Yurtdışı Yatırım

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The door opened with a long sounding squeak, sending a small wave of light hitting the eyes of the woman. She squinted in the sudden brightness, shivering as she could hear someone stepping into the room. No sooner was she able to get a glimpse at her captor than the door shut, faster than it opened, creating a loud bang that caused her to jump. Her wrists rattled the chains that were binding her to the walls. For a moment, all of her weight was put on the leather straps around her hands. She was a short woman, after all, and had to stand on her tippy toes so that they didn’t pull. Either way, whether she let her body weight fall or desperately stood, her body was being strained from her wrists or ankles.

“P-please… let me go…” The woman begged, fearing to make any motion beyond a pleading look.

“Hmph… didn’t I tell you that your body was mine to do with as I wanted?”

“N-not this way…”

“Don’t act like a… what do they call them? A slut… yes… don’t act like a slut like you doesn’t want it.”

“Please…” She begged with teary eyes.

“Tell me what you want…” I asked darkly, moving closer to the woman, causing her to shiver even more.

“P-please, Clyburn…”

“Don’t you dare say my name!” I slapped her across the face, causing the tears to start falling down her face before I roughly grabbed her cheeks. “Now tell me what you want.”

“I-I’m a slut… sluts want cock.” The girl tried to turn her head away in shame, but I took her lips before she could move, sticking my tongue down her throat roughly and only pulling away as she gasped for breath.

“Of course, as a man, I plan to give you cock!”

The woman nodded while refusing to meet my eyes. “Okay…”

“But first, we’re going to play a little game.”

She glanced up again, a tinge of fear appearing on her eyes. She wanted to ask what game I had in mind, but my games were always cruel and torturous. As I walked away from her, leaving her hanging there from the chains on the wall, she couldn’t help but wonder.

“Wh-what…” Her voice broke, as I turned a dark look at her.

I was so much stronger than she was. Although I was only 15 years old, I was nearly six feet tall. Unlike most men, I was strong and muscular. This was a world where men were in an extreme minority. In order to prevent the population from plummeting, the male sex received massive benefits. In exchange, from the age of sixteen onward, they had to impregnate five women a month. Failure to do so resulted in government penalties. However, this environment where everything was handed to men made most men shallow, spoiled, stupid and pampered to the point of being somewhat weak.

I wasn’t like other men. my mother had formed a monogamous relationship with a man. Although her husband turned out to be a cheater, it had left a deep imprint in her on how she wanted to raise her child, me. I was raised kept away from the government propaganda and other women who would want me for my seed. For nearly 13 years, I grew up with only my mother as a constant presence. This could have ended up terribly. In truth, I was shaping up to be a self-absorbed coward with serious mommy issues. Then, an excitable maid looking to become pregnant chose to rape me, and everything started changing.

As I started to grow into maturity, I gained an incredibly strong sexual appetite. It was much stronger than my mother ever would have thought, causing me to push my mother, my sisters, and even my aunt into a sexual relationship. Through poor choices and ignorance, I only seemed to succeed in further breaking my family apart. In the end, my mother went to jail, one sister ran off to University, and the other was released from Juvey only to find her own path. She was sixteen, an adult by this world’s standards, and I couldn’t do anything about it.

However, with adversity comes change, and I began to learn from my mistakes. I started working out to gain physical fitness. I started becoming the man of the house. I began to take on responsibilities, especially when my mother finally left. None of this was expected of a man in this world, but I wasn’t a normal kind of man. Few even suspected the truth, but I was actually reincarnated with the memories of a man from another world.

Those memories only returned to me when I was raped at twelve years of age. Of course, having the memories of a thirty-five-year-old and being a thirty-five-year-old are two different things. I was still basically a 12-year-old kid, but I had the memories, experience, and alternative points of view to fall back on. It was perhaps this reason that I so easily chased after my own family for sexual gratification. After everything fell apart, I knew one thing. I still had a lot of maturing to do.

Those memories didn’t instantly make me an adult as I had hoped. If anything, my former life where I was impudent, my wife cheated on me, and then I fell into alcoholism until I likely died from a heart attack hardly gave me the tools necessary to become a responsible person. However, they did show me what a man could be. In a world where men were equal to women, I knew what men were capable of.

Although, none of that explained why I had ended up chaining a woman to a wall. She was hanging there weeping, only wearing her underwear, a black skanky piece of attire. The rest of her clothing I had cut off with a scissors earlier while she watched. She could only stare helplessly at the strips of cloth on the floor around her that used to be a nice dress. While I searched for a certain item among the various furniture throughout the room, I finally found the item I wanted in my drawer of toys and pulled it out.

“Wh-what is that?” As the woman saw what I had, she became wearier.

“Of course, a world of woman would have no shortage of these guys.” I waved something that looks like a smooth, white object. “Unfortunately, this is a world that never developed a plastics industry. Probably because there was no space program, and you can enchant items and perform literal alchemy. Your mechanical toys always seem a bit… rough.”

As I knocked on the device, it made a metallic thud. The woman cocked her head to the side, confused by the words that came out of my mouth. However, I didn’t give her very much time to dwell on it. Instead, I moved up to her waving the device in my hand.

“I wonder, does a slut like you masturbate a lot?” I asked.

“N-no… I wouldn’t…” she turned away as I moved uncomfortably close to her.

“Liar…” my voice spoke so dangerously that she couldn’t help but let out a squeak in terror. “I bet you’re really a big masturbator. You probably stick all kinds of things in your pussy and try to pretend it’s a dick.”


“Why else do you think I brought you here? I saw you, looking all slutty in that dress. You look down on men. Think you’re owed a man’s seed. Admit it, you think men are just there to make seed for you.”

“Th-that’s…” The woman looked away, finding herself unable to argue.

She had thought that before. All women thought that way at least once in their lives. Men were there to make women pregnant. They really had no other purpose. Once the woman became pregnant with his seed, his presence wasn’t even needed. In fact, with a syringe, even sex wasn’t needed. Men were just cum depositories. Most women thought such a thing at some point. The stories in the holy scriptures claimed that it was this exact attitude that had continued this curse in the first place. Perhaps, the only reason women craved dick at all for sexual gratification was as a punishment for abusing the son of God for his seed. Most assumed that’s why the first time was painful. It was women’s punishment for her hubris. Thus, while many women had these dark thoughts, they never acted on them.

When she didn’t answer, my look grew sour and I shoved the white thing between her legs. It was cold to the touch, and she couldn’t help but gasp as a cold hard thing was shoved between her thighs. I hit a switch she couldn’t see and a second later it blared to life, vibrating with a loud ‘Brrrrrrrrr’ sound. Despite herself, the woman who was stripped in front of me and chained to the wall was already starting to grow aroused. However, when the vibrations exploded between her legs, she lost all sense.

She squeezed her legs together instinctually and would have dropped to the floor if the leather straps weren’t forcing her hands up above her head. Clamping her legs around the cold, hard thing only trapped the vibrations and made them more intense. She wanted to pull away, but her nervous system seemed to betray her, and she tightened her legs on it harder and harder as if she couldn’t help herself, causing the vibration to tease her thighs and pussy roughly.

“Ahhh… ahhh… no! No!” She cried out.

I kissed her on the lips again and then started rocking the vibrating thing between her legs, causing it to gyrate forcefully between her legs. It only took a few moments before she was gasping and moaning in erotic pleasure, her own hips humping against the hard thing in my hands. It quickly grew warm, and the pleasure shot through her in a way she couldn’t even imagine. She didn’t even fight back as I kissed and sucked on her neck and fondled her breast. She could only close her eyes and moan.

“So, here’s my game.” I suddenly whispered. “Sluts want cock, right?”

“Mmm… I want it… I want your cock,” she said, almost on instinct, the pleasure racking her body making her lost in lust.

“Call me Master…” I whispered into her ear devilishly, sending shivers up and down her spine as she grew closer and closer to orgasm.

“Master! I want your cock!” She begged, her fear turning into lust.

“Well… if it’s my cock you want, then naturally you wouldn’t cum from just a little vibration.” I gave a chuckle.

“Wh-what?” her voice came out in a gasp, her mind buzzing as she humped down on the vibrator.

“This vibrator isn’t waterproof.” I lied casually. “If a dirty slut like you cums on it, naturally, I will punish you severely!”

“Punish!” Her eyes widened in disbelief.

Don’t cum? She was already starting to! Why did I have to wait for this second to tell her the rules? How could she possibly hold it back? She clamped her groin muscles as tightly as she could. Immediately, she tried to raise her butt, so aggressively in fact that she pulled on the leather wrist straps, lifting her body away in a desperate attempt to separate it from the vibrator and give her a moment of respite. However, I was relentless, and brought it up with her, keeping the thing pressed against her clit.

“No-no!” She cried out desperately, “I c-c-can’t!”

Unable to hold her own weight for very long, especially under the constant vibrations, she fell back down, the vibrating pushing against her grown hard.

“Pl-please… please…” She begged, her mind going to mush as her body shook, trying to reject the orgasm overtaking her body.

“Please? Please, what? Oh, Please turn it up? Okay.” I laughed.

“No!” She cried, but I didn’t listen to her, hitting another button.


The sounds amplified, as did the vibration. It immediately caused her to pass her peak. She had already been brought to near orgasm and had managed to hold it off a minute or two. Given how close she was, that could have been considered a miracle. My cruelty knew no bounds, and soon she started orgasming roughly. Her panties quickly grew drenched, and the womanly juice flowed out and leaked down the vibrator, causing it to make a wetter vibrating noise against her dirty panties.

As soon as I noticed, I pulled the vibrator away with a mocking displeased look on my face. The woman was still orgasming though, and it was dripping from her underwear in a steady stream which fell on the carpet. Because she had tried to hold it back, it ended up being more powerful than she could handle, and thus she collapsed, looking like a woman peeing her underwear. Enough sex hit the floor that it started making a wet noise on the carpet under her, truly soiling the room in her lust. The woman was so mortified that she closed her eyes in shame, even as her musky scent of sex filled the air.

“Is that all you can handle… you dirty slut?” I glared at her.

She looked on tearfully, only now remembering my promise of punishment. Desperate to avoid retaliation, she raised her head and gave a pleading look.

“Please… I’m a dirty slut. Please, Master, please… don’t punish this dirty slut… I’ll do… ahhhh!”

I didn’t listen. Instead, I grabbed her and spun her around. The chains wrapped around each other once, and now her ass was facing me. I roughly grabbed her underwear, now drenched to the point that her back had a wet stain halfway to her waist. I yanked them down roughly until they were down to her knees.

“Ah… st-stop! Don’t look!” She cried out as I manhandled her savagely, exposing her pussy and butt from behind.

Without pausing, I pressed the massager back between her legs as she faced the wall and then flipped it on. I turned it to its max speed without pause. She let out a cry of shock. Without the wet underwear, the metal massager and her stimulated pussy were in direct contact, leading to a great stimulation. On top of that, I pushed it hard at full speed. She had barely recovered from her last orgasm, and now she was being stimulated at a far greater amount.

“No… I can’t… it’s making me go crazy. I’m cumming again!” She cried as more liquid started to leak out of her already aroused cunt.

“You dirty slut!” I cursed, pulling something from my side.

The something was a black flail with a handle and about ten leather straps. Without even giving time for her to see it, I slapped it against her ass hard. It instantly makes a snapping sound against her bare butt while she came against the massager.

“Ahhhh!” She let out a cry of both pain and pleasure, her mind unable to process both at once without turning into mush.

“Every… time… you… cum!” I began, beating her ass with the flail between each word. “I… will… beat… you…”

“Ah…. Ah… stop… it hurts!” The woman starts crying, but even as she cries her mouth is agape as she orgasms.

“I’ll stop when you’ve learned your lesson!” I snapped.

“Ah… ahh…. I’m going crazy… it hurts, stop hitting it!” she cried out while I continued to wail on her ass.

In under a minute, her ass was already sore and swollen, bright red. There were numerous red lines, although not a single one had broken skin. However, the more I hit, the rawer it became, and she was quickly reaching her limit.

“Please, Master, stop it! I can’t take it! Please, I’ll do anything!” She begged.

“You want it to stop?” I demanded, slapping it another time with a resounding clap. “Tell me how much you want my dick.”

“I want it!” She cried.

“I don’t believe it!” I snorted, hitting her butt even harder.

“No! OW!” She cried, orgasming again… “No, wait… I’m sorry…”

I started wailing on her butt again as more liquid leaked down the massager and ran over my hand, offering her no sympathy.

“It’s too much! Please, no!” She cried. “Please, I want your dick! This isn’t enough… only your dick will do. Master, please, please give me your dick!”

I continued to strike her until her butt was a deep red, and she was a blubbering mess. Her words became more and more incoherent as my flail landed on her. She started desperately trying to move her butt to keep me from striking the same place, but my wrist was like a magnet, finding her sensitive spot every time.

“I c-c-c-can’t….” She collapsed, unable to take it anymore.

There was a thud as the flail suddenly dropped to the side, and I roughly grabbed her round hips. “Oh? Do you want my dick? All you had to do was ask!”

I immediately slid it inside her. She was already so wet from countless orgasms that I could have slid it anywhere, but I sent it right into her pussy, instantly filling her up. The girl gasped in shock. After being beaten until her butt was sore and being violated with that hard massager until the outside of her pussy was numb, to have that hard cock inside her actually felt nice. The change occurred so quickly that her brain struggled to process it. She was so relieved that I was finally fucking her that she almost bawled.

“Ahn… ah… yes… penis!” She cried euphorically as I started to take her from behind.

At that moment, any harsh feelings she had for me were obliterated. It was like brainwashing. She was so happy that the beating ended and she got to have a cock that she didn’t even care about the abuse.

“That’s what sluts like you like the most, right?” I grunted as I thrust into her roughly.

“Y-yes…. I’m just a slut. Master’s slut!” The woman moaned, smiling despite herself with a slightly glazed look.

I reached up and grabbed her hair roughly, pulling it until her back was arched. With one hand holding her hair, and one her ass, I started to plow up into her as hard as I could, even as she was strapped against the wall.

“Ahhh… ahhh… ahhh… I-I’m cumming!” She cried again, drool coming from her mouth.

“You’ve already cummed enough!” I shouted, slapping her bruised ass and eliciting a yelp. “This time, I’m going to cum. You don’t cum until I’m done with your pussy…”

“Wh-what? You won’t cum inside me, will you? I-I can’t become pregnant!” She suddenly tried to look back with a worried look

“Eh? I thought that’s all you sluts want, don’t you want some man to pump you full of cum?” I spoke in panting breaths as I continued to thrust into her without any signs of slowing.

“B-but… I have another man… you can’t do it!” She protested.

I stopped for a second. “You-you dare have another man!”

“H-he was there first!” She cried as I pulled her head back and forced her to look at me.

As soon as the words processed, my expression turned ugly and I immediately shoved her face into the wall. “You little slut! You’ll take my cum then! I’ll get you pregnant and make sure no other man will have you!”

“No! Please… I’m promised to him. If you ruin me…”

“Bitch, you’re already ruined!” I slapped her ass again. “Fuck… I’m going to cum. Take my cum in your pussy and be glad I made you pregnant!”

“No, outside! Do-don’t do it! Ah… it’s too much stimulation. I’m cumming too! Ahnnn…”

“You bitch, you’re already cumming again? I said wait!”

“Ah… Master’s cock is too good! I can’t hel- ““Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!”

A loud wailing sound comes from a magic audio receiver nearby, an incased ruby glowing as it transmitted the harsh sound. I stopped in mid-stroke, letting out a sigh of annoyance. Putting down my head on the woman’s shoulder, I closed my eyes for a second. Suddenly, I felt shaking under me. I opened my eyes and I saw the woman with her lips tightly closed and bright light in her eyes. She was holding back laughter.

“I was almost there!” I cried, pinching her bottom affectionately. “You had to go do it first! I think my Rose really is a slut.”

“Ahh… baby… I’m sorry if Cly’s cock is just too irresistible for this old woman.” Aunt Rose teased. “But the babies calling. Just untie me, I’ll go check on her.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Another man?”

Rose blushed, turning away. “With how much you’ve teased me, you’re lucky I can think at all! How can I come up with reasons for you not to cum in me when I so obviously want your cum!”

“Haha… well… if you want my cum then…” I repositioned myself to push back into her.

“Baby first!” she gave a firm, no-nonsense look.

“Yeah… I know…” I sighed, pulling my dick out, only half serious.

“Is that Anya, or Alyssa?” I asked as I put my dick back in my pants.

“That’s Alyssa.” Rose nodded, spinning herself back around on her tiptoes, but noticeably keeping her butt from touch the back wall. “Anya’s a quiet girl. Alyssa is a bit of a wild one.”

“Morgan, then Hannah, now Alyssa… why do I have a feeling my Bonholdt girls are all crazy.”

“Says the Bonholdt boy who strapped me to a wall and tortured this poor aunt…”

“Hey, it’s my last day before I leave for the dorms. I go to University tomorrow. You said you wanted to be adventurous on our last night. Didn’t you have fun?” I asked playfully while grabbing my almost naked aunt in my arms and kissing her lovingly.

“Uh… hah…” Rose blushed, her face pressed against my shoulder. “How do you know this kind of thing would be so exciting? I’ve heard about this kind of stuff, but I didn’t expect it to be so… stimulating…”

“I had a hunch?” I shrugged, moving up and kissing Rose, who kissed back enthusiastically.


Rose broke the kiss with a sigh. “Come on, sweetie, untie me so I can go handle the baby.”

“I’ll handle the baby.” I announced.

“Eh? You?” Rose gave a surprised noise.

I returned a wry smile. “Of course, this is my last night with my daughters as well. Mom made me promise to concentrate on University and go to the dorms, or I would stay here with you guys. I hate having to leave.”

“You can come back any time you want on weekends,” Rose responded with a nod. “Besides… if you want your harem dreams to come true, you’re going to need an education. I agree with your mom. You should focus on University. You can’t let your horny old aunt be a distraction, let alone two babies!”

“I know… I know…”

“So, let me out and… eh, what are you doing?” Rose cried as I tied something around her eyes. “A blindfold?”

“You stay tight. I still plan to cum in you tonight. I’ll be back once I settled the baby.” I assured her.

“You… You have me tied to the wall with my underwear down to my ankles. I’m standing in a pile of lust, I’m cold and dehydrated! Clyburn… this is…”

“Well, if my slave wasn’t such a slut, maybe she wouldn’t be in that mess?” I teased. “No, just stay tight and wet, slave, and I’ll come back and pump you full of cum like the whore you are!”

“Hah… hah… I hate that those words turned me on so much…” Rose cried as the door shut on her.

As I playfully abandoned my aunt, I headed through the mansion with a bit of a melancholy feel. This would be the last time I’d be calling this place home for nearly four years. I didn’t know much about this world made predominately of women, but what I had seen so far had made me wary. Truth be known, I had no clue what I’d encounter out there. Would I be the same person in four years as I was today? I didn’t know. All I knew is that I wanted to come back a better man… a man worthy of being the father to two beautiful little girls.

I was a father now, possibly far faster than any man should become a father. Fortunately, I had 35 years of experience to fall back on, even if I never had a kid in that life. I may not be a great man, but I could become a better man, for my family. I’d find Madison at University, and I’d bring her home with me. I’d find where Hannah went as well and bring her back.

After Hannah got out of Juvey, she took off. The doctors spouted something about confidentiality, so I didn’t know where she went. I had thought Hannah would come right home. The fact that she didn’t bother me a bit, but she was sixteen now, and officially an adult. Some would say I had no right to butt in her life anymore. Just where was Hannah? Did she really want to avoid her brother?

I entered Alyssa’s room, and as if by rote, I changed her diaper. I didn’t have to do it, and certainly, in this world, no man was expected to handle any of the parental duties. However, I learned how to do it because it was important for me to form a close relationship with my kids. Brooke, my security guard, a declared lesbian, looked at me strangely whenever I took care of the babies. It was like she was seeing an alien doing the dishes. It just didn’t fit with her world view. I actually think it was a turn on for Rose, which was why she let me do it so easily.

After changing Alyssa’s diaper, I looked her up and down. She was pursing her lips which probably meant she was hungry. Just as I turned to go to the kitchen and thaw some milk, an idea popped into my head, and an evil grin formed on my face. I walked back to the bedroom where I had Rose chained up. In the end, it really was just a spare room in our mansion that I had set up to play. It wasn’t anything like a sex room, but last night I had put a few nails in the walls and strapped up to some chains. If something happened to me, Rose properly could break out of there. Well, she’d be more likely to be found the next morning by a maid in an extremely embarrassing situation.

I opened the door and slipped back in, turning the lights on. Rose could hear the door and see the lights somewhat through her blindfold. At least, the light from the edges of her mask was enough that she knew the lights were turned on.

“Oh, Clyburn? Yo-you’re back?” Rose’s voice sounded excited, and I could tell she was really looking forward to a round two.

“Actually, it turns out both girls are hungry,” I said in a mocking disappointed voice.

“Ah… well, just heat up some milk. I pumped some extra just in case…”

“Actually, I was thinking, why waste the milk when I can get it straight from the source?”

“Source? Eh?”

I approached Rose, grabbing her bra and lifting it. She let out a cry as her boobs, the last thing covered, were freed to the world. Her boobs sagged a bit. They were big things, maybe a little bigger than my Mothers, but also less perfect in shape. Unlike my mother, Morgan, who seemed to be almost a supernatural beauty, Rose was more stout and real. In some ways, she was more fun to play with than Mom. Mom was an immaculate beauty, so perfect that her body felt like something that would be sinful to tease and torture. Morgan was a woman you couldn’t help but put on a pedestal and saying that isn’t just my momcon acting up! Meanwhile, Rose emitted lewd smells, leaked crazily when she was horny and had tanned, freckled, and calloused skin that had seen its fair share of rough times. She was still a beauty but in a more down-to-earth and hearty kind of way. She was tougher than Mom but in a lot of ways that meant she needed the attention more. She was my Rose, and I loved her for the way she was.

“Clyburn! This… just remove the restraints… I’ll…”

“It’s fine, I’ll put her on, see?” I held the baby up to Rose’s nipple carefully.

As soon as Alyssa found the nipple, she turned her head a few times until it landed in her mouth and then latched on, even with her eyes closed. Rose gasped. Clearly, having previously been sexually ravaged, and still strapped to a wall with her arms up, Rose’s mind wasn’t in a place for feeding. Thus, Alyssa sucking her nipple felt oddly erotic to her. She couldn’t get the image out of her head while the blindfold was on.

“Now, I’ll put Anya on the other,” I added.

“Clyburn… this…” Rose whimpered tearfully.

I carefully leaned over while still feeding Alyssa. Naturally, Anya was fast asleep in her cradle. Instead, the second nipple went into my mouth. I did my best to purse my lips, keeping my teeth away from the nipple as I sucked.

“Ahn…” Rose let out a moan as the milk came out into my mouth. “A-anya is really hungry…”

I grinned, realizing I must be sucking a little harder that Anya does. However, with a blindfold on and a baby on the other nipple, Rose appeared to have no clue she was feeding me and not her baby. I started sucking harder and harder, taking more of her nipple into my mouth until I engulfed her entire areola and some boob besides. Rose twisted with a frown on her lips.

“Ahhhh… ahhh… it’s tender… Clyburn, pull Anya back a bit, she’s sucking too hard.”

I grinned with my lips around her nipple, reaching down with my available free hand and sliding two fingers into her. Despite doing such a womanly duty, Rose was still clearly very wet. Whether feeding was turning her on, or she was still turned on from before, I didn’t know. She gasped as my fingers started going in and out of her pussy.

“Cl-cl-cly!” She trembled as both her nipples and her pussy were assaulted. “Y-you… I knew it was you on my nipple!”

She tried to fight back, but I used my weight and pushed her against the wall. She grimaced as her sore butt pressed against the wall painfully, but she otherwise couldn’t resist.

“Be careful, Auntie, you do have Alyssa there,” I spoke around her boob, even as I put it back in my mouth.

“Ahh… you… naughty… how can you do this with your daughter here?” She was panting now as I continued to play with her pussy.

“I’m naughty?” I let go of her boob with a slurp, causing her to shudder. “Aren’t you the one getting off by your niece sucking your nipple?”

“Y-you…” Rose cried, unable to argue back.

Naturally, I was doing the majority of the teasing, forcing Rose to be aroused in this state, but Alyssa’s incessant sucking had taken on a sexual edge as Rose grew closer and closer to orgasm. With me erotically sucking her other boob, her brain couldn’t tell the difference. The shame flooding through Rose was immense as she found a natural motherly act becoming erotic.

“Ah? Rose is cumming already?” I asked, “Oh, that’s right, but Rose likes dick the best?”

“St-stop…” This time Rose wasn’t acting, but genuinely started tearing up as my teasing became more than she could handle.

However, I wasn’t much different in play than I was in real life. I pulled my dick out and pushed it into Rose. Given how horny Rose was, she found herself being penetrated easily. My cock filled her up, and I sighed as I felt her warm, wet womanhood wrap around my cock.

“N-no… Clyburn… the baby!” Rose cried out.

“I have her… it’s fine.” I chuckled darkly as I kept Alyssa between Rose and me.

I started thrusting into Rose, moving slowly and erotically. Each thrust pushed up Alyssa in my arms slightly. As a result, my rhythmic thrusting into Rose turned into a gentle rocking for Alyssa. Alyssa happily closed her eyes, oblivious to the two gasping adults on either side of her, or perhaps being soothed by the moaning sounds of her parent and guardian.

“Cly-cly… I can’t take it anymore. I… I… I’m cumming!” Rose panted.

“Yeah… you want my cum, don’t you? Tell me you want it!

“You… naughty… ahh… I want it… ah… give it. Give me your cum!” Rose gave up, surrendering to her lust.

Having already played with Rose for so long, I didn’t take long before I reached my limit. Only about three minutes of thrusting into her, and I came. I thrust forward hard, shaking as I came deep inside my aunt and the mother of one of my babies. By now, Alyssa had stopped sucking and was now happily asleep with just a little milk running down her chin. After I finished cumming inside Rose, I lowered my head to my daughter and licked the milk off her chin, then turned and licked the milk dripping down Rose’s nipple. Rose shuddered as I cleaned her sticky nipples. She could only hang there blinded, seemingly leaking from every orifice.

“I love you, my Rose,” I finally spoke when I finished, kissing her lightly as I pulled my softening cock out.

“My heart is always yours,” Rose responded, her smile only slightly tight.

“Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh….” A higher pitched voice suddenly came from the magic receiver.

“Eh… looks like Anya woke.” I laughed. “I’ll let you down, you can get this one.”

“Yes… dear.” Rose chuckled wryly as I freed her from her restraints with one hand while carrying Alyssa with the other.

When she was finally down with her blindfold off, rubbing her sore wrists, she looked at me as I gently rocked Alyssa in my arms, leaning over and kissing her on the forehead while making soft, soothing noises to keep her asleep despite the whining coming through the receiver.

“You… really do make a good father.” Rose’s smile turned genuine as she looked at us together.

I chuckled awkwardly. “Ah… yeah… well. I did probably go too far today. It’s just my last day with you and I got excited. I’m not that kind of guy though. I’m definitely not going to do anything sexual with my daughters.”

“Really?” Rose cocked her head, completely unperturbed by that suggestion. “I think you should? Keep acting like this, and your daughters will probably want to be impregnated by their daddy.”

I broke into a cough. “Ah… that… well…”

Rose headed to the door and then turned back with a mischievous grin. “I mean when they’re the appropriate age… Don’t stick your dick into my daughter until she’s at least thirteen.”

Rose left the room, while I stared on with my mouth open. There was no dishonesty or discomfort at her casually suggesting I bang our children. Well, thirteen-year-old girls. No, my thirteen-year-old daughters! I’d been living in this world for three years now, and I still found myself completely shocked by this world’s common sense. After a moment of shock, I finally shook my head and recovered. This was my last day to spend with Rose and my daughter. It was time to start the next phase of my life. I didn’t know what else this world would throw at me, but I had to grow and learn. It was time for me to become the man I needed to be to survive this world of women.

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