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I walked up to the VS and grabbed the holotape that had been slid in on the side. However, I had never handled one of them before and I was very frustrated. My heart was beating a mile a minute, and I could barely think.

“Damn it! How do you pull this thing out!” I gave out a cry.

No matter how much I tugged, I couldn’t get the damn thing off. The rest of the tape had finished and the screen went to static. The video ended with Noah letting out a shout of anger and tossing the video recorder, and I was unable to do anything about it. In that time, Mom remained on the floor, starting to bawl her eyes out. Meanwhile, Madison just stood like the life had been kicked out of her, shaking her head in disbelief.

Then my eyes settled on Hannah. She had a cruel grin on her lips like she had won some kind of victory. It was a look that really pissed me off.

“What the hell, Hannah?” I shouted, taking several heavy steps towards her.

Rather than fear, Hannah squared her shoulders defiantly, staring at me through her hazel eyes that resembled her Mother’s so much. The woman in the film had looked so much like Hannah that it was creepy.

“What? They have a right to know!” Hannah declared.

“We promised… you…” I shook angrily. “This was something that shouldn’t have been ever shown to anyone!”

“You knew?” Madison picked up our conversation and rounded on both of us. “You knew and you didn’t tell me-Mom?”

“Mom had a right to know the truth, and so did Madison.” Hannah’s grin was maddening like she saw nothing wrong in what she had just done.

“It wasn’t your right to be the one to show them that!” I shouted, desperately clinging to any argument that would allow me to vent my anger and frustration.

“And whose right is it?” Hannah sneered. “Yours? Cause you’re sticking your dick in Mom too?”


My hand moved before I could stop it, striking Hannah across the face with enough force that she stumbled back. She glared up at me indignantly while coddling her cheek. She didn’t even seem surprised by the hit, as if she had been waiting for it.

“I… hate you!” Hannah hoarsely shrieked.

“Why, Hannah? Tell me why!” I growled back.

“Why not…” Hannah muttered.

“Why not? You ruined your own family’s lives because ‘Why not?’”

“Why not me!” Hannah’s voice broke into a shout, pushing me away as I got to close. “Why don’t you love me?”

I stared, shaking my head in confusion. “I-I love you… you’re my sister-”

“You’ve taken Mom, who is too old. You screw maids. You even screw Madison…”

“Hannah…” My voice spoke lowly.

“Madison isn’t even your real sister!” Hannah screamed, gesturing at Madison without a hint of remorse.

Madison gasped, covering her mouth and taking a step back. Whether she had previously not put two and two together, or only felt a well of emotion when Hannah had voiced her deepest fears, I didn’t know. However, now that the words were spoken, tears began to fall down Madison’s cheeks just as deeply as Mom’s.

“Madison is our sister. We’re family!”

“I’m family!” Hannah snapped. “I’m the one who should matter to you the most, yet I’m the one who gets you the least.”

“Hannah, maybe we should-” Madison tried to help ease Hannah, who was becoming more and more irate as she spoke.

“And you…” Hannah pointed at Madison, “You kept me from my brother all these years because you have hang-ups with men! You’re not my sister, no you can stop trying to act like it!”

The pain in Madison’s eyes was clear, “We are, even if it’s by half, we grew up together. You are my sis-”

“Would my sister go behind my back and sleep with my brother!” Hannah shot back, causing Madison’s words to fall flat. “Would my sister chase me away from my brother only to screw him herself!”

Madison looked down, grabbing her arm and pulling back, unable to take the words Hannah was throwing around in anger. Just like that, Madison’s will seemed to become completely broken.

“Hannah, I love you. I know I haven’t always shown it, but you mean the world to me, let’s just-” I reached my hand out to touch Hannah’s cheek, which was red from where I slapped it.

Suddenly, she grabbed my hand and sniffed it. “Even your hand smells like pussy! Who is it? Mom? Madison? Or… you…”

Her eyes shot to Aunt Rose, who had stepped into the room after hearing all the yelling, only to see the room in the condition it was and at a loss of what to say or do.

“Even our Aunt?” Hannah sneered. “So… that’s all I am to you.”

“Hannah…” I couldn’t even respond as I drew my hand away.

“I’ve seen how you look at Madison. I see how much you love her.” Hannah gave Madison a look, who still had her eyes lowered. “I just once wanted you to look at me that way. To see me as a woman.”

“Hannah, I…” I couldn’t come up with any words to say, but Hannah didn’t leave me much time to think.

She shook her head and immediately stormed out, pushing past Aunt Rose. She stopped for a second, sniffed Aunt Rose, nodded, and then left. Aunt Rose had a guilty expression on her face. Had anyone else been paying attention, our fresh relationship would have been clear. The only saving grace was that both Morgan and Madison were indisposed. I let out a sigh. Since I couldn’t chase after Hannah at the moment. Instead, I turned to Madison.

“Madison. You- you’re my sister, okay? Hannah is just upset. I didn’t realize… I mean…” My brain was still full of stuffing, and I couldn’t articulate a single coherent thought.

Madison just silently turned away and walked out. Tears were still falling down her face, but she kept her back up as she walked out. As to what she was thinking, it was clear she had no intention of letting me know. I wanted to run out and grab her, but at that moment, I felt like I couldn’t do a thing. As I watched Madison leave, the tape on the VS player restarted. Once again, that man’s face appeared on the screen adjusting the camera while Mom laid on the bed behind.

My mother was still on her knees. She hadn’t reacted at all as Hannah and Madison stormed out of the room. She merely remained on her knees, staring listlessly up at the screen. It was as if she was beating herself over and over again with this replaying video to punish herself. I ignored Aunt Rose, who was still in the room for the moment and immediately went for my mother. I felt like everything was slipping through my fingers. I had everything, and in a moment, it was all gone.

I wouldn’t lose my mother. I refused to allow it to happen. She was the one thing in my life that had always been there. Only at this moment did I realize how important she was. Just a moment ago, I was planning to stand up to Mom and assert myself as the man of the household. However, the moment Mom collapsed, I suddenly felt like I was falling. I took Mom for granted once again. I didn’t see her as someone who’d fall or stumble, and here she was, again, hurt, and not only could I not keep the family together, I was the one who allowed it to fall apart.

My fists tightened, and I immediately moved in front of the VS, blocking my mom’s eyes from the image of her former self with my own body. Mom barely reacted, as if she didn’t have any soul left in her body. Then, I kneeled down on one knee in front of Mom. I grabbed her chin and brought her face until she was staring at me. Her eyes were on me, but they also looked completely lost, as if she was staring at nothing.

“Mom.” There was no response. “Morgan.”

Mom’s eye snapped to mine.

“I love you, Morgan. Nothing will change that. If father… if Noah hadn’t been with you, then I never would have been born. Do you regret having me?”

“N-never!” Mom straightened just a bit, her eyes widening. “You’re my baby…”

“No…” I put a finger on Mom’s lips to stop her. “I’m your man. And I won’t have you fretting over some other man you dated in the past. I’m with you now, and I won’t abandon you, or the rest of my family, ever.”

“Clyburn…” Mom looked down sadly but I wouldn’t let her, lifting her head with my finger and kissing her lips with a single quick peck.

“You and your baby are mine. Aunt Rose is mine too. So are your daughters. Maybe it’s selfish of me, but you’re all mine, and I won’t let any of your go. I swear it!”

“Aunt Rose…” Mom seemed to snap out of her stupor, shaking her head.

“You bastard!” There was a shout and thud as something slammed behind me.

I immediately turned to see that the VS Screen had shattered. The image looked to be the two men talking on the screen, but it lasted only a few seconds before there was a crack and a sizzle. On the floor was a small paperweight, which had been chucked at the screen. The source was Aunt Rose, who stood with her feet out and her arm down, heaving several pants while staring angrily at the VS.

“Rose…” I said, but Mom put her arm on my shoulder stopping me from talking as she stood up.

Mom walked up to Aunt Rose, and Aunt Rose lowered her eyes, not wanting to meet Mom’s gaze.

“I’m… sorry…” Mom said weakly.

Aunt Rose looked up in surprise, her mouth falling open. “Hah?”

“It seems like… I was living in a dreamland. I had been convinced Noah was unlike every other man. I had convinced myself that I was better than other women. In the end, I failed you… and I failed myself.”

Aunt Rose sniffled, tears starting to fall down her face. “Morgan… no… I failed you… I should have been there. I was just so selfish and angry. You ended up having three babies and I didn’t even get one. However, it was more than that. You had Noah’s love.”


“It’s true.” Rose nodded. “He loved you, I’m certain of it. I don’t know why he did what he did. Maybe it was the pressure from school or government. However, I know he truly wanted you all to himself. This video only shows how much he loved you. He was even willing to take care of another man’s child with you.”

“Tsk… who cares?” I rudely interrupted, trying to divert the conversation. “You’re both my women now, so you better get along since you’ll be taking care of my babies together.”

Mom and Rose turned to me, but it took Mom a second to realize what I said. “Eh? Babies?”

“Ah!” Aunt Rose looked away guiltily, but her hand went to her stomach, almost like an instinct, causing Mom’s eyes to look sharply between Aunt Rose and me.

Mom’s eyes finally fell on me, and under her gaze, I couldn’t help but start talking. “Do you know that Rose has no health insurance?”

Mom blinked. “Eh? Well, it’s true that only citizens have access to the best care. However, Rose has a high-income job, so she can afford most procedures, all except the most expensive things…”

“Mom, Aunt Rose is dying from cancer.”

“Ah!” Mom let out a shout, turning and grabbing Aunt Rose’s hand while Rose looked away modestly. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to seem…” Rose’s eyes were still teary as she spoke. “You’re my sister, and I didn’t want to make it about that…. I…”

Mom shook her head, stopping Rose from talking. “I won’t stand for this. My sister will get the best. If we get you pregnant, then…”

“Already taken care of!” I stated, crossing my arms. “And if it isn’t, I’ll just try again until it’s done!”

“Eh? Already?” Mom gave a surprised look as Aunt Rose blushed, only then her eyes narrowing on me. “Clyburn… I didn’t say this before because you’re my son… but you’re a bit of a hornball, aren’t you?”

I let out a cough, gagging as Aunt Rose covered her face and snickered under her breath.

“I did it for Rose’s sake! How could you accuse your son of being a playboy? Besides, I already said it before. I’m the man of the house, and you’re all mine. I want what I want, and I want all of you. So, naturally, I can have what’s mine. Both your daughters love me as well, but they’re young so they’re a bit confused. However, with time I’ll fix things and then we can all be a big happy family.”

“You’re younger than both of them,” Mom snorted. “Are you sure you’re not confused?”

“Hmph! I’m a man, after all. We mature far faster than women. Of course, I have confidence in what I want. That’s why, when I say I want you both, you can rest assured I mean it!” I declared.

Aunt Rose leaned over to Mom, whispering something loud enough I could hear. “Clyburn has certainly grown a big head today after getting to be in charge a bit.”

Mom nodded. “I truly had a moment of weakness, and now he thinks he’s the rooster that rules the nest.”

“Hey!” I straightened my back as the two older women looked at me with amusement on their faces. “You can’t keep treating me like a kid, okay?”

“Oh, we can’t?” Mom’s voice lowered into a mocking tone, but she was grinning like a cat.

She shared a look with Aunt Rose, and suddenly both women looked like predators, and I was the prey. I looked around, suddenly feeling a little threatened by their gestures. Meanwhile, the two older women approached me on either side, their hands out like they planned to grab me.

“What are you two doing?” I backed up until my back hit a wall. “I mean it. As your man, I order you to… eh…”

“Oh, yeah?” Mom said. “Let’s see how you handle two women at once!”

The girls kept approaching and those words caused me to see stars. Mom and Aunt Rose at once? I could have a pair of sisters? Naturally, I didn’t expect this moment to come so soon. My only regret was that I had just deposited it in Rose a bit ago. That meant I wouldn’t pre-ejaculate, but I had worries if I would be able to keep up. Looking at the two women ready to attack me did excite me greatly, however.

“EH?” The two women suddenly lunged, but rather than rip off my clothes, each woman attacked one of my sides. “Ahhhhh! Hahahahaha, stop! Hahaha.”

The two older women tackled me to the ground, their fingers digging into my sides in tickling gestures. I screamed and kicked, but even then, I had to be careful. Both of these women were pregnant with my babies! I couldn’t mount up a full resistance or I’d end up potentially hurting them. This was completely unfair. With four hands and me on the ground, they were free to tickle away. However, I was no slouch either. Summoning up all of my willpower, I reached a hand in each woman’s direction and began the attack of my own.

We ended up as a pile on the floor, our hands working to tickle each other as the two women and I laughed. After the tense scene from before, I knew Mom had started this as a way to let me know she was alright. The pain still showed in her eyes, but for Aunt Rose and my sake, she remained playful, to laugh through the pain and tears. Clearly, in any normal situation, it would have been a strange scene for two thirty-year-old women and a fourteen-year-old boy in a pile of flesh on the ground maniacally tickling each other.

My hands sort of ended up wherever they could be, so I had one hand up my mom’s skirt in a very inappropriate position that I shamelessly abused to tickle her thighs, while my other hand tickled under Aunt Rose’s armpit.

“Stop! Stop! I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to…” Mom cried out, but with me steadily gaining the upper hand and already being embarrassed by my two women, I naturally attacked both of them even more aggressively. “Ahh! C-c-Clyburn!”

Suddenly, liquid shot all over my hand, running down my arm, which was attacking my Mom. Only a second later, my stomach grew wet, which was right where Aunt Rose was sitting while I attacked her armpit. A rich smell suddenly filled the room. Both women suddenly stopped tickling me and pulled away. Both looking away from me and in another direction. Our wrestling match ended in an instant as both women stood awkwardly with blushes on their faces.

“Eh?” I pulled my wet hand to my face and sniffed while noticing the wet stain on my stomach.

It was only when I looked up and saw Aunt Rose blushing, trying to cover up a giant wet stain around her butt, that I put two and two together.

“Ah!” I let out a cry.

“It looks like Clyburn won.” Rose sniffled. “I didn’t think he’d take things so far.”

“When did I raise such a bad apple of a son.” Mom sympathetically patted Rose on the back.

“You said he was a hornball, but I didn’t think he’d be into this kind of play,” Rose sighed. “I’ve heard about some societies that practice forcing a woman to hold it and watch when she goes… I never understood, but I guess it’s truly what men desire.”

“No!” I cried out in a panic, losing all of the accrued manly confidence in an instant, “You misunderstand! It’s a mistake. I’m not a pervert who forces girls to hold it! I’m not!”

Of course, I’m not into that kind of thing. It’s just that Mom was three months pregnant and can’t hold her bladder very well, and either way, they’re both women, with shorter urethra and thus more prone to peeing by accident. That didn’t matter to these devious women, who continued to guilt me until I begged for forgiveness.

“Hmph… you’re my little boy, after all, even if he makes his Mommy pee, I guess I should forgive him.” Mom sniffed. “You know, it wasn’t until after I had you that I could no longer hold my bladder.”

Rose also nods. “I suppose he is young, after all. We can’t be hard on him too much for lacking finesse.”

“Ah?” I gave the two women looking down on me defiant looks, but under their judgmental gazes, my shoulders finally slouched. “Yes, Mom and Auntie.”

My plans to assert myself as the man of the house at age fourteen was destroyed by a golden shower. A servant brought both women a washbasin and fresh clothing, so the two women quickly cleaned themselves up while I pouted in a corner.

“Now that this has been resolved,” Mom spoke more refreshed. “What will Clyburn do about his sisters?”

“Your sisters aren’t as understanding or as reasonable as your Mother and I…” Rose added.

Reasonable! Ahem… I just nod and accept it. Deep down, I feel like my future was dependent on playing nice with these two women. At least, Mom seemed to be recovering from the shock of the video. Her eyes still appeared strained, like it was something in the back of her mind, but at the moment, she could swallow her worries and talk with me and Rose. I’d have to give Mom extra attention over the next few days. I didn’t want her to fall back into a spiral of depression.

“For Madison, I’d say you need to go with a firm hand,” Mom said. “She’s a stubborn girl who will try to do the opposite of what you want. Perhaps, if you tie her to a bed and have her a few times, she’ll come around.”

“Isn’t this your daughter!” I curse in disbelief at my Mom’s absurd idea.

“Maybe, we can get her drunk?” Rose added, and upon Mom’s glance, looked away. “That’s how Noah and I first… ahem…”

“That’s not even helping!” I snap. “I’m not going to force myself on my sisters!”

Mom frowned. “Didn’t you force me in the bathtub?”

Rose nodded. “You forced me over my bed, not an hour ago, right?”

I froze and then said with a pout. “That’s different.”

Both women looked at me until my back was feeling really itchy. Was it hot in there? I felt like the temperature in that room was very hot.

“Ah… either way, they’re younger and more fragile and I don’t want them to come to hate me,” I explained.

Both women seemed to nod, accepting my words. I breathed out a little easier, now that we moved on from the uncomfortable concepts of proper consent.

“Well, Clyburn, I think when it comes to Hannah and Madison, you just need to be open and honest,” Mom explained. “They’re both my daughters, and I’d like to see them have a baby and a future. Even though Madison isn’t related to you as closely, I truly hope you take care of her too. I’ve never been close to my baby girls, but I love them and I know you’re a man who will take care of them. So, whatever you choose… whatever… what…”

“Morgan?” Rose reached out her hand as Mom suddenly looked distracted.

“Ahhh!” Mom let out a cry, suddenly keeling over while grabbing her stomach.

“Mom!” I let out a shout and ran up to Mom, who had a pained expression on her face.

She reached under the skirt and her hand came up with blood. My face went white.

“The baby…” It was Rose who said those words.

“No!” I started to panic. “No, no, no, no, no!”

Mom had a little bit of blood leaking down her leg as she let out another cry of pain.

“The emergency! Call the emergency!” Rose bellowed, a nearby maid immediately running off to get help.

Mom collapsed to the ground, and I wrapped my arms around her as she made pained noises. Looking at Mom’s pained face, I once again had no clue what to do. My hand grabbed Mom’s hand and squeezed it tightly. The only thing I knew was that I wasn’t going anywhere.

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