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“C-congratulations.” Aunt Rose stood up and patted Mom’s shoulder, taking the cake from her hands and putting it on the table. “I-I-I’m so proud of you.”

Aunt Rose’s voice sounded full of emotion, and she looked for a second like she’d cry almost as much as my mother. Her voice filled the room, which had been dead silent for what felt like an eternity after Mom’s announcement. Of course, the person who was in the most shock was me. Mom… was pregnant? That means I… I was having a baby? I had always run on the assumption that Mom was using protection. I just assumed she’d take care of it and wouldn’t be taking risks with her son. Then again, in this world, pregnancy wasn’t a “risk” so much as a goal. As far as men who acquired no responsibility from the child, there was nothing to even be concerned about.

“I didn’t know Mom had been with any man…” Hannah murmured in a daze.

Mom’s eyes flashed to me before speaking. “Ah… well, it was a chance encounter. A friend of Noah’s, as it were.”

At those words, Hannah shot me a concerned look and I could only respond with a silent shrug. She’d never dream I was the father, but Hannah was misinterpreting things in a worrying direction. This man who had taken Mom’s virginity, perhaps Hannah was thinking the man had returned and slept with Mother.

Of course, I knew that Mom was telling a lie. I was certainly the father of her baby. However, even in this culture, that sort of relationship was just taboo enough that it wasn’t one we wanted to announce. Thus, Mom had to come up with a story, and a friend of dad’s made the most sense. Since Mom knew nothing about the video, then she also didn’t know Hannah would conclude that Mom was dating Madison’s true father.

Who knew what was going through Hannah’s mind. It wouldn’t be an unbelievable jump to think that Mom knows Madison’s true origins, and perhaps fell for her former rapist. Seeing the worried look in Hannah’s eyes, it was hard to see whether it’d be worse if Mom knew about it or not, especially if she was having another of the man’s babies.

“I’m going to my room,” Madison suddenly declared, turning away and walking out.

“Madison…” Mom tried to say something, but Madison left before she could, only leaving Mom to sigh.

I touched Mom’s shoulder, and for a second, I thought she might embrace me, but she managed to hold back at the last second, only putting her arm around my shoulder and giving a less intimate hug. I kissed Mom on the cheek anyway. Our communication was brief, but I like to think we were able to get across what we wanted to with our eyes while seeming only like a son congratulating her Mother on the outside. Mom’s eyes said she was apologetic that she didn’t tell me sooner, and was concerned about how I would react to her being pregnant. My eyes told her that I wasn’t angry with her, and we could talk about it later tonight.

With just Hannah, Rose, Mom, and I, we cut small pieces of cake and ate in relative silence, our previous argument having been effectively killed by Mom’s announcement. Mom was worried about my thoughts on our pregnancy. Hannah was worried about Mom’s potential baby’s daddy. Even Rose had a strange look on her face that was difficult to grasp. She seemed to be upset like she might cry at any moment, but I couldn’t reason out why she might be feeling that way. However, I decided it wasn’t a good idea to bring up getting her pregnant again right now. The conversation would come up again since I already put it out there, but it wouldn’t be instantaneous. Either way, most of my mind was on Madison who had stormed out. She looked genuinely upset and seemed unmoved by Mom’s announcement. I wish I knew what Madison was thinking.

After the awkward party, we all parted our separate ways. I went back to my room, took a shower, and then crashed on my bed. I thought about what Madison had said earlier. Her time in Academy was clearly giving her a bad impression of men. I needed to spend more time with her. I would be hurt if my sister came to resent me. Madison would always be my cute and adorable sister, and I really had to consider giving her a baby.

Maybe my own reaction wasn’t the smartest. I thought if I showed her how I treated our aunt, that it would reassure her that I’d treat her the same way. That was a stupid thing to think. It only seemed to have driven a bigger wedge between us. Just as I was considering getting up and going to Madison’s room, there was a knock on my door. That had to be Mother looking to finally discuss this child we’d be having. Me? A father?  It still blew my mind. Perhaps part of the reason I thought so vehemently about Madison was so I didn’t have to think about this child.

I got up and answered the door, but upon swinging it open, the person I saw immediately pushed their way in, covering my mouth before I could shout. As the door closed behind her, she began to speak.

“Shhh… it’s me!”

“Hah?” I wasn’t scared by the cloaked woman who pushed me into my room, just surprised, but after seeing her pull back her hood, I instead became confused. “Nada?”

“Yes! You remember, I’m Veris’ daughter. We slept together before… uh… that’s actually why I’m here.”

I was letting the thought of Mom being pregnant with my child get to me, but I had already gotten two women pregnant nearly nine months ago. No… wait… nine months… that could mean my children were already born!

“Your baby?” I asked, a sense of dread filling me.

“Baby?” Nada cocked her head as if confused by the question. “Ah… no… actually, the baby didn’t take.”

I let out a breath of relief knowing that I hadn’t become a father prematurely. No, that wasn’t right. I’m still a father. I’m still having a baby. As my mind worked harder, I realized that the baby probably didn’t take because Nada never attempted to impregnate herself. Over the course of the nine months, since I had given her my seed, I had regretted succumbing to my hormones. At the time, I thought it didn’t matter. My cum was plentiful and the more babies, the better. However, the more I considered it, the more I realized that this wasn’t the kind of person I wanted to be. I didn’t want to have tons of babies with women, never to see or care about them.

“Oh…” I responded, trying to make my voice sound sincere.

“So…so, naturally, since you pr-promised a baby, then we should try again?” Nada declared.

As I carefully watched Nada’s face, I could see that she was trying to avoid looking at me. She actually didn’t look good right now. Her skin looked a bit pale. She wasn’t wearing any makeup. Her hair was barely cleaned. She also smelled a little dirty. It wasn’t to the extent that she was unappealing, but she felt off. Her movements appeared strange. She acted a bit jerky.

“I… suppose…” I said cautiously.

Nada nodded eagerly and immediately started stripping without any more conversation. I fought from hissing as I began to see her naked body. She had lost a lot of weight in the last nine months. She was always skinny, but most of her plumpness was gone. Her bones showed through her ribs and her arms looked very thin. Her body was incredibly white but most shocking were the blotchy bruises showing up in various places all over her body. However, there was a specific spot my eyes were drawn to automatically, her arms.

The thirteen-year-old me might have felt something off, but would have been unaware of what. The current me, on the other hand, was a bit familiar with some of the signs Nada was showing. I could only shake my head as I noticed the bruises on Nada’s arms. In particular, right where her vein was were several needle marks. She seemed oblivious to my cringing, instead, leaping up on the bed and spreading her legs. I moved up to the bed, but before I could say anything she immediately held up her hands.

“Ah! Before… we need the condom. Yes…”

“I don’t have any condoms…” I responded simply, watching Nada cautiously. “Your Mom brought the condoms last time.”

“F-fuck!” Nada gave out a cry, shaking her head agitatedly. “Seriously, I don’t have condoms. I don’t…”

“It’s fine, I’ll just cum inside you. I’m confident in that,” I spoke, already predicting her response.

“N-no! We… we can’t! I mean… a cup! Do you have a cup? You can just do it in a cup!” Nada said excitedly, shaking her head up and down.

“Nada, if you want to get pregnant, then it’s best if I cum inside you.”

“N-n-no. No… No…” Nada was shaking her head as if she was barely listening to me. “The cup… I need your seed… I need…”

“Nada, how long have you been on drugs,” I asked lightly, not moving from my spot.

Nada started laughing, her eyes flashing around incoherently. “You… you sound like Mom… Mom always says that. It’s… it’s not that bad. I just need the mo- I need your seed…”

I let out a long sigh. In my college years, I had been required to perform a community project as part of my degree. I had ended up working in a drug clinic. There were many people I had met there, and they all acted just like Nada. I was starting to understand what had happened. Perhaps the signs had been there last time, but between Veris and my own horniness, I didn’t notice.

“Where’s your Mother, Nada? Where’s Veris?”

“Mom? My mom?” Nada shook her head. “No… not Mom. She wouldn’t help me anymore. But you’ll help me, won’t you? They’re scary… She said she’d give me a gram if I sucked her pussy. I-I’m not gay! Thos-those fucking lipsticks. Think they can make women want them by making them owe money…”

“Your Mother, does she know you’re on drugs again?” I tried to keep Nada talking.

“What does Mom have to do with this!” Nada nearly shouted, giving a glare. “Mom… fuck Mom! She tried to get me out of debt… but then she started nagging me so much. I couldn’t live with her anymore. She was such a nag! She didn’t even do anything. It was your seed they took anyway, it’s not like Mom had to give anything. She just stressed me out too much, I had to leave… you get it? I had to!”

Nada was Veris’ daughter, so Veris had done whatever she could to help her. To get her out of debt from her drug dealers, some local gang of lipstick lesbians, she had sold my cum on the black market. However, Nada didn’t stay clean, and now she’s back in this same situation. Of course, Veris had already thrown away her job, her credibility, and her livelihood to protect Nada. She had nothing else. Meanwhile, it seemed like Nada needed more seed. Nine months ago, I had banged a girl so she could get drugs. I just didn’t realize it at the time.

“We’re not going to be doing this.” I shook my head. “You need help. You should go to your Mom.”

“Mom? Mom! Mom! Why are you fucking going on about my mom! I’m here! Don’t you want this body? Just do it! You can even fuck me in the ass! I just need the seed. Two shots. Like last time. Isn’t my body enough. Just take my body!” As Nada spoke, she crawled towards me.

Rather than looking sad or crying, her eyes looked fierce. It wasn’t a look of remorse, but of desperation. Before I even thought to back away Nada leapt forward and grabbed me, pulling me onto the bed.

“Stop this, Nada!” I declared, but at that point, I realized the Nada was stronger than me.

It wasn’t just the fact she had ten years on me and was on drugs that likely prevented her from controlling her strength safely. I had been kept in this mansion my entire life. Suffice it to say that I had basically no body strength. Perhaps a part of my shitty performance in bed was that I had never even done simple things like running around and climbing. I was the picture-perfect manifestation of a human louse.

Thus, I didn’t try to fight back as Nada began ripping off my clothing. “Come on, come on… just fuck me!”

Nada wasn’t being gentle, and even though she had gotten her hands on my cock, she wasn’t squeezing it correctly and was actually making things worst. I had flashes of back to the day I had come to this world, with a frantic teenage maid riding me desperately trying to make me cum. Between the two events, this one was scarier. The out-of-it desperation Nada expressed was dangerous. Perhaps if I was in a normal male body, I could handle her, but for perhaps the first time in both of my lives, I felt truly helpless.

“Cum! Just fucking cum, damn it!”

Nada gave up trying to jack it off, getting on top of me and lining up my cock with her pussy. At this point, I didn’t even think she had a plan. She was coked out on drugs and clearly was no longer using her mind. I didn’t feel much enjoyment as she slid herself on my dick. Soon, she was humping my body. However, her movements were still jerky and incoherent, and thus what could have been a fun ride was a tad awkward and uncomfortable.

“Please… I need it… don’t let them rape me…” Nada sounded like she was speaking to herself. “Fuck, Faeri, fuck her!”

The fact that she was raping me while afraid of being raped herself didn’t seem to stick in her drug-addled brain. She continued to move her body, but she herself wasn’t very wet, it barely got in after a few painful humps, and now my dick was plunging in and out of her with a bit of resistance. It felt sexually stimulating to me, but it was probably uncomfortable and a bit raw for her had she been focused on receiving any feeling from it.

“Come, come on, come on…” She started crying, but she wasn’t even looking at me anymore, it was almost like the sexual stimulation was causing her emotions to overload, soon causing to bawl her eyes out incoherently.

Still, even though it was rough, I was still a teenager. Nada could have been ten times worse and my dick would still betray me. My load exploded while Nada was still riding me. Part of me thought about telling her I was about to cum, but given the situation, I didn’t want to give her the pleasure, so to speak. As for Nada’s part, she kept going even as I came. She didn’t even seem to be aware as cum shot into her pussy. The cum added a bit of lube, so the movements became smoother and more enjoyable for me, but Nada wasn’t even looking at me, and seemed in her own little world as her she pushed up and down with her legs.

“Cum… cum… please… I need it!” Nada said in a whining voice.

“I already did…” I finally responded, staring up at her with a challenging look.

Nada acted like she didn’t hear me. “Cum… just cum… wh…wh…what?”

Nada finally looked down at her crotch and could see white stuff leaking down my shaft, and a pool of it sitting in my pubic patch.

“F-f-f-fuck! Fuck! No… Damn it!” Nada screamed as she pulled out of me, looking down at her crotch leaking white stuff. “Fuck! You bastard! I need this! I need it!”

“Well, it seems like you got what you needed, now kindly fuck off.” The voice came from behind Nada, she barely could turn her head when there was a sudden thud.

Nada collapsed to the side, falling off the bed and landing to the floor with a thump. Behind her stood Brooke, standing there with the butt of her gun raised up in a hitting gesture. She casually holstered her weapon and gave me a look.

“You alright, kid?” Brooke asked.

“Oh… baby!” Mom shoved past Brooke. “Oh, no… oh…”

Mom immediately jumped onto the bed, and my face ended up being shoved right into her breasts. “I’m fine Mom, I’m okay.”

My voice sounded muffled coming from Mom’s chest. However, I couldn’t even put my dick away. Mom actually, grabbed it and immediately started cleaning it up with a towel she had pulled out of god knows where.

“I’m sorry… baby… this is Mommy’s fault. I’m sorry. I’ll clean this, I’ll fix it. Brooke!”

Brooke nodded. “I’ll douche her and force feed this bitch some day-after pills and then dump her at the station. Don’t worry, Morgan.”

“No!” Mom suddenly turned angrily to Brooke. “You were supposed to protect my family. What do we pay you for? Yet you let this drug fend into my home! And just last year there was that incident with the maid. That’s twice my son had been raped under your watch! You’ve failed!”

Brooke put on a surprised look as Mom’s furry turned to her. “You asked me to watch the Aunt… This woman is family of one of the former maids. As soon as my security told me they let her through I went and found you…”

“You should have done better! This is my child! How can I trust you to do your job when you’ve made these awful mistakes? How can I trust you to protect my family?”

“Morgan…” Brooke was speechless, but there was a clear sign of hurt in her eyes. “I did my best…”

“Your best wasn’t good enough! My son needs to be protected. You’re fired!”

“Enough!” I shouted, interrupted Mom’s tirade.

Mom turned to me, but rather than looking angry, she looked like she was about to cry. “Sweetie… I want-”

“This was my fault, Mom.”

“Clyburn, you don’t need to feel respon-”

“No! Veris came to me last year and asked me for semen. She said she wanted to get pregnant with her daughter. So, I had sex with them. Both of them! I let them in, and I let them leave with my semen.”

“H-honey?” Mom looked a little hurt, but I couldn’t stop.

“I asked for this! So, don’t blame Brooke.”

“This isn’t your-”

“Of course, it is!” I interrupted her. “This is all my problem. It’s my seed that is so dangerous. However, you keep me in this damn mansion like a slave. I never have seen the world outside. I can’t even defend myself.  How am I supposed to survive out there when I’m trapped in here? That’s your doing.”

“Honey… what are you saying?”

“I’m saying how can I be a father when I can’t even take care of myself?” The words came out before I could stop myself.

That’s right, I have never been a father. I don’t even know how to be a father. I’m not strong enough to protect myself, then how am I going to protect the girls who love me? This event with Mom showed me that. I was too week and useless. At this moment, I hated myself for being so weak.

Brooke was watching the pair of us, but she kept her mouth quiet. Whether what I said was enough for her to realize the baby was mine, I didn’t know. Mom was staring at me in shock, not expecting that sort of statement from me.

Mom looked at me tearfully, “I’m… sorry…”

“Get out…”



Slam! Once the door was shut on Brooke, who was holding the unconscious Nada, and my mother, I leaned back on the door and fell down to my butt. Soon, tears started falling down my face. Mom was pregnant, and carrying my kid, and I just kicked her out of my bedroom like a tantruming teenager. Now, I couldn’t stop crying.

“Why is everything so fucked?” I muttered to myself.

These fucking hormones… I’m having trouble controlling them. I shouldn’t have done that. She wasn’t just my Mom, she was the mother to my child. I needed to be a better man. I needed to be stronger. However, at that moment, I just didn’t want to be around Mom for another second. What I needed was someone else to talk to. I needed someone else.

I stood up and walked through the side door, sneaking out from the main entrance to my room. I walked across the mansion while avoiding being seen the best that I could. Soon, I found the door I was looking for. I knocked three times before the door finally opened. She was standing there in a nightie, looking as cute and beautiful as ever.

“Brother? What do you want?” Madison demanded, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

My tears already began to fall, and before I could stop myself, my hands wrapped around Madison. Madison didn’t push me away. Instead, she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me back. This only caused me to cry even harder. We stepped into Madison’s room, and the door shut behind us.

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