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“Get the hell out of my house!” Mother shouted, pointing to the door.

It was at that moment that Rose blinked and shook her head. The realization of the words that came out of her mouth seemed to only just hit her. She had been so focused on “winning” the argument, that she really hadn’t even considered the ramifications of her own words. Whether they were truth or lies, they were cruel words, and even Rose knew it.

“Morgan, I’m sor-”


Rose closed her eyes, tears still running down her cheeks, but she didn’t say another word. She gave a single tight nod and then left the room. As she walked by Mom, she stopped like she wanted to say something, but decided against it. When she reached the door, she stopped one last time.

“I’ll pack my bags and be out by tonight,” Rose spoke without looking back.

Once Rose left, the silence in the room was deafening. My two sisters spread their looks between me and Mom. The two of us wouldn’t look at each other in the eye. Mom’s face wore open guilt. I had no clue what expression I currently wore, but I knew it wasn’t a flattering one.

“Is it true?” The voice came out from a corner of the room, it was Madison’s voice, very strained and light. “Are you two… is Clyburn the father?”

Mom looked down, unable to answer. No matter what I said, this was an admission of guilt so plain that I couldn’t convince my sisters either way. Hannah suddenly stood up and stomped out of the room. She moved in a bristly manner.

“Honey, I-” Mom tried to intercept Hannah, but she stepped right past Mom and slipped out the door without a pause.

“I’ll talk to her,” I said, standing up.

Mom nodded slowly at that. It was almost like two parents splitting up the kids and having one talk to each about the reasons for their divorce. At least the situation felt that tense and unfortunate. Mostly, I just wanted to get out of the room. In truth, I was just running away too. I had feelings for Madison, so admitting to her, my affair with Mom was more painful. For whatever reason, I felt it’d be easier to talk to Hannah. Perhaps Mom could successfully ease Madison’s mind.

However, Hannah must have bolted as soon as she left the door because when I walked out of the room, she was no longer in the hallway. I could only follow her back to her room, which I assumed was the place she had escaped to. I intended to kick down her door if she decided to lock herself in again. We really needed to talk about things. I didn’t want to keep hurting my precious little sister.

Fortunately, the guard dog Charlene had taken some time to herself. I was able to leave the room without being followed for once. I guess she didn’t expect our birthday party to end in such a circumstance. With Mom watching me, she must have decided it was safe enough to take a break.

Thus, I was unhinderedly moving through the hallways. I was only halfway to Hannah’s room when a wailing cry stopped me in my tracks. I turned to the room the cry had come from, and I knew the room immediately. It was Aunt Rose’s room. I could hear her bawling inside. Even though things had just ended badly, with many faults laid at Aunt Rose’s feet, I felt compelled to turn towards her room.

My father, Noah, was not nearly as honorable of a man as he had portrayed himself. He was a liar and a cheater. Truth be known, I wasn’t shaping up to be much better off myself. However, I felt like my father’s mistakes were my mistakes as well. Aunt Rose was a mess my father left behind when he parted Gaia prematurely. It was my responsibility as his son to settle these mistakes. So, I pushed open the door and stepped in.

It looked like Aunt Rose had started packing, but her packing had ceased after a few moments, and she had collapsed on the bed. She was now huddled in a corner of the bed, weeping into her arms. It only took a moment before she heard the creak of the door and looked up to see me standing in her room. She immediately sat up and tried to straighten herself, however, the mess was already apparent.

Aunt Rose looked disheveled. Even so, she still had a certain beauty to her. She looked like a woman who had suffered much in silence. Despite myself, my heart went out to her a bit, even if I didn’t really understand why. However, I didn’t move to comfort her, nor did I speak at all. I just continued to stand there and watch her. She steadily calmed down under my gaze, and it was only after a few minutes of silence that she chose to speak.

“Your Mother’s right. I’m selfish… and a coward,” Aunt Rose said, not meeting my eyes. “I’m… scared… so scared. I alienated your Mother. She’s my sister, and I let her down. I’m so stupid!”

I raised an eyebrow. “What is it? What are you scared of? Why are you here? You said you had no other choice, what did you mean?”

Aunt Rose shook her head at my barrage of questions. “No… it doesn’t matter now. What’s done is done. I’m going to leave. You won’t have to ever deal with me again. I promise.”

“What if I give you my seed?” I asked. “Will you tell me your secrets then?”

Aunt Rose shot me a look, her eyes tinged with desperation, but a moment later, she resisted. “No… this… your Mother has already made it clear. I won’t be…”

“My mother doesn’t decide for me,” I interrupted her. “Only I decide what happens to my seed. So, is it a trade?”

Aunt Rose looked up out of the corner of her eye and smiled gently. “I’m sorry, Clyburn. I’ve been a coward until now. I think it’s time to stop running from my fate.”

I closed the door and locked it with a click. “Then, if you won’t take my seed, I’ll give it by force!”

Aunt Rose’s eyebrows rose quickly. She let out a little scream as I immediately moved up to the bed and pushed her down. However, she put up little resistance as I moved her arms over her head and mounted her. Her breath was flushed, her chest heaving, and she wouldn’t meet my eyes, but she didn’t resist at all either. Her body screamed that she wanted me to continue, and even though she said no, it was clear her body was saying yes.

“You’ll really rape your own Aunt?” Rose’s voice came out almost as a pout, unable to control the excitement rumbling underneath.

“You tell me? I want to know the truth,” I insisted.

“Clyburn…” Aunt Rose’s eyes grew teary.

“Tell me…” I demanded.

Aunt Rose sighed and closed her eyes, her shoulders relaxing in resignation. “I’m… dying…”

I blinked, letting go of her grip and sitting up on top of her. I stared at her with a confused and questioning look. Aunt Rose responded back with a chuckle, turning her head to the side.

“What? It’s not that hard to imagine. I have cancer. Breast cancer. You can feel to lump right here.” Aunt Rose grabbed my hand and pushed it against her breast.

Her breasts were much softer and doughier than Moms, except when she pushed my hand down hard, I felt a hard node deep inside the tissue. I immediately gasped and pulled away like I had been burnt. Aunt Rose’s smile didn’t change a hair. It was a sad smile, one of acceptance.

“But… they can cut it out, right?”

Rose shrugged. “It’s already metastasized. The doctors only give me about six months to live.”

“No!” I let out the word before I could stop myself. “That… that can’t be… What about…”

I stopped myself from saying, “what about chemotherapy.” They had developed an understanding of antibiotics and antiseptic technique, but weren’t nearly as advanced as my own world. They had hover cars, but they had yet to sequence the human genome. I had no clue what this world did or did not have, but I doubted Rose would not have tried it if it existed.

“It’s true…” Rose sadly spoke. “I don’t want to die. That’s why I came here.”

I shook my head. “I don’t get it if you only have six months to live, why pregnancy?”

Rose sighed. “I’m not a citizen, Clyburn. You’ll never have to worry about this, but non-citizens are truly a lower class. Despite all of my money, not everything in life can be bought. For example, I’m denied access to Spellmen.”

“That’s right, magic!” I snapped my finger.

I had been thinking in terms of my old world. Surgery and chemotherapy were your only options. I didn’t know if this world had advanced chemotherapy to the point where it could cause remissions, but with magical healing spells, this sort of medicine wasn’t necessary. If Rose had a baby, then she could get health benefits. However, her life would be over before she could finish birthing the baby.

“You’d need nine months to-”

“That’s the beauty of pregnancy. Pregnant women are given many societal benefits, not awarded anyone else. Lighter jail sentences, reimbursed living expenses, and of course, the finest healthcare available. If I was pregnant, they would cure my cancer with a mage to ensure the baby was properly born. It’s simply the world we live in.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “But, with your record, you could afford to buy seed from the government.”

“That’s the catch, isn’t it? They’re happy to cure a woman once she’s pregnant, but they won’t get her pregnant unless she’s in perfect shape.” Rose sighed with a wince.

“B-but… black markets, and other ways, you could have…”

Rose’s smile tightened, and she spoke like she was explaining the same arguments she had already run through her own head time and time again. “It turns out my vagina has a condition where it’s abnormally inhospitable to sperm. That’s why your father never was able to make me pregnant, even though we tried for years. I dumped every dime I had into black-market spooge, and in the end, I’m still not pregnant.”

Rose tried to look apologetic for sleeping with my dad. I ignored the look. I wasn’t going to let dad’s actions affect me in that way. I would live life better than he ever did.

“So, how am I any different?” I asked.

“You… have my genes. The doctor thinks that a close relative possesses the proper resistance in their semen and will be much more likely to get me pregnant. Of course, I tried to contact Father, but he has thousands of daughters, and he doesn’t care for a single one of them. He’d rather bang fresh girls just out of Academy rather than some thirty-five-year-old woman.” Rose looked me in the eye with an accepting look. “I meant it when I said you were my only choice left. But I don’t want your seed because you feel guilty for me. I just wanted to live, and I was cowardly, and I caused your Mom and you much strife. I’m willing to accept my fate now, so please just leave me be. I’ll pack up and leave, and you’ll never hear from me again.”

I finally got off of Rose and stood up, my mind reeling in shock. She calmly brushed off her skirt and sat on the edge of the bed. She looked away, eyeing her backpack as if she wanted to grab it and flee the room. I could see the shame and embarrassment she wore on her face. This wasn’t a lie or some attempt at manipulation. Aunt Rose looked like a woman ready to die. She had already given everything she had to live, and in the end, it just wasn’t enough.

“Rose…” I tried to come up with something to say, but my mind felt like mush.

“It’s fine,” Rose spoke curtly and stood up, turning her back on me and moving back to her stuff. “I pushed things too far. This is my own faul-”

Rose stopped, her voice catching in her throat. She raised the back of her hand to her mouth as if to stifle a sob. Her face grew wet with tears. A second later, she abandoned what she was going to say and started packing again silently. I stared at the little woman in front of me. She was my mom’s half-sister. Although I called her Aunt, in this world, our relationship could be considered practically nothing. She was a pretty woman, right in her prime.

“I have one last question for you,” I asked, my head lowered.

“What is it…” She spoke without turning back, her voice cracking a bit.

“Since my father, has there been any others?” I didn’t know why I asked it, but somehow, I felt like it was the most important question at that moment.

Rose stopped for only a second before continuing packing, “No… I’ve stuck more turkey basters in me than I care to remember, but I loved your father more than anything. There was never another.”

I gave a slow nod as I watched her work from behind. In my old world, she’d be exactly the type of woman guys like me would be pursuing. She should be right at the point in her life where she wanted to settle down. With her looks, there should have been no shortage of men who would have thrown themselves at her. She would have had her pick from hundreds of successful men, and any man would be lucky to have a woman as worldly as her. In this world, she had spent every dime just to get pregnant, and in the end, she’ll die an early death without having known a man’s touch in eighteen years.

It just wasn’t right. For not the first time, I found myself resenting this world, I ended up in. On the surface, it was the ultimate male fantasy. However, this world was twice as cruel and unrelenting. It was a world where I had been raped twice in my own home. I doubted it’d be the last time I was raped too. It was a world where the women I loved were under enormous pressure and had to fight tooth and nail just to fulfill their biological role as women.

My fist tightened as I stared down at her. I was shaking slightly. However, when I let out a breath and opened my eyes, I realized I had already made my decision. I reached forward and grabbed Rose, my hands tightly grabbing either side of her hips, lower down on her round ass. Through the thin satin fabric that made up her dress, I quickly realized Rose was not like my own Mother. Mom was a voluptuous woman, but she was also well-toned and hard. I meant it when I once said I could bounce a gold coin off her butt.

Rose wasn’t flabby, but she was soft. Her body was doughy and warm. My fingers sunk into her skin, giving me a grip of her ass that would have pinched my mother.

“Ah! Clyburn!” Rose let out a surprised yell as I came up behind her.

However, her hips were in my hands and my feet were on either side of her feet. In essence, I had Aunt Rose pinned up against the bed. Without offering her a chance to protest or fight back, I shoved her upper body down. Forcing her face down into her baggage, she let out another cry, reaching out and stopping her face with hands planted on the bed. However, I was already fumbling up her skirt, bunching it up in my hands until her underweared behind was revealed to me.

“Clyburn, stop!” Rose demanded tearfully. “I already said, I don’t want your sympathy, this can’t happen, your Mother- ah!”

Rose let out a cry when had grabbed her underwear, a pair of blue cotton things, and forcefully yanked them down to her knees. The smell of her started wafting from her underwear. It was clear that she was ovulating. Her sex was so thick I could smell it. Even though I couldn’t see her pussy between her thighs, it radiated enough heat that I could feel it. I spit on my hand and immediately reached up between her thighs, lubing her pussy with my palm.

“Ahhhh…” Rose was trying to stand up, but with the feel of my hand, the unexpected stimulation was too much and she collapsed back on the bed.

Rose wanted to fight back. This was clear. However, I knew a dark part of her desperately wanted this too. It might not even just be her desire for a baby. Rose hadn’t gotten any in a very long time. It may have been completely unconscious, but even as she tried to push up with her arms and say no, her legs parted to allow my fingers access.

“I’m not my Mother, Rose,” I said as I held her over the bed with one hand and pulled out my penis with the other. “In two years, I’ll be responsible for fathering hundreds of babies. I’ll have no choice in the matter. For this moment, I will do what I want, because I want to.”

“Clyburn,” Rose tried to look back tearfully, but I shoved her face away and grabbed a chunk of the back of her hair, pushing her down into her luggage uncomfortably.

My heart was racing a mile a minute, but I knew I couldn’t back down for a second. This was the path I chose, and Aunt Rose was a stubborn woman. If I showed any weakness now, she would try to get out of it or flee. Thus, I grabbed my penis lined it up with her pussy, and pushed into my Aunt.

“Ah! No! Please… Clyburn! I don’t want this!” Rose’s voice was muffled with her face pressed into a pile of her hastily packed clothing.

“I know you don’t,” I said, prompting Rose to try to push up with her arms again before I forced her back down and started moving my hips. “But I do, and you have no choice in the matter!”

“Ah!” Aunt Rose let out a noise, unable to come up with anything to say as I had my way with her over her bed.

“Aunt Rose is a beautiful woman, so why wouldn’t I want to fuck you!” I said. “Your pussy feels tight and warm, so why wouldn’t I cum in it!”

“Ah… ahnn… ah…” Aunt Rose started panting as I roughly thrust into her, her face pushed down with one of my hands gripping the back of her head painfully while the other grabbed her hips for leverage.

Her own resistance finally slipped, the feeling of my cock and her own inner desires overriding her consciousness. She stopped trying to get up, instead, she gripped the bed and opened her legs slightly, allowing my cock to penetrate deeper inside her. I took every inch she gave, my cock sliding into her soft pussy.

She felt different from Mom as well as Madison. Where Mom was soft and smooth, and Madison was tight and elastic, my Aunt was gushy and wet. It was only a few thrusts before the wet noises of liquid gushing out of her became audible. She was quite a horny woman, and with each thrust, I felt deep inside her warm wet insides, which desperately made room for my cock. Aunt Rose was tight, as any woman who hasn’t had it in decades would be, but she was also very juicy, lewd liquids leaking down her legs. Her erotic scent filled the room quickly, and the smell of her horniness was unmistakable.

“You leak so much. I’ll have to cum really deep to make sure you’re pregnant!”

Rose’s face flushed in embarrassment, but I didn’t let her pretend to not hear anything. I pulled her hair, forcing her from the pillow. She hadn’t expected it, and she had been drooling slightly on her clothing as she enjoyed the feel of my cock inside her. As it was, she let out a gasp and hastily tried to swallow her spit, her eyes dancing like she couldn’t believe this was happening to her.

“Your pussy feels so tight, I’m going to cum deep inside you, okay?”

“Y-y-yes…” Aunt Rose forced the words out of a stutter, completely in shock as the fourteen-year-old boy she thought was harmless forcefully raped her.

I didn’t know why I was being so aggressive with Rose. It was a completely different experience than with my Mother or even Madison. Mom was a source of comfort. I fell into her arms and it felt like going to my safe place. Madison, on the other hand, made me feel like a man. Perhaps that was why I loved Madison so much. She was a thin, willowy girl, and only with her did I feel the urge to protect her absolutely. With Aunt Rose under me, I felt my sadism come out. I liked the excited look in her eye when I pulled on her hair. I suspected my Aunt might be a masochist, and she came so lewdly on my cock that I couldn’t help but want to be rough and tease her.

“Did Aunt Rose cum again?” I asked, sniffing. “It smells like it!”

“Ah!” Aunt Rose lets out a cry. “D-don’t…”

“Don’t what?” I demand, pulling her hair again. “Can you tell me don’t?”

“N-no…” Rose responded tearfully.

“You’re mine, do you understand? I’m not like my dad. What I take, I keep, and since I’ve decided on you, you’re mine. Your ass is mine” I squeezed her ass hard until she let out a yelp. “Your pussy is mine! Your baby is mine! Do you get it?”

“Y-yes!” Rose’s voice came out more excited than scared, even as tears fell down her eyes. “I’m Clyburn’s! This pussy is Clyburn’s to take with his fat cock! Take me, Clyburn!”

With Rose’s muffled admission, I finally reached my limit. I pulled once again on Rose’s hair until her back was nearly arched, meanwhile shoving my cock as deep inside her as possible. I could feel her muddy liquids squirting out as I pushed in, her entire pussy convulsing. It was too much, and as soon as my balls hit her snatch, my cock swelled and released hot seed.

Talking dirty had done something for me, and with Rose’s body in my control, I felt like I came for a solid minute, filling Rose up with my hot cum. Rose continued to pant and cum too as she felt the warm fluid inject into her womb. This was a feeling she hadn’t had in a long time, and it was a feeling that she loved the most. Thus, she dared not move until I had finished cumming, even though the position was somewhat painful.

When my cock started to soften, I finally let my cock fall out of her pussy with a wet noise and released her hair. Aunt Rose was actually dripping wet. Little drops of her lust were falling down and splatting on the side of the bed. This was all Rose and her own lewdness. The cum, I had deposited deeply; and even if she stood up, she’d have to spread them and push to get any white stuff to leak out of her. The stains left all over the bed and luggage where Aunt Rose’s own lewdness, which was quite excessive.

I shoved Rose over, knocking her off her luggage and onto the bed, still feeling a bit of the high from being so dominating towards this woman who used to look down on me.

Rose was still panting, but with her turned over, the look she gave me wasn’t one of anger or hostility. It was a look of complete happiness and appreciation.

“Th-thank you…” Rose finally murmured as I sat down next to her on the bed, putting my dick away in my pants.

There was a big wet spot in my pants caused by Rose. The scent of her pussy wafted from my crotch. I had raped my Aunt, and she had thanked me afterward. This was the world we lived in now. I still had trouble coping with it. This was a decision I had made at the spur of the moment, and in another world, it would almost be immediately followed by jail time.

“There is nothing to thank.” I sniffed, not looking at her, “I did what I wanted to. You’re mine now. So, don’t think you can get away. Even if you’re not pregnant now, I’ll use your body until you pop out my babies.”

Recovering a bit, Aunt Rose sat up and threw her arms around me. Her nose nuzzled my neck, which she kissed very intimately. Despite how rough her insemination was, Rose was apparently a woman who liked to snuggle afterward. Mom liked to snuggle too, but only after cleaning up. She liked to be in a silk nightie and clean up all the mess before she’d snuggle with me. I fondly remember her running off to the bathroom to clean off the sweat before she’d hold me.

It looked like my lewd Aunt who leaked like a fountain was happy to immediately snuggle her sweaty, dirty body against the man she just fucked.

“You’re right. I’m completely yours. I swear it.” Suddenly, she pulled away and lowered her head. “What about your Mother?”

“What about her?” I asked, “I’ll explain it. Mom’s my woman too. It’s about time she stops treating me like a child and realizes I’m all grown up. I’ll make her accept you.”

“Thank you…” she said again, even softer.

“I said, it’s because I want you!” I grabbed Rose’s chest, and pulled her towards me, taking her lips roughly, causing her little shout to be cut off with my tongue.

“Mmm!” Aunt Rose’s eyes finally relaxed and closed as I violated her mouth with my tongue and massaged her breasts with my hands, taking care not to touch the lump.

However, that whole thing had been a detour. I hadn’t planned to go in there and fuck my Aunt, and now thirty minutes had passed by. I couldn’t afford to get horny again. It was my birthday, and I had left my mom high and dry. Now, I potentially had two pregnant women to worry about, not to mention the upset Hannah and Madison.

Using Rose’s bathroom, the pair of us quickly cleaned up using the sink and rags. My pants were still stained with Rose’s juices, putting a big wet spot on the front of my pants. I teased Rose a bit for being so lewd and naughty until she was completely red, her freckles practically glowing. Finally, I untucked my shirt to hide the mess. Hopefully, it wasn’t too messy. We’d just have to air dry on the way back.

Leaving Rose to finish cleaning up, I ran the rest of the way to Hannah’s room. Hannah wasn’t there, and perhaps more strangely, she had left her door wide open. Since Hannah was hiding, there was nothing I could do. I headed back to Rose’s room and grabbed her hand, pulling her with me. We had to face my Mother now, and it was clear Rose was reluctant in having this conversation. As we approached the door, I could hear some nondescript noises from the VS, so I knew they were still there.

“I’ll go in and butter Mom up. Just stay right outside, and then when the time comes, I’ll have you join us,” I laid out the plan.

Rose gave me an affirmative and silent nod, still blushing a bit, the entire last forty-five minutes feeling like a dream to her. I gave Rose a smile and then pushed into the room. Immediately, I saw Hannah was standing in the corner. As soon as I opened the door, she turned to me and shot me a challenging stare. I was confused at why she was looking at me so aggressively.

“You fucking bastard! I’ll kill you!” A very familiar voice suddenly shouted.

I realized it was coming from the VS and immediately turned. Mom and Madison were both standing in front of the VS, not even acknowledging me showing up. However, it was the screen beyond them that caught my eye the most. On the grainy screen was my sixteen-year-old Mom on a bed, bent over, cum leaking out of her recent fucked pussy and a pleased expression on her face. Noah was in front of a guy he had just punched to the floor.

“Hey! What’s with the hostility? I’m just enjoying a piece of ass you didn’t want!”

“You raped her! Oh god, I love her, and you raped her! What did you think you were doing?”

“Love? Don’t give me that crap. I’ve seen you fucking all kinds of women as you led this girl around by your nose. What was I doing? I was freeing her from your lies!”

“Ahhhh…” Mom let out a painful cry, dropping to her knees like she had lost all strength.

“Oh, shit!” I cursed, but no one was paying enough attention to me to hear.

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