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My chance with Mom came two days later. Fortunately, Hannah had kept her mouth shut. In truth, I hadn’t even seen her for two days. I managed to get out of one of the maids that she hadn’t left her room. Part of me wanted to go visit her, but with my hormones raging between a twelve-year-old body and thirty-five-year-old mind, I was afraid I’ll only push things farther, further exasperating the issues between me and my younger sister. At least, until I had the clarity of blowing my nut inside of a woman to my satisfaction, I wouldn’t be able to approach my sister again.

“Mother, do I have to be bathed by Agatha?” I whined to Mom when she told me it was time for a proper bath.

“Ah, I know it’s usually Veris, but Veris threw out her back and isn’t able to do it for a week or two.”

I rolled my eyes. That was, of course, the excuse that Veris was giving to not work with me. Frankly, I could expect this kind of behavior from my little Hannah, but Veris was an adult woman. She shouldn’t be acting so squeamish at the mere mention of sex. She could deliver a handjob with a straight face, but sticking my dick in her pussy was too much for her? I didn’t really get it.

“But… since Veris won’t do it… can Mommy do it?” I asked innocently.

“Ah? Me? You want your mother to wash you? Aren’t you getting a little old for that?”

I kept my eyes sweet and innocent, but I desperately wanted to roll them again. I’m too old to have anyone wash me in the bath, but since you’re insisting, I’d rather it be my cute mother instead of some old wrinkly hag.

“Mother… pleaaaase. I want you!” I insisted.

I wanted her alright, but if she knew what I wanted her for ahead of time, who knew how things would turn out. Instead, Mom merely blushed and nodded. Of course, she didn’t really know what I was thinking, but even a mother was vulnerable to being wanted. So, as a result, we ended up in the bathtub. The maids had already prepared it steaming hot to the point that even without my plans, I looked forward to the bath. Mom joined me, wearing a delicate bathrobe. I had no clue what she had under the robe, but I was already excited just thinking about it.

“Alright, son, take off your clothing!” Mom ordered.

“Okay!” Of course, I made sure that I thought gross thoughts until my erection stopped before I got out of my clothing.

“Get in, honey, while the water is warm.” Mom rolled her robe sleeves up and was holding a sponge in one hand and soap in the other, looking ready to attack my body with vigor.

I stopped just as I got to the bathtub and looked back as if an idea had just occurred to me. “Ah… Mom, could you take the bath with me?”

“Eh? With? You want me to get in?”

“Yeah! Just like we used to do!”

Mom looked incredibly uncertain about this. She sat somewhere between flattered that her baby boy still wanted to be intimate with her, and worried that she might be spoiling him too much. She was aware of the handjob incident as well as the babysitter, so she knew I was sexually active. However, in the end, she was still my mother.

“Please, Mom, I just feel warm when you hold me in the bathtub,” I explained innocently.

“Ah… okay… if it’s… just that.” Mom finally relinquished.

Mom slowly began to remove her robe. She was wearing mismatched underwear, a black top, and a white bottom. However, they were surprisingly sexy for a woman her age. It was clear to me Mom was definitely still a woman who cared about her appearance and wanted to feel sexy. Well, she wore makeup and kept her hair done, so it was hard to deny she wanted to look good.

That said, as she started taking off her underwear, she noticed me watching her. “C-can you not stare at me like that?”

I cocked my head to the side with a questioning look, playing on my innocence to confuse Mom. Exactly why can’t I look at my mother’s naked body? She wouldn’t be suggesting that I was looking at her impolitely, was she? Those were the kinds of thoughts I infused into my eyes, and it was Mom who became embarrassed for being modest in front of her own child. She removed the bra and panties, and even though she turned herself to try to hide, I still got a peek of her nice ass, surprisingly pert and smooth for a woman her age. Her breasts were tight and perky, a pair of D-sized bags with perfectly pert nipples. They were exactly what I remembered. It was my time to turn so that Mom didn’t notice the erection starting to form.

Once Mom straightened and tossed her panties aside, she turned to me with one hand covering her breasts and the other covering her groin. This was the absolute limit my mother could take. Revealing herself any more would truly cause damage to her heart.

“I’ll get in first,” Mom declared tightly, still feeling awkward, like what she was doing right now was in some way wrong, even if her brain couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

She lowered herself into the bathtub, finally removing the hand from her crotch once it was submerged in water and hidden by the bubbles. She let out a sigh as she became immersed in the warm water. She hadn’t had a bath in a while either, so even given the circumstance, she couldn’t help but loosen as her body was immersed in heat. She still kept one hand over her breasts though, while gesturing for me to join her with the other.

It was far more erotic than Mom probably realized. A naked woman in a tub, gesturing someone over with one hand while covering her big D breasts with the other, I quickly jumped into the tub. If I was slower, Mom would certainly see my erection. She could only let out a cry of surprise as I splashed in front of her, my butt finding its way between her legs. She moved her hands out in surprise, trying to catch me.  Thus, I immediately leaned back and pressed against the soft pillows of her chest which she left bare. Mom could only make another noise of surprise as my naked skin immediately rubbed against her naked skin. However, she was already helpless to stop it, as I was already snuggled up against her.

She could do nothing but sigh, letting her hands back down and wrapping them around my body. I kept her nipples, slightly erect, pressing against the top of my shoulders. The last time we took a bath together, my head only went up to her nipples. I’d sit in the bath with her boobs almost resting on top of my head. Now, I was less than a head shorter than her. I was truly too old to be bathing with my mother.

After sorting herself out, Mom finally got control of her flustered mind and went to work. Taking a nearby loofah, she put some soap on it and started to clean my shoulders. As she did that, I innocently dropped my arms, my hands grabbing on to my mother’s legs. Mom froze for a second, the shock of being grabbed like that causing her heart to speed up. However, she recovered quickly, choosing to ignore my hands, even as they worked their way to her inner thighs. Kids were naturally fidgety, she would figure, and this was just me not wanting to sit still.

Meanwhile, touching her soft thighs was invigorating. I kept thinking about the naked woman behind me, and my own self-control was slowly being whittled away by the soft warmth behind me, and those soft gentle hands rubbing against my skin. My hands continued to fidget their way down her thighs. They made their way higher and higher up her leg, and my cock became more and more engorged with lust, especially as her own hand started rubbing lower and lower, reaching the pubic area just above my cock.

“Eh…” Mom made a noise, and I realized my fingers had gotten too close to her own nether regions.

I panicked and pulled my fingers back a bit, but then I realized Mom’s noise of surprise was that her hand had found my pubic hair. Her fingers seemed entwined with my pubic hair, unmoving, as if she was savoring the feel. Perhaps she was thinking ‘when did he become so mature’, or perhaps the feel reminded her of her husband.

Freeing one arm, I grabbed her arm and pulled slightly. I couldn’t wait anymore, pushing down Mom’s hand until it hit something long and hard. Her hand felt around it instinctively for a second until her hand gripped the shaft. This was when she finally came out of her stupor and realized what she was holding.

“Eh? Ah! B-baby! That…”

“I’m sorry, Mom,” I turned back. “It got hard again when Mom was touching me.”

Mom gave a wry smile. “Th-that’s fine, honey, I’ll go get a maid to take care of this right away.”

Mom moved to try to stand, letting go of my member. However, she stopped when I grabbed her wrist tightly, preventing her from pulling it away. She looked down at me in shock.

“Mom, can’t you just take care of it?”

Mom’s wry smile turned sickly. “Honey… that… it’s not appropriate for your mother to…”

“Please, Mom,” I begged her, not letting her build her defenses up. “You’re the one who made it this way, it has to be you who takes care of it.”

“Ah? Me? Wh-why would you-”

“Mommy is just so warm and soft and beautiful.” I pushed forward, not giving her time to think. “I get hard whenever I think of you. Doesn’t Mother need to take responsibility for this?”

When I said this, I used my hand to push hers back on to my shaft, wrapping her fingers around it. I then turned back to Mom with pleading eyes.

“Honey…” Mom was at a loss of what to do, her hand didn’t leave my shaft, however.

After looking at me for a moment, her eyes firmed and she started moving her hand up and down my dick. My eyes closed and I pushed my face against Mom’s chest. She could only let out a breath, but she kept moving her hand. Unlike the inexperienced maid or my youngest sister, Mom had enjoyed a great deal of sex with my father. She was one of the very few women in this world who had developed a technique and had enjoyed sex enough times to be familiar with what she was doing.

Thus, her hand movements progressed with skill and experience, quickly pulling up and down on my cock until I was in sexual euphoria. However, I couldn’t let things end here. I wasn’t just looking for a quick tug. I wanted to be balls deep in a woman. I wanted to cum deep inside her. Mom could be said to be the only woman right now who met the criteria needed.

I opened my eyes and looked up at Mom. She was watching my face like she had done when she was using the maid to get me off. It seemed like watching the erotic expressions on her partner’s face during sex was a habit of my mother’s. What Mom didn’t realize was that her own mouth was agape and she was panting slightly, clearly aroused by the pleasure she was giving me.

“I love you, Mom,” I said as her hand continued to work over my shaft.

“I-I love you too honey,” Mom said, her voice almost sounding breathy.

It was clear that Mom was trying to disconnect herself from the act. She was doing a job, a duty for her family. She was trying to hide her emotional feelings. In truth, her heart was racing and her mind was muddy. She was way out of her depth right now. However, she was the adult in the situation, so she could only show a stoic face and do what needed doing to make her child happy.

“I’m going to cum soon,” I informed Mom.

Mom’s stoic face only twitched slightly, “Please cum, honey.”

With that I suddenly pushed up, my lips taking Moms. In the middle of talking, she hadn’t expected a kiss, so when my tongue violated her mouth, her eyes could only widen in surprise. All of her stoicism shattered in a heartbeat. There was simply no way to separate herself from the situation as I thoroughly kissed her. Her emotions erupted, and the woman started to panic. She released my cock, pulling back, only to find within the bath and me on top there was nowhere to go.

I turned around in the bath, suddenly facing my mom. She raised her hands instinctually and pushed against my chest, trying to shove me away from her. Her rationale was shattered, and she could barely even understand what was happening as I pushed myself down on top of my own mother.

I grabbed her wrists and pulled them away. Mom struggled a bit, but her struggle was weakening. She was caught unsure of what to do. On the one hand, this was wrong. She was kissing her own child romantically! We were in a bathtub naked! She was likely thinking something like ‘how did I let it get to this point!’ 

On the other hand, she didn’t want to hurt me, and she couldn’t come up with a way out of the situation. If she fought, she could hurt the person she loves more than life itself. If she gave in, she could also end up hurting me.

Mom finally pulled her lips away from mine. “No! Clyburn! Stop! We can’t do this.”

“I love you, Mommy. I want to be inside you!”

“AH! No! Honey… please… don’t. Stop. Stop!” Mom yelled stop, while trying to get her wrists from my grip.

However, Mom had neglected her lower half under the water. Her legs were already spread around me. I was basically in the perfect position, between Mom’s legs, her butt pinned in the corner of the tube. With a thrust, my dick landed on her pussy, and then immediately slid inside. Both of us gasped as our sexual organs united. Mom hadn’t felt a dick inside her in twelve years. This meant her pussy was very tight, and very receptive to my penetrations.

“Ah… it’s inside… No… you’re my son.”

“It feels good, Mommy.” I kissed Mom’s cheek, and then began thrusting my hips.

“Baby… oh… we can’t… ah… ah… ah… it’s wrong…”

Mom’s forehead was scrunched, but as my hips moved faster and faster, pumping inside her tight cunt, her mouth became slack and she couldn’t help letting out little sexy noises. Like that, I was having sex with my mother. Trying my luck, I let go of her wrists. Mom looked at me pleadingly, but realizing I didn’t plan to stop, she moved her hands to the sides of the tub, grabbing on as I pumped away. Meanwhile, my free hands attacked her breasts. Mom’s body could only tremor as she looked away, unable to fathom what was going on.

He… he’s bigger than his father! The realization struck Mother like a ton of bricks.

She had always suspected, but only upon truly feeling it inside her, did she realize that I was a bit thicker and longer than the man she loved. However, he was gone now, and the only one she loved now was… me. That’s right, she loved me. She loved me as much as she loved my father, more so! So, what if we had sex? Wasn’t that fine to do with someone you love?

In fact, of everyone in this world, the person who least wanted my seed, the person who was most trustworthy was Mom. Doesn’t it become her responsibility to teach me everything she knows about sex? Mom was the only woman alive who I could have sex with without any fear of wanting something from me. In reality, Mom was the safest woman for me to sleep with!

Those kinds of justifications went through her mind, and soon Mom grabbed my face which was buried in her wet chest and pulled it up to her face.

“I love you, honey!” Mom moaned, kissing me on the lips.

I didn’t know the thought process Mom went through to get to that point, but I was immensely happy when I felt her legs wrap around mine and her hips bend to give me a deeper penetration.

Soon, Mom was holding me tightly as I plowed into her. The bathwater splashed in waves onto the floor as we violently fucked in the bathtub.

“Ah, Ah, I love you, baby, I love you!”

“Mommy, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum!”

“Cum in Mommy! Only Mommy can have your cum!”

Of course, Mom didn’t want to get pregnant, but she was lost in the moment, and only concerned about her own sexual gratification. After twelve years, my cock felt incredible. She might be one of the few women alive who has had sex with a man for sexual gratification. Most women only saw it as a means of getting pregnant. Mom, who had a husband who slept with her reliably, had gained a taste for orgasms. It wasn’t uncommon for women to use dildos or even each other in this world, but my mom had a specific taste for cock that few women developed.

When I finally exploded deep inside of Mom, it wasn’t the chance of getting pregnant that excited her, it was the feeling of my semen warming deep inside of her womb. It was a feeling she hadn’t felt in forever, and even with bubbles and hot water being pushed up in there and the likelihood of being pregnant low, Mom still exploded in an incredible orgasm, clinging tightly to me. The pair of us continued to kiss in what was left of the hot water, our hot bodies pressed against each other, my cock finally softening.

Upon finishing, I got out of the tub and the pair of us dressed quietly. Mom didn’t say anything as she dried herself off, even scooping out a few gobs of semen as she cleaned her pussy. She put back on her underwear, put on a robe, and left without a word. I frowned a bit, not quite sure where to go from there. I finished cleaning up and headed to my room. However, after my sexual encounter with my mom, I couldn’t relax.

Was Mom angry… happy… satisfied? Were there going to be consequences? I was left alone for the rest of the day, and soon it was growing dark out. Still, I never heard a peep from Mom. Upon asking one of the maids, they said that Mom was staying in her room. Did I scare away another family member? Was I zero for three? No, I refused to believe that this mother of mine would reject me.

I finally got out of bed and headed down the hall towards Mother’s room. I knocked on the door. After there was no answer, I knocked again.

“What is it?” A voice asked, Mom’s voice.

Rather than respond, I pushed my way in. Mom was under her covers, but when she heard the door open, she pulled her covers off and looked up with a glare. However, when her eyes met mine, she immediately relaxed her expression, turning away with a blush.

“Clyburn… that… what did honey want?” Mom said with her eyes closed, her body shaking somewhat.

“It… uh, happened again. When I thought of before.” I came up with an excuse, while pointing to my dick.

I wasn’t erect, but it was impossible to tell in the dark. Mom let out a noise of surprise, sitting up in her bed.

“Again! Bu-but we just did it…”

I gave a blushing shrug. “Mother is best… and I’m young, hormones are going crazy and stuff like that.”

It was an answer above my age, but Mom was too flustered to be suspicious. “That is… true… then naturally, since I’m you Mother…”

Her voice lowered until she was mumbling and I could barely hear her.

“What are you saying, Mommy?” I asked innocently.

Mom stiffened for a moment but then sighed as if she was giving up. “Very well, let Mommy take care of it. Since things have progressed this far, I can’t just pretend it didn’t happen. However, this must be the last time!”


“Clyburn, what we do here, don’t tell anyone. Not even the maids.”

“Is what we’re doing… bad?” I asked, teasing my poor Mother.

“No!” I was taken aback by Mom’s ferocious answer. “Honey, you love me, right?”

“M-more than anything!”

My words were a bit of a lie here. The thirty-five-year-old me merely saw her as a piece of ass. However, the twelve-year-old had a bit of affection for her. With the combination of the two of me, the question of how I felt about her was a complex one.  Still, I wanted to keep fucking her, so I was willing to keep playing the part.

“Then, trust your mother. I’ll take care of it tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll find you someone. We’ll teach you everything about sex we can, and she… well… if I knew you’d develop so quickly, I wouldn’t have fired that maid!”

I cocked my head, giving an innocent confused look. “Mother?”

“Just keep this a secret, just between us?” She begged.

“Understood!” I nearly saluted as she made that declaration, her taboo words tapping into my psyche and actually giving me a real erection now.

Mom relaxed at my serious response, finally calming down. She pulled her blanket off, revealing her favorite erotic nighty underneath. Patting between her legs, she gave me a reassuring smile.

“Then come up here honey, get on top of Mommy and let’s take care of your thing.”

I happily jumped up. Even though Mom said it was just this one last time, her resolve was quickly being whittled away one sexual encounter at a time. Before long, she would become my sexual playmate, something I hoped would last for years to come.

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