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My mind raced a mile a minute as I watched the nervous Madison fidgeting at the foot of my bed.  Was this for real? I knew that Madison had some kind of hang-up when it came to me and Hannah, but I never would have guessed that she’d take it to this extent. To think that she wanted to sacrifice her own purity just so that Hannah remained safe, it was not something I had expected at all.

“A-are you going to start then?” I asked with a pout.

It wasn’t intentional, but I was still drowsy and my expression naturally took on a petulant attitude. Madison only gulped and gave a decisive nod. Her nervousness became my nervousness. I had already thrown myself at Mom the previous night and succeeded in conquering her pussy, but it felt a bit different with Madison. Part of it was because of the nature of our relationship. Mom loved me and spent all of her time with me. Meanwhile, my relationship with Madison was already awkward. Having sex with this sister of mine couldn’t possibly make it less awkward.

“I will begin,” Madison responded with determination.

Pulling back the covers, my cock was already erect and ready, poking up against the underwear. Madison looked at my cock wide-eyed, her cute expression causing it to twitch. She was clearly completely outside her element. She was only a year older than Hannah, so her knowledge about sex wasn’t much beyond her sister. Suffice it to say that she didn’t seem to know what she was doing.

This didn’t stop Madison from trudging forward anyway. She pulled down my underwear, immediately freeing my penis from my tighty-whities. She pulled them down the rest of the way, and I helped kick them off to the floor. I looked on excitedly, waiting for Madison to disrobe as well. However, it was clear in her expression that her heart just wasn’t ready for that yet. Instead, with an awkward blush, as she refused to meet my eyes, she reached out with her hand and gripped the shaft. Her warm, small digits wrapped around it tightly, but she didn’t move her hand at all. Instead, she merely gripped on to it, trying to avoid looking at her hand.

She took a few breaths, and then to my surprise, immediately turned and lowered her head down on it, taking my cock into her mouth. Feeling her sweet pouty lips wrap around the head of my cock felt too good, and I immediately let out a little moan. This moan startled Madison, who pulled back in surprise. But after another breath, she closed her eyes and put it back in. Like that, she began to slowly suck on my cock.

Her fingers remained wrapped tightly on the shaft like she was afraid my cock might jump out of her fingers if she let it go. Meanwhile, her lips took in the head and about two inches of the shaft. She didn’t shove it in deeply, or deep throat, let alone inhale my cock. Instead, she merely licked it, letting her lips massage the upper portion that she could actually reach. She sucked strongly like it was a lollipop, occasionally moving her head a little as she did so.

“Mmm… gmmm.. mmmm…” As she worked, her throat made lewd sucking sounds.

I noticed that her hair was tied up so that it wouldn’t fall down her face. Along with the summer dress, I instantly realized that Madison had come here from the beginning planning to give me a blowjob. She had prepared ahead of time. I could even see a glimmer of chapstick on her lips. The girl had prepared properly.

“Ah… it feels good, keep going Madison.”

“Mmm… Mmm…” Madison cutely made a noise of affirmation, muffled by the location of her mouth against my cock.

I reached out and touched my beautiful sister’s face as I watched her lick and suck lightly on my cock. She immediately moved her free hand and pushed my hands away. Her eyes glared at me, but she refused to break mouth contact with my cock. I couldn’t help but sigh sadly. Madison wasn’t doing this as any kind of intimacy. She merely wanted me to cum so that I would leave Hannah alone. To Madison, this was a mission to protect her sister, even if it tainted her own purity. She had absolutely no feelings for me whatsoever, not even the base love of siblings.

Still, as she rotated her head, moving her lips around my wettened cock, I couldn’t stop myself from moaning and reaching out for her again. This time, my fingers ended up entwining in her tied-up hair. She ignored my hands this time, instead focusing on sucking and moving her lips.

“Guuhh… Guuh… Guuu….” Her mouth made gulping sounds as she sucked the upper half of my cock aggressively.

Feeling like I wanted my cock further inside her, as I moaned again, I pushed down on her head. The cock slid in another inch, and I got to feel even more of my wonderful sister’s sweet mouth. However, she immediately coughed, pulling away. At this point, she did slap my hands away angrily. Drool ran down her chin as she glared at me, a string of saliva connecting my shaft to her mouth. She was absolutely beautiful.

“Don’t!” Madison only said that word.

She went back down, attacking my cock again with her mouth. Meanwhile, I felt a little sheepish at her glare. Furthermore, Madison wouldn’t let me touch her anymore. Without becoming overly aggressive and forcing myself on Madison, I could do nothing else but lie back and enjoy her machinations. Although her hand didn’t move at all and her technique got me with teeth quite a bit, Madison was trying her best to bring me to orgasm.

To have a cute teenager sucking on my cock, naturally, my excitement peaked, and I only held on for about ten minutes. I am a hormonally charged boy just about to reach his teens. My current sexual prowess as weak. My panting increased, and Madison’s aggressive sucking seemed to be encouraged by the noises I made. Even though she felt little affection for me, the closer I got to orgasm, the quicker and fiercer she attacked my glans.

I decided not to tell Madison I was going to cum. I was afraid Madison would do something like forcing me to finish up in a towel or something. Of course, it was much more enjoyable to cum in my sister’s adorable mouth. Although Madison’s eye’s widened in surprise when my swollen cock shot out the first string of jizz, to my shock, she quickly started to swallow it. Without parting her lips from the head, she continued to suck down every spurt of semen I delivered, sending it right down her gullet without a single ounce of hesitation. After about thirty seconds, I finally finished cumming, my panting reaching its culmination as I relaxed. Meanwhile, Madison sucked a little longer, making sure to lick up every drop.

I’d never met a girl as thorough as my big sister. Her entire personality aroused me greatly, but my young stamina didn’t keep up with my hormones, and my cock fell flaccid despite my best efforts. I’m simply too young to be engaging in any major sexual escapades.

My sister finally broke her lips from my cock. Her lips were red and chapped, and she was breathing hard. The skin all around her lips had the reflective look of saliva, but other than that, she looked just as beautiful as ever. I reached out, instinctively wanting to embrace this cute sister who just sucked my cock to completion and swallowed it. Prostitutes and even my wife, the few blowjobs I ever got, demanded condoms. To actually cum in her mouth and to have her swallow, this was the first time for me. It actually made my heart beat a bit faster, and despite myself, I started to see my sister in a slightly new light.

However, when Madison immediately pulled away from me, avoiding my arms with a scowl, my affection slammed into reality. Madison had finished what she came to do, and now there was no more between us. For a second, a bit of me ached for my sister. I suddenly found myself longing for more of her. However, as she got up and wiped her face, she had an expression like she had nothing else to say.

I wanted to ask what she thought of the taste of my cum, but I realized that’d be inappropriate. I wanted to squeeze her small B sized boobs, but I knew I’d never get close. I wanted to hold her, but that wouldn’t happen for a million years.

“Thank you.” I finally got out, not able to come up with anything better to say.

Madison had thrown the towel away and was now straitening her dress with her back to me. “Leave Hannah alone. Come to me if you need anything and I’ll take care of it from now on.”

Madison didn’t wait for me to respond, immediately darting from my room and closing the door with a small slam. I fell back in my bed, my soft cock dripping out a little bit of late cum Madison had seemed to miss, even though she had been so thorough to catch it all. Hormones were certainly a fucked-up thing. One blowjob and I was already starting to fall in love. Well, in this world, it wasn’t so bad. It was a world where I could have my sister, so why wouldn’t I?

Thinking about my cute Madison sucking on my cock, I started to grow excited again. I couldn’t last long, but I could get horny again in half an hour. This was becoming frustrating already, and would only grow worse as I got older. I let out a sigh looking down at my member, now half erect. I supposed it would be too ridiculous to run after my sister and demand a second round. Frankly, I was pretty certain Madison had a very specific limit, and wouldn’t tolerate anything beyond it. In this case, she’d suck my cock on her time, but not on my time.

Thus, I did what I had planned to do anyway. I went to my mom’s room, knocking on her door. My mom had remained low since last night. As to how she coped with the knowledge she slept with her son, I’m not really sure. I knocked again when there wasn’t an answer. This time, I heard a muffled voice from beyond the door.

“Go away… you can clean up tomorrow.” The voice came slowly.

This time, I just pushed my way into Mom’s room. Mom immediately looked up from her bed when the door opened. As soon as her eyes met mine, she went white. Clearly, the memory of last night was very fresh in her mind. She had been lying on the bed with her legs spread open. When I walked in, she immediately crossed them and pulled a blanket up, hiding her body from my sight. My sexy Mother, who had never once covered her modesty around me, was now hiding her body with a blush. I frowned at the development, not pleased that Mother was trying to put up defenses.

“Honey, wh-what are you doing here?” Mom asked nervously, suddenly unable to meet my eyes.

“I heard about what happened to Hannah… two years ago,” I blurted out.

It wasn’t really what I wanted to say. I wanted to say, “bend over and spread em’”, but I knew that wouldn’t go well with Mom. Instead, I gave myself a reason to push into her room. More than that, I distracted her from the expectation. She was defending against a sexual assault, so I side blinded her with this nugget of truth to cause her to drop her defenses. Better than that, if I played my cards right, this could be a source of guilt for Mom. Once she felt guilty, I could further push her into becoming my permanent fuck buddy. That was the ultimate goal, after all.

“Oh… honey… that…” Mom also remembered that two years ago she had spanked me, which was something that made her feel bad, as she was not one to hit her child normally.

At the time, I had retaliated by not speaking to Mom for a week. It was something that had hurt her heart immensely. She had always felt her heart being torn between her daughters and her son.  She tried to defend Madison’s honor but had only served to drive a wedge between her son and daughters. She had even feared that I might not help her daughters find a man to impregnate them given the current attitude between us.

“Do… lesbians really hate men?” I asked.

Mom sighed, her Motherly instincts kicking in and obliterating her built defenses. She gestured for me to join her in bed. I ran up and sat next to her while she looked in my eyes with a comforting appearance.

“All animals are built for sex,” Mom responded gently. “It’s just the unfortunate bane of humans that we make so few men. It’s not surprising with so few men and so many women, that women want to try sex with another, even when a man isn’t available.”

“Mom too?” I asked mischievously.

“Ah!” Mom blushed, turning away. “In Academy… before your father, perhaps… But the point is, liking and sleeping with women doesn’t say anything to their feelings about men. Most women find themselves able to enjoy both sexes equally, although men always hold a special place in women’s hearts for their capacity to make seed.

“However, there are a few women, like those lipstick lesbians, who speak blasphemy. They believe the world doesn’t need men. They want men to be treated like cattle, milked for their seed and distributed among the women freely without their input. This goes against everything we’re taught! They claim that the holy scriptures are false, or even worse, that the holy scriptures were written by men as a deliberate attempt to subjugate women!

“A lot of them are criminals, exchanging black market seed. They spread propaganda and lies, kidnap men, blackmail, and spread hate. They prey on young women, trying to convince them to hate men and worship their own bodies. They’re just being selfish and conceited!” Mom became more impassioned as she spoke. “It just isn’t right! These women would reject any man, just because of his sex!”

“I don’t want to be rejected…” I said worriedly.

“Oh, baby, you don’t have to worry… you’re fine.” Mom patted me gently.

“M-Mom… you’ll never reject me, right?” I asked with my head lowered, hiding the glint in my eye.

“No, honey, never, I’d never reject you! I’m your Mother, after all.”

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you too, baby.”

I lifted up my head, and before Mom could react, I once again took her lips. The suddenness of my kiss caused her mind to flail, and in that moment, I sent my tongue into her mouth, savoring Mother’s taste aggressively.

“Mmmm…mmmm… mmaaa…” Mom wanted to say something, but as my tongue explored her mouth, her shoulders soon slouched and she gave in to my kisses.

My hands then found their way to her chest. Once again, her eyes widened and she let out an alarmed moan, but with my lips planted on her lips, and her bold statement of never rejecting me fresh in her mind, I had once again pushed her into a corner just as overwhelming as the bathtub. I finally broke my lips away from hers after kissing for some time. Mom was gasping for breath, a blush on her face. Unlike my sisters though, her eyes were locked on me without any shyness, waiting for what she knew would come next.

“Mom, can we do what we did last night? I want to be inside you.”

Mom let out a long breath. Even though she had expected it, that didn’t mean she knew how to handle it. However, she couldn’t say ‘no’. That would be rejecting me. Whether she realized the trap was done on purpose or not was questionable, but she was trapped. Mom could only give a nod. The previous night, she had promised to teach me everything she knew. This was said in the heat of the moment, and once her head cooled after a night of sleep, she had regretted it in an instant.

She could always find me a new playmate to hire that was my own age. Demanding my attention for herself wasn’t just morally wrong, it was selfish. She knew she couldn’t have me all to herself, although there was a scary part of her that she realized wanted exactly this. She wanted me all to herself. Just like my father, to have a man to personally follow and satisfy her, it was a desire that no other woman but my mother would dare have.

Finally, she gave a slow nod, opening her legs for me as she pulled me on top of her. Last night had been a mistake. Mom had spent the entire day mentally preparing herself to correct that mistake at all costs. She had been waiting for me to invade her room, ready to let me down softly. However, when I struck from a position she hadn’t anticipated, I had destroyed her defenses and pushed her to this state. The dark side of Mom that wanted to monopolize me as her lover, it took over.

Mom brought my mouth to hers, and she started to rip off my clothing. Since I was supposed to be an inexperienced child, it was Mom who led the way this time. Little by little, her apprehension withered away, and the promise she made the night before, that she would personally lead my sexual education with her own body, started to become ingrained into her mind. Why risk finding another woman who might betray us, when Mom was right here to guide me through my sexual puberty? Her mind was filled with these attempts to logically excuse her actions. As I slid inside her warm, wet pussy, my hips rocking against her hips, we fell into each other’s embrace, making love deep into the night. Mom showed me many things.

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