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“Rumors suggested that you had been hurt in the fire. Although the police didn’t release any mention of you in the aftermath.” Lyra spoke after a brief moment of silence. “What happened?”

“You were drugged the same as us.” Rebecca’s eyes flashed. “Another woman who was victimized by Clyburn and his men!”

“Ah!” I stepped back, realizing that I wouldn’t be able to hide in Lyra’s ample bosom anymore. “A-actually, I um… I didn’t get knocked out too long. I stumbled out the door shortly after waking up. There was someone in a shower but…”

I hoped the drugs would be a sufficient excuse for my shoddy and nonspecific explanation. I wasn’t really particularly good at making things up on the fly, after all. I could only keep my head lowered and look shy. Hopefully, my nervousness was just taken as general modesty.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through that.” Rebecca reached out and grabbed my hand. “I’m sorry… but I have to ask. Were you raped?”

“Becky!” Lyra shot her a glare.

Rebecca squeezed my hand tighter. “If Clyburn raped you, I’d like you to report it. I’ll help you. It’s the only way we can make him pay.”

I gave a wry smile. “I-I don’t believe I was raped. I-I didn’t get a good look at the guy. I don’t think he was Clyburn.”

I pulled back on my story. If I had declared that I was certain I wasn’t raped or I was certain it was Clyburn, I feared they’d start to question things a bit more. Keeping it vague, I might be able to get through this conversation without making these two girls suspicious.

Lyra breathed easier, relaxing a bit. “I did not believe it would be Clyburn.”

“Hmph!” Rebecca sniffed. “You yourself said you woke up with him holding you.”

“He-he was protecting me?”

“Is that what you believe, or what you want to believe?” Rebecca shot back. “He could have just said that!”

“E-even so. M-my virginity is intact… and if Clyburn was with me, then he couldn’t have been downstairs with you, right?”

Rebecca gave an icy stare, clearly not pleased with Lyra’s defense, even as I cheered her on in my head. I had thought somewhere in the back of my mind that Lyra and Dia would be able to fix this issue if they just gave their side of things. As far as Dia, I had forgotten to ask what she said in her statement, but it probably didn’t incriminate me. At the very least, my alternate identity wasn’t revealed or I wouldn’t be a part of the current conversation. As for Lyra, I realized that her story would seem suspicious to anyone. Lyra herself already made it known that she believed me, but it was easy how other girls would see it as just wishful thinking.

“Clarice.” Rebecca turned to me, apparently choosing to ignore what Lyra said rather than address it. “As a fellow woman, I would like to make a request of you.”

Rebecca suddenly gave a bow, causing both Lyra and I to grow flustered standing there. If we were still hidden behind the checkpoint, it would have certainly been an oddly suspicious scene.

“What is it?” I asked, trying to keep the worry and fear out of my voice.

“I would like you to inform the police that you were raped and that it was Clyburn who did it.”


“You go too far, Becky!” Lyra stepped forward, “You want her to lie for you?”

Rebecca kept her eyes focused on me, still ignoring Lyra. “There were dozens of men there. Many innocent women were raped that night. I was one of them. The men all have claimed ignorance. They’ve all avoided taking responsibility for their actions. Even though I see the faces of the men, and have given their names to the police, every one of them has hidden behind the system. Of all the boys, only this Clyburn was caught red-handed.”

I lowered my head, my mind buzzing in disbelief at what I was being asked. “Why does that mean I should do this?”

“With the exception of Lyra, no other girl mentioned Clyburn’s name.” Rebecca sighed. “They took statements right after we woke up. We were still groggy. Since none of the girls have gone on record with the police stating Clyburn raped him, there is a chance he’ll walk.”

My eyes lifted as I began to understand. “Except… I haven’t gone on record.”

Rebecca nodded. “The police don’t have your statement. Since we know Clyburn was there, all we have to do is tie him to the rapes. It’s the only way we can make sure his case sticks. If you won’t do this for me, do this for Mako. Do this for Madison.”

“And what have the two of them said?” I shouted out, my voice sharper than I intended, causing her some pause.

“Nothing. Madison won’t talk on her brother. And Mako has remained oddly silent as well.” Rebecca sighed. “So, do you understand? This is why I need you. We need you. Just tell a tiny fib, and we can finally make a man take accountability.”

“It won’t fix what happened.”

“Of course, it won’t!” Rebecca’s hands squeezed until it almost hurt, her lips twisted in a slightly unhinged look. “I was humiliated. I was dehumanized. Nothing… nothing can change that. However, men have gotten away with stuff time and time again. Ever since the male protection act, they’ve grown increasingly bold. If we can get this sentence to stick, we can finally force the Senate to reconsider the act. We can stop men from using their position to take advantage of women.”

A small part of me thought her argument sounded compelling, but of course, I was absolutely the wrong person to be talking to. Rebecca’s argument was very one-sided, focusing on everything men have done while ignoring how men were subsequently treated. Even a world where matriarchy had control, this kind of thing didn’t change. I felt someone grabbing me from behind. It was Lyra, who decided to grab my shoulders as if she was providing me support. It felt strangely nice.

“Becky, that’s enough. It’s wrong to try to force this.”

“It’s okay,” I raised up my hand to stop Lyra. “I understand what you want, but I’m sorry, I just can’t.”

Rebecca let go of my hand, taking a step back. She didn’t look angry. If anything, she had a frustrated expression on her face. After a moment, she snapped her fingers, eying the two of us with a strange look and grinning.

“That’s right… I shouldn’t be surprised that you’ve sided with Lyra here. You do have feelings for her, after all.”

“What?” Lyra blinked, turning to me.

I raised an eyebrow, looking just as confused. I didn’t find Lyra completely disagreeable, but saying I had feelings for her was a little strange. After all, we still didn’t know each other much. We’d only met a few times and our relationship had come in passing. Maybe, she had it backward. I was almost certain that

That’s when I remembered that Rebecca wasn’t talking about me. He was talking about Clarice. I recalled I had said I was interested in Lyra to keep the lipsticks at bay. As resolution appeared on my face, Rebecca’s grin grew like a cat.

“Th-that’s… my feelings for Lyra are-“

“F-f-feelings!?” Lyra’s comforting embrace with those spongy soft things pressed against my back abandoned me in an instant.

I turned back to Lyra, gesturing excitedly while shaking my head. She had a somewhat distant expression on her face. I knew I was dressed as a girl at the moment, but it was still painful to be looked at that way.

“It’s a misunderstanding!” I tried to say.

Lyra suddenly lowered her head, giving me a loose bow. “I’m sorry, I don’t see you in that way.”

“Geh!” I felt like I had been punched.

I know I was being rejected by a girl I didn’t have any particularly strong feelings for, and in the end, it wasn’t even me being rejected, but a made-up female, however, my body still reacted towards rejection. The fake smile on my face and my wide-eyes likely made the perfect image of a girl being rejected. Why did I suddenly want to cry?

“Actually, I have a class coming up. I’m honestly not trying to bail on you. I swear!” Lyra suddenly announced, backing away.

“Lyra, how cruel…” Rebecca laughed, holding her hand up to her mouth.

“I-it’s not because you’re a woman!” Lyra said, “It’s just… I have someone I love!”

“Eh?” Rebecca’s laugh stopped, completely caught off guard

I froze too, remembering her declaration the last time we met. I could only give a wry smile. Of course, she wouldn’t be interested in Clarice. Clarice couldn’t give her a baby. Only Clyburn could accomplish that. Lyra realized she had spoken too much because her face quickly grew red. She spun and fled, my perfect buffer abandoning me with Rebecca an instant later. Rebecca shook her head in disbelief and then chuckled to herself again before her eyes landed back on me.

“Don’t be too upset, sweetheart, despite the rumors, Lyra isn’t like us.”

“Huh? Like us?”

Rebecca smiled, walking up to me and putting a hand on my shoulder. “She’s not into women. I know all the rumors say she’s a man-hater, but hating men never seemed to translate into liking women. I can tell with a look, usually. I happen to be attracted to women, I can see you have an eye for women too.”

“Eh!” I became a little flustered, as the Wrath president, perhaps the person I least wanted to be around was stroking my arm in a strange way.

She leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “I, for one, think you’re very cute.”

What is with this scene? Are all Wrath member’s horndogs? First, that giant guard tried to take advantage of me, and now this girl was touching me? I had been hit on by two lesbians in under ten minutes. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. However, unlike Tookie, Rebecca released her hand and stepped back. Her face didn’t look as lecherous as it had a moment before. Instead, she looked somewhat friendly.

“Are you busy, at the moment?”

“Busy?” I looked up at Rebecca’s eyes.

She seemed suddenly quite genuine and was giving off a big sister vibe that I had never received from either of my two big sisters. It was a strange look if only because I had built up in my mind how dangerous and threatening Rebecca was. I had seen how she looked down on men with hatred and vitriol. Just moments before, she had even tried to get me to lie to put myself in jail. I had no doubt, this woman hated everything that I was. Looking at her now, though, I wondered if that was necessary. Perhaps there was some way we could meet a middle ground here.

“I want to take you somewhere.”

Somewhere? Was Rebecca hitting on me still? I really wasn’t sure. Her smile seemed genuine. I supposed it made sense for her to be president of Wrath that she had a charismatic side to her as well. There had to be something about her that convinced other girls to join her cause. If she was all fire and brimstone, I didn’t think she could possibly be such a strong presence in Amaryllis Academy.

“A-actually, I have a class. I-introduction to magic.” I breathed easier as the excuse popped into my head.

The class started in ten minutes. It was one of the classes I wanted to take more than anything. Normally, a Freshman couldn’t take the class. They needed a math class first. However, since I faked my transcript, I figured I could jump ahead. If it came down to algebra, I was decent enough. I did do a business major and I wasn’t too shabby with numbers. At the very least, I didn’t think Math would transfer into magic anyway.

With that excuse, I could finally break things off with Rebecca. I was nervous every second she was looking at me. Being at school next to her was like swimming in a pool next to a shark. Any second, I was just waiting for the teeth to clamp down and pull me under. Once I was free from her clutches, I promised myself I would never ditch Brooke again. Actually, if Rebecca was a shark, wouldn’t that make Brooke a killer whale? Either way, my life was over!

“Introduction to Magic?” Rebecca nodded thoughtfully. “If that’s the case, why don’t you come with me to my class?”

“Huh?” Don’t tell me, she was in Introduction the Magic too!

“Intro is really boring. It’s just learning formations and spell symbols. The really cool stuff doesn’t start until Contemporary Magic. That’s the class us Juniors take. I know the instructor, she wouldn’t mind signing you off for a day of Intro if you’re in her class. It’s allowed on the universities mentoring code.”

“Y-you want to mentor me?” I let out a cough of disbelief.

“Just call me Big Sister Becky!” Rebecca smiled genuinely, reaching out and grabbing my hand. “Come on. You started your semester late, didn’t you? You weren’t a student two weeks ago, so you must have filed an application to get closer to Lyra? I’m sorry it didn’t work out, but there are a lot of available girls on campus. Maybe you could find a cute upperclassman!”

“Ah… that…” I really couldn’t read Rebecca at all.

I was completely caught up in her flow. Was this that so-called charisma? Under her glowing smile, even I wanted to start calling her big sister. Before I could even fight back, I was being dragged out the door. The location we were heading wasn’t any of the big halls. It was actually a gym with an attached outdoor field. She was bringing towards the women’s locker room. This was turning bad really quickly! What if she wanted me to change in front of her? Could I even pull off being a girl while in the girl’s gym uniform? Those shorts looked pretty tight around the crotch, and I didn’t want to brag, but something would definitely show.

Instead of taking me to the lady’s room, though, Rebecca suddenly pulled me to the side, looking both ways before taking me behind the building. I frowned in confusion as Rebecca chuckled strangely, and then started climbing some carefully placed boxes behind the building. I climbed up the first one, blindly following before I realized that this was weird. I pulled my hand out of Rebecca’s grip.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I asked, my voice coming out a bit shrill.

Rebecca grinned, gesturing towards a window. “Class is starting in the next fifteen minutes. Since you’re looking for a new love interest, I thought I’d help you.”

I got up on the box next to her, peaking in the direction she pointed. The room beyond was slightly steamy, but as my eyes focused, I gasped, taking a step back. This unbalanced me, almost sending me flying off the boxes. Rebecca grabbed me and steadied me.

“Th-this is the girl’s shower room!”

Rebecca gave a thumbs up. “Best view on campus. Isn’t big sister the best?”

“You’re looking at naked women?”

“Well, we couldn’t peek on them naked in the shower room, could we? It’d make them uncomfortable.” Rebecca spoke as if this was the most obvious thing.

“Th-this is wrong!” I cried out, “We’re peeping! That’s perverted!”

Rebecca snorts. “Men are peepers. I prefer to call this… window shopping.”

“Wh-what if we get caught?”

“So, what? We’re also women. Let’s say you suddenly lost all of your clothing. Would you prefer to be surrounded by people of the same sex or the other sex?”

“Well, that…” Naturally, if it wasn’t like a lover, being suddenly seen naked around a group of guys would be slightly less traumatizing.

“See? I’m simply guarding the window so none of the men try to peak. This was considered a problem in years past, but since I started Academy, we’ve not had a single male peeper.”

“I wonder why…” I responded dryly.

“Come on, this isn’t like those sick perverted fantasies men have. We’re all women. I’m just appreciating the female form. No one would care if I walked into that locker room right now and got the same eyeful. There is nothing wrong with this.”

“I-I guess…” I felt like I was agreeing with the devil, but my teenage brain also couldn’t come up with any reason this wasn’t inappropriate.

Even as a man, most women wanted to catch the male eye. Half the girls in that locker room would be excited to know that a guy was looking at their naked female form. They’d probably put on a show to win his affection if they knew they were being seen. Well, those were the excuses my mind quickly cobbled together to justify Rebecca’s words.

“Good! Now, come, look. We’ll find a big sister for you! Just point out any girl you like and I’ll tell you all about her.”

I sighed, but the temptation was still too great, so I stood right next to Rebecca and glanced through the window. There was a cute, skinny girl with a nice little butt. She had just taken a shower and was now drying her body. Little flecks of water ran down her backside. She had really long legs, which was something I quite liked. Hey, she could be my big sister if she wanted to be. Wait… she was my big sister!”

“Madison!” I let out a cry of shock.

“Shhh!” Rebecca elbowed me. “But yeah, you know Madison? She’s the sister of that monster Clyburn. You wouldn’t be interested in her. They call her Slut Queen because rumors said she had a sexual relationship with a guy in prep school. Hey… I bet it was with Clyburn!”


Even though she guessed correctly, that didn’t mean I was happy about it! At least you could be off by a little! Rebecca here was way too dangerous, and in more ways than one. Hey, stop drooling over my sister’s naked body. She’s mine!

That’s when my eyes focused on another girl to the side of her. She had a mousy appearance, but rather large boobs that caught the eye.

“D-d-d-dia!” I let out another cry.

Unlike Madison, whom I had seen naked before, Dia was a woman I had yet to see that way. However, her body was very nice. A dark part of me hoped that when she called in her favor, that favor would include her body. Both Madison and Dia were knockout beauties. Two queens of the school in front of my eyes. Wait…

“Isn’t that Lyra?” So, this is where she ran, there was a class!

“Yup!” Rebecca gave me a thumbs up. “Since your love could never be, I wanted you to at least enjoy a farewell treat!”

Three queens! It was definitely blinding! Lyra, in particular, had a body that was criminal on a woman. Seeing it completely naked should be a felony! It was like the body mom had as a teenager if mom was a busty blonde girl! Even if I hadn’t formed any strong feelings for her, my penis had strong opinions about her body!

“Th-th-this…” I turned away, feeling dizzy, somewhat frightened of what other wonders and temptations I’d see.

Rebecca looked down at me thoughtfully. “Perhaps the view would be too stimulating for a Freshman lesbian. Well, it doesn’t matter anyway. They’re in the other class.”

“Then why were we looking at them!” I cried out.

Rebecca started giggling. “Curiosity!”

“What? You…” I ground my teeth as Rebecca looked at me mischievously.

Well, I wanted to be mad at Rebecca, but I did enjoy the view, so it was difficult to be too mad at her. I sighed, getting down from the boxes, and thankfully, Rebecca didn’t decide to linger. Following closely behind me, the pair of us headed to the front of the building once again.

“Those girls are actually part of Advanced Magic. Only the strongest magic users can be accepted to that class. I’m probably not going to be able to do it next year. They have an aptitude for magic I just don’t. I hear magic jobs pay a lot of money and have great benefits. Lucky…”

So… my sister was actually in the Advanced magic class? That meant she was really good with magic? I had been asking my mother and my aunt about magic, but I never considered asking my sister. I didn’t really know all that much about her. I only learned earlier today that she liked scary movies. Now that we had mended things up, I vowed that I’d definitely learn everything about her I could.

As we headed to the showers, I let out a sigh of relief that the Contemporary Magic locker room was separated from the Advanced Magic Locker room. In fact, they cast their magic outside while we cast ours inside. That could be a bit of an indicator as to the difference in power level between the two classes. As we entered the locker room, I kept my eyes down to the floor. I didn’t want to be caught gawking at naked women. It’d be embarrassing.

“We wasted too much time playing at the window.” Rebecca sighed. “All the stalls are taken. I guess we’ll have to take the next open one together.”

I froze, the words echoing in my head. Why did this always have to be so difficult? Damn it. Was there a way I could take a shower and her not notice? No, it was impossible! Especially with Rebecca’s lecherous eyes. She’d be bound to check me out in a shower, and there was no way my penis would go unnoticed! Why did I stupidly follow her to this point? As soon as the locker room came up, I should have made up an excuse and immediately fled.

“Becky, you trying to lure another girl into your dirty – eh?” The door opened and a woman, stepped out, immediately shooting Rebecca a challenging glare.

However, the second her eyes landed on me, all reason left. As for me, I wasn’t looking at her eyes. My eyes were pressed firmly on her taut, naked body. She was a muscular woman, with a fantastic body, and tomboyish charm. If my dick was conflicted before, it started to become aroused now.

“C-cly-clarice!” Brooke hissed, “That’s where you were!”

“Brooke? What are you doing in the showers?” Rebecca didn’t seem to notice Brooke’s deathly glare while I gulped. “You’re way too stupid for magic classes.”

“I took a shower because I’ve been running around all day looking for something I lost!” Brooke stated darkly with her eyes on me, her teeth grinding.

“Haha… typical stupid Brooke, losing things.” Rebecca and Brooke’s relationship seemed to be as civil as always.

The glare Brooke was giving me was painful. I got it! I got it! It was me being unreasonable and sneaking off. Can you stop looking like you’re going to murder me? Rebecca was bound to notice eventually. She finally broke my gaze, rounding on Rebecca and allowing me to breath easier.

“Becky!” Brooke snapped. “What are you doing with a freshman like Clarice here?”

“What am I doing? Naturally, I’m being a good big sister to my underclassman and showing her what Amaryllis has to offer. Now, will a meathead like you move aside before you scare the young thing? Look, she’s shaking.”

At those words, Rebecca didn’t hesitate to rip off her shirt and bra. Suddenly, a second naked woman appeared in front of me. I never wanted to see Rebecca naked, but her exposed body was in front of me, and I couldn’t stop looking between the two pairs of delicious breasts. Which girls were bigger? Well, Brooke had more muscle, which made her breasts point straight, while Rebecca’s had a bit more sag. Rebecca’s boobs were definitely rounder and had a bit of a curve against the chest where you could grab them and feel like they were two distinct boobs, rather than an extension of her chest.

“Move aside.” Brooke casually crossed her arms in front of her breasts as she noticed me being moments from a nosebleed.

When my eyes instead went to Rebecca’s boobs, Brooke casually kicked my shin. That, of course, only gave me Brooke’s eyes to look at, and they were far too fearful. Frankly put, I was far too young to die here, now. I had come so far only to be stopped here and murdered in my youthful prime.

“Yes, move your fat ass, I and my little sister here are going to take a shower together.”

Brooke’s eyes widened as she shot a look at me. After a second, her hands shot out and grabbed me, yanking me over to her side. “I’m not done yet! Since you claim Clarice is dirty, s-s-s-she can shower with me!”

“Hah? Can you be any more shameless?” Rebecca snapped back. “I brought her here, I’ll naturally take responsibility. Besides, I need to get clean too.”

“No amount of washing is going to clean your skank ass.”

“You bitch! How shameless can you be? Clarice, tell her you’d rather shower with Big Sis Becky!” Rebecca turned to me, pushing her chest to the point her naked boobs wrapped around my arm.

She looked up at me pleadingly, clearly not wanting me to end up taken away by Brooke again. Despite her lesbian tendencies, her charm was through the roof at that moment, giving me a lightheaded feeling.

“That’s not happening!” Brooke grabbed my other arm, although she was much more conscious of the fact she was naked and made sure not to touch me with her boobs.

“Clarice, shower with me!” Rebecca pleated.

“Clarice, tell this slut you’re not interested!” Brooke demanded.

The shower room was really hot and steamy. Naked boobs were on either side of me. There was just nowhere to look. If I went into the shower with Brooke, I would definitely die. If I went into the shower with Rebecca, she’d discover I was a man and I’d definitely die! It was too much! Why are they spinning? Spinning boobs, everywhere! Ah! Why’s the ceiling getting higher?

“Sh-she passed out!” Rebecca gasped.

“It’s your fault!”

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