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It was the feeling of warmth that first got to me. A glowing feeling permeating my body, like the radiant heat of a ceramic heater or the incessant baking of the sun on a hot afternoon. It didn’t feel alarming or scary. It felt nice. As my consciousness began to return, my eyes fluttered open. There was a white light in my vision. Although it wasn’t bright, it seemed to overwhelm everything else. All I could do is look at the light, which shone a small distance down near my chest.

The light seemed to sputter a moment and then went out. It was both grand and measly at the same time, its decay into nonexistence being as inconsequential as its presence a moment earlier felt monumental. Black dots floated across my vision, and slowly, ever so slowly, they began to coalesce into the face of a person that I happened to recognize. I breathed out a gasp.


Dia looked down at me. I appeared to be lying in a bed, and Dia was now kneeling beside it. More than kneeling, her body was holding mine, and she looked like she was using me to keep herself from collapsing to the floor. She was panting small breaths and looked quite tired. My mind still felt a bit fluttery, and I started to look around the room, trying to get my bearing straight. How did I get here? Why am I here?

The answers to those questions were answered a moment later when my eyes fell onto a man lying on the nearby couch. That man was none other than Damien. With the sight of his ugly face, all of my memories came flooding back in.

“They drugged us!” I sat up in a rush, my energy seemed to return quite fully.

Dia smiled lightly up at me. “Yes… they tried.”

My eyes shot back to Damien again now that my mind was working a little better. However, I quickly realized that Damien was no threat. It looked like he had been hit with something, as he had a lump in the back of his head. I could see the back of his head because he was face first on the couch, his head only turned enough that I could see his gaping maw with drool leaking out of it. This was a guy who had drugged me and dragged me into this room to rape me. No, I guess it was the Seniors who were playing that game. This guy was only guilty of taking advantage of the situation.

My fists started to tighten. Worse, I fell right into their trap. I prided myself on my memories and being different from other guys, yet I was completely had by a bunch of children. I bit my lip hard enough to draw blood, the anger surging through me. Right now, Lyra, Mako, Rebecca, and most importantly Madison were all in horrible danger. Was Aiko among them as well? I didn’t know, but it was safer to assume that she was.

“These boys have gone too far.” Those words came from my mouth, but they quivered with unrestrained rage.

Dia nodded lethargically. “I too am surprised by this. I’ve never heard of men resorting to a drug to knock women unconscious. The very idea is unnerving.”

I nodded slowly, my eyes lost in thought. Of course, this world didn’t really have rape drugs. Rather, in a world where almost every woman was willing and no man ever wanted for sex, the need for rape drugs wasn’t needed. Even when rape occurred, the man could just press the woman down and if he got her pregnant, the law would often look the other way. However, the sheer scale of this stunt pulled by the Seniors was completely unprecedented. I would have never seen this coming. Or perhaps, I was only telling myself that to forgive my lapse of judgment.

“Dia? How did you avoid it? I thought you were under the drug. Are you still-“ I reached out, touching Dia’s shoulder gently.

“My virginity is fine… I practice my magic a lot. My mother taught me purification magic. Everything I eat and drink I purify before-hand so that no one can poison me.” Dia explained, her expression without the tiniest hint of humor.

“S-seriously?” I said. “That’s really paranoi- ahem… smart.”

Dia nodded, accepting my compliment while ignoring the first part. Well, it’s not like I could really call Dia paranoid considering the current situation. Had she not developed this magical habit from her mother, then she likely would be raped right now. As for me, who knows what would have happened. I had been so centered on Madison’s safety, thinking about what he’d have done with me while I was asleep only now sent shivers down my spine. Although, thinking that, I only had more questions for Dia.

“That white light… that was purification?”

Dia nodded again. “It’s harder to cast it on a contaminated person versus a contaminated drink. However, I didn’t know how much longer you’d be out.”

“How long have I been out?”

“He only brought us into the room about five minutes ago. He planned to enjoy both of us. It was when he was placing you on the bed that I hit him with the back of my shoe.” She pointed to a second bed, which made this room a double.

I closed my eyes and opened them again. Only five minutes. That seemed like a short period of time, but also an impossibly long period of time. Madison could have already been violated, or is currently being violated. I really didn’t have any time to waste anymore. However, despite the urgency I felt, I couldn’t stop myself from asking the question.

“You could have left me behind and ran off. Why did you help?” I asked.

Dia looked away for a moment as if she was contemplating what an appropriate answer should be. It wasn’t until I started growing antsy that she turned back and answered.

“You seem… different than the other girls. The way you stood up for your foreigner friend. The way you hold yourself. I find it… refreshing. Had you been raped, I feel that I might have some regrets. That is why I decided to protect you. I meant it when I said you should come work for me. I find your company… interesting.”

I moved forward, reaching out and grabbing Dia’s shoulders. She allowed me to do so to my own surprise. Although, right now, I was still a girl like her. Luckily, she had knocked Damien out before he started undressing me. Either way, I no longer cared about maintaining my female appearance. This was no longer a simple sabotage mission. I was now on search and rescue.

“The other girls…”

“There’s nothing we can do.” Dia straightened, pulling from my arms and looking away. “I can get you out. If a boy appears, both of us might be able to handle him, but any more girls and the chances of getting caught are too high. I won’t have the magic to purify another. You’re it.”

“I have to try,” I said my voice containing no hesitation.

For me, there was no question I would go looking for Madison. Fleeing this place wasn’t even a thought. It was me against almost twenty other boys. I immediately stood up, looking around the room to find something I could use as a weapon. I finally noticed that the chairs were metal, and the legs seemed to be screwed on. I quickly unscrewed a chair leg, giving me a single light metal stick in my hands. It was all I had, but it’d have to be enough.

“No…” Dia grabbed my arm just as I started heading for the door exit.


“I won’t let you risk yourself,” Dia said her grip tightening. “You will leave with me. I will keep you safe.”

“I won’t… I’m going…”

Dia’s eyes flashed and her expression turned wild for a moment. “No one has ever told me no when I ordered something before. I’m not asking. You can hate me now, but I won’t let another girl risk her life and virginity like this. You’re coming with me.”

Dia immediately started trying to pull me the opposite direction towards a balcony door. Perhaps she planned to climb out the window rather than try to brave the halls. However, she quickly found that I didn’t budge an inch. She turned back to me, even more, shocked when I looked down at her defiantly. Dia was a rich girl used to power, so it must have been rare that she felt so powerless.

“If you’re worried about a girl, then you don’t need to worry about me at all,” I said, my voice only holding a tinge of the frustration that I felt.

“What? Why?” Dia demanded, her eyes, showing some inner frustration.

I reached up to my hair and pulled. There was a slight resistance, but quickly the wig left my head. Dia’s eyes widened and she took a step back. I pulled off my shirt and quickly discarded the bra. I was now standing in the room wearing nothing by a skirt. I wanted to run to a bathroom and wash my face, but time wouldn’t allow that now.

“Madison is my sister,” I explained simply. “That’s why I came here. What these boys decided to do… it’s wrong. I’m going to stop it, no matter what.”

Dia shook her head in disbelief, her mouth opened in the most expression I’d seen on her this night. “Yo-you’re a boy.”

“Hate me if you want.” I shrugged, turning away. “I’m going to try to save those girls.”

I immediately headed out the door, not giving Dia another glance.

“The fire alarm!” Her voice caused me to stop for a moment, only halfway looking back. “There is a fire alarm tab at the end of the hall. If you pull it, it’ll turn on the sprinklers in the main room. This place isn’t to code. The alarms call the fire authority but they don’t make an alarm sound anymore. It won’t interrupt the VIP rooms, but turning the sprinklers on may interrupt the Senior party downstairs.”

I nodded, “Thanks.”

I stepped out into the hall and closed the door. Although I still had makeup on, it would be very unlikely I’d be mistaken for a woman any longer. However, I still felt some anxiety as I stepped out into the hallway. Dia didn’t follow me out, so I assumed she still planned to try her alternative route. I was pretty convinced she could take care of herself. Instead, I needed to focus on Madison. There was no time to worry about anyone else.

Rather than run to the alarm, I had some concerns that triggering that event might cause some delays in Madison’s rescue. If the police arrived before I could find Madison’s room, for example, I could lose the chance to stop it. I started cautiously trying out the doors. Regrettably, they were as Damien had suggested, each one of them had locked. The only thing that calmed me was that the lock didn’t appear to be automatic. The person themselves needed to lock the door. Thus, I was looking through them, desperately hoping to find someone who didn’t lock the door.

Three doors later, the doorknob turned with a click and I let out a tiny ray of hope. When I opened it more and saw it wasn’t empty, I nearly jumped for joy. Then, I saw the scene that was going on. There was a woman on the bed, unconscious. On top of her was a man who looked much older than she was. He had a very perverted look on his face and his hands were pushed out and groping her chest lewdly. When my eyes focused on her face, I realized the woman was Lyra.

Although I had no particular feelings for Lyra, we did have a sort of strange relationship. I had eaten her pussy once and while I hadn’t perused a relationship with her, I had at least thought about it. She was a little strange and perverted, other boys called her cold, but even she didn’t deserve to be manhandled in this way.

I didn’t hesitate as I stormed across the room. The guy I only noticed I had entered within the door clicked shut louder than I had opened it. He looked back at me with a surprised look, but before he could even raise a hand, I brought up the bar and slammed it on the back of his head. It made a ding sound as he fell off of Lyra and crumbled to the side. The hit wasn’t as strong as I was hoping it was. I could hear the guy panting and grunting on the other side of the bed. I rant to Lyra quickly, slapping her cheeks.

“Lyra, wake up… Lyra!” I tried shaking her.

However, Lyra seemed completely out of it. Her pert red lips were slightly open and her breast heaved in a very erotic way, especially after her shirt was opened and her bra was exposed. I immediately grabbed her shirt and started buttoning it back up.

“Clyburn…” her lips voiced as I fixed her clothing to something more presentable.

“Yes!” I responded, thinking for a second she might have grown conscious to no avail. “I’m Clyburn. Quickly wake up before they hurt you.”

“Clyburn!” The man I had knocked off of Lyra was standing up, rubbing the back of his head angrily. “You? You’re Clyburn.”

“What If I am? What’s it to you?” I scowled right back at the other man.

“Gehehehe… Clyburn…” Lyra reached out and grabbed my hand, rubbing her cheek against it in a strangely familiar way.

Her eyes were still closed and she was drooling slightly on my hand. The man’s expression darkened even more at the sight, his face twisting into an unpleasant scowl.

“Yes… I recognize you now behind that makeup.” The man stood up. “Now, if you will get your hands off my sister.”

“Sister?” I burst out in disbelief.

The man straightened his clothing, a neutral button-up shirt, and grey slacks, before giving a distasteful sniff. “I am Aaron, her brother. Once I heard about this event, I naturally came myself to protect my sister.”

My guard lightened a bit, feeling somewhat relieved to find someone who had a situation similar to mine. However, the situation I had found him was not one that looked normal. I couldn’t help but remain somewhat doubtful. Was it hypocritical that I looked at this brother of Lyra with doubt when I pursued my own sister in the same manner? Perhaps. However, I didn’t feel a sense of comradery from this man, just unease.

Plus, even if I didn’t have my instincts, the way Aaron looked at me made me uneasy. There was an edge to his eyes that seemed to suggest he hated me. While it was true, our first interaction as me hitting him across the head, it still didn’t explain to me why he would hold such hostility.

“I came to free Lyra as well,” I responded. “As a fellow classmate, perhaps it is best if you allow me to take her? You wouldn’t want your name sullied with the events going on down below, right?”

Aaron paused for a second, but then his expression turned into a glower. “You don’t have the right to touch my sister, get your hands off her immediately.”

“And who has that right? You?”

“Yes.” Aaron took a few step forwards, causing me to adjust myself uncomfortable. “She is my sister and my woman. Naturally, her body belongs to me.”

I could only blink in surprise at his blatant admittance. I had thought that I was a shameless incestuous brother in this world, but this guy took it to another level. In some ways, it was almost enviable how honest he was with himself. However, the more I tried to excuse his actions, the more the scene of him on top of Lyra’s unconscious body played in my mind, the less I wanted to leave him alone with Lyra. For all intent and purposes, Lyra and I were nothing, and yet I couldn’t help but feel like I needed to protect her. Perhaps that was just a flaw of mine.

“I won’t let you touch her!” I shot back.

“You… bastard…” his face turned ugly, and for a moment I thought he might leap across the bed and attack me. “Give me my sister, I’ll do with her whatever I want.”

Just as he looked ready to pounce, there was a woosh sound and a person suddenly appeared next to him. I let out a cry of surprise. Aaron turned at the interruption as well and looked just as surprised. However, a moment later, recognition spread on his face, and he looked a little bit afraid and hesitant. The woman was wearing all black, with a veil over her face. She looked a bit like a ninja, but her outfit was less all-encompassing and more decorative.

“Aaron, perhaps you should remember your agreements.” The woman said cooly through her veil.

“Even here you stalk me?” Aaron’s voice rose as he shot those angry remarks at the woman. “Where’s the trust?”

“Trust must be earned, and you have done nothing to show your sincerity to our misses.” She explained calmly.

“I’ve done everything she asked.” Aaron’s voice was so rabid that spittle flew out as he cursed. “This is my sister we’re talking about here!”

The woman nodded slowly. “Of course, the misses understands your need to protect your sister. With the presence of this boy here, you can consider the conditions of her safety met, yes?”

Aaron turned and shot me a hateful look before glancing back at the veiled woman. “Him? How can this boy be trusted?”

“I have observed his movements up until now.” The woman responded nonchalantly. “He is not one to touch your sister. Unlike this boy here…”

The woman gestured to a boy I hadn’t noticed before. It was the one named Charles. He had been knocked unconscious as well. Although he looked like he was starting to wake up slowly and groggily. She leaned over and with a single strike of her open hand, knocked him out. She then scooped him up and swung him over his shoulder. Despite he was taller and larger than she, the woman was able to do this with ease.

“Even so…” Aaron put on a stubborn expression.

“Unless… it is you who wishes to touch your sister?” When the last words came out, there was an icy chill that followed, even though her expression didn’t seem to change.

If it was even possible, Aaron’s face turned even uglier, but there was also a sudden wave of fear in his eyes as well. I had already lost where their conversation was going. I could only look on questioningly as I remained holding Lyra in my arms.

“Of course not,” Aaron spoke with his voice an octave higher. “I honor my agreements with Lady Mainwell. How would I ever dare to violate the contract?”

The chilliness vanished in an instant, although the woman didn’t’ seem to move an inch. “Very well, it seems your sister is awakening. She did not drink much of the drug. We should leave now.”

Aaron still had a stubborn, angry look on his face, but after a moment, he nodded. Then, he turned back at me with a glare in his eyes.

“This here is my sister. You are to escort her out of this place. I will have an escort take her home. Don’t touch her or I will certainly make you pay!” Aaron turned and headed for the door, which the woman opened for him.

I could only stare on in slight confusion. Escort his sister, my ass! I had my own sister to protect. In fact, while I was wasting time here, anything could be happening to my sister. It was just another impulse that I decided to protect this woman.

“Boy named Clyburn.” I sat at attention at the words of the woman in the veil who emitted a dangerous vibe. “The girl who is your sister, Madison. This one may have seen her dragged into a room three doors down on the right.”

“Ah!” I immediately moved to stand, causing Lyra to moved and wrap her arms around me.

“You…” Aaron tried to storm back in, but the girl held up a hand stopping him.

“You may need this.” She tossed something to me.

I lifted my hand instinctually and caught it. I realized it was one of the card entries. It must be the key that let the Sophomores into the rooms. I nodded to her as she shut the door despite Aaron’s protests.

“Ehm?” The closing of the door suddenly caused the woman in my arms to wake up.

I looked down at her. “Lyra?”

Lyra’s eye fluttered open as she wiped some drool from her chin. Her eyes looked up at my dewy for a moment, but then a slow realization formed on her face. Her eyes widened, and then pink started to form on her cheeks.

“Ahh! Clyburn, wh-wh-what are you doing!” Lyra cried out.

“What? Aren’t you holding me?” I asked.

“G-g-g-get off!” Lyra pulled away, leaping off the bed. “Wh-what’s going on?”

I sighed, getting up. “Look, I don’t have time to deal with you. Short story, the Seniors tried to drug you girls. The Sophomores are trying to rape you, and I came to save you. Get out of here quickly, if you can avoid going through the main club, that’ll be best.”

“Ah… that…” Lyra looked on uncertainty as I opened the door and stepped. “I will! There is a fire exit out the back.”

“Good.” I nodded, turning back, then stopped and put on a wry smile, turning my head. “Eh, you might want to cover your chest.”

Lyra looked down, realizing her shirt was undone and her white bra and cleavage were exposed. She immediately let out a cry and covered herself up while shooting me a glare. I turned without paying her another mind.

“If you really helped me, thank you!” Her words came as I walked out into the hallway.

I didn’t test any other doorways. Instead, I headed straight to the one the veiled woman had indicated. As soon as I unlocked the door, I stormed in. I had left my metal handle behind. Perhaps, I wanted to use my fists on this guy. As soon as the door opened, my eyes snapped to the bed. I breathed out in relief seeing that Madison was lying on the bed. She was down to her underwear, but the underwear still looked to be on her body. As for the guy, he wasn’t in the room.

It was only when I stepped in that I could hear someone showering in the attached bathroom. It looked like the guy liked taking a shower and being squeaky clean when he raped a girl. Or, perhaps he had already finished a bit. My steps faltered a bit as I stared down at Madison worriedly. Her panties were still on, not pushed aside. There was no blood, although there shouldn’t have been since I took her virginity. There was no wet spot either, but would she have been excited while unconscious?

In short, I couldn’t tell if I had been too late or just on time. Either way, I moved straight up to Madison, grabbing her in my arms.

“Madison!” I called, lightly slapping her face to try to snap her out of it.

“C-clyburn…” her voice muttered, but with her eyes closed, it was clear it was just a sleep response, and not her waking up.

I grabbed her, standing up to carry her outside of the room, but then my eyes snapped to a second bed in the room. I hadn’t noticed earlier that this room was a double like the one I had woken up in. There was a woman on the other bed as well. That was the teacher, Mako.

Unlike my sister, she was completely naked. Also unlike my sister, there was a bloody patch under her. She moaned, her face contorted in pain. I stopped, unable to look away at the shocking scene. This teacher had been raped. So, I hadn’t come on time. Rather, this guy had decided to sample the teacher first. Had he decided to go for my Madison, I would have been too late. He was washing up between rapes. I guess he thought himself a gentlemen rapist.

Sniff. Sniff. I smelled smoke. Frowning, I carried Madison out to the hallway. It was then I noticed that there was a large amount of smoke pooling at the top of the hallway. Furthermore, down the hall, there was an ominous red glow that seemed to be coming from down the stairs.

“A fire?” I breathed.

Pulling the fire alarm didn’t seem to be necessary anymore. There was a genuine fire on the first level. Looked like the sprinkler system wasn’t doing its proper job. Instead, we were in a bit of trouble. We were trapped on this second floor with a fire raging below. I could tell just by the amount of smoke there was a lot of it and it was growing quickly. Just since I noticed it the smoke had finished covering the ceiling and was quickly starting to thicken. In less than a minute it’d be down to my head height. I could also feel the heat coming from my feet. This wasn’t safe. I had to get Madison out, but I couldn’t leave the teacher behind either, could I?

“Who are you?” A voice demanded from behind, causing me to look back into the room.

The boy called Ben was standing there, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around his hips. He noticed Madison in my arms first, but when his eyes moved up to my face, they narrowed angrily.

“Clyburn… you’re here.”

“You fucker.” I shot back, “You tried to rape my sister!”

Ben laughed, shrugging his shoulders. “I gave you a chance to give her fairly. Don’t blame me. And whatever do you mean tried? Your sister felt so good.”

“You fucker! You didn’t! You’’re lying.” I put Madison down next to the door, standing up towards him as rage crossed my face.

He had Mako first, right? He didn’t… he couldn’t have… he absolutely is lying to taunt me. He took a shower… after both women? What kind of small dick bastard blasted his load twice in two different women, it had barely been ten minutes since we were taken up here. Then again, this was a world that seemed to favor men with short fuses.

Ben’s face grew cruel. “Maybe… maybe I am… maybe I didn’t. Who knows?”

I lunged for him. He had nothing but a towel. For all intent and purposes, this guy was defenseless. I had larger muscles. There was no doubt I couldn’t defeat him.

“——-, ——-… ———!”

“Wha-“ I barely managed to take three steps towards him when there was a flash of light.

My body flew back and hit the wall, the entire world going dark. I could hear the sound of his steps coming over to me. I struggled to my feet, but my entire body felt like it was spasming, making it very difficult to recover.

“People always said it was useless to learn magic. What they meant was it was useless for women to learn magic. It’s one of the best-kept secrets of this society.” I could hear his voice say. “Men are stronger in magic than women. Although you need a special teacher to tap that power. The women’s way is only for women.”

“B-bastard…” I managed to get out, even as my teeth closed beyond my control as another way of electricity shot through me.

“Ah… a fire…” The boy said. “I can’t let my little shenanigans be broadcast to the world now, can I? How about you stay here and burn up with the girls. It solves both our problems.”

“I’ll kill you!” I swung, but my arm immediately clamped down and he dodged it with ease.

“Now, now… don’t be rude. We’re men, after all, we ought to stick together.” Ben leaned down to the point I could feel him right in front of me, but powerless to strike back. “You may be comforted to know that I regretfully didn’t get around to touching your sister. Congratulations, you cockblocked me. Of course, she’s going to burn to death with you, you’ll have to ask her in the next life if she’s thankful for your intrusion. Chou.”

“Ahhhh!” I screamed but as smoke filled the hall and my lungs, it caused me to break into coughs.

Ben stood up and casually walked away, not paying us any mind. I forced my eyes open through the black smoke, which was growing more violent by the second. The distant glow of the flames had already passed the staircase now and was quite rapidly approaching us. Madison was on the floor, propped up right across from me, still knocked out with the drug. Mako was on the bed still in the room. And I? I was only just starting to regain movements, but my entire body felt numb. Ever so slowly, I got to my knees, crawling over into the room and the bed. I gradually managed to get a hold if the sheet and pull. It was heavier than I imagined, but after using all my available strength, there was a thump as Mako fell from the bed.

It felt like forever, but I slowly pulled the sheet, Mako wrapped inside, effectively dragging her body outside of the room. The smoke was burning my vision, but I was starting to regain strength, even as I started to grow dizzier at the same time. Pushing Madison onto the blanket, I started to pull both of them. With two girls on the sheet, the movements were slow. Meanwhile, the fire had worked down half the hallway.

It started to feel like a race. I pulled on the blanket, crawling slowly, while the fire approached from behind, feeling the hallways with smoke and heat until I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was oxygen deprived now, and if I tried to move too fast my muscles spasmed again and I’d fall on my face.

I pulled, pulled and kept pulling, keeping my sister and Mako just a foot in front of the flames. When my back hit a cold metal stop, I looked up to see the exit sign. Shoving open the door, I used my last bit of strength to pick up the girls and push them through the door. Just as I did so, the floor collapsed, fire from below finally eating through. However, As I collapsed on the metal support of the exit escape, Mako and Madison just a few feet in front of me. Like that, I was done.

“Three up there!” I thought I heard someone cry.

Although, I wasn’t sure, because I slipped off to unconsciousness a moment later with cold metal under me and a blazing heat from behind.

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