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Clyburn, in other words, me, had two sisters. One of those sisters was fourteen, and the other was fifteen. As to how that works out mathematically, I found out I turn thirteen next month. My fifteen-year-old sister was named Madison and my fourteen-year-old sister was named Hannah. I should also add that my mother’s name was Morgan. As to the kind of girls my sisters were, my memories regrettably contained very little. The former me was a pampered spoiled brat. After I was born, little attention was given to my sisters. They were almost ghosts in my memory.

My mother wasn’t necessarily abusive, but it was a society that favored men and expected them to be catered to above all else. This naturally had a major influence on the amount of time Mother gave me compared to my sisters. If my memory served me, this also resulted in two very different attitudes towards me. My fifteen-year-old sister Madison seemed to hate me. That was to say she was very jealous that I got all the attention and refused to talk to me.

I had a distant memory of two years back when I wanted something that she had. She was reading a certain book, and I decided I wanted the book because I liked the picture on the cover. At first, the maids tried to take the book. However, it turned out the book was not taken from our library, but one Madison had personally bought herself with her birthday money. However, being ten years old and never having been told no before, I ended up getting into a fight with her, trying to take her book until it accidentally ripped.

She called me a ‘stupid, good-for-nothing man’, and I responded by calling her a lipstick girl. For reference, in my old life, a lipstick lesbian was the kind of woman who favored glamourous, traditionally feminine women and styles, both in themselves and their lovers. This was as opposed to the dykes, the so-called manly women. In this world without feminists, that connotation took on a slightly different meaning. Lipstick girls are essentially man-hating lesbians. They often wore strap-ons, and tried to convince young women to hate men, hate seed, and eat pussy.

In a society with population problems, this attitude was seen as insulting to men and detrimental to the world. As a result, these women were often treated with scorn outside of their own social circles. So, lipstick girl was an awful insult which resulted in my sister shouting that I was stupid before chucking the destroyed book at my head and storming away. 

I expected Mom to back me up, but instead, she gave me a spanking. It was one of only a few cases in which I was ever punished by my mother, which was perhaps why the scene was so vivid in my memories. It also signified the last time my sister and I every talked with each other willingly.

Hannah, the younger sister, was a bit different from her angry sibling. She was much shyer and more reserved. As to how she treated me… that was to say, with complete fear. Since my way was the rule of the house, Hannah had learned to hang her head low and avoid me when possible. She didn’t like talking to me, and would shiver if I got too close. Suffice it to say that my relationship with my sisters was really shitty at the moment. That meant, it was going to take some work.

Unfortunately, a week later, I hadn’t managed to even stay in the same room with them for more than a moment or two. I had spent a week in this new world, and since blowing my load in a maid’s mouth and another maid’s hand, I’d been left without any more satisfaction. Veris had actually switched her sponge bath duties with another maid who was in her seventies. The maid had hinted that if I had any “issues”, she could handle them, but you could forgive me if I didn’t take her up on her offer for a wrinkly decrepit handjob from a woman with a displaced hip.

Thus, when my first chance to get close to Hannah arrived, I wasn’t going to waste a second to think about it. I had wondered into the library, only to notice Hannah putting a stack of books away on one of the shelves while standing up on a chair. She was reaching up high, and her midriff was completely exposed. She hadn’t noticed me yet, and if I had managed to get to the base of the chair she was standing on, I could probably also get a peek at her panties under her skirt.

However, rather than do that, I silently closed the door as softly as possible, and then clicked the lock. It wasn’t like I’m trying to lock my sister in. Rather, I just want to keep from being interrupted. Every other time I wanted to get close to Hannah, Madison was nearby, always giving me a glare if I even attempted to approach either of them. If it wasn’t Madison, then there was a maid nearby. Either way, I could hardly work any magic on my sister with an audience, so finding her alone was a wonderful blessing.

Regrettably, I didn’t get to enjoy the panty shot because I was not even half away across the room when she finally noticed me. She immediately yelped, pulled down her shirt, and then jumped off the chair. As I continued to approach my cute little sister, she backed away instinctively until her back hit the bookshelf and couldn’t move any longer. She looked around the room desperately, as if looking for a path to flee, but upon seeing nothing, only then did she speak.

“B-b-brother… wh-what are you doing he-here?” she spoke with a shiver, not able to meet my eyes.

My sister wore a long sleeve pink shirt and a black skirt that went to a bit above her knees. It wasn’t as revealing as the maid skirts, but it was short enough that schools in the old world might give her trouble. She had the youthful face of someone fresh in her teens. Her beauty clearly came from her Mother, but she had a lot more of the baby fat, her cheeks a little chubby. Her hair was brown like her Mom’s, but she kept it straight, including hair which she kept over one eye, desperately hiding her face. Overall, she was very adorable.

The adult me surged with lustful encouragement. As a twelve-year-old boy, there were only a handful of years when I could get away with touching young teenage girls. Meanwhile, I had an adult brain that knew just how to manipulate, trick, and seduce immature women. 

I had no intention of passing by the opportunity. If you were hoping for one of those guys who only liked women his own mental age, or was filled with moral obligation, that’s just not me. I found myself in this world, and I planned to take as much advantage of it as possible!

In my old world, my high school life was noticeably sex-free, and I always regretted that I never got to taste a young, virgin teenager. My first time had been when I was twenty and it was a drunken fling with a big-boned college coed at a party. She had already left by the time I woke up, and I found the number she gave me was a fake. 

My second time was with my wife, who was an undergrad when I got into graduate school. Now, a few of the whores I tried might have advertised themselves as 18, but when we met, they always looked like they were in their twenties. That maid last week was the first teenage pussy I’ve ever had, and at the time I was too confused to really enjoy it! I wouldn’t let the opportunity for more teenage pussy in the future pass me by!

“Sister, can you read me a book?” I asked innocently.

Hannah immediately jumped in surprise. “Eh? A book? Ah?”

She looked behind her, realizing she was surrounded by books and only then understanding where it came from.

“Brother, perhaps you should ask Madison. She likes books more than me. I’m only putting away a few books for her.”

“Since you’ve already completed that task, doesn’t that mean you have some free time?”

“Eh? Ah… that’s true…” Hannah’s brow furrowed, unable to argue with my simple logic.

“Then, come, sit down, please tell me a story,” I responded, sitting on the nearby couch and patting the seat next to me.

Hannah seemed to breathe easier now that I was seated and she knew what I wanted, but she didn’t seem like she wanted to do it. In her hand was a single book, the last one she had forgotten to put away, and her knuckles were tight as she held it, as if she was fighting back a great deal of anxiety and holding it up as a shield.

“Please, sister, do… do you really not want to be with me?” I asked, letting tears well up in my eyes.

I had been practicing this move for a good week now. The effect was even more drastic on Hannah than I expected. She dropped the book and started waving her hands excitedly.

“No, Brother, no! I’ll do it! I’ll read a book! I said I’ll read!”

Immediately, she headed over and sat down right next to me. She glanced over at me cautiously. I glanced back, raising an eyebrow.

“The book!” The blood drained from Hannah’s face as she realized she didn’t grab any books. “Wh-what does little brother want to read?”

I gave a shrug, “I don’t know, just pick something. What about that book?”

As I said that, I offhandedly pointed at a book sitting on the desk barely in sight. Of course, that book hadn’t been lying there earlier. I had dropped it there when I came in, but Hannah hadn’t seen that.

“Ah, okay!” Hannah raced over and grabbed the book, immediately bringing it back, sitting next to me with a youthful exuberance that caused certain parts of me to stir excitedly.

Upon settling, she finally looked at the cover, a question mark floating over her head. “It appears to be a man and a woman, isn’t that a weird pose?”

“Hmmm… strange, if it’s a man and a woman… then wouldn’t it be a romance story?”

“Romance!” Hannah squealed, “What do you mean, romance?”

“Oh, one of those adult books that talk about men and women in love. Like how Dad and Mom were in love.”

“L-l-love? Y-you mean like… seed giving?”

I raised an eyebrow in wonder again to a world where words like love immediately jumped the brain to cum and sex. “Well, romance stories are special, because they only depict one man and one woman. See, same man and woman on every page. It’s an expression of love.”

“Isn’t there three on this page?” Hannah stopped me as I flipped rapidly through the pages of the book while keeping her from seeing the details.

“Ah! Never mind that one, the point is, this is an adult book. While, I think it’s a beautiful depiction of seed giving, I can understand if this is too adult for Hannah, so we can pick something else.”

“Eh?” Hannah’s cheeks reddened. “It’s not too adult for me! I’m older than you, Brother! Plus, men mature slower than women, so I’m definitely much more mature.”

“If you think you can handle it, then please read me a passage.”

“Of course!” Hannah declared resolutely. “The title is ‘The Book of Love’… when engaging in oral sex, make sure to properly use the tongue to flick the head of the cock. When the… when the… pre-cum… is released, sp-sp-spread it around with the tip of the… the… tongue to properly…”

“Hannah? Hannah!”

Hannah’s voice slowly dimmed as she continued to read, her face growing flushed as she started to grow dizzy. At this point, I put my arm around her shoulder, and the girl was too caught up in what she was reading to even notice. The book I had selected, of course, appeared to be this world’s version of the Kamasutra. In a world where women might only experience sex once in their lives, books that educate sex like this were even more likely to be distributed.

“-to lubricate…the…shaft…”

“Hannah, I’m confused, is it talking about a penis?”

“Eh?” The question seemed to shock Hannah out of her trance. “Ye-yeah…th-the… that… does it really look like that?”

Hannah’s eyes seemed to be focused on a picture in the book. The picture was graphically stylized, but it ultimately displayed a woman on her knees in front of a man, sucking his cock. It probably wasn’t explicit enough to shock anyone in my old world, but for the fourteen-year-old Hannah, it was decimating. I had this hypothesis previously after I had scared away the maid, but in this world without regular contact with men, the women here seemed to have no defenses towards the opposite sex.

Besides their manner of dressing being more provocative and less modest towards their primary sex traits, they also had no concept of seduction or being tricked for sexual gain. In a world where women chased after men, the women had no protection from being chased themselves.

In my old world, a woman would have her guard up around any man. She’d be suspicious, instantly calling him out on any sort of sexual aggression. Girls here seem completely unprepared for any kind of stimulation. A normal girl from my old world would have already shoved me off her and slammed the book closed. She might have even slapped me. However, Hannah was just flustered and lost, unable to deal with these surging hormones in her body.

As a result, my hand ended up on Hannah’s knee while I cuddled close to her. We were both about the same size since I was two years younger, so I couldn’t use my body to overwhelm her. Instead, I had to keep pushing the innocent act while I got more and more aggressive with the unprepared girl next to me.

“It sort of does, do you want to see it?” I answered her previous question playfully.

“Ah, that!” Hannah immediately stared at my shorts with wide eyes. “You mean, your… p-pe-penis… right… you have one…”

“Here, it’s not like it bites.” I grabbed one of Hannah’s hands and put it to my penis, now half-erect in my shorts.

“Ah! Brother!” Hannah immediately pulled her hand away, however, her brain had already felt the hardness and warmth on her fingertips, and thus it became the only thing on her mind.

“Br-brother, let’s put this book away. I think this is enough for today.”

“Just a bit. Ooo… look, he’s putting it in from behind!”

I turned the page, overriding Hannah’s objections by distracting her. I was relieved to see a second later that the distraction worked, her eyes became focused on the picture. She stared at a picture of a woman on her knees with a man sticking it in from behind. She had such a look of wonderment on her face that I almost wanted to eat her up right there.

“D-doggie style, when a woman gets on all fours, and the man mounts her like a dog…” Hannah read, and then giggled with a blush. “I didn’t know it could be done… from the back. Don’t women lie down and the man gets on top? Would the pe-penis even reach that far?”

“I wouldn’t know unless I tried.” I gave a nonchalant answer; meanwhile, she didn’t notice that my hand was moving up and down her leg, even as her face grew flush and she was lightly panting, clearly sexually excited.

Her skirt was pushed up to the point where her whole leg was exposed to me, and my fingers were gently stroking up and down her leg while my other arm was still wrapped around her, holding her tightly against me.

“B-brother’s lucky…” Hannah suddenly said as she turned to the next page, revealing a pogo stick position.

“Huh? Why is that?” I asked, my fingers moving into her inner thigh.

“Brother will… get to try all of these, right?” Hannah suddenly declared. “Since so many women will want your seed, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy every position. If I’m lucky, I’ll only get to lie with a man once in my life. I wonder which position it will be in…”

“You’re forgetting something, Hannah,” I responded. “This is about love. See, every picture has the same people.”

This was because the drawings depicted a red-colored featureless female and a black-colored featureless male, but it was true that they looked the same in every picture.

“Wh-what do you mean?” Hannah turned to me, suddenly I found her lips only a few inches from my own.

“It’s only lucky if I get to be able to enjoy every position with one girl. That’s why there are so many positions to enjoy, so that you can find someone you love and practice each one. It’s meaningless if it isn’t the same girl.”

“B-b-brother… you’re touching me…” my fingers had found their way on to the outside cloth of her panties, and were now slowly rubbing in concentric circles on top of the cloth, which was growing moist.

This was the first point where Hannah finally realized how close we were and where my hand was touching.

“Hannah, you’re my sister. You’ll always be my sister, right?”

“Ah… it feels… I feel hot, Brother… s-stop touching,” Hannah responded breathily.

“Do you love your little brother, Hannah?”

“Ah, ah, ah… please, Brother. Don’t…”

“Since we’re forever, then wouldn’t you be the one for me? I could enjoy every position in this book with you. Is that alright?”

“Hah… hah… hah… stop… I can’t… Mmmm…” Hannah’s flushed face was right in front of me, my hands moving faster and faster, her mouth slightly open, begging for a kiss.

Immediately, I dived in, taking Hannah’s lips.

“Mm!” Hannah’s eyes widened, but she could do nothing as my other hand held the back of her head.

My tongue immediately dived into her mouth, invading her as I tasted her saliva. My fingers were working over her panties fast, the material now completely wet. It’d be transparent if I looked. My fingers longed to break through her underwear and pierce inside her, but I was too caught up in the moment to remove my fingers even for a second to slide in from the side.

Hannah started pushing against me, finally pulling her lips from mine, a trail of saliva connecting our mouths. She immediately turned her head away, her breaths coming out in gasps, her face red and her expression confused. Her hand grabbed at mine which was touching her sweet spot, and she tried to pull it away half-heartedly.

“Please, no, Brother, it’s too much. I’m going… I’m going… I can’t… It feels hot.” Hannah started crying as she panted, but with my fingers as an out-of-control blaze on her pussy, I forcefully pulled her into a hug, preventing the hand grasping mine from pulling mine away.

Hannah could only desperately grasp my wrist as it rapidly moved up and down against the cloth of her panties.

“Ah, ah! AH!!!” Hannah’s body spasmed against my own, her thighs finally tightened around my hand, as did the grip of her hand on my wrist.

Her head collapsed into the nap of my neck, her face red, her mouth gasping. She could only convulse a few more times against my body while I held her in my grip. Finally, I let go of her, pulling my hands away from her sweet spot, now emitting a lewd but sexy odor. After a few moments, I found myself staring into my lovely sister’s beautiful blue eyes, both exposed for once, the hair that usually covered her right eye pushed back during the exchange.

Just then, she burst into tears. A moment later, she stood up, and then fled the room, unlocking the door and slamming it behind her as she left without a word. Like that, I was left in the library alone. My cock was rock hard, and the couch next to me still smelled like her sex. There was even a small little wet spot where she was sitting.

I let out a sigh. “Did I go too far again?”

I was told I was in a world that wanted my seed more than anything. That caused me to quickly want to enjoy such a world. However, my over-eager older self was just much too aggressive. At this rate, I was only going to get into trouble. I didn’t think Hannah would tattle on me. However, I couldn’t keep doing this to myself either.

With all the promises this world had given me, I was expecting a pussy buffet. The fact I had only tasted one fifteen-year-old girl after twelve years of life didn’t do anything to ease this expectation. I was ravenous to fuck; my expectations having driven my sexual desires too far. While smelling the scent of my sister’s sex on my fingers, I realized that this wasn’t even a problem I could solve with my hand. I needed to release my nut into a tight pussy. That was the only way. I couldn’t wait to break down Hannah, and Madison was even worse.

My only options were to either rape one of my sisters, which was something I thought I’d have trouble coming back from. I didn’t know how this world treated rape, but even so, it was something I didn’t want to do. Even what I just did to my sister left me feeling a little bad. Then, there was option number two.

“I guess it’d have to be that then, huh? Mom, it is.”

Yes, my mother, who was willing to do anything for me. If this was an erotic game, then Mom would be the easiest route towards intercourse. I wasn’t giving up on my sisters, but until I cooled down and blew a load, I was afraid I’d only scare them more. 

That left Mom, a woman who had experienced a lot of sex with my father, and thus could be one of the few experienced women in this world. She was the only one who wouldn’t become frightened by sexual aggression. I guess it was about time to see how far her Motherly love truly went.

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