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“I’m sorry!” Aiko bowed down low, her hair nearly touching the floor as she looked straight ahead shamefully.


Aiko glanced up through her hair. “I… didn’t expect it to be that big deal. Manager says… ‘No male worker, you want to get me in trouble with Academy?’. So, I had to think of something…”

“What are you talking about, Aiko?” I asked in disbelief.

It was the day of the post welcoming week celebration, the very one that my sister planned to go to. I had not had any further luck getting hold of Lyra, but then again, I didn’t think I needed to. Aiko had promised me a job catering at it. However, this morning she had managed to get a note to me and I brought her to my dorm. She had been trying to contact me for two days, and what she needed to tell me was that they wouldn’t offer a man a job. What kind of sexism was this? I was more stunned than angry.

“I panicked… so, I told the manager that their girl I know who not affected by men. Big lesbian.”

I coughed, covering my mouth. “That… what exactly are you suggesting Aiko?”

“Ah… you… hmmm… with long hair and makeup, you already look like girl…”

“What?” I shook my head, certain I had misheard her.

“I told boss I have woman to work!” Aiko said nervously, pushing her index fingers together. “So, you see, it perfect solution, yes?”

“Are you saying you want me to cater for this Welcoming party dressed as a girl?” I demanded, my voice suddenly slipping up on octave.

“Yes!” Aiko nodded without shame.

“You… I can’t pull off a girl!” I argued.

“No, no, you totally can!” Aiko pushed forward. “The outfit is provided already, so all we need is a wig and some makeup to give you disguise. It totally work!”

“Hah… Damn it, Aiko!” I scratched the back of my neck while considering what she said before finally dropping with a sigh. “If that’s the only way, then I’ll do it.”

“That’s the spirit!”

I let out another sigh, “So, what do I do?”

“The wig, I have.” Aiko was already reaching into her purse. “During my cosplay period, I got many wigs, this one make you look like brunette!”

I looked down at the wig in her hand while making a face. It did actually look pretty well made for a wig. It looked realistic. It was long brunette hair with a slight curl to it. Had it been hair on a girl, I might have found it a bit attractive. However, it didn’t seem to be a good fit on Aiko, who looked better with dark straight hair, which fit her fair complexion nicely.

“Alright, what about makeup then?” I sighed, grabbing the wig and hiding it behind me as if I was afraid of getting caught with it.

“Hmmm…” Aiko tapped her lips. “That’s the difficult part.”

“What does that mean? You don’t have makeup?” I spoke those words in disbelief, as even now it was clear that she had done her face up.

“I have makeup, but my complexion all different. You won’t look good my makeup?”

“What? Complexion.”

“Ooo… you know nothing of makeup?” Aiko seemed surprised.

I put out my hands and shrugged. “Sorry, no.”

“Hmph… well, I guess men have different teach than women. You need makeup that works with your face, or it looks wrong.”

“Ah… it’s too bad Ashton isn’t here.”

Naturally, Ashton was the first name that shot through my head. As a girl who lived in the dorms, it just made sense she had makeup. Although, after thinking about it for half a second, I realized that Ashton didn’t really wear much makeup. Her beauty was rather natural, and I liked that she didn’t cover it up with all kinds of junk. I let out a cough to hide my blush. That was a tangent of thought, rather, Ashton was convinced she was a boy!

After she stormed out a few nights ago, she had kept her distance from the dorm. She claimed she was scoping out prospective women to Trey and Rigor while avoiding talking to me entirely. I only saw her in class and she always slipped away before I could say a thing. She only returned to the dorm long after I was asleep, and left before I woke up. It gave me a complicated feeling. On the one hand, it was simpler not having to worry about living with a woman, on the other hand, I did worry a bit about her mental health. Ashton was still one of a few friends I had in this world. That’s all it was, simple friendship.

“Wait! Not Ashton…” I suddenly widened my eyes, an idea shooting through my head. “Rigor!”

If anyone had makeup, it certainly wouldn’t be Ashton, it would be Rigor! After all, Rigor was the King of makeup. I immediately grabbed Aiko’s hand and pulled her out of the room in excitement. She made a noise of surprise, but otherwise went along where I pulled her. Knocking three times, Rigor finally opened the door. At the moment, his hair was tied up sloppily, and his makeup which he had done this morning hadn’t been fixed, making him look quite messy at the moment.

“Clyburn? Eh? You trying to show me another notch on your belt? I get it, some girls like your ways.” Rigor grumbled while wiping his bloodshot eyes.

“Huh? What?” I turned to see that Aiko with her hand still on my own was looking down, her face slightly red.

If I didn’t know her any better, it was a really cute look. However, wasn’t she a cosplaying lesbian bartender? I let go of her hand with an apologetic look before turning back to Rigor.

“Actually, I have a favor to ask you!” I said fervently, causing Rigor to eye me suspiciously.

“Wh-what is it?” Rigor asked.

“I need you to make me a woman.”

“Bye.” My foot stopped the door from slamming shut.

“Hey! Don’t shut the door in my face!”

“I knew it! One day, either you or Ashton! Clyburn! I’m not looking for a stick buddy? Let’s just leave alone.”

“Stick buddy? No… I need to dress up like a woman!” I said, pushing into his room a bit even as he unsuccessfully tried to close the door.

Rigor took a step back, holding up his arm as if to deflect me. “You’re a wowman? S-seriously?”

“What’s a wowman? Is that transgendered women? Ugh… never mind. Stop giving me that look and focus! Remember my sister who was being bullied? Well, she was invited to some kind of Welcoming committee party tonight, and if I don’t go to it some guy’s going to bully my sister! The only way I can get in is to dress like a girl. You have more makeup than me or Aiko, so you’d be the one who could help me pull it off, okay?”

Rigor, his mouth still open, looked between Aiko and me a few times before closing his mouth with a gulp and nodding. “Seriously, it’s just that after all. You had me worried.”

“Aren’t you the one jumping to those worries on your own!” I shot back.

That’s how I ended up in Rigor’s room sitting on his bed. Rigor mumbled while he looked around a couple of drawers, but soon he had an entire palette of makeup laid on a tray near the bed. He immediately sat down in front of me, his eyes falling on the wig that was sticking out of my back pocket.

“Is that the wig you’re going for?” Rigor asked. “I guess I can work with that.”

“What’s that mean?”

“N-nothing…” Rigor straightened up. “Makeup should match the hairstyle. Y-you’re just lucky that I happen to have five sisters. I know a thing or two about applying makeup to look like a girl. It’s because you’re doing this for your sister, that’s why I’m helping, okay?”

He was nearly yelling by the time he got that all out.

“Uh… yeah… it’s fine. Are you… um… fine?”

“I’m good!” Rigor said, looking through bag, “No, that won’t work at all, hmmm… that might.”

While he was doing this, Aiko had also entered the room, but she hadn’t sat down. To be able to sit down in a room with two boys was every Freshman girl’s fantasy. As for Aiko, she looked more uncomfortable than anything. She wasn’t an Academy student, and I couldn’t even imagine what she had to do to get me a note. She gave Rigor a tight smile of appreciation but didn’t take his offer to relax, instead of sticking by the door as if she might bolt at the simplest provocation.

“I just know how to do makeup!” Rigor suddenly muttered, applying the first layer on my face. “It’s not because my older sisters used me as a makeup doll. It absolutely isn’t!”

“I never said it was…” I asked suspiciously.

Rigor didn’t seem to notice what I said, still in the middle of arguing with himself about what to do. However, as he did so, he grew more focused on what he was doing, seemingly entranced by the art of it. Rigor continued to apply layers with a very practiced hand. As he worked, Aiko seemed doubtful at first, but grew more excited the longer that Rigor was at it.

“Incredible!” Aiko declared, pushing the wig at me. “Here, put on!”

Rigor leaned back, looking me up and down like an artist inspecting his work. I sighed, realizing that it was too late to back out now. I put the wig on my head. After straightening the hairpiece up, I flipped the hair behind my shoulders and glanced up at the two others. I realized they were staring at me with their eyes wide and their mouths slightly open.

“Wh-what is it?” I demanded, frowning.

“B-beautiful!” Aiko said, her eyes glowing. “I’d even want you as a girl!”

“You…” I wanted to smack her, not really able to treat what she just said like a compliment.

At this point, the door opened and Trey walked into the room. “Hey man, I finally managed to get those football tickets. The girl tried to make me promise her my seed, and still had the nerve to charge me twice the price. I’m tempted to use that trick Cly told us about and give her some glue-filled condom. Eh? Do you have company? Two women? You trying to one-up me?”

“Ah!” Rigor snapped out of his thoughts, shaking his hand. “Actually, they were just leaving! You’re leaving, right?”

“Y-yes! I still need to get Cl…cl… HER! I need to get her an outfit for tonight.” Aiko spoke in a fluster.

As she spoke, Trey looked at both of us. I kept my head lowered, trying to avoid his eyes. I wanted as few people knowing about what I was doing as possible. Plus, if it didn’t work on him, I didn’t think I’d have the courage to try it on anyone else. At the very least, I’d be very embarrassing if these sorts of activities ended up spreading to the other guys.

“Hmmm… you’re pretty cute, what’s your name?” My body froze as I realized Trey was looking at me.

“Ah! Um… Cl-clarice.” I finally put out a name on the spot, causing Rigor to give me an amused look.

“Rigor here hasn’t been teasing you, has he? He means well, but he’s kind of an idiot.”


I tried to giggle nervously, using a soft voice that hopefully wouldn’t expose me. Luckily, despite my recent tendency to work out, my voice had yet to drop. In my old world, I might have stressed about it, but in a world full to the brim with estrogen, boys being late starts wasn’t too abnormal. Either way, I thought I could pull off a girl or sing tenor in a boy band. I also twisted my hands, still with my head lowered.

“S-so cute.” The voice wasn’t Trey’s, but Aiko’s.

I glared up at her, to find her hand covering her mouth to hide a grin. Meanwhile, Rigor was looking away with a complicated look on his face and blush on his cheeks. Seriously? I was just wearing a little makeup and a wig. I was still, for the most part, in boy’s clothing, although it didn’t differ too much from some of the things women could wear.

“Well, you want to go out? I mean, if Rigor doesn’t mind.”

“Eh!” I looked up at him finally, my eyes wide.

It was Rigor who leaped forward and saved me from that situation. “S-sorry, actually, she’s um… not a virgin!”

“S-seriously? You already did he-“ As Trey suggested Rigor slept with me, his eyes grew wide and was already shaking his hands in panic.

“Actually, it was my father.” I shot a defense quickly, causing Rigor to sigh audibly in relief.

Trey nodded, a slightly down look on his face. “That’s a shame. Well, you’re still totally my type. In a year or two once I’ve had my fill of virgins if you want me to pop a baby in you, look me up.”

“Good luck with that.” Rigor murmured, looking away while his shoulder’s started shaking.

“Ah… that… th-th-thank you!” I bowed to hide the grimace on my face. “I’ll consider it!”

With that, I grabbed Aiko’s hand and fled the door. Meanwhile, Trey was giving a confused look at Rigor, who could no longer contain himself and was now shaking in laughter.

“What? What is it?” Trey demanded as the door shut off behind him.

We were only halfway back to my door when I realized that Aiko had a weird look on her face. I turned back to her and cocked my head to the side.

“What? What is it?”



“You’ve been a girl five minutes and you already have a promised sperm donor!”

“What? That?”

“How is this fair? I working at club for nearly six month and not single man offer!”

“Can we not talk about this anymore?” I asked.

After calming Aiko down, the pair of us returned to my room. She handed me the final part of my uniform and I got dressed in the bathroom. When I came out, I was wearing a black and dark green outfit with a knee-high skirt, a dressy button-up shirt and tie, and a matching apron. I immediately felt the discomfort of wearing a skirt, fiddling with it several times.

This world wasn’t as segregated in dress style as my previous world. There were more skirts considered acceptable for men beyond the kilt. However, mom never took to those, and it didn’t appear to be a fashion trend here. I guessed there were still regional differences, and perhaps in a warmer city male skirts were more popular. As for Amaryllis, I had never seen a man wear a skirt. For me, outside of this situation, I didn’t think I would ever wear a skirt again.

Aiko looked me up and down, holding her chin. “Hmm… we’re still missing something. Ah! That’s it!”

Aiko reached into her bag and pulled out something, handing a lacey white thing to me. I lifted it up and my eyes widened. It was a bra, but where the cups were appeared to be some kind of jelly-like thing attached.

“Wh-what is this?”

Aiko looked away. “It’s an enhancement bra. There are a lot of flat-chested women who want to be noticed by men, so they made bras a step up from the padded variety.”

“You had this already? I thought your boobs were fine the way they were.”

Aiko immediately covered her chest bashfully, “Th-that… ahem… sometimes I cosplay girls with bigger boobs, okay?

Aiko looked like she was about to cry, so I could only nod enthusiastically. “Yes, ma’am!”

This could only cause Aiko to giggle slightly as she watched me take the bra. I immediately pulled off my shirt and apron, exposing my bare chest.

“Ah!” Aiko immediately looked away.

“Hah? I’m a guy, what’s with that behavior.”

“S-sorry…” Aiko blushed even further. “You… really do look like a girl.”

“That makes your behavior even stranger!”

“Ah… you… stop teasing me so much. Remember, my only lover has been a woman whose body looked much like yours with bigger breasts.”

“Oh? So did you like her breasts?” I responded teasingly.

“A-actually… I don’t know why, but I sort of like this look better.” Aiko spoke somewhat quietly to the point I could barely hear her.

I looked down at her to see she was watching my chest with a somewhat exhilarated look. Her hands were ringing on her apron and her breathing was slightly uneven. Her mouth was slightly open.


“It-it’s fine.” Aiko shook her head and her eyes rose to mine with a forced smile. “We’re friends, right?”

She stopped as she noticed me struggling with my bra. Having never put one on before, I put one arm through the wrong look, and now it was twisted, with both boobs facing different directions. Aiko covered her mouth and giggled before reaching forward. Her hands moved around to my back, and with some skill, she opened the latch with a single flick of her fingers.

“See? Easy…” She smirked, her body now much closer to my own.

“Are you so good at that from your own bra, or other girls?’

Aiko lowered her eyes even as she finished fixing my bra. “Don’t tease me so…”

I lifted my hand, touching her chin and bringing her eyes back up to my own. “Aiko, you’ve done so much for me, and all I’ve done is take away your girlfriend.”

“I-I… th-that… Mmm!” I leaned forward and kissed Aiko’s lips.

Her lips were soft and tasted like cherry from her lipstick. They immediately parted, allowing to inhale her breath deeply. At first, Aiko’s eyes had widened, but a second later they closed, and she began to lean into me as if it was natural. Her small modest chest pushed against my fake chest. Although I couldn’t feel the softness against her chest, it was still something that felt oddly erotic. When our lips finally parted, Aiko gasped as if she had been holding her breath.

“Thanks…” I finished my thought.

She lifted her arms and wrapped them around my neck. Even though Aiko was somewhat short, she just managed to get them around my body, while her head fell on my chest, pressing between the faux cleavage.

“Mm… I hear heartbeat, it’s quick.” Aiko said after a moment.

“Aiko… there is a few hours left before, we can-“



“Mmm… yes… you asking, have sex. Answer. Yes!” Aiko remained silent for a second and then looked up into my eyes. “wear condom…”

I blinked. “Condom?”

It was a stupid question, but while the world had condoms, they were used sparingly. In fact, they were more often used as an insult than anything. A woman who owned condoms was considered a slut, women who wanted sex without the intention of getting pregnant. For example, I had even heard my sister Madison often had people sending her condoms as part of her teasing. Even Aiko asking me right now to have sex with a condom was just about admitting that Aiko was a slut.

“Nippon is different than here.” Aiko murmured, half into my shirt. “Men are in charge of families. Every man have many women in their household to service them.”

I raised my eyebrows. It was the first time I had heard of this, but it made sense. Every culture likely handled the discrepancy between men and women differently. Just because Amaryllis existed within a country that was a Matriarchy didn’t necessarily mean that was everyone.

“Women are treated like cattle. Very little love. Why Aiko left.” Aiko continued, then her hands tightened on my chest. “Then I met you. You care… about Brooke, about sister… about… Aiko…”

Actually, when I had spoken, I wasn’t looking to have sex. I was just going to reaffirm that I’d owe Aiko sperm. In truth, I hadn’t seen Aiko as a lover. Perhaps seeing her with Brooke had flicked something in my mind where I no longer acknowledged her as a woman. However, with the taste of her lips on mine, and her soft body pressed against me, I couldn’t see her as anything but a woman.

Her eyes were teary, but she seemed better at holding them back than most women I knew. Perhaps, her life was harder than I gave her credit. She wasn’t a citizen like others. She worked a job that likely didn’t pay very much. Did she enjoy cosplay as an outlet to be someone else and escape her life? What had Aiko truly been through? As I started to finally notice Aiko, I saw how hard she tried at everything.

“Aiko… you don’t need to prove to me that you don’t just want my seed, I -” As I spoke, Aiko lifted a finger, stopping my mouth.

“Please, just this once, I don’t want it to be about seed. I want to feel…” she drifted off, perhaps not even knowing the answer to that question.

However, I suspected I knew the answer. She wanted to enjoy sex for the first time not as some desperate Hail Mary to become pregnant. She wanted to do it to enjoy my company, to be closer to me. My lips took Aiko’s again, and the pair of us made our way to my bed, lying down gently. I laid next to Aiko, the pair of us kissing. My lipstick seemed to be of a good make, as it didn’t smear too much, and Aiko paid mind to avoid touching my face too much. However, even if she did, Rigor had provided us the makeup used and Aiko said she had enough experience to fix it if any emergencies arose.

Her hands reached behind my back and undid my bra, pulling it off and tossing it on the headboard. I reached back, behind her, and after a minute of fumbling, did the same. Aiko giggled, but I was looking at her modest breasts, small enough that they’d fit in the palm of my hand. Her nipples were erect, and her areolae were brown in color. Just as I went to grab her breast and put one in my mouth, Aiko’s head dived towards my chest. I raised an eyebrow in surprise, but Aiko had already put one of my nipples in her mouth.

“Ahhhh…” I found myself making the noise unwillingly as I suddenly felt my nipple being flicked by her tongue.

Aiko could probably be considered quite good with breasts, and thus her tongue work was amazing. Her tongue was small but flicked around rapidly with an extreme skill. Her sucking was soft but constant. My dick immediately grew rock hard, and as she sucked my nipple, my hands reached down, grabbing her petite butt. Soon, I was grinding my tent between her legs. This elicited gasps and moans from Aiko as she continued to play with my chest.

As our arousal grew, my hands pushed down through the top of her skirt, cupping her buttocks.

“Mmmm…” Aiko moaned against my chest.

The longer she went though, the more aggressive I grew, my cock earning to penetrate into her. However, Aiko seemed to really like my chest, as she wouldn’t stop playing with it, even using her finger to tease one nipple as she sucked on the other. Eagerly, I pushed her free hand down and into my unbuttoned pants. As soon as her fingers, slightly cold, wrapped themselves around the cock, her mouth fell open and she looked up with a gasp.

“Y-your cock!” She said, almost like she was surprised it was there.

“Yes, do you like it?” I asked sheepishly.

“It-it’s bigger than I thought it’d be?” Aiko blushed, lowering her eyes as she said this.

She looked down excitedly at the thing her hand was grasping. Eagerly, with her other hand, she reached into my underpants and skirt, and then popped my cock out from the top. Her eyes seemed to glow as she saw it. Was this perhaps the first penis she had ever seen that wasn’t in a textbook? Her reaction seemed to suggest it was so. That look was so innocent and pure, that I wanted to push her down and put it into her instantly.

She lowered her head cautiously. Where she attacked my nipples with confidence, she suddenly acted scared and sheepish as her head approached my cock. Just as she got close enough that her lips were only a few inches away, I flexed my groin, causing the cock to bounce up, just barely hitting her lips. Aiko jumped with a shout.

“I-it moved!” Aiko said, half in amazement.

She brought a finger out and then poked my dick. I made it bounce one more time, causing her to giggle like it was a show.

“Now, you’re teasing,” I said with a pout, even with a grin on my face.

“Oh! S-sorry!” She might have even bowed if the position allowed for it.

Aiko immediately reached out a grabbed my dick again, her thin fingers barely enough to wrap around the whole thing. She opened her mouth wide and even said “Ahhhh” like she was taking a doctor’s tongue depressor before immediately sticking my dick in her mouth. Aiko had a small mouth, and the dick looked quite overwhelming as she tried to take it inside. In the end, she only got about half the shaft down. I wasn’t a large cocked man, only average for my old world, but Aiko was inexperienced. Things like deep throating were outside her realm of understanding at the moment.

She licked my cock enthusiastically while I encouraged her with moans. She seemed to try several different techniques, from rubbing the head on the flat part of her tongue to sucking it hard like it was a straw.

“A-am I doing it good?” She asked, slightly nervously.

“Mm… but I really want to feel Aiko’s pussy.”

“Y-y-yes…” Aiko blushed, looking very cute looking up at me with my hard cock a few inches from her face, still wet from her saliva.

She pulled out a condom from her skirt pocket. As to why she had the thing, I wasn’t certain, but perhaps it was always her intent to be in this situation. She did say she was hoping to find a man at the welcoming party. Well, in that case, wasn’t this the perfect time to have her first? It suddenly made too much sense to take her now and make her mine.

After Aiko sloppily put on the condom, even using her mouth to help, she finally pulled back, lying down. I turned around and got up on my knees, looking down at Aiko. She really was a beautiful Japanese woman. How had I disregarded her so easily earlier? Well, I was surrounded by beautiful women. It’s probably something like you don’t miss it until it’s gone? You never feel thirstier until you’re told you can’t have a drink. You never have to use the bathroom but when you’re on a flight suddenly you have to pee every two seconds. In a world where I could have sex with any number of beautiful women easily, I guess I was taking that fact for granted.

Aiko nervously raised up her skirt, exposing her underwear. There was a clear wet spot in the white lacey thing, showing her clear arousal. She did the act quite innocently, causing my heart to beat even harder. Unable to resist a second longer, I reached out and pulled down her dirty underwear. I might have tossed it in a spot where she wouldn’t be able to find it. Would it end up in my own private collection? Who knows?

Rather, I looked down at her pretty pink lotus flower which had just become exposed to the external elements. Aiko was shaved clean, and along with her small size, gave the distinct impression of a youthful teen pussy. My previous doubts and discomforts had already been pushed aside, and I wouldn’t allow them to hit me here. I immediately grabbed Aiko’s ankles and pulled her towards me. She gave a yelp, and her eyes were wide. She was almost panting in anticipation.

I didn’t leave her waiting, immediately lining up my cock. Aiko seemed to want to see herself be impaled, as she lifted her head and used her elbows to prop herself up so she could look down at her own pussy.

“Are you sure?” I asked, feeling less like teasing her, and more like showing her the respect and care she wanted.

Aiko’s smile grew, her eyes growing quite watery as she met my eyes. “Please.”

I slid myself into her slowly, the entire process taking nearly twenty seconds in a single continuous motion. Aiko’s mouth opened, and she let out a loud pained moan, but she refused to take her eyes away. She wasn’t watching her pussy being impaled though. Instead, she looked into my eyes as I pierced into her. The entire time, I looked at her face, noticing every expression. I adjust my penetration based on the expressions of her face. Suddenly, I started to understand my mother, who always watched my face when we had sex. There was so much information on that face. It was like a complete guide to how to please your partner if you look for the right signs.

Once I was finally inside Aiko, I leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips. Her arms wrapped back around my neck. My hips started to move, and I started to thrust inside of her. She felt warm, tight, and wet. The feeling reminded me somewhat of Madison, although where Madison was quite tall and we were face to face during sex, Aiko only came to about my chest. In reality, I had to look down to her, and I could see her under me.

She was completely smothered by my body as if I had complete control of her. However, rather than being terrified at being so overwhelmed, she looked up at me cutely, her mouth moaning and her eyes happily lost in pleasure. Her hands continued to squeeze against me, and she snuggled harder and harder as if she was trying to merge into my body as she grew closer and closer to orgasm.

“Ahhh… Ahhh… Clyburn.” Aiko moaned from under me.

I continued to rock my hips, penetrating her small body, while looking at her face for any signs of discomfort. I felt incredibly close to her. It was an odd feeling because Aiko and I were never truly close before now. In the past, the closeness I felt with women I had always assumed was a natural part of being family. Aunt Rose, Madison, Hannah, and Morgan were all related to me, so when I felt close with them, it felt like it was because they were family that I could form this bond.

When Hannah tricked me into thinking she was Faeri, a lot of that intimacy was lost. I convinced myself it had to be my family that made up the backbone of my harem because they were the only women I could share true intimacy with. Then, I met Mia last week. I had thought the sex we shared was just some kind of fluke. Well, I genuinely wanted her to enjoy it, so faked a bit of intimacy, and in doing so, it blurred the line between what I really felt and what I was faking.

However, here right now, this small girl was under me, and I felt as close to her as I ever could. It made me realize that I could establish intimacy with the right women. It didn’t have to be my family. That wasn’t to say I didn’t love my family very much and didn’t want to continue to love my sisters, but my heart opened up a bit more to other women… as long as they were the right women. Women like Brooke, rather than like Rosetta.

“Aiko…” I spoke up suddenly, my hips still thrusting into her.

“Hah… hah… mmm?” Aiko looked up at me; her eyes were slightly cloudy, and her mouth fell open.

“Stay with me… I want you in my life. Okay?” I said.

“Ah…” Aiko suddenly broke into tears, covering her mouth. “I’m s-sorry…”

I reached up and pulled her hands away from her face, watching as tears fell down her face, slightly ruining her makeup.

“Maybe I’m not fit for this world,” I said, “Maybe I love too easy or get too attached, but I don’t care anymore. I want what I want, and I’m not going to hesitate to have it all. Aiko, be mine!”

Aiko broke into a smile, even as her face twisted in tears. “Y-yes… yes… haaa… I’m cumming.”

“No, that’s my line!” I declared, kissing her lips roughly as my cock started to swell.

As a result, Aiko moans broke into my mouth, and as I orgasmed, my moans traveled into hers. However, I refused to pull our lips away. In the end, we sucked in each other’s breaths as we came. Her pussy contracted down on my swelling cock, seeming to milk of my seed, even if it did become trapped at the end of a condom. The pair of us came in unison, although I think Aiko’s orgasm took longer to settle down.

As tears fell down her face, she let out cries, grinding her contracting pussy against my dick like a cat on catnip as she finished climaxing. When she was finally done, the pair of us remained like that holding each other. She hugged me and I hugged her back. My dick steadily softened while still inside her. This was Aiko, another one of my women. I didn’t know how many women I would end up claiming by the time my life was over, but I did know one thing. In this world of women, I absolutely wouldn’t hold back!

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