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The campus was somewhat quiet. All that could be heard was the sound of insects and a few birds that were waiting until later in the fall to migrate. The sun was just starting to set, a few stars threatening to show themselves in the darkening night sky. Brooke was sitting in the shadow of a tree, trying to avoid being seen by the hippo-bitch she had almost slept with a month or so ago while drunk. That woman would otherwise have been glaring at her, so her only choice was to hide in the shadows like a creeper.

This silent mood didn’t last, as the door to the faculty building burst open. I flung myself out the door at full speed. The fat lesbian whose name I no longer remembered could only stare dumbly as I ran by. I was already halfway down the walkway before she even could register what she was seeing. What she was seeing was a me wearing half of a blouse that had been torn off of me and no bra. My skirt was still on, but there was no mistaking the boobs, or lack thereof. Despite some makeup and the female school uniform, there was little hiding I was a man.

“Brooke!” I shouted as quickly as I could manage. “We need to go. Now!”

As I stepped forward, I stumbled. It had turned into a riot the second my sex was revealed. A dozen woman leaped at me, scratching and biting. Someone had kicked me in the knee, and now it hurt every step I took. Had Becky not hesitated… well, I pushed myself right through her and raced for the door. Her shock was my escape. I still couldn’t get the look of her hurt eyes out of my head. However, I made it out of the viper pit, so I had no choice but to keep moving.

Brooke leaped out from her hiding place, her eyes wide. “What did you do?”

“Nevermind that, we need to-“ as I was trying to speak the door burst open again, causing me to look back.

The guard girl was only just shouting as the familiar teacher stepped out in front of the building. She was followed by a dozen other angry-looking women. They were all shouting, except for the teacher who seemed perfectly calm. None of them went passed her, and she casually pulled a glove out of her pocket and put it on. It was a bit hard to see in the dark, but I thought I saw an invocation circle on the back of the glove. Without hesitation, she held up her hand.

I spun back and tried to pick up my pace, but a second later I felt a surge hit my back. There was a thunderous roar, and I felt a familiar sensation I had once when I had to face Ben. My body went rigid and I slammed into the concrete. I only just managed to bring my hands up and prevent my face from slamming against a rock.

“Clyburn!” Brooke roared, racing out.

“Clyburn!” Another voice came from behind the teacher. “Teacher Monic… casting magic on a student… this is too far!”

The voice was familiar, it was Lyra’s voice.

“Someone shut her up.” Miss Monic growled at the students behind her, continuing to walk in our direction at a steady pace.

Brooke put her body in front of me, pulling her sword from her scabbard. I had never seen her hold this sword before except during training. In all my time, she always preferred her fists to swords. That she pulled the sword spoke to the seriousness of the situation at hand. I could just manage to roll over, trying to regain feeling to my extremities.

“Move, girl, this man is in need of some punishment.” The teacher snarled.

“This…boy… is under my protection.” Brooke emphasized the word boy.

I knew she was doing it to point out my youth, but somehow it still felt like my pride took a hit from that. In the end, I was still a kid in Brooke’s eyes. Literally hiding behind Brooke, I felt myself reaching a new low. I had hoped I had gotten stronger by now. I trained with Brooke every day for a year. Yet, a single spell brought me on the floor. In the end, I was still useless.

Even Lyra was in the arms of two larger women. One was holding her mouth to keep her from shouting. She was looking at me with fear and worry. I was the man here, yet they were both worried and trying to protect me.

“Suit yourself.” The teacher’s eyes narrowed.

“No!” I shouted, trying to ineffectually reach to Brooke.

A moment later, another lightning shot out. I closed my eyes instinctively over the flashing light. I heard a shout, and a sense of dread shot through me. The next noise I heard was the clang of metal on pavement. When my eyes could finally focus, purple shapes dancing across them, I saw Brooke kneeling on the ground. She was glaring at Miss Monic hatefully, her left hand holding her other shoulder as if the arm wasn’t working. Her sword was on the floor, and there was smoke rising up from it.

The lightning must have ended up heading for the sword tip like a lightning rod. Her handle must have protected her slightly, and thus she dropped it rather than getting the full brunt of it. Even if she only faced half a lightning bolt, Brooke still didn’t look much better than I did.

“WRATH, meet a traitor, a woman who would put her life on the line to protect a rapist and an arsonist, just because she wants his seed.”

“Fuck you…” Brooke cursed. “It’s you crazy WRAs that need to get with the program, you sexist fuck.”

“Hmm…” Miss Monic seemed completely unaffected by her words. “I’ll give you one more chance to get out of my way.”

“You shoot men in the back and attack other women. Some role model you are…” Brooke forced herself to her feet, putting her hands into a fight pose not dissimilar to something used in boxing. “Come on, bitch, bring it!”

“Brooke, stand down!” I shouted.

Using all of my energy, I manage to get myself back up on my knees. Brooke remained in fighing pose. She made no attempt to back down. If anything, she looked even more ready to attack. I could already see the stubborn look on her face.

“Listen to your man, Brooke.” Miss Monic teased, seemingly trying to make Brooke attack.

“Brooke…” I sighed. “You can’t stop them all. I don’t want you hurt.”

Brooke turned back to me, and I gasped at the sight of her face. Her teeth were clenched and there were tears running down her cheeks.

“I don’t want you to be hurt either!” She shouted, “J-just stand back… let me do my job!”


“You should have listened to your male master. Bitches like you should be kept on a leash.” Miss Monic continued to hurl vitriol, causing Brooke to finally lose it.

“You’re the bitch who should be on a leash!” Brooke screamed, surging to her feet and lunging forward.

“Stop!” I shouted, reaching out but not even being able to get off my knees.

Brooke ran at the teacher, but she didn’t raise her hand again. Just before Brooke made it to her, the woman standing next to Miss Monic stepped out and struck Brooke. Brooke was so focused on the teacher, she hadn’t been paying attention to her standing nearby. With a single hit in the back of the head, Brooke fell and the woman caught her. That woman was none other than that hippopotamus girl.

“That was for before.” The girl said, picking Brooke up before she collapsed to the ground and then chuckling darkly. “And this is for me.”

She lewdly grabbed Brooke’s chest, squeezing her boobs without hesitation. A few of the girls nearby shot the fat girl looks, not appreciating how she openly molested the other woman, but the fat woman seemed to not really care. I found myself thinking once again that she was quite the nasty person. I could only grit my teeth and bear it. My body was still shaking from the lightning I took to the back. I swore to myself in the future I was going to wear a rubber suit if I had to.

As I glanced up, there were fourteen sets of eyes on me. Other than Lyra, everyone else had hateful or disgusted looks. Perhaps only Rebecca eyes showed something else. They were wide and appeared hurt. She was lightly shaking her head as if she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The wig that was the hair on my head seemed to be in her hands, but she didn’t appear to realize it. I didn’t want to hurt her like this, but this is where things had ended up.

“I’m sorry I tricked you,” I said, licking my lips. “I just wanted to go to classes, to enjoy a normal life for a bit. I’m truly sorry!”

I lowered my head, the best I could given the state of my body. A direct apology seemed like the best I could do to get out of this situation. I had never had a chance to directly speak to these accusers of mine. They had to be able to see reason. Well, even if they couldn’t, what choice did I have? A second later, I heard light clapping. When I looked up, Miss Monic was staring down at me, lightly clapping her hands while some of the other girls sneered. I instantly knew my apology wouldn’t be enough after all.

“Your kind… always acting so proud when you’re in your groups. However, the second you can no longer hide behind women willing to protect you, you show your true faces. Cowards…”

I went to stand, but she was already in front of me. Her gloved hand went on my head, just a light feeling of static electricity caused me to freeze. She pushed down with her body weight, forcing me to fall back to my knees painfully.

“Ladies… look at the proper form of a man. On his knees… nothing but a dispenser for women to use for their own advancement. All women realize this, but only the WRA has the resilience to put men in their proper place.” As she spoke, a few of the girls were nodding their heads in agreement. “Of the twelve of you here, five of you were raped by this man here, after all this time, you can finally face your rapist! Don’t be afraid, my daughters, tell this man how you really feel.”

One girl, a scrawny woman who I didn’t recognize but who may have been at the party, stepped forward first. “M-m-my name is Kiiya. You raped me five times that night. I took pills the day after, but two weeks later something came out… it was the baby you put it me!”

The other girls made noises of disgust, a few patting her on the back or encouraging her. Only the teacher, Rebecca, and Lyra remained silent. I could only lower my head and wince. I really did regret that I was unable to help her. I had an adult mind. I should have realized something was fishy. Instead, my one directional mind didn’t see the big picture, and before I could do anything I got stuck in the same trap as all of these girls. Simply put, I felt guilty for what happened.

“I-I’m sorry…” I spoke up, causing Miss Monic to tighten her grip and a burst of noise from the other women.

“Wh-what did you say?” The nervous girl asked, her voice rising a bit.

“I said… I’m sorry!” I shouted, “I should have saved you. I should have stopped them. I should have realized what they were doing. I wasn’t strong enough! That’s why you were raped… because I was stupid. Is that what you want to hear?”

My eye’s shot up, and I realized my vision was watery, but I didn’t dare move with Miss Monic’s hand on my head. The girl was staring at me wide-eyed, her mouth open, as if she didn’t know what to say to that. The other girls seemed to be in utter shock as well, never expecting, of all the things, for an admittance of guilt. Only Miss Monic was different. Her eyes narrowed and her hand tightened on my head.

“Pretty lies. But notice ladies, how he doesn’t admit to raping any of you!” Miss Monic cried out. “Yet, we all know he raped a teacher and his own sister! He feels no sorrow for this at all! He is only sorry he got caught!”

“Don’t give me that cra- aaahhh…” Her hand suddenly started releasing electricity, and I collapsed back down to my knees, shaking as my mind seemed to go white.

“Donnavan!” Miss Monic shouted, “You too were raped that night. Don’t let this man’s lies give you hesitation. This is your chance to truly show vengeance.”

Another woman stepped forward, this one I did recognize from that night. She walked up until she was right next to the teacher. Unlike the first girl who looked nervous, she had been nodding along to every word that Miss Monic had said. Her expression was cruel and hateful as she looked down on me. Her foot reached out and she stomped on my hand.

“Ahhh!” I let out a cry as she ground her heel into it.

“We’ll never let you rape another woman again!” She said. “You… you… disgusting man!”

She finally pulled her foot off, eliciting cheers from several of the other women. Miss Monic gave her a pleased smile, and she almost skipped back to the rest of the girls, even giving some a high-five like she had accomplished something. I wanted to respond, but Miss Monic’s hand was grabbing my head tightly, and in an instant, she could send volts shooting through my brain. I was growing a bit fearful.

“Rebecca… do you have anything to say?” All of the women went quiet as the teacher suddenly turned to Becky.

“Me?” Rebecca spoke as if surprised.

“You brought him into our meeting, but no one here blames you for that. He’s spent the last month fooling you, fooling all of us!” There were shouts of agreement as she gestured with her free hand. “Rebecca, it is you he hurt the most, lied to the most, used the most. Do you have any words you want to say to this man?”

Rebecca’s eyes snapped to me, and that hurt in her eyes reappeared. She had her arms crossed over her chest and she seemed somewhat uncomfortable. After a moment, she shook her head, glancing at me with unshed tears in her eyes.


That was the only word she asked, but for me, it was enough.

“I just… wanted to know… why you hated me sooo much…” I said through gritted teeth, “And then… I started to get to know you, and I realized you weren’t a bad person. Becky, please… you know I didn’t do this. I just wanted to get to know you. I meant what I promised! I meant every word! We’ll find those senior bastards. I’ll make them pay for what they did to you! I don’t blame you for hating men, but it’s both sides that need to change. We have to find some ground in the middle! We have to- aahhhh damn it!”

I shrieked again as that hateful woman sent another shock through me. This one was stronger than the last, and I felt my extremities going numb again. The electricity seemed to go on forever, and for a brief moment, I feared she was going to kill me. However, with a shove of her hand, I was thrown back onto the pavement. The back of my head hit the concrete with a thud. As for standing up, my arms were completely numb once again.

As far as Becky, she still had a complicated look as she stared at me. If anything I had said had gotten through to her, none of it showed on her face. Rather, she had her head down as if she wanted to run away and cry. It tore my heart seeing her like that, but this teacher wouldn’t allow me to explain myself properly to her. I was beginning to understand how this WRA operated. The truth didn’t matter very much. Only the narrative they wanted to sell younger people was what mattered.

“Ladies… this man is a rapist. Although his trial is coming up in under a week, we all know how biased the system is. You’ve been given a rare chance to administer punishment on him early. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions?”

“We should hang him!” One girl shouted.

“Cut off his dick!” Another added.

Miss Monic let out a low giggle. It was an unnerving thing coming from the stout woman. Maybe she was secretly a dom, as it almost seemed like the idea of killing me aroused her. I remained frozen, not giving her any more ammunition to follow through with any of their requests.

“This… man… is guilty of raping women.” Miss Monic spoke, captivating the other women. “But more importantly, he’s guilty of not understanding his place in this world. Men only existing for one reason. What is it, ladies?”

“A cum dispenser…” One of the more enthusiastic girls spoke up first.

Miss Monic let out another unnerving giggle and then continued to speak. “You’re right… men are only needed in that they produce seed. Because of that, women have given them far too much leeway. It’s time we restore things to the natural order.”

“Miss Monic?” One of the students spoke up, totally enthralled by her words. “What should we do?”

“Is it not already apparent?” Miss Monic nodded, clearly loving the effect she had on these young girls. “This man raped women. He took our pride and humiliated us. It’s only right that we do the same! Ladies, rape this man, one at a time. Take his seed by force! Let him feel what it is like to be dehumanized!”

“Ah?” A girl let out a cry. “R-really?”

“You must… and after you’re done, scoop it out and throw it on his face! Because he’s nothing but a cum dispenser! Only we decide when we get pregnant! As for this man… when you’ve all had your fill… we’ll string him up by his balls and leave him out as an example to the other men!”

The few most diehard, like the woman who stepped on my hand, were nodding their heads excitedly. A few of the women, particularly those who still had their virginity, looked less sure. As for myself, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. These women were going to fuck me now? Although not all of these women were attractive, there were few truly hideous women in this world. It was all relative, and even the hippopotamus could have probably been a successful BBW on the internet. The ugliest woman here would have been average in my old world. Even Miss Monic wasn’t an ugly woman, although I could only look at her with disgust at the moment.

Suffice it to say, fucking any of these women was not a problem. In fact, in my old world, this was probably a fantasy many men would have. Of course, rather than get strung up by my balls, the end would involve me fucking the women so thoroughly that they let me go in pure ecstasy, but that was only a fantasy for my ego. The reality was the former. In this world, I was surrounded by women who saw me as nothing but an instrument to use, and they planned to make an example out of me. No matter how much my adolescent dream wanted it, this would not end pleasantly for me!

“Rebecca, you can start…” Miss Monic said, reaching out and grabbing Becky and pulling her forward.

“M-me? Why me?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Of everyone, you faced the most misery from this man. Not only was your time in Precipice the most violent, but he then further pretended to be your friend and lover, only to tear your heart again. This monster should truly pay. You are the president of Wrath. Lead the girls by being the first to rape this man of his seed!”

Rebecca shook as Miss Monic explained her reasoning. However, she didn’t seem to be able to come up with an argument to refute her. She walked up to me. I was still somewhat powerless from the shock. I could have struggled, but looking up at Becky, I couldn’t bring myself to. She gulped as she looked down on me, seeming confused and hurt at the same time.

“You don’t have to do this,” I said. “It’s your choice.”

I wasn’t worried about myself. I was more worried about her. I didn’t want Rebecca to push herself into this. However, Miss Monic wasn’t having any of it. She lunged forward, grabbing the hem of my skirt and pulling it down. In an instant, my pecker popped out. Of course, I wasn’t erect, but I wasn’t soft either. The electricity must have shorted my body circuits because I was sitting at half-cocked but couldn’t give a reason why.

Several of the girls gasped, perhaps seeing a penis for the first time. Lyra’s eyes widened, and I couldn’t stop myself at blushing. I had a lot of other things on my mind at the moment, but being exposed to a dozen women still left me shy. If my hands were capable of gripping anything without twitching at the moment, I might have tried to cover myself up. As for Rebecca, she stared down at my dick, and anger seemed to surge on her face.

“So… you are a boy.” The voice came out light enough that only Miss Monic and I heard it.

Even after my wig came off and my chest was exposed, somewhere deep down, perhaps Becky had been hoping I was secretly a girl. Unfortunately, I wasn’t like Ashton. I had a clear penis up my skirt, and there was no denying it was functional. I could only look on apologetically, but I was afraid to say more because I didn’t want to get shocked again by Miss Monic.

Miss Monic patted the girl on the shoulder and then glared at me. “Don’t think so much about this cum dispenser. He only wishes he was a woman. Remind him he’s nothing but a device for women to use.”

“Okay…” Rebecca closed her eyes and nodded to herself, finally tossing the wig away before carefully removing her panties. “D-don’t look.”

Those words weren’t for me, but the other girls. Most of them closed their eyes, but Miss Monic and a few of the more perverted ones continued to watch as she slid her panties down. She discarded them next to me and then steadily got on top of me. She looked down, a crease on her forehead, but after taking another breath, she lowered herself on top of me. With her skirt still on, her butt and privates still had most of their covering from the eyes behind her. But, as she lowered down though, her skirt came up and I could see her snatch.

It didn’t look ugly or broken at all. Rather, there was a dark patch of hair above it, and the snatch itself was a delicate slit, with no hint of labia. The clit on top was pink, about the size of a pea. I realized she was frowning at me and had caught me looking at it.

“Don’t look, you… man…” Her voice came out breathy and lacking any energy.

She didn’t wait for a response, instead of taking my cock and then lining it up. The sight of her taking her panties off, and then seeing her pussy, it had already gotten me past my point of half-cockness. My penis was hard, and when she grabbed it and lined it up, there was a little struggle as it went in. As my cock slid into her slit, a felt her moist insides. Despite being a lesbian, she wasn’t completely unaroused, and my cock entered smoothly. The girl herself shivered as it filled her up, gasping twice as if it was goosing her sides and making it hard to breathe.

The other girls were now watching with interest. Likely, none of them had ever seen sex before other than as a concept. They may have read about it in books or seen a picture or two, but as far as actually seeing a woman have sex, maybe only the teacher had. Furthermore, it was their own leader and president, Rebecca, who was raping the man who had raped them. Some of the women looked down at her with pride on their faces. Meanwhile, Lyra wore a complicated look on her face.

“Dear, get started,” Miss Monic let out her giggle. “You must use your vagina to milk his cock, like a cow. Once you are done, perhaps we will have his friends over here rape him, the traitor or maybe Lyra.”

It was clear to me that Miss Monic was getting something out of this. This wasn’t purely about dominating men. She seemed to like dominating women too! My memories told me this woman was getting some cheap sexual thrill over forcing us to have sex under her machinations, but all these girls were clueless about that. They accepted everything Miss Monic said at face value.

While I considered that, Becky had started moving her hips. She was very hesitant as if scared of the sensation of a cock inside her. She moved up and down very methodically, not really focusing on pleasure for herself or for me. However, her pussy felt good, and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and bite my lip so I didn’t moan. I had a feeling moaning would be used by Miss Monic to fuel the hate. Thus, the only thing that could be heard was the sound of crickets and the quiet gasps of Becky as she moved up and down on my member while everyone watched in anticipation.

Perhaps the craziest part was that this was being done outside in the middle of campus. Of course, this building was somewhat out of the way of the campus center, and it was dark now, and even passed curfew. Girls on campus couldn’t be out of their dorms passed a certain time, which had assuredly come and gone. Only in the presence of a teacher like Miss Monic could they be outdoors. Some help that did me!

“Ah…” Becky made a noise.

I thought she was cuming as I felt her pussy contracting rhythmically, but a moment later I felt something warm and wet hit my stomach. Her face was growing harder to see as the sun set and the shadows grew, but I realized that she was crying. Her pussy wasn’t climaxing, but she was sobbing, and with each sob, it made her body twitch. I looked up at her with my mouth open, not sure what to say. I had to say something, because I knew what Becky was feeling. I had spent enough time with Becky to understand some things about her. I didn’t want our relationship to be so meaningless.

My body had mostly recovered from my shock as she rode me. At the very least, I could sit up. I lifted my body and then wrapped my arms around Becky. Becky let out a gasp of surprise, which was echoed by several of the women. Miss Monic was also caught off-guard, tightening her glove, but hesitating to act, less she hurt Becky too.

I held Becky tightly in my arms, holding her with my face pressed against her chest. “Becky, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I lied to you. I’m sorry you have to do this now.”

“I don’t want to rape… I don’t want to be like that.” Becky suddenly hugged me back.

Her mind had been breaking for some time, and being pushed into doing this was only doing mental damage to her. It was something only someone close to her understood. The second I grasped on to her, I became the only thing in the world she could hold on to, and she did so desperately.

“It’s okay, Becky… it’s okay…” I said, bringing up my hands and wiping away her tears. “Because you can’t rape the willing.”

“!?” Becky’s eyes widened.

“That’s right, I wanted to be inside of you. I wanted to fuck you for some time.” I whispered. “And since you don’t want to be doing this… then it isn’t you who are raping me, it’s me who is raping you, right?”

“Y-you’re raping me…” Becky’s words came out in disbelief.

“I don’t want to rape you,” I admitted. “But if the alternative is for you to hurt even more, then I’ll gladly meet your expectations so you don’t have to do something you don’t want to. So, even if you hate me after, let me do this for you.”

Miss Monic was frowning down at us, but with our lips next to each other’s ears, we whispered these words, cutting her out of our conversation to her chagrin. Immediately after, I lifted up Becky’s hips and then slid them back down on my cock. Although Becky was still on top, I guided her using my hands, pushed her up and down. From behind us, it looked like she was taking the initiative, fucking me harder. However, the reality was that I was using her body. All she had to do was not resist, and my dick started slapping in and out of her pussy.

The girls started muttering excitedly as Becky started rocking excitedly against me. She still clung to me, but she didn’t fight it as I manipulated her hips so that my cock was milked by her pussy. As I used her hips and pounded her slit, she only shuddered and moaned, unable to deny the sexual pleasure derived from my cock. After a few more minutes, I pushed myself deep inside her and whispered the two words she was waiting to hear.

“I-I’m cumming!” I whispered.

My body tightened, and I spasmed. However, shockingly, so did Becky. As if those words were a trigger, her body also shuttered, her pussy clamping this time in what was a legitimate orgasm.

We both fell back at the same time, and she landed on my chest. Her cheeks were still stained and her eyes were red. However, she had stopped crying. In fact, she seemed more comfortable than she had been in days.

After a moment, Rebecca looked up at me. “I… can’t have your baby. I only did this because… I still can’t forgive you…”

“I know…” I sighed, knowing that a single-sex session was hardly going to change the damage to our relationship, “I just want you to know one thing…”

“Hmm?” Rebecca asked suspiciously.

“You’re mine now. Always. Clarice, Clyburn… it doesn’t matter. I won’t give you up,” I said, reaching forward and kissing her.

Her eyes widened, but after a moment of our lips touching, she closed them, and her mouth started to open. Everyone watching this was staring in shock. This was far more intimate of a moment than it was supposed to be. This… was rape? No, it was supposed to be awful, and entirely a man’s fault!

Miss Monic lunged forward and ripped Rebecca off, pulling our kiss apart. Before either of us could even think, her hand shot up Rebecca’s skirt. Two fingers plunged into Becky’s pussy, and then she scooped and pulled out. She looked at her finger and then hissed.

“He didn’t cum!”

Several of the girl’s gasped, and Becky’s eyes shot to me. She hadn’t realized in her own inexperience that I had faked my orgasm.

I shrugged guiltily. “You said you couldn’t get pregnant…”

“You… insolent boy!” Miss Monic raised her hand as if showing it as evidence of my lack of cum. “See how deceptive men are? They’ll even fake orgasms!”

I could only smile wryly, knowing that this situation was usually the opposite in my old world.

“Miss Monic, what will we do?” One woman asked.

Miss Monic snorted. “That answer should be self-evident. Since this man still chooses to not accept his proper place, then we must force him. As your teacher, I know the male anatomy better than most! A man’s most fragile place is his prostate. By triggering that, you can force a man to cum!”

“A-a prostate?” One girl asked as if the word was completely foreign. “Where is that?”

“Naturally, it’s in his ass!” Miss Monic snorted, then glared at me while I gulped wide-eyed. “One way or another, I’ll have your seed!”

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