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“I found them.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“I found a couple of girls, for our date… remember the bet?”

“You’re still on about that? I thought you struck out.”

“Haha,” Rigor scratched the back of his head. “It’s true, I miscalculated how ready and willing girls would be to date freshmen. They’re freaking paranoid.”

“Can you blame them?” Ashton spoke up. “If any woman even hears a peep about someone else finding a boy to get pregnant they attack them. I didn’t expect women to be so… vicious… to each other.”

“That’s just female problems.” Trey shrugged.

“Not when I can’t get my dick wet!” Rigor sniffed.

It had been three days since I had come to this campus. I had some time to unpack and get used to things. Most of our days were quite boring, actually. There were very few events men could get into without causing a ruckus. There was perhaps a reason we were given our own little mansion… the rest of the campus seemed to be off limits to us, at least from an etiquette standpoint.

During those three days, I had failed to do anything prospective. Most women actually avoided talking to me now. The campus wasn’t the pit of sex I had envisioned. It was closer to a snake pit. Girls focused more on keeping each other from scoring that trying to score themselves. Between the Lipsticks, the Hares, and jealousy, everyone else was afraid of being too forward and earning the ire of their fellow classmates. Suffice it to say that getting a woman to sleep with you took a bit of finesse.

“Get your name out there…” Takasha explained during class one day. “It’s the only way that you can get noticed. You can’t chase women, they need to chase you. Leave enough breadcrumbs, and a hen is bound to come pecking your way.”

This was the kind of advice Takasha often left, and I was relieved to find out I wasn’t the only guy who had a problem understanding it. It was no wonder that they gave boys a year before they had to meet their five a month quota. Of the ten Freshman, only two guys, Peter and Trey, claim to have fucked a girl. Apparently, Peter knew some 2nd-year students and they had been asked to look after him, so they were showing him the ropes. As far as Trey, he lucked out on a Freshmen girl, although he since heard she’s been receiving a lot of heat for it and is on the verge of dropping out.

“Tonight, two beauties, you and me, what do you say?” Rigor turned back to me.

I let out a sigh. As far as my plans, I hadn’t made any progress on anything. I hadn’t been able to find Lyra, and every girl I tried to ask walked the other way or acted too nervous to talk to me. My desire to enter other classes also wasn’t successful. Finding any information as a man was difficult. The official policy of the university was that men should shut up and stay in their corner, pleasing the women that come by wanting their seed. Despite no woman admitting it, we truly were treated like cum dispensers.

It was a completely different experience from my old world. Men used to be the pursuers, but in this world, they were pursued. I was starting to understand why women got so pissy being kept out of politics. Being told you’re too stupid to understand things and to stay in your corner and wait for your betters to resolve things was wearing thin really quickly, even if they never framed it in quite those words. At the very least, I could release some frustration and stress if I went with Rigor tonight.

“Alright, what’s the plan?” I finally asked, causing Rigor to break into a smile.

“Awesome!” He shot me a thumbs up, “We’re going to The Precipice.”

“Uh… The Precipice?”

“It’s the name of a club!”

“No… you said clubs were bad…”

“Well, this is more of an Academy rec center. They sell alcohol, have a dance floor, play Magool, it’s the place in the Academy where men go to meet women.”


“That’s just some magic game…” Ashton waved his hand. “No, seriously? If there was a place, why are we only learning about it now?”

“There’s only like forty guys in this Academy, I guess the other thirty don’t want to compete with the Freshmen so they choose not to tell us.”

“I bet that’s why Peter got some…” Trey frowned. “Those senior friends of his…”

“Well, whatever, we know about it now… doesn’t really matter, cause I already got the girls, but it’s one of the few places we can meet them in public without it creating a scene.”

“Why does this place get a pass?” I wondered out loud.

“I don’t know, it’s dark, loud, and all the women are drunk.”

I leaned back and thought about it for a bit. It did make a kind of sense. You could get away with stuff on the dance floor that you couldn’t get away with normally. Some of the thing’s women wore at the club wouldn’t be acceptable at a movie theater or a bowling alley. It seems like this club has become the location for men to scope out women, and for women to safely hit on men. If I had heard about it a week ago, it would have been better, but this world seemed intent on making things more difficult for me.

“Plus, they seem to be having some kind of welcoming event tonight as part of welcoming week. They say it’s half-price men’s night. A lot of ladies will be coming to try to hook up with men.”

I smirked at that. The parallels between this world and my old world were quite interesting. Then, part of what he said caused me to look up.

“Welcoming Week? Does that mean Lyra, I mean, the welcoming committee will be there?” I asked.

Rigor’s eyes lowered and an evil smirk grew on this lips. “I knew it… you are into our Lyra! The Ice Queen, man… well since your sister is the Slu… ah *cough… I mean…”

Trey slapped Rigor on the back and then chuckled. “What he means is it’s likely.”

I nodded thoughtfully. “I’m in, definitely…”

Rigor gave me a thumbs up. “Just make sure, you know… you don’t dump me and run off with Lyra. I went out of my way to set up this date, so don’t embarrass me. If you abandon me, I’ll have to personally satisfy both ladies… ah… actually, now that I think about it, feel free to abandon me!”

I rolled my eyes and snorted.

“Won’t be an issue, he’ll fail. They call her Ice Queen for a reason.” Trey shrugged.

“I w-want to go too!” Ashton suddenly broke in, “I’d like to meet some ladies.”

“That’s fine, that’s fine…” Rigor waved his hands. “The girls plan to meet us there. We can’t show up together or there‘ll be in trouble. So, we all just got to head down there at 8 pm tonight.”

I nodded thoughtfully. This world was still honestly a difficult one to wrap my head around. It was a world that desperately depended on putting men and women together, and thus created a system that seemed to make that incredibly difficult. Well, perhaps it was no worse than my old world. We could make enough food, yet people still starved. We could reduce our energy consumption, but we only increased it. We could cure a myriad of diseases, but most people couldn’t afford them.

It had always been a lingering question in the back of my mind since I had come to this world. From a personal perspective, having one thousand children in my life seemed like a daunting task, but when you crunch the numbers, it’s not all that difficult to obtain. A man could theoretically impregnate a thousand women a day if the seed was partitioned off, spread, and inseminated properly. Yet, the population of this world was in constant flux. It wasn’t truly clear to anyone whether the population was increasing or decreasing. As soon as a census came out, there would be those insisting something wasn’t factored in, such as the rate of deaths versus the rate of births, or the average lifespan of this generation. Well, it was complicated.

Professor Takasha, as much of a bad impression I got of him the first day, also has frequently dropped some interesting nuggets of wisdom in between filing his nails or talking about his previous sexual conquests. He had a strange personality, but ultimately he had experience of having grown up in this world properly. Thus, rather than ignoring him, I could only listen to his advice.

“There are forty men in this school and roughly five thousand women. That’s one hundred twenty-five women per man. If you start impregnating five women a month as soon as you turn sixteen, you’d need to impregnate 180 women. Simply put, this school doesn’t support enough females for these years. Furthermore, statistics state that every year 10% of the class graduates without having had a single pregnancy. It isn’t just important to maximize your slice, if you’re too picky, you won’t get any slice at all.” Takasha was explaining today. “Can anyone tell me how to resolve this dilemma?”

“Sleep with non-Academy girls?” Ramsey asked.

“Lowering your standards.” Takasha nodded, “That’s the fate of most men. As you grow old, you’ll need to enjoy the company of older, uglier, and stupider women.

“Repeats?” one of the twins, Sam suggested.

“Some lucky women get through school with two children, that is always an option. They’re always hoping for that male offspring.” Takasha shrugged. “However, there is also the unstoppable reality that most men don’t reach five women a month.”

“Eh? Is that legal?” Rigor asked.

Takasha chuckled. “Well, the laws regarding that are kind of complicated. Forcing men to have sex is believed to be the source of this curse after all. So, most government officials are hesitant to cross a certain line. Instead, they pay male stipends… and cut them off if we fail to meet them. Eventually, you accumulate fines, and if you can’t meet them, then that’s when you become a stud of the government. That’s what they call men who have to donate, studs. They make them donate twice a week, far more than they’d need with a woman. However, most of this seed is never used, and remains hoarded by the government in a stockpile.”

“Most men can avoid turning into studs simply by impregnating one woman a month. You won’t receive a stipend, but to a rich woman who wants to buy a man as their personal stud, she pays off the monthly fees so she can keep a man for herself. Add to that disputes over which man is the father, questionable failed pregnancies… well… you can understand why population control isn’t that easy. People aren’t factory lines, are they?”

Peter raised his hand. “Don’t men get a year off if they have a male too?”

Takasha nodded. “That’s true. If you manage to produce a male, you are allowed to take a year off of pregnancy responsibilities. Most men only get this privilege once in their lives, lucky ones get two or three, and the unlucky ones get zero. Well, I wouldn’t make my future decisions based on the hope of having a male child.”

“Has professor ever had a male?” Ashton asked.

Takasha went quiet and frowned. The rest of the room seemed to grow quiet as well. I looked around curiously as a lot of the boys turned away from Ashton, the mood growing somewhat icy.

Rigor pinched him and whispered loudly. “It’s considered rude to ask that!”

“Eh? I’m sorry!” Ashton waved his hands excitedly, “I didn’t mean to…”

Takasha turned away. “I think we’ll call it for today.”

He walked out of the room without another word. A few of the boys in the room shot Ashton a glare before packing up and leaving. Ashton looked like he was about to cry, looking regretfully at the door Takasha had fled from. Finally, he got up, bowed to us, and left, possibly to seek forgiveness.

“I didn’t think there were any taboos among men.” I sighed. “I’m glad it was Ashton who made that mistake.”

“Haha… you too…” Rigor shook his head. “I’d swear you were a couple of girls!”

“Huh?” I spurted out as Trey chuckled in agreement. “A girl? I told you guys… I just lived a sheltered life… maybe Ashton looks like a girl, but I’m not…”

Trey and Rigor looked at each other for a second and then Rigor gave me a sympathetic smile. “Well, I mean no offense, but you have kind of a pretty face…”

“Wh-what? But-but…”

“Muscles look like a soldier or sports player, right?” Trey added.

“Eh? That’s…”

I looked down at all the work I had put into improving myself in this world. However, in a world where it was typically women who were physically fit, my level of physical fitness seemed to give me a slightly feminine appearance. I wasn’t exactly a beefcake. My body wasn’t all that much bigger than Brooke’s, but because of my smaller face and the beauty I probably inherited from my mother, I looked girlier in this world than the long-haired guy wearing makeup! Perhaps not girlier than the delicate looking Ashton, but girlier in a different kind of way.

The guys continued to try to comfort me, but feeling slightly depressed I finished packing up and then left. The two guys were hungry, while I wasn’t feeling like eating right now, so we split on the way. As a result, I head back to the mansion alone.

“Don’t forget, tonight!” Rigor shouted before he left my sight. “Get ready!”

As I headed back, a flash of dark hair turned a corner nearby. The back of that person was really familiar, but it couldn’t have been who I thought it was. Frowning, I immediately raced over to the corner.

I glanced around the corner and spoke. “Hannah?”

“Eh?” A pair of girls cried as I stopped short.

“Oh… I’m sor-“ My eyes blinked as I realized I recognized the girls.

Of course, it had been a trick of my eye. One of the two girls had similar colored hair, although it wasn’t as long or shiny. I was only seeing what I wanted to see. I still had no clue what happened to my younger sister.

“Clyburn…” the redheaded gave a nod.

These were the two women who had let me know about Madison before. “Brianna… Syph… the other day, I didn’t have a chance to thank you for informing me about my sister.”

I gave a bow, which caused both women to become even more flustered as Brianna waved her hands, trying to stop me from bowing. “Please! Don’t do that… I’ll definitely get in trouble if you do!”

“Ah…” I straightened, blushing at my slip in Academy etiquette. “That said… I feel like you’re looking after my sister, and that makes me very happy…”

“He knows! Ah!” Brianna punched Syph’s arm when she spoke, causing Syph to tear up.

“You’re very welcome that we just happened to be there for Madison…” Brianna shot Syph a look, causing her to nod in agreement.

I smiled at the kookie pair, finally giving myself a nod as I decided. “Since you’ve looked after my family, I believe I can trust you. When you’re ready to have a baby, I’ll offer you my seed.“

“What!” Both girls cry.

There is a sudden thump coming from the dumpster next to them, the lid rising for a second before dropping.

“Ah… th-th-th-that…” Brianna, rather than happy, looked like she was about to cry.

“The killing intent… I can’t take it…” Syph cried out.

“Sh-she’ll definitely kill us now…” Brianna moaned.

These weren’t the reactions I was expecting. I knew this kind of thing needed to be done behind closed doors, but I hadn’t anticipated their reactions. I might not have even mentioned it, but I made sure to check we were the only ones there. It was an alley between two buildings so we had complete privacy. There was nowhere even to hide. Well, there was the garbage dumpster.

“I-is there someone in the garbage?” I asked wryly, still confused by their reactions.


“Absolutely not!”

Both girls suddenly dived for the dumpster, Brianna holding out her hands hugging the dumpster behind her like she was protecting it with her life, while Syph leaped on top of it, making it impossible to remove the lid.

“Hah…” my eyebrow twitched at the scene.

Putting things together, the girls had been up to something and I had walked in on them. I could only smile wryly.

“Ah… well, I’m sorry for intruding.” I stepped back. “As for the offer, I’m not saying it needs to be now. Just think of it as an option, okay?”

I turned around and started walking away, not wanting to intrude on whatever they were doing. Were they raiding the garbage? Wait, isn’t this where a lot of the guy’s trash is taken out? Were they trying to take something from the garbage? Perhaps a souvenir of a guy they liked? I shivered thinking about the way women thought. They might even be Hares. Was I too rash in my offer?

“W-wait…” Brianna suddenly spoke up, causing me to look back.


“You… you mean it? You mean you’ll give us your seed?”

I looked at the two silly girls and smiled. “My sisters mean more to me than anything. If you side with my sisters, you side with me. Even if I didn’t think you were both cute, that’d be enough.”

“He-he thinks we’re cute…” Syph murmured.

Thump! The garbage dumpster suddenly rumbled and both girls leaped down on it. Rather than look like they were trying to keep me from peeking inside, now they were looking like they were trying to keep whatever was inside from escaping.

“B-but not as pretty as you sisters?” Brianna asked desperately.

“Eh?” I scratched my head, not sure what she was getting at. “Ah… sorry, but my sisters are always the most beautiful.”

Expecting them to look a little disappointed, I was surprised when they both gave breaths of relief, finally loosening their grips. I could only give another wry smile as the two girls waved goodbye. Once I turned the corner, I could hear clanging and whispering voices, but I decided I was better off not knowing what they were doing. It was clear to me that Brianna and Syph were a bit crazy. Somehow, that didn’t bother me too much. After all, Morgan and Hannah were also a little crazy.

I stopped suddenly. “Oh, god, am I sexually attracted to Yandere?”

I shook my head exaggeratedly. That couldn’t be right! Rather, it’s this world that just made women crazy. Yes, it’s this world, it has nothing to do with me! I’m just looking for that certain brand of crazy that keeps me safe.

Having these strange thoughts, I entered the male dorms and headed to my room. I opened the door to the sound of the shower running. Ashton must have headed back after talking to Takasha and decided to take a shower. He better not use all of the heat. I wanted to take one too. Although men didn’t need to do too much to get laid, I still wasn’t going to go out on a date looking gross. I wanted to use everything I had to impress.

I started going through my dresser, picking out clothing for tonight. I only made it to the third discarded outfit when I realized I was taking forever to find something to wear, just like a woman. Suddenly, Trey and Rigor’s warnings came crashing home. I had nearly fifteen years of memories surrounded by women with absolutely no male role models. Was I becoming more feminine as a result? Takasha hadn’t mentioned it, but perhaps men weren’t very fertile in this world. I mean, I had taken months of sleeping with mom before she got pregnant. Maybe, a lack of masculinity in this world is decreasing sperm counts!

While creating worries from nothing, my hand knocked down some clothing I had put aside, causing it to fall in front of the bathroom door. I sighed, getting down on one knee to pick it up. The shower inside the bathroom had turned off a bit ago but I hadn’t noticed. Just as I was looking up, the door opened. My eyes ended up coming right face-to-face with a fur patch. Right under it was a pair of pink lips, perfect lotus flower pussy in front of me. My eyes ran up her body, finally landing on the cute girl looking down me.


“Eh?” Ashton cried out, suddenly covering herself up. “I didn’t hear anyone come in!”


The cute girl blushed, covering up her body. “Ss-stop looking… we’re both boys, so that’s weird.”


Ashton immediately grabbed a towel and covered her body, wearing it like a girl would wear a towel. “I’ll get dressed.”

She grabbed something and immediately shut the bathroom door on me, leaving me staring at the door in confusion. I remained that way until one minute later, she pushed her way outside the door.

“There!” Ashton said, spinning in a male outfit. “How do I look?”

“G-girl!” I barely manage to get out.

“Hah? Why do you guys keep calling me a girl! Y-you know you don’t look all that manly either! You look like a football player!”

“N-no… that’s not the same thing!” I insisted. “You’re actually a girl!”

“Don’t be mean! You’ll hurt my feelings!” Ashton responded tearfully.

“Ashton, you don’t get it, where is your penis?”

“Eh? You just saw it!” Ashton shot back looking suddenly sheepish. “I’m sorry if my penis looks a little different. I know it’s kind of small.”

“No, that’s not small, that’s not existent!”

“It’s just because I’m not horny. It gets bigger when I’m horny. See, if I touch here…”

“Please don’t finger yourself in front of me!” I cried, covering my eyes as Ashton stuck her hand in her pants. “And besides, wouldn’t that just be an engorged clitoris?”

“What’s a clitoris! Stop making fun of me by making up names. I know I’m not as knowledgeable about sex as you guys, but it’s not okay to make fun of me like this.”

“No, rather, you need to be much more knowledgeable about sex, your knowledge is severely lacking!” I shouted at the crying Ashton. “Rather, here, this is what a penis looks like.”

I opened my fly and pulled it out, causing Ashton to turn away. “Ah! I don’t like dudes, don’t show me that… eh… why is it so big!”

“That’s what a penis looks like!”

“N-no! Not true, your penis is just weird and bulbous!” Ashton’s face was red and she looked genuinely angry.

At first, I thought Ashton was just trying to pull a fast one on me. I even found myself doubting what I saw a bit. However, the further into our conversation I got, the more I was starting to realize that Ashton genuinely didn’t know. Her mother must have been lying to her since birth. As to how this had happened, I couldn’t even imagine. Weren’t their physicals and stuff leading up to acceptance? Her mother must have been playing a really major con, and I couldn’t even guess to what end.

“Wait, where are you going?”

I noticed Ashton grabbing some stuff and heading for the door.

She turned back and angrily glared at me. “I’m definitely a boy and I’ll prove it! Tonight, I’m going to The Precipice and I’m going to fuck a girl! A-and… she’ll love it when I fill her tummy with my manly seed!”

“H-how?” I muttered, causing her to flush even redder.

“With my big fat cock!” She grabbed her groin area with her hand, then turned around and stepped out the door, slamming it on the way out.

I looked on with a dazed look, falling back down into a sitting position on the bed. Se-seriously? My roommate was a gender-confused woman? The worst part is that I didn’t know what to do about it. In truth, I didn’t know her very well. Ashton seemed like a nice enough person, but clearly, her mom had used her and raised her thinking she was a boy. However, how much trouble would Ashton be in when the truth came out?

Alright… alright… first things first, I needed to convince Ashton of the truth before she embarrassed herself. If she outs herself to some woman, it could mean the end of her Academy life. Even if she could somehow get reentered as a woman, none of the other women in this Academy would ever forgive her. She’d be labeled a slut for life. She had spent the last three days with me, after all. I’d also quickly become a joke of the Academy. After that, then I needed to help her keep her secret.

I sighed, rubbing my temples. Madison, Lyra, and now Ashton… why was my life becoming so complicated?

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