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“You. Have you seen this woman?” I leaned over and pushed an old photograph of Nada into the woman’s face as the hood of my cloak fell back.

The woman was lying on the ground with a needle in her arm. Whether she was ever a prettier girl or not was difficult to tell. Now, her body was devoid of fat. She was skinny to the bone. Her face was pocked with scabs. She was deathly pale and her skin was scraggly and flaking. When she opened her eyes, she blinked three or four times as if she didn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Hey… you’re a man? Hey, baby… want me to show you a good time.” The woman tried to grab me, but in her state, I was able to easily dodge her.

I kicked her leg one more time. “This woman! Do you know her?”

“Wha-? Oh… that’s… um… what’s her face? Yeah, I have seen her.”

I let out a breath. This had been the tenth person we had tried to talk to. Two of them had actually tried to tackle me to the ground and rape me on the spot. Brooke had to beat them off of me. Beat them off was the correct phrase because, in their drug-addled states, they didn’t stop until they were unconscious. I still felt dirty from the last one, who had managed to get her tongue inside my mouth. She hadn’t bathed in a few days, and she smelled quite pungent.

Brooke had told me it’d be easier if she just did the questioning. We were at a drug house Veris had told us was a place Nada frequented. It was the third and final of the addresses Veris could deliver. Among the ten we questioned, this was the first woman to even admit she knew Nada, let alone claim to have recently seen her.

“Can you tell us where she is?” I asked.

The girl, who couldn’t be older than twenty-five, grinned, her teeth yellow and one of her canines seemingly missing.

“What’s it to yay?” She looked down at my crotch. “Perhaps you give me a go, love, and maybe your cock will refresh my memory, eh?”

“Let me handle this.” Brooke took a step forward, cracking her knuckles.

She was just as annoyed spending all morning in crack houses as I was. She looked like she wanted to blow off some steam on this shameless druggy. However, if she accidentally knocked the woman unconscious, we’d be back to square one. I touched Brooke’s shoulder. She looked back at me and I shook my head. With a sigh, she backed off and I kneeled down to the drugged-up woman again. Her eyes were more open now, and she had scooted away from Brooke. She was still eyeing Brooke distrustfully like she expected Brooke to start attacking her any second. I lifted my hand in front of her face and snapped, getting her attention back on me.

“Hey, you, you know if you get pregnant with my baby, you can’t do drugs, right?” I said.

“Gegegege…” The girl let out a laugh. “Worried about our baby, love? No worries. I’ll raise it up properly. Now just stick your cock in me. A lot of lipsticks have been in there but never man-dick, so you’ll be my first.”

The woman shamelessly spread her legs. Her underwear was stained. At some point, she had pissed herself while in her drugged state. Suffice it to say, she smelled overly ripe, and I nearly gagged at the scent. The woman herself only smiled, like she actually thought I’d jump on top of her and start humping her right on the floor here.

“That won’t be necessary,” I said, reaching into my pocket and pulling out my ace, “If you tell me where Nada is, you can have this. Yeah… you recognize it, all you got to do is cut it open and stick it inside. Or sell it. I don’t care. I hear cum goes for $500 an ejaculate on the street.”

Of course, I hadn’t known that earlier today, but after three drug houses, I had picked up on the street the value of my own baby juice. $500! Money in this world wasn’t much different than money in my other world, although this world had already converted to a plastic only system. Physical money no longer existed except in banks. All people traded electronically with cards. However, to think that if I did nothing but jack off 4 times a month I could live comfortably for the rest of my life, it was certainly a strange feeling.

What I held in front of the woman’s eyes was, of course, a condom. It wagged back in forth in front of her eyes, which were locked on them like a dog on a steak. It was tied on the end and full of white stuff, the same way Veris and Nada had once transported it. The white stuff wasn’t warm to the touch, but even so, any woman would get excited by the possibilities of this little bag.

“Ah! Y-yes!” The woman reached out, but when I lifted it out of her grasp, she started nodding excitedly. “Yes, yes! Nada… I know Nada. Skinny girl. Narrow eyes, short hair, average titties? She’s out back. Found herself a lipstick, eating pussy for a hit. I ain’t gay but Nada broke down last night and became a muncher. Already gobbled up ten women, the slut!”

I gave a nod. “Out back?”

Brooke gave a nod. “Woman fuck each other behind drug houses like this. It’s known.”

The other woman nodded, excitedly, reaching out her hand. “Yes, of course, gimme, gimme.”

I dropped the condom on the floor with a plop. The woman immediately lunged and grabbed it. Turning away in disgust, I gestured Brooke to follow me outside the room. The pair of us headed down the stairs leading to the back.

“Are you just giving it away now?” Brooke said angrily as we walked down the stairs. “So much for your plans.”

If I didn’t know any better, it sounded like she was jealous and pouting.

“I’ll do anything for my family. Do you understand? If it was you, I’d do it too.”

“…” Brooke didn’t respond, but when we reached the bottom of the stairs, I turned around and gave her a smirk.

“Besides, it’s glue. Thought I might need some currency, so I poured some into a couple condoms. The only thing that woman will get is her crotch glued shut. Might even help with the smell…”

Brooke’s expression relaxed and she let out a snort. “Haha… you tricky bastard. You better not do that to my Akio.”

“Well, the only way to be certain is to have me deliver it straight from the source…” I turned away, a smirk forming on my face.

“Don’t you start!” Brooke snapped indignantly. “I can still beat the shit out of you!”

“Mmm… sorry, not a masochist, so if you want my cum, you’ll have to treat me gentle-like.”

“You… don’t be so… ahem… cocky…”

I let out a slight grin. “Oh… really…”

“Yes, I heard how that sounds, now kindly go jack yourself off.” Brooke stuck out her tongue and looked away, for the second time today, looking just a bit flustered.

As we left the dilapidated building and started walking along the side path, the noises in the air stopped us from talking. True to the rumors, the private sealed off area behind the drug den was basically a whore house. Munchers, women who resorted to eating women out for drugs, met with their suppliers. Some of these women were rich women just looking for sexual release, while others were the drug dealers themselves, offering discounts in exchange for sexual favors. Not every prostitute here did drugs, but they went hand in hand.

“Put up your hood, kid,” Brooke muttered, “A bunch of horny drugged up women and a fertile man don’t mix well.”

I nodded, lifting the hood to my cloak and lowering it over my eyes. I was still young and scrawny, so I didn’t really have an obviously manly physique with my cloak on. Despite how silly Brooke’s words might have seemed in my old world, I was in very real danger here. If all these women did learn a man was in their domain, being pushed down was the least of my worries.

The area wasn’t particularly large, but hundreds of dirty towels and blankets were hung up by strings, sectioning off the place and creating the effect like some kind of bazaar or marketplace. The makeshift coverings came in many colors, and so it looked very lively for a back ally. Various women had created makeshift privacy tents that looked like small alcoves, only about three feet wide and six feet deep. Sitting in front of each alcove was a woman plying her trade. Some of them looked professional, wearing makeup and alluring clothing, while others looked much like druggies just looking to score a hit.

To some of these women, these little hovels barely large enough to fit two people were the locations they worked and lived.

“It’s a workaround the law,” Brooke suddenly spoke up.

“Hah?” I coughed, trying to cover up my voice while avoiding the eyes of a few women who were trying to get me to come over to their tent.

“Prostitution is illegal… indoors. However, you can freely exchange anything for sex outdoors as long as it doesn’t violate public decency laws. So, these sort of … pussy markets… open up in the bad areas of town. Being behind a drug den is just for convenience.”

“I really thought that without men, the sex trade would be dead,” I muttered to myself.

“Huh? Why would a man ever need to pay for sex?” Brooke looked at me with a genuinely questioning look, and I could only shrug with a half-smile.

This was the world we lived in now. It was a world of women. Human nature apparently wasn’t sex-specific. If there weren’t men, women didn’t suddenly turn into perfect peacekeepers. Humans were just as bad, independent of the sex. Maybe the violence wasn’t as bad. Women didn’t kill other women as often. However, that only made things crueler for them. Men just murdered men. Women, on the other hand, they’d strip other women of their humanity until there was nothing left.

I once knew a girl in high school. She wasn’t part of the popular girls and got excluded and teased relentlessly. The worst a bully would ever do to a man is beat him up and steal his lunch money. However, the girls relentlessly hounded her until she attempted suicide. Then, the same girl who had driven her to try to kill herself was put in charge of the “get well” committee which collected money and got signatures to cheer her up. The harasser was the well-liked popular girl, after all, and the teachers knew nothing. So, after trying to die, she had to watch her bully smile at her and hand her flowers to make her feel better, while secretly spreading rumors that she faked her suicide so she could get an abortion. That girl never returned, switching schools instead. However, it left a lesson that had remained with me until now, women are scary.

As I looked around the space, I could see a few tents being occupied by women. There was some giggling, some heavy breathing, and a couple of moans. I kept reminding myself how dangerous a place this was, less I start to grow too excited. However, I still felt I had to slouch a little, or there might be something very obvious displaying my sex. It was then that my eyes fell on a naked butt sticking out the entrance of one of the tents. It was a woman on her knees, and she was bent over, her upper body still within a cubby hole. This wasn’t technically legal since her naked lower half was being exposed, but in this environment, the sight of naked women was common and the other girls ignored her slip in etiquette. She was a newbie, after all.

As I walked up to her cubby, I could see her ass and pussy were wagging, and it looked like she was in between the legs of another woman, munching down on some pussy. Well, trying. She didn’t have the other woman’s panties off yet, and I could hear bickering between the two like they were having a difference of opinion. Even though I didn’t see her face between the other woman’s legs, it was an ass and pussy that I recognized. I sat down on my knees, pulled back my hand and gave the ass a slap. Brooke rolled her eyes at me while the woman I slapped let out a cry.

She pulled back out of her position between another girl’s pussy and she looked up. Her face looked not much different than a few days ago. Maybe she was a little more tired. Her lips were chapped and she had wet stuff all over her chin. Nada had been reduced to whoring herself out for drugs. Well, in her defense, she did try to whore herself out to me before she fell back on lesbianism. I knew it wasn’t my fault, but I still felt a little bad seeing the poor woman in this state. I had pushed her to this, although there was nothing I could do to prevent this from happening either.

“You’ll have to wait for your…” Nada stopped when she looked up and saw me.

Her eyes widened in confusion and fear. She looked more lucid than she had when she had tried raping me a few nights ago. Her eyes grew teary just from the sight, but I straightened my back and gave her a glare. Before I could say anything though, another person sat up and shot Nada a dissatisfied look. With me standing in the sun, she couldn’t see my face. However, I was shocked at the sight of her. This girl was actually really pretty, and she wasn’t much older than me! Why would some cute girl in her teens be getting her pussy eaten out in a back ally! I was stunned speechless.

“Hey, what’s the deal!” The girl growled. “You promised to make me cum, but I’m not feeling it at all! $100, and I cum. That’s the promise.”

“Ah… miss…” Nada looked between me, Brooke and back at the woman in the tent. “I’m sorry… they…”

Taking Nada’s inability to properly respond, the teenage girl who wore surprisingly nice clothing for the place she was in shot both of us a glare. “Wait for your turns. Can’t you see she’s busy?”

“We need to talk to her for a moment. I hope you understand,” Brooke spoke, trying to sound reassuring.

“No… it is you who don’t understand! I have an exam in the afternoon, and there might be boys there…” She emphasized the word boys like it meant something. “If I see any boys, then I won’t be able to concentrate on my test. Whestler’s Guide to the Feminine Body says that a woman must… ahem… cum… and after she cums, she will no longer focus on a man and can do better in class.”

“You… you’ve cum before, right?” Brooke asked.

The woman’s face grew flustered. “How dare you ask a lady that?”

“It’s… her first time,” Nada muttered, looking down. “That’s why I’m naked, she said that’s it is not real sex unless someone’s naked.”

I covered my mouth as my shoulders shook, but Brooke actually threw back her head laughing, causing the teenage girl to grow even redder.

“You… so much for confidentiality!” The girl bristled, grabbing her curly blond hair and pulling it, which seemed to be something she did when she was frustrated. “It doesn’t matter! I paid! I paid for one orgasm and I won’t quiet down until I get it!”

Was she seriously having a tantrum in a back ally? Only one thing came to mind looking at her, a spoiled rich kid. A stupid, spoiled, rich kid. She was starting to make a scene, and a few of the others nearby were starting to look at them. If it continued on in this direction, this silly girl’s first brothel visit would become a big problem for everyone present.

“I’ll do it then,” I said, trying to make my voice sound feminine.

Brooke and Nada gave me surprised looks, but the teenager squinted in my direction with her hand up. “You? Well, you do look a little younger than her. Closer to my age? I don’t really care who, I’m not into women. I’ll be thinking about boys while you do it anyway. Don’t bother with the clothing, just be quick!”

I gave Brooke a smirk while she glared at me. We gestured at each other for a few seconds until Brooke gave up. She grabbed Nada and dragged the naked woman away to grill her. Meanwhile, I went on all fours and dived under the tent to finish Nada’s job. That job was this girl’s pussy. She was a cute blonde girl with curly hair, boobs that rivaled my Mom’s, which was amazing on a sixteen-year-old girl, and nice long legs to boot. She also had a bag nearby, and I recognized the logo on the back. It was the same logo I had seen on Madison’s stuff. This girl was an Academy girl.

This probably wasn’t the best time to play around, but we needed to keep this girl from causing trouble. I didn’t know if there were any of the gang members nearby. Even if Brooke could safely get me out of there, would Hannah be safe if the people who kidnapped her found out I was looking for them? Thus, I had to act fast, and that meant eating pussy. It didn’t hurt that I was very horny, listening to women fornicating in every other tent, naturally, my willpower was waning as a teenage boy. At the very least, I was leaving it to a little bit of foreplay.

“Ah! Ahn…” The girl’s legs tightened around my head, stopping me from diving in before I could even get my tongue out. “G-gentle!”

She slowly relaxed her thighs, spreading herself open. She looked away while pushing her underwear to the side with her fingers. It was a very erotic scene. In truth, my body blocked most of the light, so it was pretty dark. I could only really see her pale white thighs and the outline of her womanhood. It looked a bit like a ripe flower. She also smelled sweet. It was clear, she was a girl who kept herself clean. Well, if she had looked nasty, I wouldn’t have offered to dive into Nada’s tent with her in the first place.

I blew lightly with my lips over her mound of flesh, and I could feel the girl shivering underneath me. Very slowly, I worked my head down. Any sudden movements seemed to cause this woman to tighten her legs and block me, as if by instinct. She was forcing herself to spread for me. I wonder if Nada had even managed to get a tongue in before I interrupted.

Finally, my tongue landed in the right spot, and I began lapping up her insides, enjoying the flavor of this blond teenage bombshell. Her hands ran through my hair and grabbed tightly as she let out little whimpering sounds. She had a sweet and refreshing taste, and my tongue could tell that her pussy was a virgin.

“Ah… ah… ah…” The girl moaned.

My fingers ran through her pubic hair, which was soft and smooth. I grabbed onto the patch as I stuck my tongue inside her, causing her to gasp. I had eaten my Mother’s pussy many times since I had come to this world, but there was something unique about tasting this teenage girl. Perhaps it was the fact we were essentially outside. There were women in other tents right next to us doing the same thing. Maybe some of it was the anonymity. I didn’t even know her name.

Perhaps, this was just a means of blowing off accumulated stress from the previous night, but I found myself going to town. Soon, I was shaking my head as I sucked hard on her pussy, my tongue penetrating it without reservation. The woman herself must have also been at her limit. Well, she resorted to hiring a prostitute just so she could get off and focus on exams, so she didn’t have much resistance.

“Ah, there, there!” She cried out. “Ahn… I’m cumming!”

Two words were never sweeter, and I happily drank from this high school girl’s nectar pot as she came gratuitously. I sucked down hard on her until her clit with pink and throbbing. My own cock was rock hard, but I ignored it as I tasted the woman under me. For a few moments, I forgot about my troubles. At least, I could give this one woman what she wanted, and what she wanted wasn’t my seed, but just a simple orgasm. I provided it for her as well as I could. It felt… nice.

“Ahhnnn!” She cried out, kicking her legs out as her body thrashed under my machinations.

I only finally separated because I ran out of breath, although the girl had already leaked on Nada’s bedding. Finishing up in only about five minutes, I was just about to pull out of the tent and put my hood back up when the girl suddenly reached down and grabbed me.

“Eh?” I could only make out a strange noise as I was dragged up, my face was brought up to that pretty face I could barely make out in the darkness.

“Th-That was incredible!” The girl said tearfully. “I didn’t know it could feel so good!”

Trying to pull back, I gave her a nod of affirmation, but not reading the mood, she grabbed me and kissed me, her tongue entering my mouth. Her lips were actually really soft and her chest felt really good against mine. I just ate her out and she was kissing me. This girl is really lewd, isn’t she? Well, she hires prostitutes too! Doesn’t she know you don’t kiss prostitutes? That’s rule #1.

However, my horniness flattened my common sense. Compared to Madison, she felt really soft and curvy. Her body was incredible, and my hands couldn’t stop but reach around and hold her. The girl herself pulled her lips away and then looked down, breathing hard. I couldn’t see well in the dark, but she looked like she was blushing.

“I… I… think I might be gay now,” she said, suddenly letting go of my face and burying her head in my chest, squealing like a silly girl who just made a confession.

“Huh?” I couldn’t process what was going on as she hugged me.

“I really wasn’t feeling anything with that girl Nada. I was doing everything I could to cum. However, when you touched me… it felt so incredible. It was like a million times better. I suddenly came to realize what all those lipstick girls were talking about! I love having my pussy eaten, but it has to be you!”

“Pfft!” I started coughing, trying to pull away once again from this girl clinging to me in the tent.

“I-I know this is sudden, but you’re about my age, right? Maybe we could, I don’t know, become a couple? Ah, I have money! Even if you’re poor, I can find you a place. Since you’re my girlfriend, I’ll take care of you, I promise! I might even be able to get a man to give us seed? Then we can both be pregnant together!”

I’m whose girlfriend now? She’s talking about having my baby? Girls are definitely scary! Definitely scary! I needed to escape before she starts discussing the wedding vows. Clearly, this girl wasn’t ready for a sexual relationship! One orgasm and she’s ready to settle down! As I tried once again to struggle away, the girl’s eyes widened once again and she grabbed on to my arms tightly.

“Th-that’s right! You di-did that to me, but I haven’t returned the favor! A-as your girlfriend, I must also… please you…” She said those words so cutely that I seriously wanted to push her down right there, only if I wasn’t busy trying to run the other way.

This girl was seriously the most dangerous woman I have ever met. I was caught between wanting to leave and wanting to rip her clothing off. What kind of weird feeling was that? It’s nothing like with Madison at all!

Before I could truly grasp what she was saying though, the girl’s hands had worked their way into my pants. I unconsciously spread my legs, letting her grasp onto… oh right, she thinks I’m a woman! However, it was too late for me to reach down and pull her hand out. Her fingers found it and immediately grab onto a big bulging thing. That thing would be my balls!

“Eh? Honey, your pussy, I don’t mean to offend, but it feels kind of weird… Eh? What’s that?”

It’s at that point that her feeling around hits something bigger. Her hand reached up, and for a second, I swore the world moved in slow motion. Then her fingers wrap around the hard, erect penis. The pair of us froze, I found my face only an inch away from hers, with her hand wrapped around my cock. Her eyes slowly started to widen as she processed what the thing in her hand must have been.

“A-a-a-a-a ma-” I immediately brought my face forward and kissed her on the lips, preventing her from shouting “man” in the middle of the pussy market.

I pulled away, leaving the girl breathless. “Sorry, gotta go!”

I immediately jumped out of the tent. Throwing my hood up, I fled the back of the drug den, running along the side and heading straight for the hovercar. It looked like Brooke had finished her questioning, so I ran right up to her.

“You done having fun? If you were so worried about your sister, you shouldn’t be-”

“Yes, I know, I’m an idiot, let’s move!” I shove Brooke into the back of the car and immediately slammed the door shut.

The driver got the rush, and immediately hit the gas, our car peeling down the road. I looked through the back window, and just before the car turned a corner, I swore I saw a busty blonde Academy student frantically looking around in the street. I let out a breath of relief as I relaxed back in my chair. Brooke gave me a strange look while she straightened her clothing.

Brooke sniffed. “Well, one thing I can say about working for you, it’s never boring.”

I let out a sigh. “Yeah… as fun as a man in a pussy market…”

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