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“You’re beautiful, Mother.”

“You tease me too much. I’m bloated and ugly.”

“How could I ever think that.” I moved forward, wrapping my arms around Mom, holding on to her bloated stomach, “You’re the most beautiful Mother in the world. Do you know why?”


“Because it’s my baby in your womb.” I kissed Mom’s neck gently as she smiles at me.

“I never want this to end.” Mom leaned back, stroking my leg lovingly. “Can’t we just keep things this way forever?”

I smiled and shook my head. “I’m afraid not. Time changes us all. I need to move forward, and so do you. I’ll be fifteen soon, and then you know what comes next.”

“Mm…” Mom sighed. “At least, for now, stay with your Mother.”

“Always.” I kissed her again, slowly stroking her stomach.

Even though Mom was a bloated 9-month pregnant woman, her skin didn’t seem to show any stretch marks. Many women would be impossibly jealous looking at her. Her tits were large and full. Her skin was pale and smooth. Her hair was dark and lascivious. Her butt was perfect and pert. She was just as beautiful as a pregnant woman as she was any other time. Her body was completely naked lying against me, and it was a sight that caused the emotions deep within me to tremble.

Plus, when I squeezed her breasts, warm, white liquid came out. I tasted it a bit and Mom’s milk was sweet and gave me a comforting feeling. However, she got really embarrassed by that, and so I didn’t tease her too much. She said that since the baby wasn’t going to get to eat by her breasts, that I shouldn’t get to either.

The only thing on Mom’s beautiful naked body was a bracelet around her ankle. It was a ghastly white thing which flashed a red light menacingly every minute or so. This was, of course, a court-ordered tracking bracelet. Mom was, for all intent and purposes, on house arrest. She had been in this state for just short of nine months now. Those months were not sad or lonely times. Even though Madison had left for school, and Hannah was in juvey, Aunt Rose, Morgan, and I had filled every day with love.

Mom was just happy to be with me every last day we could be together, and I was just happy to be with her. This world of women favored pregnant women the most. While Mom was pregnant with a girl, she was still awarded several benefits for having a baby. In her case, it was a suspension of her sentence. Mom was on house arrest until my little daughter was born. After that, she would have to serve a four years sentence in jail for manslaughter.

That’s just enough time for me to work my way through Academy. At the end of my education, my Mom would get out. By then, I had hoped to bring Madison home and maybe even have a grandchild waiting for my mother. Although, since my first child was my Mother’s child, doesn’t that make Mom’s future daughter also her granddaughter? Well, I didn’t want to think about these technicalities too much.

What was important was that I got to spend one last year with my Mother before I had to head off to the Academy. It was a year filled with love and nurturing. Sure, I was all but trapped in this mansion, only being allowed out two or three times on short trips, but I had two beautiful women to keep me company. Three if you counted Brooke, who also moved in. It looked like Aiko and Brooke weren’t meant to last. I asked Brooke why she broke up with Aiko, but she didn’t give me any straight answer. Just something about Aiko not being “the one.” I guess, now that a baby was a very real option in Brooke’s future, she needed to start thinking about the woman she wanted to settle down with. It had to be something like that.

Meanwhile, Nada hadn’t moved in yet. She was still working on rehab. According to Veris, it wasn’t clear if she’d be able to handle moving at the moment. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about Nada. It seemed like I was the kind of guy who gave every girl I slept with a place in my heart. While thinking about Tinya and her death, I still hurt from time to time. I didn’t know it was trauma from having my wife leave me in my last life, but I had trouble letting go of anybody. I didn’t want to. I wanted all of my women with me.

“I think I’ve given you everything you need. Are you really planning on moving to the dorms?” Mom asked, once again wondering about my future.

“Yes, Mother, all the finances are settled. The dean was happy to hear another boy will be staying on campus. I guess it’s great publicity for the school, having men staying on campus. Like full-time school mascots.” I couldn’t keep all of the bitterness out of my voice.

Mom gave me a gentle smile. “It’s better this way. I want you to focus on your studies. Rose will take care of the babies. You’ll be close and you can visit them whenever you want.”

“Mm…” I nodded, kissing Mom on the nose.

“Ah! That reminds me, I have something for you…” Mom suddenly burst out nervously, reaching into her bedside drawer and pulling something out.

She handed it to me and I looked at the cloth in my hand. It was a lacy black thing, and it took me a moment to realize what it was.

“Eh? Mom? It’s your underwear!”

Mom looked away while blushing. “I’ve found Clyburn’s collection…”

“Mom! Privacy!” I admonished, even as Mom turned stubborn and pouty.

“Well, you can’t blame Mom for being curious…” Mom defended herself under my glower. “Either way, I wanted you to have these.”

“Ah… Mom, I’m not really into… eh, I seem to recognize these. Weren’t you wearing them last night when we-”

Mom’s face flared red. “Y-yes! Don’t say it! I made sure not to clean them, isn’t that how you like it?”

“Mom… seriously… that’s…”

“If you’re going to take them, please put them away! This is so embarrassing. My son is such a tease!”

I gave a wry smile. Mom was seriously misunderstanding something. So, I had a drawer with several panties in it. I had one of Madison, one of Tinya, and one of Hannah. That didn’t mean I was some creepy guy who liked to keep soiled panties! I put the pair in my pocket. Don’t read into it, this was just because it’s easier than dealing with Mom’s guilty face!

“And… her… do you plan on doing it?” Mom rapidly changed the subject.

I nodded resolutely, showing Mom no hesitation. “Yeah. Hannah is getting out of Juvey soon. I didn’t bail her out earlier out of respect for you, but when the time comes that you leave, I need to bring my sister home…”

Mom held up her hand and touched my shoulder. “I understand, my son. I would have helped her out myself if I could bear to see her. I wronged her so much, I just can’t bring myself to face my own daughter after what I did…”

“Mom…” I held Mom as a few tears fell down her cheeks.

“I know I’m an awful mother. The truth is crystal clear to me now. Clyburn, you’re the only person who matters to me. Not my late husband. Not my daughters… just you. I know I’m disgusting, but I just can’t stop wanting you and only you.”

I stroked Mom’s head affectionately. “You’re not awful. You’re just human. Let me deal with Hannah and Madison. I haven’t given up on this family. Even though we’re broken, I only see a future with all of you in it!”

“Baby…” Mom looked at me tearfully.

“Mom…” My lips slowly moved towards Mom’s, our bodies pressed together.

The door swung open with a slam. “Are you two still in bed? Ugh, Morgan, how can you be so shameless just lounging around naked.”

Morgan tsk’d, but she wore a smile on her face as she glanced at the door casually. “I’m very pregnant. Why would I walk when I can just lie with my son all day?”

“Hmph… maybe that cute talk works on Clyburn, but I’m just as pregnant!” Aunt Rose admonishes, holding her big belly, only about a month behind Mom’s. “The doctor said it’s healthy to take daily walks.”

Aunt Rose moved up the side of the bed, trying to remove our coverings and hang them up to air out. I grabbed Aunt Rose and pulled her towards me, making sure to be careful of her stomach as I dragged her onto the bed.

“Ah! Clyburn, you naughty boy!” Aunt Rose helplessly fell into my clutches as I grabbed her and kissed her lips thoroughly in front of Mom.

“Are you simply going to sit there and watch your son tease me?” Aunt Rose breathlessly begged my Mom for reinforcements as I sucked on her neck.

“Mm… you’re right, I haven’t been active enough lately.” An evil grin formed on Mom’s face as she moved forward and started touching Aunt Rose’s chest.

“Ahhnn… that’s not fair. You traitor!” Aunt Rose cried as I kissed her neck and Mom played with her breasts.

“Relax, my Rose, we’re just enjoying our last few weeks together,” I whispered in Rose’s ear, making sure my breath ran across her neck and gave her goosebumps.

“I understand, Clyburn,” Rose responded tearfully, her entire face turned red. “I’ve already stepped back and let you two have a lot of time together, but there needs to be limits to these kinds of things…”

“I’m sorry, my Rose, I’m not very good at knowing my limits,” I grinned evilly. “Can you please teach me your limits so I can learn by example?”

“Ahnn!” Rose cried out as my hand wrapped around to her front and touched her pussy over the underwear.

“Her underwear is already completely wet!” I said in a mocking surprised voice. “Since she’s so lewd and horny, perhaps my Rose is just unhappy that we haven’t been giving her enough attention!”

“Ah, my poor sister.” Morgan shook her head while giving a mischievous look. “We’ll have to fix that.”

“G-guys, stop! I’m leaking, you-you’re making a mess.” Rose whined as wet spots stain the front of her shirt where Mom was squeezing her tits.

“Don’t worry,” I said teasingly, sliding my fingers under her wet undergarments and into her snatch. “I’ll clean it up. You just need to show this poor boy your limits so he understands them better.”

“Ah… aiiiiiiii!” Rose screamed as she started squirting.

Sometime later, I was putting the bedsheets into the laundry machine. I did say I would clean up the mess. However, how did I know that Rose needed to pee before coming in and ended up soiling the bed? Even Mom was surprised at the big stains she left. I left Rose with Mom. They were enjoying afternoon tea, although Mom was still teasing Rose for being naughty. Meanwhile, I was left with cleaning duty even though a maid could do it. Rose said she wouldn’t have another woman seeing and cleaning the mess she made. Pregnant women were a lot of work!

However, I whistled happily as I did my job. I was enjoying the time I had with my mother and aunt to their fullest. I had been in this world for almost two years now. I had made some mistakes. I had some regrets. The only thing I could do now was move forward. I thought about my sisters every day. However, I couldn’t rush things anymore. I couldn’t just push forward blindly and hope for the best. I would get my Madison back. I would put a reign on my Hannah. My harem plan was only just beginning!

After finishing the laundry, I didn’t go join the future mothers of my children for tea. Instead, I headed over to Brooke’s room, which was now located comfortably in the mansion. She was my personal security, which differed from Charlene, who was hired by Mom. Whenever I left the mansion, she’d come with me and keep detail. Once I went to campus, her job would be very limited. That’s why I pulled a few strings and made Brooke a student.

Brooke was actually only 22 years old, which honestly surprised me when she told me that. I had assumed she was in her thirties. She was quite angry when I gave that response. She didn’t look in her thirties, so it was only her behavior that made me think she was older. She was actually a vibrant and youthful tomboy, but I never expected she was so young. Then again, she never went to Academy, spending the last 5 years between bouncing and bodyguard work.

It wasn’t impossible for a 22-year-old to go to Academy, although most went into smaller technical academies. She would certainly be out of her element, but she was a lecherous lesbian in a field of high school roses. She wasn’t complaining. It was my personal request as a man that she be allowed to go to school with me, and that held some weight. It wasn’t uncommon for bodyguards and servants to go to school alongside their master, although this was typically something wealthy daughters of CEOs and high government officials did, not men.

There was a saying for men in this world. The only constant in your life is your Mother, and even she uses you. It’s a bleak saying, but it probably reflects the attitude of the men of this world, of which I’ve yet to meet one. However, it wouldn’t be long before I started meeting other men. Of course, that’s exactly why I came to Brooke’s room right now.

“You ready then?” Brooke asked.

I gave an affirmative nod, not nervous at all.

“Then, get out of those clothes.”

I went into Brooke’s room and she started to work me hard. Since we started these sessions, she always left me sore and aching. She was a vivacious woman filled to the brim with energy, and she could easily tire me out. I put up a fight, but Brooke always won in the end. That’s to say…

“One, two, three… switch!” As if to accentuate the word switch, she actually carried a switch and liked to smack me in the ankles.

I was running in place before jumping down and doing pushups. This was my work out routine with Brooke that I had established after being in the clutches of the Primrose. I didn’t want to be weaker than the women around me. I definitely didn’t want to be weaker than the men I was about to deal with.

I stood up, panting with sweat covering my body. By the time Brooke was finished with me, my shirt was completely drenched in sweat. Brooke was looking at me stiffly with a strange expression, her lips slightly opened.

“What is it?” I asked.

Brooke shook her head and slapped her own face for some reason. “Ah! That… your body is amazing.”


“We’ve only been training for the last six months, but your muscles are very toned. You’re almost able to keep up with me. Considering you were a weak little shit just a short time ago, I just can’t believe how much your body has bulked up. It would take someone else two years to get in this kind of shape.”

“I don’t know about keeping up with you, but isn’t that just testosterone?”

“Test-oster-one?” Brooke sounded out the word.

I gave a wry smile. I’m sure this world knew the word, but with most women not dealing with men daily, it probably wasn’t a common word people would know, especially someone uneducated like Brooke. I naturally had some advantages over women when it came to muscles. Adding to that, I was only just turning fifteen, and my physique quickly built up with just a little bit of training.

Of course, I wasn’t just doing sit-ups. Brooke taught me a lot of stances and combat moves. Her style seemed to be heavily influenced by Judo, as it mostly centered around grappling and throwing the target. Well, I knew nothing about Judo, so I could only say they looked similar. The fighting style was designed for two lightweights, women, to be fighting on equal ground. It would probably be just as applicable to me fighting other men though, so it worked out for the best. As far as how I could fight a woman lighter and smaller than me, my personal answer was that I didn’t want to fight women. I still saw Tinya’s beaten face when she died by her own gun in my grasp, and I swore I’d never hit a woman again if it could be helped.

I pulled off my sweaty shirt, looking at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t extremely muscular, but I did have a hint of a six-pack. I was very skinny and scrawny before. Brooke actually had me eating extra, so I could put on some muscle. I’d never look like a bodybuilder, but I was content with my body now. I was more content in this body than I had ever been in my old life. When you were rich and had nothing but money and time, it was easy to focus on your personal image.

Out of the corner of the mirror, that’s when I saw Brooke. She was looking at me as well. Her eyes held some interest. I froze, making sure to not meet her eyes. Was my lesbian bodyguard seriously checking me out? The darkness inside of me started to leak a bit and I hid an evil grin. Perhaps it was time to move up my moves on Brooke. I didn’t think I’d turn her straight, but I had hopes that one day I could start a sexual relationship with her. At least, maybe I could put the baby in her personally. Brooke was cute and had a fun personality. We had our differences, but at the end of the day, I considered her a friend.

If she liked any kind of man, it’d probably be the muscular kind. Perhaps, she didn’t see me as a man before, but now that I had toned my body, maybe it was time to start my moves.

“Hey, Brooke,” I turned around. “What do you think?”

“Eh?” Brooke’s eyes which had been on my ass, suddenly jumped up to my face. “What? What do you want?”

“Nothing?” I said, casually walking up to Brooke while she eyed me suspiciously. “I’m just curious, what does Brooke want?”

I moved closer to Brooke than was necessary. She backed up a foot until her butt hit the wall behind her. She looked a little flustered, and she wasn’t meeting my eye. The way she fidgeted was really cute. Could I really push her down right here? That would be incredible.

“Cl-Clyburn, what are you doing?” Brooke asked nervously as I moved up to her as she was pressed to the wall.

“I was just noticing how beautiful you look when you’ve been working out,” I said, leaning into Brooke and lifting up my hand to brush a lock of hair behind her ear.

A second later, a fist slammed into my stomach. After a minute of vomiting my guts out in a nearby basket, Brooke stretched casually. “Ah! That was a good workout. Thanks for the compliment, kid, but I dig girls.”

I looked up miserably. “If you’re going to take the compliment, why did you punch me?”

“What? You were about to get your manstink on me. It was self-defense!” Brooke snorted, however, I was too busy throwing up to notice that her lips faulted a second and she let out a breath of relief before I looked up again.

By the time I saw her, she was grinning at me mischievously. “Why are you getting all muscular anyway? You know women don’t like that kind of thing.”

Brooke wasn’t wrong. In a world where men were a minority, female sensibility and fashion took hold. It was always suggested that women didn’t wear makeup or nice clothing to impress men but to impress each other. If this world was any indicator, that would turn out to be true. The lack of men didn’t lead to a simplification of fashion, but rather a flat-out arms race.

In this world, there was no such thing as masculinity. There were no cowboys. No bearded lumberjacks. No muscular soldiers. Manliness was spoken of like a joke, not an enviable trait. I supposed there were people back home that treated manliness like a toxic concept that poisoned society, but this was a society that barely understood the concept. Thus, muscles, beards, and flannel were not thought of at all. As for most men in this world, they’d be metrosexual in style. They were pretty boys with great hair and delicate features.

As a result, my muscular physique would be slightly foreign on a man. Admittedly, I wasn’t so muscular that unless I took off my shirt, my six-pack wouldn’t be exposed. However, most women wouldn’t be intrinsically turned on by a six-pack either, at least culturally. In fact, they wouldn’t know what to do with it. At least, that’s how I understood this world. I had some suspicions that desiring masculinity occurred at a genetic level, and I’d attract women whether they consciously realized it or not but I wouldn’t be able to test it out until I went to the Academy.

I finished recovering, drying myself off, and putting on a fresh shirt. I just finished up when the door opened. The person standing at the door was Mother, who had an awkward look on her face.

“There is… someone here to see you, Clyburn.” Mom seemed a little stiff as she gestured me out of the room.

For a second, I thought she had seen me embarrass myself with Brooke, but I realized that wasn’t possible. Brooke bid me farewell without bringing up the scene again, so I headed out with Mom. Mom seemed bothered by something as we headed to the reception room.

“What is it, Mother?” I asked, holding Mom’s arm intimately.

“Ah… dear, it’s fine. It’s just… a girl.”

My eyebrows raised. “A girl, don’t tell me Mother is jealous.”

“Tsk…” Mom made a pout. “She’s pretty, and she’s from the Academy. I’m just thinking I shouldn’t let you go to the Academy.”

“Hah…” I let out a laugh and treated it like a joke, but I had a feeling Mom wasn’t joking.

Mom had a furrowed brow, and I knew the kind of woman she was. Mom seriously was the territorial and jealous type. She said she understood that I needed to spread my wings, but I didn’t doubt that if Mom had her way, she’d lock me in a cage and be the only woman to interact with me. Even Rose barely avoided her ire, which was probably why Mom teased her so relentlessly earlier. It was passive-aggressive torture for daring to catch her son’s eye.

We reached the receiving room, and when I saw the back of this blonde bombshell, I started to understand Mom’s sentiments. I couldn’t see her face, but her body was really nice. Mom’s body was currently lost to pregnancy, and so she wasn’t feeling her sexiest right now. If a beautiful woman suddenly showed up looking for your man, naturally, your feelings would be complicated. Never mind the fact this blonde was closer to my age and full of the youthfulness my mother couldn’t provide.

The girl seemed to be on the balls of her feet with excitement when she turned around. As soon as she saw me, her eyes brightened and she gave a smile, holding out her hand. “Hello! My name is Lyra. I’m from the Amaryllis Academy welcoming committee. I was sent to personally greet Clyburn Bonholdt, and see if you need anything before your big day.”

“It’s you!” My mouth fell open as soon as my eyes laid sight on the blond.

I should have been able to tell from the back of her head. That body that could only be matched by my mother yet on a bubbly blonde high school student was one I couldn’t forget. I also couldn’t forget eating her pussy! I had almost completely forgotten about that unpleasant day, but having this woman grab me and talk about having babies together all came crashing home in my mind. Had she seriously tracked me down? She really went out of her way to find a man who just ate her pussy once?

Lyra blinked at my reaction. “Uh… sorry? Have we met? I don’t recall ever having met a bo- wait… could you be… no… he was skinny.”

Within that short sentence, I experience many highs and lows. First, I was happy she didn’t recognize me. Then, she seemed to be starting to guess, and my heart started skipping a beat. Finally, she settled on my body not matching the one she had seen against the sun once nine months ago. I let out a breath of relief that she hadn’t connected the dots, although I was also a little interested to know what she remembered from that day.

She actually had a somewhat let down expression on her face. Had she perhaps been thinking about me? Well, that doesn’t really matter. I was just satisfying my own ego at this point. It’d be better to just pretend that we hadn’t ever met before.

“S-sorry… I was just surprised by your appearance,” I admitted.

Mom frowned, while Lyra seemed to beam, taking it to mean that I was stunned by her good looks.

“Well, you’re quite a pretty one, I must say.” Mom smiled falsely.

Mom… you don’t need to be jealous. If you’re going to be jealous of every woman I bring home, how am I ever going to reach sixty girls! Then I remembered that Mom tried to shoot my sister, and became slightly relieved that she was only taking it this far.

“Oh… thank you!” Lyra gave a curtsy. “To be fair, I knew I’d be visiting a boy’s home, so I made sure to prepare ahead of time.”

I broke into a coughing fit. She prepared ahead of time! Does that mean she visited the pussy market! Was that what she did? She got her pussy eaten out so she wasn’t distracted by boys! I can’t do it! I can’t stop imagining my head between her legs! My face turned completely red.

Lyra continued to give me the spiel about the school. She told me where I needed to go, what I needed to do, that kind of things I needed to expect. However, with her naked body on my mind, I couldn’t meet her eyes and my face was red. This amused her greatly, and caused Lyra to try to get closer to me, only causing me to become more flustered. It got so far that she tried to touch my face, only for me to dodge her hand. I don’t know where that thing has been! This girl was a pervert!

The worst part of the meeting was Mom completely misunderstood. Thinking that I was crushing on Lyra, her glower was turning worse and worse. I had no choice but to end the meeting as quickly as possible. I almost threw Lyra out. It was for Lyra’s own safety. My mom will wreck her! She’s not afraid of prison!

“If you need anything, just call m-” I slammed the door in Lyra’s surprised face, finally letting out a breath of relief.

“Well…” Mom looked at me displeased while tapping her foot. “She was pretty…”

“Geh! Not as pretty as Mother?” I didn’t mean for it to come out like a question.

“Flirting with a young thing in front of the Mother of your child…” Mom suddenly pouted. “Clyburn is such a playboy.”

Flirting? Was that what she was calling it?

“Mom is the only one for me. I’ll show you!”

I grabbed my mother, Morgan, and dragged her to me, planting my lips on her firmly. She resisted at first, but it only took a second before she melted under my touch.

“Choo… you tease…” Mom said breathlessly as our lips parted.

“I love you, Mom, but you know there will be others. Madison, Hannah… they’re just the start.”

Mom sighed and nodded. “Your Mother knows, I can’t have my little Clyburn forever. Can’t I just be selfish for a little longer?”

“Just a bit.” I grabbed Mom and pulled her off to bed, as she realized where I was taking her, she started to grow excited.

Even though she was pregnant, she moved quite fast when she was given the right encouragement! The pair of us reached my bed and she melted into my arms. The clothing came off. The moaning began to fill the room.

In a week or two, everything would change. I’d be a father. Mom would be in prison, serving her sentence. Academy would start and I’d live away from home. Everything changed. For one last brief moment, I stayed a Momma’s boy. Because this was my last chance to indulge myself. In this world of women, my life was truly about to begin!

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