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“So, that about sums up what happened.” I sighed, finishing explaining my story.

A hand pressed against the glass barrier keeping the pair of us separate. “My poor baby, Mother should be there to protect you.”

I had been chauffeured to the prison to make an appointment with my mother that Aunt Rose set up. I had come anxiously, but as I told Mother my story, I began to feel a great deal of relief. Of course, mothers were there to hear your worries and comfort you. Just having someone to explain it to, someone I knew wouldn’t judge me for my mistakes, instantly made me feel better. Mother always love their sons.

“I love you, Mother.” I returned the gesture, touching the cold glass. “Mom… I just don’t know what to do. About Madison. Lyra. Any of it.”

“I love you too, sweetie.”

Mother sat back in her seat, looking down thoughtfully. She was wearing only the bare minimum of makeup and her hair was tied back in a scrunchy. She rarely showed so much of her face. She used to always look classy and mysterious, but in a prison uniform, she actually looked more motherly than ever before. Something about seeing her in plain attire only outlined how beautiful mother truly was. Even an orange jumpsuit couldn’t stop her from being a hotty.

“My lawyer keeps pressuring me to admit to it. I don’t think she believes I’m innocent.” I sighed. “I don’t know what to do. As a man, I don’t feel like I have anyone else on my side. The other guys would rather throw me under the bus than admit guilt themselves, and even if there are any women on my side, most of them would be too afraid of harassment to step forward.”

The room we were sitting felt very insufficient for this visit. It wasn’t unlike some of the prisoner visitor centers I had seen in my old world, although there were no phones. Instead, the voice was processed through a stone fragment that was likely magical in nature. It was a sterile and clean environment, with very little decor. At least, the facility felt clean. It didn’t look like mom was being mistreated, and any time I asked, she automatically told me that she was fine and she was more worried about me.

After nodding at my words, Mother put on a strange look as if something unappealing came to her mind. She shook her head for a second, looking doubtful, but as she glanced up at me, her resolve seemed to strengthen. Finally, she sat up and leaned forward, although her expression looked a bit unhappy.

“There is something I can do for you…” Mother’s words came out slow and methodical.


Mother looked into my eyes and smiled gently. “It’s ok, sweetie. Mommy will take care of it. Just promise me one thing, will you?”

“Anything, you know it.”

“Promise your mother that if my help arrives, you won’t reject it.”

I could only raise an eyebrow. Why would I ever reject help my mother offered? Why would I reject anything Mother offered? I wanted to instantly shake my head and reject the notion, but Mom looked at me with such a severe expression that I hesitated for a second. After confirming in my heart that I’d never spurn something of mothers, I nodded slowly. Mother started to smile with relief after she saw my agreement.

“I will.”

“Good, good.” Mother sighed. “You’re such a good boy. Those nasty Wrath women trying to go after my Clyburn, it makes me so mad!”

I gave a wry smile. “The seniors did drug and rape them. Madison was almost a victim of these actions.”

Mother shrugged. “Madison has rejected your hand enough times. She may be my daughter, but perhaps she needs to learn from her mistakes.”


“I’m sorry, I just can’t be sympathetic. Those Wrath girls are just ugly girls who inappropriately take out their anger on the other sex, and for the rest, they wouldn’t have been invited if they were the kind of women who did the proper thing and sought a man.”

I sighed, nodding as mom talked. I didn’t really want to get into a fight, especially with her in prison. I never considered myself progressive, but mother clearly had a conservative view, despite herself being a somewhat unique case. She wasn’t the only one, and there were thousands of women out there who thought much the same, that the Wraths had all but asked to be raped. That it was proper justice delivered by the men, and the only failure was that every one of them wasn’t made pregnant so they could become respectable, proper citizens as opposed to societal misfits.

There were circles who idolized me as a sort of local hero for showing the Wrath girls who was boss. Of course, those that felt that way feared retribution, and thus I received no support that mattered. As I had said, the men were happy it was me and not them, and the women hid over the fear of being attacked for their beliefs. Only mom here dared voice her opinion openly for me.

As much as I loved my mom, I didn’t really agree though. Perhaps you could call it my old world values, but what happened that night left me unsettled. What happened to those women, even though most of them were Wrath, still hurt me. Four of the five queens managed to escape, although a teacher found herself victimized by Ben, who also got away with it while acting like a monstrous psychopath. Either way, many women were sexually assaulted, and I was right in the middle of it.

Of course, it’d be too easy to blame that night on Ben. But Ben was only one of three guys who decided to start this post welcome week party. Plus, his techniques were relatively harmless. Take a bunch of girls out, get them drunk, have fun. If taking a woman out drinking and hoping it increased your chances of scoring was a crime, then I feared too many men would be guilty. The seniors were the ones that upped the game, inviting every girl any of them had been turned down by and then drugging the lot of them. However, even the seniors were just a product of this culture, which fostered a severe lack of responsibility for men along with equally unfair demands.

I could even blame myself. I was there, but I was so focused on my own problems that I didn’t even take the time to consider the Seniors. I was so convinced of my own superiority, that I was caught blindsided by their petty tricks. And yes, even some of the blame fell on Wrath, who sought to embarrass and humiliate the boys in the same way the boys ended up embarrassing and humiliating the girls. In the end, it was the combined effort of many different people, and thinking about it only made me tired.

Mom also seemed to be lost in some thoughts, a single tear running down her cheek as she looked off distantly. What was she thinking about? Was it Hannah? Madison? Tinya, the woman she killed? I instinctively reached out to lift the tear from her cheek, and my hand hit the glass. I let out a vexed noise and glanced over at the guard.

“Is there no way I can see my mother directly?” I asked.

Mom seemed to perk up at my words, looking up at me with a somewhat surprised look. The guard also seemed to be surprised at my words, suddenly looking somewhat flustered. Her expression quickly turned strange, but when I didn’t look away, she gave an awkward shrug.

“As to that… every male visitor, of course, has the privilege of using the MFP room to visit a loved one.”

“That’ll be fine.” I nodded without hesitation.

“Honey…” Mother whispered. “We don’t have to-“

“I don’t like talking to you through glass,” I explained. “It’s frustrating not being able to touch you.”

“Oh…” Mom suddenly became strangely, quiet, turning away with a blush.

I looked back at the guard. “So?”

“Y-yes!” The guard nodded. “Of course, come this way. We’ll need to do a strip search though.”

“Ah!” Mom stood up.

“That’s fine.” I shrugged, following where the guard gestured without giving Mom time to argue.

They shoved a few documents in front of me that I quickly signed. I wasn’t planning on smuggling anything in. I just wanted to be able to wipe a tear from my mother’s eye. Maybe I’d cry in her lap. I didn’t know, I just hated seeing her through the glass.

“P-please strip.” A cute-looking guardsman with stringy blond hair asked.

“Why are there three other women here?” I looked around to see a group of guards in the room attending this strip search.

“I-it’s protocol!” The girl responded, tearfully, while the other women looked away. “T-trainees!”

Suddenly, I realized what was so odd about this MFP room. I guess these women got to strip search men, in that case, to make sure they weren’t smuggling anything. In a normal world, that’d be par for the course, but for this world, it’d be one of a handful of times these women got to see a guy naked in person. Prison guards weren’t at the level of Academy students even, so that meant these girls getting to see a boy was probably a once a year occasion. Getting to see a boy naked, well… did these women have to be so shameless about it?

“Hey, you’ve been touching my penis for five minutes, what do you think you’re going to find in there!” I growled.

“Nya!” The girl jumped, “I-it’s protocol! Just making sure you’re not hiding something in the folds.”

The folds! It’s a penis, not a vagina! There is no way I’d be able to hide something “in” it at all. At least not using methods I’d want to imagine!

“And you behind me, you’ve been touching my butt for the last few minutes!”

“Ah! Th-that!” The other girl almost stands at attention. “We’re going to have to do a full anal cavity search!”


The two frisky guard’s eyes brighten, but even the other two who are just watching nodded in approval. A moment later, I found two guards bending me over a table with my arms spread out and giving me some police brutality. This was completely unprofessional! No, I’m not into that kind of stuff! This was a massive violation, even if the two girls selected were younger and prettier, while it was the husky woman only watching with a lewd grin on her face.

Aren’t they supposed to be using gloves! This wasn’t sexy at all, but after doing stuff with my bottom for several minutes while giggling, I could help if my dick grew erect. The gasp on the husky lady as she gestured for the backdoor girls to spin me around.

“Ah, it’s a weapon!” One girl declared.

“He’s smuggling it in!”

“You-you…” I was clenching my teeth after facing this level of humiliation. “Enough!”

The guards were literally on their knees in front of me, looking at my dick like a strange alien artifact. Finally having enough, I thrust my hips forward at the closest girl, intending to make her flinch. The clueless guard could only stare as my balls flew up, and then my cock smacked down on her face. The entire room froze as I t-bagged the guard. My balls resting on her chin and my dick running up her forehead.

“W-w-warm!” The girl muttered in a daze.

Did she just stick out her tongue and lick it?

“Do I need to get a lawyer?” I screamed.

Fortunately, I managed to get my clothes back on and limped into the MFP room. I grumbled frustratingly, my ass sore and against my own personal desires, feeling a bit horny too. It would have been better if the girls weren’t giggling afterward. So shameless! I’d never felt so used before. I ended up diving into the room the girls gestured me towards, closing the door and cutting of their lewd grins with a sigh.

As soon as I opened my eyes again, I froze as I stared out into the room. Unlike the hallway and the rooms beyond, this wasn’t a cold, sterile environment with white walls and floors. Rather, it was a cozy room. There was a large bed in the middle of the room, and a shower off to the side large enough for two. The floor was carpeted, although it was a utility carpet, and the walls had a tan, soothing color with several pictures hanging.


“I must admit, Honey, I was a little surprised when you requested the MFP room.” Mom suddenly walked out from behind a curtain.

She was wearing nothing but underwear. Even though the underwear wasn’t particularly fancy, on Mom, it looked incredibly sexy. She almost seemed shy, a light blush on her face. However, she stood in front of me boldly in a way only mom could, making sure that I could see her body in all its splendor. It was as if she was saying this was a body only for me.

“M-mom?” I looked in surprise, my mind quickly realizing that the MFP room wasn’t just a place to meet people. “What does MFP stand for, can I ask?”

“Hmm? The male-female procreation room.” Mom answered shyly. “Men can request willing prisoners. It allows older and uglier men to meet their quotas, and if the woman gets pregnant, it can lower her sentence.”

Suddenly, those strange looks from before took on a whole new meaning. They weren’t looking at me awkwardly because they were going to strip search me, they were looking at me oddly because I unabashedly requested a room to bang my mother! Well, it wasn’t like this level of incest was outlawed like in my old world. They did bring me here, after all. It was more just a strange oddity made stranger by the fact my mom was in jail and I was relatively young.

“Mom…” I tried to explain, but mom had a strangely pleased smile on her face.

“I thought my son wouldn’t be interested in Mommy anymore, especially now that you’re in the University and surrounded by young beautiful virgins.” Mom said. “It made Mommy really happy to hear that you still wanted to touch me so badly.”

“About that…”

“But to demand so aggressively!” Mom put her hands on her cheeks, her blush glowing. “So bold! You’ve really grown in these short few months. Your mother is really excited to see what kind of man you’ve become.”

“Ah…” I finally just gave a smile, dropping trying to explain.

If the question was, did I want to sleep with Mother, the answer would always be yes. I had come in here for childish reasons, but seeing how happy it made Mother, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I raised my hands and gestured for Mom to come over to me. She walked into my arms and wrapped herself around me, her soft chest pressing against my hard pecs, her warm breath caressing my cheek.

I had grown a few more inches and was now taller than Mother. As I put my chin down on her shoulder and embraced her tightly, her familiar smell hit my nostrils. I had missed this woman. I missed her a lot more than I realized. The safety and familiarity that came with that scent overwhelmed me, and I realized just how much Mom meant to me. For fourteen years, this woman had been the pillar of my life. She had taught me about sex and about life. Even if Mom wasn’t a perfect woman, prone to emotional outbursts and clinginess, I loved her unconditionally, this I knew.

Our lips immediately found each other, and our tongues intertwined with deep need. I had forgotten how ravenous my Mother was, or perhaps I hadn’t realized how much being stuck in prison and without her son would make her, as mom quickly began tearing at my clothes with frantic desperation. I started helping her strip off my coat and button-up shirt because I was quite certain that if I didn’t, she would have ripped it off my body. I liked the shirt, so I had to abandon it quickly as Mom frantically tugged at my pants.

“Mm… Mommy has been missing this.” Mom moaned as her lips broke from mine. “I want to taste your cock. It’s been so long.”

Mom’s look was animalistic and just a tinge scary as she pushed me back down onto the bed. She grabbed my pants and pulled them down aggressively. My cock popped out the top of my pants at full mast. If the prison guards teasing hadn’t done it, naturally, the erotic way mom looked up at me with her fervent desperation engorged my cock to the max. She didn’t hesitate to drop to her knees, spreading my legs and kneeling between my crotch at the foot of the bed.

She looked down on my cock with an extreme desire that left me slightly flabbergasted. You’d think my cock was some life-saving entity or some long lost friend with the way that Mom took it in her hands, her eyes closing and her letting out a small gasp as if feeling my cock satisfied some addiction deep inside her psyche. Her lips fell on to the tip of my cock, kissing it gently like a lover. Ever so slowly, her tongue came out and flicked over the head.

“Ah… Mother…”

“I love you…” she breathed her lips open and pressed against my cock which her hand cupped it on the other side and pressed it against her face. “You’re so big, Clyburn, mommy doesn’t know if she can take it.”

I could tell mom said that in a teasing manner. She had a look on her face that said that no matter how big it was, she’d be determined to take it. She rubbed the tip of my cock on her cheek and lips as if it was catnip and she was euphorically lost in play. A bit of pre-cum leaked out, and clear liquid ended up spreading across mom’s lips and cheeks, but she didn’t seem to mind at all. If anything, this only encouraged her to grow more aggressive.

She cleared her throat and then took my cock into her mouth. Feeling her soft, moist lips encompass my cock instantly caused me to let out a moan. Mom responded with a please moan of her own, sucking hard on the shaft for a solid thirty seconds before releasing with the pop of her mouth. I reached out and touched mom’s cheek gently, pushing back some hair that had fallen from her twist tie and now risked getting dirtied by cum and saliva.

Mom continued to suck, moving her had up and down the shaft creating lewd wet noises with her mouth. Every once in a while, she’d make an ‘Mmm’ sound, enjoying the taste of my cock, or perhaps more the pleasure she was providing her own son. The vibrations of her throat naturally stimulating the nerves deep within my cock, causing shivers to run up and down my body. Mom was certainly a professional compared to those virgin girls. Other than Madison, Mom had sucked my cock more than anyone. She knew exactly what I liked, and didn’t hesitate to use every skill she had to pleasure me.

I looked down at my mother working hard on my cock while she moaned and bobbed her head. Her hands grabbed my hips tightly, although occasionally a hand would wonder to my pelvis to readjust my cock or so that she could run her fingers through my pubic hair, something mother seemed to enjoy greatly. I remembered many long nights of Mother and I lying naked together. She’d always have her hands not far from my dick, gently stroking through the thick, curly hair above my penis. I would do the same in turn, but it turned mom on too much, and soon she’d start getting really wet and my fingers would find their way into her cunt.

As I fell into the nostalgia of the years I spent with mom, I stroked her cheeks and hair, occasionally, feeling my cock bobbing through the pale skin of her cheek. My cock really did seem too big for her mouth, but she was able to bring it down to the root, although that was always followed by a sudden gasp as she came up for air. The back of her throat felt hot and comfortable, and I quickly grew to my limit under my mother’s machinations.

“Mom… I can’t last any longer.”

Mom’s lifted her lips from my cock just long enough to say, “It’s okay, honey, mommy wants your cum.”

Those words were as effective of a trigger as any, and I soon found myself erupting down her throat. To other women, I might have been rough, grabbing their head and pushing myself deep, so my cum exploded in the back of their throat, maybe even gagging them. With mom, I didn’t have to. As soon as she felt me cumming, mommy gobbled my cock down to the root, sucking hard, and gulping down my cum as if it was ambrosia.

When she finally finished, she pulled back, regretfully letting the tip of my cock fall from her bottom lips. She let out a sultry giggle as she reached out and wiped her lips while sucking her fingers as if trying to taste every last drop of me. She also licked my balls and cock slightly, cleaning it up more thoroughly than I could in the shower. When she was done, she sighed, laying her head on my inner thigh, my cock only a few inches from her face, which she stared at lovingly. One hand reached up and grabbed my hand, holding me. The other stroked my pelvic region, her fingers dancing around my pubic hair as if she was admiring it.

“I love you, Mother,” I said, not really sure what else to say if there was anything else needed.

“I love you too, sweetie.” Mom’s smile turned slightly sad. “I missed you so much. I can’t believe this is all the time we have together.”

“Then, I guess we’ll have to make every moment count,” I said.

Mom smiled a little brighter. “Mm… just lying here with my son for a little longer, I won’t regret anything.”

“Huh? Who said I was done!” I reached forward and grabbed mom under the arms, causing her to let out a cry.

I was much stronger than I used to be, and mom was never a big woman, so I picked her up and threw her on the bed with ease. Mom let out another shout, her eyes wide in surprise as she was flung down forcefully. Without giving her time to focus, I jumped on the bed, I forced her pants off and then removed her shirt as quickly as she had stripped me. Roughly grabbing Mom’s bare legs, I spread her apart. I admired the sight of her pussy, one I hadn’t enjoyed in months. It was already enough that my cock was twitching to violate her. I pulled Mom into position, pushing my cock up against her entrance, leaning down, and kissing her on more time.

Mom, who was unprepared for being pushed down and stripped so aggressively, broke the kiss with a gasp. “Cl-clyburn! Again already?”

“You yourself said I’ve grown.” I teased. “You think I’m the same boy who could barely last five minutes?”

As I spoke, I reached out and grabbed her chest, squeezing her soft breasts tightly and forcefully, eliciting a deep moan from her.

“Ahn… Clyburn…”

“Let me show you, Mother, just how much of a man I’ve become!”

With those words, I shoved myself into Mom. Her entire body began to shiver, and a moment later she started gasping, the feeling of her pussy clamping down hard on my cock. I could also feel a sudden gushiness between my legs.

“Ahhhhhh….” Morgan moaned, her entire body shaking.

“A-a-already?” I asked wryly, a slight gleam in my eye.

Mom put on a pouty expression. “It’s been a long while, to think, my son will be so mean to his mother, making her cum so lewdly.”

I kissed mom again. “I love you.”

“Sh-show me…” Mom’s eyes brightened.

Grabbing Mother’s hips, I pushed my cock back in and out of her, pumping her pussy. Having just cum, she was already wet, and each thrust made lewd gushing sounds, but neither of us minded. Having already cum myself, my capacity to last longer had also grown, and I started thrusting into Mom with rough thrusts, taking her pussy with extreme vigor.

“Ahhn… Cl-cl-clybu-mmmm!” Mom moaned until I took her lips, forcing her cries to be muffled as my tongue penetrated her mouth.

Her body shook under me as she reached around, her hands running up and down my back as if she was compelled to move, her hands unable to stay still as they glided across my naked back. I grabbed her arms and them pushed them down, forcing my mother against the bed. After putting both wrists together, I used one hand to hold them over her head as I continue to fuck her hard. With one arm free, I wrapped it around her leg and pull up, forcing her to spread her snatch for me, and giving me the leverage to thrust into her even more violently.

Mother’s boobs jiggled with each thrust, and I was just high enough over her that they had room to shift, her nipples rising up each time I thrust into her and fall down each time I pulled out. As I pulled her hips up using my arm, they began to spin in circles, moving in opposite directions. Stiff with arousal, they just barely scratched against my chest, two nipples tickling concentric circles against my chest. I kissed Mother again, more violently this time, my lips pressing against hers until they hurt.

“Mmmm!” Mom moaned in extreme pleasure, her pussy once again gushing as she came yet again against my hard cock. “Fuck…”

As Mom’s lips broke from mine, she let out a cursing moan, her mind no longer being able to function with reason. I wasn’t a child she had to keep propriety around, I was her man, and I was fucking her hard. She pawed my back, squeezing against my shoulders tightly.

“I-I love you!” She moaned loudly as I picked up the past, fucking mom even harder after she came for a second time. “I can’t… ah… baby… I’m going crazy…”

Mom looked up at me with dazed eyes, just a bit of spittle running from her lips as she grew lust in sexual intimacy. I attacked her neck, sucking it hard enough that I left a mark on her, causing mom’s hands to tighten and her legs to instinctually wrap around my hips. I used my free hand to force open her legs again, even as she tried to close them, continually plowing my cock hard into her without abandon.

Lost in the moment, my own lust was growing out of control. I no longer cared if I’d hurt mom or not. I just wanted to fuck her. I wanted all of her, every part! After sucking her neck, I started biting her nipples. Mom made screams and shrieks, but never pushed me off, even as I took a nipple into my mouth and pulled it with my teeth several inches before releasing it with a snap. She was completely under my control, helpless but to take my dick. Her hands tried to fight and fidget, desperately wanting to touch my body, but I kept them held in my hands as I took my mother’s pussy for my own pleasure.

“C-cl-cl-burn… Ah… ah… I c-can’t get pregnant!” She said tearfully. “Please don’t cum in me.”

“Eh?” Mother pleading words, said in tears, weren’t the sort of flirtatious thing some women might say but spoken in earnest. “Mom?”

“Hah, hah…” Mom panted, “You naughty boy… you almost made me pregnant again.”

“Isn’t this the pregnancy room?” I said, only half-jokingly.

“I already had a pregnancy. I won’t receive any more leniencies if I get pregnant again.” Mom said, tears falling down her eyes. “Your cock is too wonderful, I want you to cum in me, but now is a bad time, I’m not safe.”

“You want me to pull out?” I asked, a crooked smile on my face.

“N-n-no…” Mom looked down, blushing… “Actually, I was thinking… if Clyburn doesn’t mind, could you… take mommy’s ass?”

I blinked, at first thinking, I heard her wrong. “You want me to- We tried it before, I thought that you-“

“N-No… it’s fine…” Mom reached up and grabbed my cheeks after I loosened my grip. “Please… I don’t want to end tonight without you cumming in me, please cum in my butt. I-is that okay?”

I slowly nodded, backing off a bit. With space, mom smiled and rolled over, lifting her butt up. Mom had a very splendid ass. Her pussy was so wet it was dripping, and there was a fair amount that had leaked down her buttcrack, giving her butt hole a glistening wet color. I gulped. The last time I had done this, I had caused mom some pain. I didn’t like Mom in pain, but just a few moments ago I had been lost in my own lust, so this wasn’t really much different than then. I was just going to use my Mother’s ass to make me cum. What’s wrong with that?

I immediately lined my cock up a bit higher this time, aiming for her butt. Using both hands, I spread open the perfect craft of her ass, exposing that small little hole that was tightly pushed together. As soon as I pushed my head against it, her booty was already lubed up enough that the head popped right in.

“Ah!” Mom cried with a jump as her butthole was quickly penetrated by the head of my cock. “I-it’s fine, please keep going!”

I obliged, ever so slowly pushing myself into mother’s butthole. I could see her hands tightening on the bedsheets, and I was sure she was gritting her teeth, so I slowly worked It into her. I was surprised when my cock finally reached the balls, the entire shaft inside my mother’s butt. It was warm and felt surprisingly tight and roomy at the same time. It was hard to describe the feeling, but I really liked it.

Now that I was inside my mother’s ass, I couldn’t help but try pushing it a little further. My own excitement hadn’t really settled from before, and all I could think about was enjoying mother to my fullest. I slowly pull my dick back out. Mom makes painful noises and grunts as I go, but doesn’t say anything against what I’m doing. Then I slowly start to push it back in again.

I push it back in, and then back out, slowly and steadily. I glance around to look at mom’s face. It’s still pinched in pain, but she also seems to be like it, giving me an encouraging smile. I also notice that her hand has worked its way up to her clit. As my dick moves in and out of her butt, my mom is playing with herself, rubbing her pussy roughly.

Comforted by the look of lust on her face, I start to thrust a little harder. Slowly, I pull my dick out, and then I slap it back in with a rough thrust. This usually results in a yelp from mom. Grabbing on to the front of mom’s thighs, I start moving faster and faster. Her butt accepts my dick fully now, and I find myself able to use her ass in much the same way as I used her pussy. Mom starts panting too, and I can feel convulsions suggesting she’s cumming. However, they feel slightly distant, like muscles twitching deep inside her. It is her pussy that is cumming, after all, while I’m still violating her ass.

“Ahh… it feels… so good… you’re in my ass.”

“Mmm… I love you, Mom.” I responded, my hips now moving with regularly thrusts my hands tight on mom’s ass as I keep her buttcheeks spread open for me.

Mom managed to raise hands as well and grabbed my hands, being stimulated enough in the butt that she seemingly didn’t need her hands anymore. Thus, I continued to pound her ass while we held hands intimately. The feeling was amazing, and before long my excitement started to take over my senses once again.

“Aaaa…Clyburn… ahhhh… it’s amazing!” Mom cried out.

I began pulled back on mom’s hands, using them as an anchor to pound her ass harder and harder. My cock was making a loud thwacking sound each time my balls came into contact with mom’s soft round behind. Although her eyes were stilled closed, Mom’s mouth was agape, lost in the feeling of having her asshole violated by her son.

“Ah… I can’t go any longer.” I grunted out in between thrusts.

“Cum in me! Clyburn… cum in mommy’s ass!” Mom let out lewd words. “Cum for mommy. Please, I need your cum inside me!”

With mom’s coaxing, I couldn’t hold back. I pulled her arms so violently that her upper body was lifted off the bed, pushing my cock as deep into mom’s rectum as I could possibly get past that round, perfect bottom. My cock swelled and exploded, hot cum shooting from the tip of my cock.

“Ahh… I feel it… I feel my son inside…” Mom let out panting moans, a euphoric expression on her face.

I finished cumming inside her, filling Mom’s colon with my seed. I finally collapsed on top of mom. She fell down, straightening out her knees. Her perfect taught ass caught my penis, which was quickly growing soft. Mom took my hands and wrapped them around her, having me hold her from behind, my hands cupping each deliciously perfect breast. My cock, meanwhile, was trapped in mom’s buttcheeks, the head still caught in mom’s asshole, effectively keeping any of the semen I just filled her ass with from leaking out.

Mom tightened her buttcheeks, further trapping my cock inside her and looking back with a mischievous smile. “Mine.”

“Mm…” I brought my chin over mom’s shoulder and kissed her cheek. “I’ll always be yours.”

Mom leaned back, letting her hair fall on my naked shoulder, the pair of us wrapped naked together like that for some time.

“You mean it?” Mom asked in a tired, but a teasing voice.

“What can I say?” I responded. “I’m a momma’s boy.”

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