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“No, I have not been disturbed this evening.” Dia raised an eyebrow.

There were two girls standing outside her door. Meanwhile, I was under her bed, my breath slightly ragged as I tried to consider what I could do next. They looked to be the mousy resident assistant as well as someone who appeared to be part of the disciplinary committee, a larger girl built not unlike Brooke.

“Seriously? Are you sure? We swear the man came into your window.”

“I’ve been here the whole time. You must be mistaken. Isn’t the girl’s outdoor windows not matching the rooms inside thought to be one of those wonders of the school?”

“Re-really? Is that so?” The disciplinary girl asked.

“A-actually, I heard something like that? W-was there really a man at all? M-maybe he was a gh-ghost!” the mousy girl started to shake.

“Don’t be ridiculous! His but- ahem… I mean… he was seen by half of the female residents! We’re going to get him!”

“Ah? What for?” Dia asked casually.

“What for? T-to make him pay!” The larger girl said.

“In seed?”

“S-s-seed…” the RA froze, seeming to turn red in embarrassment. “We can’t… we mustn’t… maybe…”

“That’ll be all, Dia.” The disciplinary girl smacked the mousy one on the head, and then shut the door on her.

Dia shrugged and walked back to her desk, sitting down in front of her computer. She started typing something and didn’t acknowledge me at all until I shimmied my way out from under her bed.

“Th-thanks for covering for me.” My voice came out demure and a little weak.

My entire life could have seriously been over after that stunt. Fortunately, no one had seen my face but Dia. Which meant that once I reapplied my clothing, wig, and makeup, it probably wouldn’t be too difficult to march right out of the dorm without any consequences. Dia only responded with a single grunt, continuing to work on whatever she was doing.

I quickly put my clothing back up. After asking for her makeup, she gestured to a meager selection in a drawer. I did my best to reapply my mask. It wasn’t as nice as Brooke or Aiko could do, but it would be passible. Regrettably, I was quickly growing a talent for putting on makeup I’d have rather never had. After finally repositioning my wig, I breathed easier. It’d be difficult to tell if I was a guy even if someone walked into Dia’s room out of the blue. There was only one thing that I was still missing.

“Dia… c-can I ask for something else from you?”

Dia didn’t look away from her screen. “What is it?”

“U-underwear…” I responded, scratching my cheek.

“Underwear? Can’t you wear the pair you had on your face?”

“Ah… actually, that was my sister’s pair. I’m not really comfortable wearing it.”

“You had it on your face…”

“…” I looked pleadingly at her, falling to my knees. “Please! I absolutely can’t put her underwear on.”

“Fine…” Dia gestured to a drawer, without turning to address the scene I was making.

I sighed, opening the drawer and looking in. There were numerous pairs of underwear in there. I immediately picked up a black pair, but they were really lacy. I grabbed a second pair, but they were rather big and didn’t look cute at all. I looked at a third pair and-

“Do-do you mind!” Dia snatched the underwear from my hand just as my hand was going to bring it up to sniff it. “Take this pair!”

“Ah… thank you…” I blushed, immediately slipping the underwear on while Dia looked the other way.

With my ensemble complete, I finally relaxed. My sister’s panties were safely placed in a pocket in hiding. They would naturally join my collection at home. I already had a pair, but this event also meant something. With my sister and I reconciled, I definitely didn’t want to go without her panties. I certainly didn’t have any thoughts of adding Dia’s panties to the collection. That would just be weird.

“Dia… before I leave, I was thinking we should have the contract hammered out, right?”

“A contract?” Dia’s typing stopped. “It’s not necessary.”

“Huh? But, my promise, I…”

“It’s fine.” Dia cut me off. “My mother said the most beneficial working relationships are those based on mutual trust. If I needed a contract to force you to assist me when I need it, then our contract wouldn’t be worth the paper it was written on.”

“So, you do expect recompense, you just don’t want to tell me what it is right now? Isn’t such an open-ended request really unfair on my part?” I asked with a frown.

“Perhaps… but without a contract, you could always refuse my request. So, if what I want is unreasonable, then you say no…”

“And if I say no…”

“Then our working relationship is ended…” Dia’s voice wasn’t cold, but there was a certain degree of chilliness that exuded from it anyway.


“So… what do you think of those conditions?” Dia asked, looking at me from the side without turning her head.

“I think… your mother is a terrifying individual…”

Dia suddenly broke into a genuine laugh before covering her mouth, “That… Mother may take that as a compliment. I think we are in agreement then?”

I gave a solid nod. “You’ve saved my life twice now. I’ll pay my debt to you somehow.”

Dia nodded, slower than me. “Then… there is no one in the hallway at the moment. You can leave now without being caught. Do you need me to escort you?”

“No… it’d be better if we weren’t seen together, just in case,” I said, noticing that the screen of her computer had an image from the hallways outside.

She must have set up security cameras… or hacked into them. Dia was seriously a scary woman. When I turned back to her one last time, I froze. The usually placid Dia was blushing while looking down at her knees. For a brief moment, she looked very girly. It completely caught me off guard.

“T-throw them out… when you’re done.” Her usually confident voice was replaced with a strangely shy one.

“Huh? Th-throw?” It took another moment for my eyes to drop down to my skirt, and the panties underneath, I immediately straightened into a more feminine position, bowing my head. “Yes, of course… I will! Definitely… What do you take me for, some kind of pervert?”

Dia’s nervousness seemed to dissipate, but her eyebrow rose on her somewhat expressionless face as if she was asking if I honestly wanted her to answer that. Twice she’s caught me dressed as a girl, and once I dived into her room butt naked from a window after breaking into the girl’s dorm. Whether she thought I was a pervert or not was longer a question. I guess, the question I should be wondering is quite the opposite.

“Then… why are you helping me? You may have thought Clarice was different, but after realizing I was a guy, shouldn’t those feelings have changed?”

Dia looked up thoughtfully, taking my question seriously, “It’s true… I found Clarice’s roughness interesting. However, regardless of your parts, I think you weren’t acting when you were Clarice…”

“How so?” I frowned.

“We have spoken of contracts and agreements. You know my mother is a powerful person, and you know that I was present the day you were caught and accused of rape. I was present and could vouch for your innocence. With a small request, I could use my resources to have your sentence removed or at least significantly reduced.”

“You could do that?” My mouth fell open in shock, causing her to chuckle to herself again in a way that felt genuine. “I-I’m sorry… the only reason I didn’t ask is that I didn’t think of it.”

I admitted the truth. Dia was perhaps thinking better of me than that. The reality was that I just hadn’t considered asking her. Dia and I weren’t close, after all, so how could I put such an unreasonable demand on her.

“I know…” Dia covered her mouth, hiding a smile that actually looked very cute if she removed her hand. “Perhaps stupidity is also a form of charm…”


“The fact that you didn’t think to use me, that is enough.” Dia sighed, turning back away. “You should go, before your window to leave ends. They may decide to start checking women more thoroughly if they become desperate to find the man. I’ve made a small investment in your future, don’t let me regret it.”

I nodded. “Yes, ma’am.”

I turned and left without another word. We had already said what we needed to, and she was right. The more time they had to think, the more time they had to lock down the woman’s dorm. I didn’t want to be stuck in some kind of shut down. I considered trying to jump a fence, but I didn’t think that was the best option. Rather, I needed to leave in plain sight.

If I just blended in with a group of women, I shouldn’t have too much difficulty walking right out the front gate. No one would expect the man who just flashed half the females with his bare ass fifteen minutes ago to come walking out the front gate wearing women’s clothing. Well, they may expect a cross-dresser, but not a cross-dresser with the balls to walk out the front gate. At least, that was what I thought until I got in line leaving the dorms.

The security was definitely pumped up, with purses and various other things being patted down. Simply handing my card and walking out might not be sufficient. I started to sweat as the line grew closer and closer to me. When I finally made it to the front, I started chiding myself for being exactly as stupid as Dia had suspected. However, I kept my face expressionless, even if I couldn’t control the sweat. I handed her my card.

“Did you by chance see any boys during your visit?” The girl asked sharply.

“N-n-no, ma’am!” I declared with a jump, my voice cracking a moment.

“Ma’am?” The woman rose an eyebrow and glared at me.

She was looking at me way too closely! She could tell I was a guy! This was absolutely not fair! She leaned forward and just sniffed me. This damned testosterone! I couldn’t help that I was nervous and it was uncharacteristically hot out. I completely smelled like a dude and this girl was on to me.

“Step aside, will you?” The girl moved closer to me, her face growing severe.

“H-have… I done something?” I asked, my voice easily mistakable for a girl’s now at this high of a pitch.

“Just, come over here.” The girl was pretty, but very tall, nearly three inches taller than I was so it felt like she was towering over me, “Don’t make this harder on yourself.”

“Y-yes…” I gulped, following where she gestured.

The place she took me was behind the checkout. It was a secluded area behind the station surrounded by shrubbery. In essence, it was an area that offered a bit of privacy. Perhaps this could work. If I could knock her out, I could run away. The way the hedges were set up, I could push through them and get through the checkout without anyone else finding out about it until I was long gone. As far as my face, Clarice would probably have to be thrown away. After punching out this woman, there was no way I could show my face in the school anymore.

“Did you think I wouldn’t notice?” The girl looked down on me, sniffing with disdain.

“N-notice…?” I tried to play stupid, but her eyes were nailed to my chest, and I could only sigh. “H-how did you know?”

Maybe… since she took me back here, she was looking for a bribe? If that was the case, I could give her some seed and shut her up. It appeared to be one of those situations. Well, if that’s what she wanted…

The girl reached out and grabbed my chest, pulling open the top three buttons of my shirt. There was no hiding my body now. A second later, the stuffing in my bras fell harmlessly away. I let out a gasp at her roughness, but I kept on a stubborn look as she revealed my flat chest. So… it was that after all. I had hastily stuffed the bra before coming here. I didn’t have anything as nice as Aiko’s magical bras, so naturally, to any real woman, my flat chest would stand out. I turned away, my face flushed and angry, closing my eyes in frustration. After all of this, I was still found out this way.

Her hand suddenly grasped my chin, pulling my face until I looked at her. I forced my eyes open. What was it she wanted? Her hand suddenly went to my hand and pulled it up her shirt. I blinked as she guided my hand up under her bra, my fingers moving passed her nipple until they cupped her very small breasts, the nipple sliding between two fingers.

“See… I too have a flat chest.” The girl, grinning at me.


“Shhh!” She put her free hand over my mouth. “Those girls with those big things that are just ugly fat don’t understand! Flat chests are the best. Girl’s like us may not have large chests, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored!”

“Girls like us?”

The girl squeezed on my hand, forcing it to squeeze her breast. She pushed my two fingers together until they pinched the nipple, and then pulled slightly. While she did this, her eyes rolled up in her head slightly and she put on a very lewd face.

“Yes… those big-titty bitches everyone loves, don’t they know all that gravity just desensitizes the breasts? Flat chest women like us have way more sensitive tits! It’s a travesty that those big-breasted bimbos who barely feel a thing get their tits played with, while us flat chested girls who get stimulated so much by it get nothing. But don’t you worry. I understand your body type. I understand what girls like us really like…”

My eyes widened as her head lowered and she took my nipple into her mouth. Apparently confusing me for a flat chested woman, she now had me pinned against the wall of the check station, and she was tonguing my nipple. It’s not like Mother had never played with my nipples before, but her suddenness and aggressiveness was a lot more stimulating. I let out a moan before I could help myself. This seemed to encourage her, as she sucked harder on one nipple, while her fingers pulled on the other.

I had never had my chest played with so lewdly before, and it was only because she thought I was a girl. I wanted to say I didn’t feel anything at all, but my cock was quickly growing hard. No! That was exactly the problem! If we went any farther, I’d be in definite trouble!

“N-no-“ I let out a cry. “Please… stop…”

The girl finally pulled away from me with wide-eyed surprise as I pushed her body away from mine. Suddenly, her eyes narrowed, and she started to look at me like a piece of meat. Hey, hey, hey! I said ‘no!’ Doesn’t that mean I’m not giving consent? She pulled open her bare chest and then pressed it against mine. There was the slightest tinge of soft sponginess that showed her as a girl. I had even less than that, but she didn’t seem to notice at all. Perhaps, that was what actually turned her on. A woman with even fewer boobs than her, wouldn’t that be exactly the kind of woman she shows affection for without becoming jealous?

She starting sucking my neck roughly while her hands worked up and down my sides. Although I had lifted a lot of weights, she wasn’t exactly weak. She probably had about thirty pounds on me, as well as several inches. She was a workout girl too, and also had some nice muscles. On top of all that, she was a Senior with a few years on me. All of that taken together and if I seriously was to fight her, it’d make exactly the scene I was trying to avoid.

“Ah… no more…” I cried tearfully, trying to figure out how I could get out of this.

She was like an animal not taking no for an answer. I mean, I couldn’t just let her go all the way. As soon as her hand landed on my penis, things were going to get messy! I was also at a bad angle for hitting her over the head too. She had me pinned. Worst, her hand was on my thigh and it was coming up my leg.

“Oh, oh… my little bunny is really wet and horny…” She says mischievously, biting my ear.


I’m not lying! My balls are really sweaty! I was nervous and my thighs are sweaty. I don’t even make that kind of moisture down there! Besides, how ‘wet’ would I have to be that my inner thighs were slick! Her hand was working its way up my thigh. I had managed to slide my cock between my legs, which was a bit painful considering how hard I was, but the lack of pussy would very quickly be found out.

What if… what if I went on the full offensive? Like, if I just pushed her down and eat her pussy for all it’s worth? Like the time I had Lyra, I could make her so sexually satisfied that she forgets about me. Her hand reached up, grabbing my crotch. She’s feeling the pubic hair! In a second, she’s going to notice something is off! I had to act now, I had too.

“What is the meaning of this?” A voice suddenly snapped.

“Lyra! No!” I let out a cry, but when my eyes opened, the person I saw right in front of me was Lyra.

Whether it was from the heat or my own stress, I suddenly broke into tears, pushing past my sexual assaulted and throwing myself at her.

“Eh?” Lyra made a surprised noise as I suddenly hugged her, burying my head into her chest.

“What are you doing, barging back here and…” another voice came out of the forest. “Tookie, what are you doing?”

“President!” The voice of my sexual assaulter suddenly sounded scared. “I was just… giving one of our incoming Freshman a lesson about her body.”

I looked up with one eye, seeing the woman she called president as someone I recognized and didn’t want to. It was Rebecca, the president of Wrath. That would mean the woman who sexually assaulted me was also a member of Wrath. I didn’t know why, but I wasn’t really surprised. However, Rebecca was the last person I wanted to see.

“Is this true, Freshman?” Rebecca turned to me.

Not wanting to be recognized, I did the only thing I could and buried my face back into Lyra’s chest. She had a very pleasant scent, far nicer than the other girl, Tookie. Tookie smelled kind of salty and lewd, where Lyra smelled like flowers. Between the two women, Lyra was definitely preferable.

“I-I see…” Tookie glared at me holding on to Lyra, “So, you favor big ones after all? I thought since you were like me, you’d understand.”

“I just want to go to class!” I sniffed into Lyra’s chest, still afraid of being seen by Rebecca.

“Rebecca, you need to get a grip on your… people.” Lyra’s voice actually did sound icy, and with her displeased expression on her face, I could understand now where the term ‘Ice Queen’ came from.

“Hmph, are you still going to act like Wrath is the bad guys, even after what that Clyburn did to us?”

“It absolutely wasn’t him!” Lyra’s hand tightened on my shoulder as she held me closer, although it seemed an unconscious act. “I saw him there, he wasn’t raping anyone! The charges were false!”

“Your words…” Rebecca gave a look of disgust. “Tell that to our poor teacher Mako! He was caught red-handed with her. I was there as well… and don’t forget I was there as well…at ground zero…”

Rebecca shook for a moment, tears falling down her face as it contorted from rage to hatred to fear and back again. Lyra’s grip eased and a more sympathetic look appeared on her face. That’s right, no one could forget that likely no one paid that night as much as Rebecca.

“Becky… I…” Lyra tried to come up with something to say.

“They… humiliated me. They raped me. My virginity. My ass. I was found with bite marks all over my body. The can’t tell who it was, but they said it had to be the sperm of at least three different men. The boys… in this Academy… did this to me, almost did it to you… and you want to defend them!” The ending words came out in a shout of pure anguish.

Lyra stepped back, looking less certain. “You said it yourself. Three different men. It thus couldn’t be Clyburn.”

“Does it matter which three?” Rebecca shook her head at a loss. “They were all there. Over half of the boys at Academy were there, everyone having sworn under oath they ‘left’ when things went bad. Only he was found at the end. It doesn’t matter if he was the one who raped me personally or one of the other girls. He was one of them! He was… there!”

Lyra kept her head lowered, clearly not able to argue against that truth. Even though I knew the truth, and I was the target of her angst, I had trouble truly justifying things. I did what I could at the time, but it wasn’t like I had really cared. I was worried about my own unluckiness, while the woman on the first floor experienced so much worst. Gang rape on a massive scale.

“This isn’t about Clyburn, or what happened that night. It has to do with your Wrath members bullying students! I didn’t see it all, but I saw enough to know your Wrath member was sexually assaulting this student. Considering what you went through, you should be the most appalled by that act.”

Rebecca stared at Lyra for a second, who was still stroking my head. At this point, I was long past my emotional outburst and was deliberately trying to avoid Rebecca from seeing me any more than necessary.

“Very well…” Rebecca said slowly, turning to Tookie. “Report to the discipline committee. Inform them of what you did.”

“Eh? Becky… that… I…”

“Do it!” Rebecca shouted.

Tookie shivered for a second, “Y-yes… President.”

After that, she bowed and left. She didn’t give me another glance as she walked away. Well, she had already written me off as a boob lover. I guess it didn’t even occur to her I’d like dudes. Well… not that I did, but I mean, there were plenty of women who weren’t interested in other women, right?

“Thank you, Becky.” Lyra bowed and then jabbing me in the side. “Thank the president!”

“Ah! Y-yes!” I bowed as well, with Lyra pushing my head down in a similar manner to her own. “Thank you, president Rebecca!”

“I-it’s fine…” Rebecca scratched the back of her head, seeming uncomfortable with thank you’s. “As long as I can help a pretty girl like you… it’s… wait…”

Shit! My eyes looked up just as she peaked with hers. I just wanted to get a glance at her to see if she was okay after what had happened. She looked a bit more haggard than she had the last time I saw her. She had bags under her eyes, her dark complexion had grown a little paler. She didn’t put on as much as makeup as she once had, although that had been a party. Unfortunately, her hawk-like eyes were narrowed on me now.

“Ah…” I tried to come up with something to say, but I knew it was already too late as recognition flashed.

“You… I know you… Clarice!”

“Huh?” Lyra looked down at my face too, blinking a few times before her eyes widened. “That’s right! You were at the party as well!”


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