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“Clyburn…” the voice echoed in my mind. “Clyburn…”

My eyes slowly opened, and I saw Lyra over me, holding my body tightly. She was crying, and once she realized I was waking up, she cried even harder. My body hurt so badly I didn’t think I could move for a month. With the last of my energy, I reached out and patted her head. I heard alarms coming nearby, but I didn’t even bother to turn my head to check. I couldn’t if I wanted to.

My eyes stared up, but it took me a while to understand what I was looking at. Near my feet was a massive pillar. It looked like it was made of diamond or crystal. It seemed to vibrate with energy. It spider webbed out and seemed to cup the entire island like a chalice. The island stood about 200 meters above my head, stuck on this massive pillar. It was tilted slightly, giving a lopsided look.

“W-what happened?” I forced the words out in surprise as I realized what I was looking at.

“I-I don’t know…” Lyra finally spoke after a moment of silence. “The island fell, and then someone cast something.”

“The crystal?” I asked.

“It’s magic,” Lyra said in disbelief.

I nodded in agreement. “Yeah, it looks like magic.”

“No…” Lyra shook her head. “You don’t understand. It’s actually magic, not crystal. That substance is called myrate. It’s crystallized magic. Powerful magicians sometimes make it to use in their more powerful spells… but never in this amount.”

“What are you saying?” I asked, wincing in pain at the soreness of my throat.

“A magician can only make a few grams of myrate at a time. This… every magician in the city couldn’t produce a tenth of this after a day of work. Someone very powerful cast this.”

“…” I could barely remember the face of the woman I had seen before.

She was a powerful magician? Perhaps that was possible. However, she was very young looking. I really struggled to believe that she was so powerful.

“Clyburn!” I wasn’t given a lot of time to dwell on this, because I heard a familiar voice.

Brooke came running up to me, and a moment later dropped down next to me. A moment after that, she hit me.

“Stop! You’ll kill him!” Lyra tried to protect me defensively from Brooke’s attempts to strike me.

After only a few painful hits, she finally settled down and sat pouting, clearly very irritated that I had ditched her previously. I apologized wryly but considering what I had been through, I didn’t really want Brooke to have shared that experience with me. The likelihood she would have been dead was too staggering to accept.

I noticed above me that a blimp had been utilized and was now landing on the island. The reinforcements arrived a bit late. Either they had gotten the riots under control, or they realized an island dropping down and wiping out of the city was a bit more important. Either way, help was coming. While Lyra and I were loaded into separate ambulances, up in the sky, a group of special forces bursted into the mainframe room of the island, their guns pointed. Sitting in the chair in the dark was a woman. She slowly turned around with her hands up. The flashlights shining on her face would have revealed that she was Hannah.

Hannah gave a wry grin. “I’m going back to prison again, aren’t I…”

I passed out in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. It was several days before I was able to remain awake for more than a few moments. I had gotten visits from just about everyone I knew. Rose, Madison, Mako, even Rigor and Trey. Everyone was traumatized from these events, and the city was very quiet about it for several days. The official story was that WRA radicalists started an attack on the city, and the Academy was just one of the targets. From what I heard, the WRA had moved out into the country, and there were still groups the government was searching for.

Of course, the police had interviewed me and I had been mostly honest with everything that had happened. I left out killing Ben, naturally, but I didn’t hold much back. I spoke about Lilith in entirety. I didn’t know whether they believed me or not. They recorded my words and then left. After that, I was left to recover. For the most part, I replayed the last few weeks over and over in my mind. What could I have done differently? Mia, Ashton… I lost two women I cared about, and a son I’d never meet. I wept often when I was alone. However, I wasn’t alone at that moment.

“Rebecca’s alive,” Mako explained, opening up the lunch she had brought for me. “She’s in the hospital on a different wing.”

I looked up at her and nodded. I couldn’t bring myself to do anything like a smile. There was just too much death. Mia and Ashton faces kept replaying in my mind. Mia as she was engulfed in flames. Ashton as she died in my arms. Even if Rebecca survived, in her moment of need, she had called out to Diba, not me. I didn’t think the pair of us would have anything to do with each other anymore. As far as I was concerned, whatever we had was over.

“The island… they decided to leave the thing to burn. Too risky keeping it.” Mako continued. “The next Academy will take a few years to build. In the meantime, students and faculty are being sent away to other locations.”

I nodded, silently eating my food. In true fashion for this world, I wasn’t blamed a single bit for my role in nearly knocking down the island, while Hannah was. She was awaiting trial and currently sent to a jail cell, while I got away scot-free. My hand tightened on my fork. Mako sighed, reaching out and pulling away my fork.

“Master… today is the day.” Mako announced.

I looked up at her questioningly, and she gave me a smile.

“We should be able to determine the sex of the baby!”

The sex of the baby, that would determine if I truly was this so-called blessed man or not. The chances of a man having three male offspring in a row were astronomical. Therefore, whether the baby was male or female today would go a long way towards setting straight the record on whether I was some reincarnated historical figure or just a guy. I couldn’t help remembering that demon clasping at my soul and shivering. Anything I could do to get off the Lilith followers’ radar would be appreciated.

“That’s good,” I said, my voice not sounding as excited as I could.

Mako shook my shoulders. “Come on… we can finally determine if you’re a daddy or a mommy!”

I let out a snort despite myself, and Mako gave a pleased grin. I knew that she was trying to cheer me up. All of the women were. I had experienced a lot of blows in the last few weeks, and everyone was just trying to help me move on. I finally reached over and squeezed Mako’s hand. I agreed with her. I needed to move forward. At least I could get the women in my life that much.

Mako helped me into a wheelchair and the two of us rolled out. At this point, I could move around a bit in the hospital, as long as it wasn’t in the public areas. Mako rolled me over to the family practice area of the hospital and found a doctor to administer the magical test. They didn’t determine sex by ultrasound, but through the use of some kind of magical detection device. Basically, it looked for male or female chakra. One could call it yin or yang if they wanted to, although this world didn’t seem to have those kinds of philosophies.

“Clyburn, you’re looking better.” I looked up to see Rose and Madison walking up to me.

It looked like they also came to find out the results. They wanted to support me too and were very eager to find out as well if I was some blessed man. I could only give a wry smile as the two girls fussed over me, asking questions about whether I had eaten. Rose took a distinctly motherly approach, while Madison acted the part of the big sister. I quickly grew agitated at the pair babying me, but when I called them out on it, they only did it more.

Family. Even if you had sex with them, they would still drive you crazy! I found myself feeling a strange warmth in my heart as I realized that. This was my family. Despite the memories from my other world, I knew that these women were my family. I couldn’t keep turning my back on them and living like an introvert. They wouldn’t allow that. They wouldn’t give up on me. It felt good to realize that.

“He’s smiling…” Madison whispered to Rose. “I haven’t seen him smile in weeks.”

“Sh-shut up…” I shot back, suddenly blushing.

“Brother’s blushing! So cute!”

“Will you two stop? As soon as I’m out of here I’ll make both of you girls pay!”

“Tsk… does brother always just think about sex?” Madison sighed.

“He is still young, his hormones are strong.” Rose nods, stroking her chin like a wizened teacher.

“What ever should we do?”

“Hmm… we must accommodate his needs as best we can… even… if it’s with our bodies!”

Madison gasped mockingly. I could only blush even more! When did Madison and Rose grow so close together! Clearly, they had been living alone together for too long! They were now ganging up to torture me. This was absolutely unacceptable! Just as I was about to fight back, a woman came out with Mako by her side.

“The results are in.” The doctor said.

The three of us looked up to see the woman staring at us strangely. Most men remained aloof from women after all. To see a group of women playing around with a man, the sight was strange, even for a doctor.

“And?” I finally asked, recovering myself quickly.

“It’s a girl.”

I let out a long breath. A girl. Not the blessed man. Admittedly, there was a very small part of me that felt some regret. I had memories from another world. It would have been nice if I was some kind of special entity. I could admit I felt a certain degree of excitement at the thought that I was some kind of messiah meant to spread my seed across the world. Of course, the demon’s curse probably meant that was an impossibility. Unless I had more demonic blood than the normal person, I shouldn’t be able to spread my seed any faster than one in a thousand. The fact I had made two women pregnant with boys was purely a coincidence.

“This… is good,” Mako said, and then smiled.

Although it was true that every woman wanted a male offspring, a female child was still a blessing. Besides, at this point, a male would cause us more problems than it helped. I nodded, reaching out and grabbing Mako. She let me pulled her up to me, and then I lifted the bottom of her shirt and kissed her belly where the baby was. She smiled down at me, stroking my head.

I only realized after that the entire room had gone silent. I looked up to see Rose and Madison giving wry looks. Everyone else had their mouths open. There were several pregnant women nearby, but they were looking at Mako jealously like they had wished the man who made them pregnant touched them this way. Rose was likely fondly remembering when she was pregnant and I touched her like that, while Madison was only hoping to become pregnant next.

“Of course, you still have a year, as per the agreement.” A voice came from behind the group of us.

I turned back to see a woman in a dress suit approach us. There were two other women on either side wearing sunglasses also in suits. They looked to be bodyguards. Mako’s eyes flashed in recognition.

“Sister, you’re here?” Mako asked in surprise.

The woman nodded, looking down at me. “Hello, Clyburn. It’s good to meet you. I heard that you were a friend of my daughters.”

“Daughter…” My eyes flashed open. “Ashley?”

The woman’s mouth flickered. I could see that there was pain in her eyes. This would be Ashley’s mother? I had heard that she was a powerful woman, a senator or something.

“Yes. Mako has told me much about your relationship with Ashley. I had hoped Ashley would become pregnant and finally stop that nonsense about her brother, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.”

“I’m sorry… Ashley… she…” I stopped, feeling another ball of pain inside me.

The woman cautiously put out her hand, and then patted me. “I… don’t blame you. Many people died. This wasn’t caused by you.”

I nodded slowly, but I still lowered my head, feeling the pain from losing someone close.

“Wait, what do you mean by a year, Allie?” Mako asked as the woman put her had back away.

Mako’s sister nodded. “The government prepares for the possibility of miscarriages and premature deaths. Even though Mia died, she was confirmed pregnant. You will not lose those six months of credit you’ve earned. It good though that Mako is having a girl though. We’re not sure what we would do if it was determined that you were some kind of blessed man.”

The woman called Allie chuckled, but the rest of us only looked at each other. She may have been Ashley’s mother, but she was a government official. My mother had instilled into me a great fear of this government. The first time I made an agreement with them, they had doubled my sperm outage. This could be considered outrageous exploitation of someone who was only 14-years-old. I had to remind myself that this woman was not my friend.

I had no doubt that if I was this blessed man, I might have ended up under lock and key. Now I knew why we “happened” to meet here. She was here to find out the results and if necessary, make a move. That meant the government had been watching me and waiting. I could only feel a small shiver as I considered how close I had come to possibly be turned into a cum dispenser. Her comment may have been flippant, but it said volumes.

“Thank you, Senator,” I said, giving a polite nod.

I wouldn’t give them any reasons to suspect me of anything. I would simply play along. Suddenly, I had some regrets telling them all about the demon lord Lilith and what I had been told by that crazy woman Diba. At the very least, I hadn’t mentioned the robed woman who had cast the magic spell. I simply said I had passed out.

Allie nodded and smiled as if she already knew my thoughts and didn’t mind. “It is good to be appreciative. I too am appreciative of your actions. If you have anything else that you need from us, I’d be happy to help out, for Ashley’s sake.”

The woman turned around and started to walk away, but then an idea struck me.

“Wait… there is something…” I responded stiffly, biting my lip.

“Clyburn…” Rose reached out and touched my shoulder.

I lifted up and patted Rose’s hand, letting her know it was okay. At the same time, I looked up at the woman who had looked back at me with a smile. The smile somehow looked triumphant to me, as if she had seen her prey successfully fall into a trap. Perhaps that was my own imagination.

“My… sister… Hannah. I ordered her to turn the island on the side. It was my fault.”

The senator watched me for a moment. “Yes… I’ve heard. She lowered the shields and allowed most everybody to escape. While her stunt destroyed a lot of property and destroyed a lot of evidence, she didn’t seem to have caused any deaths.”

“Then?” I lifted my head up hopefully.

“Possibly… I can help her get off with just a home arrest.” Allie said, but as my hope rose she added. “But that depends.”

I could only smile grimly. Here it came. Even favors had a cost, huh?

Depends on what?” I finally asked.

“Amaryllis Academy is closed.” The Senator explained. “There is one other main Academy in this country, but likely you won’t be going to it for the rest of the year.”

I nodded slowly. I agreed with what she said. I had no plans to start school again any time soon. This semester was nearly over, and I was planning on skipping the spring semester. This was the best way to be safe, given the current climate of the city. Most of the surviving men planned to do the same, and probably some of the women.

“And?” I asked nervously.

“Next year, we’re having an exchange program. We will be sending women abroad and accepting women here, with the hopes of spreading genes. A small country like Amaryllis suffers from too much inbreeding. Programs like this help us bring in fresh blood.” She explained. “The problem is that after this WRA attack, several countries worry that we’re not safe enough for them to send people. If we send a man abroad… it’ll sweeten the deal.”

I nodded slowly. “What about my twelve months of credit?”

The senator chuckled. “Naturally, we would ask that you did not use that time while abroad. However, I can offer you a boon. Other countries have different laws than our own. I can’t tell you which country you’ll end up in, but as part of our program, we’ll only require you to impregnate 1 woman a month. So, for the two semesters, you spend there, you’ll only be responsible for 7 pregnancies. Of course, if you impregnate someone with a boy, your job would already be done!”

She let out a laugh as if the thought of this was ridiculous. I forced a chuckle and a smile myself, even though I could feel a threat in her words. This was a diplomatic mission designed to spread seed. However, I couldn’t spread it too well, or it could make the diplomacy even worse.

“Isn’t it dangerous for men to go abroad?” Rose demanded.

The Senator shrugged. “Men are protected wherever they go. Other countries don’t have the male protection act, and quite a few have a certain more… matriarchal view on how they handle men, but he’ll be brought back in one piece. No one wants to start an international incident!”

“I’ll do it,” I said flatly.

“Clyburn!” the woman shot me a look worriedly.

“My sister, no jail time. I’ll go abroad on your trip for a year.”

“Good!” The woman nodded, turning around with a snap of her finger and leaving.

“Clyburn…” Rose put her hand on my shoulder.

“I know…” I sighed. “But I have no other option.”

We went back to my room and talked for a while longer. After the Senator’s appearance, the mood had been sullied a bit. The girl’s left after another hour or two. I finished eating and finally lied down in my bed. As the night grew, there was a storm going on outside. My eyes closed.

“Blessed man…”

The voice caused my eyes to snap open. That voice sounded somewhat familiar. I looked around the room. The light coming from the windows for some reason had a strange red tinge. It was a somewhat familiar setting. It was only then that I realized someone was standing in my room. I could only see their shadow. They had the silhouette of a woman, but there was something off. That was right, they had horns on their head. It looked like a demon. Their hand reached out, looking like it possessed long claws. I felt their grasp coming closer and closer. There was a familiar tug at my soul. I was completely frozen, unable to move. I could only watch as their hand grew closer and closer.

“I’m coming for you, my love!” the voice whispered in a gravelly voice.

It was the same voice that I had heard in my head, but I realized it had a distinctly feminine tinge to it. The lightning flashed, and just then the hand swiped down towards my face. My body lifted up from the bed and I gasped. It was still night, but the lightning and the red glow were gone, not to mention the silhouette. I let out a low breath as I turned on my light. It was just a dream. For a brief moment, I thought I was about to be possessed by a demon. Too many nights in the hospital had put me on edge.

I reminded myself of the events earlier that day. Mako was having a girl. That meant I had 2 boys and 3 girls. I’d assuredly have more girls in the future. If I ever had another boy, it’d only be one or two max. Even that could be considered a miracle. I should count myself lucky that I had them now, as it kept me out of prison during that trial. Either way, despite the fact I was reincarnated, I was not this blessed man. I wouldn’t need to worry about demons, or demon lords, or being some kind of savior ever again. That was a past I could put behind me. I lied back into my bed, trying to go back to an uncomfortable sleep.

As I had these thoughts, a fair distance away was the floating island that held the Amaryllis Academy, which was now practically a ruin. A massive pillar made from an impossible amount of crystallized magic kept it upright. Smoke still rose from it from time to time as new fires were ignited. One such fire finally managed to breach through the male dormitory. An abandoned rune that created a bonfire had leached power from the magic pillar just under it and occasionally would shoot off a bit of flame. After nearly a week of this, the defensive barriers protecting the dormitory were finally annihilated.

Like that, flames began to spread throughout the building, destroying the place that once served as a refuge for men who attended this Academy. The flames spread quickly from room to room, finally entering the place where Clyburn had once lived. Most of the stuff in this dorm had long been abandoned. The entire Academy was considered condemned, and few men had anything they prized so much that they’d return to a place like this. Those that had already sent servants who hastily retrieved anything of particular importance, as they left the rest to burn.

The fire spread across the blankets of Clyburn’s bed, sheets that had been present while taking the virginity of a couple of women, such as Aiko and Ashley. There was a desk cater-corner of this bed which would have been in the ownership of his roommate, Ashton. On that desk was a letter spread open and seemingly forgotten.

Dear Client,

Thank you for using Pregnancy Anonymous, where you can obtain pregnancy results without revealing private information. We honor your confidentiality. Your results are listed below.

Client #25617A

Pregnancy: Confirmed

Child’s Sex: Male

Congratulations! If you have any questions about your results, please let us know!



Below this message appeared to be doodling, which looked somewhat feminine in appearance. It was a single name written numerous times. Ashton Bonholdt. Ashton Bonholdt. Ash Bonholdt. Ashley Bonholdt. Ashley Bonholdt. Ashley Bonholdt. As the names were written, they grew bolder and bolder until the page ran out of room. A spark hit the edge of the page, and it erupted into flames. The flames licked up the paper rapidly. Within a few moments, the page was nothing but cinder. As the fire continued to burn through the room, the words on the paper floated away in ashes.

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