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“Hannah… you got to stop sneaking into my room,” I said sternly, bonking her on the head with my fist.

Hannah covered her head. “Isn’t that because brother’s cock is too irresistible?”

“Well… even if my cock is too irresistible…” I blushed, feeling a bit good about myself until I felt a jab in my side.


“Right… I mean, you can’t sneak into your brother’s closet and watch him have sex with other women. Right, Mia?”

“Mm!” Mia nodded, crossing her arms and shooting the other woman a glare.

“But how else will I be able to learn what works best if I can’t see Clyburn with other women and also film it?” Hannah demanded. “This is vital for all of our happiness!”

“Get out!” Mia cried. “Wait, what did you say about filming?”

“But I haven’t seen your ‘o’ face yet!” Hannah protested.

“Hannah, we made a schedule, you need to honor the time that I get with every girl.” I sighed.

“Pfft… if you just listened to me and scheduled more than one girl at a time, there wouldn’t be these kinds of problems!” Hannah cried.

With a bit more fighting, I finally pushed Hannah out of the room and shut the door. I turned back to Mia and gave a smile.

“S-sorry about that.”

Mia let out a chuckle. “No… I mean… I’m already pregnant with your baby, it feels really strange to be doing this even though it doesn’t change anything.”

“Huh? Change anything?” I kneeled down at the foot of the bed, looking over at Mia, who was lying there innocently without any clothing on. “I’m here because I want to spend as much time with the women I care about as possible.”

Mia smiled wryly, touching the small bump of her stomach. “I’m having your baby, but this is far outside the realms of a contract. I don’t get why you treat me so good.”

“Because I asked you to be mine, and you said yes…” I leaned down and kissed Mia’s lips, savoring them for a moment.

“Clyburn…” Mia panted, her breath growing quickly as I got on top of her.

I carefully kept myself on my knees so that I didn’t accidentally push down and hurt her stomach. Of course, she had a baby bump right there, and I didn’t want to compress it accidentally. It wasn’t easy to hurt the baby inside, but the mother was a different story. I slowly kissed her neck as her breathing grew more ragged. I worked my way down her body, sucking on her breasts, which had expanded an extra size or two, which I appreciated quite a bit.

“Ahhhn…” She moaned as I took a nipple into her mouth. “Please… Clyburn… milk might come out. AhhhhhN!”

Well, that only made me suck harder! Of course, she was only four months along now, so the milk factory probably wasn’t open for business just yet. On the other hand, Rose was starting to try to wean our daughters off of the milk right now. That meant her own boobs were exceptionally sore, and she actually really enjoyed the relief of me milking her. However, a meal supply that had grown to service two hungry ten-month-old babies turned out to be more than I could handle, so I only attacked her boobs when I was ready to get very messy.

As for school, after calling and discussing things with the dean, it turned out that we decided it wasn’t best for me to return to Amaryllis right away. Immediately after the court hearing, emotions ran too high, and it was actually dangerous to have me head to school. Brooke still needed more time to train Brianna and Syph into proper bodyguards, and I needed a bit of time too. The amount of stress I had been holding lately after everything that had happened was more than I realized.

I ended up crashing for nearly three days before the girls forced me out of my bedroom and tossed me into the bath. Although it was Mako as the new head maid who headed operation clean Clyburn, all of the women wanted a hand in it. It really wasn’t fair because they all wore swimming suits, yet unashamedly stripped me naked. I had so many hands all over me I thought I was going to be smothered.

Aiko, Mia, Brooke, Hannah, Mako, Madison, and Rose all lived here now while I spent the rest of the semester at home. Although Mako still lived partially on campus, she was making the transition and never skipped her day for being in the mansion with me. For the last month, I formed a rotating schedule, spending one day a week with each of the girls, while giving myself a one-day rest. As for Lyra, she could only bite her hand and watch enviously. It wasn’t that I wanted to be cruel to her. It was simply that she had too many responsibilities on campus and still had her brother stalking her.

It never felt like the right time for us to have sex, so I’d been putting it off with her. As for Ash, she had visited a few times, but she didn’t want to expose her secret just yet. The other girls only looked at her as a male friend, and so there was no chance I could get closer to her. However, she still showed significant interest in me. I could tell she was missing me a bit because she had also put on a little weight.

This had the added side effect that her boobs were coming out of her flat chest. Now she had to wrap them to keep the illusion she was male. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the problem, looking forward to playing with her little A-cup breasts once I returned as her roommate. That was at least one benefit I had to keeping her a secret. When I returned to the dorms the next semester, I’d get to play with her as much as I wanted to!

Thus, my life was feeling pretty good, and I was feeling pretty frisky. That’s how I had ripped my precious, mousy little Mia out of her clothing. If she didn’t have that pregnant body, you might even confuse her for a loli. I couldn’t help but kiss her stomach as I worked my way down. Although it was a boy on the inside, that only meant her baby had that much more value. She watched me as I kissed her baby-holding womb gently, and then worked my way down to her clit.

“Cl-Clyburn!” She moaned as I went down on her.

Other than Hannah, Mia was the only other woman who was so unashamedly willing to enjoy being eaten out. In a world where sex was supposed to create a baby, it was hard for a lot of women to admit that sex felt good to them. After all, the label of slut was assigned to women who had sex with men for enjoyment. Receiving oral sex seemed to be the epidemy of that. This was probably a secondary reason that sticking your tongue out was offensive in this world. A man who ate a woman out was having to uphold his duty to deliver seed into her womb by sexually satisfying her himself!

It was the job of the woman to satisfy the man and milk his seed from his body. It was the man’s job to provide the seed. It was as simple as that. So, oral sex was a perversion of that act. Anal sex probably had a bad wrap for similar reasons. Only slutty women would engage in these none baby making acts with a man. It was a really puritan belief, but it still was strong in this society.

The fact that Mia was pregnant only doubled that stereotype! Even though Mia protested it a bit, her body told a different story. She didn’t hesitate to spread her legs and let me eat her cunt. She moaned and arched her back orgasmically as she enjoyed the pleasure. However, even if we had sex and even if I came inside her, she couldn’t get pregnant again! It was the ultimate in sexual indulgence. To go this far, Mia had to mentally accept that she was just a giant slut. At least when it came to many of the other girls, like Madison and Rose, they had the tendency to be shy about these kinds of things. I would often have to push them into it, usually involving a lot of getting them worked up sexually and then teasing them into playing the part of my slut.

Although Aiko came from a different country of Nippon and had some different views on the subject, Mako was much the same way. Although, in truth, despite Mako being exceptionally shy when it came to acts like eating her out, the Lilith bond ensured that Mako was a perfect submissive. All my cock had to do was twitch and she’d fall to her knees. Of all my women, Mako was definitely the most open to experimentation. Actually, it was more accurate to say she couldn’t say no even if she wanted to.

“Ahn… Clyburn… your tongue is so good.” Mia mewed. “Stick it in me, I want your dick!”

Of course, I was more than ready to oblige, so I kissed her lips roughly as I pushed my dick up against her wet womanhood, taking care once again to keep from pushing on her stomach, which was thankfully still small enough that I could maneuver around it without getting into a special position.

“I’m going in!” I said, biting her lip. “You slut…”

“Mm! I’m only Clyburn’s slut!” She moaned as I shoved it into her. “Ahn… be-be careful of the baby…”

I chuckled as I teased Mia with my lips, making her tear up quickly. “I’m always careful with the baby. I’m just giving him a show. Once he comes out, it won’t be long before he’s going to have to be doing this kind of thing too. Daddy is just showing him how it’s done!”

As I said this, I started pushing myself into Mia, holding her tightly as I fucked her tight pussy. Mia let out little squealed moans, her eyes alight with sexual desire.

“Ahn… you’re a good father.” She moaned. “Teach him good!”

“What’s that?” I grinned, “If you want that, then why don’t you spread your legs more, I need to get real deep so that he gets a better view.”

“You… dirty boy…” Mia moaned but didn’t hesitate to spread her legs open as much as she could.

“Oh… Mia is very flexible.” I complimented her, pushing my dick as deep into her cunt as my balls would allow.

“Naaahhhn…. Hah… I feel it so deep, you’re definitely going to hit the baby.” Mia whined. “When you pull my legs so far apart, I feel like your dick is going to split me in two!”

“Haha… well, try to stay together, because I’m going to put on a show.”

As I said those words, I started pounding into her as strongly as I could. Mia made loud moaning sounds, although she was still a quieter lover than Mako was. I grabbed on to her pelvis, ignoring the rest of her body as I started using her pussy like a sex toy, thrusting my hips into it with loud thwacks. Mia’s moans became louder and louder.

“Ahn… No…. It’s leaking out… you’re making me wet myself!” She cried.

“Haha… well, pregnant women can’t hold it like they used to.” I chuckle, not giving her pussy any release.

“Ahhnn… naughty boy… I’m going crazy… I’m sorry little Mathew… your mom is daddy’s slut!” She lets out another cry as her cum gushes out, leaking down my cock and immediately soaking the sheets.

Of course, the act of her cumming against my cock is more than I can handle, and I erupt a load deep inside her womb. This causes her to let out even more aroused cries as she feels the hot stuff being injected in the area just below the baby.

I collapsed next to her, finally spent. I hold her sweaty naked body against mine, kissing her gently on the forehead. After both of us recover our breaths, I look over at her. Mia is staring at me, a look of deep affection in her eyes that didn’t need to be voiced in words. Whether she had any feeling for me when she became pregnant, the glory of getting a male child had already made her incredibly loyal. After that, the last month of living together had fermented our love for each other, which was growing to something more than the one night stand we might have started with so long ago.

“Mathew?” I finally asked.

“Mm… is that okay? Mathew Mian… it has a nice ring to it.” Mia smiled.

“Mian? Don’t you mean Mathew Bonholdt?” I asked.

Mia raised an eyebrow, “Kids are named after their mothers, Everyone knows that. If a baby was named after their father, there would be a million Bonholdts all around. There would be no point in having a last name!”

I chuckled, kissing her on the nose. Of course, I knew all of that already. I just like to see her cheeks grow puffy when she got flustered. My kisses also seemed to have a calming effect as she immediately smiled, closing her eyes and laying her head back down on my arm. We laid like that for another hour before we finally decided to get up. Although I was officially with Mia today, that mostly only applied to sex. I still had to make an appearance in the mansion and greet all of the ladies, or I’d get someone growing upset. It was a lot of work having so many women in my life. However, as I looked at all the beauties I had, I knew that it was all worth it.

Of course, there would be more coming. There had to be. I’d be turning sixteen soon, and even if I cashed in my credit, that still only gave me until seventeen before I started to need to produce ten babies a month. As much as I was enjoying living the harem life now, I knew that this was fated not to last. It made me feel a little sad knowing that I could never be with just one woman, or a hand full of them. I mean, I could go father’s route and become a stud of the government, but none of the girls seemed to like that idea.

“This will be our last day,” Mia said suddenly, tears welling in her eyes.

She started crying, holding my arm tightly. She was four months pregnant, after all, and she wasn’t lying. My semester off of school flew by in a rush. Well, it was more like half of a semester, but either way, it was far too quick. Life at home was blissful, and the world out there was tough. I had spent over a month hiding in my mansion, avoiding the backlash from my recent victory. Now, it was finally time to get some fresh air.

The WRA was still out there. They still hated me. Of course, I wouldn’t be returning if they hadn’t gone completely quiet recently. Once the boys started returning to school, the WRA seemed to slink back into their shells. My spies at school, namely Hannah, Brooke, and Mako, continued to collect information. The school, for all intent and purposes, had returned back to normal. I wanted to find out more, but there really appeared to be nothing else to find.

Rather than ending with a bang, this whole predicament just fizzled out with time. Once I decided to return, there had been some mutterings of protest, but the school took the incentive to shut down any more disruptions and threaten expulsion for any women who felt the need to attack the boys. My victory had solidified the male protection act in public minds until it seemed like it adhered to more than ever. The government and the school cracked down on the WRA hard and men had basically gained complete rule of the school for the last semester. Pregnancy rates were up, and generally, people were happy. Of course, this wasn’t much different to how the school was run before the Precipice event.

“I don’t like it…” Brooke muttered, shaking her head as I came out into the family room most of the girls seemed to hang when they weren’t in their bedrooms.

“What’s this?” I asked.

Brooke looked up at me. “I’m just looking over the safety precautions for tomorrow.”

“Are they not appropriate?” I asked.

Brooke sighed. “No… rather… it could be said they’re too appropriate?”


Brooke shook her head. “I don’t know… I guess I’m just panicking here. That Diba bitch gave me the creeps. However, the last month, she’s completely vanished. No one I have talked to has ever seen her on campus.”

“Maybe she quit?” I offered.

“Miss Monic?” Mako turned to us while dusting nearby. “No, that woman doesn’t quit.”

“Then… we’ll just need to keep a lookout, right?”

Brooke sighed and nodded. “I’ve done everything I can think of. We even didn’t start the first day, but the second, just in case.”

“We’ll all go together.” Mia smiled, grabbing my hand. “It’ll be fine.”

“Mia, I thought you dropped?” Rose asked.

“Ah… actually, I never officially did…” Mia blushed. “I need to actually finish the paperwork and sign some things.”

Brooke nodded slowly, “Pregnant women are a good omen. Especially with a boy in there. You’re worth more to the state than anything. You could be called the safest woman in the city. The laws are so strict that even gang members fear of hurting pregnant women.”

“I’ll go early tomorrow,” Hannah spoke up. “I’ll make sure the freshmen are on the lookout, just in case. Brianna, Syph, you need to protect my brother.”

“Yes, ma’am!” The two girls nearly saluted.

“If only they were that obedient on my orders.” Brooke looked wryly at how much fear and respect that little Hannah seemed to have garnered in her peers.

We had a simple dinner together that night, and finally, the big day arrived. Brooke, Brianna, Syph, and Mia joined me in the car. Mako and Hannah had already returned to the school, while Lyra and Ashton were already there. We all planned to meet at the trolley. Even Rigor and Trey were going to meet me there. It had been a while.

I was still slightly jumpy, remembering the crowds of protesters just outside of the courthouse not too long ago. However, when we reached the trolley station, I was pleased to see it was just like it always had been. There were no crowds at all. Although this was technically the male trolley, I didn’t think there would be any problem taking everyone up with me. After all, protection was perfectly acceptable. Mia stayed at my side and Brooke and the two other girls surrounded me in a protective triangle.

After boarding the trolley and heading up to the island, I felt immensely better. The whole thing had been just me worrying unnecessarily. As the trolley crested the edge of the island, I looked out and saw Ashton, Rigor, Trey, and Lyra waiting for me. I was so excited that when the door opened, I darted out and ran right over to them. Brooke and the other three blinked, jumping out of the trolley after me. Mia took a moment to stand up, being pregnant. She started heading to the trolley exit.

The hair suddenly started standing up on the back of my arm. I let out a cry as I felt something strange. The other four in front of me seemed to notice it as well, staring over my shoulder. I spun back, noticing a glowing coming off the side of the troll. It was written in something that I couldn’t see until it started being fed power. However, now that it was glowing, I could feel it quickly gathering magical energy. The world seemed to move in slow motion.

Brooke was spinning around, but at her angle, she couldn’t see the Rune as we could. Brianna and Syph had just left the trolley and were heading my direction, seemingly oblivious to the feeling of magic surging nearby. Mia’s head just poked out of the trolley. She smiled at me.

“No!” I screamed, but I only could take a single step forward before the entire rune erupted.

A giant fireball exploded, the entire trolley blowing up in a single eruption. The fireball consumed Mia just as the shockwave struck me. My body flew back, hitting the ground hard. The spell had seemed to be designed to take out the trolley specifically, so at my distance, the explosion wasn’t too bad. Brianna and Syph were both flung savagely, crumpled like leaves on the ground about twenty feet away. As for Brooke, I didn’t see where she was flung through all the smoke and ash in the air.

“No…” I coughed haggardly as I stumbled towards the wreckage that was the trolley.

I could hear the sound of metal tearing and the snapping of cords. I didn’t see Mia anywhere near the entrance, but the entire trolley was ablaze now. The explosion had pushed it back so that the majority of the trolley was hanging off of the island now. I raced towards it, moving as fast as the aches and pains allowed me to move. There were more snapping sounds, and suddenly the trolley was sliding.

“No, no, no, no, no!” I shouted, leaping for the trolley.

I hit a solid object. The air rippled as I fell back, slamming on the ground. The trolley slipped off the rest of the way and the final cord snapped. It fell off the side of the island freefalling five hundred feet until it hit the ground with a massive crash. I stared dumbly, having been so close. Of course, what could I have done? Held back a flaming two-ton trolley? The barrier I hit, I now remembered was a protective barrier that kept people from jumping or falling off the edge. It started about 5 feet before the edge of the island. Only trolleys had a rune that allowed them to pass through it.

A moment later, I could hear more explosions. I looked along the edge of the island through the lingering smoke and fire and saw the trolley next to ours also exploding. There was a third one and a fourth. Beyond that, I couldn’t see them, but I had a distinct feeling that every trolley had just been destroyed in a single moment of mass destruction.

Still coughing, I started making my way out of the burning trolley station, barely even feeling the heat. My body felt numb. I felt lost.

“M-mia?” I called out helpless, looking over the ground.

My eyes caught sight of someone, and when I rolled her over, I realized it was Brooke. Her face was covered in soot. I couldn’t even think to check for her pulse. Whether she was alive or dead, I didn’t know. At that moment, I heard an intercom system blaze out, a cracking sound that hurt my eardrums. A voice popped up, vibrating across the island. My face grew white as I recognized the voice of Miss Monic.

“Ladies of Amaryllis Academy,

“Moment’s ago, the WRA cut off all contact with the rest of the city. The trolleys are gone, and the islands controls are under my power. The dean has been relieved of duty. I am now in charge of Amaryllis. Lately, the men of this school have cowered behind the male protection act, using it to justify their acts of viciousness and depravity. They have made women their sex slaves and their toys.

“It’s time for women to fight back. Students, find every man and bring him to the mage building in the center of campus. They will all finally face the judgement they deserve. Any woman who does comply will be restrained. If you are found helping a boy, you will be severely punished. The time for woman to rise back up and take our world is now!

“Oh… and as for Clyburn Bonholdt, the boy who started this all. I will make the woman who brings me his head rich beyond her dreams! Join me, ladies, let the revolution begin!”

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