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My lips gently pressed against Madison’s, tasting her cherry lipgloss. She parted them ever so slightly, taking in a deep gasp as much hands roamed down her sides, inadvertently taking her breath away for a moment.

“I’m sorry,” I said, resting my hand on Madison’s hip.

“No…” Madison breathed out, her face close enough to mine that I could feel her sweet hot breath against my skin. “I’m sorry.”


“I shouldn’t have run away when things became tough.” Madison closed her eyes tightly, a small tear leaking down her cheek. “I only caused brother more trouble from running.”

“Madison, I’ve seen the way you live. I’ve seen the harassment on your door.”

Madison shook her head worriedly. “Brother has been my one and only.”

A surge of relief flooded through me with those words. However, I felt bad for feeling so relieved. Somewhere deep down, I had been doubting my sister up until this moment. With her affirmation that she hadn’t done anything, I finally allowed myself to breath easier. However, that was only because I had allowed myself to doubt her so much in the first place.

“It’s still my fault that those rumors about you became so rampant. If I wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have had to live with it.” I sighed, drying the tear from her cheek with my finger.

“Brother… I don’t feel that way at all.” Madison looked down at my chest, her finger running along the collar shyly. “In fact, I’ve always had my eyes on brother. I’ve loved you since the day you were born.”


“Mm…” Madison nodded, still not meeting my eyes. “That’s why when Hannah started to take an interest in you, I agreed… to do that. I was really happy brother agreed to be intimate with me. I was so afraid I’d go too far and push you away, I always kept my distance.”

“Hannah?” I could only blink.

I had no idea Madison’s affection for me went that deep. I supposed it made sense in a way. My sister would have had to be pretty dumb to decide to suck my cock daily just to satisfy my seed. That was the part I had never understood, the part that dug deep inside me and made me afraid she was truly a slut. The fact she had taken too it so quickly. The reality was that she had been aiming for me for a while! The distance she kept me at had less to do with a willingness, and more to do with Madison’s own self-control!

I was suddenly realizing that I knew almost nothing about Madison. My sister had lived a quiet, isolated life. All of my family were recluses. Mom hid behind walls. Hannah hid behind masks. And Madison, she hid with distance.

“Hannah… I think she knew how I really felt.” Madison sighed. “That’s why she did those things. I don’t resent her for hating me. You and her… I grew jealous of how close you were getting. So, I tried to get in the way, using her history and personality to get closer to you. I imagine that upset her a lot. When I found out that I wasn’t your real sister, that I was only related by half… I grew even more jealous.”

“That was my faul-“

Madison raised a hand and touched my lips, stopping me from talking. “I fled because I was afraid of my own feelings. However, even keeping my distance didn’t help. I never stopped thinking about you. I never stopped wanting to be in your arms.

“I was still conscious, that night. The night that Ben drugged us. The drug didn’t knock me unconscious. I couldn’t move, but my mind was still working. I went to that party, but as soon as he put his hands on me and started dragging me to the bedroom, I realized that nothing would ever stop you from being my first. While I helplessly listened to him rape our teacher, I could only weep and hate myself for foolishly putting myself in that situation.”

“…” I had no words, I could only pull Madison tighter and hug her lovingly.

“Then you came, and when I heard you… felt you picking me up in your arms… it was the happiest moment in my life.” Madison ended her talk with a gentle smile. “I’m a bad sister. I’m a bad girlfriend. I’m jealous. I’m petty. I’m stupid. I won’t forgive you if you sleep with other girls even though I know you have been. I want all of your attention. I want all of your time. I want it… I want you… I want… I want…”

“Madison…” I gently cupped her chin as she started to curl up, forcing her to look at me. “I’m not much better. I’m a bad brother. A selfish lover. A childish person. Broken… but this world hasn’t given me a chance, and I won’t give up on you, or anyone else. I will make mistakes, but if you can accept me for who I am, I will never abandon you. You’re my Madison. You’re my sister. You’re my love.”

“Clyburn…” Madison reached over and kissed me on the lips again, this time, lingering far longer.

She reached down and started unbuttoning her shirt, pulling it off of her. She blushed as she did so, looking like a gentle breeze. Unlike other women who might focus on wanting to get me naked or gain enjoyment feeling my body, Madison instead was slowly opening herself up. My removing her clothing, it was like she was giving herself to me fully. At least, at that moment, that was what I got out of her actions.

As her fingers sloppily went from button to button, she kissed me on the lips again and again. Each time we kissed, it’d linger there more and more. No tongues were involved, but that allowed me to enjoy the feeling of her plump lips a little bit more. I didn’t just want to jam my tongue down her throat. Instead, I let Madison move at her own pace.

She took off her shirt, followed by her bra. She looked down at me expectantly, as if needing my input to continue onward. My hand reached out and touched her gentle pale skin. She had soft, tight skin. She wasn’t as pale as Morgan or Hannah, but her skin was just deliciously warm and soft. My fingers ran down her front. Her breath quickened again as a finger ran over the mound of her breast, but she relaxed as it reached her belly button.

I leaned forward slowly, pulling Madison to me and kissing her stomach lightly. Her hands instinctively rested on the top of my head, but she made no attempt to resist in any way. Rather, she welcomed my touch eagerly. Her lips parting in a bit of a cute pant. I let just the tip of my tongue slip past my lips and tickle her bare skin. She gasped, in taking a breath, her hands tightening on my head for a short moment before looks down at me tearfully.

“I love you, brother.” She made a slightly timid moan as I gently sucked on the skin near her navel.

My fingers tugged on her pants. Madison was always a skinny girl, and it looked like she had lost a bit of weight recently worrying over me. As a result, with a slight tug, her pants had already pulled down to the point where the top of her pelvis was exposed. I could see the gentle, pale curves leading down into the dark depths of her pants. There was light, nearly transparent pubic hair above, light and curly. As my lips lowed and I kissed just about the point where her pubic hair started, Madison’s whole body shivered.

“I-I want you inside me…” She pleaded.

I grinned, a bit of my old mischievousness returning now that I had finally returned to my sister once again.

“I will… when I’m done…” I chuckled, using my teeth to bit the sensitive area between her thigh leg and pubic region.

“A-ahhh…” Madison pulled my hair slightly. “C-careful.”

I grinned and then sloppily kissed the area just above her clit. Madison’s legs went to spread apart, but it only served to pull her pants back up a bit. She made a noise of surprise and then blushed, looking away. I let out a chuckle and then yanked on them again. Her underwear went with her pants, this time bringing them low enough that her pussy was bared just a bit. I reached between Madison’s legs as she gasped, spreading apart her crotch lightly, baring the white and pink mound of her clit.

My tongue slowly kissed the top of her clit, enjoying the feel of its warm springiness against my tongue. Madison immediately shook all over, the shockwaves of having her sensitive area touched so intimately by her brother immediately causing Madison to bouts of extreme pleasure. Ever so slowly, I eased my tongue against her clit, starting with the tip, ticking across the surface, and slowly moving until the broadside of my tongue pushed against her hard.

I wasn’t sure that Madison was aware of it, but she was pushing down on my head, while ever so light rocking her hips, attempting to grind her clit across the surface of my tongue. I could taste the tangy engorged flesh of my sister’s pussy. Warmth and humidity were starting to waft from below as her arousal grew greater and greater. She was making sweet gasping and moaning noises which were like music to my ears.

My lips came around her mouth, closing tightly as I began to suck harder on her clit. As I did this, I finished pulling down her pants. By the time they passed her knees, Madison was already kicking to shove them off of her. With her legs freed, Madison wrapped her legs around my head, tightening her thighs. Her hands combed through my hair, rapidly stroking my head, sitting right on top of her pussy, noisily sucking away at her clit.

“Na…. Clyburn… ahhh…” Madison could only moan with increasing enthusiasm as my tongue continued to torture her clit. “Please… I can’t… please brother… put it inside me.”

At this point, I was incredibly hard as well. I may have grown a bit more patience than when I was younger, but with my older sister begging me in such a cute pleading voice, I just couldn’t tease her any longer. I rose my body up, and Madison eagerly pulled me on top of her, any reservations she may have had moments ago completely obliterated by her own arousal.

My lips pressed against hers, and Madison didn’t hesitate to plunge her tongue into my mouth, her body filled with hunger and desire. Even though my tongue still held a bit of her taste, Madison consumed it hungrily, our tongue wrestling in each other’s mouths. She made light moaning sounds as I pulled off my shirt and removed the bra, tossing them aside in a single move. My naked skin pressed again hers, igniting fireworks of desire within my body.

I couldn’t wait another moment. While I tongues continued to entwine, I pushed myself inside my sister, uniting our bodies together once again. Madison’s moans grew louder, fighting to erupt from my mouth, but I pressed my lips tightly against her to keep the moans from escaping. We were still in a dorm, and it wouldn’t do us any favors if Madison’s moans were heard clearly by her neighbors.

My arms wrapped around Madison’s delicate frame. The last time we had sex, she seemed so frail and willowy. This time, I had much larger muscles, and she had grown an inch and lost some weight, so the feeling that my sister was a gentle thing I needed to treat with utmost care was even more pronounced. However, where the last time we had sex, I was shorter than Madison, we now sat at the same height, and thus I had no issue rubbing my cheek against her own as my hips started to work against hers.

“Ahn… Clyburn…” Madison moaned.

Her skin started to turn red, a feeling of heat burning within. I held her tighter, not minding the warmth at all. The feeling of her body was amazing. Her pussy was tight but accepting the entire length of my cock. My sister might not seem perfect for every man, but to me, she was perfect in every way. I became lost thrusting into her, my cock going in and out, sometimes rhythmically, sometimes disorderly. I could feel her heart meat bursting out of her chest, the heat of her skin, the smell of her aroused body. I had never felt closer to Madison than in that moment. The only other time that came close to this intimacy was the time I shared with Hannah, and that had been under the witness of dozens of women. Here, today, Madison and I were alone. It was only each other.

There was no one to impress. No contracts. No thoughts of pregnancy. It was simply too people who loved each other unable to express their intimacy in any other way than this. A deep need to be as close as humanly possible, to give and derive pleasure, to share intimacy, to be as close to one being as possible. I listened to her breaths, my movements in line with her own panting. She felt my body, moving to help improve my comfort and our closeness.

When I finally came, I didn’t announce it. It really didn’t matter. It wasn’t about a climax. It wasn’t about having an orgasm. It was about being close to Madison and having Madison be close to me. Our lips were joined as my cock swelled and seed began to inject into her. Would this make Madison pregnant? Was it a safe day? Unsafe? None of that really mattered, and I wouldn’t ask even if I had thought of it. I came into Madison because I wanted to put myself inside her. Madison spread her legs and accepted my cum into her womb because she wanted me to leave something inside her.

When I finished, we continued to cuddle for several minutes, occasionally kissing each other. I realized that I was happier here, in this room, lying with my sister, than I had felt this entire year. I hadn’t realized how much I had come to miss Madison, even as I so desperately sought her out.

“I love you,” I said, kissing the closest thing to where my head was resting, which turned out to be Madison’s left boob.

“Mmm… I love you too.” Madison said, reaching down and intertwining her fingers with my own.

We remained like that for some time, but as my eyes wandered over the alarm clock, I suddenly shot up.

“Ah… shit… classes.”

“Classes?” Madison gave me a questioning look.

I quickly explained to her the true reason I had been on the island today, dressed as a woman of all things. Half the day was now over, and Brooke was likely furious having spent all morning looking for me. It was almost noon now. I could still make the afternoon classes if I tried.

“I would like… my brother to go to classes as well.” Madison admitted, seemingly slightly shy in saying so.

“Then… find my panties?” I asked, scratching the back of my head.

“Ah!” Madison snapped out of her stupor. “I-I don’t know where they went!”

“Damn it… I came with a skirt… I’m definitely not…”

“I-it’s okay…” Madison looked down, her arms twisting together nervously. “If you want to wear mine.”

“You want me to wear my sister’s panties?” I voiced out the suggestion, causing Madison to grow even more embarrassed. “I absolutely can’t do that!

“I-it’s fine! Wear your sister’s panties!”

“I can’t, I-I’ll ruin them!” I argued back.

While we fought, I was standing while Madison wrapped herself up in her comforter and was lying on the bed. I had my bra on, but I was still wigless. The rest of my clothing was put together in a pile. Madison tossed the pair of panties at me that she had just been wearing. They naturally smelled like Madison’s sex faintly. These were Madison’s soiled panties, how could I possibly wear them! If I wanted to add them to my collection, I couldn’t pollute them by dirtying them myself. I didn’t go to grab the panties, and they ended up lying on my head.

Madison shook suddenly, and a moment later burst out laughing. I had never seen Madison laugh so freely before. It made me start to chuckle as well, feeling much better about things now. Madison and I had shown our love for each other now. We were together, and together, we could do anything. Things were finally looking up.

“Catch this, Slu-“ The door burst open and a girl on her knees crawled in, trying to roll something into the room.

Her hand hit my foot instead, and she immediately looked up. Her face ended up only a foot from my cock, still smelling a bit of sex. Madison and I stared at the woman, but her eyes were locked on my penis. With the door opened, I realized I was completely exposed. I didn’t even have my wig on. Reaching for my head, I felt the material Madison put there. With some force, I pulled it down over my face.

It happened just in time, because the woman finally broke her sight from my cock and looked up, her eyes widening.

“A… a… a… Ahhhh!”

I reached down and grabbed her, immediately shoving her out the door and slamming it shut. Just as the door shut… I heard her scream.

“A man! There is a man in the dorms raping women!”

Hey! Don’t go adding stories of rape! Where did you get off assuming I was raping women?

“Stupid brother! Don’t you know that when a man wears a girl’s panties over his face, he’s declaring he just raped her?”

“Huh? How would I know that!” I cried out angrily.

Seriously? This world had such a stereotype? What are the chances of that? I was just trying to hide my face from the girl! Admittedly, I had heard of perverts who put panties on their heads, but why did it have to mean rape in this world?

“What are we going to do?” Madison asked in a panic.

“Shit!” I growled, reaching out and grabbing a chair, shoving it under the lockless door.

I reached it just in time because the doorknob started turning and someone tried to open it.

“I-I’m the RA!” A shrill voice shouted through the door. “Any man in there, come out and surrender or… or… or… they’ll be trouble…”

The girl seemed just as scared as the screamer. I could hear the halls filled with commotion as more and more women came out the door. I let out a breath as the RA was a bit of a pushover. At least that bought us a few seconds. She’s more scared of me than I am of her. That sort of thing.


“Shhhh…” I flicked her forehead, causing Madison to shout.

While her words weren’t heard through the door, the shout was. There was a bang on the door. Someone kicked it! Damn it, I was running out of time.

“Madison… I’m going to tie you up!” I declared, my mind moving a mile a minute. “Just say you couldn’t get a good look of my face. Definitely not your brother. Okay?”

“Ah…. Y-yes… but how will you?”

“The window! I’ll escape out the window. Maybe if I find some Freshman they can help me.”

“Freshman? Why would Freshman…?”

“Nevermind! I’m sorry, I didn’t want things to end this way.”

Madison shook her head. “No… I can’t say I regret it, even now. I love you. I’m glad I can admit it now. I’d like to come home this weekend and-“


This time, something much larger hit the door. Madison realized the urgency as well and quickly helped me tie her up with her own garment. It was kind of hot stuff her bra into Madison’s mouth and tie her hands to the bed with her socks, but I was in a hurry and couldn’t enjoy the feel too much. I kissed Madison’s cheek in a final goodbye, grabbed my stuff, and then opened the window.

The window was on the second story of the dorms. Thus, leaping down wasn’t an option. However, if I could get to a tree, I could probably work my way down with a little bit of time. Ideally, I could just find a place to get dressed. Once I was back in girl clothing, it’d be difficult to pick me out of a crowd and I could probably sneak away. However, it wasn’t until I had most of my body outside that I realized there were people down look up at my window too. Shit! I was surrounded!

“That’s the rapist!” I heard whispered as people pointed up at me.

At that moment, the door burst open, and three angry looking women stormed into Madison’s room. They looked around and immediately locked eyes on me. Their size didn’t seem to be matched by their brain, as one of them lifted her large arms and pointed.

“It’s him! Get him!” The three girls moved into action, and I had no choice but to jump out on the ledge, moving my feet horizontally.

I heard a scream from down below. I was now on the dorm ledge, my bare ass exposed to all the girl’s watching below. My only reprieve was that my junk was facing the building. However, if I had to turn around for any reason, half the university would get to see my penis.

The big girls reached the window, but all three tried to go in at once, blocking each other. This gave me enough time to shimmy away from them. It was cold out, which only added to my dilemma as my body pressed against the ice-cold stone. No one would blame me if my member wasn’t exactly at its best, right? Probably not the best time to be thinking about such things, but that was regrettably where my mind was as I tried to escape.

By the time the large women had sorted out who was going to poke their head out, her meaty paws reached for me, but I was already out of her reach. She gave an angry hoot, hitting the wall, but I fought back my fear. If I had a single wrong step, I’d plummet down to the ground. I shimmied from one bedroom to the next. What I needed was a bedroom that was both open and empty. If I could dodge in there, I could at least get all the female clothing on and at least attempt to pretend that I was female. At this point, I reckoned I had about a 10% chance of getting out of it alive. However, I had to take that chance.

I reached my fourth window, which was a dark room that didn’t contain a group of girls gawking at me. I reached down to open the window ledge, hoping that my luck held out. it suddenly opened from the inside. The sudden movement caused me to lose my grip. I started to fall back when two hands reached out and grabbed me.

“I’ve got you, rapist!” A voice declared, reaching forward with one of the hands and ripping off my underwear mask. “It’s you!”

I didn’t have time to react, instead, launching forward and shoving into the darkened room beyond. I landed on top of a woman, pushing her down to the ground with my lower half completely naked. Suffice it to say, if the lights were to spring on in this instant, things would look bad.

“I’m not going to rape you!” I said, covering her mouth with my hand. “However, if you need seed, help me, and I’ll give you as much seed as you’ll ever need. I’ll be your own personal stud! Just don’t yell!”

I could feel the person nodding under my hands a moment later, and I sighed in relief, slowly getting up off of them. I immediately ran to the window, closing it and the curtain beside. There were people shouting, but there was a disconnect between those outside and those inside, so it wasn’t immediately clear I had gone in. The light turned on in the room, and I turned to see a familiar face, stopping me in my tracks.


The rich heir, the Career Queen, perhaps the worst person ever to be indebted too stood right in front of me. A smile formed on her lips that caused my spine to tingle.

“Hello… Stud.”

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