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I slept that night hunched over in a partial sitting position. That would be the first time this body had ever slept on something that wasn’t a bed. Suffice it to say, I was stiff in all the wrong places. The previous night, I had been left alone after Faeri left. I had considered her final words when she left a million times, and a small fire had started to burn in my chest over the only meaning I could consider. Another world! Faeri was from another world!

“Brother… Brother… wake up…”

However, as my consciousness returned, I realized that I was no longer on the concrete floor. Furthermore, the voice I heard was one I recognized. It was Hannah’s familiar voice, light and airy. My eyes snapped open. Looking around, I could see that I was on a mattress with sheets and everything. I was in a room much smaller than the last one. My hands and arms were no longer chained. However, I could see only one exit. That exit happened to be another solid door with a bared over window.

I painfully stood up, stretching out my accumulated aches from the day with a light groan. Someone must have moved me into this jail cell while I was sleeping. My stomach chose this moment to start growling, and I realized I hadn’t eaten since the Primrose gang had kidnapped me.

“Brother… are you okay…”

My eyes snapped to the source of those words, which were coming from outside my cell. I immediately stood up and stumbled over to the door, grabbing the cell bars to keep myself from falling over. The window outside of this room was only about two feet by two feet, and all I could see outside of it was another cell, with its own two feet by two feet window. However, within that other cell was Hannah. Hannah was clinging to her bars in the cell across from mine, her face pressed as far as it could go while she stood on her tippy toes.

When her eyes landed on me, they shone with relief. “Brother!”

“Hannah!” I called out, trying to stick my arm out the window between the bars, which didn’t quite have enough space.

Hannah did the same, but the hallway was too wide and we couldn’t touch. We were nearly three feet short of touching each other. There wasn’t even a chance.

“You came…” Hannah looked down, her face hidden behind her door so I couldn’t see her expression.

“I’m sorry, Hannah…” I responded. “I’m sorry you were kidnapped. This is Brother’s fault. Brother will fix this.”

“I… I told them your name…” Hannah’s voice was soft.

“I don’t blame you, Hannah…” I tried to reassure my sister. “I… I’m sorry.”

“It’s my fault…”

“No, Hannah… it’s not. It’s mine,” I sighed, turning and pressing my head on the door. “I… should have shown you how much I loved you. I’m sorry I made you feel unimportant to me. I love you, Hannah. Do you understand? I’m going to take care of you.”

“Mm…” Hannah’s voice sounded like it broke behind the door, and I heard a light sob.

“H-Hannah? Please don’t cry. Are you hurt?”

“N-no…” Hannah murmured. “J-just happy.”

I let out a breath of relief. Even though we were still in this situation, I instantly felt a million times better. I had seen my sister. She was okay. I had given her my apology, and she didn’t hate me. It might be a few days before we were rescued. Faeri said it wasn’t going to happen, but I had to have faith in Brooke. Brooke would come to save me. Upon reflection, I realized how flimsy my plan really was. However, had I not come, the alternative was worse.

“Isn’t that sweet…” A familiar raspy voice suddenly caused my skin to crawl.

I turned to look out the cell, and Hannah did the same. Between our two cells, a person walked down the hallway. It was Faeri, she seemed angry about something as she looked between the two of us. Suddenly, she reached in and grabbed Hannah’s cheeks.

“Hannah!” I let out a shout as Hannah cried out.

“Brother and sister, united!” Faeri pinched Hannah’s cheeks before pushing her away.

Hannah glared back, rubbing her cheeks.

“Leave Hannah alone. You have me now!” I hit the bars causing a metal reverberation as if to punctuate my point.

“Yes…” Faeri raised an eyebrow while still looking at Hannah. “I have had him. I tasted him before you did, how does that feel, Hannah?”

Hannah’s face flashed a second with rage, then she looked away with a blush.

“Hannah…” My voice broke, not finding a way to defend myself.

I fucked Faeri for Hannah? Even if it was true, those weren’t words I felt like I could say. It certainly wouldn’t make Hannah feel better.

“Faeri… we need to talk.” I changed what I was going to say. “About what you said last night…”

“Oh?” Faeri looked over at me, seemingly disinterested. “And what was that?”

“I know…” I said, looking up at her. “I know who you are.”

“Oh!” The sound was Hannah, who immediately ran to the door, staring in wonder at my words.

Meanwhile, Faeri seemed frozen solid, as if I had pulled a rug right out from under her. I became more confident based on her reactions. However, this wasn’t something I could say to Hannah. I needed to speak with Faeri privately.

“I… really doubt that…” Faeri spoke slowly.

“I know you’re not who people think you are.” I went for broke. “I know your identity is a lie, and that you’re pretending to be someone else.”

Faeri turned back and looked at Hannah, who was still standing there wide-eyed, before taking a step forward and unlocking my door. She immediately stepped into my cell and pulled me away from Hannah. Like me, it was clear that it was something she didn’t want Hannah to know. I followed Faeri into the corner of the room, my heartbeat nearly bursting out of my chest as I considered finally talking to someone from another world.

“There is no way you know who I am,” Faeri cursed. “You know nothing about me.”

“I know you come from another world. I know you’re pretending to be someone else. I know we had sex. I know you were a virgin before we… ahem…”

“Stop!” Faeri held up her hand, after a second, she sighed and lifted her hand to her mask, pulling it slowly off her face, shaking her brunette hair.

My eyes widened at the sight. The person standing before me was the last person I ever expected to see. I couldn’t even speak, I was so completely shocked.

“So, you do recognize me…” The girl said, even though it still got converted into the raspy voice, seeing her face relaxed me a bit. “Well, it’s not surprising. You never forget your first, do you?”

That was the woman in front of me. She may not have been as otherworldly beautiful like my Mom and my sisters, but she was extremely pretty. She was a pretty girl who my Mom had hired as a maid. She had been selected to be my partner. Had things gone according to plan, we might very well be having a healthy sexual relationship right now. However, she raped me, and that was the day my memories returned and everything went to hell.

“How?” I asked, forgetting my thoughts about another world.

The girl straightened her back. “After your Mom kicked me out of the house, I had nowhere to go. I desperately tried to get my brother to have me again. I actually broke into a club for men to find him. I begged him on my knees for his seed. And so… he delivered… he… and every other guy in the club.”

I turned my head away as the woman called Faeri stared at me with a wry smile, only managing to mutter. “I’m… sorry…”

“Don’t be… at the time I gladly did it. I let nearly twenty men do whatever they wanted to me all night. Even as they put out cigarettes on my skin and made me drink cups of piss, I told myself if I got pregnant, it’d be all worth it.”

“I… take it you didn’t get pregnant.”

She laughed. “After I passed out, they forced a day-after pill down my throat. Just to be cruel. They threw me out on the street naked, covered in cum, and bleeding from my crotch. I still bleed when it’s too rough. That’s the men of this world. That’s you…”

“I… never would have thrown you ou-” I remembered the blood on my fingers that night, and couldn’t continue.

“Shut up!” She screamed. “You’re no better! You’re just another man! Another disgusting man!”

“I’m different!” I stood up.

“If you’re so different, tell me… Clyburn, what’s my name?”

I froze. I had heard the name once. What was her name? It was… T… T something. Tiffany? Tiana? Tanya?

“Exactly…” She snorted, looking away with disgust. “It doesn’t matter, my name is Faeri now. I found someone soon after. I found a girl who reached out and saved me when I needed it the most. I found a new family, here with the Primrose. I became the Faeri…”

She stopped, her lips twisting for a second, her head shaking as she looked at me with a complicated expression that told me nothing.

“What about me?” I asked, “You want my seed? Making it a gang reward? Or perhaps you just want to sell it on the black market? Take it… I don’t care… take it. You can sell enough until you’re rich. You can impregnate every Primrose. I’ll knock you up myself, I’ll participate. Just let my sister go.”

“She’s just a sister! Brother never cared about me! Admit it! You don’t give a shit about her!” Faeri rounded on me angrily.

“I will do anything for her.” I stared up at Faeri obstinately.

“You keep saying that…” Faeri gave an amused smile. “Let’s put it to the test.”

“What’s that mean?”

“This is the last time you’ll see me without my mask.” Faeri picked up her mask and put it back on, heading for the door. “It was Tinya… by the way. That was the name of an innocent girl who just wanted her brother’s love. She died.”

“If you’re my sister… then… that means… a brother?” I forced the words out.

Faeri stopped for a second at the door.

“I’m actually the younger sister. Brother had a different father. He was a friend of Noah’s. Noah fucked my mom and made me as some kind of vengeance. That’s why Brother never gave a shit about me. Even though we were raised together, I’m just a half-sister.”

Instantly, the man that raped my mother came into my mind. Did that mean that Madison had another brother? My heart suddenly hurt at the thought of sharing Madison.  Tinya… or should I call her Faeri, opened the door and stepped out. She gave Hannah a twisted grin and a nod before turning and walking down the hallway.

Sometime later, two plates of food were slid under the door, but by the time I checked to see who had come, they were gone. I had been so shocked that Faeri was Tinya, that I hadn’t even asked her about coming from another world. Was it true that the maid who brought me to this world was a reincarnator of her own? Maybe that’s what caused me to regain my memory in the first place. When a reincarnator fucks another reincarnator, does that trigger their memories to return?

I took my plate, but Hannah had seemed to wrap herself up on her bed and gone to sleep. Hannah always was a sleepyhead that spent every day in her room. It wasn’t surprising that even here, or perhaps especially here, she’d spend her time sleeping. Just having her across from me was enough that I was able to relax. I sat on my mattress and quickly stuffed down the food. It wasn’t rotten or disgusting. At least, these Primrose’s wanted to take care of me a little. We wouldn’t be starved or exposed to death… at least, as long as I cooperated.

The lights in the hallways and my cell suddenly went out. It had been a few hours since we had eaten, but it couldn’t possibly be night time already.

“Hannah!” I called out, moving to the door.

“B-brother, what’s going on?” I heard from outside my window. I looked out into the darkness, but I couldn’t see into Hannah’s cell.

I tried to focus my eyes harder when a face suddenly jumped into my view causing me to flinch. “Boo!”

I let out a curse. “Damn it, Faeri!”

Faeri let out a laugh as she unlocked my cell and pushed her way inside. “You should have seen the look on your face!”

“What are you doing here?” I demanded, shooting my eyes over at Hannah’s cell.

She had gone quiet once Faeri showed up, clearly becoming scared. I wanted to comfort her, but I was afraid of causing Faeri to show interest in Hannah again. Thus, the only thing I could do was sit back and humor the deranged woman. In the lack of lighting, Faeri took on a darker persona. She seemed sort of bubbly and vivacious. I started to wonder if she had some kind of split personality, a light side, and a dark side. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she was schizophrenic.

“I want you, right now,” Faeri demanded.

My eyes widened as Faeri’s clothing fell to the ground once again. “You… my sister…”

Faeri’s smile grew malicious. “Take me right here.”

She stood at the door, popping out her very nice ass at me teasingly while she grabbed the bars and looked out it. “Oh, Hannah, I’m about to have your brother fuck me… do listen carefully.”

“You sick bitch…” I shook my head disgustedly.

Faeri frowned. “You said you’d do anything for her! If you don’t… maybe I’ll just stop feeding her for a while.”

My body shook for a second, and I considered hitting Faeri. If I knocked her down, I could escape with my sister instantly. My eyes flickered to the clothing that was lying on the ground right next to me. Faeri seemed to pick up on it instantly.

“Hahahaha… I wouldn’t try that.” Faeri moved her tongue, and a second later there was a flash of silver in her mouth which turned out to be a key. “If you do anything I don’t like, I’ll swallow it and then we’re both stuck in here. It won’t unlock her cage anyway, so unless you want to lose your sister forever, you better give her a good show…”

Faeri turned and stuck her tongue out through the bars, seemingly making an obscene gesture at my sister. I turned away, my entire body shaking with anger. It was easier last night when it was just Faeri and me. Things changed now. Now, I knew my sister was alright. I just needed to buy some time until the police came.

“Clyburn… it’s alright. Just… do what she asks. I know you’re doing it for me.” Hannah’s voice came from behind me.

She spoke clearly, her voice seeming to reverberate off the walls. I wasn’t the only one battling here. My gentle Hannah was fighting in her own way. It wasn’t our fault that we had to deal with someone like Faeri, who seemed to want to drive a wedge between me and my sister. However, with those words, my frustration left me, and I calmed down quite a bit.

I turned back to see Faeri looking at me, still in position. She shrugged and grinned.

“It’s sister approved!” Faeri declared.  “Two out of two sisters want my pussy fucked!”

I walked up to Faeri and grabbed her butt in my hands. She was, after all, a beautiful woman. Tinya’s face was very pretty, if not beautiful. However, her body was out of this world. I wished I had remembered how wonderful her body was when she had taken my virginity a year ago. Well, at the time things were still a little blurry. She must have filled out very nicely over the last year. It was hard to believe that year was filled with strife. Her smooth skin didn’t look like the skin of a woman tortured by her brother and his boys. Then again, that could have been a lie. This was Faeri, after all. How much of what she said had any truth?

Of course, her naked body was enough to bring me erect, so I pulled out my erect penis and lined it up with Faeri from behind. Like before, I shoved it right into her. I didn’t really care if she bled. I couldn’t bring myself to be gentle on the hateful woman.

“Ahn… aaa… aaa…” Faeri moaned, pressing herself against the door as I fucked her against it.

Her moans rang into the hallway, and directly into Hannah’s room. Of course, I knew Hannah could hear everything. It was one thing having her walk in on me with Madison, but it was quite another forcing her to listen to me have sex with this woman. Even so, I couldn’t stop my hands from wandering all over her body. She really was perfect. About the only imperfection was a bruised hickey on her neck, the same one I had given her the previous night.

“Ha-ha-hannah…” Faeri suddenly moaned out. “Your brother… he’s fucking me, Hannah. Ah! Hahahaha, Brother just spanked my ass!”

Rather than the desired effect, me slapping her ass only caused Faeri to describe more of the perverted scenes over to Hannah.

“He’s making me so wet, Hannah, it’s dripping down my legs! Your brother’s cock is so big! Are you touching yourself right now, listening to us? I bet you are!”

Her words were provocative and cruel, but in a twisted way, they seemed to excite me too. I became stuck in a web of disgust and arousal. Being forced to do this in front of my sister, of course, was repulsive, but at the same time, it was really hot. I had intended to force myself into a quick orgasm to get this over with, but just as the night before, I found myself unable to cum easily. Thus, our fornication kept going on. I sped up my thrusting as fast as I could manage, my cock slamming roughly into Faeri over and over again, desperately trying to bring myself to orgasm. This made the sex sound wet and noisy, especially in the dark, empty cellblock. I was using Faeri’s body aggressively, and the woman herself seemed to love every second of it.

“Ahhhn… Ahhnnn… c-cumming! I’m cumming!” Faeri cried out.

I squeezed my hands tighter, frustrated that I kept making her cum. I didn’t want Faeri to enjoy it so much. I didn’t want my sister to listen to a hot sex scene. If anything, I wanted my sister to hear lousy sex. However, between the sounds of my cock slipping into her from behind wetly, the rattling of the cell bars, and the orgasmic noises coming from Faeri’s throat, the lewd sounds filled the dark hallway.

Finally, I found a spot where I felt my cumming was soon. However, it was also a spot that seemed to do it for Faeri, who made louder and louder moaning noises, as if to taunt me for daring to get off on her body.

“C-c-Clyburn!” Faeri moaned. “Say ‘Hannah’.”

My dick slowed for a second, my mouth falling open. “Wh-what?”

“Hahaha…” Faeri let out a laugh. “I just realized it’d be hilarious. Say her name! Say your sister’s name while you cum into me. In fact, tell her how much you love her.”


“Do… do it! I said, do it! H-Hannah will like it too!”

I sincerely doubted that, but I had no choice at that point. I started to thrust into her harder and harder right in that spot. Faeri’s body shook as she climaxed, but I started to as well.

“Hannah!” I moaned as my cock pounded into Faeri. “I love you, Hannah! Hannah… ah… I’m cumming.”

“Cum!” Faeri cried. “Cum for Hannah, Cum in me for Hannah.”

“Ahn… I … love… Hannah!” I cried, suddenly pulling out and giving a few yanks until my cock exploded.

Cum shot up, striking Faeri’s ass. The cumshot was amazing, shooting up her back and nearly reaching Faeri’s hair. Sex with Faeri was always incredible, and my cock seemed to agree, throbbing out massive gobs of cum all over her backside. Faeri was busy cumming too, her entire body shaking and threatening to buckle. Liquid ran down her leg in droves with a very little bit of blood mixed in. Faeri could only just helplessly keep herself standing as I painted her backside in white. Even though it was dark, standing there with her beautiful smooth behind covered in white stuff dripping down her, it was an incredibly erotic scene. Had this been someone else, like Madison or Mom, I would have taken her for a second round just because of the sight.

“You didn’t cum in me…” Faeri gave me a glare, her lips pouty.

“I thought you didn’t want to get pregnant?” I responded mischievously.

“Ooo…” Faeri shook her head, putting her hands on her hips and looking like a spoiled child who didn’t get her way. “From now on, cum in me! It’s cold and it’s running down, I don’t like!”

I held out my hands and shrugged. “Of course, my Faeri.”

Faeri froze for a second, narrowed her eyes, and with a harrumph, put her dress back on and left my cell, slamming it. She gave me one last glare before walking away. She seemed to be walking weird. I realized quickly it was because she had cum running all up to her back and she could feel it pressing on her dress.

I let out an evil chuckle. A few minutes later the lights turned back on.

“B-brother…” A light voice sent me back to the door, and I could see Hannah on the other side again.

I let out a breath of relief. “Hannah… I’m sorry. That was…”

“You didn’t need to be so rough with her…” Hannah blushed, looking away.

“Ah! I’m sorry it was so loud!” I cringed inwardly.

I was trying to punish Faeri by being rough, but it was Hannah who had to listen to the noises and Faeri’s taunts. To Hannah, this whole thing probably sounded very profane.

“I-it’s okay… I know Brother is doing it for me… it…” Hannah’s face went even redder as she remembered me cumming while saying I loved her.

“Hannah! About that, she made me say it.”

“I-I know… so brother doesn’t really…”

“No!” I protested before she could come up with a justification, “I meant it… I just thought the first time I said those words… it’d be while I was cumming in… you…”

“Brother!” Hannah grabbed her chest and turned away, hiding her body and face behind the door.

“H-Hannah?” I asked, only to be met with silence and what sounded like heavy breathing coming from behind her door, causing me to think of a question that made my mouth widen in a grin. “My little Hannah, it couldn’t be that Faeri was right, was she? Hannah wasn’t masturbatin-”

“Ah!” There was a shout behind the door and a tearful response. “How could brother say that?”

“So, sister did…” I sighed.

“Brother! It-it… there was the noises and Brother’s voice moaning, and then you kept moaning my name and then you said I love you; it wasn’t fair! How could you expect me not to-”

“Shit, Hannah really did do it?” I nearly tripped.

I was just teasing her to try to keep her morale up. I expected her to tearfully deny it. I never expected her to actually admit she had been touching herself while I was fucking Faeri. I could only stare in a daze as I pictured the erotic scene again, imagining Hannah playing with herself while I moaned her name. My cock was instantly back to full staff, but there was no one to fuck now.

“St-stupid brother!” Hannah shouted before hiding out of sight back under her blanket.

Well, I could only say one thing to the current situation. I had done this to myself.

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