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“Ah, Clyburn, you came!” Rigor laughed.

He was sitting on a couch in a medium-sized room. I had to actually ask around a bit before I was able to find it. He had said something about renting out a private room. I had thought it was something like Karaoke in the back of my head, but upon entering the room, I realized what it actually was. It was a love hotel. This place also included a suite of “rentable” rooms for men to take women they fancy. No wonder this was thought of as a safe place for women to pursue men.

There was a bed, a couch, and a bathroom with a shower. It was clear to me that this was a place for people to have sex. With that respect, there were two women already in the room. One was sitting on the couch with Rigor. He had his hand on her thigh in a very familiar way. The second was sitting on the bed with her arms crossed. She had a displeased look on her face which instantly faded when I walked in.

I didn’t know how it was decided which guy got which girl. Rigor probably grabbed the girl he thought was most attractive and left me with the seconds. Well, both girls were cute, and if we’re being honest, the brunette in Rigor’s arms wore a bit too much makeup for my tastes. Well, I could see why he picked her, the two looked good together. If we were being honest, they looked a bit like brother and sister, but I wasn’t one to talk about that. I didn’t think he brought his sister and her friend here, but if he couldn’t get anyone else to agree, it was possible.

As for the girl who was for me, she quickly stood up and straightened her dress. She had dark black hair that was short and dark eyes. She was short in stature, but not stocky like my aunt. Rather, she looked small. It wouldn’t be right to call her a loli, she looked her age, but she was already only fifteen or sixteen, so the older me had trouble distinguishing those kinds of things. She looked young and innocent.

However, I’m the guy who banged my own sisters when they were this age, so naturally, I shouldn’t hesitate with this girl either. As she shot me a smile, I immediately started heading towards her. She took a step back suddenly like she remembered something, and pointed to a small table to the side.

“That’s right, the contract is there for you to sign.” She declared proudly.

I stopped, a frown forming on my lips as I glanced over to where she was pointing. There was a small round table with two chairs, and papers on the table. Still frowning despite myself, I headed over to where she was pointing. When my eyes landed on the title of the top sheet of paper, I nearly tripped.

Contract of Procreation

As I scanned down the document, I realized I was looking at a ton of legal speak.

“It’s okay if you take your time.” The girl said, but her body seemed to say that she was uneasy by my frown.

“Don’t worry about it, dude, you’ll be signing hundreds of those things.” Rigor said before turning and kissing the girl in his arms. “Just sign it and let’s get started.”

I looked up at Rigor. “Get started? Here?”

Rigor looked around the room and shrugged. “Why you think I rented it out? Hey, don’t get cold feet on me now. I’m not sure if I can cum in both girls.”

The girl chosen for me nearly stood, a look of panic on her face. “P-please… don’t change your mind. I’m definitely ready. I’ve cleaned properly. I pr-promise it’ll be good! Don’t hesitate to c-c… release your seed in me!”

My brow furrowed as I ran through the contract. In a nutshell, it set the conditions for our sexual engagement. It stated we were giving sexual consent. If she became pregnant, I wouldn’t be responsible for paying for anything regarding the baby or the mother. If the baby miscarried or lived for less than one year, the contract was voided. As for me, I would get…

“15% off at Miana’s Grocer?”

“Ah!” The girl let out a squeaking noise. “Th-that’s my mom’s store! It’s really good. It’s been running in Amaryllis for over a decade! She said the man who makes me pregnant can have a lifetime employee discount! I-is that not enough? Diana, what did you offer?”

“Hah? Asking that here?” Diana blushed, turning away.

“Just a one-time $20,000 payment one year after the baby is born.” Rigor shrugged.

I let out a cough as the girl’s voice rose another octave. “Ai! Th-that…”

“M-mom had been saving up for me,” Diana responded in a low, embarrassed laugh.

Meanwhile, I was just completely lost. $20,000 to impregnate? Well, the money wasn’t paid out if he failed to get her pregnant tonight. However, she would lose her virginity and her best chance to get a man. The contract Rigor signed probably had a similar clause to mine. It stated that the man should return and finish the job should the pregnancy fail to take. It’s stated like a requirement of signing the contract, but I was told by Professor Takasha that this was false.

It was sort of like people claiming they have copyright over an idea and plan to sue if you take it. That’s to say, women slip it into the contract because it makes them feel better, but the law rarely sides with the women. Most men would repeat sex until they succeeded, otherwise, they failed to get their slice. However, a few men don’t want to, and historically, when the women tried to take it to court, that part of the contract was considered void. In the end, it was just an idle threat used to convince some women of security they didn’t truly have, while simultaneously trying to encourage men to practice good etiquette. Furthermore, sex could be done without a contract at all, but that ran the risk of neither party following through with their promises.

“Th-that… but 15% off could be more… eventually…” the girl said defiantly.

“If I spent $200 a month on groceries… that’d be $30 a month I’d save.” I pondered out loud. “That’s $360 a year, and so to reach $20,000 would take… what… over 50 years of going to the same grocer? That’s assuming you guys are open that long…”

As a businessman, I could at least perform calculations of that level in my head. Everyone was staring at me with their mouths open.

“Dude…” Rigor spoke with his eyes wide.

“Wh-what?” I looked around, wondering what I said wrong.

Diana reached forward onto the coffee table and pulled out a notepad and paper. After about twenty seconds of scribbling, she nodded.

“Th-that’s right!”

I shrugged. “So-sorry… I was just doing the math…”

“I-in your head?” Rigor said with his brow scrunched up.

“3-30%!” The girl next to the bed suddenly shouts out. “I can convince mom to give you thirty percent!”

“Actually, on second thought Mia, how about I give him $20,000 and you take Rigor?” Diana spoke up.

“Hey!” Rigor called out while the other girl called Mia glared hatefully.

“Sorry, it’s not like we committed on who gets who, right? If he can solve math like that in his head, he must be some kind of male math genius.” Diana shrugged. “Mom said I should shoot for the best genes for my baby, right? Mia’s still pretty, it’s just a small exchange?”

“Hey, I w-want the smart one too! My kids can be really smart!” Mia growled.

“But it seems like I have a bigger slice to offer.” Diana shot back with a smirk. “They won’t even be able to use your slice until they graduate. I can get them my slice in a few years… no, I’ll definitely give it once the baby is born!”

“You slut!”

“It’s just business!” Diana sniffed. “If I can have a baby with smarter genes, why not?”

My face was twisted with a weird expression as I listened to the two girls bickering. It appeared like being intelligent in this world still held some weight. A smart, athletic man might be more desirable than a dumb, ugly man. Unfortunately, the bar was set so low that even being able to perform basic arithmetic in your head was considered a wonder, at least for a man my age. Of course, these were also Freshman girls and were probably comparing my intelligence to the stereotypical man they had been taught about from propaganda. Thus, I impressed them due to their own inexperience.

It probably wasn’t that impressive in the grand scheme of things. Takasha was also a smart man who could do the math. And with the population the way it was, even dumb and ugly men were bound to find as much sex as they wanted. There was really no pressure to steal women from other men. This is perhaps why Rigor had more of a flummoxed look than an angry one. He truly didn’t really know how to wrap his head around a situation where two women were fighting over a man, especially when that man wasn’t him.

“Diana, you already signed the contract with Rigor, didn’t you?” I spoke up, trying to fix this mess.

“Ah!” Diana’s eye widened, “Th-that… I mean, I could… that is to say…”

“Be careful,” I warned. “You might end up in a blacklist if you treat your promises so callously. How could any man sign a contract with you knowing your commitment is so little…”

“Th-that’s not it!” Diana looked about ready to cry. “I didn’t mean it like that! Rigor, please, I absolutely respect our contract. I’ll have your baby, I will!”

Mia wore a relieved and smug expression as Diana instantly turned to Rigor with a tearful look. Rigor shot me a relaxed smile and a hidden thumbs up before turning back to Diana with an unusually serious face.

“Ah, well… I guess it’s fine cause you’re still young.” He responded cautiously.

He didn’t seem all that hurt, but then again, that was kind of the way men were raised. They really were cum dispensers in many ways, and so Rigor didn’t take offense because Rigor didn’t really have any care for her. Sure, it probably hurt a little to be casually tossed away, but men grew used to being casually used. Well, my particular brand of coddling didn’t leave me quite as callous. Had the table been turned, I probably would have grown quite upset. As to taking Diana back after she so casually threw me away, I didn’t think I could do it.

However, it was a lesson in the ways this world worked. These women weren’t in this room because they liked Rigor and me. It’d be too much to even say they wanted sex and found us attractive. As Diana had said, it was just business. To these girls, this was a business transaction. That didn’t mean they couldn’t have fun. As I understood it, many business transactions took place at celebrations or at bars. It was considered normal to try to win over a client by spending a little money and offering a little flair.

Even relationships were based on this concept. That’s what dating was really all about. Yeah, it was partially to get to know each other, but it was also about trying to impress the other party and catch their attention. If you take them to a McDonald’s and make them pay their half, it’s considerably less effective than taking them to a high-end restaurant. In my old world, men took women out, paying for their dates in hopes of impressing the woman, while the woman dressed herself up nice in hopes of encouraging the man to chase her. Women got a free meal or two, while men eventually got the relationship they wanted and possibly sex.

This world was backward, but really wasn’t different. Men were trying to maximize their slice, while women were trying to acquire the best man they could. Some women, like these, were trying to get a man early and quick. Other women likely held off, trying to find the best man. That’s how you ended up with sophomores and juniors and the so-called queens who ended up still virgins. They didn’t simply want to be pregnant, they wanted to be pregnant by the best men.

That choice was only out of about forty, and it seemed like men had chosen to set the bar low for themselves, thus avoiding the fierce competition that could have arrived if men competed to be the top guy. Well, even if they did compete, there were so many fish in the sea, so to speak, that the idea of men needing to compete was pointless. Takasha had explained that a few men fancied themselves high-profile targets… working on their physique and education to strive to be picked by the richest women, but according to some studies done, simply being a good negotiator more than made up for any deficiencies in athletics or intelligence. There was nothing new there. Men didn’t need to show their athletic prowess or their intelligence, they just needed to be good at lying.

“W-will you sign?” Mia asked.

I jumped a little, realizing that since I resolved the bickering between the two girls, I had been staring at the contract blankly. Mia was watching me anxiously, still sitting on the bed. Meanwhile, it looked like Rigor and Diana were done playing around, and the two were now making out quite aggressively. They seemed to have all but forgotten the two of us were there, and the lewd noises were steadily becoming more and more aggressive. Their hands started fondling under each other’s clothing when I decided to look away with a blush. Mia was already distinctly trying to avoid looking at them, but she still was staring at me somewhat feral, as if asking when I’d put my hands all over her.

“I don’t really care that much about the discount.” I spoke up finally, “I’m more interested in knowing a bit more about our future, I guess?”

“Future?” The girl tapped her finger and then brightened. “That’s in the contract, right? I just printed it out so I don’t know everything it says, but I think it says something like you don’t have responsibility for anything?”

“Ah, but what about Paternal rights?”

“Pa-tern-al?” She sounded out the word like she didn’t know what I just said.

“That is, what are my rights as the father?”

“Eh? You’re a dad? You don’t need any rights?” Mia cocked her head to the side.

“Hah… what if I wanted to see my child?” I demanded.

“Wh-why would you?” She looked genuinely confused by my questioning. “Do dad’s like seeing their daughters? Oh… d-do you want to impregnate your daughter when she comes of age? Ah… I wasn’t planning on it. My dad wasn’t interested but, if you want to… we can put that in the contract… I think…”

“Ah… that…” I leaned back, sighing a bit as I thought about how crazy some of the common sense of this world was. “I mean, I’d like to be in the child’s life. I’d like to be in your life. Maybe… you could, I don’t know, live with me?”

“I-is that normal?” Mia looked at me in confusion.

“N-not exactly…”

“Hah, Hah… sorry, Mia, my friend here lived a little sheltered. He has some weird thoughts on babies.” Rigor broke off his kissing long enough to say as such before attacking Diana, her button up shirt unbuttoned and her bra now exposed to the room.

Mia glanced between Rigor and me, and then her hand tightened as if she was steeling herself.

“I-if you impregnate me, you can spend as much time with me…and the baby… as you want!” Mia finally declares, her look turning somewhat desperate. “S-so, can we do it now?”

“I… um… I don’t know anything about you though,” I said in a last dish effort.

“Do you need to?” She asked back, her brow furrowing again in confusion.

I fought back another sigh, instead of shooting her an apologetic smile. When I had first come to this world, I had never hesitated to bang my mother, my sisters, or even the maid. I was high on the fun of getting them to do what I wanted. However, as Rigor said, I truly did live in a bubble in that world. Deep down, I knew that they were all people close to me. Even the maid, I had a history with. So, when I had sex with them, there was some personal attachment there.

I had never realized how big of a deal that personal attachment was until I stood in this room now. I didn’t know a thing about this girl. I barely even knew her name. Now, we were going to have sex. There was even a contract involved. It was so impersonal. It was what I hated the most about using a prostitute. It was so clinical, so impersonal. It was sex without feeling. I had taken for granted that my mother, sisters, and even my aunt cared about me. Now, I had to sign a contract, and that’d be my life from now on… a series of contracts, a series of even exchanges.

My hand tightened on the pen for a second. No… I’m not the same weak-willed impudent bastard who was cheated on by his wife. I’m a man, damn it. I needed to step up. This girl is some fifteen-year-old tripe. What the hell am I saying? I have the memories of a thirty-five-year-old man. I hid behind my age from this world, but the reality was that I may not have common sense, but I could wrap a teen girl around my little finger. The negotiation didn’t end when I signed the contract. Things were just getting started.

“Nnnnmmmm….” The words came from Diana, whose bra was off now while Rigor played with her small breasts.

Does a fifteen-year-old boy think he can out-fuck me? I turned to the last page and immediately signed it.

“Let’s fuck,” I said, tossing the pen down and standing.

Mia had seen the change of demeanor, but she couldn’t decide if she was happy or scared. Just suddenly, my expression turned dark and a grin formed on my face. On the one hand, she was eager to push forward with the contract. Her mother likely told her things such as that she should get pregnant early, that way even if it doesn’t take she still had the advantage of her youth to find another man. On the other hand, she found her heart beating quickly as I looked down at her.

“Yo-you‘re… just a man, right?” I didn’t know what thoughts were running in her mind that caused her to nervously say that.

“And you’re my woman.”

Her eyes widened for a second. “Y-yours?”

The way she spoke, it was as if she didn’t truly understand the words. It was like I had spoken in another language and she was just emulating the words. This was usually a situation where the man and the woman were doing an exchange. Typically, women were somewhat dominant, however, when I grabbed her and pushed her down, Mia seemed to realize that everything was completely out of her control. It both excited her and scared her at the same time.

As my face moved towards her, she closed her eyes and pursed her lips, as she was taught to do. I fought a chuckle as I moved from kissing her to just gently licking just the outside purse of her lips. Instinctively, as soon as she felt pressure, she gave a smooch like she might her mother, but there were no lips to press against. Instead, my tongue darted out and continued to glide around the outside of her lips. Her eyes opened in surprise, only to find my own blue ones staring intently at her as I used my tongue to tease her.

She lifted her head, trying to kiss me, but I backed up, dodging that kiss, only to return to licking her lips, with me pushing her down on top. Confusion and frustration appeared on her face, but she was helpless only to allow me to continue to tease her so. Slowly, ever so slowly, I lowered my head, and with a single motion attacked her lips.

“Mmmm!” She couldn’t help but moan after being teased for several minutes, my lips pressing harshly against hers.

It wasn’t a soft kiss at all, but the teasing had instilled a need in her, and she graciously sucked on my tongue once it finally penetrated her lips. Her body wrapped around me, her arms grabbing mine, her legs wrapping around my thighs. However, if she thought she’d regain control, she was seriously mistaken. I pulled away harshly, causing her to gasp as those tightly pressed lips seeming to desperately kiss her pulled away just as quickly. She looked up at me, her eyes a little dazed like she wasn’t quite all there. I bent back down and attacked her neck without another word.

“Nya!” She let out a cry, not expecting a sensitive spot of hers to be attacked without warning.

I sucked hard on her neck relentlessly. Her hand went up, holding the back of my head while she was powerless but to take my machinations as she lied under me. Her breathing grew frantic, and whether she realized it or not, her hips started grinding against me, her body clearly reacting to her sexual excitement, even if her virgin body didn’t quite understand what to do.

When I broke my lips from her neck, I moved them right up to her ear. “You’re beautiful.”

“Haaaa….” Mia let out a harsh breath, her entire body shivering under the effects of me.

She didn’t know why, but her body was starting to go out of control. She was quickly turning to mush in my hands. She had been called beautiful before. She was, after all, an Academy student, and most Academy students were attractive women. She’d even been called pretty by a man before. However, the way it was breathed into her ear right after having her neck sucked on and her entire body tingling caused it to shoot through her mind like a taser. She was completely dazed, tears forming in her eyes that she didn’t understand, and her mind slipping away into a craze.

I lowered my head and pulled up her shirt. In an excited daze, she eagerly pulled up her shirt and discarded it. Without any provocation, she also removed her bra, the excitement clear in her eyes. She was topless on the bed, Diana was also topless on the couch as Rigor played with her. Although occasional moans or lewd noises could be heard, the pair of us seemed to block them out, creating our own little world on the bed.

My lips traveled down her body, naked except for a skirt. My hand slipped up her skirt to find that she didn’t seem to have worn underwear. Whether she came here without it or just took it off once she got here expecting to have sex, I didn’t know. My hand ended up brushing across her clit, but as I soon as I recognized her lack of covering, I pulled my hand away and grabbed the hem of her skirt. As my lips traveled over her breasts and down her body, her own breathing became more and more ragged.

A single hard jerk on her skirt pulled it down until her pubic hair was exposed. She was clean shaven, within a single bit of hair. I could feel the stubble where she had shaven on my chin, but she had cut it clean just for me. I kissed the area, my hands on her hips with my fingers in her skirt. She twisted in my grip, her entire body completely unused to this weird kind of stimulation. Even in preparation for having sex, the talks never warned girls about being kissed like this. Lips touch, pelvis touch, pelvis keep touching until a baby is made. It might hurt. That was her understanding of sex. As soon as I deviated even a little from this expectation, her reasoning crumbled and things fell completely outside her control. She could only react to my machinations now, her body mine to do with how I please.

I yanked her skirt down another inch, this time baring the top of her clit. As soon as it was exposed, pink and slightly glistening from her own arousal, I attacked it with my tongue. As a girl who had never had a tongue there, her mouth fell open and she gasped. Perhaps, she had heard of lesbian’s eating each other out, but to have her pussy eaten by a man was something else entirely. It was so rough and rugged. It was nothing like she would have been told. She had expected something simple. No one ever told her it felt this good!

“Ahhh… I can’t… ahhh…” Mia moaned out, grabbing my head mindlessly as I spun my tongue around her clitoris in concentric circles. “It’s… I’m… l-leaking…”

Not even knowing the word for cum, she ended up spasming, her entire body kicking up and down as she bucked against my face. Waves of euphoria shot through her body, and she felt her pussy clamping down and stuff leaking out of her. She was horribly embarrassed as her body seemed to leave her control, but her mind was feeling so much pleasure she could barely stand it. Her body was hot and she furiously humped up, trying to push her crotch more into my face. Her out-of-control movements caused her skirt to slide down to her knees, and as she humped up desperately, not even understanding why he body acted this way, I graciously dived into her pussy, which was becoming wetter by the second as she came harshly against my face.

“Ahn… ahn…” She was moaning regularly now, her body quite wild over the feelings shooting through her, any thoughts of contracts or agreements obliterated by pure pleasure.

I continued to suck on her pussy, sucking down her thick juices as they were released. I was a poor stopper for the tide of cum that leaked out, and a puddle formed under my chin as she came once, twice, maybe even a third time. With her entire lower half wet in sex, very lewd and dirty scents filling the air with the smell of her cunt, she didn’t seem to care at all, lost in her own pleasure.

I pulled out my dick and then raised my head up, I kissed her face, and her hands shot to my cheeks. Her body, still in the throes of an orgasm, writhed and spasmed under me. She kissed me desperately, still moaning and shivering as the things done to her pussy caused it to clamp down and spasm. Her kiss now was desperate. It wasn’t the innocent peck she first tried to give me. Rather, her tongue shot into my mouth and attacked my own tongue like she was desperate. Her entire body moved with desperation as if she was lost in lust and every second she had to work to get as much sexual satisfaction as she could like her life depended on it.

I guided my dick straight to her wet pussy, which was easier said than done. She was still lifting up her hips with her legs pushing on the bed, trying to hump me on top of her. She barely seemed to know what she was doing, like a dog with an itch on its back, her pussy was desperately trying to scratch an itch, the intense desire to be filled with my cock. As soon as my cock found its way, her legs pushed her pussy against it, trying to plow it into her. She might have succeeded too if she wasn’t a tight virgin. As was, only the head slipped in as I pulled back again.

Our lips parted and Mia let out a savage cry. Her eyes were completely unhinged and seemed to desperately want it.

“It’s there… I want…” She finally let out the words between pants.

“You want my cock?” I whispered in her ear faintly.

“Y-yes…” She said, her eyes watering. “Please… pregnant…”

I put on a fake displeased look, causing her to look up at me even as her body shook. “Wh-what?”

I reached down and grabbed my cock, and rather than push it in, I started pushing it up and down her slit, causing the head of my cock to rub against her, but not enter.

“P-please…” she begged, the feeling causing her to become even more desperate.

“I can give you my cock now… but if I do it now, I definitely won’t fill you with seed.” I whispered. “I will in a bit, but you must endure.”

“Nn-no…” She cried. “I-I can’t…”

“Hah? Are you saying you want my dick even if I don’t get you pregnant?” I whispered maliciously.

“Ha… you…” She tried to put on an admonishing look, but with my cock rubbing against her, she was out of her mind and she could barely think. “Please… stick it in me. Please, I need it, stick it in me even if I don’t get pregnant!”

“Slut,” I said, causing her entire body to shiver.

Her brain was confused. She had never enjoyed this kind of pleasure before. Even being called a slut seemed to cause her to grow excited. Was that what this was? She wanted to feel a man’s cock inside her even if it gave her no gains? Isn’t that exactly what a slut is? Yet, at the moment, she couldn’t even feel shame for that. All she could feel was excitement. If Mia was a slut, then couldn’t she enjoy this kind of thing all the time? No… not true… most guys wouldn’t fuck a girl who had her virginity taken. But… I had said something earlier.

“I-I’m only Clyburn’s sl…” She looked away, not able to finish what she said.

Moving my cock faster and faster on her clit, her body started to shutter in desire.

“Say it…” I hissed in her ear.

“I’m Clyburn’s slut!” She yells out. “Ahhhhhnnnn!”

As soon as the words come out, I pushed my cock into her, tearing past her hymen. While her eyes crinkle a bit in pain, she wears an open smile on her face, feeling it enter inside of her even as she is broken open. The pain of having her hymen broken is dwarfed by her intense desire to be filled by my cock. Once I push it all in, I stop, allowing her to recover.

“Please… fuck me…” her eyes flash open only a few seconds later. “I-I love you…”

I stopped for a second as she gives me a pleading look. Whether she really meant she loved me, or she just couldn’t properly articulate the feelings of sexual desire and contentment flooding through her, I didn’t really care. Teenagers were always falling in and out of love, and it looked like a little bit of my dick was enough to make this girl think she’d fallen for me. Perhaps I was teasing her a bit too much, but this accomplished my goals good enough.

I started thrusting into Mia, my cock stained a bit red as I started slowly conquering her tight pussy. Mia really was tight too. She was a small girl, and her pussy was also small. My cock actually looked quite large inside her. It was like a massive thing filling her up to the brim. As I pushed into her, I could see it displace her stomach just a bit with each thrust. It looked like Mia had good pain tolerance, however, because the only thing her face wore was euphoria.

She reached up grabbing my head and pulling me to kiss her. Her kisses were sloppy. In reality, she was just a fifteen-year-old girl who had never kissed someone before. However, her kisses were also very passionate. It was clear that she was lost in pleasure and feeling. Her expectations had been pulled out from under her and now she could do nothing else but keep riding along.

“Ahhh…. Ahhh… ahhh…” Mia’s moans weren’t simply loud and continuous, they were all-encompassing.

She looked up at me in her hands, her cheeks red, her eyes starry, and her body naked. She smiled at me, her lower lip quivering as another orgasm took her, unable to resist as her body reacted to the pleasure. This time, when her hips turned wild, my cock told them just where to go. She wildly humped my body as she clung against me savagely, moans and kissing me while she tried to take every drop of pleasure my cock could give her. She was quite a wild girl, especially since she was so tiny.

Morgan was a voluptuous woman with skill and drive. Hannah was inexperienced, but also eager and willing. Hannah was light and breathy, while Aunt Rose was thick and meaty. This girl was different from them entirely. She was like a monkey or a cat, clinging on, shaking, shivering, and humping to get her satisfaction, even though she was under me and under my own machination.

My hips continued to pound against her until I lost track of time. Her writhing, moaning body became the only thing in my world, and my large body she clung to became the only thing in hers. Her moaning reached my ears like a symphony, the cute sounds egging me on as she came yet again.

“I-if you want, you can cum outside now, I-I’ll help.” She moaned into my ears.

It was at that moment I realized she was truly serious. She had said in her moment of lust that she wanted my dick and didn’t care to get pregnant, and even in her sexual euphoria, she wanted to adhere to it. At that point, I knew what I needed to know about Mia. Whomever she was, she was someone I felt was genuine.

“I’m going to cum inside you!” I grunted back, increasing the pace of my thrusting to bring myself over the edge.

“Ah… b-but… I’ll get pregnant!” She tried to respond to me in pants.

“Take my baby and be mine!” I kissed her lips as she panted.

“Mmmm…” She moaned into my mouth until our lips broke apart. “I’m Clyburn’s! I’m yours, give me your baby, please! I love you!”

With that, I started cumming inside her, pushing one more time as deep as I could as my cock swelled and got stuff shot out into her womb.

“Ahhh… it’s inside me!” Her body shuttered in intense pleasure.

The feelings were far more intense that she could have predicted. She started cumming again herself, her pussy hungrily milking my cock for every seed as her body wanted to become pregnant with my seed. It wasn’t simply the fact that she got what she wanted after long last. It was far more than that. It was that she got me. As I came inside her, the realization flooded over her face. At this point, it couldn’t be any other man’s seed. It definitely had to be mine! The love and lust filled her eyes as she looked up at me in adoration, her legs wrapped around my body, my seed deep inside of her, our bodies sweaty, tired, and conjoined at the hip.

The pair of us hugged, and tears started falling down her eyes. She was so happy she couldn’t really understand it. The only thing she knew for certain was that she never wanted to leave my arms.

“Ahem…” A voice suddenly caused the pair of us to look up.

Rigor and Diana were sitting on the couch. They both had their clothing back on entirely. Rigor looked embarrassed, blushing while trying to avoid looking at the pair us, me still on top of and inside Mia. Diana was staring right at us, but she had her mouth open like she didn’t know what to make of what she was looking at. It was a scene, unlike anything she had ever seen before. Even this world’s romance novels never showed anything quite like this. There was a flash of desire and jealousy in her eyes.

“Uh…” Rigor spoke up again sheepishly. “You guys done?”

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