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My head was throbbing. I had lost all track of time. I could have cursed my bad luck, but I basically asked for this. I never expected an even exchange. I never expected them to release my sister. No, the only thing I could do was let them catch me. The cops already knew about them. They knew who was doing it. They even had a place. What they needed was motivation. I didn’t really have much time to think of a better plan. I barely made it just escaping from my house. Had I done nothing, Hannah might have already been raped or even worst. I couldn’t live with myself knowing I had the power to do something and decided to sit back and do nothing. So, I put myself in harm’s way.

With a man in jeopardy, the police would spare no expense trying to get me back. Hopefully, if I could just get to my sister, then I could keep her safe enough. If they took everything out on me, they wouldn’t be taking it out on her. And when I was rescued, my sister would be rescued. If I failed? Well, hopefully, my next life wouldn’t be as shitty as this one. I had already reincarnated to another world. I had already lived one life. I don’t want to die, but I was willing to risk my life for Hannah. Fortunately, I don’t have the mentality of a scared child anymore.

Working through the pain in my head, I forced myself into a sitting position. My head throbbed, but I was finally able to concentrate on opening my eyes. The second my eyes opened, there was a click and the lights turned on. Instantly, I closed them again, fighting back the pain and nausea from the brightness. I instinctively lifted my hand to block the light source.

Part of me realized I was likely in the same exact position as the video of Hannah. Bright lights blaring at me, my eyes squinting with a hand raised. Even with my experience, I felt fear. How terrified was my little sister at that moment? My finger clenched and I forced my eyes to open, trying to quickly regain my bearings.

I seemed to be tied to something. There were cuffs around my feet and wrists that connected to a chain. I could move full range, but I couldn’t take more than a few steps from the pipe embedded in the nearby concrete. I appeared to be in some emptied-out storeroom. The walls were concrete, and the door looked like a thick impenetrable metal obstruction with a heavy latch. It was at this point I realized there was someone else in the room. A single table sat on the opposite side of the room, and a delicate-looking masked person was sitting on it.

It was the same masked person I had seen right before passing out. In the light, I could tell her hair was more brown than black. She didn’t look as imposing or as dangerous as she had in the alleyway. Being able to see her clearly eased a small amount of my fear. Her billowy outfit made it impossible to say any particular details about her. Her age, her body type, and even her sex was near impossible to determine.

“Faeri…” I murmured, glaring at the woman who took my sister.

“You’ve heard of me.” Her voice still came out as distorted and gravelly, and I couldn’t see what expression she had on her face through the theater mask which covered everything but her mouth, chin, and eyes.

I noticed something around her neck, a plastic collar with a box on it. It must be what changed her voice. I supposed it was safer for a crime boss to be anonymous, but what the heck was with all the theatrics? Everything about this entire room felt like she was trying to induce fear. Had I been a normal fourteen-year-old boy, it would have worked. However, my older mind saw some childishness in her demeanor. A slight shake in her hands and hesitation in her eyes. It reminded me that while these were criminals, they were still just kids likely acting like what they had seen on a visual screen.

“Where’s my sister!” I demanded, strengthening my resolve as I realized the power balance wasn’t as far in her favor as she pretended.

“Your sister? Oh, yes, you mean sister Hannah… oh, I’m keeping her in a safe place.”

“She’s not your sister. She’s mine!” I growled, pulling helplessly at the chains. “Show her to me. I came. I followed my end. Give my sister back to me!”

I knew I was showing my own nervousness, but until I saw Hannah, I couldn’t stop worrying. It was possible that they never had Hannah in the first place. It was possible they had Hannah and killed her. There were too many possibilities. I needed to know that I made the right choice. I needed to know that what I did mattered.

“Oh, no… that’s where you’re wrong…” The woman came closer, making sure to remain just out of the range my chains allowed.

“You see, she’s my sister too.” The woman reached up, grabbing the mask and straightening it as if to tease me, “Daddy has been busy.”

My eyes widened as I looked up and down the woman. “No… it’s not possible…”

Faeri shrugged as if it was nothing to her. “Suit yourself.”

My father was never as honest to my Mother as he should have been. Is it really true that he had impregnated other women? It didn’t just end with my Aunt. How many women did dad leave in his wake? Was this another left-over daughter from his time toying with Mom?

“It’s a lie, right?” I demanded. “My father, Noah… if he fathered you… You mean your Mom got some sperm he sold to the government, right?”

Faeri threw back her head and laughed lightly, a pleasant and smooth laugh. “Oh, do you think your dear father was so dutiful? There is a registry that keeps track of male… deposits. If you look up your dad, I think you’ll be surprised to find he never donated a single one.”

My eyes closed and my hands tightened. That bastard! How could he do that to Mom? It’s one thing taking on a lot of lovers. However, it seemed like he just abandoned one after the other. The only unique thing about my Mom was she’s the only one he didn’t abandon. What was he thinking?

I shook my head. Faeri was just trying to distract me. Rather, it was still Hannah that was the most important thing to me right now. Who knew if anything Faeri said was true or a lie. She could make up anything. I had no reason to trust her. The only thing I could trust was my sister. When I saw her, I’d know she was safe.

“My sister. I want you to show me my sister.”

“Sister… sister… she’s just a sister!” Faeri’s voice contorted angrily. “I’m your sister too. You have hundreds of sisters. What’s so different about her?”

“She’s different!”

Faeri laughed, pursing her lips. “If you want a sister so much, I could be your sister…”

“Shut Up!” I shouted, causing her to jump as I lunged at the chains. “Hannah is Hannah. I won’t cooperate until I see her! I’ll do anything for her!”

At that exact moment, there was a sudden shout from outside. The voice immediately sounded familiar. It sounded like a woman crying out, and it was a voice I’d recognize anywhere. Faeri shot a look back at the door. Her expression turned from an amused one to an annoyed one. It was like her fun time had just been interrupted.

“Hannah! It’s me, Hannah! Your brother is here! I’m here, Hannah!” I shouted, pulling against the chains until my hands felt numb.

“We’ll see about anything…” Faeri adjusted her mask one more time as she headed for the door.

She hit the light switch, immediately plunging my sight into darkness. A moment later, she opened the door and walked out. She kept the door slightly open so that all I could see was a ray of light. She was apparently addressing one of the guards on the other side of the door. All I could hear were whispers, but they sounded exasperated. The arguing went on for about thirty seconds. Suddenly, the door swung open again, light spilling in and blinding me before the door slammed shut.

It took me a minute before my eyes adjusted to the darkness. I blinked a few times in the dark room before I realized Faeri was still standing there watching me curiously. She almost had an inquisitive look that she didn’t possess before. However, she didn’t turn the light back on, and just stood there as if she was unsure of herself. I remained sitting with my eyes only partially open, not acknowledging her. She seemed to be content with this as she stood there for several minutes moving her mouth as if she was arguing with herself.

“What do you want, Faeri?” I finally broke the silence.

“Ah!” Faeri let out a surprised noise and then brushed her clothing as she straightened up. “I’ve… I’ve decided.”

The words were muttered under her breath, and they didn’t sound like they were words intended for my ears. However, the room was small and all the noise seemed to be amplified a bit. Her voice sounded a little different as if she was strained. I wondered what the conversation she had was about.

“Give me my sister, or we have nothing to talk about,” I growled, finally opening my eyes all the way and giving her a dark stare.

“Your sister… yes… you said you’d do anything for her. Is that true?” Faeri asked.

I grimaced at her question, realizing it might be a trap, but my pride wouldn’t deny it. “It is.”

“I’m your sister too. Technically, you’re my brother, so, shouldn’t you feel the same way for me?”

My face turned incredulous. However, Faeri was looking at me as if she genuinely wanted an answer.

“I already said, my sister is special,” I finally spoke. “Had we been raised together, maybe things would be different. But you are no Hannah…”

“Hahahahaha…” Faeri threw back her head and laughed, nearly falling back, a strangely unpleasant laugh that sent tickles down my spine, unlike before, “I could be though… I could be another one of your sisters. If you give me a chance…”

“You’re crazy!” I responded in disgust.

“Hahaha… maybe… maybe I am… I like you though… I like you a lot! Since you want to see Hannah, you’ll need to please me first. If you please me, I’ll give you back your sister, okay?”

I couldn’t keep my face smooth looking at this crazy woman. Become my sister? Was that what this was all about? Noah banged this bitch’s Mom, and now she wants a brother of her own? Was I still paying for my father’s sins? I was coming to hate my father.

“Take out your penis!” she demanded, pointing down at my crotch, making a demand like a petulant child looking to be spoiled.

I nearly spat at this strange and sudden declaration. It sounded like the unreasonable request of a child, but it took me a while looking at her in the dark before I realized she was genuinely serious.

“No!” I cursed, glaring at the psychopathic woman before me.

“I already told you, if you want to have yo… your sister, you’ll have to please me. Hahaha.” The girl kept laughing like she was making a joke, but her eyes looked serious. “So, pull out your dick, I want to see it. Do it! Do it now!”

“If… I pull it out… Hannah…”

“Yes… she’ll be safe! Now show it to me. Show it!” The girl seemed almost giddy as she stared excitedly.

I sighed, a little afraid at what she’d do if I didn’t give her what she wanted. The girl seemed to me to be quickly switching from highs to lows. She was very unstable. I reached into my pants and pulled out my dick, undoing the buckle and showing it to her. It was still dark, so it wasn’t as embarrassing as it would have been if the lights were on.

Faeri leaned forward, her eyes looking brightly. “It’s… a bit small…”

I immediately hid it with my hand and glared at the woman. “Well, I’m not aroused; naturally, it gets bigger when I’m in the mood!”

Faeri nodded excitedly with a snap. “Ah, yes, excited! Of course!”

Suddenly, she reached behind her and undid her clothing. It fell in a single heap. Underneath it, all was nothing but her skin. She hadn’t been wearing any underwear! In fact, other than her black stockings and her mask, she was now completely naked. My eyes couldn’t stop but pop out of my head. I’d seen many girls naked over the last year, but this woman was an immaculate beauty that rivaled my sisters and Mother. At least, she had the body of a model.

It was vibrantly youthful, with nice round tits, a perfect bubble butt, smooth, pale skin, and even a cute little freckle on her right boob. She was shaved below, and it was a perfectly clean shave without a bit of hair. This didn’t look to be the body of some gang leader. Then again, in the darkness, I wouldn’t be able to make out any scars. Perhaps it was because of the darkness that her body looked so beautiful right now.

In my shock, I had forgotten to look away. The girl herself looked to the side, almost like she was pretending to be modest. Unfortunately, my cock became engorged with blood despite my protests. I went to cover myself up again, but the girl leaned forward intently, pointing at my exposed cock.

“It is! It is getting bigger! Ah… it’s bigger than I thought!” She immediately covered her mouth as if suddenly saying something embarrassing, and then she started giving me a strange look.

“What?” I asked, shifting awkwardly as she looked down at my exposed penis. “What do you want?”

“You find my body attractive…” She wore a mischievous look as she said it like a statement.

I looked away. “Of course, I do. How could I not?”

The smile on her face really pissed me off. She had forced me into this situation, and now she was acting so playful. It made hating her more difficult. It’d be easy if she was looking at me hatefully or acting like a man-hating lipstick lesbian. However, her strangely loving side was causing me to twitch.

“Stay still!” She pointed again with an order. “Don’t move!”

I held my hands up as she pointed aggressively at me. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. She stepped slowly into my reach. It came to my realization I could grab her now and perhaps keep her hostage. However, I had the feeling that things wouldn’t work out well if I tried. They could always use Hannah to hurt me, and I had a feeling this woman wouldn’t respond to threats. The fact she was approaching me without clothing on showed how fearless she truly was… or how crazy.

Faeri ended up standing directly in front of me. I couldn’t help but look up, seeing her naked body only a few inches from the tip of my nose. I could smell a sweet scent coming off of her. This was the woman who took Hannah and kidnapped me? In the dark, at this moment, her body was truly beautiful. Despite the situation, despite my fear and worry, I felt my mouth grow dry, looking at her blooming body, still full of youth but growing sexier every day.

Her skin was just as smooth and silky up close as it was at a distance. Her mounds seemed to defy gravity. Her ass was pert and bubbly, the kind you just wanted to grab and squeeze. It was a body completely unlike Madison. It was a body that had a youthful exuberance even Mom couldn’t reach. Maybe Hannah had a body like this, but I had never seen hers. I remained frozen as I watched that body, my mouth gaping slightly, unable to help myself.

Faeri fell down to her knees, suddenly, she was kneeling over my legs, her mask now about my level. I could see her hazel eyes, but only just. They were eyes that seemed to fear rejection. For some reason, I couldn’t look away. She reached down with her delicate fingers, grasping onto my penis before lining it up.

“S-seriously?” I let out the words in disbelief, “You’re going to rape me?”

“It’s not rape if you want it too…” The girl looked away while responding with a pouty voice, even over the voice modulator. “You want it…”

She didn’t say it as a question but as an insistence. She needed me to want it as badly as she did. I’d like to say I was a stronger man, but her smell, her appearance, and her body had already won me over. I couldn’t say no even if I wanted to. I cursed my hormones one last time. I guess I didn’t have as much of a control over them now as I thought I had gained.

No… that wasn’t right. I was just using them as an excuse. The realization dawned on me. They were all just excuses. In my previous life, I had died a chain-smoking alcoholic a step away from losing his job. Once my wife cheated on me, I fell apart and died an early death in my thirties. No one would suggest I had it together as an adult. In my new life, I fell back into the same old behaviors of self-indulgence. I just convinced myself it was okay because I was a kid. It was just a victim of my hormonal swings.

Perhaps, my hormones had something to play in the very beginning. I defended my bad decisions. I defended thinking with my dick. I just convinced myself I was a teenager, so there was no helping it. Perhaps I was always just lying to myself. I needed to start taking responsibility for my actions. The truth was, I’m just a horny guy who likes to fuck lots of hot women!

As Faeri lowered herself on my cock, I wanted it. I wanted to taste her! Even with my sister in captivity, I couldn’t stop myself from wanting to try more pussy. That’s the kind of man I was. I was the kind of man who, while searching for his missing sister, would eat a strange girl’s pussy and then fuck her kidnapper! This didn’t mean I didn’t care about Hannah, but given the situation, it wasn’t like I had a choice. I could either sit back and cry over being taken advantage of, or I could take pleasure when pleasure was offered. I chose the latter, to take control of this situation.

“Aiiii!” I reached out and grabbed Faeri’s hips, then pushed her body down, impaling her on my cock.

She let out a shocked cry as I forced my dick into her tight body. Her pussy felt hot, wet, and smooth. I immediately pulled her towards me, biting her neck with my teeth. She cried out again and resisted for a second, fear and regret flashing in her eyes. However, she couldn’t fight against me now that she had fallen in my grip. I bit hard enough to cause her pain, but I wasn’t looking to injure her. Instead, my tongue flicked furiously against her neck and I sucked loudly.

“Too rough…” Faeri panted with what I could see of her face contorted in pain as she started to realize my intentions were dangerous, but I ignored her words.

If she wanted to fuck, she was going to fuck on my terms, and I decided not to go gentle on the woman who had imprisoned my sister. I bit harder, eliciting a moan from her, and then picked her up, pushing her down on to the cold floor. Faeri didn’t resist at all as I got on top of her and started fucking her. I may not be able to use her to escape, but at this moment, I’d use her for my own satisfaction.

“Ahh… ahhhnn… hah…” Faeri let out cute noises under me as I enjoyed her body.

My brain felt somewhat numb. Thinking about Hannah, or the fact that I was chained to the wall, or about when someone would come to rescue me, all of that was too difficult to think about. Instead, all I had to think about was the warmth of her body and the smooth feel of her skin in the dark. I could listen to the moans she made, ruined only a bit by the voice modulator around her neck. I wanted to kiss her on the lips. I moved forward to grab the mask, but her hands reached up and grabbed my wrists instantly, not allowing me to do so.

Her eyes held a strange light as if even she was regretful that she wasn’t taking it off, but she wouldn’t budge her hands no matter how forceful I tried to be, so I gave up, attacking her breasts with my tongue and fingers instead. Using my hands, I squeezed them together, nipping and licking both nipples aggressively in the dark.

My hips rocked as I thrust into the beautiful girl in my arms. I couldn’t see her face, but I could feel her body. Her heart was racing. I could feel it beating in her chest, pressed up against my ears. I could feel her gasping, hot air blowing down the back of my head after each thrust of my hips. I could feel her body writhe under me, adjusting and moving with my thrusts as I fucked her. Her pussy was inviting and hot. She smelled sweet like candy.

I lost track of how long I thrust into her in the dark as she clung onto me tightly. Our bodies turned completely sweaty as time went on, our panting becoming rugged as we worked against and with each other. The feel of this woman under me, her smell, her taste, it brought me into a euphoric trance that just went on and on.

I didn’t know if it was the adrenaline from being captured, the stress of the last few days, or a subconscious disgust over the woman under me, but I was able to go longer and harder than ever before. With Mom, I barely lasted a few minutes. With Faeri under me, it felt like we just kept going. My urge to quickly cum was overridden from my need to pound this girl like an obsession. My hips moved rhythmically, filling her up over and over again, never thinking about the end, only enjoying the moment.

Her hands glided over my sweaty back. My hands glided over her sweaty, naked body. The smell of her sweet sex, the soft mechanical noises of her moans, the feel of her pussy. We fucked on and on. It felt like it lasted hours.

“Ahn… I’m cumming again…” Faeri’s voice was soft. “I can’t take any more… Brother is too much…”

All of her movements were soft. From the moment I pushed her down, the sadistic crazy woman seemed to be replaced once again with someone completely unrecognizable. Perhaps this was some alternate personality? I didn’t even mind her calling me Brother.

“I’m almost done,” I murmured in her ear, kissing it and causing the girl to gasp while tightening her grip on my arms.

“Don’t cum in me,” she breathed. “Not yet. Ah!”

As soon as she said this, I started picking up the pace, giving Faeri hard jackhammer movements as I plowed her pussy. I could feel her cumming around me, and the effect of her incredible body and the strange connection that we seemed to share built me to my breaking point.

“Ahhhh…” I let out a moan.

“Outside… take it out…” Faeri hit my arms.

I grabbed her hips and forced myself deep inside her. Immediately, my penis began to cum deep inside her womb. She let out a cry as she felt the warm seed burst out. Naturally, I did it because she told me not to! This was the only level of vengeance I could take on the woman at this particular moment. However, she didn’t resist or push me away. Instead, she held me tightly, even cumming again herself as she felt it fill her womb.

“Ahn… it’s inside. You… naughty boy… I said not to. I could get pregnant.” Faeri panted in a displeased voice, her head falling back as her body finally started to relax.

She had been clinging tightly to me for nearly an hour. At this moment, all the exhaustion and soreness from fucking on a concrete floor hit the both of us.

“I just gave you what you wanted? Didn’t you want my seed? Have a baby?” I teased the woman under me.

“Nn… not me. For… others…” Faeri spoke those words very lightly, and a moment later her eyes closed.

Did… did she seriously just fall asleep in my arms? This woman truly lacked any preservation at all. Now that my own brain was starting to work and I had released my desires on this woman, I was starting to think about using her as a hostage again. Of course, I was not even sure If I was strong enough to restrain her, let alone make a trade for my sister. If I miscalculated, it could mean major retaliation.

As I thought about what to do with this sleeping person in my arms, my eyes wandered down her body. She had a tattoo of a primrose on the lower corner of her hip. That must be some kind of means of identifying fellow gang members. My fingers traced her lovely body, goosebumps following my fingertips as I guided them down her perfect body.

My hands pulled back in shock when I noticed something sticky and dark on Faeri’s leg. I immediately touched my own penis and felt something similar before I put my hand up to my eyes. There was a distinct iron smell emanating from the dark stuff. It was clearly blood. That would mean that Faeri was a virgin, or very nearly one. Just who was this woman who gave her virginity to me five minutes after we met?

I reached up to grab the mask, my fingers tangling through her midnight black hair. My hand barely touched the edge when her hand sprang up and caught my wrist.

“No peeking…” The girl said, pulling out of my arms and finally standing up.

She grabbed her robes and threw them back over her shoulders while I remained lying on the cold cement floor. I didn’t try to grab her anymore. I could only stare in wonder.

“So, did you enjoy your sister Faeri?” She asked teasingly as she dressed.

“Why did you do this?” I asked.

“Why not? I already pegged you for a siscon. Why else would you have come so far?” Faeri asked as she turned and walked to the door. She stopped right at the door, only tilting back with her head. “I wouldn’t look forward to rescue. The abandoned factory address you were given is just a front. The police will find nothing there. However, you’ve pleased me. I’ll show you your precious Hannah tomorrow. I’ll put you in a cell right next to her even, so she can always see… how you treat your sisters. If you continue to please me, I might even release her, eventually. However, you… you’re mine now.”

“And who are you?” I demanded, finally sitting up.

“I’m just a girl from another world,” she responded.

The color left my face as the door opened and closed, cutting me off in the darkness.

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