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“Hello, beautiful, do you have a kiss for me?” I asked with a wink.

“You wish.” Brooke snorted, reaching over and tussling my hair affectionately.

I was standing near the front entrance, teasing the head of security. Her name was Brooke, and she was in charge of keeping our entire estate safe. The team was small, only consisting of five women, but Brooke was the only one allowed into the house and near me. Thus, beyond the elderly maids, my mom, and my siblings, she was the only other person I was allowed to talk to.

Brooke was a tough woman. She wore a sword on her waist and her hair was cut short. She had a long scar on her bare arm and narrow eyes that looked very intimidating when she grew angry. As to our relationship, I never dreamed of having sex with her. It wasn’t because she wasn’t pretty enough. Brooke was actually pretty cute in a butch, tomboy kind of way. No, the reason it was never going to be was that Brooke was a complete lesbian.

Lesbians aren’t to be confused with lipstick lesbians. A lipstick lesbian worships women and despises men. A standard lesbian just happens to favor the same sex. With men so infrequent, lesbian relationships were actually quite common in this world, and it wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that almost every other woman was in a lesbian relationship. The number probably reached close to 90% of women, who had at least experimented with lesbianism at some point in their lives. People got lonely and wanted physical contact. It’s simply a matter of availability. However, I guess in that case, you could call them bisexuals who settled on a woman.

That wasn’t the case for Brooke, though. She actually had been with a man. He came in her mouth, and she said it tasted so bad that she threw up, and that’s when she realized she wasn’t into men. She didn’t hate men as a concept, but they held no attraction for her. The man’s penis grossed her out and she got pubic hair in her mouth, which for some reason gave her trauma. That’s why she kept her hair short, because she hated it when any hair got in her mouth. It should also come as no surprise that she likes her women bare-shaven.

As she put it, “Scissoring is fine, but I’ll never eat out of a hairy box.”

The man she had been with, by the way, was actually her own father. I don’t know if that had anything to do with her distaste for men or not. However, she couldn’t talk about him without wearing a disgusted look. I seemed to get a pass because I was still young and youthful looking without my secondary sexual traits all grown in yet.

“Right now, you’re still young so you don’t have all that gross man hair. Promise Auntie Brooke that when you get that age you’ll shave your chest and ass. If I ever see your hairy ass, I’ll throw up.”

Brooke always told me such things like that. It’s actually part of the reason I started to be her friend. She was the closest thing to “one of the guys” I had in this world. She was often funny, if only in a sarcastic down-to-Earth kind of way.

“Maybe if you stopped trying to look at my ass, you wouldn’t have to worry how much hair it had!” I shot back.

This was the way we had started talking to each other. It had shocked some of the maids the first time they had heard us teasing each other. The original me apparently was afraid of Brooke and kept my distance. Ever since I reincarnated, I started hanging out with her more and more just to have someone to talk to. Brooke took my change in behavior as a boy hitting puberty, and the maids finally tolerated it as long as Mom didn’t find out the details of what was said, which was often lewd and offensive.

“Well, excuse me. I can’t help that your ass reminds me of your Moms. You inherited a fine-looking butt from that woman,” Brooke chuckled.

I could only nod in agreement. “I know, right? When I grab on it, it’s just the right size against my palm. Her skin s so smooth, and it’s a perfect combination of muscular hardness and soft springiness. You could definitely bounce a coin off that thing.”

I teased Brooke. I knew that she actually had the hots for my mom. Anyone would, my mom was definitely a hottie. Brooke didn’t know my relationship with Mom was sexual, but she did know we straddled the line of what could be considered appropriate son and Mom relations. She ignored it because it was none of her business and didn’t affect her job, but her eyes did brighten when I described Mom’s naked body.

“You… sometimes I worry about you kid. I wonder sometimes if you’re a filial son or just a giant pervert.” Brooke shook her head.

“Can’t I be both?” I responded toothily.

Brooke chuckled as she took another look across the yard, making sure there was nothing suspicious moving around while remaining alert. “Whatever you say, kiddo.”

One of the only real problems with Brooke was that she always saw me as just a kid. No matter how lewd our conversations grew, she’d always ruffle my hair and look down on me. Once in a while when she was in a bad mood, she would shush me away or chastise me like a mother hen. However, guarding was a boring job so she often tolerated my presence if for no other reason than to give herself something to do. Occasionally, I was lucky enough to get her in a good mood and then she’d tell me naughty stories.

Well, actually they were just stories about her dating life, but being a sexually active lesbian in her late twenties with a rough demeanor and a sword she knew how to use, all of those stories were incredibly exciting. In her youth, she frequented a lot of clubs and ended up in more than one lesbian gangbang. She told stories like the time she went down on a famous celebrity who I didn’t recognize, but I was told they were quite famous. As she put it, the celebrities “O” face would have ruined her movie credibility had a picture of it leaked.

She also told the story of how she got drunk and slept with three generations of a family in a single night, a Mom, her daughter, and her daughter’s daughter. Not together. She had actually gone home with the daughter, and when she was done she snuck into the Mom’s room, who had been giving her some strong signals. In the morning, the youngest got up before the others, and she had seduced and had her way with her early in the morning. Brooke was caught by the other two women with her tongue up their youngest’s ass and ended up jumping out a window to escape their wrath. As to how young the youngest daughter she defiled was, she wouldn’t tell.

My favorite stories were how she used to feel up girls in the Academy. Since she was the same sex as the other women, the locker room was her favorite place. She used to creep and spy on other naked girls. She’d then plot to get them alone through nefarious means like hiding something of theirs so they were left behind looking for it. She’d “volunteer” to help them look, and once she had her target alone, she would take advantage of them.

As she put it, “I’ve tasted a lot of pussy in that locker room. Broken a lot of hearts too. Well… that was back when I was young and stupid. I’m sure you’ll be the same way in Academy… leaving behind a wave of pregnant women with broken hearts.”

Although I felt some comradery with her, I still shook my head. “I don’t like the pump and go. I’d rather be with the same women.”

“You trying to take after your dad?” She asked.

Remembering the holotape I had unearthed with Hannah, I could only shake my head. “No! No… I mean, my desire is to form my own harem!”

“What the hells a harem?” Brooke asked.

Without men in this world, naturally, harems didn’t exist either. Or at least, there was no word for them.

“A harem is living with a bunch of women who all serve me and have sex with me.”

“Isn’t that what every man already gets?” Brooke raised an eyebrow. “You lucky bastards…”

I sniffed. “No! Most men just run around sleeping with women. One-night stands. I want all my girls to stay with me.”

“Government might not like that all that much.” Brooke shrugged. “You still expected to contribute your seed to society.”

I nodded excitedly. “Exactly! I’ve done the math. Since women are pregnant for nine months, if I had about sixty women, I could just keep them all pregnant, giving each woman a three-month break between each baby.”

“You want to turn a bunch of women into baby-making factories?” Brooke seemed amused. “Won’t they get worn out by the fourth or fifth one?”

“Well, when the Mom’s start getting too old, then that’s what my daughters are for, right?” I responded excitedly.

Brooke let out a laugh. “You are one strange, boy… or maybe all men are strange. I’m glad I decided not to pursue your sex. Just promise me one thing, will you?”

“What’s that?”

“If you make your thirteen-year-old daughter give you a BJ, don’t force her to swallow it because she’ll ‘come to like it.’” Brooke made a grossed-out face, showing she was speaking from personal experience.

“I-I’d never do that…” I technically spoke the truth, Madison was fifteen when she first sucked my cock after all.

Brooke didn’t respond, merely continuing to look around while keeping her thoughts about my harem plan to herself. However, she barely made a round before her eyes locked on something in the distance. It took me a moment to be able to notice what she noticed. It was a dust cloud, and it seemed to be growing closer and closer.

“Is that her?”

“Uh, huh. Looks like. Why don’t you run to your Mom and give her the news?” Brooke nudged me towards the door.

“What? But, I want to see my Aunt Rose!”

“You and I both know your Mom is suspicious of a childhood friend suddenly showing up just as her precious son starts getting erections. Don’t make your Mom worry any more than she has to, will you?” Brooke rustled my hair before walking off the porch to meet the car coming her way. “Go back indoors, kid!”

I didn’t mean to not listen, but my eyes were caught on the vehicle, which didn’t appear to have any wheels. It was a hovercar! This world had hover cars? I was nearly fourteen now and only now did I find this kind of detail out? I stuck my tongue out at Brooke’s back before running back into the room. I hated how she always treated me like a kid. Well, I would have flipped her off, but apparently, the finger didn’t exist in this world. On the contrary, sticking your tongue out was considerably more vulgar. In this world, it was actually an obscene gesture.

Women who stuck their tongue out at other women were basically offering cunnilingus, the primary form of sex for most women. It started as a common sign among lesbians to show they’re interested. However, in a world where all of the policymakers were women, sticking your tongue out had become the equivalent of saying, “fuck you.” Rather than being cute or silly, it was either an offer for sex or an insult.

“Sweetie, only if you had a pussy.” I heard the words called out from Brooke, causing me to stop at the door with a blush, before running into the house.

She had seen me apparently. I swear she had eyes in the back of her head. It made me worry a bit because that was something she might end up telling Mom about. Mom would not punish me like she used to, but she’d lecture me and pout, and I’d have to use all my moves to get her to put out again. However, it felt less like the worry of boy afraid of offending his Mother, and more like the worry of a husband afraid he’d upset his wife.

I ran through the mansion I called home, something I had 100% familiarized myself with at this point. Any discrepancies between my memories had long been resolved. As to what “mental age” I was, that was a complicated question. It wasn’t truly like my thirty-five years of life were just added to 13. It more was like a thirty-five-year-old mind was mixed with the thoughts of a 13-year-old, creating a blend of both.

I still had teenage hormones which were just starting to erupt. I was still prone to childish outbursts, such as when I stuck out my tongue. The major difference was that I had a lot of experience to pull from, so where a normal teenager might feel justified in their actions and wronged by their punishments, I was better at self-reflection and realizing my mistakes. It was probably better this way. I seemed like a mature kid, but not offputtingly mature. Most everyone just blamed any changes in my attitude on growing up and becoming a teenager.

“Wow.” I stopped short as I pushed into Mom’s room.

Mom had done up her hair nicely and was wearing a gorgeous dress. The last time she had dressed this nice had been for my birthday. I knew that Hannah’s birthday was not the reason she dressed like this. It probably had more to do with a friend she hadn’t spoken to in some time coming. Any woman would want to look her best and impress.

However, simply being in a dress wasn’t the reason I spoke out. Rather, Mom was turned away from me. She had a foot on the bed and was pulling up a stocking. This caused her dress to ride up high on her leg to the point her panties almost showed. On top of that, her dress was unbuttoned in the back, revealing the back strap of her black bra and pale skin. Of course, the reason I spoke out was that the scene was incredibly erotic. My penis immediately twitched, and the desire to ravish this woman grew drastically.

Mom looked back at me and then smiled, her face showing happiness that made my heart melt. “How do I look?”

“You’re beautiful,” I said.

Mom turned back. “Then, help your beautiful Mother, can you please zip up my dress?”

“Mm!” I nodded even though she couldn’t see, my mouth going dry.

I’d slept with Mom many times now, but she could still make me feel like a little boy sometimes. I occasionally forgot how sexy Mom really was. I walked up behind her and carefully zipped up her back. I had some experience with it, so I was careful and slow, to make sure I didn’t rip the thin dress cloth or catch her bra. As soon as I finished, I wrapped my arms around Mom and put my neck on her shoulder. I could just barely manage to do it on my toes at this point. Another year and I’d be taller than her.

Rather than pushing me off, Mom leaned back against me, grabbing my arms and gently holding them. It was truly a lover’s embrace, without any ambiguity.

“I love you,” I whispered into Mom’s ear.

“I love you too,” Mom responded.

“Ah… your sister has arrived.” I suddenly remembered why I came.

“Nn! Ah, I should go then- Ahn!” Mom attempted to pull out of my grip, but I immediately grabbed her breast and started to suck on her neck. “N-no… not now…”

“You make me so hard,” I whispered into her ear, pushing my groin against Mom’s backside.

“Nnn… baby… I want it so bad… but we can’t right now.” Mom turned to the side to look back at me, and I immediately took her lips.

She turned around in my arms, and my hands found their way to her buttocks, having my way with the things I had teased Brooke with earlier. I couldn’t imagine the look she’d have on her face had she known I was speaking the truth when I described Mom’s butt. Meanwhile, I pushed my crotch against hers, feeling a heat emanating from below that spoke to how turned on my mom was. Meanwhile, my tongue explored her mouth, and my hands groped her body. Finally, Mom broke off her kiss with a gasp.

“We need to be quick!” She succumbed while I kissed her neck.

She started trying to guide me to the bed as I ground my crotch against her. The pair of us sloppily stumbling over the bed in a single wrapped up pile of flesh.


The sound came like a piercing cry through our heavy breathing and the pair of us jumped apart and looked at the door in terror. A moment later, we both gave a relieved breath. When I had entered, I had left the door open. The click was just the door finally closing. For a moment, we had both been afraid we had been caught by someone.

“You naughty boy, you even left the door open!” Mom gave me a pouty, embarrassed look.

I truly did feel bad about it. I had seriously dropped the ball. Anyone could have looked in and seen us necking. I really did need to start considering the reality of things and start acting better.

“I-I’m sorry, Mother.” I looked down, slightly angry at myself.

Mom gave me a smile and walked up to me, giving me a more distant, less intimate hug. “I love you, honey. I always will. We just need to be more careful about these kinds of things, okay?”

“Yes, Mother.” I gave Mom a nod.

She reached out a grabbed my chin, lifting it, and then just like a Mother, licked her finger and started wiping my mouth.

“Mom!” Although I had just swapped spit with her a moment ago, now that she was wiping my mouth with her spit, I suddenly felt embarrassed.

“There was just a little bit of lipstick, dear.” She smiled, finding my shy behavior cute. “Why don’t you head out? I need to fix my makeup and hair again and then I’ll join you. Find Hannah and Madison. We’ll start this party outright, okay sweetie?”

I gave Mom one last kiss on the cheek and then left, wiping my mouth off her spit as I walked away. Racing out the hall, I went looking for my sisters. We’re going to celebrate Hannah’s birthday. Naturally, I was looking forward to the cake!

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