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My time at home was spent with Madison, Rose, and my children. My time at school was mostly filled with classes and hanging out with Rebecca or Dia. Although finding times to speak to Dia were exceptionally rare. My shot at becoming a spellman was seemingly nipped in the bud, but I didn’t have to cast anything in the introductory magical course, so I continued to go just to learn the mathematical concepts.

Every day, my relationship with Rebecca seemed to grow stronger. Although she still held some negative views towards men, a part of me felt like, given the right circumstances, I could win her over. I found myself liking her more and more, and even considered one day offering to have a baby with her. Of course, if she found out the truth, I didn’t know how bad things would get. I could only sigh at the complicated situation I found myself in.

At home, my sister seemed happier than I had ever seen her, playing around with her blog when we weren’t spending time together. My only regret was there were very few opportunities where I could take her out on something like a date. One night, I had brought out the patio furniture and tried to have an outdoor date. On another day, I had taken her to an amusement park. That day, in particular, was an eventful mess. In this way, over a month had passed, and the trial was coming up soon.

As I lied in bed early one morning and thought about my recent life, a toilet flushed a moment later, and Madison came out into the bedroom. She was wearing nothing but her underwear, her delicate thin body on full display for me to enjoy. It was a testament to how close we had grown the last month that she was willing to stand in front of me in this way. The only times I didn’t spend with her or the kids were the periods when Rose grew too jealous and demanded my attention. However, Rose knew we were lovers and I was trying to get Madison pregnant. She respected our needs as young adults.

“Well?” I asked.

Madison lowered her head. “Negative…”

She had a small stick in her hand that she tossed in the trashcan. I didn’t know if the stick was magical or made the same way as they made them back in my other world, but it still served the same purpose of determining if someone was pregnant. We had slept together almost a dozen times in the last month, and in the end, Madison still wasn’t pregnant.

“Oh…” I responded simply.

“M-maybe I can’t…” Madison looked down.

I could tell that a lot of her Plan B had revolved around having a baby. You couldn’t exactly have a pregnancy blog if you weren’t pregnant. As I recalled, it had taken some time before Morgan had gotten pregnant as well. We had a sexual relationship for nearly a year before a baby happened, whereas, with Rose, it was nearly the first time. I knew it was different for every woman, but I never realized how difficult it was to get pregnant when you genuinely wanted to! My old life was no help here either. I was completely breaking new ground!

“Madison… come here?” I gestured for Madison to join me.

She looked over at me sadly, but I kept gesturing before she shyly lied down into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a hug, my hand stroking her unbraided hair. She shivered for a moment, but I only held her tighter.

“Clyburn…” Madison murmured against my chest.

“I love you, Madison,” I said simply. “We’ll have a baby, eventually. Or we won’t, and that won’t change how I feel.”

“It’s not fair when you tell me things like that…” Madison sighed, her heartbeat suddenly growing chaotic. “You trial is only a week away. I’ve been useless.”

“My sister is never useless!” I grabbed her hair and forced her to look at me. “You mean more to me than you could possibly know.”

“O-oh…” Madison didn’t know how to respond, her face growing red as I looked at her hungrily.

My lips attacked her as the pair of us kissed. My hands had grown adept at removing bras, and now Madison’s flew away in an instant. Her palm sized breasts ended up in my hands. While I kissed her, I squeezed them playfully. Madison moaned, growing lost under my touch. Yet again, her panties were tossed aside and I was inside my sister. She moaned and panted as I thrust myself inside her. I never felt closer to Madison as I did in these moments.

“I love you…” She whispered in my ear as she came around my member, causing shivers to shoot up my spine.

“I love you too…” I affirmed, continuing to push myself into her.

When I finished cumming inside Madison, she put her feet up in the same way Aunt Rose had shown her, supposedly to help her gain fertilization. I didn’t know if it helped, but I could only smile as she wore a determined look while propping her butt up on two folded pillows. On that thought, that’d make a good sex position. I might use the pillows next time. I closed the door behind me and headed back to my room.

After getting dressed back up as Clarice, I headed to the entrance of our mansion. Brooke was already waiting there in her school outfit. Something about Brooke seemed to have changed since she started going to school. Before, she always had a tomboy appearance, but right now her hair appeared to have some kind of gel in it and she was wearing makeup. She looked particularly feminine and sexy today.

“Did you do something with your hair?” I asked.

“Hmm?” Brooke blushed, and while playing with the tips she murmured so quietly I barely heard her. “I’m just growing it out a bit.”

“You look really nice.” I smiled. “Is there a girl who’s caught your eye?”

“N-none of your business!” Brooke spun away. “Maybe… I just wanted to look more like the other girls around y- at school!”

“Okay. Okay.” I held up my hands. “I just wanted to say you’re pretty.”

“You… who says I cared for your opinion!” Brooke stormed out the door, and I could only follow behind while giving a wry smile.

She used to laugh off my compliments or even tease me back, but over the last few months, she’s grown more and more angered by them. I didn’t really get it. Maybe it was because we were hanging around Rebecca so much. Rebecca didn’t shove too much WRATH stuff down my throat, but maybe some of her anti-male sentiment was starting to get to Brooke. I really didn’t like that at all. At the very least, there was only one more day of this.

We took the car off to Amaryllis. With Clyburn rarely making a public appearance, the news media outlets had calmed down significantly over the last month. Leaving the mansion and getting to school no longer required serious cloak and dagger tactics. We were still careful, but it wasn’t nearly as big of a deal anymore. We ended up back on the trolley without incident.

This was a schedule I had performed every day. I woke up some 5 am in the morning, including a 2-hour commute to school which left me there by 7 am. As a result of these hours, I was actually becoming quite the morning person. When the trolley parked on the island, I walked to notice someone I wasn’t expecting to see so early in the morning. Rebecca usually met up with me around 10 am. We had never actually planned for it, but she had always managed to find me no matter where I was.

“Rebecca?” I asked, approaching her as she broke out into a smile that always made my heart flutter.

“Hey! Claire! I keep saying just call me Becky!” Rebecca put on a cute pout.

“Y-yes… Becky. Sorry.” I smiled.

“Um… Claire… actually, I was wondering… I’m sorry this is kind of last minute, but would you go with me to the WRATH meeting today?”

“WRATH meeting?” I blinked at the sudden question.

“Ah! It’s just, we’re having our monthly meeting and I totally forgot that this month everyone is supposed to bring a friend!” Becky suddenly grabbed my arm nervously. “I’m not trying to make you join! I just want you to come as my date…”

When she realized she said the d-word, she suddenly blushed and lowered her head, but otherwise didn’t take back what she said. A date? No… it was a bit more than that. This was a chance to sit in on a WRATH meeting. Wasn’t this exactly what Oswald wanted me to do? Gather any intel I could on the enemy? WRATH was a small school organization version of the WRA, and the WRA was ultimately the organization that was pushing to have me arrested. With the trial only a week off, they would be quite likely to have some talks about me. Although, I did have one concern.

“I already said I won’t confess to things I don’t remember…” I told Becky anxiously.

Becky shook her head. “No. No. No. I’m not trying to do anything like that! I swear! I really just want your company. Please!

I glanced over at Brooke who had joined us; she snorted. “I suppose we could go.”

Becky shot Brooke a hateful look. “I didn’t invite you; you don’t need to come!”

“You…” Brooke narrowed her eyes, but I put my hand on her shoulder, stopping her before she got into yet another argument with the other woman.

“Brooke, it’s okay. I’ve been coming here for nearly a month. I think I’ll be safe.”

Brooke shot me a surprised look, but after a moment, she gave a nod. “Alright, but I’ll stick nearby.”

Becky took a deep breath of relief as Brooke conceded. She was never very clear on our relationship and I never really felt the need to fill her in. She figured Brooke saw me as a little sister and wanted to protect me. As a rather new student, she thought Brooke was just looking out for me. That wasn’t entirely false, so I allowed her to continue to believe that.

“Alright!” Becky handed me a paper with the location written on it. “It’ll be later tonight, shortly after classes.”

We bid farewell and I headed off. I still had a bit of time before my first class started, so I instead headed over to the female dorms. My goal wasn’t to sneak in and harass Dia. Rather, I stayed near the entrance and caught a few girls, asking them questions.

“Hmm?” One girl asked. “You’re looking for a girl named Mia? Sorry… I haven’t heard about her.”

“Sorry, I’m not interested.” One girl thought I was using it as a pickup line.

“Mia? Isn’t she… Ah… nothing…” That girl practically fled, very suspicious.

I made a fist after that one, smacking my open palm in frustration.

“Don’t make that face.” Brooke sighed, “Class is starting soon.”

“I haven’t talked to Mia since we signed the contract. Aiko too has seemed to disappear off the face of the Earth. Isn’t that weird?” I asked.

“I already told you, I checked on Aiko and she’s fine at home.” Brooke shrugged. “Isn’t it common for girls to cut off communication with a guy once she’s pregnant?”

“I didn’t ask them to do that. I said they were mine, so why would they disappear?”

“Habits are hard to kill. Saying you want to be in the kid’s life, they probably didn’t equate that to seeing them pregnant. Morgan told me that women who are pregnant feel ugly and don’t want to be seen by the ones they love.”

“It could be that,” I admitted.

Other than Madison, who stayed with me at the mansion, there was three other women I had sex with in the last few months. They were Aiko, Mia, and Ashton. Ashton was still believed to be a man by everyone. Although Rigor was convinced we were a gay couple, we at least managed to get him to keep his mouth shut. As for Aiko and Mia, both girls sent barely a message or two saying they were okay. As far as seeing them in person or talking to them, it hadn’t happened at all.

A part of the reason I had come here as a woman for the last month was hoping to find my Mia. Regretfully, I hadn’t encountered her even once. In fact, as far as I could tell, she had stopped going to classes entirely. It made me extremely aware that there was never any official agreement between us. At, first, I had preferred it that way. I thought it meant that our relationships had more meaning. However, finding out two of the women in my life completely vanished once they got what they wanted from me was an extreme hit to my pride.

I had thought the two girls were better than that, but the truth was that I didn’t know either of them that well. Brooke knew Aiko better than me, having lived with her for a time. She assured me that Aiko wasn’t the type of girl to kiss and run. It still left me with some conflicted feelings regarding the common sense of this world as well as the concept of slices and contracts.

Feeling somewhat defeated, I ended up spending the rest of the day in classes. I was finally getting to a stage where I didn’t feel like I was desperately struggling to catch up. I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get over a C in classes that depended on this world’s knowledge like history, but I strongly felt if I kept going, I’d at least be able to pass these classes. Assuming my case went properly, I planned to continue on as Clarice until the end of the school year, at the very least.

“You sure you’re going to be okay?” That was Brooke asking me that question after class.

The sun was just starting to set and we were standing outside the facility building where this WRATH meeting was taking place. It did feel a bit like I was walking into an enemy nest. I truly had my concerns, but I didn’t think Brooke’s presence would be able to alleviate them. I took a deep breath and then patted Brooke on the shoulder.

“This is what Oswald suggested I do. This may be our only chance to find out about what WRA truly has on me.”

Brooke nodded with a sigh. “Very well. Get going.”

I nodded and then headed up into the building. As soon as I hit the entrance, I ran into a familiar face.

“Hey, you, what do you want?” A large woman crossed her arms. “I saw you out there with Brooke. I don’t want any trouble with her.”

The woman in front of me was the same woman who had attempted to take a drunken Brooke home some time ago. She had attacked me as Clyburn, and it was only Brooke’s quick actions that saved me. This woman seemed to have held a grudge against Brooke, although fortunately, she didn’t seem to recognize me.

“Uh… I’m here for…”

“Huh? Speak up louder?” The girl snorted. “Better yet, why don’t you take off with your man-loving slut friend and get lost. This meeting is for real women.”

It seemed like this girl wasn’t much better even when alcohol wasn’t involved. Her attitude was absolutely rotten. However, I also didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t really afford to get into a fight with her. Maybe if I hit first, I could take her, but my wig would almost certainly be displaced. Simply put, I had no option but to turn around and leave.

Before I had made it a step though, a familiar voice called out from inside. “Remi, can’t you treat guests a little nicer! This is what gives WRA such a bad reputation!”

The person who appeared was, of course, Becky, who shot the hippopotamus girl a severe look. The girl’s expression changed as she looked at Becky with some respect but she still blocked my way stubbornly.

“She doesn’t have a pass.”

“Oh! “ Becky blushed. “That’s my fault! She’s my plus. I got so excited I forgot to give you the proper invite!”

Becky pushed her way past the other girl and my mouth fell open. Becky was wearing something very girly and cute. It was a summer dress with flowers on it. Her hair was done up and she was wearing makeup too. This was far beyond the level she had dressed before at school. She truly looked gorgeous to me. It took me a moment to realize I was staring at her.

“H-hi…” I finally got out.

Becky gave a pleased smile and then grabbed my arm, pulling me passed the other woman. Remi shot me a warning glare but made sure she didn’t impede Becky’s way in the slightest. Becky pulled me into a medium-sized room with couches, a table, and some rec stuff.

“I’m so glad you came, Clarice. Come on! Sit down!” Becky said happily, “Do you want something to drink?

“Ah… sure.” I nodded, not quite sure what to expect.

Becky nodded. “I’ll be right back.”

She turned and ran out of the room as if she was in a rush. Apparently, she was letting her own excitement get the better of her. I could only smile wryly and look around the room.

“Oh, Clarice? You got roped into this as well?” A family voice caused me to raise an eyebrow.


Lyra smiled, suddenly glancing away from me. “I see things are going well between you and Becky. That’s good.”

“Huh?” I glanced around, “Why do you say that?”

“Ah… well… I usually don’t see Becky act this way. She’s usually very serious and somewhat severe.”

A few of the other girls nearby seemed to nod in confirmation. On that thought, I remembered a similar impression of Rebecca the first time I met her. When I had first seen her at the party, she seemed rather snobbish and angry. She had a severe expression on her face and often spoke irritably. However, the more time I spent with her, the more often I saw her smiling and blushing. She looked much cuter when she was happier, and the happier she was, the cuter she seemed.

“I’m glad that Becky found you, Clarice.” Another girl with a lanky build spoke up. “After Clyburn raped her, she lost a great deal of her energy. I’m not sure she would have recovered without you in her life. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Ah… I didn’t…” I had a complicated look on my face, it wasn’t every day I was accused of both raping someone and helping them get over that rape. “As far as Clyburn…”

As soon as I said the name, the atmosphere in the room grew icy.

“Don’t be concerned with that monster!” One woman sniffed.

“Clyburn didn’t…” Lyra had a stubborn look on her face.

“Oh, don’t start that again, Lyra.” One of the other girls growled. “We invited you because you were a victim just like us. However, stop defending that bastard.”

“I’m not defending! And I was raped.” Lyra said pleadingly. “I only came here to help you guys see the truth! Clyburn didn’t-“

“These women were raped. Do you deny that?” A voice came from the doorway, a squat older woman waddling in.

“N-no… Miss Monic.” Lyra expression fell.

This was the teacher of the magic class I had blown myself up at. She was a teacher who had given me bad feelings since the first time I had laid eyes on her. I was not happy to see her here either. Wasn’t she the leader of the WRA? She was the very woman leading the parade to bring me down! I started feeling very stuffy as her gaze shot over all of us. Did her eyes linger on me for a second? It had to be my imagination.

“This boy… Clyburn… is a man. That’s all we need to know. That night, men raped and abused numerous women. He was there.” Miss Monic declared as she shot a girl a look, who jumped out of her seat to give the teacher room to sit. “Clyburn represents all men. Even if he wasn’t the man holding Becky down, he is the man who represents all male impudence.”

“…” Lyra lowered her head, finding herself cowed in an instant.

Meanwhile, Miss Monic’s severe personality had an immediate effect on me. We had only met once before, and her eyes felt like they pierced right through me. For the sake of my case, this was exactly the person I needed to be talking to, but at the exact moment, I was feeling like I wanted to flee.

“Clarice!” Rebecca walked in with a smile and drink in her hand, only stopping when she noticed the sour mood. “I-is everything okay?”

“A-actually…” I said, looking down at my hands. “I’m feeling like I need some air.”

“Okay!” Becky nodded, looking over at Miss Monic. “We still have about ten minutes before we start, right?”

Miss Monic put on a smile, the pressure temporarily lightening as she glanced at Becky. “Of course, how about you take your friend for a walk. Just come back shortly.”

I barely noticed as I got up and fled the room that a few of the girls were shooting Becky thumbs up and winks. She blushed, waving at them to stop before shutting the door behind herself, fleeing the room as quickly as I had. By the time she recovered, I turned around and was feeling better being some distance away from Miss Monic.

“Here… I want to show you something.” Becky reached out and grabbed my hand, pulling me along.

Feeling relieved, I let out a laugh and allowed her to pull me along. From an outside perspective, it looked just like a couple running off to flirt. As to where she took me, there was a doorway that was locked by a key. When she unlocked it, she stepped into a courtyard located at the center of the building. The building was essentially a giant pentagon, and at the center was an outdoor garden. There was no roof, and as the sun set, the sky was starting to show dark blues, oranges, and yellows.

I looked around at the garden, which had a small water fountain, a stone bench, and a small path of flowers. Overall, the garden was quite small, only the size of maybe 200 square feet. However, it was quite pretty, giving an almost otherworldly feel.

“It’s beautiful. I spoke genuinely.

Becky nodded, taking a seat on the bench. I joined right next to her. I looked over at the fountain, a simple five-tier waterfall, listening to the sound of the water dripping down.

“They gave me a key to this building because I’m the president of WRATH,” Becky spoke up. “Sometimes, I just like to come here and sit down to relax.”

“Becky…” I hesitantly reached out, and then grabbed her hand. “The day you were raped…”

“Ah… hmmm… that cloud is-“ She turned up, pointing.

I squeezed her hand tighter and then pulled her in a hug, interrupting her attempt to distract me. “I won’t let anything like that happen to you again. The people who did this to you. I swear… I’ll get revenge. You and me together… we’ll make them pay.”

“Ah…” Becky seemed frozen in my grasp, so I pulled back and looked at her.

Tears were falling down her face. I gently pushed them away with my thumbs, smiling at her.


“Clarice, I love you…” Becky whispered.

My thumbs stopped moving on her cheeks and my heart thudded painfully in my chest. Clarice… right. For the briefest moment, I was acting like Clyburn again. However, I was Clarice right now. In retrospect, what I was doing right now was quite cruel.

I shook my head. “Becky, I-“

“Shh… you don’t have to say anything back. This is enough for now.” Becky leaned forward and kissed me.

Her lips were soft, wet, and just a bit salty, but they felt incredibly genuine. Clarice was truly someone who made Becky happy. Even if she was made up, Becky needed this right now. I kissed her back, and we found ourselves in each other’s embraces for some time. Our tongues were entangled and our hands started to roam over each other.

My hormones started to explode, and I found my hands working up her shirt. She grabbed my wrist. I thought she was intending to pull my wrists away, but instead, she guided them up her skirt. Suddenly, my finger was being pushed against her panties. They were slightly damp, giving away how excited Becky was.

“It’s okay…” Becky gasped, looking at me pleadingly with full permission in her eyes.

However, I wasn’t really what she wanted. She wanted Clarice. As my hands touched her privates, I managed to get my hormones back under control. I let out a low sigh, removing my hand. Becky gave me a worried look, a tinge of fear in her eyes.

“If we keep going, I don’t think I’ll be able to stop,” I admitted.

Becky responded with a hoarse laugh. “I don’t think I want you to stop.”

“Your meeting has started.” I tightened my hand, squeezing Becky’s leg. “Let’s get back.”

Becky put on a smile her head leaning against mine, “Okay…”

I kissed her one last time and then stood up, leading her back to the classroom. Becky had suddenly turned very shy and demure. She gave me her hand and followed behind me with her head lowered. However, she also had a smile on her face that didn’t seem to go away. My heart was also racing in the same way. I had never thought I would start having feelings for Becky. It was perhaps because I kept her at a distance that I allowed myself to fall for her so hard.

The pair of us re-entered the room. A couple of the girls snickered as we walked in.

“Your makeup is smudged.” One girl said, eliciting more chuckles.

Just as I started heading for a seat, my eyes met Miss Monic’s and her lips formed two words. “An erection.”

The words shot through my head like a bullet. Before I could even stop myself, I let go of Becky’s hand, looked down, and pulled on my skirt. I wasn’t showing an erection from earlier, was I? I didn’t have time to figure out the answer to that. A second later, Miss Monic stood and took two fast steps towards me. She grabbed my hair and pulled hard. The wig gave way with ease, suddenly revealing my shorter hair.

“I knew it!’ Miss Monic growled. “A man!”

“Eh? Clyburn!” Lyra gasped in a voice loud enough for everyone in the room to hear.

The room went silent enough that a pin could drop, and every eye was on me.

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