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“Mm… n-no!” Ashton finally broke away from our kiss, pushing against my chest in a panic. “What are you doing?”

“Didn’t your Auntie explain that you need sexual release?” I whispered in her ear teasingly. “Since that’s the case, isn’t it natural that we do this?”

“Y-you’re not a girl!” Ashton protested. “That is… I can’t-Mmm!”

I kissed her again, unbuttoning her vest and undoing the tie of her school uniform. Although Ashton resisted, her resistance was shockingly weak. For someone who wanted to act like a boy, she might as well not have been resisting at all. Perhaps I wouldn’t have pushed as much if she had resisted, but since she‘s not fighting it, I wouldn’t either!

Her clothing started coming off, one article at a time. Her eyes grew teary, but there was little she could do as I exposed her chest. I pushed my hand against her nipples. There was only the faintest traces of fat there. She truly had no chest at all. Still, the blood stopped flowing to my heart and instead flowed to my nether regions. Even if she was completely flat, this was a woman’s chest. I had no doubt of that. My fingers gently stroked her nipples, which responded to my touch by growing hard.

“P-please…” Ashton looked up at me, her eyes begging. “Don’t…”

“Don’t what?” I demanded. “If we were both men, it’d be impossible for me to do anything, right?”

Ashton looked away, not sure how to answer that question. I reached out and began to pull down her pants. She didn’t resist when I pulled her underwear down either, revealing her pussy. It was pink and swollen. The vagina walls were slightly engorged, giving her a slight appearance of having “balls”, except it was soft and fatty to the touch. The lips of her upper labia were extended slightly. Since her pee came out from between them, this is perhaps what she confused for the penis.

For any man though, this was undoubtedly a woman’s pussy. It looked delicate and perhaps even virginal, although I wasn’t particularly skilled enough to tell such things. I pulled out my own cock from under my skirt. After a moment, I pulled her legs apart and pushed my hips between them, I rubbed the head of my cock against her. Ashton’s eyes opened wide in abject shock, unable to grasp what I was doing with her body.

“Feels good, right?” I asked her.

Ashton stared silently at me, her eyes agape in disbelief. I continued to tease her vagina with the tip of my cock. I could feel her pussy growing wetter as it felt my tip teasing her. My cock also produced a bit of precum, as playing with her body started to turn me on as well. Our fluids mixed as I pushed my head up and down her slit, slowly easing myself inside her.

“If you were a boy, then what am I putting my penis inside?” I demanded.

“Y-you can’t…” Her voice was weak, unable to come up with any other defense at this point.

I put a hand over her mouth, and as I did so, I pushed my way inside. Ashton made a load moan, muffled by my hand. I thought she might shout, so I wanted to keep the sound contained as I pushed past what I presumed was her cherry. Her cry was pretty long, more tears coming down her face. I continued to push myself in, easing myself until my cock completely filled her pussy. Ashton was tight like most of the schoolgirls I had enjoyed. She wasn’t wet and lewd like my aunt or thin and willowy like my sister. Instead, there was something somewhat raw about being inside Ashton.

My dick plumped with arousal could almost feel a pulsation in her pussy. As blood engorged her clitoral parts, I could almost feel her heartbeat with my dick. I kissed Ashton again, and this time I found her tongue responding, dancing with my tongue. Whatever resistance she had was wilting away by the second. Her womanly body which was craving this touch started to submit. Her legs opened without force, and she closed her eyes as if to give me permission to continue to fuck her.

I graciously took that permission, moving my cock in and out of her tight cunt, enjoying the feel of her pulsing against my dick. I was very curious how sensitive Ashton’s parts were. She was a girl whose blood flowed freely to her crotch when she was aroused. With my dick inside, her pink pussy practically looked like a red rose, currently unfolded with my dick shoved inside. I put a thumb on the clit of her pussy, my hand gently feeling her flat stomach. My thumb started to move back and forth in a rhythmic fashion, steadily stimulated the engorged nerve endings of her clitoral lips.

Ashton kept her eyes closed as if trying to deny what was happening as long as she couldn’t see it. However, her mouth fell open now, and with my dick inside her and my thumb stroking her clit, she was panting.

“Hah… hah… hah… ahhh… hah…” Ashton’s face was scrunched up in an adorable look as I massaged her clit.

Without moving my dick, her pussy was allowed to relax slightly, even if it was being stretched open. As her cunt pulsated, it threated to squeeze down on my cock. Each heartbeat was another slight squeeze. It wasn’t the typical hard thrusting I was used to. Instead, I fingered this girl while enjoying the simple pleasure of being inside her.

“C-clyburn’s dick is too big…” Ashton suddenly murmured, “I-it hurts.”

“Eh? Isn’t it because Ashley’s pussy is too tight?”

“It’s not… I’m not…” the girl under me tried to argue back, but I quickly doubled the speed of my thumb, causing her eyes to widen and her mouth open in a moan, “Ahhhhhn….”

“It’s okay if you cum…” I teased Ash, “I know you want it…”

“W-with a boy…” Ash responded weakly in between gasps. “I-I’m not gay…”

“Oh… are you saying this does nothing for you?” I asked, leaning down and taking a nipple into my mouth.

At the same time, I once again increased the speed of my thumb. It was starting to making a wet sound as rubbed across her clit in a steady rhythm. She let out another cute moan, her hands grabbing on to my shoulders as if to brace herself from a powerful orgasm. A moment later, she does exactly that. Her pussy tightens even more around my cock until the point it’s nearly forced out.

“I-it’s big!” She cried again, her back suddenly arching.

As her back arched, I pushed myself into her completely, not allowing her pussy to escape from my cock’s deep penetration. I released her nipple, instead, wrapping my arms around her and sucking on her neck. Her body convulses as she lets out lewd moans of pleasure. I can feel a gush between our sexual parts as she cums against my cock.


“Ah… it’s too much!” Ash cried, her body arching again as she cums with my cock inside her.

The massaging of her pussy is almost enough to bring me to my own conclusion, but I’m able to resist for a bit. When her body finally collapses, Ashton in a sweaty mess, she actually initiates a kiss with me, likely intoxicated by her own dirty lust.

“I didn’t know… it could be that good…” Ashton pulled away shyly. “I guess… perhaps I was meant to be with a boy after all. Even though I’m gay, I… ahhh!”

I let out an annoyed growl and lifted her legs, pulling her lower half up. “You still are thinking such nonsense? When will you just accept the truth? You’re a girl!”

“I-I’m not!” Ashton cried out, as I stood in a catcher’s stance over her. “Wh-what are you doing?”

“If you won’t see sense!” I declared “I’ll fuck it into you!”

I lined my cock up with her pussy again. However, with her butt pulled up to the point it was completely off the bed, her pussy was facing almost vertical up. That was just fine because, in my position, I was completely on top of her. Ashton was almost bent in half, with her head shoved into the bed and her ass firmly in my grasp. Like that, I mounted her, pushing my dick into her pussy. She let out another gasp, still sensitive from her previous orgasm. I didn’t offer her any time to recover. Instead, I pushed her down, holding her body in half so tightly she could barely breathe, let alone move.

Like that, I started to thrust into her. By the third thrust, I was pounding her as hard as I could. I stopped treating her pussy as something precious and started treating it like a tool to get me off. She started moaning, but her moans came in a wheeze given the form I had contorted her body into. She was completely helpless but to take my cock, which I gave her without a single ounce of remorse.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. My balls started to slam against her as I pounded Ashton into the bed. Her panting started to grow into drooling, and her eyes became disorderly as the rough feelings that started out somewhat painful became a flood of pleasure. Also, blood and cum leaked down her buttcrack, I didn’t offer a single ounce of leniency as I pounded her while summoning every ounce of my stamina.

“C-clyburn!” Ashton moaned with some effort. “I can’t anymore. It’s too much! You’re making me go crazy!”

“Huh?” I said darkly, continuing to jackhammer her for all she was worth. “Aren’t you some tough boy? Why don’t you just deal with it! I’m almost done!”

“I-I can’t… I’m cumming!” Ashton cried, her pussy contracting again.

I didn’t slow my jackhammer movements. If anything, as more juice started to leak from her bruised cunt, I started to work even harder, pounding Ashton so loudly that the neighbors assuredly heard. However, I didn’t really care all that much. I was lost in the moment, enjoying the feel of her wet, throbbing pussy as I violently abused it.

Ashton’s once cute face looked like a mess. Her cheeks were completely red and she had a dazed look on her face. Her tongue was sticking out and her eyes were rolled up. It was as if she couldn’t even believe that her body could feel this way. Even if Ashton had masturbated a few times, she never truly understood the equipment she was working with, and thus had never been able to bring herself pleasures like this.

Furthermore, I didn’t exactly have a pulse on Ashton’s limits. She was a lot more sensitive than the other woman I had been with. Even if I pushed her way past her tolerable limits, who would know? As Ashton’s sanity broke under my relentless thrusting, I was none the wiser. Thus, I continued to pound, feeling like a king as I broke Ashton and made her a woman.

“Ah… I’m going to cum inside you!” I said as I felt the deep burning within me.

Ashton let out a cry. “Y-you can’t?”

“What?” I laughed, “Why’s that? If you’re a guy, what would cumming even do?”

“No…, please… don’t cum…”

“Where would I cum?” I asked innocently, my pace increasing as I met her eyes daringly. “Tell me, Ashley… tell me! Tell me where I shouldn’t cum! Tell me why!?”

Ashton’s eyes closed tightly and she shook her head. “Ahhn… I’m cumming, it’s too much. Please… don’t!”

“Tell me!” I shouted, shoving my cock down to the balls, making sure she felt the full length with every stroke. “Ashley… tell me your problem!”

“Don’t cum in my womb!” Ashley finally screamed. “I don’t want to get pregnant!”

Her words came a moment too late. I really did plan to pull out when she finally confessed. I swore I did. But when the words finally came, both of us looked at each other in complete shock. Instead of pulling out, I pushed into her even harder. A moment later, my dick exploded.

“Ahhhhh!” Ashley cried out as she came, the feeling of hot stuff shooting inside her.

With my cock stuck in her throbbing, orgasming pussy, I couldn’t even think to pull out. I kept cumming inside her, while her pussy milked it like her body was meant to do, filling her up deep inside.

She looked at me in disbelief, her mouth was open. I also had a guilty expression. Things went a bit too far, I guessed.

“You… actually did it… inside.” Ashley whimpered.

I collapsed next to her, finally pulling myself out of her. Meanwhile, Ashley looked down at her crotch, she fingered it slightly and watched as creamy white stuff leaked out and down her crotch. She gradually regained her breath and clarity, and when she was finished, she gave a sigh and fell back into the bed. I laid next to her, feeling a tinge guilty and also a little lost about what to do next. I had successfully banged Ashton. She had, in her final moments, recognized she was a woman. This… was good, right?

Suddenly, Ashley turned and to my complete shock, snuggled against me. I looked down at her, still silent.

“Ashton…” I said quietly.

Ashley closed her eyes for a second as if she was making a decision, and then looked up at me. “You’re right. You were always right. My name… was Ashley.”

I remained silent, not quite sure how to respond to her sudden change.

“My brother… his name was Ashton.”

“So… it was like that…” I finally responded after a brief moment of silence.

We lied in bed in each other’s arms. My shirt had come off during sex, but I still had my skirt on, which covered my wet, softening dick. As for Ashley, she was completely naked, and clinging to me enthusiastically now, as if I was her last lifeline. Her flat chest was pushed up against my arm, and her delicate hand rested on my chest. However, everything about her felt feminine. I couldn’t even believe there was a time I was fooled into thinking she was a man.

“We were twins,” Ashley said. “Born in the same womb and same mother. Brother… was my everything. We were inseparable. Of course, he got treated completely different than I did… but he always shared everything with me in secret. Extra deserts, toys, everything was shared between us. We were practically like one person despite my mother’s attempts at favoritism.

“It was when we turned ten that things fell apart one day. With my brother looking more masculine than she used to, mom would no longer allow him out in public. I was allowed to go, joining mom on trips when the occasion called for it, but brother fell under house arrest. He started to get jealous that I got to go everywhere. I didn’t want him to grow to hate me…”

Ashley stopped, her body shaking slightly. I stroked her short hair, breathing in the scent of this beautiful flower bud I had just picked. Her story, I knew where things were going. I also knew that this was a tale she felt she needed to tell. Thus, I remained silent, waiting for her to continue.

“Since mom wouldn’t take the brother out… I decided to.” Ashley explained, her face dropping. “It was just a little festival down the road. It was easy to sneak out. So, the pair of us went there. I wanted to show him all the stuff he was missing. I wanted to share everything with brother.”

“I didn’t realize how the world saw men. I didn’t realize that when some women saw an escorted ten-year-old boy, their first instinct would be to kidnap him. However, brother and I were having a good time. We were playing around… we were playing dress up. He needed to pee, so he went into a bush.”

“It was me they mistook for Ashton. It was me they kidnapped.” Ashley spoke bitterly.

I raised an eyebrow. “You? Not Ashton?”

Ashley nodded without looking up, her head pressing against my chest even tighter. “It all happened so fast. They grabbed me and shoved me into a bag. Then they started to flee. Ashton saw it happen. He chased after them. He threw himself in front of the vehicle to stop them from taking off with me. So, the ran him down. It was only after they hit him that they realized their mistake. So… they… these women… they did the smartest thing they could do. They kicked me out of the car.”

“Kicked you out…”

Ashley’s hand squeezed me. “At sixty miles an hour, while tied in a bag. It… was a man who found me. He brought me to the hospital. As for Ashton, he didn’t make it. He held on for twelve hours before he died. I held on slightly longer. That’s why… That’s why I got several of his organs.”

I gasped, looking down. “Seriously?”

Ashley chuckled wryly. “It was almost like cosmic fate. Magic can heal a lot, but it can’t restore an organ once it’s received a certain amount of damage. The organs that were damaged for me were the organs that were safe for him and vice versa. Not only were we perfectly compatible, but one of us had just the right parts to save the other.”

“And you lived longer…” I finished.

Ashley shook her head sadly. “They had decided to end my life prematurely. The doctors wanted to save Ashton at all costs. However, he flatlined while I was under the knife. They stopped the doctor just as she was cutting out my liver. A decision had to be made… and so his parts went into me instead. My arm is his… so is one eye, a part of my spine, small intestine, stomach, spleen, and… even my sex organs.”


“I was… impaled.” Ashley smiled wryly. “My ovaries were undamaged, but a great deal of my vagina, clitoris, and labia was destroyed. The doctor used my brother’s nerve endings and skin to reassembled my parts. The head of his cock became my clitoris. The ball sack was used to rebuild my labia. It was all he could do to keep my female parts functional and normal. I’m a monster’s creation of male and female parts. So, you see, I’m just as much Ashton as I am Ashley.”

I turned away, legitimately speechless over her revelation. Ashton… Ashley… it wasn’t something so simple as the Aunt made it sound.

“Th-there’s no scars…” I said in a somewhat stunned silence.

“Mother had many resources. Naturally, cosmetic Spellmen were able to remove all imperfections.” Ashley sighed. “I think she had a dream that I’d one day give her a grandson. Instead, I begged the doctor to turn my parts male. She wouldn’t do it. She said that my female parts functioned, but that my male parts never would. I still decided to live the life Ashton never could. I thought… if I gave up now, I’d be giving up on him.”

“But… what would happen when you need to donate sperm.” I asked, still trying to wrap my head around what had just been learned.

Ashley gave a wry smile. “I don’t know… steal it? As my roommate, I could probably get your emissions and then insert them into women.”

“H-hey!” I cried out.

Ashley chuckled and lowered her head. “It was just a thought. What is important is that Ashton lives on. My brother… his life. If I go back to being Ashley, then all of it would have been for nothing!”

“Not so…” I defended. “Ash, your brother left you with the ability to have a child. You have sexual parts that still work. I’ve confirmed that they work! Which means any child you have, it’ll be because of his sacrifice!’

Ashley’s eyes widened, “R-really?”

I nodded. “I think you’ve been going about this all wrong. You want to honor your brother’s life by pretending to be your brother. However, this method has a finite time period. You can only keep this up for so long. Even if you succeed. Even if you spend your whole life pretending to be Ashton, what will you have accomplished? Ashton will still die with you! A man’s life is the children he’s fathered. That’s the truth in this world and in any other. My progeny are the imprint I have in this world!

“If you truly want to honor Ashton, then you owe it to him to push your genes on! You and he are brother and sister! Twins! You have the same genome! So, when you pass on your genes, you’re passing on his genes! If you want to give your brother meaning, then you need to get pregnant.”

“Pregnant…” Ashley’s eyes widened, and her hand touched her womb, currently still filled with your seed. “I… should have a baby…”

I crossed my arms and nodded affirmatively. “See? That’s all there is to it.”

Ashley’s excitement grew for a moment before it turned bitter. “As great as that sounds… what man would be interested in a woman like me? My hymen was purely cosmetic. It had long been destroyed before the accident. But even if that was so, I certainly don’t have it anymore. I have several boy parts, pretended to be a boy most of my life, and I have no slice outside of my mother’s influence!”

I raised an eyebrow. “Huh? Isn’t it obvious? We’ll have the baby. If you don’t get pregnant now, then we’ll just try again later. Actually, next year after I turn sixteen would probably be the best time.”

“You?” Ashley lowered her head shyly,“ I said it… didn’t I? I’m part boy. Aren’t you… disgusted with me?”

I reached down, cupping her pussy and gently squeezing her clit, causing her to gasp. “This has been a part of you for your entire development into a woman. I can’t see this as anything but my Ash‘s body. You said it yourself! You and your brother were one! As far as I’m concerned, whether you’re Ashley or Ashton, you’re still the same person who became my roommate. You’re still the person I want as mine!”

“Ah… yes…” Ashley looked away, suddenly becoming much shier, her femininity coming off more now than even when we were having sex. “Thank you.”

I shrugged. “There is nothing to thank. You are my woman now. I’ve already pumped you full of my seed. I don’t do that carelessly. Now, I will take responsibility for those actions. My only request is that you also recognize me. You will be mine!”

“I agree!” Ashley said excitedly, then blushed. “I mean… yes, I’m yours.”

I leaned forward, my fingers starting to play with her twat once again. I had to say, the doctor did a good job. Her pussy was absolutely great. I was getting ready to stick my hand into it. Her hand also reached under my skirt and pulled out my hardening dick. While I fingered her, she stroked my cock. Was the hand she used Ashton’s hand or Ashley’s? It didn’t really matter to me. They were the same person, and that person was mine!

“Hey, Ashton, I was seeing if you wanted to…” The door opened and Rigor glanced into the room.

His eyes fell on me and Ashton. We were canoodling on the bed, his hand on my cock. As far as my hand, it covered her sexual organs up enough that Rigor couldn’t see her pussy from this angle. From his point of view, it looked like two men on the bed playing with each other’s privates. My mouth fell open, immediately trying to come up with some argument to get out of this situation.

“Nevermind… I didn’t realize you two had this sort of relationship. My apologies.” Rigor shut the door without another breath.

“I really need to start locking the door,” I muttered.

Ashley nodded dumbly.

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