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“Guh! It tastes weird again,” Madison muttered after spitting my cock out of her mouth, working the weird taste in her throat.

“It must be my new bath salts,” I panted. “It doesn’t… taste bad, does it?”

“Mm… No… just salty… and something else…” Madison shook her head very lightly before wrapping her lips on my cock once again.

It had been a month since Madison first visited my bedroom. True to her word, every night she snuck into my bedroom and sucked me off before bed. As the procedure turned into a routine, she had even opened up slightly. The rules seemed to hold for the most part, but on this particular night, my hands were up her shirt where they fondled her pert breasts. They were only a size B, but they were magnificent little things with tiny little nubs that were surprisingly sensitive. As I squeezed them, I could feel Madison moaning around my cock. Her face was flushed, and it was clear she was much more aroused than she usually was during our encounters.

As for the taste that Madison complained about, of course, earlier that day I had creampied Mother. Her wet juices had dried on my cock, and I didn’t bother to clean up. So, when Madison came for me at night, she naturally got a mouthful of Mother’s spunk. It further excited me imagining my unsuspecting sister tasting her Mother’s pussy unintentionally. Of course, this had happened a few times now, and Madison was growing suspicious. So, I had to come up with something about changing the bath salts in my tub.

Madison had bought the bluff, and thus my day often included molesting my mother, and then letting my sister clean it all up. I was steadily opening Mom up to the possibility of anal too. She had never been pressured into it by dad, but she was definitely curious about it. I wondered what expression Madison would make when she tasted Mom’s ass on my cock! She’d definitely need to clean it all up thoroughly!

“Ah, shit, I’m cumming!”

I had let my own excitement grow, and ended up blowing my load in only five minutes. Over the course of the month, Madison had improved her blowjob form massively, but even so, this was an embarrassment. It wasn’t all my fault though. By touching her boobs, Madison had grown hornier and more aggressive as well. Her mouth had gotten used to the feel of my cock, and she could incorporate more into her mouth. Now, she could bring in about five inches before she started to gag. Furthermore, she finally figured out how to use her hand, stroking it up and down the shaft whenever she took a breath to keep up the stimulation. She had also grown bolder, and didn’t freeze or slip every time I moved or made a noise.

After swallowing everything down like always, Madison removed her lips. “Don’t swear!”

It was a little silly to be reprimanded by my sister while she sucks me off, but whether she realized it or not, this intimate contact, no matter how much she mentally distanced herself from the act, had slowly brought us together. She was treating me more like a little brother now than she ever had before we started engaging in regular nightly activities. She was even talking to me now, although most of the time it was to chastise me for something she didn’t like.

“Yes, my lovely sister,” I responded.

Madison stood up and wiped her mouth off, only muttering a noise of affirmation. “Mm.”

However, Madison’s face was still very flushed, and I could see that she was very aroused. A part of me considered pushing her down right now. I eventually planned to have her, but I wasn’t sure if doing it now would be a mistake. Perhaps, I should push her just a little.


“Tomorrow, I won’t be able to come. I’m registering for the Academy, so I’ll be gone all day. Don’t touch Hannah or… or… or… “Madison’s face reddened until she could no longer meet my eyes. “Or, I won’t do that anymore.”

As for Hannah, I did as Madison commanded and kept my distance. Interestingly enough, it was Hannah who started following me around the house. She never got close, or Madison would have been angrier, but I often made visits in the library, and I’d notice Hannah peaking in from a crack in the door. I’d also noticed when Madison caught her and yelled at her to leave me alone. Unlike me, Madison had nothing to offer Hannah to get her to behave though.

“Not tomorrow?” I said in a slightly whiny voice. “But tomorrow is my birthday.”

“I know!” Madison’s expression darkened. “That’s why I let you… touch… m… never mind!”

Madison turned away with a huff. She had let me touch her boobs, but she hadn’t expected it to feel so good. A month of sucking my cock had turned a gross act into something sexually stimulating and added with my fondling, and Madison was going crazy. She didn’t know if she could contain herself if she stayed too much longer. Thus, she fled the room quickly.

I chuckled to myself as I went off to sleep. I had no intention of leaving Hannah alone tomorrow. With Madison gone, I had an ample opportunity to see just what my dear youngest sister was so curious about.

Come morning, I received my breakfast tray at the door as always. It was almost like I was living in a ritzy hotel. Well, our family was to the point that we’d never do anything like eating together in a dining room, so it was more comfortable anyway to eat in my room. Once I was done, I went looking for Mom. If I was going to put the moves on Hannah, I wanted a clear head without the baby batter coming into things. My teenage hormones truly were difficult to deal with.

Mom wasn’t in her room. Upon pulling over a maid, I was surprised when she said Mom was in the kitchen. My mother never did the cooking. In fact, I wasn’t even sure my mother could cook. I immediately raced off to the kitchen. When I peeked my head in, I found my mom working at the table with an apron on. I was only a little disappointed that the apron was over the clothing. If Mom was doing a naked apron thing right now, I’d have jumped her instantly.

Mom finally noticed I was peaking in. “Ah! Honey! Don’t look!”

She covered what she was working on, which only caused me to frown slightly. She had a little bit of white powder on her pink apron, and she looked really cute. Instantly, my urge to tease my mother rose.

“Eh? What is it?” I asked curiously, pushing into the kitchen forcefully.

“Baby… I… I’m making you a birthday cake. Can’t you be good and wait for the surprise!” Mom responded tearfully, a look that showed she truly was putting all she had into making something nice for me.

Suddenly, I felt bad for pushing my way in. However, I couldn’t really see what she was working on, so I’d still be surprised. However, as she approached me, I noticed some frosting on her nose. Just as she made it in reach, I went to my tippy-toes and licked the frosting off!

“Ah! You naughty boy…” Mom gives me a flirtatious look completely inappropriate for a Mother to give a son.

“It’s my birthday… can we…”

While Mom tried to push me out of the kitchen, I gave her a begging look. For Mom’s part, she looked genuinely tempted. After our affair had gone on for over a month, any reservations she had towards having sex with her son had disappeared. She was slowly becoming bolder and bolder, even approaching me on occasion when she got horny enough. The sex drive of a MILF who hadn’t enjoyed sex in thirteen years exploded, and Mom could be quite lewd and demanding at times.

“Oh… honey, I really want to, but it’ll have to be later…”

I gave Mom the puppy-dog eyes, the next lineup in looks I had developed to tease my family. While it occasionally worked on Madison, it was super effective on Mom. She looked back at the kitchen, then at me, her lips pursed as she considered her options.

“Please… I’m hard now.”

“Ah… sweetie… fine… but it’ll just be a blowjob for now, okay?” Mom couldn’t resist my pleading.

“Okay…” I gave a disappointed look. “But only if Mom does whatever I want later!”

“AH?” Mom gave a blush, but then calmed down. “D-deal…”

She pulled me to the side, looking around to make sure we had privacy as she got down on her knees right there in the kitchen. Likely, she had thoughts like ‘He’s just a kid, how perverse a thing could he really come up with?’. If Mom knew I was looking to pop her butt cherry, she’d probably not have agreed so quickly. I learned that anal was not common. Women only wanted to have sex to have babies, so while anal was known, it was a fringe act, put on the outskirts of sexual activity, and usually attributed to lipstick lesbians and deviants.

Mom freed my pecker from its drawers and looked at it admiringly for a moment. “My, it’s getting bigger, I think. I can’t believe you’re only thirteen.”

Those words made me exceptionally happy, which caused it to twitch in Mom’s hands. Mom took that as permission to start and opened her mouth with an ‘ah’ before engulfing my dick. Mom was way better at this kind of thing than Madison. Even after a month of daily blowjobs, Mom was still the dick sucking pro! She had just the right pressure on her fingers, her tongue, and her lips, to drive the maximum stimulation from my glans.

She worked sloppily and noisily, taking all six inches and sucking it down to the root. She didn’t seem to have too much of a gag reflex, and never hesitated to deepthroat it when she could. Why Mom was so good sexually likely had to do with her own insecurities with dad. Since he chose to be in a monogamous relationship with her when no one would fault him for spreading his seed, she practiced relentlessly to do things no other woman could do. Countless hours were likely spent deepthroating a dildo until she could do it properly.

“Mmm… mmmm… slll… slurp…” Mom made moaning and humming noises as she sucked away happily, almost oblivious to the world around her.

I wondered if a maid lady did walk in, if Mom would even realize it at this moment. That’s how focused she was on satisfying my cock. She was truly a pro. She was also quite loud. Any maid passing by in the hallway would easily be able to hear the slurping noises. It was mind-boggling that we weren’t caught yet. In fact, it was likely we had been seen by some of the maids, but as family loyalists, they chose to look the other way.

All of Mom’s experience was released on my cock, and naturally, I couldn’t last all that long. Within five minutes, I was blowing my load into her mouth. Mom gulped it down hungrily. When my cock finally started to soften, she let it fall from her lips and stood up, wiping her lips with her fingers. She looked over at me with a smile, a naughty light in her eyes. She was very turned on right now, and if she didn’t have my cake to finish, it was likely that she would push me down right here on the kitchen floor.

Instead, Mom resisted her feminine urges, turning to the side and grabbing something from a nearby counter. She handed me the item.

“Here, honey, it’s a birthday gift.”

“Ah?” I was a little surprised.

This world didn’t celebrate birthdays as over the top as my world. While the cake was the norm, parties and presents were not. That’s why I pushed so much to get sexual favors from Mom, because it was unlikely, I’d see anything else in the way of presents. This was also the same reason Madison didn’t feel the need to celebrate my birthday here. When a family unit usually consisted of a woman and her single child, birthdays just didn’t seem as meaningful.

“It’s customary to give it out on your thirteenth birthday,” Mom said encouragingly. “Open it.”

I opened the present revealing some thick book, and immediately had to fake a smile. “Ah, thanks, Mom!”

Mom chuckled. “It’s the holy scriptures. Every man should read it once in their lives. I don’t believe we have a copy in the library, so this is for you. Why don’t you run off to the library and try reading, you may like it? When I finish the cake, we can have some. Afterwards… maybe you can have… me?”

Mom gave a flirtatious look while lifting the bottom of her apron. I rolled my eyes, feeling for a moment like a teenage boy embarrassed by his silly Mother.

“That apron thing only works if you’re not wearing anything underneath,” I explained.

Mom dropped the apron and gave a frown. I picked up the book, waved it with a thanks, and then headed for the library. Just as I hit the door, I heard Mom muttering to herself.

“Maybe next year, I should bake the cake naked… I wonder if he’d like that.”

He would! However, I decided not to say anything as I left. I made my way to the library and immediately opened up the book. The holy scriptures weren’t written like the bible. In this world, there was only English, and English had somehow remained unchanged in thousands upon thousands of years. Therefore, the book read more like a modern English history book. However, it was surprisingly saucy. This world’s religion and history seemed to be one, and that one thing this history spoke of was a history of sex and violence. Soon, I was wrapped up in the narrative the book told.

In the beginning, the world was in chaos. The great demon god reigned supreme, and the world of man desperately fought against the demons, who raped and murdered the women of this world. This was where the story seemed to offer two paths. Some believe that it was men who were the demons who raped and harassed women, particularly lipstick lesbians. Most believed the story offered in this book, that the men were guardians who protected the women.

Then the demons began some sort of great purge, intending to wipe out all humans as a sacrifice to their demon god.  At this point, the Great God descended on the world, and flooded it with the waters of life. Who this great God was? The story was vague. The closest thing to an identity was a single line, ‘I am You’. I had no clue what that means. Perhaps it’s some silly crap about how god really resides in all of us.

Whoever he was, he seemed to come as fast as he left. However, the result of his touch on this world released a massive tsunami. These waters destroyed all demons and exorcised the demon god from this world. Unfortunately, they destroyed all men as well. This resulted in an age known as the age of peace. Although monsters still roamed the world, humanity steadily gained a foothold. Without men, all births occurred as a result of baptisms, where women were blessed with the waters of life.

What the hell do they think the ‘waters of life’ are, is that spooge? I thought disdainfully

Over time, the reign of humans started to become threatened. A new enemy, the creature called the demon lord appeared, and while demons were a thing of the past, they created demihumans by magically blending monster and human blood. In the absence of any real demons, demihumans and tamed monsters formed the demon lord’s army.

So, magic does exist in this world, as well as demihumans?

The Holy Scriptures seemed to support this. However, the bible also spoke about miracles and unicorns, so whether magic and demihumans existed in modern times, I didn’t really know. Either way, the demon lord’s army began to invade humanity, attempting to conquer the world and end the reign of women. On top of that, humanity had passed its peak. The waters of life had dried out, and new babies were becoming rarer and rarer.

That was when the Great God sent his only son. Some say he was born from the last drop of the water of life. Some say he was born from a virgin womb. Some say he was dropped down by Heaven itself. The only thing that was certain was that a man was born in a world made up only of women. The Scripture says he spent the first seventeen years of life cross-dressing as a woman. However, as the demon lord threat grew, he finally revealed himself to the world. He gathered twelve apostles, the Twelve Greats. They were beautiful and powerful women, all of them, and he used them to defeat the armies of monsters.

Upon invading the castle, he found that the demon lord was actually a woman, who had grown angry and spiteful from a life without men. The man sacrificed himself, giving his seed to the demon lord. It was she who would bear his first child. The books acted like this was a great sacrifice… but didn’t he just fuck a cute goth chick? Anyway, after that, he impregnated his twelve apostles. Six of them had boys, while the other six had girls. Thus, men had been reintroduced into the world of women.

The six boys grew to become the six pillars of the world. Meanwhile, their father continued to venture this planet known as Gaia, seeding the world wherever he went. It was when the last male child he bore was just reaching age six when the man was betrayed.

One of his loyal apostles, Juda, had grown jealous of her child’s father constantly sleeping around with other women, and further angry that she herself had only produced a female child. Thus, she plotted with the Queen of a nearby nation, who wished to capture him and use him as a seed carrier. If she controlled his seed, she controlled all future population growth. In essence, she’d rule the world.

She succeeded in capturing the man and his six sons, despite the protests of his followers. Soon, she created a baby-making factory, milking the man for all his semen, while keeping the six sons until they finished maturity. It was the queen herself who took his seed first to create an heir to her throne. Her plan worked well, and soon she sold semen at exorbitant prices, while only she and the women she selected were allowed to enjoy the flesh of the man and his elder sons.

Her reign lasted ten years, and in those ten years, nearly one million male babies had been born from his seed. Then, the son of God died. His death was mysterious and sudden. Some believe he was sucked dry. Others believe he killed himself. A few believe he escaped and lives to this day. What was certain was that his disappearance was accompanied by the plague. It wiped out every living male except the six pillars, including the queen’s own heir. After the plague, came a period of turmoil spread across the helpless world.

With her domain recoiling from her loss of control and power, the desperate Queen slept with each of the six pillars, starting with the oldest, who was twenty-two at the time. However, each pregnancy turned out to be a female baby. She killed each pillar in turn when he failed to make a male heir for her. It was finally down to the youngest pillar, Somala, who was only sixteen years of age when the woman claimed his seed.

It was the final pillar who succeeded and impregnated her with a boy. Finally having the heir, she wanted, the queen died in childbirth. With her death, the last pillar was released as her empire crumbled around her. His son was the future heir of the fallen throne. Father and son united and created the modern edict, as well as these Holy Scriptures as a guide for the future.

This explained why sixteen was considered the age of consent as well as why they felt men needed to give their seed early and frequently or they’d lose fertility. The tragic story of the fallen queen also explained why men would always have the power to choose who received their seed. The pillar had many children before he died, both male and female. However, his first son, and all children who followed, only had one male child for every thousand born. This was what began the modern age.

The story continued after this, starting to talk about the King, the last pillar’s son, and what he did. However, a noise interrupted me from the book and I had no choice but to look up. Immediately, a naughty look shrouded my face. The person who popped by was exactly the person I wanted to see. When she realized I noticed her, Hannah immediately made a squeak and hid behind the door. However, she didn’t run away, so I still had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my little sister. I had no intention of leaving it at this!

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