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“Cl….. b…n…” The sounds were a bit distant thanks to the ringing in my ears.

I was quick to check my wig. Although it slipped slightly, I was able to straighten it. Nobody could really see me thanks to the amount of dust and smoke in the air. By the time the first person reached me, I was already straightening myself out, although it took some effort to stand. Without a mirror, I couldn’t really tell if something was amiss. Fortunately, the first person to reach me was Brooke.

“What did you do!?” Brooke immediately demanded.

“Why do you say it’s something I did?” I said my voice slightly higher pitch. “F-first, a-am I decent?”

Brooke shot me a glare, but when she realized what I was asking she checked me up and down and shrugged. “You’re fine, I guess…”

“Clarice!” It was Rebecca who reached me next, running around the crater and avoiding the massive hole I had apparently created.

When she reached me, I was surprised when she suddenly pulled me into a hug. I could feel the softness of her chest and the heat of her cheek against mine. I could also feel wetness on that cheek, and I realized that she was actually crying a bit. The ringing in my ears went away pretty quickly, so I allowed myself to relax.

“When I saw the explosion, I was soooo… scared…”

“Hm…” Brooke snorted. “Aren’t you just using this excuse to feel him up?”

Rebecca shot Brooke a hateful look, but then only held me tighter. I realized Brooke must have been worried about me too, or she wouldn’t have slipped and called me a ‘him’. Fortunately, both girls were much too flustered to notice that. I patted Rebecca as she still clung to me, feeling a bit awkward at the closeness she showed me. Her grip hurt, but I didn’t have the guts to tell her.

“Girls, girls… give her some room.” The chubby instructor lifted her long dress to uncover her ankles as she made her way around the debris. “Give her some air, will you? Come here, girl. The nurse is on her way.”

I nodded, moving to the piece of the bleachers that hadn’t been bent by the subsequent explosion. It was only after I started moving that I winced. Rebecca grabbed me again, while even Brooke put out her hands in worry. I just had some pain in my abdomen. I worked my way over carefully. Once I finally sat down, I felt better. The pain was only there when I was moving, it seemed.

“You feeling fine, girl?” The woman asked as she looked me over. “Headaches? Nausea?”

“N-no…” I answered, keeping my head down.

I wasn’t trying to act coy with the teacher, but I still had some concerns about my disguise. While most students wouldn’t have seen Clyburn and may not be able to tell the difference between a boy and a girl, the same might not hold true with a teacher. Truth be known, I wasn’t very comfortable being under close scrutiny by someone older. All it would take is noticing the beginning of an Adam’s apple and I’d be screwed.

“Well… it’s fine then if you didn’t get hurt.”

“What was that anyway? I just saw something glowing around Clarice, and then suddenly there was a boom. What did she do?” Rebecca asked.

By now, the rest of the class had walked over and was all circled around the teacher and me. I never felt more exposed as I did right then. Dozens of girls were peaking over each other’s shoulders, looking to get a glance at me or the crater. It made me uncomfortable. I wanted to pull my wig over my face and hide from their view. The teacher shot Rebecca a look, and then looked across the rest of the class, whose whispers were growing louder by the moment.

“This is an overdraft,” she said quietly just to me. “It happens only to aseeded. Are you an aseeded?”

I shook my head in confusion, having never heard the term before.

“You… should have been tested for this before you got into school.” Her eyes grew slightly sharper.” You did take the test, didn’t you?”

I started to feel a bit of fear under her prodding. I absolutely hadn’t taken any tests! In fact, all of my school credentials were fake! Why did I listen to Oswald and come back to this school! I knew I wouldn’t be able to hide my true nature forever! This teacher was clearly suspicious, and worst of all, I had no clue why.

“I’ll take it from here Diba.” A voice broke the teacher from her suspicious glare, allowing me to catch my breath.

I was seriously starting to sweat there. When I looked to see who my rescuer was, I realized it was the nurse from before. Once again, Miss Chambers had come in the nick of time to save me. I shot her a grateful look. Her eyes widened slightly when she saw me, but otherwise, she managed to keep her cool without looking suspicious. As I wiped the cold sweat from my brow, I wished I could say the same.

“Ah… Mako… you’re on nurse duty again?”

“Yes.” The nurse nodded, walking up to me and looking down. “As much as the board says I should take it easy after the fire, they keep scheduling me extra.”

“What? You’re Mako?” I stood up, only to have Brooke push me back into a sitting position while giving me a warning glare.

“It’s Miss Chambers or Teacher Chambers to you, young lady.” The one named Diba shot me a disapproving look.

“It’s okay?” Miss Chambers… no… Mako… looked down on me with her same dreamy-eyed stare from before. “I’m familiar with… Clarice. We’ve met before.”

This was the woman that Ben had raped? This was the woman who Oswald was asking me to rape? Her hair was a different color now, but the two women quickly combined together in my mind. How did I not notice before? Perhaps, I didn’t want to notice. That was a traumatic night for a lot of people, myself included. However, now I knew that she was Mako, all I could think about was the last time we had met. I didn’t even remember her name! No, wait… why should I? I wasn’t even the man who raped her!

An assortment of expressions flooded across my face in just a few moments before I finally recovered myself. Mako was watching my face change, I could swear that she wore a level of amusement. Wait… I had allegedly raped her! Should a victim be looking at her supposed rapist with amusement? That only led me to become even more confused.

“Well… this Freshman girl came into class and tried to invoke magic.” The woman named Diba snapped, speaking in a low voice to Mako. “She’s clearly an aseeded girl. This sort of recklessness won’t do.”

Mako remained cool under Diba’s somewhat-angry words before raising an eyebrow. “Then where did she get the Rune from?”

With that simple question, Diba’s mouth opened and closed a few times as if she was a chicken. She then shot me a glare.

“Miss Monic…” Rebecca stepped forward. “It was my fault. I gave her my notebook and let her glance through it. I didn’t think there would be any harm in it.”

Miss Monic stared at Rebecca for a second, instantly looking slightly gentler. It was clear to me that Rebecca was one of her favored students. This instantly seemed like the kind of teacher that spat on people she arbitrarily assigned as troublemakers and greatly favored the students she liked. In other words, she was the kind of teacher I didn’t get along with the most. It wasn’t that I was a troublemaker, it was just that I never was a suckup and never could quite say the things that made them favor me, at least, judging by my previous memories.

“Well… the notes we give in class are made for everyone to study.” Miss Monic admitted. “It isn’t like that should have induced a completed Rune.”

“Miss Monic!” A student called out behind, clearly looking to garner favor. “I think this is what she used!”

The teacher snapped a damaged piece of paper from the student. My expression sank as I realized it was the very notebook paper I had ripped out and scribbled my own Rune on before. The teacher glanced over it for a minute. She then glared at me.

“Who drew this Rune for you?” She demanded

“Ah?” I let out a noise. “Ah… n-no one?”

Diba’s face grew slightly angrier. “You’re expecting me to believe you completed Agran’s puzzle yourself? Who taught you to do this?”

“Ah… that… I didn’t…” I felt slightly flustered, not really understanding why she was staring at me so intently. “What’s an Agran’s puzzle?”

“This!” She said, waving it. “You want me to believe you completed this Rune based purely on Rebecca’s notes?”

“What are you going on about?” Mako asked, pulling the paper from Diba’s hand and looking down at the sheet. A moment later she gasped. “This is amazing!”

The other woman snorted, speaking in a loud voice everyone could hear. “Hmph… amazing? Maybe if she wasn’t an aseeded.”

With those words, several of the girl’s gasped. I looked around, still completely lost. Even Rebecca was looking at me sadly like she had just heard that my dog died and didn’t know how to console me.

“Diba! That’s enough!” The buzzing of the crowd was silence in a second when Mako’s eye suddenly opened and she shouted those words.

Her usually willowy voice held an absolutely no-nonsense tone crested with anger.

“M-mako? That… I mean, I know what happened… I didn’t mean to-” Diba’s eyes were wide, completely taken aback by the woman’s sudden outburst of anger.

“I’ve accepted a lot of your intolerance Diba… but outing a student in the middle of a class is faculty violation!” Mako snapped.

“Ah… ah… th-that…” Diba’s eyes widened even farther, but a moment later she lowered her head as if all the steam was leaked out of her in a single moment. “I’m sorry… I was out of line.”

Mako motioned me to stand up. The pain I had in my abdomen returned, but I gritted my teeth to stand. At that moment, even I was a little afraid to go against Mako’s order.

“I will… ignore this indiscretion.” Mako said stiffly, “I will be taking this student with me back to class. You two ladies may wait outside as before.”

She turned away from the startled Brooke and Rebecca and immediately began walking, grabbing my hand and pulling me behind. While I walked with one hand, I held my pained abdomen with the other. Mako’s stride was quick, and we were out of the classes sight very shortly. Brooke and Rebecca didn’t follow, as the other teacher stopped them, perhaps trying to drill them for more answers.

For me, I was too stunned and too confused to truly react. Only when Mako kept tugging on my arm did she realize I wasn’t keeping up the pace. She looked back and saw the grimace on my face. She slowed down immediately and the tense expression on her face melted in an instant.

“Sorry, you had to see that,” She apologized, causing me even more surprise. “It’s just, what she said, was very inappropriate, and a bit of a sore spot for me. For a woman who represents the WRA, that she would hold such hateful prejudices.”

Diba was part of the Women’s Right Association? WRATH was the school organization lead by Rebecca, but WRA was its big sister. To a man, they might as well be this world’s KKK. If that teacher was a man-hater, then I was truly in a lot more trouble than I realized. Yet, Mako here had quickly extracted me from the situation. She believed I was the man who raped her, but once again she was protecting me. I truly did not understand it.

“I’m sorry… but I don’t really understand what happened.”

Mako nodded as if she understood what I was going to ask. “Not here… let’s go to the nurse’s station.”

With that, I continued to follow Mako at a slower pace. However, her long legs were surprisingly quick when she wanted to be, and even rushed I felt like I had to take two steps for everyone step she took. Despite that, her hips swayed just right and she never looked sexier than when she walked. If my Mother’s sex appeal was best represented when she spread out in bed, gesturing me to join her, then Mako’s would be when she walked by, her very body teasing the eye to follow.

Still, with the pain, it was harder moving than I originally suspected. By the time I sat down on the examination table, my breath came out a bit haggard. Mako pulled out a strange item that might have looked like a scanner from an old science fiction show. She moved it over my body and then nodded.

“You have a broken rib.” She explained. “Take this concoction. It should be healed in about fifteen minutes.”

“Ah…” I said, nodding slowly, and downing the vial she handed me, once again marveling at how easy the health industry had it in a world with magic.

“Do you know what happened to you?” Mako asked as I finished the drink.

“That… I caused um… an overdraft?”

“Hmm…” Mako sighed, sitting down on the other chair. “I suppose that is one way of putting it. However, do you know what that means?”

“No…” I admitted.

Mako bit her lip, and then after a moment starting speaking as if to herself. “When I was young, the thing I wanted to do more than anything has become a Spellman. I wanted to be able to use magic and change the world. I worked hard and got into an academy just like this one.“

“I had a similar mark on my head like the so-called “Queen”.” I let out a noise and Mako chuckled. “Yes… I know this school marked me. It wasn’t my first time with that title, although my last school called it their “hit list”. However, I rejected every boy who came to me. Why? Because there has been some evidence that when learning magic, maintaining your virginity makes you stronger at it. So… I withheld from boys throughout all of high school. I was determined the best Spellman in a century!”

“Really…” I didn’t really like where this was going as the guy she thought stole her virginity.

“My magic was actually quite good. I wasn’t the greatest at calculation, but I could summon a great deal of will. Um… I think they call it chakra now. Point being… my apprenticeship had me on a one track towards being a great Spellman. Then… while experimenting with a new rune formation, I had made a mistake in my calculations. There was a surge… and I ended up over drafting. It was an explosion just like the one you experienced. Maybe a little more drastic.”

“What does that mean?”

Mako put on a sad expression, even as she gently smiled. “Shortly after I recovered, I found out I was aseeded.”

As a sinking feeling fell deep inside me, I realized I had to ask. “W-what does aseeded mean?”

“Being seeded… having the seed, it’s an expression for being able to use magic. Don’t let that confuse you with the male seed. We’re talking about magic seed here. If you have the seed, you can nurture it and craft your will into a magical invocation. Most people are born with a seed, even if it’s quite small. With work, you can increase the amount of will you can induce, and ultimately the amount of change you can inflict on the world.

“A person with a high will, for example, could make a fire from nothing. A person with a low will, no matter how good their calculations, never could. However, if they added kindling… and a spark… and more air… perhaps they could induce a lower amount of change in the world. This is the principle of will. Erm… chakra.

“Aseeded means an absence of seed. However, that’s actually a dated term for it. A better term would be something like a reverse seed… or an anti-seed. Basically, in an aseeded person, their will becomes volatile. If they try to invoke magic, it explodes… as yours did… as mine did. Our will is incompatible with an invocation.”

“You’re saying… that I’m aseeded?”

Mako nodded. “I’m sorry. It looks like you’re not able to use magic. Nor will you ever be able to cast magic again.”

I felt like I was floating for a bit. The news hit me like a bus. I had grown so excited about a world with magic. I had been waiting for years to try it out. Just like that, I was aseeded?

“This was because I tried it in class?” I demanded in a slight panic. Because I decided to play around with that notebook, I burned out my seed?

Mako shook her head. “Me burning out my seed was a rare event. The aftershock is a lot more violent. I was bedridden for a weak. Given the fact that you’re fine other than a broken bone, I’d say that you probably were always aseeded.”

“No… but…” I tried to think back to some time I had invoked some kind of magic, but my mind drew a blank. “Men…”

“What about men?” Mako asked cautiously. “Men can learn to invoke magic the same as women.”

I shook my head. “No… I heard… that men are stronger at magic. And they have another way to invoke it!”

Mako stared at me blankly for a moment. “I… don’t know where you heard that from, but as far as I’m aware, men are no different than women in this.”

Where did I hear it from? That was right!

“Ben… he… he used some kind of lightning on me. He shocked me to the ground.”

“Ben?” Mako lifted her head thoughtfully. “The name doesn’t sound familiar, but if he used magic, he had to have used it the same way as anyone else.”

I shook my head. “N-no… he said some words. He spoke the words and then the lightning came from his hand! You were there!”

Mako blinked. “When was this?”

“At th-the club… the Precipice! That bastard had come out of the shower after raping you. He saw me trying to get away with Madison, and then he shocked me! I barely got out of there with you two alive! Before he abandoned us to the fire, he said that Men had a different way of using magic! I’m certain of it!”

Mako’s eyes grew big, “What are you saying?”

I stood, grabbing Mako’s shoulders fervently. “Don’t you get it? I only started taking magic classes in the first place so I could beat that bastard. He framed me and now he’s hiding behind his family like the bastard he is! He tried to take my sister! He tried to kill us! And I can’t even take a step closer to him because he could defeat me with the snap of a finger!”

Mako’s mouth was open, but her face started to turn strangely blurry in my sight.

“C-clyburn… what you’re saying is the truth?” Mako asked with a strange expression on her face; I didn’t respond, but I didn’t think I had to. “I-I don’t know what to say. There is no other way to cast magic. However, it’s very easy to use Rune’s someone else made. He could have had Rune cards up his sleeves, or printed onto gloves, or any other in a myriad of ways. Environments in buildings don’t change by much, so it’s easy to prepare Runes ahead of time and then just invoke freely. As far as talking… some people like to chant. It makes them feel powerful or otherwise more impressive.”

“Seriously?” I spoke in disbelief.

Mako looked away, seemingly flustered, even as I still held her. “I’m sorry… that’s the way it is.”

I fell to my knees, my head falling into Mako’s chest. I didn’t really know why the energy seemed to leave me, but I suddenly just didn’t have any. It wasn’t until my cheeks pressed against her breasts that I realized I was crying. Mako didn’t push me away. Instead, she gently patted my head. This seemed to cause me to cry even harder.

That night in the Precipice, I had nearly died. So, had Mako and Madison, but they were both unconscious for most of it. I remembered struggling as that fire approached. With that, I had grown a deep hatred for the guy known as Ben. The only reason I hadn’t gone after him, other than the fact I was suspended and half the male class had been skipping school to hide in their family estates, was that he had the trump key of being able to use magic.

I had fantasized that I would be able to cast crazy powerful magic. When Ben claimed men were more powerful than women, I imagined myself as being even better. I eagerly tried to learn the magic so that when the day came, I could defeat him and finally get vengeance. Now I learned that Ben was likely full of shit. He had essentially used a parlor trick. The spell he cast probably wasn’t even one he drew. I didn’t even need to ask why a guy would have prepared a spell that knocked someone immobile while planning to rape two women. Was that magic his backup plan?

Perhaps the whole thing was 8thgrader syndrome? Suddenly, him shouting out a nonsensical chant while shooting lightning from his hands gave me the impression of a powerless fuck trying to act cool. He was the same kind of asshole who would rape several women and then leave them for dead. In the end, the only kind of guy who could act that way was a loser… and I had completely fallen for his act. I had been afraid of essentially a high school loser.

However, even if it was all an act, it didn’t change the reality of the situation. I was an even bigger loser. I was an aseeded, a person incapable of invoking magic. That meant that I’d never been able to match him in that way. Therefore, when it came to that sort of thing, I’d never be his equal!

“Being able to invoke magic isn’t everything,” Mako said soothingly as if she could read my mind. “Just like the device I used to diagnose your broken ribs, most runes are built with their own power sources. Outside of magical study, there is very little need to invoke runes. Cars still hover whether you are seeded or not. There are even taser devices that can simulate this magic you say Ben cast.”

I finally looked up at Mako, who was still looking back down at me with somewhat lazy comforting eyes. “Why are you so nice to me?”

Mako’s smile turned somewhat slanted. “I… don’t know.”

I wiped my cheeks and stood up, putting on a more serious expression. “Mako… I didn’t rape you.”

Mako’s eyes lowered slightly. “I… don’t know that either.”

I stood up straighter, for some reason feeling a surge of strength while looking down on this teacher. “My lawyer has advised me that I should rape you.”

That caused Mako to look back up at me, “R-really?”

“Because of the allegations against me, unless you become pregnant, my case will be weaker.”

Mako gave a sigh. “I-I understand.”

“I don’t want to rape you.” I sighed, only to see Mako finally stand up and walk over to the bed. “ What are you doing?”

Mako turned and sat down, backing up until she lied down on the bed. She spread her arms, causing her blouse to look exceptionally tight around the chest. She looked up at me, her body movements being somewhat sensual.

“You’ve already said…” Mako glanced at me as if her actions were obvious. “You must impregnate me. If that is the case… then… please…”

My jaw nearly hit the floor. W-when did the conversation suddenly go this direction? A teacher was now lying on the nurse’s bed, waiting for me to fuck her! My brain couldn’t even process the sudden change in direction.

“What’s the catch?” I asked, stepping back.

“You’re making me say it…” Mako blushed. “I had already decided before, after you raped me, that if you were willing, I wanted you to finish the job.”

“Finish? You mean, get you pregnant?”

Mako nodded. “I already explained… my reasons for keeping my virginity ended. My only reason for not getting with a guy earlier is I lacked any proper slice and worried the guy who took it wouldn’t fulfill his end of the bargain. I had heard tales from underclassmen about men who liked to pray on virgins like this. However, then my virginity was forcefully taken from me. My value as a woman was diminished. That’s why, if I had to become pregnant… I thought it’d be best if it was done by the person who took it.”

“That wasn’t me!”

“Perhaps” Mako lowed her head, seeming to hold a guilty expression. “… but… after seeing how much those two girls care for you, and after checking into your background a bit and realizing what you did for your sister… is it wrong that I wish it was you who raped me?”

I sputtered, unable to come up with a word given what she had just said. I wanted to refute or argue with her, but I found myself unable to think of a single compelling reason to not move forward with her suggestion.

“I have something you want… with me pregnant, your court case will be easier. That is the slice I can offer you.” Mako continued to explain. “My age will only get older, my desirability will only decrease. That means… this is the best time to have a baby!”

Her words had an honesty to them I couldn’t refuse. It did make sense. However, it had come too quickly for me. I had only just realized she was Mako, and now she was lying on the bed waiting for me! My mind danced through all of the options. This was what my lawyer advised me to do, wasn’t it? Since it was with her permission, there was really nothing wrong with it. I swallowed my nervousness. It was time to man up.

After only a moment’s hesitation, I moved on top of her. Mako made a slight cry but otherwise didn’t resist as I mounted her. Was I really going through with this? I hesitantly reached out my hands and grabbed her chest. She let out a little moan.

Instantly, my cock was completely hard. I leaned down and kissed Mako on the lips. She tasted sweet and warm. Her body under me was a full woman’s body, different from Madison. Thinking about touching her long legs, spreading them open, I grew more and more aggressive. I pulled open her blouse roughly, causing two buttons to break.

“Sorry…” I muttered.

“I-it’s okay…” She responded, blushing.

I leaned down one last time, kissing her neck.

“If we do this… I need one promise.” I whispered in her ear.

“Yes?” She asked, slightly gasping.

“I want you and the kids in my life. Be mine forever!”

Mako’s eyes flashed. “Yes!”

Our lips touched again, this time becoming even more passionate. She started undoing my blouse as well. Then there was a loud creak as the door opened.

“Miss Chambers, I’ve come to bring you some… oh!”

Mako and I both turned to look at the door. Standing in it were two people who had just walked in on us, Professor Takasha and Ashton. In retrospect… I probably should have remembered to lock the door.

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