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“Teacher Mako! This…” Takasha shook his head as I quickly jumped off of Mako.

Takasha didn’t look like he planned to turn away and leave. Mako quickly closed her blouse, hiding her exposed chest. She sat up, a small blush on her cheeks. Otherwise, she didn’t seem nearly as worried as I was. Did female teachers sleeping with their students not net as much controversy in this world as it would have in my world? Well, considering the age of consent didn’t exist and students were considered adults at 16, I supposed that might have been the case.

“Teacher Takasha, you’ve come to the nurse’s station?” Mako stood up and walked over to her desk, casually sitting on it as if what we were just doing never happened.

I only realized my own blouse was still open and my stuff bra exposed when Takasha glanced at it and sneered. I instantly covered myself up, blushing slightly. Takasha dragged Ashton in. When my mind clicked, I realized that Ashton was one of the few people in this school that might recognize me. Fortunately, Ashton seemed to be in pain herself and was holding her abdomen while not focused on me. It gave me enough time to turn away, hiding my face under my wig.

“So… you’ve turned me down so many times, I never would have guessed it was because you were a lipstick.” Takasha pondered out loud, his voice somewhat icy.

From the way Takasha had spoken about Mako in class, I had the sneaking suspicion that his history with her was complicated. He wrote her off as “too old”, however, it now seemed like the truth was he had pursued Mako in the past and failed. Takasha was as prideful as any man and made sure to never admit his faults, instead choosing to write her off as not worth it. Although, now, he was allowing himself to believe she was a lesbian to heal his wounded pride.

Regrettably, Mako didn’t understand male pride at all. “Don’t be ridiculous. I’m not a lipstick lesbian. I have no interest in-“

“It’s true!” I shot out defiantly, suddenly wrapping my arms around Mako, hugging her tightly from behind. “We’ve become lovers! What Mako means is that we’re not exclusive to women!”

I didn’t want Mako to finish that sentence. After all, she could potentially reveal that I was a man. I didn’t want to create any more difficulties with Takasha either. For a moment, the room became completely silent.

“Y-yes…” Mako finally seemed to understand what I was pushing at, awkwardly bringing her hand up and touching my wrist.

She must have been more flustered than she looked. Through my hand on her chest, I could feel her heart, which seemed to be beating pretty fast. Her breathing was quick too. Of the three times I had met Mako, she always came off as cool and collected. However, as pink flushed her olive cheeks, it was actually a bit cute to see her flustered. Still, now was a bad time for it.

“H-h-h-hello!” Ashton’s words snapped me to my next worry.

I drew attention to myself by trying to stop Mako from creating problems. Ashton was looking at my face. She was more familiar with me than anyone else in this school, being as we had lived in the same dorm room. Likely, Rigor had also told the other boys about how I dressed as a girl at that party. In short, as Brooke realized who I was, it should have been no problem for Ashton to figure me out.

“My name is Clarice…” I suddenly spoke, cutting Ashton off.

Ashton blushed suddenly. “M-my name is Ashton. I-I’m sorry to intrude.”

I let out a breath of relief. It didn’t seem like Ashton had recognized me. I supposed my disguise was better than I gave it credit for. However, she was staring at me fervently. Was she suspicious? I wanted to hide behind my wig again and not give her the chance to see more of me. Maybe she was suspicious but wasn’t sure yet. Or… maybe she recognized me but was helping me keep it a secret for some reason. All of those thoughts slammed into me in the time it took to take a breath.

“What are you here for Ashton?” Mako’s eyes shot to the person standing next to Takasha, seeming to instantly discard him.

He made a vexed noise at being ignored. The image of the roguish man who took whatever he wanted to be dissipated a bit in my eyes. The woman he was fawning over was actually putting out for me. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of smugness as a result of that fact.

“It’s my abdomen. I’ve been getting this pain. It’s like a cramp. T-there was also some blood coming out.”

Mako raised an eyebrow. “That doesn’t sound good.”

Ashton nodded. “I ignored it. The bleeding stopped yesterday, but the cramping is persisting. I w-wouldn’t have come, but some of the neighboring guys yesterday were worried. An abdominal pain that lasts for 4-5 days, that can’t be good, right?”

“Not for a man, I suppose…” Mako narrowed her eyes with a smirk. “I’m surprised your roommate didn’t drag you here sooner.”

Ashton blushed. “Actually… my roommate… it’s that boy everyone is talking about, Clyburn.”

I turned away, avoiding whatever look Mako chose to give me. Mostly, I was shaking my head eternally at the level of denial Ashton was going through. Ashton was clearly having a period. I didn’t need to be a woman to assess that this was clearly her time of the month! I turned back to the group, but I couldn’t think of a single way to signal Mako that Ashton was indeed a girl! If she decided to do a checkup, she was bound to find something she shouldn’t!

“Ah… I think I see now.” Mako gave a strangely mischievous smile. “Takasha, I can handle your student from here. Perhaps you can let the two girls outside know that they shouldn’t wait up for their friend. I have a duty… for Clarice here.”

Takasha looked at Ashton suspiciously. “As a male student, a male teacher should be present for examinations. If you were to take advantage of…”

“Please, Takasha…” Mako waved her hand. “You’d accuse me of taking advantage of a man?”

Takasha’s eyes shot to me and back. He grumbled under his breath before he nodded in assent. I wouldn’t have believed Takasha would be so easily bullied by a woman if I hadn’t witnessed it myself. Before I could grin though, I realized his eyes were on me. It took me a second to realize he was checking out my legs and butt!

“At least, you have good tastes.” Takasha sniffed, turning around and walking out the door.

I instantly tried to cover myself, not knowing where to cover and feeling slightly violated. Meanwhile, Mako let out a melodious laugh, relaxing her shoulders like she was suddenly alone in the room.

“Aunt Mako?” Ashton suddenly asked. “Am I alright?”

“Aunt?” I let out a cough, glaring at the two women in shock.

Mako rose an eyebrow towards me. “This is my half-nephew… is that really surprising? I have about fifteen nieces attending this school that I know about. If you want to be technical, your mother and I are 2nd cousins, I think.”

“Really!?” I was incredibly surprised by that!

I really shouldn’t have been. I had read again and again about how everyone was related to someone. With men impregnating up to 60 women a year, it’d be no surprise if everyone was a half-sister. With a thousand students per semester, those numbers could be reached with only twenty men. In other words, if a girl was to select any random other girls in this school, the chances of them being half-sisters were probably not that far below 5%. That’s not even talking about the prevalence of cousins, nieces, and another extended family.

“W-well?” Ashton looked as innocent and teary-eyed as possible.

Mako sighed. “Ashton, let me ask you something. Have you had sex yet?”

“O-of course!” Ashton declared proudly but began to wilt under Mako’s stare. “O-once… I… um… don’t remember it.”

Mako nodded, touching Ashton’s face like she was seriously considering her male illnesses. I really needed to tell Mako that Ashton was a woman! Wait… since they were family, wouldn’t telling her to create even more problems? I didn’t want to be the source of a family breaking apart. I mean, Mako had no reason to care about any of her extended family. Most people in this world didn’t. Likely, the only reason she knew anything about Ashton was that she was believed to be a man. In that case, I absolutely couldn’t tell her!

“You seem to be suffering from an unhealthy buildup of seed,” Mako spoke, taking Ashton’s pulse.

“What?” My jaw nearly hit the floor.

What kind of bullshit medicine was this? Was Mako just trying to screw around with Ashton? Or was she screwing around with all men in general! Mako! Stop screwing around with the entire male sex!

“S-seed? Is it dangerous?” Ashton bought right into this farce, she’s so gullible I almost found it cute.

Mako gave a slow nod. “I’m sorry. It can be. Seed buildup is a known problem caused when a man hits his puberty without regular emissions. When you started becoming sexually active, you were supposed to start enjoying a sexual partner!”

I couldn’t help but shake my head in complete disbelief. Then again, this story sounded incredibly familiar. This was the exact bullshit I was feeding my sisters Hannah and Madison when I started to take advantage of them! It was the kind of superstitious BS I used to pin down my mom for sex. I only realized later that all three women were humoring me as they would the 12-year-old they believed me to be. The reality was they only went through with it because they all wanted to! In Ashton’s case, she was just way too impressionable!

“Wh-what will happen?” Ashton demanded tearfully.

“You’ll become infertile, at best. At worst, the cramps will increase until you die!” At Ashton’s gasp, Mako raised her hand and patted her shoulder. “Rest assured, the cure to these cramps is rather simple.”

“What is it? Please, Auntie, I’ll do anything!” Ashton begged.

“Of course, isn’t the solution to have sex?”

“Ah!” Ashton blinked, and so did I. “S-sex… right… of course, I’ve been trying Auntie, but for one reason or another, it just hasn’t worked out!”

Ashton looked nearly in tears now. The fluctuations in her voice really did give away how hard she had tried to be a boy. Alas… things didn’t seem to be in the cards for her. Whether it was because of her own nervousness, or simply her lack of testosterone, Ashton found one excuse after another to not have sex. In the end, even the morning she woke up in my arms, the previous night had been uneventful.

“Well, fortunately, your Auntie has come through for you!” Mako grinned, her eyes lighting up mysteriously. “I’ve found a woman here who would happily be your partner.”

She pointed somewhere behind me, but when I looked, no one was there. Wait! She was pointing at me! Ashton’s eyes widened as she looked at me.


“I saw you eyeing her when you came in. You’re attracted to her, aren’t you?”

Ashton grew shyer, blushing and turning away. The look was so cute and feminine that I couldn’t help but gape. No… wait… we were talking about me having sex with Ashton? How did the conversation turn out this way? Why did every conversation with Mako seem to lead to unexpected sex!

“B-but, isn’t Clarice y-yours?”

“It’s fine.” Mako chuckled. “We’re family, after all, we can share her.”

“Wait!” I finally snapped out of my shock to speak back. “We can’t really do this.”

“Why not?” Mako asked so innocently that I almost wanted to pull my hair out. “There is one boy and one girl. Naturally, a coupling is perfectly possible. Ah! Are you worried that Ashton will make you pregnant and you’re not ready? No worries, he can finish on your face… or your tits…”

“Y-you-“ I glowered staring at the innocent-looking Mako.

She was definitely doing it on purpose now! Even if she didn’t know the Ashton was a girl… no, especially if she didn’t know Ashton was a girl, she never would be pushing this so hard! She knew, and she was planning on torturing me with that knowledge.

“I-I’m sorry I’m being an inconvenience!” Ashton bowed, looking somewhat hurt at my refusal. “Since you don’t want to, I won’t make you!”

Mako looked at me, raising an eyebrow as if to ask if I was going to break Ashton’s heart. Just a little bit of guilt dug at my heart, even while I was still completely ought off-guard. While Ashton’s head was still down, I shot her a dirty look, causing Mako to chuckle again. When Ashton returned to looking up at me, I finally shrugged.

“Fine… if you insist, we’ll have sex.”

“T-thank you!’ Ashton bowed. “C-curing my condition is all I ask for my slice!”

“Of course.” I forced a grin on my face that I hoped was endearing, even as I felt my teeth cracking. “How about you wait outside while I say goodbye to ‘Auntie’. “

“Ah!” Ashton looked back and forth between the two of us, remembering how she had caught us earlier.

Ashton gave a nod without asking any additional questions and then left the room, leaving me alone with Mako once again. Ashton group up with the same education as the other boys. So, she was familiar with women often seeking sexual companionship with each other. That rarely meant they’d deny themselves seed when the situation called for it. I spun to glare at Mako as soon as the door shut closed.

“What was that about?” I demanded. “You know what Ashton is, don’t you?”

Mako lifted her hand to her mouth and laughed lightly. “I know… and thank you… for going along with it.”

“Who said I’m going along with anything!” I shot back.

Mako sat back at her desk, seeming to relax once again. “Ashton’s mother and I were good friends. I don’t have the time to tell you the whole story, but Ashton had a bit of a traumatic childhood. The short of it is that she became convinced that she was a boy. Her family didn’t know how to cope with that. Perhaps therapy could have helped, but instead, they decided to enable her. They gave her male hormones at a young age and started raising her as if she was a boy. I only found out about it this year. I was asked to watch after her. Me… and a few of the other teachers know about it.”

“The school knows!” I let out a word of disbelief.

Mako nodded. “Some… Ashton’s mother is a very influential woman. They were willing to bend the rules for a year. The important people were informed.”

“And they didn’t think her roommate was important!” I demanded.

Mako chuckled. “Actually, the general assumption was that her roommate would push her down already. We believed that a pairing with a boy and a girl living together would inevitably lead to sex. We thought that after pulling her off the hormone suppressors, her own natural instincts would take over.”

“So… you just shoved her in with any guy? He could have been some creep! He could have been Ben!”

“Actually, we specifically looked to board her with a boy we knew to be very sexually active.” Mako shrugged. “I’m sorry that I lied to you before, but I’d actually known about you for some time before the Precipice. You have two daughters, one with your mother, and another with your aunt. You had a sexual relationship with both of your sisters, and several others besides. You could say I was more surprised that you didn’t sleep with Ashton as soon as you had the chance.”

I turned away, shaking my head. “I… wasn’t close to Ashton. It wouldn’t have been right.”

“A man with a sense of morals.” Mako shrugged. “I was very surprised by the man you turned out to be. I’m still not sure if that’s a bad thing.”

I sighed. “I understand that you want me to sleep with Ashton to try to wake her up out of her fantasy. I can’t say I haven’t thought of the idea. However, I don’t think you can sex your way to proper mental health.”

Mako laughed. “I would say not… however… as of now, we can’t even get Ashton to go to a psychiatrist. Whenever we’ve attempted to convince her she’s a female, she’s flown into a rage or shut down completely. I believe the shock of sleeping with her will bring my niece back to reason. Get her pregnant if you have to. Anything to make her realize she’s female.”

I lowered my head, not really able to come up with much of a rebuttal, but stubbornly holding on. “But what about us?”

“Us?” Mako’s eyes flashed. “What us?”

I closed my eyes. “Y-you’re mine.”

There was silence. It wasn’t until I opened my eyes to see Mako staring at me intently that she spoke up.

“I’ve kept track of you for some time,” Mako spoke slowly. “You didn’t sleep with Ashton despite having every opportunity. When I heard you raped me, I was deeply conflicted, because it didn’t match this person I had heard about, the person I had entrusted my niece with. Then I had a chance to meet you, twice. You’re… unlike any man, I have ever met. I think… I like it.”

“What does that mean?”

Mako put on a mysterious smile. “My slice is still open. You must get me pregnant, so I know you’ll be coming back. I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Mako…” I said, lifting up a hand to her cheek.

“Why do I shiver when you look at me this way.” Mako pressed her cheek against my palm with a smile on her face. “Maybe you’re more dangerous than I gave you credit for.”

“Mmm… perhaps.” I stepped forward and thoroughly kissed Mako on the lips, only pulling away with a gasp for air. “You’re my woman now, that’s a promise. And I’ll be taking your niece as well.”


“Mm… I’m a guy who enjoys his sisters, his mother, and his aunt. I’ll never settle for less!” I pulled away, heading out of the room while straightening my skirt to make sure my erection wasn’t showing.

“So… this is what it feels like…” Mako touches her chest, smiling strangely to herself.

I didn’t wait to find out what she meant. Although I was prepared to rape Mako today, it looked like it was going to be Ashton instead. That didn’t really serve any goals of mine, except that I thought it was about time Ashton snapped out of her delusions. I seriously worried that she’d end up with a bad ending like Tinya. All it would take is for a bunch of guys to find out her sex and decide to exploit her in the worst way. I could imagine the gullible Ashton being exploited by a bunch of men in the same way Tinya was. If I didn’t want that fate to come true, then I’d have to exploit her first!

It was only when I finally met up with Ashton, who was blushing quite nervously, that I realized there was a second part of this. While I still held some old-world values, Mako did not. Mom, Hannah, and Madison were all slightly jealous and wanted to monopolize my time. Perhaps envy ran in the Bonholdt bloodline. For Mako, however, my presence was far more casual. She didn’t mind me banging her niece before her.

If anything, going by this world’s values, I should be getting a slice for sleeping with Ashton. Mako had just completely manipulated me into sleeping with Ashton for free! She might have made some comment like that since Ashton was the guy and I was the girl; the slice was his to give me. In the end, I had been bamboozled for free sex! Yet, I wasn’t angry about it. As I looked over at Ashton, I felt bad for the life she had led, and I genuinely wanted to help.

She ended up leading me back into our dorm. I found myself back in my familiar room after being kicked out for weeks. For Ashton’s sack, she sat on the bed, looking up at me. I wanted to tsk in discontent. She was being a complete beta! If she was a man, well, no wonder she never managed to successfully nail a woman. I mean, I practically handed her Brooke and she still failed to seal the deal.

“Ashton…” I spoke up with a sigh, knowing I was just stalling now.

“Yes!” Ashton nearly gave a salute.

My hands were pawing through his stuff, being quite snoopy for a girl. Ashton, having never dealt with a girl before, didn’t know where to stop me. He could only look on as I looked over his bookshelf. My hands suddenly stopped on a book, which I pulled out. It looked like it had been put together by a kindergartener.

“Ah… that!” Ashton stood up and reached for it.

I opened up the pages and saw a picture of two people. They looked identical except that one of them was a girl and one of them was a boy. The name written in the book was Ashley. That’s all I saw before the book was snatched away. Ashton glared at me, but there was little force behind his glare.

“Do you… remember your childhood much at all?” I asked, acting like I hadn’t just been browsing through his stuff.

“Hmm?” Ashton asked, looking up at me even as he tried to put the book away someplace hidden. “Fine, I guess. I was a single child. My mother is a Senator, you see, so we never really wanted for anything.”

“We?” I asked.

“Ah… m-me…” Ashton stepped back.

“Are you sure you were an only child?” I asked.

Ashton’s eyes shot to my face. I could almost see all of her defenses rebuilding. So, it was that after all. It was a shot in the dark, but I think I figured out what Ashton’s trauma was. I sighed, realizing that this was going to be a rough moment.

“Hey… Ashley?”

“Ash… my name is Ashton.” Ashton looked around, seeming distraught.

“He was your twin, right? Ashton?”

“Huh? I-I don’t know what you mean? Ashton… he… I mean… me. I’m Ashton.”

I snorted. “You’re Ashton… and I’m Clarice.”

I pulled off my wig tossing it to the side. Grabbing a wipe from a familiar drawer, I started taking off the makeup. Ashton’s eyes stared in confusion, but they slowly morphed into realization.

“You… Clyburn! You’re Clyburn!”

“Yes, Ashley.” I pulled off the blouse and bra as well, displaying my male features clearly.

“I… said… I’m not ASHLEY!” She yelled, her face contorting with anger. “What is this? Is this a joke to you? You shouldn’t even be on the island! Why did you come back? You’re still trying to tell me I’m a girl?”

I shook my head. “No… I’m done telling you. This time, I need to show you.”

“You…” Ashton sneered, but then her eyes flashed with realization. “Wait… that problem at the dorm rooms, the man who broke in! That was you, wasn’t it! Y-you bastard! You’re ruining the reputation of all the men. Do you know how much trouble men on campus have had since you did that rape scandal? WRATH has been practically stalking our every move. I didn’t even go to the nurse’s office without an escort for fear of being pelted with rocks!”

“What?” Her barrage of words had caught me by surprise. “I didn’t do anything wrong!”

“You were caught!” Ashton shot back. “I wish you were never my roommate. I thought you were a good person, but all you’ve done since you’ve been here is break the rules!”

“Ash, you’re overreacting.” I reached out, only to have Ashton pull back.

“No! You don’t understand how serious this is! My Aunt was one of the women you raped! Were you tricking her as well? Or did you just want to rape her!

“It wasn’t like that.” I raised my hands. “Look, Ash, calm down.”

“I won’t! I won’t calm down!” Ashton screamed. “I hate you! I hate you!”

Ashton punched me, but it lacked the power to cause any damage. She tried to punch me again, but this time I caught her wrist. She glared at me, her face in a partial snarl. Well, this went fucking perfect. Was Ashton fixed now? Did Mako’s plan work without a hitch. You know what, fuck it. I was never the kind of guy to talk things out.

“I said, let GO-“ I immediately kissed Ashton. “Mmmm…mmmm…”

Ashton tried to speak, but I wouldn’t let her. Instead, with my hands holding her tight, I pushed her down on the bed. I couldn’t predict what would happen five minutes from now. I didn’t know how this would affect my future, or Ash’s. However, I knew one thing. Even if someone walked in on me this time, I wouldn’t stop until I was done.

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