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“Hey, Hannah!” I beckoned Hannah into the library.

Hannah made a cute squeak, but otherwise, with her head lowered, stepped into the room without question like a loyal sister. She was trying her hardest to not meet my eyes. However, as she came closer, her face grew more flushed and her breathing became more rugged. Her heart also seemed to be beating faster. The girl reacted simply to my presence, and I hadn’t even done anything yet!

“Y-y-yes, B-b-brother?” Hannah asked nervously.

“Ah, you know Madison is out today, right?” I said nonchalantly.

Hannah’s breath stopped for a second, and then she nodded. “I-I know…”

“You know Hannah, I’ve noticed you watching me lately. But you never come over to chat?” I said this in a pouty voice.

“T-th-that’s because of Madison!” Hannah responded tearfully, finally looking up with a cute pouty look.

“So, it’s a good thing Madison isn’t here today?”

“A-ah!” Hannah looked to the door like she wanted to escape, but in the end, her feet didn’t move at all. “Th-that’s true…”

Hannah looked back down, frozen like a little lamb. I wanted to eat her right up, but I had to be patient. One step at a time or I would cause this lamb to scamper away. Worse case, I would upset the tiger that was Madison, and have even greater complications.

“You know it’s my birthday, Hannah. Aren’t you going to wish me a happy birthday?”

“Ah! H-happy birthday, Brother…” Hannah responded with uncertainty.

“Are you going to have a cake with Mom and me?” I asked.

“I can?” This caused Hannah’s eyes to open excitedly.

My memories told me that in previous years the cake’s Mom bought were usually shared between me and her alone. Mom had never baked me a cake before, so I didn’t know why this year was different. Anyway, being young and spoiled, I naturally didn’t want to share a cake with my sisters. Since there was no official celebration, my birthdays usually consisted of me eating cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a few days after until I got a bellyache. On the other hand, whenever my sister’s birthdays came, Mom always made sure I got a slice of their significantly smaller cake. The discrepancy there was clear to see.

However, I had a mental age much older than the teenager I was now. I was more interested in a different kind of sweet. One of those sweets was right in front of me right now, and my teeth nearly ached just looking at it.

“Mm!” I gave a nod. “I’d be happiest if I could enjoy my birthday with everybody!”

Hannah could only look away while blushing, but she had a gorgeous smile on her face that told me that this was something that meant a lot to her. However, while I had been speaking to her, I had also been nudging closer to her. I was now only a step away from her. When she finally looked back up, she gasped, realizing I was so close. However, before she could take a step back, I reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling Hannah over to me.

“Hannah, since it’s my birthday, will you be giving me my birthday present?”

“P-p-present?” Hannah looked like she wanted to pull away, but with me holding her hand and speaking of my Birthday, she just couldn’t bring herself to.

“Did you really not prepare me a present?” I asked, my voice turning disappointed. “From Hannah, I had been looking forward to it the most!”

Of course, presents were exceptionally rare on birthdays, so Hannah only grew more confused as I pressed her. She became extremely flustered over the sad expression I put on my face. Watching her grow worried and scared over my displeasure excited me greatly. Hannah was simply too much fun to tease. This month since Madison had been blocking us, I had truly been missing out. Well, nightly BJs were fun as well, so it was really a tradeoff.

“B-brother! I’m sorry. I didn’t!” Hannah responded tearfully, “If my brother wants a birthday present, I-I’ll go out… I have a little saved…”

Hannah started turning to try to leave, but I still wouldn’t let go. As soon as she tried to tug her wrist, I pulled on her.

“Ah!” Hannah made a surprised cry as I pulled her over to me, spinning her so she was away from the door and her escape, her back now the to the bookshelf.

My hand grabbed her waist, and I pulled Hannah closer to me. Just a little closer, and her breasts would be pressing against my chest in a very unsisterly manner. The girl herself grew flustered and her face turned pink. I could feel her heart beating wildly out of control as she didn’t understand what was happening and couldn’t think properly.

“Then, since Hannah has no present, then doesn’t that mean Hannah has to give me a birthday kiss?” I asked innocently.

“A k-k-kiss?” Hannah grew even more flustered in my grip, not even trying to escape.

The idea of a birthday kiss was completely made up, but I said it with such conviction that Hannah herself didn’t even doubt it. In some ways, giving someone a kiss on their birthday makes sense, so Hannah was quickly concluding that no matter how embarrassing this was, a kiss was proper for the situation.

“Well?” I asked with a grin, one hand on her waist and the other holding her hand, Hannah completely under my oppression.

“I-if it’s what Brother wants… then…” Hannah didn’t bat around any longer, closing her eyes and smooching her lips in what would be a very innocent kiss.

Even then, her breathing was rugged and her body shook with nervousness. Although I had taken Hannah’s lips once already, this time she was offering them willingly for me. Letting go of her hand, I put mine on the back of her neck.

“Mm!” Hannah let out a surprised noise, but I didn’t give her time to pull back as I kissed her.

Rather than accept the peck she offered; my lips pushed against hers tightly. My tongue went on the offensive and invaded her mouth. Since this wasn’t the first time I had done this to her, Hannah was more prepared.

“Mmm… Mnnn…. Nnnn…” Hannah moaned, actually accepting my tongue this time.

Since this was the kiss Brother wanted, Hannah had too little knowledge to do anything but follow accordingly. Especially as her heart beat faster and her toes started to tingle. There was a bubbly burst of excitement coursing through Hannah as my tongue explored her mouth. My other arm also tightened, bringing her body against mine. Soon, her hands fell on to my sides with no other place to go, and Hannah could only cling to my hips while I continued to taste her honey lips.

As I kissed Hannah, I pushed her as well, and soon we ended up bumping right into the bookshelf.

“MMnnn!” Hannah let out a cry of surprise as she no longer could pull away from me.

My body pressed up against hers, trapping her between myself and the bookcase. By this point, I was rock hard, and I knew that my erection was pressing against Hannah’s leg. It was undeniable that she didn’t realize my own excitement. However, I gave her no opportunity to protest, as my tongue attacked her tongue, which responded even if it didn’t grow more adventurous and left the sanctity of her own mouth.

With her body trapped, my hands became free to do what I wanted. Soon, I was touching Hannah, my hands moving up and down her body. One hand grabbed onto her side, feeling the baby fat of her abdomen, while the other hand started working its way up her shirt.

“Mmm… Brother…” Hannah broke the kiss by turning her head, but she could only moan and breathe out my name.

My hand reached her breast, which was protected by a bra. I immediately squeezed the fatty tissue with my fingers, enjoying the feel of my sister’s breast in my hand. She was much bigger than Madison, and her boobs were much more enjoyable to play with. They were not as big as Mom’s, only around a C or D. I could probably slide my cock between them if we tried, but they didn’t have too much weight to them.

“Ahhhn…” Hannah moaned, “Please, Brother…don’t…”

Although Hannah protested, she also didn’t move at all, her body already incredibly turned on by my own. At this rate, there was no stopping the two of us. Hannah’s body would be mine in short order. My hands would go from groping her chest to fingering her pussy. The clothing would come off, and soon I’d be inside my sister. Even Hannah was aware that this was where it was heading, but she was helpless to stop it. Her propriety as a sister told her to beg to stop, but she neither wanted to stop nor tried very hard to prevent my hands from attacking her.

I sucked lightly on Hannah’s neck while she panted, her flushed body heating up and her own sexual organs starting to engorge with lust as much as my own. Her own hands were not as aggressive as mine in her inexperience, but she moved them up and down my sides while she panted and moaned. Grabbing the bookshelf behind me, I used it to push myself into Hannah, effectively dry humping her clothed parts against mine. Hannah responded to this, her body starting to grind back. At that moment, my hand slipped and grabbed a book, which pulled out suddenly, causing me to take a step back.


The book pulled out as far as it could, and then stopped with a resounding click. A moment later there was a loud creek as a nearby bookcase swung open. Hannah jumped at first, her lustfulness being illuminated by the fear that a door was opening and the pair of us were about to be caught. By the time she realized no one was there, she had managed to regain some control of her thoughts, covering her body and turning away from me.

Meanwhile, I was distracted by the swinging bookcase, and failed to take control of Hannah. Within ten seconds, the moment and my ‘sure thing’ was ruined. By the time I turned back to Hannah, she had an expression on her face that told me the moment was over, and I wasn’t going to get her into that vulnerable position again so easily. I could only give a wry smile as Hannah refused to meet my eyes. Despite all of this, she didn’t leave either though, so I felt that this was at least some progress.

Since my progress with Hannah was interrupted, I decided to instead check the bookcase. Behind the bookcase appeared to be a hidden shelf. Hannah was also curious, and as I bent down to look inside, she couldn’t help but look over my shoulder with interest, even as her body still struggled to regain normal breaths and proper composure.

“Wh-what’s inside?” Hannah asked, acting like what just happened hadn’t happened.

“Eh? Some documents? And some kind of disk?”

“Eh? A movie?” It was Hannah who pulled something from my hand that looked like a slightly elongated USB drive.

“Mo-movie?” It was the first time in this world I had even heard movies existed.

I had already concluded that we were in an alternative timeline to my old world, and that this world had gone through at least one industrial revolution. At the very least, electricity appeared to be a thing in this world. The books I read spoke of things such as cars and planes. However, it just as often mentioned things I didn’t understand, like holotapes and the esotericism movement. I still didn’t know the level of technological advancement. This mansion was truly an island that cut me off from the world until I turned sixteen. Only once Academy began would I start to understand.

“A… holotape?” I asked.

Hannah nodded at my word. “Mom doesn’t like the VS… she says it rots brains. That’s why we don’t get a lot of the cool stuff other families have.”

“A… VS?” I shrugged.

“EH? Oh… I forget that Brother doesn’t go outside the mansion. Mom’s afraid you’ll get kidnapped or get influenced by magpies and become a deviant. VS stands for a visual screen.”

Hannah explained politely while giving me a pitying look. I became too ashamed to ask what a magpie was. Aren’t they a bird or something? However, this was a different world with different slang, so this had to be something like lipstick lesbians, right?

“So, without a VS, we won’t know what’s on the tape?” I asked while shuffling through the papers left in my hand.

“Wait! Madison has a portable holotape player in her room! We can watch this!” Hannah said excitedly. “I’ll go get it!”

As she ran off, I allowed her to. In her excitement over this strange discovery, she had already forgotten about our previous exchange. I didn’t mind too much. I was wondering about this too.  What would a movie from this world truly be like? At the very least, Madison had her own portable holotape player, I wondered how much she had to beg Mom to get it. Perhaps it was because Mom felt bad about a lot of the discrepancies between me and the girls.

As to the documents in my hands, I found a birth certificate for Madison, and a few other papers. They were mostly bills and things like that. The signature on them weren’t Mom’s though. They were signed by Noah. That was the name of my father. That would mean this secret stash we found had been my father’s secret stash. It was likely my mother didn’t even know about it! Perhaps the video we found was actually dad’s porn!

I found myself giggling at the thought of Hannah suddenly being forced to watch people having sex. Then, that gave me even a wilder thought. Perhaps this was a homemade sex tape of Mom and dad? Did they ever make a sex tape? I wouldn’t put it past my mother. She was a woman who had managed to get a man into a monogamous relationship. You could never underestimate the extent she went to keep things interesting for him.

Hannah came back with her face showing some excitement. “I found it! Madison won’t mind if we use it! I’m sure!”

She sat down on the couch, and I sat down right next to her. Like when she was reading the erotic book, her mind was totally focused on the holoplayer in her hands. Therefore, she didn’t notice how close I sat to her, and didn’t react as my hand went on her leg in a very intimate way. The portable device she was holding looked a bit like a portable DVD player, except that there was no bottom disk tray. Instead, there was just the LCD screen, or should I call it a portable VS. The holotape slid into the side of the VS, somewhat like a controller would slide into a Nintendo Switch. At this point, I concluded that this world’s technology has to be somewhere close to my previous world.

The device turned on, and after a few moments, the video started. What we saw appeared to be a home video. It also appeared to be a bedroom, but rather than getting excited over a homemade sex tap, I got confused because the person’s face who filled up the screen was someone I didn’t recognize. It was an average-looking man, who looked about in his late teens, early twenties. He was moving the camera and seemed to place it on a dresser top. After looking back behind him and to the camera a few times, he finally nodded and then gave the camera a wink.

This was the point when he stepped away, and we could see that he had lined up the view to be looking at the bed. On top of that, there was a woman on the bed. She seemed a little disheveled, her eyes droopy and partially closed. Her clothing was astray, her dress up and it looked rather lewd. This truly did have the looking of a homemade sex tape, except the woman wasn’t a willing participant.

“Morgan, say hi to the camera! Give it a wave!” The man said as he leaned over on the bed, poking the woman.

It was then that I finally focused on the face and realized she looked vaguely recognizable. She was much younger, only a few years older than Madison, but she was distinctly a woman that I knew.

“It’s Mom!” Hannah gave a cry, her hand covering her mouth, clearly confused about where this tape had come from.

The flushed image of Mother waved at the camera, however, her equilibrium seemed completely off. Her face was also flushed and her eyes were half-closed. It was then that the expression hit me. Mom was completely drunk!

“Ah, look at you, you little fox…” The man said, stroking Mom’s head affectionately, “You want to fuck, don’t you?”

Mom barely even looked at the man, falling back down on the bed. He could only laugh as he reached over and started fondling Mom’s breasts. Mom made cute little panting noises. They were the same kind of noises she made when I played with her breasts. This scene started to feel like Mom was cheating on me. I had to take a few deep breaths. Hannah put her hand on mine and gave me a comforting look. It was only then that I realized I had been squeezing her leg harder than normal. This wasn’t Mom now, this was something from her past. However, why did dad have this tape?

“Come on, let’s get your clothes off!” The man continued to tease Mom, who didn’t really resist much as he stripped her to nothing. “Damn, you are a cutie. I’m going to enjoy popping your cherry!”

“I… I don’t understand… I thought it was dad who… did that…” Hannah blushed, but she still gave me a look to confirm her thoughts, and I could only respond with a shrug.

The man brought out his dick and pulled Mom up, spreading her legs. “You ready to get filled with my man seed?”

“Mmm… Noah…” the words came from her lips.

Hannah and I could only look at each other, realizing that dad was already in the equation when this event happened. That made my heart feel somewhat complicated. However, the man on the screen gave an angry look.

“You… slut!” He growled. “You’ll pay for that.”

He shoved Mom over harshly, putting her on her stomach. Then, he forced her backside up to her knees. No sooner did he line her up than he raised his palm and smacked her hard and the butt.

‘Aeee!” Mom let out a cry of pain.

However, the man didn’t stop. He spit on his palm and then did it again, and again. He started beating Mom on camera. Mom let out cries and whimpers, even pulling away from his hand, but every time she did, he would reposition her butt and do it all over again. Hannah had to look away and I could only bite my hand as this stranger beat my mother’s ass. She was too drunk to do much but take it, tears falling down her cheeks as she cried. Soon, her ass was glowing red, and the man was rubbing his hand which had grown sore from beating her.

“Well, whatever, I’m going to fill you with my seed anyway, so you should be thankful no matter what I do, right?”

He got his dick out, something smaller than my own, thankfully, and then lined it up and shoved it in. Hannah’s hand tightened on the screen, and this time I tried to give her comfort, but my heart was pounding just as much as hers. This tape was very hard to watch, and it still confused the both of us. It was only this confusion that kept us watching until the next scene.

I couldn’t see the dick penetrating my mom from the angle of the camera. However, I could see the pain and discomfort on Mom’s face, which was turned towards the screen’s direction as he broke her hymen. I could see his thrusting hairy ass humping my mom from behind, clearly having her. Soon, Mom started making panting noises.

“Ah… hah… hah… aaaaa…” Mom muttered in her half-asleep state.

“You got a great ass,” The guy moaned. “I’m already cumming. You ready to get pregnant?”

“Please… I want to get pregnant…” Mom instinctually moaned into her pillow, only responding to the words without even really understanding the context.

“Haha! You asked for it!” He laughed smugly.

Even in this situation, Mom had strongly wanted to become pregnant, so from hearing the word, she responded by pure instinct.

The man let out moaning noises, thrusting in, while releasing his seed and lewdly groping her ass. When he finished, he got up and moved to the camera, dragging it over. Soon, he was showing a closeup of Mom’s backside. It was a view I was used to seeing, but at this moment, the view made me a little sick. There was a bit of blood running down her leg, and also white stuff leaking out from her hole. He started fingering her pussy, showing the white stuff inside her.

“Look at that, Noah. You see? I fucked her first. That’s my baby matter in your princess. You-”

“Fucker!” There was shouting and the camera went haywire.

It sounded like a struggle between two people. Finally, the camera fell down. Through sheer luck, the angled view came from the bed face towards the door. There was a man standing, although with the camera on its side the entire image was tilted. This man was also someone I’d never met before, but I had seen him many times in pictures. This man was my father, Noah.

The other man was actually crouched on the floor. The view of him wasn’t good, but he looked like he was bleeding from his lip.

“You fucking bastard! I’ll kill you!” Noah screamed, threateningly.

“Hey! What’s with the hostility? I’m just enjoying a piece of ass you didn’t want!” The other man still spoke cockily, despite the situation.

“You raped her! Oh god, I love her, and you raped her! What did you think you were doing?”

“Rape? There is no such thing as a man raping a woman. They all want our seed, even she begged for it in the end. Love? Don’t give me that crap. I’ve seen you fucking all kinds of women as you led this girl around by her nose. What was I doing? I was freeing her from your lies!”

“B-bastard!” Noah looked away, but something about the look told me that the other man wasn’t lying either.

“Hey! We made a bet, right? You said you could make a girl fall in love with you by denying her sex. Congratulations. It was your name she moaned while I was giving it to her! You won here’s your money!” The man tossed something that looked like a wad of cash at Noah, but he didn’t move and it hit his leg and fell to the floor.

“…” Noah’s hands were tight and he was shaking, but he didn’t respond to the other man’s provocation.

“Look man, this girl was getting to you. We’re best buds, right? In the end, she’s no different than the hundreds of other women we’ve had. Hell, we’ve even shared a few! Now, this girl is just like every other skank in this world. Why don’t you drop a load in her, come out with me to the bar, and we can have some drinks. I guarantee once she’s pregnant, this bitch will never call you again.” As he spoke, the other man stood, a grin on his lips. “That’s if she’s not already…”

He gave Noah a pat on the shoulder as he left the room, closing it behind him and leaving the powerless Noah behind. Meanwhile, Noah only stood there, shaking, as he looked down at the woman, still in doggie with her wet cunt dripping the other man’s spooge. As to Mom’s face, her eyes were closed and it was clear she fell asleep like this. To make it worse, she even wore a little smile on her face, clearly oblivious that she had just been raped. It was truly a haunting image that destroyed Mom’s appearance as an immaculate beauty.

He walked over to Mom, even reaching down and touching his own groin for a second. It looked like he was about to pull it out and have his way with Mom as well. Then, something caught his eye, that was the camera. His face distorted into a hateful expression.

“Arrrrrggghhhhhh!” The man reached down and grabbed the camera.

He lifted it up and threw the camera, which suddenly cut to static. That was how the image in the camera ended. The pair of us sat with our mouths open, continuing to stare at the static screen in silence for some time after that.

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