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“Stop fiddling with them, you look fine!” Aiko teasingly slapped my hand away from my boobs.

“A-are you sure they’re straight? I feel like they’re uneven.”

“You know, some girls have uneven boobs naturally. You can cope without every other guy looking at you.”

“Aiko…” I gave Aiko a look and she snickered while looking at me sheepishly.

We had finished cleaning up and reapplying our makeup and were walking through the Academy now. It was starting to grow dark. We headed to one of the female trolleys. I looked around uncomfortably, but Aiko held my hand and gave me a reassuring look. The trolley was crowded, it was a weekend night after all. However, no one seemed to pay Aiko and me any mind. I finally took a chance to relax a bit. Here, I was just another person. It felt nice for once not to earn weird looks all the time.

“Boys rented out the whole club. All of it.” Aiko said casually as we found out spots on the trolly wedged in the middle of a seat.

A worried expression formed on my face. “All of it? That includes… the em… VIP rooms?”

Aiko nodded, and I swallowed some saliva. I rocked my head, trying to avoid thinking about it too deeply. I knew these boys were up to no good. Part of me just wanted to accept this was a normal party. However, this was a different world. Since the guys invited the girls, they would expect to get something. My fist tightened as I thought about Madison being led into that room by that bastard Beethoven or whatever his name was. I absolutely wouldn’t let that happen. I felt my hand being squeezed and I looked down to see Aiko watching me with a gentle smile.

“It’s okay. I’ll help.” As Aiko tried to comfort me, I gave her a reassuring nod, but the frown still didn’t leave my lips.

“Did you hear about the party at the Precipice?” a late-arriving girl standing in front of us whispered to another nearby, immediately piquing my interest.

“I heard the sophomore boys were putting it on, but once the Seniors heard about it, they took over.” the other girl responded.

“There are supposed to be nearly twenty boys there. It’s the largest gathering of men in nearly a year. Getting pregnant would probably be really easy.”

“Yeah, but the party is really exclusive. I heard only like fifty girls have been invited.”

“Fifty? Those lucky girls will get pregnant for sure.” she pouted.

“I heard they invited all the queens though. I think they’re trying to pop all of the stragglers.” The girl chuckled. “I wish I was rich enough to be choosy.”

“Well, say goodbye to the queens.”

Smack! My hand hit the wall, causing the two girls to glance over at me. My teeth were grinding, my eyes closed as I tried to get my breathing under control. The girls only saw another girl acting weird, so they moved farther away out of my earshot. I heard the words “what’s with this slut?” from one of them as they put distance between us. Aiko was hesitantly patting my arm like she was trying to soothe a wild beast. The more I heard about this welcoming party, the more I was starting to hate it.

I had no clue when I got into it what the party was about. I was just here for Madison. Initially, despite my mistrust of other men, I had genuinely thought this was just a simple party. Then after going to the club with Rigor and renting out a VIP room, I was already starting to doubt that this party was so simple. The girl’s conversation just now was all the confirmation I needed. These boys weren’t having a welcoming party. They were having a cherry popping party. Twenty guys, and fifty uptight women. They wanted to get them drunk and fuck as many as they could.

The story Tinya had once told me a long time ago came flashing in my head. Would they take turns? Each man using Madison until they finally dumped her out on the curb, full of cum. Red, hot rage seemed to shoot through me at the thought. I never found myself an angry man. Even when I caught my wife cheating on me, I had avoided aggravated assault. However, this, this made me truly angry. I had just started to grow a bit comfortable in this world having met a few people I could call friends, and now I was back to hating this world again.

“Aiko…” I grabbed Aiko’s arm, my serious look causing her to watch me questioningly. “Be careful in there. Don’t touch anything the boy’s hand you.”

“What? What boys hand me would be dangerous?” Aiko asked.

“… I don’t know.” I shook my head. “Just a bad feeling.”

“Ah, We’re here…” Aiko glanced away, looking around as the trolley came to the stop, avoiding addressing my concerns.

I didn’t push the point. I had too much on my mind right now. As soon as the trolley ended, I pushed my way through the crowd dragging Aiko with me. My only choice now was to push forward until I was able to save the ones I loved. It may be selfish of me, but I wouldn’t allow Madison to make a mistake like this. Even if, in the end, I wasn’t the one she was interested in, it definitely wouldn’t be that asshole.

“It’s about time you showed up!” An older woman with curly grey hair in an apron barked as we walked into the back door. “Is this the new girl you brought?”

“Yes, I’m Cl-“

“Don’t care.” The woman turned, walking forward. “Just do what Aiko does. You two, bring these plates out now. A week ago they told me this was a gathering for ten people. Ten! Suddenly, there are almost a hundred guests! Men have no respect!”

“Yes, ma’am!” I bowed, before running to grab one of the plates behind me.

The woman chuckled. “Well, at least you know proper respect. Maybe you’ll grow on Aiko.”

Aiko rolled her eyes, grabbing the other tray with one hand. As soon as she reached the door, she turned back, pulled down an eye and stuck out her tongue.

“See what I mean?” The woman growled without looking back. “That stunt just got you toilet duty.”

Aiko’s face flushed from being caught, only for her expression to turn sour. She cursed in her native tongue as the pair of us left the kitchen. We ended up walking into the club, much like I remembered it when I had come the previous week. The bar was set up and running. At the moment, there was a table full of refreshments as well, including a punch bowl and various snack foods.

The pair of use separated after a single look. I headed towards the right of the room while she took the left. While I moved to hand out some kind of rolled-up quiche, my eyes scanned the room, looking desperate for Madison. If I had been too late and she was already up in a VIP room, I’d have no way of knowing. If that actually happened, I didn’t know what I’d do.

“You’re cute.”

“Eh!” I made a noise as a woman was suddenly standing in front of me, causing me to stop short.

There were actually five women standing there. Every single girl there was attractive, but there seemed to be something off about them. One had a unibrow. Another was somewhat pudgy. In my old world, they looked a bit like normal women. In this world, however, they were closer to a B class in appearance. For Academy girls, they’d definitely be on the ugly side, even if they would have been fairly normal in my old world. The woman in front of me was the one exception, a beautiful woman with hawk-like eyes, a dark complexion, and full pink lips.

The beautiful dark woman moved close enough to me that her chest almost touched my arm. Meanwhile, the pudgy girl went to my other side and started grabbing quiches, eating two at a time. I gave her a smile, trying to put her at ease and keep my cover.

“T-thank you…” I said, shyly, trying to keep my voice feminine sounding.

“I saw you looking around the room.” The girl said, her smile turning mischievous. “Most common women would be ogling the boys, but you seemed to be looking at the ladies. Is there a particular woman who has your attention?”

“Ah!” I froze, for a second thinking I was found out until my brain reasoned things out better.

She thought I was a woman who was into other women. I was playing at being a lesbian woman, right? So, the fact that she thought I was into women was fine. If anything, it left me a perfect cover, so I decided to roll with it.

“L-l-lyra…” I let the words come out stiffly while I lowered my head, hoping it came across as shy.

As to why I used Lyra’s name, I didn’t want to give too much away. If I said no one, the girls would only press me. Lyra just happened to be the other person at the party I knew. The fact she was pretty and had a reputation didn’t hurt either.

“Oh, ho… Lyra, is it?” The woman smirked devilishly. “I’ve been trying to recruit her forever. Such a beautiful woman, and hates men too. I wonder why she’s rejected my offers.”

“Your offers?” I asked, swallowing tightly as the girl moved up on me like a predator.

“Ah, I’m the president of Wrath, my name is Rebecca. You’ve heard of it? We’re the Women’s Rights Against the Hierarchy. We fight to topple the Patriarchy.”

“Ah… aren’t we technically in a Matriarchy right now,” I said, looking for an escape, but seeing it quickly closed by the other ladies surrounding me.

“Women may be in charge, but it’s a male society! Men are given all of these unfair benefits just because they can produce seed. Well, men should understand their proper place as cum dispensers!” As Rebecca’s eyes turned fervent, several of the other girls voiced approval. “So, how about it? Come to one of our meetings. I’m sure you’ll find many beautiful women who are more interested in… our type.”


She took a step closer, her bosom now pressed against my arm. “A pretty girl like you should never be ruined by the likes of a man. You’re far too pure and tasty to be soiled by them. Perhaps you and I could-“

Just as I was feeling desperate, a strong arm wrapped around my body. “Becky! You trying to scare more women away from us lesbians.”

My eyes widened as a familiar voice came from behind me. However, it was not a voice I was expecting to see here at all. I expected Madison to be here. Lyra. The other three queens. I supposed banging Rebecca the lipstick president of Wrath would certainly give someone a lot of credit, but even drunk the chances of getting through the posy she brought with her could be considered zilch. However, the girl with her chest pressed against me and touching me in such a familiar way was the last woman I’d expected to find.

“S-seriously…” I muttered under my breath. “Do you party every night?”

“Brooke,” Rebecca’s mouth dropped into a frown. “Why did an old slut like you get invited to this thing?”

Brooke shrugged, wrapping an arm across my chest like she was shielding me from them. I would have thought Brooke recognized me and intervened, but the Brooke I knew would never touch a guy so familiarly. No, she thought I was a girl just like the rest of them.

“It must be my award winning personality,” Brooke smirked, sparks clearly flying between the two women.

Of course, I could already guess why she was invited. It must have gotten out that she was a 22-year-old virgin. Just like the Home-cumming Queen, a virgin teacher, Brooke must have also gotten the attention of the male upperclassmen. Perhaps flagrant lesbians were popular prey for men, who just wanted the credentials of popping them. These were the ways men seemed to entertain themselves in this world.

“Don’t listen to a word of this slut here,” Rebecca said indignantly. “She works for a man! Plus, she comes here every night and brings home a different woman. She’s just like a man herself. Putting another notch on her belt.”

“I don’t deny you’re a cute little thing that caught my eye,” Brooke laughed, looking down at me with hungry eyes. “But if you’re afraid of being eaten up by a wolf, Becky here’s the true sadist. At least, when I take your virginity, I take no joy in making it hurt.”

“You bitch…” Rebecca snarled.

“So, how about it sweetie? How about we find a corner and snuggle.”

Since I knew Brooke for some time, naturally, I had thought of us having a relationship. I wondered how far we could get before she realized I was Clyburn. Well, that question wasn’t important. Because I would probably die shortly after finding out the answer. It was just less of a headache continuing to imagine Brooke as simply a friend. Whereas I pushed things farther with Aiko in a sudden moment of loss, I didn’t want to make things weird between Brooke and me. Wait, that’s right, Aiko!

“B-brooke!” I looked over at her. “You probably should go. Aiko is working tonight.”

“Aiko?” Brooke looked like she had been goosed, but only a moment later intense suspicion grew on her face.

She spun me around until I was facing her, staring at my face closely. A moment later, complete shock spread across as she realized the truth. Although I looked a lot different, it was probably the familiarity from which I spoke that gave away who I was.


“My name is Clarice,” I said, with a smile. “Hello, Brooke.”

“You!” Rather than smiling, Brooke’s expression turned angry, grabbing my shirt roughly. “What are you doing here?”

“Brooke, you brute!” Rebecca snapped. “Let her go!”

The five Wrath girl’s looked like they were about to do something, but Brooke suddenly shot them all a feral look that caused them to step back. She then grabbed my hand and immediately started dragging me away without another word. I shot Rebecca a wave and a reassuring nod as the five women watched us go with a dumbfounded look. They would never guess in a million years what the heck just happened.

“No one uses the boy’s restroom. They have private toilets in the VIPs.” Brooke muttered, shoving me through the door, and then crossing her arms and glaring at me. “Clyburn, what the hell are you doing here?”

“Isn’t that obvious?” I said, rubbing my wrist where she had grabbed too hard. “Madison is here. Rather, what are you doing here?”

Brooke sighed. “I got an invitation a few days ago. I had already learned Madison was coming. I figured you’d want Madison looked after, that’s why I came. I thought I could get her to talk to you, but she would barely speak two words to me.”

“You really came to convince Madison to talk to me?” I didn’t intend my voice to sound so surprised.

Brooke looked away shyly. “Of course… we are… friends… I guess. Plus I owe you for saving me from that lipstick. Becky and the Wrath girls would have never let me go after I scissored one of their sisters. They’re practically a cult.”

“Please, don’t give me the vision of you scissoring that lard.”

Brooke snorted. “Don’t act like you wouldn’t like to see that. Disgusting, it was almost going to be you tonight!”

“Disgusting?” I looked down, only then reminding myself I was still dressed up as a girl. “Ah… don’t you start! Aiko dressed me up like this so I could get in! In fact, where the heck did my platter go?”

“That chubby bitch took it and ate it all.” Brooke waved it away while giving me a side glance. “You and Aiko, I didn’t realize you were so close…”

I froze for a moment. That’s right, Brooke was still having breakup regrets with Aiko, and now Aiko and I had sex. This was clearly a precarious situation. It had kind of been an in-the-moment thing, but now that it was over, I had to live with the consequences. I slept with Aiko. However, I also didn’t feel like I could or should lie to Brooke about it.

“Brooke, I…” I tried to speak, but Brooke stopped me with a finger.

“I don’t need to hear it.” Brooke sighed. “Aiko is… free to do what she wants. And you… you’re a man.”

“I’m not like other men.”

Brooke nodded, slowly, a wry smile on her face. “I- I know. You won’t do anything to hurt Aiko. Or me.”

“You? How could I hurt you?” I tried to break the tension with a joke, but when Brooke still remained frowning, I reached out to her. “Brooke, I want to-“

Thud. The door started opening.

“Hey, none of the girls will hear us in here.” A voice was saying to some friend a bit of distance away.

The pair of us looked at each other. There was a pair of girls with a reputation for being lesbians standing in the middle of a men’s restroom. This was bound to cause some problems. I immediately reacted by grabbing Brooke and dragging her into one of the toilet stalls.

“You idiot, they’ll check under the stalls.” Brooke hissed.

I looked around desperately before an idea suddenly hit me. I immediately grabbed my skirt and underwear and pulled them down. Brooke immediately let out a high pitched noise, turning away.

“Wh-what are you doing, pervert!” Brooke cried out in a whisper.

“I didn’t shave my legs.” I shot back, sitting down with a thud, “I’ll just be a boy on the toilet if they look.”

“Yeah, what about me, smart guy?”

The steps were already coming into the bathroom. I immediately grabbed Brooke and pulled her towards me. Her eyes went wide as she fell down on to my lap facing me.

“Lift your legs,” I whispered as I pulled her down into my lap.

“No! Bastard! I’m not wearing any un…”

Brooke stopped as she fell onto my lap. I grabbed her legs and pulled them up. She was light enough that she didn’t make it too uncomfortable sitting on my lap. With this position, if someone looked under the stall, they’d only see my legs facing the right direction. Maybe if they looked carefully they’d see it was a skirt around my ankles, but hopefully, it didn’t come to that.

“S-stop, I can’t, it’s slipping!” Brooke was muttering, so I put a hand over her mouth and then pulled her closer to me to get her to quiet down.

I immediately opened my ear for the people on the other end. Fortunately, the music outside the door was loud and it only shut after we got into position. The boys entering the bathroom seemed to have heard absolutely nothing. Even now, the boom-boom of the music in the other room was sufficient to hide any light noises like breathing.

“This was not what we planned, Ben.” A voice said.

“I know… it was those fucking seniors. They’re trying to take our glory. Those bastards think they’re so hot just because they’ve earned more slice.”

“And whose fault is it we got seniors involved?” The guy shot back.

“Hey! If Madison’s brother didn’t show up, I wouldn’t have offered him a trade. It was because I was forced to invite Rosetta that the seniors got involved. How did I know Rosetta was connected with the seniors?”

“Shut up about that whore. Just thinking about her gives me a headache. This whole plan we’ve been hatching for a year is fucked.”

“You guys worry too much.” A third more relaxed voice spoke up. “I think we can use this to our favor. While those seniors are trying to get vengeance on the Wraths, our queens will be ripe for the plucking. We can still become legends tonight.”

“Feel it…” Brooke’s face was pale. “It’s touching…”

“Shush,” I said faintly, however, when I saw Brooke’s strange expression, I only then started to realize the situation we were in.

My paints were down around my knees. Brooke had ended up straddling me in a way where her legs were around my thighs, and her skirt and raised up and fell, thus leaving nothing separating our privates, which were pressed together as long as her legs were up in my hands. Well, there was her underwear, but that was the problem I only just realized. My cock wasn’t hard, but it was pressed up against slightly hairy and moist. It didn’t feel like the fresh cloth of a panty barrier. In fact, it felt like something else entirely.

“Sh-sh-shit…” My eyes widened as I realized my penis was now pushed up against her vagina.

There was no penetration. After all, I wasn’t erect. However, they were touching. More than that, they were rubbing against each other. She was breathing slightly hard and a bit flushed and she kept fidgeting like this spot was doing something to her. However, every breath and every fidget I could feel with her parts pressed against mine. We were incredibly intimate on every level. Her body was pressed against me, her soft chest pushed against mine. Her soft lips were only a few inches from my own to the point I could feel her haggard sweet breath on my face. As soon as the realization popped into my brain, blood started flooding into the area. It started growing longer and harder.

“No…” Brooke shivered, looking at me threateningly. “You bastard! Don’t!”

My mouth opened, unable to utter any defense. However, the blood was a torrent now, and very slowly, I could feel my penis growing, sliding forward into a certain crevice. She tried to push up with her legs, but it didn’t work with my hands on them and she fell back down, causing more of it to pop in. The more of her pussy I felt, the harder it grew. Ever so slowly, my cock was working its way inside Brooke.

Desperate to kill the erection, I focused on what was being said by the guys. I just needed to pretend this wasn’t happening. I needed to focus on what was truly important. If I did, I could save Brooke and myself.

“-important thing is to make sure they get good and drunk. Ben, Madison trusts you. Get her good and plastered. Then, once the seniors make their move, take her up to the VIP suite. If each of us will grab a queen, we can at least pop three of them.”

Hearing Madison’s name, I tried to stand a second before feeling the weight on me. My penis, now half-cocked, slide in a little more, the entire head being lost within Brooke’s nether region. She made a panting moan, biting her hand to keep from being heard by the guys outside the stall while shooting me a hateful glare.

“Actually, I saw a really cute waitress here.” One of the guys suddenly spoke up. “I’m thinking of adding her too.”

“A waitress, seriously?” The voice of Ben responded.

“Hey, she’s really a cutey, man. Even the seniors were checking her out. I asked around and she’s supposed to be a lesbian or something. You know what that means, total virgin!”

Aiko too! Did these guys have no limits? They were going to try to rape my sister, Lyra, and even Aiko. Aiko was now my responsibility. There was no way I was going to let this happen. My body started to boil as I thought about it. If Brooke wasn’t sitting in my lap, I might have walked out and immediately punched the guys.

“When’s the main event going down?” One of the guy’s asked.

“Don’t know. Seniors won’t talk. Guys, just stick by your target. Pop our girls. Take a few pictures for proof, and then we leave! I don’t want to get into that pissing match between the seniors and the girls who spurned them. Agreed?”

The other two made quiet words of agreement. A moment later, the door opened, the sound of music amplifying for a few moments before quieting again as the door shut closed. I held my breath, confirming it was silent outside and they had left. Finally, I let out a breath.

“Huh… looks like they didn’t look under the stalls after all.” I sighed, finally relaxing a bit.

However, at that point, I noticed my dick had reached full arousal. However, it was quite warm and comfortable. My entire dick seemed to be encapsulated in something pleasant feeling, which is why I didn’t notice it while I was focused on the guys. When I looked over at Brooke’s face, she looked like her soul had left her body. She had already seemingly escaped to her happy place.

“Brooke, we’re done,” I said sharply, trying to snap her out of it.

Brooke’s attention snapped into place and she stood, my dick flopping out. Brooke was no stranger to large dildos, so it wasn’t like there was blood. In fact, overall, I didn’t get that deep in her. Only the head and about an inch of my dick had worked its way inside.

Brooke’s eyes regained clarity and without a word, she turned and left the stall. I cautiously put my skirt back up and fixed myself before heading out of the stall behind her. Brooke was staring in the mirror, not making a single sound. It was an eerie scene and I was expecting the next moment for the lights to flicker followed by a jump scare. If Brooke goes Carrie on me, well, I’m sorry Mom and Auntie, I did my best.

“Brooke… um…”

“It sounds serious,” Brooke spoke, her voice flat and low.


“The seniors… something is going down tonight. I don’t think it’s going to be legal. We’re going to need the police.”

“That might be the safest bet. If we break up this party, it’ll achieve my goals. Let’s just call them.”

Brooke slowly shook her head. “This is a male party. The police will look the other way if we just called them and made a baseless accusation. I need to find evidence. Keep doing your job. I’ll keep a watch and see if I can find out what the seniors are up to.”

“R-right…” I agreed softly. “And… as far as… the stall…”

“Nothing happened.”

“But… perhaps we should-“

“Nothing happened.”

“Right…” I left Brooke behind, who was still staring at the mirror.

I was holding the distinct impression that something had certainly happened.

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