from my past, I’d be looking to blow it on her chest or stomach when I finished.

Wasn’t this girl scared of diseases or pregnancy? Well, I guess there was a low chance of disease from a twelve-year-old virgin, but this wasn’t my old body. For all I knew, this boy was very fertile. Her fervent desire to have me blow my load inside her should have set off an alarm, but my cock felt so good and she was such a sweet and innocent looking girl that I prepared myself to cum. I wouldn’t say I was one of those guys with perfect cum control, but I could hold it off a few minutes if the situation demanded it.

Just as I was starting to build towards the finale, there was a crack as the lock of the door burst open. My big moment was suspended as I looked over in surprise, having not expected my privacy to be destroyed so suddenly. While it appeared like it was a tomboyish, muscular woman who kicked open the door, she stepped aside, allowing another smaller yet very beautiful woman storm into the room.

Rather than stop, the maid only became more frantic, bouncing up and down on my cock as fast as she could.

“Cum! Now! Cum! Please, Cum!” Tears were falling down her cheeks as she refused to look behind her and kept working her hips.

At this point, even though I didn’t understand what was going on, I felt a little sorry I didn’t cum. She looked so desperate that filling her womb with seed seemed like such a small thing. However, the moment was ruined as soon as the company showed up, and even if she kept going it’d take at least another minute or two to get me to that point again.

It was clear that the woman who just entered didn’t plan to give her that time. Grabbing the back of the maid’s hair, she yanked the other girl painfully. The maid tried to fight, but the other woman looked much older and stronger than the little teeny bopper, and soon my cock slid out of her wet pussy, our sex interrupted as she was tossed to the ground near my feet.

“No! No!” The girl shouted in disbelief, trying to leap back on me.

However, the other woman immediately backhanded her across the face. The hit was enough to give her a bloody lip, and only then, the girl regained her senses. That was to say, she collapsed to the floor a few feet away from me and started sobbing relentlessly.

The muscular woman who looked like a guard stepped in, fingering a sword at her waist and giving the maid a warning look that kept her from moving again. The other woman, after giving the maid a hateful sneer, turned to me. At that moment, the twelve-year-old memories stirred, and I realized I recognized this woman.

“M-Mother…” I let the words come out.

The woman’s look immediately softened at the sight of me, although I was still on the ground, my pecker wet with sex and still hard. I went to cover my dick, a shameful look on my face. To my surprise, the Mother of this child didn’t seem to hold any anger or disgust when seeing my naked body. I remember my mom from my old life would have whipped my butt if she caught me fucking at this age, never mind the rape implications. Even at twelve, it would have been my fault. That was simply a product of the time I lived in.

“Honey, Clyburn, did you pee in this girl?” My mother crouched next to me, trying to give a comforting look.

Despite the soft look, the woman’s eyes held a certain degree of intensity in them as she asked me that question.

“Huh?” I could only gawk at the strange question that came from her lips.

The woman that was Clyburn’s Mother, my mother, looked over at the guard woman for help. The woman only gave a silent shrug. My mother then looked back down at me, finally loosening the frown on her lips, her eyes holding a deep affection for me. 

My memories as Clyburn told me that my mother deeply loved me and I loved her too. My memories from my previous world told me this love was a bit tense, bordering on creepy. We’d never done anything objectionable, but I had breastfed until I was five and I had very few memories that didn’t involve my mother’s omnipresence. Momma’s boy might even be a weak description of the relationship I had with her.

“Ah, when she… did that, did… something come out of your penis? Like a liquid? Maybe it was white?”

My eyes widened in surprise at the question. “Ah? No… I didn’t cum.”

My mother’s eyes widened in shock. “How do you know that word?”

It was then I realized that her previous question was trying to explain sex to a young boy who shouldn’t know what it was. I realized my mistake and shot a look at the girl who had put me in this predicament without knowing what to say. 

Mom’s frown deepened, taking that look as an admission that I had learned the word from the maid. I didn’t correct the mistake as she stood back up. Her eyes looked down at my hand still covering my cock. It was still hard even now! The frustration and embarrassment were painted on my face. No grown man would want his Mother to see his naked penis, especially when she was that beautiful. 

My mother suddenly turned back to the maid who had finally stopped crying and was now sitting on her knees with her head lowered, awaiting her punishment.

“Do you see what you did to my son?” Mother demanded.

“S-sorry…” the maid’s voice sounded pouty, and not particularly sorry at all.

“You’re going to take responsibility for this!” As my mother spoke, she pointed right down at my erect cock, and my blush turned to mortification.

My twelve-year-old self lacked the knowledge or experience to know shame. I was truly ignorant of the world and sex entirely. It was the new memories that started to poke holes in this life. 

Until last week I was still being bathed by my mother and an elderly maid. That wasn’t normal! This was my mother, and she was pointing at my erect cock in front of a fifteen-year-old girl! That was truly an embarrassing situation in every sense of the word. The difference for me was truly like Adam eating the apple of knowledge.

“R-responsibility? You mean, I can?” A slight amount of hope showed on the maid’s face, which only caused my mom’s glower to deepen.

“No, you idiot girl. You made my son erect for the first time! I won’t have some tramp like you causing him trauma for his first time! He may have trouble getting it up in the future!” Then Mom turned to me, her face completely serious as she spoke strange words that broke my understanding of the world. “Honey, would you like to experience ‘cumming’ for the first time?”

My mouth could only drop open from the actual shock of this situation, but the horny thirty-five-year-old man couldn’t hold back. I was already sexually frustrated from being interrupted earlier. Even though the promise of sex came from my mother, I couldn’t stop myself from shaking my head up and down eagerly. Mom gave me a gentle smile and made a slight breath of relief. She seemed relieved that my sex drive was revving to go!

“Then, please, stick it in…” the maid leaned back, lifting her maid skirt until her pink pussy showed.

I was about to leap on her and do just that when my mom suddenly grabbed the maid and pulled her by the hair over to me. “No, you dumb bitch. You’ll be using your mouth!”

My mom violently forced the head of the fifteen-year-old girl down until it was face to face with my crotch, only my hands blocking the way.

“Eh? My mouth… but… I… it’s dirty… from before…” The girl responded uncertainly, her former hope deflating.

“So? A dirty whore like you thinks you’re too good to taste your pussy on a man’s dick?” Mom’s voice was harsh enough to scare the twelve-year-old in me, yet sexually arouse the thirty-five-year-old.

Was this really happening? This was just like one of those sexual fantasies, wasn’t it? To a part of me, it was true that this woman was my mother, but out of the combined 47 years of my life, thirty-five of them did not have this woman as my mother. In fact, between this woman and myself, I had lived more years, and she sat closer to the age group I was typically attracted to than the fifteen-year-old jailbait. Despite having a bit of intensity in her, this Mother was incredibly attractive. She had black hair, soft features, and a voluptuous body. Her hair covered one eye, the other hazel brown eye appeared bright and pretty, with a small mole underneath.

She looked like one of those proper ladies I’d only ever seen in movies from high society culture.  Suffice it to say, seeing her being rough with this fifteen-year-old girl was intensely erotic for the perverted mind of the adult me. My hands couldn’t help but quickly move away, and under Mom’s rough guidance, soon my cock was forcefully shoved into this fifteen-year-old girl’s mouth.

“Mind your teeth, girl, or I’ll punish you accordingly!” Mother snapped angrily.

The girl could do nothing but keep her mouth open. If I had thought Mom’s interference would end there, I would be mistaken. With her hands on the back of the maid’s head and her fingers wrapped in her hair, she forced the maid down onto my cock. I was only twelve, but my cock was still about the standard six-inches of an average adult. Whether it’d be bigger in the future was anyone’s guess, but forced down her throat as it was, this could only be called a deep throat.

“Ghhmmmm…” I could hear the maid gagging on my cock, but even so, the experience felt amazing for me.

My wife in the past would never suck my cock. She called it dirty and didn’t like it. Meanwhile, most prostitutes would lick it with a condom on, but that was about it. So, for my bare cock to be deepthroated by a teenage girl forcefully, it was certainly my first time. Even then, Mom didn’t let up. She lifted the maid’s head and pushed it back down, up and down rhythmically and roughly.

The fifteen-year-old maid gagged each time it thrust into the back of her throat, saliva dripping out of her mouth and down my cock. As it turned out, while I lied there, I facefucked this fifteen-year-old girl! And my mom took care of the motions! Tears dripped down the girl’s eyes, her face turning into a mess of tears and spit, but Mom continued to use her face to pleasure me. Even though the situation was so unexpected, so abstract, and so strange… the pleasure of this teeny bopper mouth couldn’t be denied.

Soon my hips thrust back, working in tandem with my mom’s movements to plow the back of this little girl’s throat. The guard had the decency to turn their back to the scene, but the entire time my mom watched me with intensity, using the expressions on my face to judge when she needed to speed up or slow down. Even being watched by the woman I’d call Mother in this world; I couldn’t stop the pleasure from overflowing through my body. Soon, I found myself cumming.

I was still young, so it wasn’t like cum exploded everywhere. It was just two white spirts which shot into the back of the maid’s throat while I clawed at the carpet under me, my eyes closed. The maid immediately started coughing and choking on the feel of thick hot stuff striking the back of her throat. My mom noticed I had finished and pulled the woman up immediately, standing up and dragging the maid up roughly with her.

“Now, close your mouth!” Mom commanded the fifteen-year-old girl, who did as she was told without hesitation. “Now swallow!”

A bit of semen dribbled down the girl’s chin, but Mom used the knuckle of her pointer finger to push it back into her mouth in a way that might look affectionate in another situation.

“All of it!” Mom ordered while the girl was still crying, but the maid still forcefully swallowed, even though the expression on her face showed she didn’t like it. “Open your mouth.”

Once she had swallowed it and opened her mouth as commanded, Mom moved right up to her face. She even reached in and grabbed her tongue, pulling it up to check and make sure all the cum was consumed. Once she was content that all the semen had ended up in the maid’s belly, she finally relaxed. Walking over to a nearby stand, she poured a drink and handed it to the maid.

“Drink this. Swirl it in your mouth.”

“I-I don’t drink…” The girl sniffled.

Mom shot her a glare, “It’s alcohol, to make sure. Do it if you want to live.”

The guard once again touched their hilt, looking threatening. The maid could only take the drink into her mouth and swirl it around, wincing even more from the taste of hard liquor than the taste of cum. When she finally gulped down the drink, Mom gave one last, firm nod.

“Good. You got what you wanted, my son’s cum inside you. Now get the hell out of my home. You’re fired.”

The maid didn’t fight back. She lowered her head and remained silent. A nod from my mother caused the guard to came over, grabbing the maid roughly and dragging her out of the room. Soon, it was just me, still half-naked on the floor, and my mother, standing in the middle of the room with an empty glass in one hand and her other hand with her knuckle still bent where she had touched the maid. Mom raised her fingertips to her mouth, putting her knuckle inside, and then licked. It looked almost like a nervous habit and was seemingly done unaware by the woman herself, but the finger she bit down on was the same finger that scooped up my semen from the maid’s chin.

After a moment of silence where I didn’t know what to do next, she turned down to look at me with a somewhat gentle expression. “Honey, it’s about time we talked.”

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