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No sooner had the teacher finished his “demonstration” than he called for a short recess. Most of the guys had acted completely disinterested in the display performed in front of us. A woman was savagely sodomized, and the general reaction was ‘meh’. I definitely had questions, but I didn’t have the guts to ask them. As a result, he called for a break and then left the room like his presence really didn’t matter. It was still silent after he left, but other than me, it was more from disinterest rather than shock.

Rigor also left to the bathroom around this time. When Rigor returned, he yawned loudly and then sat backward in his chair, facing me.

“Sup.” He spoke casually with a smile.

“That… uh… the demonstration, was quite something…” I could no longer hold back my discomfort from the scene.

“I heard they do something like that every year.” Rigor shrugged. “The girls call them the sacrifice. Any girl with any real connections or status would have been informed ahead of time and never would have volunteered. She’s just a nobody.”

“I heard they usually drop out,” Trey added.

“S-seriously?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Eh, I saw her on the way to the bathroom, she was bent over behind a trashcan with her hands down her pants trying to move the cum. Couldn’t even make it to the bathroom. I almost felt bad for her. What if she doesn’t get pregnant?” Rigor suggested.

“Why? You’d offer?” Trey teased.

“Hell no! That bitch is filthy. I wouldn’t touch her with your dick.”

“Exactly, her time at the university is numbered.” Trey shrugged without care.

I felt bad myself as well. The way she had been treated, it felt wrong. However, at the same time, she had come along, bent herself over, and allowed him to do that in front of the class. He had been honest with her throughout the entire exchange. He may have pushed things a bit far, but she had also chosen to go through with it, despite the humiliation. Was that the lesson? Women will do anything for cum… look how much this twit tolerates? If this was done every year, it’d mean that it wasn’t even particularly difficult to get women to act this way. Every year had its sacrifice, and the only difference between this girl and every other girl on campus was knowing not to volunteer over the promise of cum.

Worst of all, other girls could have probably informed her of what volunteering would have entailed, but they didn’t stop her from going. They watched as she left to humiliate herself. Better her than me, all these girls must have thought as she was walked away to become the freshman sacrifice. Maybe I was overthinking this, but I had the distinct impression it was just as bad as I imagined. Women truly were terrifying.

“I’ve seen the videos…” Ashton spoke up, his eyes looking distant in thought. “Professor Takasha actually came slower than the guy in the video. Is that good?”

Rigor shrugged. “About 2-3 minutes, that’s my time with my sisters. Right, Clyburn?”

“Huh?” I lifted an eyebrow, then smirked a little. “Actually, I can go about fifteen minutes.”

The reaction wasn’t the one I expected. Ashton looked away, but it appeared like he was hiding a chuckle. Trey’s eyes widened like he couldn’t believe what I said. Rigor just burst out laughing.

“Seriously, dude? And the best part is you said it like you’re so proud of it!” Rigor laughed out loud, and even Trey finally chuckled a bit.

“Huh? What are you talking about? Isn’t a long time good?”

The boys all gave me strange looks. “Girls want your semen? Isn’t the faster, the better?”

That was when it dawned on me. The common sense of this world was that sex wasn’t there for enjoyment. If it did exist, it was simply there to make the man happy. A woman’s desire for sex was purely driven by her desire to have a baby and thus gain citizenship. Most women enjoyed sex, but only women like my mother and Aunt Rose would be open about it. Even Aunt Rose was exceptionally shy about her sexual desires, often forcing me to guess. There was a name for women who enjoyed sex for sexual pleasure.

“Sluts…” the words came out of my mouth.

“Dude, who wants to be fucking sluts? Those girls are scary…” Rigor’s chuckle lost some steam, seeming a little uneasy thinking about those kinds of women.

That’s right, in this world slut had a similar but completely different meaning. Any woman who wanted to experience sex with men for sexual gratification was called a slut. These women, women like my mother, were shunned by others. I had taken that fact for granted during my many long nights with mom. In the normal world, seed was an exchange, and the faster that exchange, the better. Tinya, for example, would have probably been much better off had I came quickly. In fact, she might even be alive today.

This was mostly a concern of the younger generation, where women were actively seeking a male to gain their ticket in life. It was only once women got older, hornier, and more concerned about their own happiness that they started seeking out sexual pleasure. But in this world, that usually meant with a woman. Seeking sexual pleasure from other women was considered normal, whereas seeking sexual pleasure from men labeled you a slut. At least, these were the conclusions I had come up with during my times reading. Of course, I knew most teenagers were horny and would gladly have sex, but the propaganda of this world had convinced female teens to repress their sexual desires down to a single thought… get pregnant.

“Hey… don’t worry, buddy…” Rigor mistook my silent thoughts for embarrassment and shame. “Not every guy can cum fast.”

“Mm!” Ashton nodded. “It takes me a while, like five minutes! Ah… but that’s on my own…”

I gave the group a smile and Rigor returned a thumbs up. This was really a world where there was no such thing as personal information. Well, in this world, men were basically under constant surveillance. Their sexual capacity was under close observation from their mothers. A mother giving you a blowjob, or the Mother Blow as it was called by some, was almost a ritual, where mom confirmed her son’s load and capacity herself. What would be horrifying in my old world was nearly a right of passage in this one! At least, that’s what I had gleaned from part of the conversation in the dorm. Point being, the men of this world seemed to lack a filter, and would seemingly say whatever thoughts came in their heads. I couldn’t explain how else I was having these extremely personal conversations about sexuality with these guys I just met.

“What videos are you talking about?” I asked cautiously. “Is there male and female sex videos in this world?”

I had not been able to find any male-centric porn since I had come here. There was no shortage of romance novels, and I even managed to find a calendar of posing half-naked men in my mom’s storage which I secretly threw out, but very little considered XXX.

“Huh?” Rigor raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t watch the Gibson?”

I let out a cough, “Eh? Gibson?”

“Gibson’s Series To Male Sexuality?” Trey asked. “Seriously, my mom made me watch it weekly since I was eight.”

“Oh, really… my mom wasn’t big into holotapes. We didn’t even get a player until last year…”

“Re-really?” The guys shot me strange looks, but I could only shrug and give them a wry smile.

“At least it explains why you were so taken aback by Takasha…” Rigor shrugged. “The tapes show men how sex is done. It gets pretty intense in some episodes.”

“O-oh…” I frowned as I wondered what the heck this tape was.

If I didn’t see it, it was almost certainly because mom determined it was propaganda. These guys were programmed to see sex as a means of delivering their seed into a woman. If a high school girl being brutally sodomized had become normalized in these guy’s heads, exactly how intense was he talking about here? I vowed to find a way to get a copy of these tapes. It wasn’t for anything perverted! I just wanted to get a better understanding of how other boys thought in this world.

“Don’t worry about it, man…” Rigor gave a thumbs up. “I’ll show you the ropes. Rule number 1, us guys need to stick together!”

As the other guys were nodding and giving me encouragement, there was a light knock on the door followed by it opening. My eyes widened at the face of the person who stepped in. I hadn’t seen her since she visited my home some time ago. Her makeup was done up as well as her hair. She looked very cute in her uniform. Her body dimensions combined with her uniform to cause something that would make any man drool. With her delicate features, slamming body, curly hair, and bright blue eyes, she was truly sexy. However, when I saw her, the only thing I could imagine was a woman without clothing on, my head pressed firmly between her legs as I tasted her honey pot.

“Lyra!” I barely stopped myself from standing up.

Lyra eyes fell on me and blinked in surprise, then she suddenly turned her head and squirmed oddly. For a moment, I thought she must have realized that I had been the man whom, the previous year, had ate her pussy out in a pussy market! Of course, if that was true, my life would be over! Well, my bachelor life, at least. This girl wanted to marry me! I had a feeling if I got with her I’d end up her pet!

“Boys.” Lyra nodded stiffly, trying to push by my outburst. “The welcoming committee asked me to stop by and welcome you.”

“Take it off!” one of the stuck-up pretty boys called, causing some light chuckling.

Lyra froze for a second, the expression like that of a deer in headlights. She didn’t wear a smile on her face. Rather, she looked like she was in deep concentration. Her entire body shook for a moment before she continued on, her face expressionless. While she looked expressionless on the surface, to me it looked like she was trying desperately to school her features. Her brow was slightly furrowed in a cute way as if she was trying to memorize lines to a play and recite them back. As a result, her demeanor only came off as expressionless, when really it looked like she was scared.

She glanced at each of the men intensely in silence. The look on her face seemed kind of silly to me. Her eyes were narrow and her mouth was moving as if she was talking to herself. She seemed to stare at each of the boys until they looked away. I coughed, lifting my hand to cover my face as she looked at me. She must be looking for the man from the pussy market again, in other words, me.

After she was done, she took a deep breath and continued. I couldn’t help but smirk behind my hand while watching her. I wasn’t into her or anything, but she was kind of cute the way she fronted herself. It was clear to me that she was outside her element. Suddenly, I found myself wondering if she had done anything before coming here to relieve herself of her thoughts about boys. That thought immediately caused me to blush and look away.

“On behalf of the girls, I wanted to welcome our incoming male students. The girls at our university hope that you have a great time at this university.”

“I’d have a greater time with you by my side.” The tall lanky guy winked at her.

“No, thank you…” She responded stiffly. “If that is all you boys have to say, I’ll be leaving then.”

A few of the boys were surprised as she spun, her tied-up hair lashing like an angry tail. A second later, she stormed out of the room. If I hadn’t been looking, I might not have noticed her breath was quickening and she was really flustered. Was she really that bad around men? The time she had visited my mansion almost seemed like a lie. She seemed kind of cool back then, but now she came off as stiff and uncomfortable.

The lanky boy stood up and gestured to the door. “My fellow gentlemen, that was our Ice Queen!”

“Hah? That Lyra girl? What was with that look.” Mortimus sniffed. “I felt like she was looking down on me.”

“I did feel kind of a chill when she looked at me…” Ashton admitted.

I raised an eyebrow as the boys spoke of how intimidating she was. Huh? Intimidating? The girl was a joke! She looked so nervous she was practically shaking! Wait… it couldn’t be me, right? Because I had eaten her pussy, I was seeing her differently than everyone else? Knowing what I knew about her, was I seeing her in a different light?

That’s when I had a second realization about this group of boys. Every woman in their life was likely the equivalent of a yesman. My mother had been an all-encompassing presence in my life, but she had spent that time constantly warning me about women and this world. For these guys, they likely never or rarely experienced rejection or negativity of any kind. Thus, actions that an experienced person took as being shy and nervous seemed like the acts of a cold and expressionless woman to them.

I remembered in high school I always thought I was so good at lying and hiding my stash of porn. Then, one day, my mom revealed she had been aware of several lies I thought I had kept really well! If teens knew about all the stuff their parents had found and opted just never to mention, most high school boys would turn white. Kids always thought they were better liars, cooler, and more skillful than adults saw them. Despite having my extra memories, I still always saw myself as a kid. This was perhaps one of the first times I was starting to realize my brain might really be a cut above the rest.

“What is an Ice Queen anyway… err…” Mortimus casually looked over at the tall boy, realizing that he hadn’t really introduced himself yet.

“Name’s Peter!” The boy laughed holding out his hand to no one in particular. “I just happen to know a bunch of the upperclassmen. They told me all about the queens of this school.”

As Peter spoke, the door had opened once again without a knock and Takasha walked back in. Where he had been for the last fifteen minutes, no one knew. He still had an imperceptibly small smile on his face and laid-back appearance. Peter immediately turned and gave a silent nod.

“What are you guys talking about? Oh, is that the unfuckables?” The man gave a slight chuckle.

“Huh? What are those?” Rigor spoke up, the teacher finally catching everyone’s interest.

“Oh, every year there are a couple of female students who go to classes with a mind to focus on their education. Lipstick lesbians… mostly… just a bunch of women who think they don’t need men.”

These words elicited some angry grumbling amongst the men. I could only frown. There seemed to be a great deal of hostility between men and women at this Academy. Was that part of the propaganda? I was beginning to understand why Madison had slowly grown so hesitant to be around me after being at Academy. This rift when far deeper than using each other and being disrespectful.

“These are the queens?”

Takasha nods. “They call them the Queens of Amaryllis Academy.”

“Five lipstick lesbians… don’t sound hot to me.” Trey shrugs.

Takasha’s smile grows. “Don’t get me wrong, they are all very beautiful women. However, they’ve been at the Academy for two or more years and have yet to lose their virginities. Rather… they’ve had offers and refused them. Daughters of rich conglomerates… immaculate beauties… all very fuckable… yet for one reason or another, they reject men.”

“Lyra’s mom is supposedly loaded,” Peter confirmed. “If you bang her, you’ll probably have no shortage of slice.”

“Slice?” I couldn’t help myself and ask, having read the word a few times and not knowing what it meant.

The boys all looked back at me and Rigor patted my shoulder. “You’ll have to forgive me, friend, here, he grew up without Gibson.”

This elicited a couple of chuckles and strange looks, but Takasha stared at me with a slightly intrigued light. “Slice… as in a slice of the pie. Men offer only one thing in this world, as far as most women are concerned. That thing is seed. Thus, if men are to survive, we must maximize our slice. In other words, we need to get women to give us the most possible in exchange for our seed. Slice can be promises, favors, or even a lifetime stipend. I’ll give you more advice on how to maximize your slice as we go on throughout the year.”

I nodded thoughtfully. Mom had explained much the same to me, although she had never called it a slice before. It looked like I really did need to watch these videos. I was starting to feel like… well, someone who came from another world. I could only give a wry smile at that while someone else spoke up.

“Name’s Ramsey…” the other stuck up boy other than Mortimus spoke up. “I heard there is an unfuckable teacher. Shouldn’t you have popped that, professor?”

“Huh?” Takasha laughed. “Why would I fuck some old 20-year-old skank? I’d rather be banging fifteen-year-old freshmen! You kids are young, but you’re going to learn that just because someone is unattainable don’t mean she’s worth wasting the time to obtain her. Every year, I see you boys going to great lengths to knock down a queen, while I bang fifty hot virgins in the same amount of time. If you guys want my advice, start knocking up your classmates before the upperclassmen do it for you. You’re not government mandated right now, so this is the only time in your life where you can fuck for fun. I’d say take advantage of it.”

“What about the VIP?” one of the twins asked.

“Every year a boy ends up becoming the VIP for each class. It has a couple of perks. You get a point for taking a girl’s first, and a point for knocking her up. The queens may earn you ten times that, but as I said, it’s a waste of time and energy. As for this teacher queen, I’ll let you boys take her down. She’s just some new girl anyway.” Takasha explained, likely for my benefit. “I mean… this year they have a Slut Queen. You guys will really pursue anyone.”

“A Slut Queen?” Ashton put on a look of distaste.

“Yeah, yeah… my sisters told me about the Slut Queen! They say she was a pro at giving head! Haha!” Rigor added.

I nodded in agreement while frowning. Of a queen was someone who was unfuckable, and a slut was easy, then how could someone be a Slut Queen? Is it someone who wants to have sex with men, but no man would touch her? That sounded like a really hideous girl to me. Then again, Takasha said she wouldn’t be a queen if she wasn’t beautiful.

“Ice Queen, Slut Queen, Teacher Queen… what else we got?” Ramsey asked.

“She’s the second year homecoming teacher, they call her the Home Cumming Queen!” Peter said. “And it isn’t just about the VIP spot, it’s about being someone who takes down a queen! You’ll be a legend amongst the men of the school.”

“The legend amongst forty some guys?” Takasha snickered. “Be my guest.”

“Who else?” Trey repeated the question, also growing invested in the conversation.

“The Career Queen and the Shy Queen. There are five of them this year.”

“Five? Hmph… when I was attending the Academy there were only three. Your upperclassman have been slacking off if they let five beauties keep their virginity.” Takasha snorted derisively.

The remainder of the class felt less like learning and more like gossiping. Takasha seemed disinterested in talking about the queens. It felt like he had a bad experience with a queen once and perhaps didn’t want to remember it. Maybe, he pursued a woman for a long period of time but ultimately failed to get anywhere with her. At the very least, I could kind of understand where he was coming from. Losing someone you were trying to get closer to naturally hurt. In this world, where men weren’t completely used to rejection, that might even be a traumatizing experience.

We finally had the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Besides Ashton, Rigor, and Trey, there was Ramsey and Mortimus, the two stuck up boys. The twins were named Louis and Sam. The shy boy was named Sven and of course, there was Peter. We were just starting to talk about who had siblings when Takasha finally called an end to the gossip hour, and the boys all started leaving. Ashton, Rigor, and Trey ended up gravitating towards me, and the group of us headed back to the mansion together.

“Man… I want to fuck a queen!” Rigor declared.

“You and every man at school… except for Takasha I guess. Good riddance, if we had to compete against adults, we’d have no chance.” Ashton sighed. “I just hope I can cum fast so she knows I did a good job.”

“I’m telling you…” I muttered. “I think most women are happier if you take your time. It doesn’t take a slut to like getting off.”

“Can’t they just do it on their own?” Rigor asked.

“Can’t you just do it on your own?” I shrugged.

“That’s not the same thing! Men need to cum to get women pregnant! Female pleasure is just… I don’t know… a waste? Hmmm… actually, now that I think about it, how about we test your theory.” Rigor’s eyes grew mischievous.

“Test it? How?” I asked.

“Simple!” Rigor smirked. “We just get two women, maybe close friends, and we bang them!”

I let out a cough… but still found myself somewhat interested. “Continue…”

Rigor laughed, jumping ahead of us and gesturing excitedly, “It’s our first night outside of our mother’s control! I say we go find some Academy girls and give it a go. You cum in your ten or fifteen minutes, I cum in my two, and we see which girl walks away happier. The winner buys dinner tomorrow! How about you guys?”

“Ah! I’m, uh… I’m still unpacking…” Ashton muttered to himself, hiding a blush.

“What about you, Trey?”

“Actually, I already got a girl I plan to meet tonight. I was just going to ask if you can hit up a spare room, but if you’re out anyway…”

“Seriously? When did you land that!” Rigor cried. “Ah… well… air out the room when you’re done, I don’t like coming home to the place smelling like funk!”

“Yeah… yeah…”

“Alright, looks like it’s just you and me, Clyburn!” Rigor gave me a thumbs up and smirked.

Of course, Rigor hadn’t asked me if I wanted to and took it for granted that I was going. This wasn’t a problem; however, I actually was a bit interested. I loved my Aunt Rose, she was a beautiful woman, even if she was in her thirties and a little chubby, but this was Academy life. I had been stuck in my mansion for far too long and getting out and meeting people, especially with a friend for safety, sounded good. Being able to bang an Academy girl tonight just made things a little more fun, that’s if we could score.

I had to remind myself that was the old me still affecting the way I thought. To Rigor, whether we got laid or not seemed like a given. As I realized that it shouldn’t be too difficult getting sex, it gave me a strange feeling.

“So, if we’re doing this… are we just going to go out to a club and-“

“What? Are you crazy? We show up at a club and the girls will riot!” Rigor waved his hand. “Naw… let me find some ladies for us to… actually, speak of the devil…”

I turned where Rigor was looking to see two cute girls in uniforms coming towards us.

“How bold…” Trey murmured.

“Brazenly approaching men get a lot of women in trouble. It’s about an instant label as a slut.” Rigor explained to me. “However, in this case… hello, ladies, I’m-“

Rigor stepped out, raising his arms up to introduce himself. The two girls sidestepped, walking right past him. They approached the three of us, however, both of their eyes were very specifically locked on me. I could only raise my eyebrow in surprise as the two women stopped in front of me. I didn’t recognize either of them at all.

They looked to be sophomores or juniors. One was a redheaded girl with freckles and green eyes. She was as tall, but not as thin as Madison. The other girl looked a bit frumpy, with brown hair that covered most of her forehead. Both girls were very cute, and if I hadn’t grown up contending with my mother and sister’s beauty every day, I might have found myself a bit flustered.

“You’re Clyburn, right?” The redhead asked.

“I am,” I wondered where these girls knew me from. “And you are?”

“I’m Brianna, this is my friend, Syph.” The redhead smiled.

“Hello, Brianna and Syph, you actually came at a perfect time. Would you like to go out tonight?” I asked, shooting Rigor a wink, who had his arms crossed and was wearing a wry smile.

“Ah!” Both girls suddenly blushed, looking down. “Th-that…”

I could only look on in confusion. The two girls had boldly run up to a group of men, but as soon as I asked them out, they suddenly started acting shy.

“W-we can’t…” Syph said, looking very hesitant and unhappy, “If we did before her, she’d-“

Brianna elbowed Syph. “What my friend is saying is we’re both very interested, but it’s not a good time right now. Perhaps… when the time is right, maybe… you could enjoy us both!”

Brianna covered her face by the end, unable to go on. I coughed nervously. Both girls were looking specifically at me. They seemed to think that I had asked them both out on a date together! More surprising, they were interested! Rigor rolled his eyes, but he didn’t seem unhappy. Mostly, he seemed amused. Well, ultimately, they still turned me down, even if there was a subtle implication of a threesome.

“Oh…” I wasn’t that upset since it wasn’t a complete turndown, but I was confused. “Then… why…”

“Oh!” Brianna snapped. “That’s right! I’m here to inform you that your sister is in trouble!”

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