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“I kept a pair of your underwear, you know?” I suddenly said.

“Eh? Wh-what!?” Faeri moved in a cute flustered way.

It was a few days later, and the rescue hadn’t come. Faeri had stopped by again for sex. Every day she’d come. This time she rode on top of me on the mattress.  I suspected one of the only reasons I had been given a mattress was so that Faeri didn’t have to do it on the floor anymore. Like every other time, Faeri had turned off the lights. Given how lewd she was, I was a little surprised that she was so shy. However, I knew girls in the past who’d only get naked in the dark. Faeri just happened to be one of them.

Our first time at the mansion could be called an anomaly. We had both been clothed and it was done in her desperation and my confusion. That was the old Tinya. Faeri, on the other hand, was a mischievous and cute girl. I never forgot that she had put my sister and me in this situation, but for some reason, I felt comfortable lying next to her naked. Strangely, the fact that Hannah was nearby started to be more of a comfort than a distress. Of course, she listened in on our fornication, but she remained quiet while we did stuff and wouldn’t admit to me if she touched herself again.

“The first time we had sex, Tinya, in the mansion… you left your panties behind. I kept them.”

“What? Oh… she’s dead. Just call me Faeri,” Faeri turned her head and looked pouty, after a moment adding. “You shouldn’t do things like that.”

“Oh? And why not? They’re proof that I took you, and you’re mine.”

“Ah!” Faeri grew even more flustered when I grabbed her and kissed her again.

Her hickey on her shoulder was only now starting to turn purple. It was still a big ugly bruise. When I finally lied back after squeezing her for a bit and making her even more flustered, my expression turned serious.

“What did you mean when you said you came from another world?” I asked seriously, my voice lower so Hannah couldn’t hear.

Faeri looked at me for a moment before turning away, speaking just as quietly. “It’s a secret…”

I got up on my knees, looking over Faeri as she tried to avoid my looks, “A world where men and women are born equally?”

Faeri shot me a look, her eyes widening in surprise. I immediately laughed in relief.

“I knew it! You’re from another world, like me…” I sighed, pulling my head back. “It was the day we had sex… a bit over a year ago. That’s when my memory came back, my memories of home. Of a world completely different than this one. A world without demon lords, where men and women were equal. I didn’t ever think I’d find someone like me.”

“You’re… from another world…” Faeri’s words came out slowly, “Like me?”

I nodded excitedly. “I’ve felt so alone since I’ve been here. Mom… um… Morgan… she keeps me stuck in the Mansion all day. Every day, all day… it’s all I see. Maybe if I had grown up that way, I’d be used to it, but for someone from another world, it’s like a cage, you know? It’s probably one of the reasons I started a sexual relationship with her… I just… I had nothing, right?”

Faeri reached and grabbed my arm, squeezing it for a second. Her eyes growing teary with complex emotions. Her entire body was shaking. I didn’t know if it was from shock or excitement.

“I… didn’t know… if I knew…” Faeri shook her head as her mind was muddled.

“You don’t need to apologize,” I turned away. “I understand why you did what you did. This world must be maddening. You know, guys from my world fantasize about this kind of thing. Women everywhere. It’s the dream… but I hate it here. I hate the way women look at me. I hate the way people use me. I hate how freaking broken this world is. This place is a prison. I guess that’s why I’m so calm given the situation. I traded one prison for another. The other world wasn’t much better, but it was still better than this.”

“This…is a prison?” Faeri suddenly sat up, looking away from me.

“Yeah, what did you think this was? Did you think I’d be happy in your cell? Did you think I’d be happy without my family?”

“Mo-morgan?” Faeri asked, her voice cold.

“Hannah too…”

Faeri’s eyes flashed, turning to the door.

“B-but… us… the love…”

Faeri’s expression was strangely hurt. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She was truly a crazy woman.

“What? Did you think just hearing my sister’s voice is enough? Every day you come here, that Hannah has to hear us… it hurts me.” My face turned incredulous as I stared at Faeri. “How could you think what we have… is anything…”

Faeri silently stood and started redressing. I watched her wonderingly as she seemed to not be meeting my eyes. Nothing I said should have been a surprise to her. Should I have just lied? Maybe that was it. Faeri surrounded herself in lies. Her brother had rejected her, so now she sought to make me her new brother. She just pretended I wasn’t locked in a cell. She pretended she wasn’t keeping my sister hostage. All of this was just to convince herself that she was loved. It was pitiful, but I couldn’t bring myself to back off on what I said.

“Faeri?” I asked, feeling my heart beat strangely.

Faeri didn’t answer as she finished getting dressed. However, when she reached the door, she stopped and looked back.

“You’re not alone… anymore. I… I’ll… free you from this prison. I’m… I’ll fix this…”

I frowned as she opened the door and walked off. I could hear her footsteps resound down the hallway. That was a weird comment. I didn’t really understand what she meant. A few minutes later, the light turned back on and I blinked a few times to the new light. Still clinging to the doorway, I lowered my head and sighed, contemplating what to do next. 

“Brother, catch!” Hannah’s face was red, turning away from her door instantly as she hid back under her blanket.

I panicked and immediately stuck out my arms, barely catching the thing that my sister had suddenly thrown at me from across the hall. Was it some way to escape? Had she worked something out? I quickly brought the thing into the cell with me. It was some kind of cloth. Was it a map?

I unfolded it and looked to see a thin pink thing in my hands with a little bow on the front. They were, without any question of a doubt, Hannah’s panties.

“Ha-Hannah?” I called out, looking at the girl across the hallway.

“I-I haven’t been able to change underwear in four days. Th-they’re a bit ripe. I-is that preferable for Brother?”


Hannah had thrown me her panties. No, she had thrown me her only pair of panties. That meant that Hannah… absolutely wasn’t wearing panties right now! I carefully folded the panties and put them in my pocket. What? If I tried to throw them back, there was a chance I’d miss and then no one would have the panties. Since that was my concern, naturally, I would hold on to them until I could hand them back in person. There was nothing perverted about this at all!

Rather, I went back to sit down on the bed. Time passed by slowly. The food still came as usual, but after 24 hours, Faeri hadn’t returned. I was starting to grow impatient. Hannah has said practically nothing. She just remained hidden in her blankets, and only occasionally answered me when I called for her.

It was starting to grow dark on our sixth night when the door to my cell suddenly opened. I was just starting to drift off to sleep when I was suddenly jarred awake. It wasn’t just because Faeri had shown up, but because she wasn’t the only one. There were about six other girls as well. They didn’t wear masks like Faeri, so I could see their faces. At least half of them looked to be black or Latino. All of the girls looked like rough women, although they ranged from pretty to smoking hot. Interestingly enough, there were no ugly girls present.

“What? What’s going on?” I asked.

Faeri moved up to me. “Come along, Clyburn. It’s time for the test I promised you.”

“Test?” I went through my brain, trying to think of what Faeri meant.

Finally, I remembered she had mentioned a test on what I’d do for Hannah. Hadn’t she already been testing me? Over the last week, she had fucked me in Hannah’s presence nearly every day. I can’t imagine any test more brutal than that. However, my relationship with Hannah was still strong. Maybe, they were going to make it worst.

“Brother!” Hannah grabbed my arm as the pair of us were pulled out of the cells and marched down the hall next to each other.

“It’s okay, Hannah.” I tried to reassure her, even though I had no clue what was happening either.

I tried to relate what I had said to Faeri about being from another world to what was happening now, and nothing came to mind. I was completely lost as to what Faeri wanted.

We ended up being escorted into a large warehouse-like room. There were at least thirty women present. It was noisy, like an arena. They were all watching the pair of us escorted out. It was like one of those movies where the gang members are holding a meeting right before the hero jumps in and fights the boss. It immediately made my skin crawl.

“Faeri… what’s going on?” I demanded.

“I said, a test.”

“What do I get if I pass?” I asked.

She gave me a dark smile before turning away. She walked up to a small stage which held a fold-out chair and then sat on it. Meanwhile, many of the other girls were crying out. Most of what they shouted were unintelligible, but a few things were quite obscene.

“Give it to her!”

“Crunch that pussy!”

“Ahhh… Brother!” My eyes shot to my sister, who was being pulled away by three women.

I immediately moved to follow her, but someone kicked me in the back of the knee, causing me to fall onto the concrete hard. I tried to stand up, but I felt three women push down on me, keeping me from moving. For not the first time, I found myself wishing I had worked out more. Women in this world were not particularly stronger than women in my previous world. It was my own lack of initiative that kept me from making use of my testosterone and growing some muscles.

Thus, I could only watch on helplessly as my sister was dragged over to a bed. She was immediately tied to the bed, her arm and her feet to each of the bedposts until she was straddled across the bed. My heart began to sink as I got a bad feeling about this.

“Fuck her! Fuck her!” Several of the women were crying out.

A moment later, a guy stepped into view from someplace deeper in the warehouse. My eyes widened at the first man I had ever seen. He was a big muscular guy who was twice my size. He had short blond hair and a chiseled face.

“No… no!” The blood drained from my face as I saw this monster approaching my sister.

In a burst of adrenaline, I lunged forward, pulling from the three women’s grips. I turned and kicked one of the women, before lunging forward. Faeri rose in her chair, her eyes surprised as I fell forward. However, I only made it about five feet before five more women piled on top of me and forced me back to my knees. At this point, the muscular man had made it to the bed.

“Faeri!” I shouted, as Faeri looked away and ignored me. “Don’t do this! I’ll never forgive you!”

“Fuck her! Fuck her!” The women shouted.

The man ripped off his pants. The women started shouting in a roar. That’s when I noticed something off about this man. That was, he was wearing a strap-on. I had to look two more times to realize that where a dick was supposed to be was a vagina. This wasn’t a man, but a very butch woman! This did not make me feel any better though, as she still planned to fuck my sister!

“No! No… please no! Save me, Clyburn!” Hannah started to panic with tears coming from her eyes as the muscular woman approached her.

She wore a cruel look in her eyes, and she held the dildo cock in her hand as if she had grown accustomed to it. The thing wasn’t any bigger than my own, but it looked a tad small in this big woman’s hands. I once again tried to fight, but I could feel my shoulder tearing, and instead of escaping, I was rewarded only with pain. Either way, I shouted over and over again.

“Stop! Stop, you fuckers! Don’t touch my sister!”

Just as the muscular woman put her knee on the bed, Faeri raised her hand. The screaming suddenly stopped as if it had all been rehearsed. My voice was hoarse, and I couldn’t bring myself to shout again as the warehouse of nearly thirty women went dead quiet.

“Today… we have with us a woman…”

“Booo!” Several women started shouting.

“Fucking trash!” Another added.

“A woman… who has broken the covenants of Primrose!”



I frowned over this farce of a trial. What covenants has Hannah broken? She’s not a part of Faeri’s stupid gang. This whole thing was another excuse for Faeri to screw with me some more.

“Therefore…” Faeri held up her hand. “The punishment… is Violation!”

“Whooo, fuck her!”

“Tear her open, Matty!”

“Ladies… ladies… the rules are the rules. A violator must be violated, must be exposed for the whore she is… in front of the entire gang! However, the rules don’t state who the violator must be.”

These words caused some confusion among the ranks, some murmuring in the background.

Faeri continued. “Matty is a great violator, having torn open many traitors. However, on this particular occasion, we have a man present. A man, as it turns out, that is her own brother!”

The murmuring grew louder.

“I propose that he deal out the punishment. Let all of us see what this… man… has to offer us.”

A few girls seemed to be confused, others nodding with grins, and a few outright angry. I was suddenly dragged to my feet and shoved forward, stumbling several steps toward the bed before I got my feet under me. I immediately shot a glare at Faeri.

“What the hell is your game, Faeri?”

Faeri gave a slight shrug. “It’s simple? Fuck your virgin sister, right here, in front of all of us… or Matty will do it for you.”

Matty grinned, turning and bouncing her fake cock in her hands. She really had no breasts of any kind, and truly tried to look like a man. She was a transsexual or I’d eat my hat. I glanced down at my sister, who was crying and still trying to pull on the restraints that held her.

“Hannah…” I sighed.

Hannah blushed and turned her head. “It’s… okay… if it’s Brother. I… won’t mind it!”

I nodded to Hannah and looked back at Faeri. “If I do this…”

Faeri waved her hand. “Yes, yes… this is the exit ceremony for all Primrose. Although Hannah’s situation is… unique… the girls will release her once she follows the code. As for you… don’t hold your breath.”

I nodded in acceptance. Perhaps this truly was the best Faeri could do for me. If I slept with Hannah, then I could get Hannah away. They might end up moving me immediately after or something, but at least Hannah would be safe. I’m sure my family would keep looking for me. Even if they couldn’t find me, none of the women here were ugly. I didn’t hate having sex with Faeri. It’s just one prison for another. At least the perks of this prison weren’t undesirable as long as I didn’t have to satisfy Matty.

“Hannah…” I said, walking up to the bed.

There were over two dozen other women watching us, which made this whole thing really awkward. Sex usually came so naturally, but as I stared down at my tied-up sister, I didn’t even know where to start.

“Brother… it’s okay, Brother…” Hannah said, although her lip seemed to be quivering with a strange excitement that didn’t fit the situation.

I supposed even Hannah had been waiting for this moment. After all, she fled the house and ended up in this situation exactly because she was angry that I hadn’t pursued her harder. It’s almost like the world was aiming to have me fuck my sister. Not fucking her got her kidnapped, and the only way to free her was with sex. Wasn’t that something like fate?

I unbuckled my pants, pulling them and my underwear completely off. I had sex with Mom a few times completely naked, but most of the time I usually stayed clothed and only undid my belt and pulled out my cock. I hadn’t had sex with Faeri even once naked, although she always stripped down to nothing but her stockings. My shirt soon followed until I was standing naked in front of a gang of women.

The women all seemed to look at me wide-eyed. Many of them may have never seen a naked man before. Well, I wasn’t exactly a complete man yet. I was pale and scrawny. I had pubic hair, but not much hair anywhere else. Other than my lack of boobs and my penis, there wasn’t anything about my body that stood out as particularly masculine. However, every eye followed my dick. It was erect, and I was glad to see it wasn’t cold in here.

“It’s big…” I heard one girl gulp.

Words like that expanded my ego along with my cock. I turned to my dear Hannah and kneeled on to the bed, getting between her tied up legs. As to why I got completely naked, perhaps I just wanted to take the attention off of Hannah. Hannah was being sexed as some kind of hazing, but the fewer people who looked at her, the better. With me naked, not a single spectator would even acknowledge the girl under me. Another reason was simply that as I bent over, my ass was bent in those girls’ direction. In effect, I was mooning all the women. I took my victories where I could get them.

I kept crawling up the bed until my body was completely over Hannah. I wanted to cover her body with my own. A small part of me didn’t want her to see the lower half as I skewered her with my penis. Rather, I wanted Hannah to look in my eyes and know that I loved her. Once settling myself over Hannah, she looked up at me with an indistinguishable smile on her face, her eyes not at all holding the fear or embarrassment of being raped in front of a dozen women. Her eyes seemed to only be on me.

“I’m going in…” I said, not sure what else to do.

I was already moving as slowly as I could, but there appeared to be no one ready to jump in and rescue us. There were no last-minute interruptions. Nothing to change the course of these events. My sister would lose her virginity to me at this moment.

Hannah gave me a reassuring smile, hugging my body. However, she didn’t close her eyes. Rather, her beautiful hazel eyes look directly into mine. I pushed my hips forward, and my dick pushed into her. The feeling of her pussy parting came almost naturally. Hannah’s face twitched, but she kept her eyes on me even as her mouth fell open in a gasp. I instinctively hugged Hannah tighter. I was inside her now, but it didn’t take as much effort as it had with Madison. It was almost like her pussy was waiting to open up for me. Hannah herself even smiled as it slid inside her.

All my fear, my worry, my hang-ups, looking into my innocent sister under me, who so openly accepted me without any resistance, all of my negative feelings began to dissipate. I tightened my grip on my smiling Hannah. Her body felt so nice. She was warm and soft, even though her flimsy clothing, I could feel the softness of her skin. My lips took her lips, and the two of us kissed passionately while she hugged me and I hugged her back.

My hips started to move, and so did hers. We moved together like one person, enjoying the feel of our parts intertwined. While my penis sat deep inside her, my tongue ravaged her mouth. My hands held her tightly, pressing her soft boobs against my chest tightly.

My lips broke from Hannah’s for a moment and whispered softly in her ear. “I love you, my Hannah.”

“Mmm…” Hannah closed her eyes for a moment as if she was savoring what I said.

Her lips were red and wet with saliva. I couldn’t help but take them again. I held her tighter and tighter. Reaching out, I undid the restraints that held her arms to the posts. No one behind me seemed to be making a noise. In truth, I had all but forgotten they were even there. My mind began to focus on my sister, and she became everything in my world.

Once her hands were free, Hannah grabbed my shoulders and hugged me tightly. We had been kept apart for nearly a week, and all of that loneliness and segregation had built until I realized I couldn’t get enough of my sister. The feel of her body pressed against mine was hypnotic. The light moving of her hips was subtle but added to each thrust inside. Her tongue danced and twirled against mine like a ballet. It was at this moment I came to the realization that I loved Hannah just as much as Madison.

Perhaps it was part of my old-world mentality, but I had tried to keep the two girls on different terms. Ever since I had learned Madison wasn’t my full sister, I had tried to see her as a girl to pursue while my sister as a child to spoil. Only now, with Hannah under me writhing, with her gentle moaning, her rapid heartbeats, and her soft breathing… did I realize that there was no difference. I loved Madison, but I loved Hannah too. I loved both of my sisters, but not simply as sisters. I loved them completely. These girls were my everything, and I didn’t want to lose either one of them.

Tears started falling from my cheeks. I pulled away, suddenly embarrassed and not wanting to drop tears on my sister’s face. She reached out and grabbed my cheeks, pulling my face back to her. It was then that I realized that she was silently crying too.

“Hannah…” I moaned.

“I love you, Brother… I love you so much!” Our lips found each other again, refusing to let go as we enjoyed each other’s bodies more and more.

“I-is this… gulp… what it’s like between a man and a woman?” a girl whispered to the other girls nearby.

We were lost in our own little world, but we weren’t the only ones in the room. Vaguely, I was aware that there were thirty other women looking at us. Our bodies never parted for a second, our hands roaming each other’s bodies like each touch was a gift. We kissed hard until our lips hurt and we had to separate gasping for breath. While I thrust into her, there were no large movements. Our hips never parted. It was like we were blended as one.

“This… isn’t what I expected.” Another girl was twisting her legs, suddenly feeling really weird down there.

Most of these women had watched one or more exit ceremonies. A woman would scream and struggle while Matty exposed her pussy and pounded her. It was hot, wet, and violent… and these girls wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at it. However, every woman was now blushing and fidgeting uncomfortably. The scene in front of them was far more intense than they had ever imagined. Every single girl was asking herself if this was what sex was like when a man was involved, even the lesbians!

“This is… making love?” One girl suggested, suddenly blushing and covering her face. “Aiii… I’m embarrassed.”

“I-if… we have him, can we do this too?” One girl asked.

“Don’t get too excited, it’s just because they really love each other… ah…” One of the girls looked away. “We’re separating a loving couple like this. Won’t the gods punish us?”

While the other girls fell into bouts of fancy, Faeri watched the scene in front of her while her hand tightened more and more on the arm of her chair. Where most of the other girls looked enamored or flushed, behind Faeri’s mask was an irate expression. Worst, I was barely aware of it as I enjoyed my sister to my own delight.

Just when she was about to stand up, a big person suddenly stood in front of her. A moment later, a large phallus strap-on was dropped on her lap. Faeri looked up with a glare which became lost when it fell on the muscular form in front of her.


Matty looked away awkwardly, a strangely feminine blush on her cheeks with subtle tears running down her face. “I don’t think I can do any more exiting ceremonies. This… I realize now what I did was some bastardization of what sex truly is.”

Faeri’s mouth fell open as the giant woman walked away, tears falling down her eyes as she fell into an existential crisis. The violator Matty was actually the most emotionally moved woman there!

“I love you, Hannah!”

“Mmm! I love you, Clyburn. Cum in me, Brother!” Hannah cried.

By the time Faeri looked back, I was already cumming inside my cute little Hannah. I held her tightly as my warm stuff shot into her. I didn’t really mind cumming in my sister. If I got her pregnant, I wouldn’t regret it a single bit. Hannah was my woman now, and I wouldn’t let her go any more than Mom or Madison.

As I pulled out of Hannah, I raised her skirt and looked at the damage. Her cute little flower of a pussy was gaping a bit from my dick, and just a bit of white stuff was leaking out. To my surprise, there was no blood. Hannah immediately leaped forward and covered herself while blushing.

“Don’t look! St-stupid brother!” While Hannah didn’t seem to mind being fucked in front of thirty strange women, apparently having me look at her naked body in the light hit her limit.

I gave a wry smile and kissed Hannah on the nose affectionately. Of course, Hannah was a masturbator. She was the kind of girl I bet had used toys. Naturally, hymens get broken before sex all the time. Not every woman bleeds, so I didn’t think anything of it. That only meant that this experience was as enjoyable for Hannah as it was for me.

I finished untying my sister, not realizing I had a dumb smile on my face I couldn’t remove. In fact, Hannah was smiling too, to the point it almost looked like she was glowing. It was only when we turned to get off the bed that we realized where we were again, and our smiles faltered.

Thirty women were staring at us; however, their expressions were radically different from before. Some of them were panting with their hands resting between their legs. Others were twisting their thighs strangely or pushing their parts against the corner of a box. It was a really strange scene as if all thirty of them suddenly really had to pee but refused to leave.

It was then that I saw Faeri’s expression. She was nearly shaking with anger. I didn’t know what to say to her. She may have had a great body, but no matter what, it was Hannah who was my sister. Faeri had failed completely to replace her, if that was even her goal. Naturally, I would be affectionate with Hannah while I only treated Faeri roughly.

“Take him back to his cell!” Faeri’s voice was angry enough that even Hannah raised an eyebrow.

“What about my sister?”

“We’ll let her go!” Faeri sniffed, turning away as if she didn’t want to look at me.

Instead, she walked over and grabbed Hannah. I wanted to immediately follow them, but as Faeri dragged Hannah away, she didn’t seem to be afraid or resisting. If anything, Hannah looked obstinate. They better not go back on their words and do anything to my sister. I absolutely wouldn’t forgive them. Some woman took me back to the cell while shooting me strange looks the entire time, occasionally glancing down at my crotch. At least they had let me grab my clothing and put it back on before taking me away.

“My sister, what about my sister?” I asked after being shoved into the cage.

The door was closed and the woman walked away without a word. Soon, the lights were shut off as well. No one else came that day. Neither my sister nor Faeri showed up at my doorstep. I sat back on my bed, with nothing to do but wait in the darkness.

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