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The rest of the story was something I could already put together myself. Mom was too drunk to remember that night. She had no clue what had happened to her. Dad must have lied to her to cover up the truth. Maybe he found the tape later and kept it for god knows what reason. Mom thought she had stayed true to dad that night, and perhaps guilty about what happened, dad continued to stay with Mom.

Dad wasn’t as monogamous of a man as Mom thought. I believed that part of the rapist’s story. Perhaps when going monogamous, he pissed up some of his old flames whom he had promised a pregnancy and didn’t deliver. This might have even led to his death. The implications of this video were vast, and Mom knew nothing about it.

“M-madison…” Those were the words that came from Hannah’s lips.

It was then that I realized another implication of this tape. Mom had told me that her first time got her pregnant and that pregnancy would have been Madison. That meant that there was a good chance Madison wasn’t my true full sister. Perhaps dad had still slept with Mom that night, but given his mood at the end of that video, I didn’t believe it. Plus, Madison didn’t really look like me or Hannah. We said that she took after dad. However, dad looked a lot like his friend, and it was a toss up on which of the two resembled Madison more. 

“Madison will always be our sister,” I spoke the words to try to kill some of the awkward silence.

“D-do you mean it?” Hannah asked me nervously.

I nodded. “Of course.”


For some reason I didn’t understand, Hannah let out a breath of relief, as if she was more worried about my approval than her own. This confused me a bit.

“Wh-why would you think I’d treat Madison differently?”

In truth, if Madison wasn’t my full sister, that only gave me the motivation to pursue her more. Although I enjoyed playing with my mom and sisters, I’m not someone prone to incest by default.

“Ah… well, half-sisters are very common,” Hannah responded quietly, but when I raised an eyebrow she took a breath and continued. “Since there is only one man per thousand women, most children have the same father and a different mother. In a local school, it’s not uncommon for half of a school to consist of all half-siblings. Full siblings such as you and I are exceptionally rare. In fact, I don’t know any other siblings besides you, me and Mad-”

She stopped, realizing that Madison was no longer considered a full sibling. I also began to better understand why incest was less of a big deal in this world. Where everyone was a half-sister, you’d have to go out of your way to avoid it. In a world where men didn’t stick around with the child, all children were named after their Mother. Half siblings were rarely raised together, and always considered them in terms of their Mom’s family. Thus, in this world, a half-sibling was something almost completely ignored.

Madison didn’t simply become a half-sibling, it was almost like becoming a complete stranger, no longer affiliated with me at all. Well, our situation was different. We shared the same Mother, but two different fathers. That wasn’t as damning, but when it came to society, a half-sibling just carried less meaning than a full sibling. However, that wasn’t something that mattered to me. She was my sister. We had been raised together and undeniably shared the same Mother.

“Di-did dad cheat on Mom?” Hannah’s voice cracked, showing her own immaturity and youthfulness as she looked desperately towards me to make sense of what she had just seen.

“It… was before they started dating…” I explained slowly.

“Yeah… but still…”

“Even though dad had promised Mom that if she remained loyal, he’d be with her, that didn’t mean he himself needed to be loyal. He still had the same responsibilities of before, impregnating five women a month. So naturally, he wouldn’t shirk on those duties until after he knew Mom’s intentions,” I explained while grabbing Hannah’s shoulder and wiping a tear coming down her cheek. “There will be a day when I’ll need to do the same…”

“Eh?” Hannah immediately gave me a surprised and scared look, so I immediately patted her on the head.

“Just because I need to fulfill my duties, doesn’t mean I’ll think any less of Hannah. You’re still my sister. I love you. That will never change.”

The words caused Hannah to settle down, her eyes closing as she enjoyed me patting her head. She truly was simple in many ways. Meanwhile, my heart was more turbulent. The words I had just spouted were selfishness on my part, using dad’s indiscretions to further my own desires. I was preparing my sister for a future in the harem I wanted to build. That’s why I said those words. In truth, finding out dad cheated on Mom while testing her shook my image of father greatly. Even though I knew in my heart I’d never have the willpower to remain loyal to a single woman in this world, knowing my father didn’t either, destroyed a bit of my confidence.

However, I told myself in my heart that I would never become like that other guy, completely uncaring about women or the consequences of fucking them. I didn’t want to leave behind a long line of babies I never met. I didn’t want to bang women until they got pregnant and then move on to the next. I wanted relationships that would last. Perhaps that was why I was so caught up on my family. Mom’s warnings had gotten to me more than I wanted to admit, and this video confirmed my fears. The world out there was truly harsh.

“That video… we should…” I was going to say destroy it, but I felt a bit of hesitation.

If we destroyed the video, it would assure that Madison and Mom never saw the video. This was a good thing. However, the man in the video, the man who knew my father. I didn’t trust my memory so much that I believed I’d be able to track him down five years from now. I needed this video as proof. Perhaps there was a day when I should tell Madison the truth. Perhaps it could strengthen our relationship? Perhaps she’d want to meet her true father. Even though he was a rapist, this world saw pregnancy differently, and by extension, rape that ended in pregnancy almost cancelled each other out on the spectrum of morality. That’s the kind of world this was. To many of this world, this man did nothing wrong.

“I’ll… keep it safe…” It was Hannah who pulled it from the VS and then held it close to her chest like a precious artifact.

I could only nod. In many ways, I didn’t really have the privacy of my own. The maids and my mother had free reign of my room, which had no locks. It came with the cost of being a male. I had very little to no freedom. Therefore, Hannah, who was allowed some autonomy and knew more about this world was a better choice to hold on this dangerous item.

The pair of us didn’t stay sitting in the library alone for long. The pink moments that could lead to making out or possibly sex were long gone. Hannah had a worried crease on her forehead as she likely fretted about her sister. Personally, I didn’t know what to think. I felt mostly exhausted just thinking about the whole situation.

Hannah looked at me like she wanted to say something, but in the end, she merely stood up, nodded to me, and left. I returned to my room and ate lunch. Later that night, a maid invited me to dinner and my birthday party. The dinner was a veal cutlet with dumplings, and afterwards, Mom gave me the cake she had been working on. As for Hannah, she didn’t show up to the birthday party at all. I understood a bit of it. It was difficult keeping a smiling face while watching Mom try her best, especially after learning the truth.

Mom was a clueless victim in many ways. Her firstborn child belonged to another man. Her virginity was lost to a stranger. Her husband had lied to her for years about it. That’s not even to mention the fact that he had affairs with other women. These affairs might have even taken place up until his death. After all, a woman becoming jealous and murdering him seemed more likely if sex was involved, although this could be the old world me thinking about all those spousal murder shows on TV.

Had I not been an adult in my mind, I likely wouldn’t have been able to fake my expression. However, I had worked for bosses I hated and been forced to keep secrets I didn’t want to before. Suffice it to say, it was enough to keep my face schooled in front of my mother. The atmosphere still turned weird though, especially as Mom brought out the cake.

My birthday celebration was an intimate affair between just Mom and me. Not even the maids stood present, and there were no candles or songs. She just brought out the cake and smiled at me, looking for praise. As to Mom herself, she was surprisingly decked out. She wore full makeup. Her hair had been done up since this morning. On top of that, she wore a cute dress. It was certainly an attire that fits better for a valentine’s day date than a birthday celebration with your thirteen-year-old son.

I cut a piece of cake and tried it. Mom was no baker, and the cake was a bit dry. However, it was a good attempt.

“It’s good.” I gave her a smile.

My attempt to fool Mom must not have been as good as I expected. Mom’s eyes creased in worry at my apparent lack of excitement. Perhaps she worried I didn’t like the cake. In truth, I just didn’t have much of an appetite right now. After eating half of the piece of cake, I was done. If I was a real thirteen-year-old, I’d probably eat six slices, but for an adult me, the cake was a little sweet and felt like ashes in my stomach.

“H-honey?” Mom looked down at me nervously, her body fidgeting.

I was worrying Mother, and the worst part was that I couldn’t do anything about it. “Yes, Mom?”

“I was thinking… since you’re done… perhaps, you’d like to go out to the garden with Mommy?”

The me from the previous day would have been ecstatic by this offer. Walking through the garden with a beautiful woman, I could take advantage and even push her down on a bed of flowers. However, as soon as such thoughts came, there was the flash of a drunken sixteen-year-old Mom on a bed, cum leaking down her pussy as she moaned incoherently. The thought put me down, but I couldn’t get the vision out of my head.

“I’m sorry… I’m feeling a little tired. I’m going to go to bed.” I couldn’t meet Mom’s eyes as I said it.

“O-oh… okay… whatever you want, honey.” Mom’s expression dropped and she looked away awkwardly.

My heart tinged, but I really couldn’t face Mom right now. What I had seen was too fresh in my mind. I just needed a night. Tomorrow, I would have my mind set, and then I’d make it up to Mother. I’d do whatever Mom wanted! I just needed some time.

I retreated back to my bedroom, my heart feeling pained but not entirely sure why. I wish Madison would come. Somehow, I felt like if Madison was there, I’d feel better. This thought surprised me, since my relationship with Madison wasn’t close. She came and sucked me off every night, but we never chatted. She never even smiled at me. Yet, suddenly, I desperately wanted to embrace her. When did those feelings start?

I was lying in bed as I thought this, but after two hours passed by, I realized that sleep wasn’t coming. I didn’t feel like masturbating either, which was always an alternative way to help me go to sleep. It wasn’t just the fact that Madison wasn’t coming tonight. It was everything. That movie had been my first outside glimpse of this world. What I saw worried me. This world in the mansion was a bubble, and for the first time, I was afraid that bubble would pop.

There was a knock on my door and I spoke up after a few moments. “Come in?”

I was briefly hopeful Madison had returned and planned to satisfy me, but I knew that hope was unlikely, as Madison never waited for me to answer before barging in. More than likely, I assumed it’d be a maid. So, I was surprised enough to sit up and gawk as my mother stepped into the room shyly, closing the door behind her.

I had a small desk lamp on, so even though the room was dark, I could still make out my mother’s features. She still wore the makeup, and she still had her hair up, however, her clothing had changed. Instead of a dress, she wore lingerie. It was a black, frilly thing that accentuated her butt and boobs well. It was very sexy, the kind of thing that would have me pushing her down in an instant.

However, when the flash of that image appeared in my mind, I was ready to push her out of my room instead. That’s when I truly saw her face. Mom had a worried look, and her eyes were watery to the point where it looked like she was about to cry. Her entire body was shaking, and she looked somewhat nervous. I immediately grew concerned, since this was not the type of appearance Mom ever showed. Mom was always so sure and confident. Even when I had made her do bad things, she approached them with her sleeves raised and a can-do attitude. So, when had she suddenly become so timid and meek?

It was then that the truth came crashing home. My behavior tonight has been cold and distant. Mom… no… I should say Morgan… was just a woman. I hadn’t realized it before, but Mom and I had had a sexual relationship for nearly a month now. Naturally, this started to change the way Mom saw me. I was becoming less a mere son, and more the man who held her heart. Mom was scared of losing me, perhaps not as a son, but as a lover. I could see the fear in her eyes. It was the fear of rejection. It was a look that tugged at my heartstrings because it was one similar to my own upon divorcing my wife.

It might be strange for a Mother to lose confidence and become worried that their son might spurn them, but our relationship had grown passed that point. Whether I wanted to or not, I had made myself Mom’s emotional pillar. In her eyes, I was her everything.

Who the hell cared what dad did before I was even born? Who cared about this other guy? Who the hell cared about Mom’s dark past and such silly secrets? I had been so stupid, shunning this beautiful sexy woman simply because of a stupid hang up in my mind. I had dismissed the love we shared and pushed away this vulnerable, needy woman who just wanted to be held by the man she loved. That man was me now, I had made it that way. In my own childishness, I had failed to rise to that need. Fortunately, there was still time to fix it.

“You’re beautiful.” The words popped out of my mouth as I eyed this sexy woman up and down.

“Ah!” Mom made a cute noise, blushing, a moment later a sudden tear falling down her cheek.

“Mom?” I moved to the edge of my bed. –“

“Oh! I-it’s fine honey, just something in my eye, you don’t need to-”

I didn’t need to, but I wanted her more now than before. I had been treating Mom up to now like a conquest. She was a game and a means to an end. In essence, I was treating her like a Mom. I was the selfish child just taking what I wanted. My brain thought things like, whatever I gave her, she would take it without complaint. She was my mom, after all, she was obligated to love me and handle whatever I threw at her. However, the truth was that I had genuinely started to feel things for this woman. It was beyond Motherly love.

“I love you…” I said, walking up to and embracing Mom, causing her to grow even more flustered in my arms.

“Honey… I… I love you too.” Mom couldn’t come up with anything else to say, and instead melted in my arms.

I pulled her back to my bed, pushing Mom down on it and climbing on top of her. Mom looked back up at me with a gentle expression, her face blushing, but with her experience, she was much less shy than my sisters, who would turn away or struggle. Mom had already accepted me in her heart completely. She put up no resistance as my lips met with hers.

As I kissed her, my dick grew hard, and with the feel of it pressing against her, Mom began to grow horny. She pushed my lips off of hers, gasping for breath.

“Please, honey, stick it inside me. I want your thing inside me.”

“You want your son’s cock? Do you want your son to fuck his Mother?” I asked grinning.

Mom’s face flushed pink and she gave a pouty expression. “Where did you learn such lewd words…? …naughty boy…”

“You got to say it, Mom, tell me what you want.” I continued to tease Mom.

She had given me head this morning, and after the emotional rollercoaster from dinner and the feel of my cock pressing against her now, Mom was exceptionally horny. Thus, even though I was teasing her so, Mom was unable to resist any longer.

“You…” Mom tried to admonish me, but her own sexual excitement had already passed the point of propriety. “Please… son, stick your big cock inside Mommy. Please, fuck Mommy hard until she moans your name!”

“Pervert…” I responded with a grin.

After all, saying such things to a thirteen-year-old boy, what else could it be. Mom only turned her head shamefully.

“Y-yes… Mommy is a big pervert. Please, teach this perverted Mother a lesson. Please, give me your cock. Please…”

Mom’s eyes started to water, clearly starting to beg as I opened up the floodgates of her lust. Unable to watch Mom debase herself any longer, I reached a hand down and pushed her panties aside, revealing her pinkish slit, moist with her lust. Pushing my cock against it, it popped inside her with ease. A second later I was inside Mom, my hips thrusting inside her.

“Ah… yes… baby… ah… I feel it inside me. Baby, I needed this.”

“I love you!” I said, panting while I thrust into her.

“I love you too, baby, please keep going. Keep giving Mommy your cock. Only Mommy can have you. This is Mommy’s cock.” Mom moaned as I fucked her, continually reminding herself that she was fucking her son seeming to enhance her sexual pleasure, not take away from it.

To be honest, it did that for me too. Even though I started to see Mom as a woman now, and a lover deserving of my time and affection, she was also my mom. There was a thrill about this extreme taboo that made me incredibly excited. I was so excited, in fact, that I picked up the pace, my hips thrusting quickly and wetly into Mom’s incredible-feeling snatch.

I’m not some sexual savant though, so with the feel of Mom’s hefty chest pressed against mine, her tight pussy clamping around my cock, her constant lewd words of encouragement, and her hands running over my body while she occasionally kissed me… it quickly brought me to my limit.

“I’m cumming, Mommy,” I moaned.

“Yes! Cum in Mommy! Cum in your perverted Mother!” Mom moaned, arching her back as my cock hit her in just the right spot.

Her hands squeezed my shoulders as she came against my cock, which was spurting hot seed into her pussy. After a few squirts, I finally collapsed on top of Mom. Mom was still panting under me, and my head found a place nestled within her hot, sweaty boobs. As my cock softened, I could feel her pussy still climaxing around it, each squeeze slowly pushing the soft thing out until it finally fell out of Mom’s snatch. Like that, I remained on top of Mom.

The pair of us remained naked for the rest of the night. At one point, I regained stamina and we started anew. However, having already cum just prior, I wasn’t able to keep it up. I was able to make Mom cum one more time, but my cock kept growing soft inside of Mom, keeping me from any hard pounding action. She even used her hand and stroked my cock, but in the end, we had to give up.

What can I say, I’m not some erotic novel protagonist. I don’t have a twelve-inch dick that can go fifteen rounds. I get tired, and I sometimes struggle to remain erect, no matter how erotic the woman was. That’s simply the nature of life. I’m only thirteen and still growing, so naturally, my body doesn’t always work the way I want it to.

“My little boy was incredible,” Mom purred. “You make Mommy so happy…”

Kissing me on the forehead, Mom stroked my soft penis with one hand and my hair with the other, while speaking comforting words. She wasn’t the least bit sad that I couldn’t go again. In fact, she was incredibly happy just to be holding me. That was the part about Mom that beat any other woman. Mom would never judge me or expect more out of me than I could provide. Mom accepted me entirely. I didn’t need to be a super stud. Just being with me was enough to make Mom happy and satisfied. There was no pressure to be more than this. Truly, banging my mom was the best!

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