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“S-seriously?” I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow.

I had just walked through a security checkpoint that nodded me on through, and before me was a massive mansion that made my home look relatively small. Looking down at the map to compare, it looked like the four wings of the mansion made up the four male classes of the University. You’d get the same room for the entire four years you were there. When a wing cleared out from graduation, a new Freshman group would move in. Right now, my class got the lower left wing.

They really spared no expense on making the place comfortable for males. There was a large fountain in the front, a garden to the side, and I thought I could see a path that led around back to the pool if the map was to be believed. I had grown up in a mansion, although Mother didn’t live an extravagant lifestyle. However, even I was shocked at the level of excess. Exactly how did the government manage to afford this stuff? Was seed really such a financially sound investment?

My mind continued to race as I made my way into my wing and headed down the well lite hallways to my room. The mansion itself had a very classical feel. The lighting gave an orange homely hue and it was clear the place was decorated as finely as it looked from the outside. It had a lavish Victorian feel, and while most of the clothing of this world felt antiquated and fancy for my own world, even my simple vest and button up shirt felt inadequate in this excess.

As my thoughts were dwelling on the richness of this university, I wasn’t paying particular attention when I entered the room I had been given. My eyes immediately fell on the person standing in the middle of the room. They were naked from the waist up.

“Ahhhhh!” A shrill voice shrieked, and the person covered their chest.

“Oh, my… I’m sorry!” I immediately turned and shut the door.

It was only after I reacted by instinct that my mind started to work. This was the boy’s dorm and this room was mine to be shared with another boy. Furthermore, the person inside had short hair and a completely flat chest. Basically, wouldn’t that be my roommate?

“Hey? Are you my roommate?” I yelled through the door while giving three knocks.

There was a moment of silence followed by a slight. “Yes.”

I opened the door and stepped inside, glaring at the guy who now had a shirt on. He was blushing profusely and doing his best to not look at me.

“What the heck, man? You scream like a girl! I thought I had just walked in and violated some girl’s chastity!”

“Eh? B-b-but I’m a boy!” The guy spoke really proudly, waving his hands. “D-d-don’t call me a girl!”

He actually looked somewhat upset that I had said that. In truth, this was the first man I had ever seen in this world. I had heard the men of this world were slightly effeminate. For example, it wasn’t uncommon for men to wear makeup or spend more time worrying about what they wore than women. This guy before me had a very pretty face and a delicate body. That’s why I had thought he was a girl at first sight. However, that might be something he’s unaware of. I might have just insulted the first guy I met!

I let out a cough. “I mean when you covered your chest like that it didn’t look very manly.”

“Eh? It doesn’t?” The guy raised his head and tilted it to the side in a way that looked kind of cute if he wasn’t a guy. “If I can’t come off as manly enough, how will I impregnate women?”

I coughed again, this time unintentionally as I balked at the thought process. Jumping from wanting to be manly to having babies was the kind of leap in logic that only existed in this world. The resolute look on his face seemed determined to make women take his seed. In some ways, he suddenly seemed manlier than many men I knew back home. Well, that was me just trying to dodge my own embarrassment.

He may have screamed like a girl and covered his chest, but I’m the one who mistook him for a girl and then closed the door.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-“ I decided to not finish that part, leaving what both of us did in the past.

“No, it is I who should apologize!” The boy bowed, and it looked much more elegant than I could imagine. “You must be Clyburn. I had heard you were my roommate. My name is Ashton. I’m not used to other boys, so you’ll have to excuse me if I… don’t act manly enough.”

“Hahaha…” I laughed, scratching the back of my head. “It’s fine, it’s fine…”

I had opened up my mouth and created more trouble. I didn’t know why I had been thinking about manliness so much lately. Perhaps it was because I had been living so long as a young boy, I wanted to prove to my women that I had matured and grown up. Well, we were all just boys in the end. These guys aren’t any older than high school students. Even reincarnation wasn’t a shortcut to maturing the old fashioned way.

I started changing myself. Fortunately, all the bags were already packed away. I truly was spoiled. The Academy went out of the way to spoil the students. Men get special transport. Their bags were brought up ahead of time and even unpacked for them. Tuition was basically free and acceptance was assured. That didn’t even mention this elaborate mansion.

“I’m amazed the Academy can afford all this excess…” The words came out of my mouth in a mumble.

“Eh? Isn’t that because of all the donations?” Ashton spoke up.

“Huh?” I asked as I pulled off my shirt. “Donations?”

“Men are naturally an asset that pulls women to certain Academies. There are all female Academies, but they can only depend on tuition for profits. A lot of rich businesswomen will make large contributions to the universities of their daughters to attract men. Successful women who we impregnate during their education will often make generous donations too. Most of the female education is tuition-based, but most of the male education is through large donations. That’s why, as men, it’s our responsibility to leave the female class satisfied?”

“Oh…rea-“ I turned back to see Ashton staring at me, his face red. “What is it?”

I followed his eyes to find that he was staring at my chest. Realizing I caught him looking, he jumped and turned around.

“No-nothing!” his voice came out shrill. “Ah… I just… never seen muscles on a man before. Or women for that matter. It looks weird.”

I gave a wry smile. This was really a world of effeminate men. I probably would take his admiring my muscles with a grain of salt, or might even feel flattered normally. I did work hard to gain them. However, he had such a pretty face, it felt more like a girl was looking at me. That made me feel shy, and the fact that a dude and my roommate made me feel shy, grossed me out slightly. It wasn’t a situation where most men were bisexual or gay, right?”

“Weird, huh?” I tried to take what he said lightly, instead, I was thinking about whether my muscles would actually be a deterrent for women after all.

“N-no! That’s not what I meant!” he turned back, waving his hands in protest. “Actually, they’re really sex- ahem… I mean… they’re cool! I think they’re cool!”

He blushed even more and turned away, pretending he suddenly had something in his closet that was really important. Meanwhile, I quickly put on a shirt, the situation growing more awkward. I mean, I didn’t mind if my roommate was gay, but I wondered if he knew he was gay? This was a world where women raised men without any male father figure. I recalled some suggestions that without a proper male influence, children were more prone to being more effeminate. This often led to being homosexual or bisexual.

Then again, I was once again thinking about this world with my old worldview. Men were taught from an early age to impregnate women. Even if they were effeminate, there was no one accusing them of liking men or encouraging them to pursue men. Quite the opposite, in fact. There was extreme pressure in this world to bang women. Despite Ashton’s girly appearance and demeanor, he was likely determined to bang five pussies a month just like every other guy.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

My uncomfortable thoughts were thankfully broken by a knock on the door. Ashton was still hiding in his closet, so I went to answer it. As soon as I opened the door, my eyes widened in surprise.

“Hello!” A flamboyish boy wearing makeup just short of a transvestite threw up his hands. “I’m Rigor, your next door neighbor! Hmmm… I don’t remember seeing you on the trolley.”

“He wasn’t on the trolley.” The boy next to him spoke up in a low voice. “Name’s Trey.”

He was a black guy who looked to be rather obese. My mom had always been strict about our diets under a professional house cook, so I was always ideal, but this guy seemed to have eaten to excess and was now almost as wide as my doorframe. As for the flamboyish guy, he looked to be olive skinned, but it was hard to tell under the makeup. He wore male clothing, but the makeup included heaping of eyeliner and blush in silver and pink colors. They weren’t there specifically to make him look feminine, but he looked a bit like a clown.

“Oh, yeah… I took a different trolley up.”

“A different trolley? A girl trolley?” the boy named Rigor put a finger up to his lips before snapping. “You mean you’re the guy who was macking on some senior in front of all the freshmen! Holy shit! You’re the talk of the Academy. All the girls are wondering who you are!”

Trey’s eyes widened slowly as he realized the same thing. “Respect, man.”

“Really!” Ashton had finally left his closet and was now standing right behind me, staring at my face wide-eyed. “You’re really already kissing girls?”

“Man, I wish I had seen that! My old man told me women are getting harder and harder to get the attention of. Those lipstick bitches and stuff… You’re going to be knee deep in pussy, I bet!” The flamboyant guy definitely wasn’t gay, the lewd look on his face showing that despite his appearance, he was quite the dudebro.

“It really was just an accident…” I scratched the back of my head, trying to come clean so I didn’t get caught in any lies and form some kind of reputation I didn’t want.

“S-s-sex already?” Ashton responded dizzily. “B-but, we’re not sixteen?”

“Huh?” Rigor shot Ashton a teasing look. “Don’t tell me there is a boy here who hasn’t fucked a girl yet.”

“Th-that! But we’re not sixteen! I’m supposed to wait until I’m sixteen!” Ashton responded tearfully.

“Ma bought me a woman since I turned twelve,” Trey spoke slowly and deliberately. “She had the softest boobs, she was my brown sugar baby. Got her pregnant last year though and she bailed. How about you, Rig?”

“Hah? Nice, dude.” Rigor gave a thumbs up but then gave an embarrassed chuckle. “Mom made me bang my sisters… all five of them. The oldest is 28, she was my first when I was 12. After I got her pregnant it was the next down the line. My favorite was my sixteen-year-old sister. She didn’t get into Academy though. I’m still working on my youngest. She’s only twelve though and cries a lot during sex. I wanted to wait but mom’s pretty insistent that the younger, the better. Anyway, what about you, how many have you banged… eh… I didn’t even ask your name yet!”

I scratched my head and chuckled with the rest. A world where your first conversation with another man was talking about your past sexual conquests before even sharing your names.

“I’m Clyburn, actually.” I smiled, then thought for a second. “If we’re just counting penetration… seven, I guess?”

“S-seven?” Ashton’s eyes didn’t look disgusted, but envious.

“That’s my man!” Rigor gave me a thumbs up. “I thought my record was awesome at five! Don’t tell me, you got seven sisters?”

“N-no…” I looked down nervously, unsure of how to respond, but decided to go for broke. “Actually, just two sisters… and my mom… an aunt, the rest were maids…”

“Hahaha!” Rigor laughed while slapping my shoulder. “You dawg! The whole family. I clearly need to step up my game!”

Trey shook his head slowly. “I don’t get it. Why waste energy on your mom? My ma got drunk once and tried to get me to do it. I only let her suck me off. She’s just too old to be worth more than a BJ.”

“Oh, come on, man… who hasn’t been sucked off by their mom?” Rigor waved his hands like this was expected while Ashton was blushing and clearly being an exception. “But to plow that pussy you once came out of? I didn’t have the guts myself, but I wished I had. But I didn’t and now she’s only getting older. Compared to these Academy beauties, I couldn’t go back. But, you also nailed her sister, that’s just extra gravy! I, for one, salute you!”

I let out a breath of relief. I had expected there to be some kind of rejection after I admitted that fact. I had only given the truth because I was caught up in Rigor’s momentum, but I instantly feared rejection. Instead, they alleviated a great deal of my own unease. I wasn’t a weird freak who banged his family at a ridiculously young age. Trey had been fucking a woman since twelve and Rigor had enjoyed sisters, both young and old, so these acts were normal in this world. Of course, Rigor was also wearing transvestite clown makeup, so maybe normal wasn’t the right word here.

“I-I don’t have any siblings… or I might have…” Ashton spoke with a pout, clearly unhappy he was the odd one out.

“Haha! Don’t worry about it, dude. Sisters are overrated. Obligatory sex isn’t that fun, or so my old man says. None of my sisters even let me kiss their mouths. Right, Clyburn?”

“Ah… ye-yeah…” I agreed, even though my sisters had a much deeper place in my heart, I still wanted to fit in.

Our words seemed to make Ashton more relieved, as he gave a nod and then a gentle smile that was dangerous enough to move hearts. This was the first time Rigor and Trey were paying attention to Ashton, and both men went rigid at his dangerous look. I almost chuckled as I could read their minds. Isn’t Ashton really cute? Wait, Ashton is a boy!

Rigor scratched his cheek nervously. “Ah… Ash… you’ll probably have no problem losing your virginity quickly. Tons of women are going to throw themselves at you.”


“Ye-yeah… I mean, most women sleep with other women, right? You’re bound to attract a lot of pussy.”

“Oh… th-thanks…” Ashton smiled his dangerous smile again, but then it turned to a frown. “Wa-wait, what does that first part mean?”

“Ahem! What Rigor’s trying to say is that you’re a lot of women’s type!” I shot out. “So, a lot of um… curious girls will want to try you out.”

“Like lipstick les- ugh!” Rigor tried to pipe in dangerous words before getting elbowed by Trey.

Fortunately, Ashton missed the last part and accepted our words. We breathed easier as he dropped the subject. It wasn’t wrong though. In my old world, a certain actor became incredibly famous and popular because of his pretty boy looks that bordered on a girl. I had heard that his biggest fanbase was actually lesbian women. His pretty boy looks were exactly what many confused lesbians needed to properly transition from men to accepting they were more attracted to female parts. I was sure Ashton would bang many closet lesbians, and perhaps give them the courage to finally pursue their own sex.

I laughed and joked with the guys for a while. Above all else, I was just relieved that the men of this world weren’t as scary as mom had built up. Rigor was odd, but he was a cool guy. So was Trey, and even Ashton was nice. These guys were in the same world I was in. They ended up thinking a lot like me. For the first time, I felt like I belonged somewhere.

“Shouldn’t we be getting to the homeroom?” Ashton broke into our conversation.

“Ah! Yes! Oh, crap, we’re going to be late!” The group of us had chatted for so long we lost track of time, the only event we had responsibility for today was the men’s homeroom, and we almost missed it!

The group of us grabbed our uniforms and ran out of the dorm, running at full speed while trying to dress properly. Ashton still acted shy about putting on the rest of his clothing. He looked away shyly and trailed behind. The rest of the guys seemed more normal, quickly throwing on their shirts. As I swapped into my school attire in mid-run, my muscles became visible.

“Hmph… my brown sugar baby says she likes a man with a little fat.” Trey chuckled in between panting breaths, only just keeping up with the rest of us.

“Ignore him, I think the muscles are cool!” Rigor gave me a thumbs up.

We managed to burst into the room seconds before the bell rang. However, we ended up bursting into an empty room. The four of us looked around in confusion.

“Di-did we get the room wrong?” Ashton asked nervously, catching his breath.

“No-no…” Rigor shook his head. “I’m certain this is the room.”

The door opened, another boy casually stepping in. “Ah… the men’s homeroom, is it?”

Rigor let out a breath of relief. “Hey! I’m Rigor.”

“Mortimus… pleasure…” The boy stood like he had a stick up his butt, and didn’t bother to take Rigor’s offered hand as he sat down in a seat.

Rigor drew back his hand and let out an awkward laugh. I was curious to learn about more men in this world, but it looked like this Mortimus wasn’t interested in chatting. The rest of us looked at each other and shrugged, finding seats. Over the next ten minutes, five other boys entered the room. That would make up the entire class.

There was a mousy quiet boy with hair over his eyes, a pair of identical twins that whispered among each other, another boy like Mortimus who seemed to keep his nose up in the air, and the last boy was a tall, lanky fellow. Of them, only the tall and lanky guy looked particularly normal in appearance. Everyone else had something off about them, whether it was how they wore their hair, their makeup, or their appearance. Most of them appeared slightly like pretty boys, and while no one wore makeup quite like Rigor, several of the guys had eyeliner and at least lip gloss. I was glad Ashton didn’t wear any or his destructive power when I first saw him would have been too strong. Only the lanky guy and Trey truly looked like normal men. Perhaps, in this world, they were the outcasts. I couldn’t make a judgement about boys any more based on my old world’s norm.

Finally, just as fifteen minutes after the official start time, the door opened and a man stumbled in. Like most of the boys, he had a somewhat pretty boy face. His hair was long, very blonde, and he was very pale. If I had to describe his features, they were delicate. He gave the impression of a Tolkien elf. The way he moved was very laid back and casual, almost like a stoner.

“So… you’re the new boys… huh?” The man asked, sitting on his desk casually, “I’m Takasha, your homeroom advisor. I’m one of only three male faculty here, so if you’ve got issues, come to me. Every day, we’ll meet here for two hours. That is your only responsibility. Other than that, you’re welcome to hit up any classes you fancy… or women for that matter. By next year, you better be getting you, classmates, pregnant.”

There were a couple of chuckles, but it was light. A few of the classmates whispered. I could only raise my eyebrows. Just two hours a day of “homeroom”? What kind of degree would I leave with that? It turned out I’d have to really force things forward. The Academy wasn’t going to do anything to help me earn my education. I’d have to get into the classes on my own.

“My job is to teach you the ways of the world.” Takasha continued. “This world is a harsh place. It isn’t fair, especially for a minority like men. Women are users. Bitches. Whores. Sluts. Every bad thing you’ve ever heard about women is true. All they want is your seed, and once they get it, they couldn’t care less what happens to you.”

The whispering grew for a second as Takasha spoke. Was this that so-called brainwashing my mother had warned me against? I could imagine men growing callous being told things like this. What surprised me the most was that it was actually somewhat similar to what mom had told me, except for how bad women were. Mom wanted me to share a mutual respect with women, while Takasha here seemed to be happy with putting women down.

“You don’t believe me? How about a demonstration? Come in, girl.” Takasha waved towards the hall.

The buzzing noise of whispering increased as a girl suddenly walked into the room. She was quite young looking. She had to be one of the Freshmen girls. She was wearing a cute school uniform. Her hair was done up in pigtails. If there was a girl who looked more defenseless and youthful, I’d be hard pressed to find one. She looked out at the ten of us men nervously. A few of the guys were whispering amongst themselves. Despite everything, it looked like most of the class had already lost interest.

“Introduce yourself, girl,” Takasha demanded.

“Y-yes… my name is Nema.” The girl spoke lightly, crossing her hands in front of her, which served to make her cleavage look nicer.

“Now, you agreed to be part of my demonstration, yes?”

“Yes, sir!” Nema nodded. “I’m really happy to be able to help the boys in any way I can! Remember, I’m Nema… if any of you boys need anything, I’ll be happy to-“

“That won’t be necessary-“ Takasha interrupted her with a bored expression. “I offered you seed to be here, right? So, you don’t need to worry about these boys.”

“R-right…” Nema closed her eyes, a blush forming on her cheeks.

“Well, now for the demonstration. Girl, lift up your skirt, pull down your underwear, and bend over my desk.”

“Wh-what? Si-sir?” The girl’s face turned white and then red, clearly taken aback by his command.

“I’m going to give you the seed you crave.”

“H-here? I-in front of everyone?” The girl’s voice was shrill and she started shaking.

“This is the demonstration. I guarantee once we’re done, you’ll get the seed. If you don’t want the seed, you can always just leave!” Takasha spoke in a no-nonsense tone, or perhaps even a displeased voice.

The girl’s body shivered all over, and then she shook her head. “I-I’ll do it!”

Takasha didn’t say anything in return, merely staring at her darkly. The girl gave an audible gulp before turning and looking at the class. I was watching her, and I could see the fear in her eyes. But, I could also see something else. There was greed there. It was a desire and a want that seemed to permeate her soul. Many of the other guys had completely lost interest and were busy scribbling or looking at their phones. I couldn’t look away.

The girl finally moved until she was behind the desk. She reached behind her and brought her panties down until they reached her knees. They were a cute light blue thing. It was clear she had been looking to impress someone today. She finally brought up her skirt and bent over until her pigtails rested on the desk. While it was an erotic position, I actually couldn’t see much. She was behind the desk, with her butt facing the chalkboard. All I could see was the roundness of the sides of her bare ass. The only one who truly had a good view was the teacher.

He walked over to the girl until he was standing behind her. I stared on in shock. I-is this really an Academy? Most of the guys were acting like this was normal, but there was a naked 15-year-old freshman bent over the teacher’s desk. The teacher pulled out his cock. I couldn’t get a good look before he already had it pressed up behind the girl. She shook from fear, but her greedy eyes didn’t waver.

“Ah… t-teacher…” She finally let out her voice as he spat in his hand and wiped it behind her. “Th-that’s the wrong hole, that is my bu-aaaaaaahhhhhh… it’s going in! Stop! That’s my butt!”

A few of the guys chuckled, but it wasn’t even enough that most of them turned from each other to watch. Meanwhile, I stared on as a pained look formed on her face and she cried in anguish. Takasha barely paid attention to her, immediately pushing his dick into her asshole like he had done this hundreds of times.

“Ahh! It hurts, it hurts!” She cried, trying to stand up and push him off. “That’s not right!”

Takasha pushed her head down, slamming it to the desk with enough force that I flinched. The girl herself started crying, her lip becoming bruised from the push.

“Girl, you’ll get your seed when I’m done. Are you sure you don’t want to finish? You get nothing!”

“B-b-but… my butt… it hurts so much!”

“You’re a virgin, so wouldn’t it also hurt in your pussy?” Takasha spoke like this was the most obvious thing.

“Ah… th-that’s true… but not as much?”

“Maybe it won’t hurt as much, but what about next time?”

“Ne-next time?”

“I’m doing you a favor, stupid girl. If I stuck it in your pussy, you’d no longer be a virgin, right? What if the seed didn’t take? How would you be able to get pregnant then? No man wants a girl whose hymen is broke.”

“Eh? Th-that’s…” The girl looked back tearfully. “But, they all saw.”

“There are other men.” Takasha shrugged. “Just because my class knows you’re an anal whore doesn’t mean you won’t one day be able to find a man you can dupe into impregnating you. So, which is it, ass or pussy?”

Takasha pulled his dick out and then pushed it back and forth from the gaping ass to the wet pussy.

“A-ass!” She finally cried out. “Ahhhhhh… it hurts!”

Takasha didn’t hesitate to slam it back in. He didn’t seem to care to use any lube, and once again started fucking her roughly. Her cries of pain filled the room. I started to feel a bit sick, unable to look away from her pained look. Her eyes were closed and tears were falling down her face, but no matter what, she didn’t move. She remained bent over, taking it no matter how roughly he fucked her.

“Oops, slipped.” He suddenly said.

A second later, the girl’s eyes widened, her expression turning into one of disbelief. By slipped, he meant his dick fell out of her ass and slid into her pussy. In a rough push, he tore past her hymen in an instant. Her entire body shook as her hymen was horribly torn in front of ten boys.

“You- my… my virginity…” The girl was bawling now.

“Ah… it’s bleeding a lot.” Takasha spoke as if it was an annoyance. “You know, if your pussy wasn’t so wet, it wouldn’t have slid in so easily. It’s your fault when you think about it. If you weren’t such an anal whore getting off on your butt being violated, you wouldn’t have been wet enough for me to slip into your pussy. If you want me to stop… but then you won’t get the seed.”

“R-right…” The girl turned away and closed her eyes, trying to hide the pain and humiliation, “Please finish, teacher.”

“Alright, back in the ass…” Takasha slid back into her asshole.

Having been lubed slightly by her moisture and the blood of her hymen, the anal was more agreeable. She was able to get a hold of her bawling, and slowly lost the pained look in her face. She filled her eyes with determination. She had done this for one reason, cum. It was already too late to do anything about her virginity or her ass, but she could at least get what she wanted.

Just about everyone was doing something else as Clyburn watched the scene in disbelief. Even the girly Ashton was just using his cellphone as if a girl being sodomized in front of him held little interest.

Takasha continued to fuck the school girl Nema’s ass for another few minutes while she tightened her eyes and gripped the desk, only finding a very mild amount of pleasure from her first anal adventure.

“Ah… I’m cumming!” Takasha announced.

“P-pull out… I have a place for it.” Nema’s eyes opened and she cried out in a rush.

“Oops, your ass is too good!” Takasha’s eyes flashed in a way she couldn’t see but told me he never intended to pull out.

Once again, she tried to stand. He grabbed her pigtails and pulled back down. Meanwhile, he pushed his dick into her as hard as he could. He shook as he came inside her, a dark smile on his face.

“No! That… it’s warm… I feel it!” Nema cried as she felt the seed being wasted in her ass.

“Ahhh… good…” Takasha finally finished, pulling out and putting his dick away quickly before stepping away from the sodomized Nema.

Nema had tears running down her cheeks and she looked quite disheveled. The once pure and beautiful youth looked completely ruined now. She stood up, clearly moving in discomfort, her butt still in pain. With some effort, she pulled her panties back up and started walking away. When she reached Takasha, she held out her hand expectantly.

“Can you give me the seed to impregnate me now?” She demanded.

Takasha looked over disinterestedly while cleaning his fingernails. “Eh? I already gave you seed.”

“T-that… you came in my butt… tha-that’s dirty!” Nema spoke with a flushed expression.

“What the hell do you want from me? Just fart it out and stick it in the hole you want. We exchanged seed for a demonstration, you got your seed. I can’t help where it ended up. You’re the one who begged me for anal sex.”

“You-“ Nema stopped, her body trembling entirely.

Offending the male teacher on campus would be like offending all the men on campus. Becoming blacklisted for a student was worse than death. I had only heard a small part of it, but one more level of control men had was the blacklist. Few women ever made it, but if a girl turned down the wrong guy or offended certain men, she could reach the blacklist. It went beyond the Academy, as all male alums would also refuse to service her. Not only would she be stuck for four years unable to get pregnant, but once she had to compete on the level playing field, she’d have the further disadvantage of having a large swath of men unwilling to touch her. As Amaryllis has only one Academy, it’d be the equivalent of all men in the city denying a woman at once.

“Yes?” The teacher said, his eyes holding the threat that didn’t touch his lips.

Nema shook one last time before she gave a pained curtsy, some blood and semen leaking down her leg. “Thank you for everything.”

Nema walked out of the room without a second glance. As soon as the door closed, the teacher looked up at all of us.

“Any questions?”

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