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My tongue invaded Madison’s mouth freely. Her pink little tongue reciprocated as we tasted each other. Our kissing grew more exaggerated, more intimate. I wanted more of Madison. I wanted as much of her as I could possess. I was ready to start back up where we had ended the previous night, and Madison seemed to be on board with it. We soon found ourselves bumping into the foot of the bed. Not wanting to disrupt our momentum, I fell back, carrying Madison onto the bed with me.

“Mm!” Madison let out a surprised noise as she dropped back, but then she closed her eyes and held me even tighter. “Mmm….”

Madison seemed content just to rest her hands on my chest, but with my cute sister in my grasp, I couldn’t help but let my hands roam across her body. She was so smooth and petite that it made me want to gobble her up. My hands squeezed on her supple skin, feeling up her body. I had done this a dozen times now while she sucked on my cock, but with her gasps coming between exchanges of our kisses, and her hands pressed on my chest, and her showing absolutely no resistance, my hormones were peaked.

All of my fear, frustration, worry, and self-loathing were washed away in Madison’s embrace. Once again, I couldn’t tell if this was my teenage hormones running amok again, but the truth was, I loved my big sister. Of course, I also loved my mom as well. However, they were two different kinds of love. I loved my mom in that I respected and cherished her. I wanted Mom to be there for me, and I wanted to be there for her. My love for Madison was different. For Madison, I felt like I wanted more of her. I felt like she was someone I wanted to go on a date with and connect with emotionally.

It was weird that I felt so emotionally connected to a woman whom my predominate interactions with were blowjobs, right? Still, I couldn’t pull my hands away, and I couldn’t stop kissing and touching my sister. I had helplessly fallen for her. By her flushed cheeks and excited breaths, I distinctly felt that Madison shared those emotions with me.

My kisses finally broke from her mouth and started making their way to her neck. This put my sister’s lips near my ears, and I felt a tingling sensation all over as her disordered breaths blew hot, sweet air across my lobes. I sucked Madison’s neck hard enough that it’d surely bruise, but Madison showed no resistance, merely panting while her finger tightened on my chest. My hands found their way to the back of her blouse, and that’s where I took the next step.

As I undid the hooks, I looked up at Madison’s face. Rather than looking frightened or apprehensive, her flushed face was merely staring at me in the darkness, her breath still gasping excitedly. She reached down herself and began to pull up her gown, and soon it ended up going over her head. I now had my sister in nothing but her underwear!

Madison’s little breasts sat in a little white bra, and her panties were also white cotton. White was a pure virgin color, just like Madison, but I doubted that’s why she picked them. In truth, these weren’t any frilly or sexy underwear. It was clear that Madison hadn’t been expecting me to come on to her tonight. This was merely Madison at her simplest. A simple bra, simple panties, no makeup, slightly sloppy hair, a flushed face that looked at me longingly. She was absolutely beautiful.

I took her lips once again, causing her to gasp while my hands attacked her bra. I let out a breath of relief when it only took me three tries before the thing popped open. I would have been embarrassed had I found myself unable to remove it. Madison lifted her arms again and I admired her breasts as I pulled the bra way. I had touched these things several times both through the bra and under; however, I had never gotten the chance to view them in all their glory.

Her bumps were small and pale, barely requiring a bra at all. Her nipples were bright pink, a shockingly rich color that didn’t match the pale skin. Although, now that I could see her blushing cheeks, I realized her nipples matched her blushes perfectly. They were pert things, very erect from her own arousal, and I licked my lips while thinking about sucking on them.

“Don’t look…” Madison responded shyly, folding her arms in front of her chest.

Her voice didn’t come out in the usually demanding tone she liked to use. Instead, it sounded almost pouty and embarrassed and really made me want to have Madison even more. The previous night, our actions had felt almost rushed. I didn’t even spend a moment appreciating my sister’s body or enjoying the view. I wouldn’t repeat that mistake. I grabbed Madison’s wrists and pulled her arms away, exposing her breasts forcefully.

“Ah! Brother!” Madison cried in embarrassment and surprise.

“They’re beautiful, as are you,” I said, meeting Madison’s eyes.

Madison stopped struggling as I spoke, eventually dropping her head. “Re-really?”

“Mm…” I nodded firmly, my own desire and arousal were undeniable at this point.

“Ee-even though they’re not big like Hannah’s?” Madison’s voice spoke so quietly that I almost missed what she said.

When I processed her question, I could only let out a laugh. This immediately caused Madison to grow upset, and she tried to hit my chest, except that I still had her wrists in my hands and I wouldn’t let her. As I laughed, I used Madison’s wrists and pulled her, straightening her so she was facing up. With a swing of my leg, I got on top of my sister.

“Ah!” Madison let out a surprised cry as I got on top of her, my legs straddling her hips and my cock pressing against her in a way she couldn’t deny.

Emboldened by my moves, Madison’s hands worked their way under my shirt and began to lift it up. I helped her as she helped me, taking off my shirt until the pair of us were both without a top. For a few brief moments, I took on the scene. I was shirtless, straddling my sister, who wore nothing but a pair of panties. She was touching my stomach again. She apparently liked to touch my body while we played.

I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. When she stuck her tongue out, expecting to kiss more, she made a surprised noise as my lips started to work their way down her body. I attacked her neck, which now had a dark blue spot against the pale smooth skin, only briefly before I moved down to her chest. I could hear Madison’s heart beating a mile a minute, and her breaths grew more unsteady as my lips kissed her chest sloppily.

I took a nipple into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue. Madison, who could no longer touch my chest, grabbed the back of my head instead, her fingers getting tangled with my hair. My lips and tongue manipulated Madison’s nipple for a few moments before I finally pulled away and continued to move south. I could feel each time Madison breathed in and out with my head pressed against her stomach, and the more south I went, the sloppier and more disordered her breathing became.

When I finally reached the panties, the last article of clothing on Madison, I grabbed it with both hands and yanked it down to her knees. Madison gave a little yelp and then helped me kick them off. Now completely naked, Madison bent her knees, exposing her sensitive crotch to me fully.

Her pussy was small and pink. It was a bit pinker than even her nipples, but it matched her nicely. She had just a bit of hair, but it didn’t have much of a chance to grow like with Mom. Being blonde, her hair was nearly transparent, and since she was so pink and tight, if one didn’t look properly, they’d think she was a loli. Her pussy was quite wet, and it was clear that Madison was very horny right now.

She had given me hundreds of blow jobs over the last year. It was only fair that I returned the favor. I looked down at her pink flower, freshly opened just for me. As to Madison, she had closed her eyes, and her hands now rested on her breasts, still shyly covering them, even while her pussy was being bared to my eyes. Part of me wanted to tease Madison some more, gently making her more and more aroused. However, I also had teen parts, and I could barely contain myself at this point. Thus, I couldn’t stop myself from diving right in. I stuck out my tongue and immediately licked Madison’s pussy from the bottom of her slit all the way to the exposed clit.

“Aiiii!” Madison’s eyes tightened and her whole body shivered, receiving the first oral stimulation she had ever had.

Of course, I didn’t stop.  I reached and grabbed at her pussy with my fingers, grabbing the sides of her wall and spreading her open. As that happened, my tongue dived inside her, getting the first full taste of my sister. It was salty, but the taste reminded me of Madison perfectly. She tasted as she smelled, and this was the smell that would emanate from her panties whenever she got excited while I played with her breasts or rubbed her butt.

Madison would be horrified to hear that, but I finally got to have my fill of my sister, the horny taste she had been teasing me with through wafts of scent were finally all mine. My nose was a mere centimeter from her clit, and I hungrily explored her hole with my tongue just as I had explored her mouth, the tip finding its way into every nook and cranny of my sister as if I was conquering new lands.

“Aaaahnnn… ahhh… Clyburn…” Madison gave out a moan as my tongue violated her.

It wasn’t long as my tongue explored her cunt that I felt the muscles of her pussy clamp tightly. Her back arched back tightly as she grabbed onto the side of the bed.

“Ah… ah…ah… I’m… cumming… don’t stop!”

I didn’t want to stop, but the arch of Madison’s back made her pussy hard to get to. Basically, her own orgasm forced my tongue out of her mouth. Now, I could only lick her upper clit. The rest of her hole was pointing down as her whole body contorted in a powerful orgasm. However, seeing my sister’s begging look as she orgasmed, clearly wanting to feel my tongue inside her as she came, I grabbed her ass and lifted, shoving my tongue in aggressively.

“Aiiii!” Madison let out a shout as her lower half was lifted and tongued. “Haaa… Haaa… Haaa….”

As my hands groped her small butt, I continued to tongue her. It was like the lower half was a dog bowl, my hands grabbing the bottom and my face shoved in as I ate hungrily. Soon, I could feel her own inner muscles squeezing tightly on my tongue as she orgasmed. Her thighs closed around my head, and her arcing back ended with several frantic humps as Madison tried to hump my head in delirious pleasure.

I held onto her tightly, controlling her lower half. Wet liquid flowed freely from her pussy and into my mouth as she finished cumming. I drank the nectar, enjoying the sweet taste of my sister as she lost all control as a result of my mouth. It was another minute before she finally could relax her legs, releasing my head which she had tightly clung on to with her thighs.

I finally pulled my mouth from her crotch, my mouth and chin covered in her wet, lewd juice. Her sex drifted thickly into my nose. Her own lust and sexual desire were complete display now. There could be no doubt about Madison’s sexual wants and desires at this point. When she realized how wet my face was, a horrified look formed on her face. She pale cheeks flushed pink and she covered her face.

“C-Clyburn… I’m sorry, it’s messy.” Madison muttered shyly through her hands.

I immediately moved up on my sister until I was back at her face. Grabbing her hands, I gently pulled them away. Madison looked up at me even though my face looked messy. My lips were pink and swollen, just like her pussy, and they were covered in her naughty juices, which had been forcefully expelled on my face as she held my head forcefully and humped it wildly like some kind of beast. Madison couldn’t be more horrified.

I leaned down and kissed her. Her own fluids were still on my tongue, and I was sure she could taste herself on my lips. Our tongues entangled for several more minutes as Madison slowly recovered from her orgasm, her breathing finally returning to normal. As I finally pulled my lips away, Madison let out a sigh, looking up at me lovingly.

“How does it taste?” I asked, teasingly.

“Mm…” Madison frowned as if taking my teasing thoughtfully. “It kind of tastes like your dick…”

I let out a nervous chuckled. “Ah, uh… that’s probably because we’re brother and sister. Naturally, that just means our parts are compatible, right?”

I never would have expected Madison to recognize the taste of her own Mother. She had tasted Mom’s pussy on my dick many times. One could say Madison recognized how Mom’s pussy tasted. Her own pussy didn’t taste the same, but it was close enough that it had given Madison some pause. At the very least, she knew what ‘pussy’ tasted like in general. That gave me a bit of a fright.

“I guess…” Madison responded, accepting my words and allowing me to breathe a little easier.

“Are you ready for me to stick it in?” I asked.

“Mm…” Madison nodded. “Please, Brother, I want it to be you.”

“O-okay…” I responded, gulping.

Some of the problems with going slower were that I allowed myself to grow worried and nervous. When everything was quick like last night, we didn’t have much time to think. Now, with my sister in my arms, our naked bodies pressed against each other, how could I not be nervous? I carefully pulled off my pants and tossed them off the bed. Now, there was nothing left to do but penetrate. I got on top of Madison, but just as I started lining it up, she lifted her hand and placed in on my chest.

“Hm?” I asked nervously, worried she might now be having second thoughts.

“Can you promise me something, if I let you… if we have sex… I need you to promise!” Madison said pleafully.

“Y-yes… anything, you can ask your brother anything.” I tried to keep my excitement from spilling out and potentially scaring her.

“Make me pregnant…” Madison responded.

“Eh? Pregnant! I mean…. You’re in school, and this is the first time.” I pulled back a little but Madison leaned forward and grabbed me desperately.

“Please! I have to get pregnant! It’ll make everything easier!” Madison said tearfully.

“E-easier?” I asked in confusion.

“Ah… that… like Mom is pregnant, so if we both have a baby, then naturally we can raise them together. Mom can help me while I’m finishing school, right?”

“I-I guess…” I had heard that women wanted to have babies when they see other women having babies, but I still didn’t know what to say.

I still was dealing with my conflicted heart finding out Mom was pregnant, and now Madison was asking for the same. Mom was an accident, no doubt about it. I had every intention of pulling out of Madison, maybe having her swallow it. However, as fun as cumming inside her, was it really okay? Was it okay to make another baby? Was I ready to be a father?

What does being a father in this world mean, anyway? It meant practically nothing. However, I don’t want that kind of life. I don’t want to have tons of babies just strewn across the world, whom I don’t know. However, this was my sister, how could I not be in this baby’s life? That’s right, this was my family. Having a baby would only be expanding the family. They were all my family, and I loved them dearly. I loved Madison, so there was no problem with having a baby with her. This was only a good thing, something to bring us closer together. I could already see Madison with a baby in her arms. The same thing was true for Mom.

“Mom…” The words came out of my lips before I could stop them.

“Huh? What about Mom?” Madison gave me a strange look.

That’s right, I had taken Mom for granted once again. Why did I keep making the same mistakes? I started freaking out over having a baby, but what’s wrong with having a baby. It was Mom’s baby. It was our baby. I should have been happy and celebrating. Instead, I kicked Mom out of the room and ran to Madison. I had acted childish and immature. I owed my mother more.

However, I wasn’t with Mom right now. It was Madison naked and under me. I looked down at my sister, who was staring at me worriedly, still waiting for my answer.

“If you wish to have my baby, then I have a request as well. It’s a request you absolutely have to adhere to if you get pregnant! Do you understand?” I demanded fervently.

“Ah? Y-yes… wh-what is it?” Madison became nervous as she looked at my intense eyes.

“You’ll stay with me.”


“You, and the baby. I want you to stay in this mansion. I want to see you every day. I want to raise our baby together. If we’re going to have a baby, I want it to be ours. I want you to be mine. I know it’s selfish, but I want to have you by my side forever. Do you understand? If we have a baby… it’s us for life.”

“Fo-forever…” Madison responded almost dazed. “W-we’re already brother and sister, so-”

“No… that’s not enough. If Madison has my baby, then you will be mine! All of you, okay?”

“B-brother is so selfish…” Madison turned away with a blush.

“Is that a no…” I lowered my head, my heart feeling a bit of pain.

“No…” Madison winced. “I mean, yes. Please, I… I’m yours…”

“Ah!” I looked up at Madison, who was looking at me nervously, her eyes watery and her face flushed. “Then, I’ll begin.”

Madison nodded, but her mouth opened a second later. “Ah, I feel it!”

That’s right, I pushed myself into Madison. She was already very wet, between making out, me eating her out, and then the pair of us lying so closely together naked for so long. Suffice it to say, her pussy welcomed my cock. I penetrated my sister in a single push. I was too excited, I pushed all the way in a single forceful shove.

“Ah! It hurts!” Madison cried as her hands grabbed my shoulders and squeezed, her face contorted in pain.

“I’ll stop for a moment.”

“N-no! Keep going… please… just keep going,” Madison said through clenched teeth.

I nodded and started moving my hips. Her pussy did offer a little resistance at this point, my movements slightly impeded by her as I tried to push it back and forth in a rhythm. With a look of pain on Madison’s face, I could only move slowly while watching my sister. Knowing that it was only temporary, I could only just keep going and pray it turned the pleasure quickly.

Fortunately, after a minute or so of awkwardly pushing myself in and out of her, Madison’s face started to relax. I breathed an easier breath and leaned down kissing her. Madison kissed back. My naked body had completely enveloped hers now. I could feel her tight pussy around my cock. Madison, with her small form, was very tight. It was an experience I had never felt before. Mom was tight too, but since Madison was so small, and my dick was nearly seven inches, it took up a lot more of her inner space. It might only be an optical illusion, but it truly looked like I was impaling my sister.

Her hands remained in place, holding my shoulders tightly. I finally got into the proper movements of thrusting into her. The pair of us started panting as we looked at each other in the eyes and my hips moved in a rhythm, enjoying the feel of my sister’s pussy. Her small body under me felt so delicate at that moment, and I just wanted to hold her forever. Meanwhile, my hands ran down her chest, touching her pale, smooth skin as I moved.

“Hah… Hah… B-brother…” Madison’s eyes held pure affection and desire, seemingly lost at the moment.

“I love you, Madison,” I spoke from my heart. “I love you so much.”

“I…” Madison’s eyes widened for a moment, but then she gave a perfectly beautiful smile. “I love…”

“Hey, Madison, can I borrow that book on Trig. My last score was-” The door burst open.

Hannah, who had never knocked once in her sister’s door before barging in, had once again stormed into her room. I had forgotten to lock the door when I made my way to the bed, so the door opened without resistance. I immediately turned my head back, and Madison also looked up. The pair of us were naked, and I was still inside of Madison. The opened door provided just enough light to illuminate both of our naked forms. The two of us stared at Hannah with our mouths open and our eyes wide, unable to say a word.

Hannah herself froze, her eyes widening until they looked like they’d burst out of her head. “Oh…”

That was the only word that came from Hannah’s mouth after nearly half a minute of silence. Then she immediately turned around and fled the room, slamming the door behind her as she left.

“No! Hannah!” Madison gave a shout, shoving me off of her and immediately getting to her feet.

A bit of blood was trickling down her leg as she stood up, but she ignored it, tossing on her nightie and the pair of shorts. She fled the room a moment later, chasing after Hannah without sparing me a single glance. A minute later, I was alone on Madison’s bed, naked. The silence permeated the dark room entirely.


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