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Becky was sitting next to me on her butt, her feet together to hide the fact she had no underwear on under her skirt. Too many shocks and surprises that night had left her confused and disorientated. She was shaking and seemed completely lost. The person she was falling in love with turned out to be a man, not simply a man, but the man she had thrown all of her hatred on for having raped her and her friends. Then, she was pushed into raping him in return.

It didn’t go how she expected, and Becky ended up experiencing things she didn’t feel ready for. Only once again for it to be revealed that I had lied to her. Large or small, it was simply too much for Becky to take. She could only stare at nothing while the teacher kicked me over. As soon as my knees hit the concrete, I started trying to crawl away, feeling a bit desperate myself after hearing her last words.

“Miss Monic, I don’t want to stick my fingers in some guy’s butt, that’s gross.” A bigger girl declared, looking down uneasily as she stared down at my ass.

Well, I didn’t want you to do it either! Not that I had any choice in the matter. At the moment, I was basically exposed to all of these women. I could only barely crawl with my skirt down around my ankles. My body was shaking, partially from the electricity that had been repeatedly pumped through me, and partially from the steadily decreasing temperature of the night against my practically naked body.

“It is no problem.” Miss Monic shook her hand. “There is a device just for this. You child, go to my office and recover the wrapped item in the bottom shelf, will you?”

I really didn’t like the sound of that, but before I could dwell on it too much I felt a foot stomp on my toe. I let out a cry and fell to the ground. I wanted to run away, but there was nothing I could really do. Even if I stood, my legs were like jelly. My knees were pained. My arms were scratched. My makeup with completely disordered. In my mind, these women had already taken enough from me. What more did they want? That was right, they wanted my seed. The key to all my fantasies and the cause of all my woes came from that thick, white stuff. That made the world go around, even for man-haters.

I didn’t know how long I lied on the ground, my body still twitching, while Miss Monic kept a foot on me to keep me from moving, but I heard the student she sent returning.

“Is this it, Miss Monic?” The student asked.

I glanced up at the thing she brought. Miss Monic unwrapped it, revealing a dildo connected to a belt. That was definitely a strap-on. In a world with so few men, strap-ons were probably really common in this world. I didn’t even want to ask why a teacher had one sitting in her drawer at school. It was safer imagining that it was some lesbian high school couple who she had confiscated it from. The alternative only made my stomach sore.

“I-isn’t that a dildo?” One girl asked. “Dildo’s are for women, right?”

She blushed as a few other girls gave her looks. I supposed the use of dildos was on a case by case basis for girls this young.

“Dildos have many purposes,” Miss Monic gave a giggle. “Now, my WRATH children, I know men are quite disgusting, but try to follow along. If you stimulate a man in the butt with a dildo like this one, you’ll be able to make him cum. So, who would like to stroke his prostate first?”

None of the girls raised their hands. Whatever sick game Miss Monic was playing, even her fervent followers were uneasy with it.

“H-how about we strap it on Lyra and make her do it?” One of the girls covering Lyra’s mouth said.

Lyra made a noise but was forced to stop protesting when one of the women pinched her. Meanwhile, Miss Monic’s expression grew intrigued. This crazy sadistic bitch seemed to like the idea of the beautiful queen Lyra with a fake penis on.

“Go ahead, put it on her.” Miss Monic finally said.

They grabbed at Lyra’s skirt, starting to try to pull it down. With that, she was able to free her mouth from their hands.

“I won’t… you’re all crazy! I won’t do it. Clyburn!” She cried out.

“It’s okay!” I shouted back, shutting my eyes. “J-just do what they say.”

Lyra stopped struggling. “Clyburn.”

“I-I’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me.” Despite summoning all of my bravery to say that, I still couldn’t stop my voice from shaking.

I certainly didn’t have a fetish for this kind of thing. My cock wasn’t aroused at all. I’m not some masochist! I faked my orgasm with Becky exactly because I couldn’t possibly cum under all of these women’s hateful stares. I may be a man, but I wasn’t a complete deviant. Being fucked in the ass would go on the list of the greatest turnoffs ever. Thus, as Lyra tearfully took the strap-on to prevent them from forcing it on her, I was desperately praying for someone to save me.

“What the hell is going on here?” A stern voice shot out of the darkness.

I let out a cry of pure relief, tears flooding down my face at the voice I heard. That voice was none other than Mako.

“Mako!” I immediately and unashamedly started crying out. “Help me! Please, help me!”

Mako walked out of the darkness which was covering most of the grounds now. Only a few patches of illumination existed where lighting was attached to the side of a building or a streetlight had been erected. The place where we had congregated in front of the faculty building was just under one of these streetlights. When Mako appeared, her eyes widened at the sight of me. A man stripped down and bare ass, on his knees, with a teacher stepping on him while a crying girl held a strap-on nearby with other women watching. The scene certainly left questions.

“Mako…” Miss Monic’s expression twisted, her play time seemingly coming to an end. “Well, naturally, we caught a boy who was suspended from Amaryllis sneaking in as a woman.”

“That doesn’t explain what I see here in the slightest.” Mako frowned. “If you caught him violating a school rule, I would say bring him to the administration, but I do not believe that a male pretending to be female violates any school rules.”

“Don’t be coy with me.” Miss Monic’s expression darkened. “You know who this boy is… this is Clyburn. He’s the one who raped you… raped all of us!”

“Diba, I don’t recall you being there at that event!” Mako cocked her head, her eyes calm, their typical half-closed drowsy appearance.

“Hmph…” Miss Monic snorted. “I may not have been there in person, but all women must stay together if we want to fight back against the male menace. In that way, I was just as violated as all these women. When he raped you, he raped every girl here! How can you not understand that?”

Mako shook her head. “Every experience is unique. Besides, I’m not even convinced this man was my rapist, and neither are the courts. You are currently violating school protocol. I will be taking young Clyburn with me, and I will be sure to report this to the administration in the morning!”

Miss Monic sneered. “The hell you will! This man was caught sneaking into a WRATH meeting. He is clearly dangerous, and he must be tamed.”

“Tamed?” Mako crinkled her nose. “These aren’t animals, these are people.”

“Maybe we should be teaching them like animals!” Miss Monic shot back.

“I can’t believe you, Diba, you’ve gone too far.” Mako sniffed. “Clyburn, get up, we’re going.”

I struggled to pull my skirt back up, but it was difficult. I could only give Mako a wry smile.

“I can’t do so much,” I admitted, shakily making it to my feet.

Mako’s eyes snapped to Miss Monic’s gloved hand, and realization crested on her face. “You used magic on a student? Diba… you’ve reached an all-time low.”

“Enough! Mako, don’t you dare look down on me.” Miss Monic snarled. “Don’t think I don’t know what this is. I’ve heard the rumors. You were bribed with his devilish seed as well. Of course, you want to let him free. You’ve been fucking him!”

A few of the student gasped at Miss Monic’s declaration. To many of these girls, Mako was a survivor like them. Other than Miss Monic, she was the only woman they looked up to as a senior who had also experienced their humiliation and understood their feelings. Finding out that she was sleeping with me would be like finding out your hero was actually a drug junkie or your romantic love interest was a wife abuser. Some of these girl’s worlds were shattered, but they wouldn’t dare call Miss Monic a liar. It didn’t help that Mako didn’t even attempt to deny the allegations.

“Come, Clyburn.” She offered me a shoulder, but I still felt complicated taking it.

I didn’t want Mako to end up in a situation like Lyra and Brooke. I also didn’t like abandoning the two women to these women. They were all on edge and unhinged, and there was no saying what they’d do in retaliation of being denied their prey, especially with Miss Monic there to rile them up.

“Stop right there…” Miss Monic growled, lifting her hand.

“You’re going to use magic on another teacher as well?” Mako raised an eyebrow coldly.

“I will if you make me.” Miss Monic responded.

Mako sighed. “That glove was designed to be used indoors in room 123. Using it out here has completely exhausted you. I can tell by your shortness of breath and the redness of your cheeks. You don’t have enough energy to force another invocation this late at night. That Rune is useless.”

“You…” Miss Monic narrowed her eyes.

I was surprised myself. I hadn’t realized it, but Miss Monic was standing somewhat unsteady. I had noticed her rapid breathing and her flushed cheeks, but I had attributed it to some kind of weird perversion. It didn’t occur to me that using the magic on me was overexerting herself. Maybe she wasn’t as perverted as I had thought? No… she was exactly as perverse as I imagined. Even if some of her physical symptoms were from magical exhaustion, I had seen the gleam in her eyes while she had tortured me. Miss Monic was definitely a sadist through and through.

Miss Monic looked on desperately as I finally took Mako’s arm and started heading away. I could only look back at Brooke and Lyra still in their clutches. Lyra gave me an encouraging nod that only made me feel even worse. Miss Monic shot a look to the hippo woman who had knocked Brooke unconscious. She seemed to nod in understanding and then put Brooke down. Without wasting a moment, she raced in front of us and blocked our path.

“Sorry, teach… you seem to be in possession of my rapist.” The woman chuckled, cracking her knuckles. “I’m going to need you to let him go.”

“Diba… is this seriously what you want to do?” Mako glanced back.

Miss Monic shrugged helplessly. “What can I say? Students don’t always listen to their teachers? I seem to have lost control of them. However, you better do what she says. Come morning, you can just blame it on young kids getting out of control and letting their passions rule them. Unless… you wish to be on the wrong side of their passion.”

Mako looked down at me, and I could only let out a sigh. “I’m sorry, Mako. Just go…”

Mako smiled, squeezing me. “Is it wrong it makes me a little happy that you said that, even though I know you don’t mean it.”


“Well, if you’re not going to drop him, Sensei, please excuse me for being impolit-“

“Oi… you’re in teacher’s way.” A voice came from behind the hippo girl.

Her eyes widened as if she had been goosed, and she spun around. Only then was I able to see two girls standing behind her, having snuck up without being noticed. Both of them were wearing simple medical masks covering their faces, and one of them held a bat while the other held a croquet club. Without a doubt, the pair looked like delinquents. However, these were two delinquents I happened to recognize.

“Brianna? Syph?”

The two girl’s eyes brightened when they looked at me. “Clyburn! Long time, no see! What are you doing wearing a girl’s uniform?”

“Ah… I was dressing as a girl?” I explained sheepishly.

Syph suddenly jumped excitedly. “Wait… I recognize you… you were Clarice! You were in my Magic class. You looked so cute in the girl’s uniform! I wanted to hang out but Boss said to leave that Clarice girl alone and Boss gets really scary when Boss is angry so Syph listened well…”

“Hey… you two little bitches better scram before…. Ahhh…” The hippobitch reached out to grab Syph and without hesitation, Brianna brought her bat down on her wrist.

Immediately, the fat girl grabbed her wrist and started shouting. After a second, fury exploded on her face. She lowered herself, just about ready to squash the two women in a linebacker charge.

“Do you mind?” Brianna snapped.

“We’re talking to Clyburn!” Syph added, throwing her croquet bat down and hitting the woman’s foot with a viscous thud.

Soon, the hippo girl was cursing and jumping on one foot, while the two delinquents stood casually nearby. With their friend being assaulted, several of the WRATH girls raced up, stopping short behind Mako and me, showing support for their friend. However, the two girls showed absolutely no sign of growing nervous being outnumbered four to one. If anything, they seemed as cocksure as ever.

“You freshman girls are getting too cocky!” One of the girls shouted.

The hippogirl, hearing her friends backing her up, calmed down and nodded. “That’s right, you act big two on one, but you think you can take all of us? Your precious little Clyburn won’t be of any help to you. So just bugger off!”

Brianna snorted. “How about you back off. I already said you’re in teacher’s way. That’s rude!”

While all of this was going on Mako was watching passively, and so was Miss Monic. The two of them had already come to heads, and now it seemed like they were leaving the students to ultimately tip the scores. As much as I hated it, these two girls were my only salvation at the moment.

“Even if you manage to get him out of here, we’ll beat you two bitches until even Clyburn won’t touch you. Then we’ll make your lives a living hell. I have a ton of senior friends. You don’t want to mess with us.” The hippogirl finally declared, crossing her arms. “Basically, bitch, get lost.

Syph scratched her cheek. “That reminds me… we brought friends too! Oh friends! How are you doing?”

With her call, the shadows almost seemed to come alive. Dozens of shapes started coming out of the darkness. One by one, the faces of girls started to come out into the light. Every one of them was in their appropriate school uniform, but they each had a medical mask over their face. Half of them seemed to be grasping something in their hands they had grabbed as a weapon. Unlike the two girls in front, not all of these girls seemed as certain with themselves.

Some were angry. Some were nervous. However, it was the sheer number of them that were shocking. Nearly fifty young women walked out into the light, surrounding the small group of around a dozen completely.

“The Freshmen…” one of the WRATH girls muttered, her voice shaking a bit.

They had all heard about this year’s Freshmen. They were quickly growing a reputation for their ruthlessness. Not only did they not allow any new girls to enter WRATH, a part of the reason their numbers were dwindling, but they seemed to have a code of ethics completely apart from the school. They were all celibate. That was one of the codes. None of them were allowed to sleep with any of the boys. The senior boys that often targeted the Freshmen were flummoxed. Typically, they could nail a few women easily during the first couple of weeks. However, by the time welcoming week was finished, that ship had already closed up, and any woman who violated it quickly and mysteriously dropped out. Mia was no exception.

The girls always traveled in groups of two or three, and they didn’t take any of the usual bullying from anyone. It was on a scale never seen before, with nearly 800 women universally watching each other’s backs. It left the other classes both frustrated and amazed. Many were too scared to push their luck with this batch of Freshman, who came out of nowhere as a bit of a superpower. The only information anyone could find was a mysterious Matriarch who guided their hand. Everyone had their hypothesis of who the Matriarch was. Even I had some theories, which I severely hoped were wrong.

Of all the slander that had been going on over the last few months regarding me, the Freshmen had been mysteriously silent. Many thought they were just staying out of the conflict, but some suspected that they were gathering resources and waiting for their opportune time to strike. To what goal, it was anyone’s guess. Suffice it to say, right here, right now, was the largest movement the Freshmen had taken in over a month.

The Wrath girls could only gulp as they looked at the fresh batch of women. While none of them had quite the ferocity or the age of the WRATH girls, their numbers were no joke. Essentially, it was a standoff occurring in the middle of the night, and so the winner seemed to go me!

“Come, ladies.” Miss Monic’s voice broke into that icy silence. “We’ve wasted enough time on these… man-lovers.”

“What’s wrong with being a man lover?” Syph asked.

“I’d love to love me a good man.” Brianna’s eyes suddenly shot to me and blushed. “That is… um… as long as I understand my place.”

Miss Monic shot a glare at the two women as if trying to commit their faces to memory. Meanwhile, the other girls returned to her, their shoulders slumped and feeling defeated. Even those that had been uncertain of all the absurd orders Miss Monic had given them that night felt the group mentality of an enemy forcing their hand. Even if they had no interest in Clyburn, it still stung to walk away and give him up.

One of the girls finally helped Becky off the ground. And she followed as if still dazed. The WRATH girls seemed to scatter in an instant, some heading to the dorms while others headed for their trolleys.

“We’ll see you in court.” Miss Monic gave one last hiss before disappearing into the faculty building.

“My friends…” I pointed to Brooke, who had been laid out on the ground as well as Lyra, who the girls were starting to release.

With the WRATH girl’s abandoning their post, two freshman girls ran out and grabbed Brooke, pulling her up off the ground. One of them seemed to slip something into Brooke’s mouth, and she jerked. She still looked unconscious, but she seemed like she was starting to recover. Syph pointed over at Brooke.

“Bring her with.” She then squinted and looked down at Lyra’s nice chest, which thanks to her rough handling had resulted in the two top buttons coming undone and revealing a bit of her impressive cleavage. “She can be left behind.”

“Eh? Me? Behind!” Lyra cried out tearfully.

She kicked the two retreating Wrath girls off of her and ran up to us. Her boobs bounced the entire run, which was met with the dead-eyed stares of most of the Freshman, many of which who had yet to reach that stage of development.

“Clyburn, I was so worried!” She immediately threw her arms around me. Since I was already slightly crouched, my face went straight into her chest.

Ah… this was heaven. No, wait… now even Mako was giving me a cold stare! I coughed and straightened myself, even if I couldn’t stop the blush. Feeling awkward, I reached up and patted Lyra on the head. Wait… why was I getting even colder stares now! Did every girl want a head pat? I seriously didn’t get it!

“Lyra! My sister… Don’t hide from brother… it’s you!” Lyra’s face went white as she heard a familiar male voice calling from the dark.

Several of the girls seemed surprised with a second man suddenly appearing. However, compared to me whom they seemed to accept, they were exceptionally guarded against this man. He was a man I recognized all too well. His name was Aaron and he was Lyra’s brother, although the only time I had truly met him was at the Precipice on that fateful night. He was glaring at the two of us. Lyra was very close to me and our arms touching each other. His face turned dark in an instant.

“Clyburn… you bastard! I thought I told you to stay away from my sister!”

“You told him to stay away from me?” Lyra shot back, causing Aaron to cough.

“Ahem… that’s to say, my beautiful sister, that the day at the Precipice, it was I, your brother who saved you. If it wasn’t for me, this man might have had his way with-“

“Shut it!” Lyra snapped, “I hate you!”

Aaron didn’t react much to her attack, instead smiling gently as if he had expected this. He even turned to a couple of the Freshman girls and winked.

“Sisters, huh? How are you, ladies?”

The girls snorted and turned away. Aaron had always been able to woo a couple of Freshmen to his bed every year. He frowned, a little put off that he struck out so badly. How could he know about this particular year’s Freshmen being so abnormal? Thus, he instantly changed his mode of attack, instead noticing Mako.

“Oh, why if it isn’t Mako? I went to school with you. It truly was a shame that we never-“

While he was talking, I took a step forward and my knee gave out. Mako lunged forward and grabbed me, her arms wrapping around me intimately. Lyra was on the other side, both women holding me up and giving me concerned looks. In fact, comparatively, Aaron was being almost ignored. His face grew ugly.

“Lyra… is it safe for your brother to escort you?” I said once I regained my balance.

“What is that supposed to mean?” Aaron growled.

Lyra looked at Aaron hesitantly but finally sighed. “As much as I hate to say it, brother will keep me safe. And his shadow will keep me safe from him.”

Aaron seemed to involuntarily shiver at the mention of his shadow. As if to punctuate this fact, there was a sudden breeze causing a single leaf to fall from a tree. However, before it hit the ground, it broke into two pieces. That was a natural phenomenon, wasn’t it?

“Thank you… for trying to help me,” I said, honestly meaning it.

Lyra flushed under my praise, but then pouted. “You should have told me you were Clarice. W-wait… that’s right! Becky said that you had a crush on me! When you were Clarice, I was flattered but… ah… can you explain what you meant?”

“Mako, will you be reporting this stuff?” I turned to the other girl.

“Y-you’re ignoring me!”

“Come on, Lyra, let’s go,” Aaron said grumpily, grabbing her arm.

He didn’t like the look on her face, so he decided to usher her along. Meanwhile, she was staring at Clyburn with a hopeful expression.

“Wait… I need to know! Brother, stop tugging!” Lyra was pulled away by her brother, unable to get the answers she wanted, and ticking off one more reason she hated him.

Mako gave a wry expression. “I feel like reporting this will cause more trouble than it would help.”

“Even if it hurts her own position, I think Monic will report this. Anything to bring me down. I’d rather we had your version of events as well on record.”

Mako gave a nod and then turned to the two waiting Freshman girls. “Can I trust that you can get Clyburn and his friend safely down the trolley?”

The two girls nod enthusiastically. “You can count on us!”

She nodded, and only then finally released me. My entire body was still shaky, so both girls grabbed onto an arm and started escorting me away. It felt awkward being escorted by a retinue of nearly fifty freshman women, but it seemed to actually be necessary. About halfway there, I realized the group broke up, with a few women pulling the still barely conscious Brooke in another direction. It was at that point I realized they weren’t bringing me to the trolley.

“Where are we going?” I demanded, a bit concerned that just as I was starting to relax, something else came up.

“Don’t worry.” Syph sighed. “We don’t mean to scare you.”

“Rather, we’ll keep our promise and make sure you get down the trolley properly. However, there is something we have to do first.” Brianna added.

“What’s that?” I demanded nervously.

“Your presence has been requested.” Syph nudged me forward.

Brianna nodded. “It’s time you meet the Matriarch.”

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