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Mother turned around and headed for the door, not giving me another look as she left the library I had been ambushed in. I stood back up, hastily putting my pants and underwear back on. My brain worked furiously, trying to understand what was going on. 

Fortunately, I was a bit of a nerd, so I was aware of Japanese reincarnation stories. Was that what I had just experienced? The thirty-five-year-old me had no memories of dying, but perhaps that was one of those things that didn’t transfer over? All I knew now was that I was a twelve-year-old boy who just lost his virginity in front of his mother. I lived in a mansion serviced with maids, so my family must be rich.

Things like magic and monsters… I had no clue if they were real or not. Although I had never seen a TV or a computer, I couldn’t even say for sure whether I lived in a modern era or the past. The room felt air-conditioned… or was that a spell or magical artifact? The only thing I knew for certain now was that I had lived an incredibly sheltered life. In twelve years, I had never been outside the mansion grounds.

Come on, kid, what kind of life are you living here? The older me chided.

Unfortunately, the younger me couldn’t answer. You can’t want what you never had. Clyburn was fed well, treated well, and even coddled to the extreme. Even my sisters weren’t treated this well. That’s right, I remember I have sisters. They are both older than me. One was only older by a year while the other was two years older. My parents had left no gaps between children. Three kids in three years, stopping with me. As for parents, I don’t remember my father at all. Perhaps that was why I’m the last child?

I didn’t have a lot of time to consider the information in my head. Mom had clearly expected me to follow her. As soon as I finished dressing, I glanced around the room one last time. That was when my eyes landed on a peculiar white cloth wedged under the couch. I immediately picked it up and spread it out. It was only at this time that I finally realized what it was. It was the panties the maid had pulled off earlier. Mom had kicked her out the door without allowing her to put them back on. They smelled a bit reminiscent of her sex, and so I pocketed them. Any way you look at it, she was my first time. It wasn’t that perverted to hold on to her panties like this!

Once the panties were properly hidden, I left the room. Upon stepping out of the library, I found myself in a hallway that was both strange and not strange. I had never seen it before in my life while simultaneously having lived the last twelve years here. My memories were still not quite merged. My reincarnation didn’t seem to be as seamless as the stories I read.

The hallways were darkly lit, but a close look at the torches seemed to show a lightbulb, so this was probably a world that at least had electricity. I made my way down the hall and seemed to know instinctually where to go. The place was, of course, my mother’s room. I had slept with her in this room until I was eight or nine. Even then, I was welcome to come back and sleep in here when I felt like it. Like I said before, the relationship between my former twelve-year-old mind and his Mother was an odd one.

“Honey, dear, I’m changing into something comfortable, sit on my bed.”

The voice came from behind a privacy screen. The screen was made of an opaque white paper, and Mom also had a light on behind it. As a result, the privacy the screen actually gave was undeniably weak. I could only gulp as I sat down on the bed like a lover waiting for his wife to change into something sexy on their honeymoon. My eyes were glued to the silhouette of a shapely woman. She had big boobs, wide hips, and curvaceous form. Just going by the shape of her body, my cock was ready to spring to attention once again.

Dude, she’s your Mom! Settle it! I desperately screamed at my cock.

Her breasts and even her nipples were perfectly outlined in the light. Rather than sagging, she had remarkably pert breasts for a woman who had three children. This wasn’t a conclusion made just by looking through the privacy screen, unfortunately. This body had fond memories of curling up in her lap and sucking on her nipples. Even within this year, I recalled going to sleep with her after having a nightmare, using those pair of fun bags as my pillow! Of course, the sheltered twelve-year-old me had only seen this as platonic affection, but my other memories made me regretful I hadn’t done more when I had the chance while simultaneously making me worried about what I’d do if I did get another chance!

Mom’s erotic show ended as she slid something over her head, finally obscuring the best parts of her body, but when she finally stepped out of the privacy curtain, I almost shouted and threw a pillow at her. Mom was wearing a silk nightie. It showed her bra and some significant cleavage. This was not an outfit that you gave a boy the talk in! Maybe it was the outfit that you showed a boy the ways of a woman in… was that what this woman was doing? 

I scanned through my memories desperately, trying to see if Mom was crazy enough to throw herself at me! I kept remembering her gripping the maid’s head and forcing her to give me fellatio, and the thirty-five-year-old in me who didn’t see her as my mother was all for plowing this tabooed fortress.

I was now sitting awkwardly, trying to hide the boner. It had returned far faster than I expected, even after cumming in that maid’s mouth. Well, since I could get erections now, it was clear that I had reached puberty. That means, on top of my overall horniness of being around a beautiful Mom figure, I also was being flooded with hormones that were out of my control.

Mom gave me a gentle and loving smile, the intensity she was showing in the library was now gone. Instead, she only looked at me with concern and love. My breath recovered as I realized that there wasn’t an ounce of seduction mixed into that look. 

I was starting to remember that these silk nighties were what she liked to wear around the mansion at night. As I was the only man in the mansion, she naturally had no feeling of needing to hide her body normally. She likely just wanted to be comfortable when she had to explain something uncomfortable.

Still, that innocent look, that sexy nighty, her sitting right next to me, her thigh touching mine… the reincarnated me was doing flips, and it took everything in my body not to push her down on the bed. I kept wondering what would happen if I did that. Would Mom resist? She’d never once denied me anything I wanted. She even became involved in my first sexual experience. That told me there were absolutely no limits for this woman. I could do it. Right now. I could fuck my own Mother.

“Clyburn…” Mom suddenly spoke, causing me to jump out of my revelry.

“What? Huh? What?” I said quickly, nearly hyperventilating.

My thoughts had grown incredibly dangerous for a second. Had Mom remained silent for a few more seconds, there was no telling what would have happened.

“Honey,” Mom put her hand on my knee, which caused me to instinctually jerk, causing her to frown. “Honey… I know you just went through something a little confusing. I need you to understand some things. Truthfully, I should have told you when you turned ten, but I kept putting it off, thinking I’d always have time later.”

I finally started to relax after seeing the sincerity in Mom’s eyes. As uninformative as those twelve years of memory were, the one thing they were certain of was that Mom always looked out for my best interest.

“What is it, Mother?” I forced myself to speak how I remembered speaking before the reincarnation.

“That maid…” Mom tsk’d in dissatisfaction. “I had actually brought her in to groom her as your first. I thought when she was 18 and you were fifteen, you could have your fun with her for a year. Then, if she was a good girl, I’d stop slipping the pill into her meals and she could be the first to have your baby.”

“Mother?” My eyes raised in surprise.

“Oh, baby, I know you don’t understand any of this. She’s just a dumb girl who never would have gotten what she wanted, anyway. Her impatience gave you a confusing first time, and cost her the chance to get pregnant. However, there is a lesson in this that I want you to understand.”

“I-I don’t get what you mean?” I scrunched my head in thought.

Mom probably thought I didn’t get any of it. That wasn’t true. I understood that this woman was brought in to be my playmate. In fact, it was a fantasy that sounded too good to be true. I also understood that the maid wanted to be pregnant and that my mom prevented that from happening. What I didn’t understand was why? Why was there such a strange focus on me and what I did with my penis?

“You probably realize this by now, but you’re different from everyone else you’ve met,” my mother continued, not noticing my thoughtful appearance. “You have a penis. You’re a male, while everyone else I’ve ever had you meet was female. The reason for this is simple. There are very few men alive. It was said to start with a plague that wiped out all men, but the only thing I know is that for every one thousand people born, maybe one of them will be male if you’re lucky.”

“!!” This was truly the first time I had heard of this information.

Was this why everyone was so protective of me? Men were truly that rare?

“Because the birth rate is so low, becoming pregnant is very important to most women. You could call it the goal of all women to become pregnant. The government gives citizenship to women who have born a child. Also, you get three years of financial support from the government while pregnant until the baby is two, and lifetime access to health insurance and various other government benefits. The difference between women who had born children and women who haven’t is night and day. Therefore, women who have not become Mothers desperately seek out the limited male population.”

“If they are lucky enough to find a man who is willing to sleep with them, there is a certain chance they can become pregnant based on how many times the man is willing to sleep with them. If they become pregnant with a male baby, rather than three years, they are supported for sixteen years with a much larger stipend. After the child turns sixteen, they continue to receive a small stipend for the rest of their lives. Many women see this as a ticket to never having to work again.”

“A-and you, Mother?” I question even though I suspected it might be somewhat hurtful.

Mom only gave me a light smile. “Most men become playboys, running around enjoying various women and leaving trails of babies behind in their wake. Most women don’t mind, only caring about obtaining the seed until they’re with-child. Your father was different from most.

“I’d like to say I was a better woman too, one who sought the eternal love of a man, but that simply wasn’t realistic. I approached your father for the same reason every other girl did. I wanted to extract his seed and live a better life. I actually broke into his house, stripped naked, and then handcuffed myself to his bed.”


Mom let out a laugh at my shocked expression. “Oh, my lovely child, I was quite the wild girl myself back in the day. When he got home, he had had a rough night of women harassing him for his seed, so he was in no mood to find a vandal like myself. He tried to wrestle the keys away from me, and I ended up swallowing them! After that, I asked him what he was going to do now. His answer? Wait!”

“Wait, huh? Then what?” At this point, I was already wrapped up in Mom’s story, even leaning against her shoulder like I did when I was younger, no longer uncomfortable around her sexy body.

“We waited! I quickly realized I was trapped in his bed, and I needed to go! I had no choice but to use the bedpan he gave me. He literally fed and toileted me for two whole days until the keys finally came out! I was horrified! It was the most embarrassing thing I’d ever done in my life. I left without a word, but just as I walked out the door, he told me to come back the next day.”

“Even after that, you did?” I guessed in surprise, not imagining how Mom had the guts to return after doing something so embarrassing.

Mom laughed. “I was quite shameless in what I wanted. You need to understand how much seed means to women. Not even your Mother was any better. I had prayed that he felt sympathy after embarrassing me so and would give me a vial of seed. So, imagine my surprise when we just went out to eat, and it ended with nothing. We talked, and there was no sex again. Except, just as he was about to close the door, he told me to come back the next day again.”

“And so, I came back… again and again. Each day, I hoped he’d deliver his seed to me. Some days, I’d come wearing practically nothing, desperately trying to seduce him. Other days, I’d put on a strip show or something else. However, he never weakened for a moment. Soon, he stopped asking me to come back the next day, not because he didn’t want me, but because he knew I’d come no matter what. I kept coming anyway because it was a habit.”

“Then what happened?”

Mom’s smile turned reflective, a small tear in her eye as she remembered. “Then… I had the opportunity to get the seed of another man. It was quite sudden, but I ran into him when my work friends took me out drinking. Somehow, I ended up in his room. I was really drunk, and…”

My face started to go red, hearing about my mom’s extramarital affair. “And? And?”

“And… I woke up in a bed at your father’s house, my virginity taken, and your eldest sister in my belly.”

“Hah? What? Did you cheat on dad? What happened?”

Mom let out a laugh. “I don’t remember! And your father, the meanie… wouldn’t tell me!”

“However, he loved me… and we… continued to be together many times. Even when the first two babies weren’t male, we kept going and on the third try, I had you! The men who remained with only one woman their entire lives could be counted on a single hand, and your father just happened to be one of those men. Oh, how jealous my friends were that I had a man who kept giving me babies.

“As for that first night, I only learned later when I accidentally ran into the other man from that night again. I realized from him that we hadn’t done anything. As soon as he offered to stick it in, I had slapped him and stormed out. I ended up at your father’s doorstep, drunk and sobbing, telling him it was his fault that I had fallen in love with him and would only take his seed. Your father proposed to me right there, and then we made love.

“I only realized a little later that my husband had likely asked the man to put me to the test. He likely didn’t mention it because he felt guilty for testing me like that, but even after a year, he felt like he needed to know how I really felt. In truth, I needed to as well. I don’t hold your father responsible for it.”

“Mother… what happened to father?” I asked the question abruptly, causing Mom to immediately snap out of her careful thoughts.

“That… he… turned down the wrong kind of girl. She… stabbed him.”

I lowered my head. The previous mood was killed with a single question.

“Honey, that’s why I need you to understand how dangerous and volatile the life of a man is. Your seed is the most important thing about you. Where women have the freedom to be whatever they want, especially after having a child, men are treated like cum depositories. You will be lied to, threatened, blackmailed, even raped, all in the name of gaining your seed.

“The government gives men free healthcare, scholarships, and citizenship, but the law is that once you’re sixteen, you must impregnate five women a month-”

“Five! A month!” The thirty-five-year-old in me couldn’t help but shout at that absurd number. “But dad…”

“Those who don’t spread their seed willingly must donate twice a week. That’s what your father did. However, if you choose that path, you’re just giving the government control over your genes. They sell them and give them out as gifts to women. Rich families can buy the seed from donors. You’ll get none of the… benefits of the exchange. It’s not a life I’d like you to live.”

“True… but five a month?”

“Our population has one man per a thousand women. Do you understand what that means? It means in your lifetime, you need to impregnate a thousand women, and one of them needs to produce a man, just for the population to remain stable. At the rate of five women a month, it’d take you almost seventeen years to accomplish this presuming there are no pregnancy complications, and presuming you don’t die before the age of 32. So, I hope you can understand how precious you are.”

Mother stroked my head against her shoulder lightly as she spoke. “I’m telling you all this so that you understand the truth. Women just want your seed, and many of them won’t care a lick about you after they get what they need. Few women want to be tied to a guy who will sleep with no less than five other women every month.”

“What about you?” I asked.

“Eh? Me?” Mom’s hand stopped for a second before she chuckled. “I’m already a citizen and I have a stipend. While I’m not too old to be pregnant again, the temptation is much less with me, as well as the potential rewards. If I’m bad, I always have toys to play with. I’m perhaps the only woman in this world you can trust, so if you’re ever in a situation where you feel confused, you just consult with your Mother, and I will help.”

When Mom spoke of toys, her eyes drifted over to a certain drawer next to her bedside. She probably talked so candidly because she didn’t expect the naïve me who had spent every second growing up under her care would know about such things.

“What of my sisters? Do I need to…” The thought suddenly jumped into my head, probably from reading too many mangas.

Surprisingly, Mom didn’t hold a disgusted look at all as she considered my question. “In truth, the maid we just fired had a story along those lines. She was born with an older brother who had promised to leave her with a child. However, once he grew up, he turned into a playboy and forgot about his little sister. When she turned fourteen, her mother died and she lost all of her benefits. Expecting her brother to make her pregnant, she hadn’t bothered to learn any life skills.

“After chasing after her brother for three months and losing everything, she finally managed to track him down at a bar, he told her he wasn’t interested in worthless trash like her. It was a few months later that I managed to scoop her off the street. I was amazed she still had her virginity. Usually, lipstick girls swoop up women like her. I would have helped her reach her dream too… but she had to cross my bottom line.

“As for your sisters, incest is fine if you wish to give them a better future. With the world the way it is, few people take issue with these kinds of relationships. However, if your sisters aren’t okay with it, please don’t force them. Most men who don’t want to sleep with their sisters will make packs with other men. You’re bound to meet most of the local men once you start going to the Academy, so you can set your sisters up on dates with some of them. If you make a close friend, you might even trade sisters. I know I haven’t instilled much family bonding between you and your sisters these last few years, but I hope you can at least help them gain their citizenship.”

“Don’t worry, Mother, I’ll take care of my sisters,” I promised.

The twelve-year-old me was inherently selfish and pampered by Mom. In truth, I barely noticed the sisters who lived in this mansion at all. The thirty-five-year-old me never had any sisters at all. Between the two minds, suddenly, these two teenage girls I had never bothered with before became my number one focus.

It sounded like I’d be stuck in this mansion for the next two years before I become an “adult” and leave for the Academy. I guess that gives me two years to learn as much as I can about the outside world. While I’m at it, that gives me two years to play with my mother and big sisters!

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