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“A-alright, then shall we begin?” I asked nervously.

Unlike my mother, whom I felt completely at ease with, these women were not family. I suddenly felt the weight of my own pride as a man pushing down on me. If I gave them a crappy performance, it might not matter to them, but it’d matter to me. I had to creampie both ladies before the night was done. This was not something I could perform lightly! Plus, what if they got pregnant? With Mom, I hadn’t thought about it, since I always figured Mom was on top of the issue. However, these women were looking to be impregnated.

Surely that meant they came on their unsafe days. That was probably what took them until now to show up and make this request. They needed to maximize the likelihood of becoming pregnant. In my old life, I had never had children, and right now, I was talking about making my first child! I know I talked a good game about impregnating women, but when it became a reality, my tongue felt swollen and I was starting to panic.

“Ah, don’t worry young master, just lie back, we’ll take care of everything!” Veris came to my rescue, putting her hand on me and sitting me down on the bed.

I didn’t really know what expressions were flashing on my face, but Veris gave me a sweet smile while stroking my arm in a soothing manner. She glanced up when she noticed that her daughter hadn’t joined her. She gave her daughter a nod, but Nada still seemed hesitant. She didn’t look like she was willing to participate despite her Mother’s edging. I gave a frown, moving to stand up but Veris tightened her hand and made me sit.

“I’m sorry young master, she’s just being stubborn.” Veris gave me a smile before shooting Nada a look.

“Mom… I don’t know…” Nada twisted around uncomfortable. “He’s only thirteen.”

I gave out a wry smile, feeling a bit like I had been punched in the gut. Veris didn’t seem to have a problem with this and she had grown up with me, so it was odd her daughter was being so hesitant. The age gap between us was much smaller than the age gap between Veris and me!

“It’s the only way, daughter…” she showed teeth with her smile, but clearly shooting her daughter a dangerous glare.

The whole situation was starting to make me feel a little regretful. I had promised to give Veris my seed, but her daughter clearly wasn’t interested. It felt like Veris was forcing her to do this. Yeah, Nada was an adult who could make her own decisions, but parents still held a lot of sway, and at the very least, Nada was clearly being goaded by her Mom.

I knew in the past that my seed was dangerous, but given how Veris, my trusted household maid was acting, I was finally getting a feeling of how dangerous it was. Compared to the last time I offered her seed, the current Veris looked nervous and rushed. The promise had clearly gotten under her skin. However, Veris had been a maid in our family for years, and was even trusted with my seed. So, I didn’t think Veris intended me any harm.

Part of me felt like something was off, but when Nada finally nodded and sat down, sandwiching me between her and her Mother, any thoughts of resistance dissipated. It was just making babies. I was supposed to do it five times a month after I turn sixteen, so even though the girls seemed a little weird, I just couldn’t come up with any negatives from this exchange. I’d get to enjoy a Mother-daughter duo, and all I needed to do was jizz inside them, something that felt better as a man anyway.

My cock grew hard just thinking about it, and Veris was quick to start stroking it through my pants. Nada had her hand on my thigh, but it was clear that she wasn’t as knowledgeable as her Mother. She merely frowned, unsure of what to do next. Even if mothers wanted to instruct their daughters about sex, there was a complete lack of qualified men for them to show those techniques. Veris’ calloused, long fingers worked their way into my pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them until my pecker popped out.

As she held the bottom of the shaft tightly, she looked up at Nada, who had yet to do anything with a smile. “Put your lips on his shaft, Nada.”

“Ah! Ye-yes Mom…” Nada carefully pushed back her hair from her eyes, and while holding the loose strands with one hand, she positioned herself so her mouth was brought to my cock.

She immediately engulfed the cock with her mouth, her tongue licking it. With her mouth open, she moved her head up and down, dragging the top side of her tongue up and down the side of the cock. It felt good, but also very amateurish.

“Close your mouth and suck it, dear,” Veris instructed sweetly.

While I could do nothing but lean back while two girls on either side satisfied my cock, I reached out towards both women using my hands. My right hand fumbled onto Nada’s butt. After trying unsuccessfully to invade her pants, I settled for squeezing her butt through her jeans. Meanwhile, Veris was upright and turned towards me as she held my cock with one of her hands. In this position, my hand reached out and grabbed one of her tits. She only gave a gentle smile as I squeezed her breast with one hand while I squeezed her daughter’s butt with the other.

“Han…. Hannn…” Nada was getting the hang of it, but she wasn’t someone who breathed through her nose well.

She had to periodically open her mouth and take a gasping breath around my cock before closing her mouth around it once again. So, while Veris held the shaft with one hand and leaning back with the other to help me access her tits, Nada sucked away noisily using one hand to balance herself.

Slurp. Slurp… Gasp… Slurp. Slurp. Gasp.

That was the rhythm going between Nada and my cock at the moment. Meanwhile, I had popped Veris’ left boob from her dress and bra, and was now freely playing with it. Her skin was darker and more mottled then Mom. Her boobs were a little smaller and firmer. She had really dark nipples compared to Mother’s as well. Since her boob wasn’t as soft and squishy, and her nipples were so large and eye-catching, I couldn’t help but focus my attention on pulling and pinching them.

“Nnnn… annnnn…” Veris made cute noises while I manipulated her nipple with my fingertips.

“I’m going to cum if you keep going!” I announced for their benefit.

I would have been quite happy to suck off and blow it in Nada’s mouth, but both women might grow upset with me if I didn’t do it the way they wanted. Therefore, I had no choice but to discontinue Nada’s sloppy BJ. I regretfully pulled my hands away from Veris’ chest, her nipples a little pink from my torture.

“If you’re going to cum, then please stick it in Nada first!” Veris declared.

Already quite horny, I nodded, groping at the twenty-five-year-old Nada with all the horniness of an adult male. Nada herself seemed surprised as I grabbed her and pushed her down on the bed, pulling down her pants forcefully and raising her legs. Her pussy didn’t look quite as pretty and smooth as Moms. It had a more ruffled look to it, but that didn’t matter much to the horny me as I immediately got into position to fuck this twenty-five-year-old hottie.

“W-wait, can you put a condom on?” Veris asked.

“Huh uh?” I made a weird noise when I heard a question I had never expected in this world.

Condoms were even a thing in this world? Furthermore, why the hell did these women want a condom on when I was trying to make them pregnant? It just didn’t make any sense to me.

“Ah, that’s not what I mean!” Veris explained while Pulling a condom she had at the ready and waving it.

I had thought maybe I misheard her or that condoms had a different meaning in this world, but after seeing the thing flapping in her hand, I realized that it indeed was exactly the same thing in either world.

“What do you mean?” I asked, not truly understanding this development.

Veris gave a sigh. “We want to maximize the chance of getting pregnant, but we won’t be able to stay here long. So, once we walk out, all the cum will fall out and drip down our legs. If we capture it in a condom, then we can use a baster when we get home and insert it deeply with our hips up. It’s way more efficient!”

At this point, Nada had sucked on my dick for some time. I was very very horny and was already pretty close to cumming. My mind wasn’t thinking all too clearly, but once again, I could see no downside to this turn of events. They were probably just talking about another wife’s tail. In reality, I doubt sperm that has been sitting in a condom for a few hours was as effective as sperm fresh from the faucet, and as long as I shoot deep, any that leaks out would be meaningless. If anything, to help them get pregnant, I should advise against a condom.

However, I remained quiet. The dark side of me was all for wearing a condom. If these girls didn’t get pregnant, it’d just mean I could have a round two or a round three. Furthermore, condoms numbed the feeling for me. In the past, I actually struggled a few times to cum just because I was wearing a condom. If I stuck it into Nada bare, I’d be cumming in a few moments. With the condom on, however, I could probably last ten minutes at least. I’d never admit this, but even though it felt much better bareback, I always preferred to be wrapped just so I didn’t embarrass myself. That was my pride as a man.

Even if I did cum, if it didn’t leak inside them, a lot of girls wouldn’t realize it, and then I could keep going. I had done this to my wife once. She was very pleased that I lasted so long, not realizing I was on my second cum. However, at that point, the condom had ended up sliding off and being lost inside her. By the time we got it out, she had undoubtedly gotten semen inside her and started freaking out that she might get pregnant. This was, of course, back in the early part of our relationship, before we knew I was infertile and before we were trying to have kids. It was actually a memory from one of the first few times I had sex.

Thus, very horny and still wanting to impress Nada, who saw me as just a thirteen-year-old, I grabbed the condom and put it on. Veris thought she’d have to put it on for me, so she was surprised when I easily navigated the condom and put it on correctly my first attempt. No sooner did I get the thing on then I turned, grabbed Nada’s legs, and pushed into her like we were being timed.

‘Aiii!” Nada let out a cry as I slid into her. “I-it’s big!”

Nada had only had sex once before. As I pulled out, there was a little bit of blood on the condom. It looked like Nada’s first time hadn’t broken her hymen completely. Hymens aren’t a lock and key. I knew it bled the first 3 times I fucked my wife before I had washed away all her virginity. Nada meanwhile had only had sex once before, with a guy who appeared to be smaller than I was. After six years of no sex, her pussy had naturally recovered a bit. Suffice it to say it was a tight little thing that had been deprived of much attention.

My hips started thrusting into Nada, and her reservations over doing it with a thirteen-year-old boy seemed to melt away as I expertly banged her. Nada herself, this not being her first time, quickly felt sexual satisfaction, and was soon whimpering and moaning. Her Mom watched on as Nada took my cock. She started to lick her lips, seeing the sexual pleasure on her daughter’s face and feeling a little deprived herself.

My greedy hand reached out and grabbed at Veris, but I was unwilling to pull away from Nada’s breasts, which my head was resting in while I massaged my cock with her wet pussy. Of course, through the condom, I couldn’t feel the individual texture of her pussy, it still felt wet and amazing. The condoms in this world were just as good as the condoms of my own world. I had fear they’d be made of sheepskin or something like that, but they feel pretty decent.

Seeing me sloppily grope at her legs, Veris could only chuckle as she moved her bottom in a position where I could touch her pussy. As soon as my hands landed on her furry patch, I started groping around blindly for her cunt hole. Of course, humping Nada’s pussy and sucking on Nada’s tits already filled up the maximum my brain could accomplish, so after blindly poking Veris a few times, she grabbed my hands and guided it to her pussy. I slipped two fingers into Veris, her pussy feeling only a little wet. She wasn’t particularly turned on, perhaps she wasn’t naturally incestuous and got nothing from seeing her daughter being fucked, but I’d see about that!

With my fingers only having two directions to go, I plunged them down to the knuckle before twisting and pulling out. Soon, I started repeating that motion over and over again, moving the hand automatically.

“Nnn… hah… nnn… hah…” Veris started making very pleasing sounds as I finger fucked her pussy while pounding her daughter.

As for Nada, her heart beated quickly, her face was flushed, and she was breathing hard, but she didn’t make any cute noises for me. She acted incredibly silent and had her eyes closed the entire time like she was just waiting for it to be over. Still, her furrowed brow and open lips that were succulent enough to kiss showed the sexual pleasure that she wouldn’t emit audibly. My hips started to slow down after a while, while I focused on Veris, who kept making cute moaning noises while I fingered her which excited me more than her daughter.

“Mmm… my daughter is just shy,” Veris suddenly said, “Here, I’ll help get her really going.”

Veris positioned herself even as I continued to play with her pussy, which was starting to get wet down below. She moved her head up until she was lying on her side right alongside her daughter. She reached down between me and her daughter and her fingers found her way to Nada.

“M-m-Mom! What are you doing?” Nada said in a fluster, her voice coming out in a gasp as her Mom touched her twat.

While I plowed Nada’s pussy and fingered Veris’ snatch, Veris started to rub her own daughter’s clit. She rubbed the upper part on the outside, which quickly turned pink and swelled with lust. To her daughter’s fluster, Veris aggressively took her lips. Right before my penis were two women, a mother and her daughter, tongue kissing while the mother rubbed her daughter’s clit ferociously. The sight was incredibly arousing. I immediately took up the pace with my hips, my hands, and my fingers. With the daughter facing extra stimulation and her own lips being violated by her Mother, moaning sounds finally started to leak from the girl’s mouth, her restraint no longer being able to resist the combined machinations.

“Ahh… I’m cumming!” I said, half in surprise, the sudden urge hitting me without warning.

Veris pulled her lips away from her daughter. “MMmm… ah… Yeah… cum for us. Cum in my daughter’s fuck hole!”

“Mom!” Nada blushed in extreme embarrassment, clearly caught off guard by her mother using vulgar, dirty language during sex.

The combination of the lusty mom and her bashful daughter was too much, and soon my cock exploded with lust inside Nada. Veris didn’t let it end without a blast though, as her fingers worked Nada’s clit with a blazing speed that made her fingers almost blur and Nada’s crotch to shake pleasantly around my cumming cock. Her eyes were closed tightly and her mouth was scrunched up. Nada looked like she was suffering some kind of pain.

However, a moment later, she let out a single yell, “Ahhhh!”

It was the first and the last cute noise Nada willingly let out, her pussy convulsing a few times as her face finally relaxed and she let out loud gasping breaths. Veris finally slowed down her fingers, which were now shiny with Nada’s dirty lust. As my penis finished cumming and my body started to relax, I met Veris’ eyes as she looked up at me. She licked her dirty fingers with her daughter’s juice on them and then started to lick them one at a time. The event was very erotic, and my cock twitched at the scene.

It took Nada a while to recover from her own orgasm, but when she finally opened her eyes, only then did she see what her mother was doing and grew horrified.

“M-Mom… please don’t do that… it’s so dirty.”

Veris rolled her eyes. “Sweetie, don’t you know men like it dirty? Isn’t that right, Clyburn?”

“Ah!” Suddenly having both eyes turn to me while I was still kneeling naked between Nada’s legs caught me off guard. “R-right!”

Veris laughed while Nada gave me a complicated look before turning away.

Veris turned serious and spoke up. “Alright, Young Master, since you’ve already cum, please pull it carefully out of my daughter.”

I gave a nod, making sure to grab the base of the condom. My penis had already shrunk at this point, and I no longer filled up the condom. I had to pull my soft dick out of her, and then yank the rest of the condom which still contained the seed. A blue rubber tube filled with white gunk plopped out of Nada cleanly.

No sooner did I free it from Nada’s snatch than did Veris grab it away. She immediately tied the end to block off the seed and then put it in her purse, not caring about the wet outside covered in her daughter’s lust.

“Alright, Clyburn, it’s time for you to do me!”

“Huh?” I didn’t mean to sound selfish, but I had cum, so I was more or less done.

“You promised to cum in both of us, right? You can’t stop there!” Veris insisted, her eyes taking on a fervent kind of look.

“M-Mom… it’s okay, we can just split-”

“No, no!” Veris shook her head, “This boy’s not done yet, are you, boy? Two beautiful women, you can still get hard, right?”

My pride as a man was online, so naturally, I tightened my fists and nodded. “Of course, I’ll keep going! Bend over!”

Veris nodded excitedly, winking at her daughter. “See, he’s a young man in his teens, naturally he could handle both of us. Here’s another condom!”

She tossed it on the bed and I looked down, suddenly feeling embarrassed. I was kind of counting on being able to rub it against her for a bit to get it hard. If all else failed, I’d just finger her pussy and eat her out until I recovered. My dick would recover, but it’d take ten to fifteen minutes. Mom was always willing to wait for me, but these two women weren’t as patient and already wanted me going again.

“Ah, about that… perhaps you could… with your mouth?” I gave the suggestion, and Veris only chuckled and nodded.

Nada, having already received her cum, actually pulled away. As Veris got between my legs and put my cock in her mouth, clearly tasting more of her daughter on my cock, Nada didn’t even watch. She curled up into a ball and just looked off vacantly like she was ignoring the sensual scene of two naked people having sex on the bed two feet away from her. Since Nada seemed content to ignore me, I also ignored her and instead focused on enjoying Veris’ blowjob. Like her handjob, Veris wasn’t a pro. Mom certainly gave the best BJ’s, but Veris had studied this stuff. Between Veris and Mom, it was the difference between a woman who only knew the techniques in theory and a woman who had practiced and refined the techniques on the field.

In which case, Veris was a bit unrefined, but she clearly tried hard, making numerous moaning sounds, sucking with all her might, and moving her head back and forth to rub my cock all over her mouth. Even with her advanced stimulation, it took five minutes before it started getting hard again. I let out a breath of relief and Veris managed to form a full erection. My manliness was saved.

However, my cock was more sensitive after just cumming, and with Veris trying so hard and me trying to think every arousing thing I could to become erect, I ended up passing through my aroused period and straight into a second orgasm.

“Ah… I’m going to cum!” I cried out embarrassingly.

“EH! Now?” Veris panicked as she spat out my cock, however, it was too late and a moment later, white stuff started spilling out of the head of my erect penis. 

“No!” Veris shouted in protest as she desperately tried to catch the semen in her palm. There wasn’t much to begin with, my own sperm count was a bit limited for my age. After cumming once already, I only had a little bit of spurt left. It was small enough that if I had just put my underwear up without wiping it off, it probably wouldn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable at all.

However, Veris was desperately scooping it like her life depended on it. At this point, Nada had come out of her stupor and was kneeling next to her Mom while holding the condom open like a bag. The Mom tried desperately to get it in the condom, but what she managed to get in there was a very small, almost unnoticeable amount.

Veris stared unhappily at her condom, which looked used, but didn’t seem to contain more than a few drops of semen in it.

“W-we can go again. Right?” Veris said, looking at me excitedly.

My smile looked a little shameful, feeling like I had truly dropped the ball here.

“Mom… No.” Nada shook her head while touching her Mom’s shoulders. “We’re done here.”

Veris finally gave a sigh, tying up this condom like the last one and tossing it in her purse before wiping her hands on her naked thighs, smearing off what was left of my cum. She gave me a gentle smile and then came up and kissed me on the forehead.

“Thank you, Clyburn, I received your cum sincerely,” Veris said.

“Ah… thank you!” Nada also bowed.

The erotic mood quickly died, even though both women were still naked in the room. I mentally berated myself for not being able to keep it up. That last cumshot was miserable!

“Either way, we’ll use these and see what happens. They better get us pregnant, or we’ll be coming back!” Veris said, giving me a smile that I thought was supposed to be jovial and teasing.

“You’re coming back anyway, right? You’re my maid,” I reminded her hesitantly.

I was looking for a reaction on Veris’ face, but she didn’t miss a beat as she smiled and nodded. “Of course, I’ll be back to work… once my back is better.”

“Your back?”

Veris stood up while putting her clothes back on. “Of course! Young Master, I long to be by your side, but I’m an old lady. When I gave you that hand job a few months ago, I pulled my back. I didn’t react because I didn’t want to make my precious master worry, but I should be good in another month or so. Then I will continue to serve Young Master forever.”

“Ah… okay…” I responded, giving a trusting and naïve smile, which I, of course, faked.

Nada had been looking at her Mom with an expressionless face while she spoke. However, Veris only shot her a look, then gave me a smile and a pat on the head before she turned and left the room with her daughter. I sat there for a while with a frown on my face.

The sex was fun, so I didn’t have any regrets. Of course, I knew that there was something up between those two. They wanted my seed, and I was doubting it had anything to do with getting pregnant. As to what their real goal was, I wasn’t sure. I got to enjoy a threesome with two cute women, so I didn’t have any regrets. Perhaps they’d return looking for more cum. If they did, I’d enjoy them again. If they didn’t, well, I still got off. Even though I couldn’t impress them as much as I wanted to with my sex moves, I still got to enjoy a mother-daughter threesome. A chance I might not get again with my own family.

The only thing I knew for certain was that Veris was never going to be coming back to work. I didn’t know what the circumstances were behind her betrayal, but I knew that if Mother found out, she’d be furious.

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