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“The court has decided that on account of recent findings, that Clyburn Bonholdt cannot be held accountable for the actions of innumerable boys. The court finds him ‘Not guilty’.” She slammed her gavel.

Immediately, the courtroom exploded in a frenzy. As if realizing this ahead of time, several guards had moved around me. Maybe it was to keep me from fleeing if I was found guilty, but right now they were protecting me. People were screaming, crying, and shouting all at once. Oswald shook my shoulders, smiling happily, quite pleased with himself for managing to keep me out of jail. I could only smile weakly, weeks of accumulated stress pouring out of me in a single moment.

My legs felt like jelly, and it took me two tries to stand. Meanwhile, the people behind me were clapping loudly, and the people on the other side of the courtroom were shouting vitriol and hateful stares. I ended up shaking hand after hand as people threw them out. Rose had thrown her arms around me, quickly followed by Madison. Rebecca was crying, but she hid her face as soon as I glanced at her. Was it a relief that I was released? Was it frustration and anger that I got away with her perceived slights? I didn’t know at all what Rebecca was feeling at the moment.

As far as my own emotions, I didn’t know how I felt either. In the end, it wasn’t that I was innocent that got me free. I was free because I statistically had more male babies. That was the simple truth of it. This was nothing more than a political gamble. No one was convinced that I didn’t rape people at the Precipice. Rather, they were just afraid of incurring the wrath of the public for vague religious reasons.

“The blessed man…” I mumbled to myself.

The words themselves sounded strange. Was I the blessed man though? I had come into this world from another. I had memories of living in a world where men and women were equal. Those memories came at the moment I first had sex. Now, I had children, and they came equally male and female. I had two male children back to back, which was statistically nearly impossible in this world. Did that mean that I was sent here for a reason? Was I some kind of reincarnated hero?

In the middle of my revelry, Oswald noticed my complicated look and heard the words that had spilled from my mouth. He put his hand on my shoulder and leaned close to my ear.

“Hey, kid, don’t let the outcome of this trial get to you. What is important is that you were found not guilty. You’re not the first guy to have two children back to back. Twenty years ago, there was another guy who had a similar case and was let go. You’re not a blessed man. You’re cursed just like the rest of us. You’ll have another kid, it’ll be female as expected, and then this whole thing is going to die down.” Oswald looked me right in the eyes now.

“Y-yeah…” I nodded.

“Good, just don’t be getting a bigger head than you already have. There is no savior that is going to come and repopulate the earth. The legend of a man who mysteriously restores the balance of 50/50 children is bullocks. Reincarnations are just a fantasy.”

My eyes shot up. “Reincarnations? Why do you say reincarnations?”

Oswald raised an eyebrow. “You’ve read the texts, right? I never asked, but moms tend to hand them out when their kids start puberty. Your mother has always been a little strange…”

“Ah… I read the first half…” I admitted, scratching my cheek.

“Hmm… well, the second half is all prophecy and fortune telling. If you’d believe the crazies, they say the signs have already come one hundred times over now. They speak of the demon lord’s return. The blessed man is said to be reincarnated from another world.” Oswald frowned as he found me going white, and then slapped my shoulder. “Seriously, don’t get so worked up. The scripture says all kinds of crazy things. The reincarnated one is born in a virgin’s blood. I can attest personally your mom wasn’t a virgin when she had you, and there were no sacrificed virgins in your delivery room.”

“R-right…” I fought to keep myself from growing paler.

Born in a virgin’s blood? Or perhaps, reincarnated while I deflowered the virgin Tinya! Relax! I needed to relax. That was jumping to insane conclusions. How many virgin women existed in this world? How many of them would be deflowered by a man? There wasn’t a man in this world who hadn’t “bathed in a virgin’s blood” based on that interpretation. Thus, the only thing I had was being reincarnated. Except, the reincarnation was specifically about this blessed son of god. I wasn’t a son of god in my previous life. I had no memory of walking this world or having 12 disciples or seducing a demon lord or anything of that sort. I finally calmed myself down. Oswald was right. I was allowing myself to grow into a frenzy based on a handful of words. I couldn’t possibly be this blessed person. It was purely chance. When we found out the sex of Mako’s baby and it was a girl, that would remove all doubt.

I gave him a more assertive nod, and he finally relaxed his grip on my shoulder and turned away to congratulate more people.

“Clyburn!” A shout caused me to spin towards the side of the prosecution. Miss Monic was standing there, glaring at me hatefully. “You’ll pay for your crimes. Don’t think you can keep acting smug. You’ll pay!”

The lawyer, Miss Xandar, was more tactful, and even though she had anger painted on her face as well, she pointed to several of the guards. “Miss Monic, you’re emotional. We will discuss the outcome and consequences of these things later.”

As several guards started strongly encouraging Miss Monic to leave, she still glared at me. “This isn’t over…”

Those were the last words as she was pulled out of the courtroom. Thankfully, my exit and her exit were not the same. In fact, the guards had created a perimeter keeping the prosecution from going on our side of the courts. A few of the women had pushed that barrier, even screaming or sticking their tongues out, but the heat was quickly dying out.

Heading over to my family, I noticed that Aiko and Mia had also made it over. They were talking with Rose, Madison, and Mako. They were touching Aiko and Mia’s stomachs. Madison had a complicated look on her face while Mako seemed mostly amused. Lyra ran up to them too. Seeing all my girls in one place, talking to each other excitedly; these were my women. I could only smile happily. Wait… what were these women talking about? They weren’t talking about me, were they? Were they comparing notes? My smile fell and suddenly I felt less happy. That laugh they just shared might be them sharing secrets about me!

I felt a tug on my clothing before I could reach them. I glanced back to see Ashton standing there. At least she hadn’t joined the other women! Well, only Mako knew she wasn’t a man, after all. That was a secret I’d have to let my girls know eventually.

“You really are him, aren’t you?” Ashton’s eyes were slightly weird like they held a bit of reverence.

“Huh? What?”

“The blessed man. Two boys in a row…” Her eyes carried a mysterious light to them.

“Ah… that was just coincidence.” I spoke laughing, repeating the words of Oswald.

It seemed like Ashton was getting as caught up in it as much as I did. We did both live as men, so I supposed she was more enamored by the fantasy than the standard woman.

Ashton blinked. “Coincidence?”

“Yeah, I mean, two male babies wasn’t that remarkable. It served our purposes, but I’m not going to jump into any assumptions, right?”

“Really?” Ashton looked up at me, her eyes somewhat uncertain.

At that point, I noticed three women sneaking out the side door. That was the cloaked woman and her two friends, Brianna and Syph. My eyes narrowed as I realized she was trying to escape. I wasn’t stupid. It was she who brought Mia and Aiko at this critical time. Perhaps, it was always the plans to keep them secret from the prosecution. I couldn’t help but feel a fondness for my sister always looking out for me.

“Clyburn, I need-“ Ashton started.

“Ashton, sorry, I have to go talk to someone.” I glanced at the three as the door opened.

“Ah… okay…” Ashton looked over her shoulder where I was looking and noticed the cloaked woman before giving a smirk. “I’ve seen that look on your before.”


“You really love your sisters, don’t you?” Ashton glanced up at me and then punched my arm. “Well, go get her!”

I nodded excitedly, giving Ashton a quick kiss on the cheek before running passed her, causing her to blush. A few girls looked over interested at that, but a peck on the cheek hardly indicated much, especially since most of the prosecution had already filed out of the room. Ashton watched me go, her eyes still holding a strangely reverent look, with a secretive smile on her face.

I pushed my way out the door. The three women were already halfway down the hallway. A few guards were present, watching the exits, and Brooke was sticking nearby somewhat silently, so I felt safe enough. Taking a few quick steps out, I held up my hand in their direction.

“Hannah!” I called out loudly.

The cloaked woman and her two companions stopped. Syph and Brianna shot me unreadable looks while whispering something to the woman with her hood on. After a moment, she turned back to me.

“Clyburn…” A voice came out, which sounded distorted from a voice modulator.

I could only shake my head. Hannah seemed to love the theatrics of it all. However, I decided it was time to stop all this. The cloak and daggers ended now. It was time that I had my sister back with me, and I wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

“Hannah… I…”

The woman lifted up her hood, revealing Tinya’s face once again. “You still keep thinking I’m Hannah.”

I blinked as I looked at the face of Tinya there. It was Tinya who had come to my trial, not Hannah. I could only make a wry smile as I looked at her, my head shaking slightly. Tinya returned a lopsided smile.

“Tinya… huh?” I looked down, biting my lip.

The woman shrugged. “I’ve given you back Aiko and Mia, so you should be happy. Hannah will stay with me a little while longer. I’ll give her back to you when I’m done having my fun. Okay?”

I nodded, tears starting to form in my eyes. “Are… we going to keep doing this?”

Tinya’s smile turned forced and she looked away from me, seemingly growing awkward. “Doing what? Naturally, I’m still in love with Hannah, so I plan to keep her-“

“I love you.” I took a step forward.

Her eyes widened and she stumbled back, in complete disbelief. “L-love… I-I’m Tinya… I raped you… I took your sister from you… I…”

I broke into a sudden giggle, taking another step forward. “Hahaha… Tinya… take my sister from me? Do you take me for an idiot?”

Tinya’s face started to crunch up as she stared at me, growing a little unnerved now. “What are you talking about, the evidence is…”

“Let’s cut the shit.” I sighed, causing Tinya to look like her eyes were about to pop out of her head. “My sister only does what my sister wants. I love you, and I know you love me.”

“How presumptuous-“

“Shut up, and let me speak.” I continued to walk closer to her.

Tinya’s entire body was shaking now, but it wasn’t in anger. Her eyes looked afraid. The girl’s next to her had never seen her act this way, and they could only stare in disbelief as tears started to fall down her face.

“P-please…” Her voice suddenly sounded forced.

“I’m not going to give up on you. I’m tired… I’m tired of you hiding and keeping your distance. I’m tired of you wearing a mask.” I was now right in front of her.

I wasn’t aware of it, but everyone else saw me leave as well. The girls were all watching. Rose, Madison, Aiko, Mia, Mako, and Brooke were all there. Only Ashton had decided to leave earlier. Madison gasped when they noticed Tinya’s face, but before she could take a step forward, Mia and Aiko seemed to stop her. Brooke was merely watching for my cues, trusting that I knew what I was doing.

“What is it that you want?”

I smiled, lifting up and stroking her cheek. “I just want my sister back.”

I leaned forward and kissed her lips. At that moment, I launched out my magic, shoving it against hers. Whatever rune her magic was drifting into was instantly interrupted. Tinya jolted in shock, but a moment later her face and body shimmered. The person standing there was no longer Tinya, but Hannah! When I pulled my lips away, I finally opened my eyes, seeing my sister crying in front of me.

She looked up at me tearfully, “How did you know?”

“Your act was almost perfect.” I sighed. “You always liked to hide in the shadows. You liked to act like other people. Faeri? The Matriarch? Why wouldn’t you pretend to be Tinya? You got some senior girl to scribe some illusion magic, and then you called yourself the Matriarch. The main thing that set me off was the underwear.”

“Underwear?” Hannah grabbed her skirt, like she expected me to pull it off her this instant, her face growing flush.

I laughed. “I told you about my collection, and you didn’t bat an eye. Tinya never would have been okay with it.”

“Hahahahaha….” Hannah suddenly started laughing too, all the stress leaving her, her shoulders going slack. “That’s what tipped you off? How stupid…”

“The only thing that I didn’t understand was why.”

Hannah’s smile ended, and suddenly she fell forward, her face resting on my chest. “Why, huh?”

I stroked her hair gently, and Hannah wrapped her arms around me tightly.

“You don’t have to tell me,” I responded slowly.

“No…” Hannah shook her head. “I need to say it. The reason why is because I love you. I’m your sister, and I love you…”


Hannah laughed, hugging me tighter. “I was ashamed to see you again. I had hurt you before. I did it because I was selfish and stupid. I didn’t want to stand in the way of your future. I thought if I could just help you from the shadows, that I could atone for my mistakes. I could spread your name and make you loved all over campus. I could keep the woman you love safe. I could be your heroine, ready to reveal myself when the time was right.

“Then, things went from bad to worst. The Precipice… and those nasty boys who tried to take advantage of you, and my sister! That’s why I set that fire!”

“That was you!” I let out a cough when I realized my tone was a bit disruptive of the situation.

I ended up patting her on the head, to which she only cried harder.

“Hannah…” Madison had walked out too, looking over at Hannah with a complicated expression on her face.

Hannah looked up tearfully from my shirt over at Madison, “I wronged you too, Madison. I just got full of myself because I was his full sister and you were half. I wanted to believe that meant I’m special.”

“I am just his half-sister…” Madison said, derisively.

Hannah shook her head. “No… you’re more than that. He loves you, Madison. I’ve watched all the things he’s done to get you back. I was too blind to realize the place you hold in his heart. It’s you who are special. I’m just…”

“Hannah… you’re special too…” Madison said, tears forming in her eyes as well. “You’re special to me.”

“Madison… I’m sorry…”

“Hannah… let’s not let a boy come between us ever again!”

Madison ran up and hugged Hannah and me. Hannah was only willing to move one arm, so it ended up in a three-way hug. Both women’s tear-streaked faces ended up in my shirt. I stood there, a tight smile on my face as both women cried and hugged each other and me. I decided it was wise to not mention that immediately after declaring that they’d never let a boy come between them, neither girl was willing to let me go. I was quite literally sandwiched between the pair of them!

Yes, it wasn’t the moment to reveal that tidbit of information. Some of the other girl’s had tears on their faces as well. Brianna and Syph were watching the scene with their eyes wide open. The Matriarch, the woman they referred to as boss, was acting more emotional than they had ever seen. She almost seemed like a normal girl, and for these two women, that was almost too much to contemplate.

“Hannah, Madison…” I said finally patting both girls awkwardly with my arms using the available space I had. “You’re both my sisters. You’re both special to me. I love you…”

“I love you too!” Hannah said, suddenly looking shy and unwilling to glance up at me.

“I love you, brother,” Madison added, looking up and smiling.

Suddenly, to be held by two beautiful sisters, I felt like everything was going to work out. I was no longer in trouble with the rape allegations. I had recovered my family and even gained some. I’d be heading back to school in a few days, with Brooke, Brianna, and Syph guarding my back.

“Ahem…” A voice broke us out of our moment.

The group of women watching looked back and then split, allowing a tall woman with a strong face and long brown hair to walk down the stairway. When she came up to me and my sisters, the pair finally let go of me but were still holding each other’s hands. I turned to look back at this woman.

“Clyburn Bonholdt, it’s a pleasure to meet you face to face.” She spoke matter-of-factly, her voice containing no humor.

“Yes? And you are?” I tried to respond politely.

The woman gave a smile that didn’t seem to reach her eyes. “My name is Aren Bristle, we’ve talked on the phone before. I represent the Amaryllis council.”

I took a step back, my eyes widening. “The council?”

Aren nodded, “Of course, after an event like this, given our previous arrangement, the council wanted to watch the outcome of this trial.”

“And?” My voice was slightly stiff.

“You were found not guilty, so the agreement will remain unchanged. As pertaining to the male protection act, all current pregnancies can be cashed in once you turn sixteen. With two confirmed male offspring, you will have the same benefits as any other man. However, given the agreement made, we will only allocate 6 months per for a total of one year.”

“Six months?” I said and then shook my head. “Yeah, six is fine.”

“Very good.” The woman nodded. “I’m glad to see our investment was properly utilized. Have a good day.”

Erin turned and immediately left without another word. I forced a smile on my face and gave another forced nod as she left. When the door closed behind her, all of the women’s eyes were on me.

“Clyburn, what was that about?” Rose demanded.

I let out a sigh. It wasn’t exactly a secret, I just hadn’t really told anyone about it.

“Remember when mom got arrested?” I shot Hannah a look, but she lowered her head, saying nothing.

“Yeah, what about it?”

“They were going to try to give mom 20 years.” I sighed. “I didn’t want that, so I cut a deal with the government. They lighten mom’s sentence and I… I produce…”

“Produce?” Rose’s questioning looks quickly turned into a raised eyebrow as she looked down at my crotch. “You mean seed?”

“I promised the government that I’d give them double the standard output if they didn’t take my mother away. As a result, her sentence is only a few years and I got to spend time with her until she had the baby. She was just letting me know the same rules applied to my male babies. I still get an exemption, but it’s halved.”

Rose gasped, and a few of the other girls looked surprised. “Oh, Clyburn, that deal… don’t you know not to make deals with them? This is completely unbalanced.”

“We should go grab my father!” Lyra spoke up for the first time, “I’m sure that he can do something about it. You should fight this! It’s completely unfair!”

I shook my head. “This is the agreement I made. Fighting it now may end up leaving my mother in prison for years to come. I think they hope I’ll fall into debt and become another cum dispenser.”

“Let’s hope you truly are a blessed one,” Mia said and then raised her hands. “N-not that I’m bragging!”

I sighed. “Look, it’s a deal I plan to follow. Ten pregnancies a month, or a six-month break every male baby I have. We’ll know in a couple of weeks whether I am some kind of chosen person or not.”

When I said that, I glanced over at Mako’s belly, causing her to blush in anticipation.

“We should be celebrating…” Aiko spoke up. “Two strong, healthy boys, and Clyburn won! Let’s worry about tomorrow’s issues tomorrow.”

“That sounds good to me…” I laughed. “Let’s go home. We can celebrate a little bit.”

Madison tapped her lips. “How do you want to celebrate tonight?”

“Hahaha…” Hannah laughed. “Sister is being cute, doesn’t she know exactly how brother wants to celebrate?”

“Hmm? How is that?” Madison asked.

“Of course, since he has both his sisters back, he’d want them both… at the same time!” Hannah said mischievously.

“Both?” Madison’s eyes blinked as the realization slowly crawled on her face. “At the same time?”

Her face slowly turned into a blush. Then she shot me an angry look and hit my arm.

“What did I do?” I called out.

“Dirty brother! How could you think such things right after our reunion? You’re such a playboy!”

“Huh? But I didn’t!” The other girls were looking at me too, same shaking their head and looking away. “H-Hannah!”

“Of course, since brother has made this request, I think we should give in this once…” Hannah nodded, grabbing both of Madison’s hands and looking at her innocently.

“R-really? T-together?” Madison’s eyes were wide, completely seemingly taken in by Hannah’s words.

“Hahaha…” Hannah let out a laugh. “Of course, I want to learn from big sister, whose had the most practice!”

“H-Hannah!” Madison cried out.

“And I’m very curious to see big sister’s ‘O’ face.”

“’O-o’ face?” She looked dizzy like her brain was shorting out.

“You know… the face you make when Clyburn makes you go ‘ohhhhhh’.” Hannah’s eyes twinkled excitedly.

“Sister, stop teasing!” Madison finally shouted tearfully.

Hannah giggled, suddenly jumping up and giving me a kiss on the lips before dodging a grab from Madison and running down the stairs.

“T-this is little brother’s fault!” Madison stomped on my foot suddenly as she passed.

“Ow! What did I do?” I cried out.

“Your perverted ways taught Hannah all these things. Hmph… I’ll never forgive you. You can say goodbye to blowjobs!”

“Wh-what?” I cried out, “Hey wait… let’s not get hasty here…”

Madison ran down, chasing after Hannah, and I could only follow after her. The remaining girls followed behind us, looking like maybe they should pretend to be with another party.

“Hmmm… they are close family…” Lyra said, trying to make the best of the situation.

Mako’s mouth twitched. “It’s the family we’re all joining, right?”

Mia and Aiko looked at each other, and then down at the bumps on their stomachs. “Y-yeah…”

“At least, you can tell they’re all Morgan’s kids.” Rose sighed, following the group down the stairways leading to the street where a car had come to pick them up.

“Because they’re all batshit crazy?” Brooke asked.

The procession home that night was just as lively. Regrettably, I didn’t have that threesome, as I ended up drinking too much and passing out. However, when I woke up the next morning, both girls were lying in bed with me, and I ended up kissing each one early in the morning. Yeah, I had the feeling things were only going to improve.

I had only had a few more loose ties. There was Ben, the man who had tried to kill me. Then there was Rebecca, the girl who was left behind. I probably had to work out some agreement with Dia still. Finally, Miss Monic… actually, I hoped to never have to deal with Miss Monic again. I was concerned about her, but I wasn’t interested in being involved with her. There were still challenges, but with all the women I loved around me, I figured I could handle anything.

I was wrong.

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