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I wake up slowly with a feeling of weight on my arms and chest. It takes me another minute before I groggily open my eyes. My nose feels assaulted by some light fragrance. More than that, my arms feel trapped like I am unable to move them. No, more than that, I feel warm and softness against my skin. Hair tickles my nose and I sneeze, but when I try to raise my arm, I find myself unable to do so.


“Mmm…” I heard two voices coming at the same time, one from either side of me.

My eyes turn and I look to my left. Pressed against my arm is a girl. She’s holding my arm tightly, but there isn’t the slightest hint of a chest. Her hair is short and there is a little bit of drool on her lips. She looks very cute, in a messy kind of way. There is more movement coming from my right, so I turn that way.

There is a second woman. She was scratching her eyes and yawning with one hand. Her breasts, slightly larger, are hugging my arm. Meanwhile, she had a hand on my chest in a very intimate way. Her eyes suddenly open as if she only now woke up enough to realize where she was. Her eyes widen at first, but then narrow and darken.

“Clyburn…” Her voice comes out as a rasp.

“Brooke!” I finally let out in a squeal.

“I’ll kill you!”



As Brooke lunges for my throat, I use my strength to pull Ashton up over me, as a result, Ashton ends up between the pair of us. As a result, the recently startled awake Ashton was sandwiched between the pair of us in the equivalent of a bear hug. Now away, she starts thrashing while Brooke still desperately tries to grab at me, her hand stuck between my chest and Ashton’s back.

“Wh-what’s going on!” Ashton cried.

“Th-this man has defiled us!” Brooke screamed angrily. “I’ll kill him!”

“I-I did no such thing!” Ashton cried, clearly under the impression Brooke was talking about her.

“Not you, him!” Brooke makes another lunge, while I desperately use Ashton as a human shield.

“It’s a mistake! You’re making a mistake!” I tried to defend myself desperately. “This is my bed! Yes, my bed! You’re the ones assaulting me!”

“Haaaah? That’s impossible!” Brooke growled.

“Eh?” Ashton finally looks behind her realizing she lying on someone. “Is that… Cly? Why are you in bed with me? Oh… you don’t mean… we…”

Brooke finally pulled back, and as soon as Ashton could leave, she jumped off of me and scurried to her bed, turning and pointing accusingly.

“See!” Brooke adds accusingly. “You… you…”

“We… had a threesome with Brooke?” Ashton offers, dropping her hand and turning away shyly. “Well, as long as our junk didn’t touch it’s probably okay.”

“Whaaaat!?” Brooke broke into coughs, glaring at the innocent looking Ashton over at me and back to Ashton. “Don’t you see what he did! He took advantage of both of us!”

“Eh?” Ashton scratched her head. “That’s just silly. Clyburn and I have been living together for a week. If he was one of those guys, wouldn’t he have done something before?”

“What? You’re living with him?” Brooke became even more frustrated.

“Ladies… ahem… I mean, Brooke…” I immediately changed what I was going to say. “You came home last night with Ashton, you remember? You must have come to our room and then crashed. As to why you both ended up on my bed? Well, when I came in last night I immediately passed out and I’m pretty sure you weren’t there before. Right? Remember?”

Brooke frowned, but her brow started to scrunch as she tried to remember the previous night. As for me, Mia and I exchanged numbers. I also ended up with Diana’s number when she slipped it to me while Rigor wasn’t looking. As for Rigor, he seemed unable to read the room. He kept trying to make fun of me that I came so slowly. He thought it was hilarious that I got Mia to say she loved me. Meanwhile, Mia kept her head down and kept a red flushed face. Diana kept shooting looks of regret at him, but her face remained complicated.

Naturally, Diana had finished up with Rigor after about five minutes. It wasn’t bad, per se, but it wasn’t what happened between Mia and me either. Basically, she was feeling a bit left out and frustrated. She was particularly frustrated she had signed a contract with Rigor, and no longer had her virginity. Would sex with me have gotten her pregnant better than Rigor? There was no saying that. However, something about the event seemed to entice her heart and make her watch Mia with envy.

It stroke midnight by the time we parted ways. Rigor had managed to make the entire environment awkward until even he got that things were weird.

“Ah… man… she even made this weird face when you were delivering your seed. What was that?”


That face, of course, was a female orgasm. Rigor probably didn’t have any experience with those. For him, a smile and a nod are about as romantic as it got. Seeing a girl bright red, her eyes dazed, her mouth open, her breathing hard… was probably not the expression on Diana’s face when he came in her. I definitely wanted to see this supposed video that trained men how to be seed deliverers. Perhaps it stressed male satisfaction since male satisfaction was the most essential component in delivering seed.

“What? Did I say something?” Rigor asked, seeing everyone in the room quiet.

I shrugged and forced a laugh. “Hah… well, actually, I had some other things I needed to do tonight. So, I’m going to go.”

When I stood up to leave, I felt a tug on my sleeve. I looked down to see Mia with a grip on my sleeve. She wore a surprisingly cute yet stubborn look like she wanted to go with me.

“I-I’m yours…” She muttered very lightly under her breath, to the point that even I could barely hear it next to her.

Rather than growing angry, I lowered down and kissed her on the nose, handing her the contract I signed earlier. “Yes, you are. Here’s the proof.”

She looked down at the papers, not moving to take them. “I don’t… need it… either way…”

I gave a gently patted her head. “You don’t have to do anything like this. Even married people sign a marriage certificate. It’s may not be needed, but it does declare your wants and needs clearly.”

“Mm-marriage!” The girl looked up, the words coming out long enough that everyone hears.

“Ah!” Diana stands in a fluster, the word marriage clearly startling her.

“Marriage?” Rigor laughed. “Who honestly gets married these days. Unless you’re some rich woman looking to buy a husband for status, girls like you don’t get husbands.”

Mia put on a hurt look, lowering her eyes again.

“My father married my mother,” I said simply.

Mia and Diana both glanced at me in surprise, their expression turning a bit odd. Rigor raised his hands defensively with an awkward shrug.

“Ah… I didn’t mean it that way. Ugh… I’m just not on my game tonight, man. You got to admit it’s weird though, right? You’re not seriously talking about marrying the first girl you see, right? Spending the rest of your life with one girl and becoming a government stud, that’s not good, Cly.”

I shook my head. “Who says I need to marry only one woman?”

“Wh-what?” Rigor now wore a confused expressing mirroring the two women.

We have multiple women throughout our lives.” I explained. “Why not marry multiple women?”

“Marrying… more than one woman?” Rigor said that like the concept never even occurred to him.

It was one of the things that always bugged me most about this world. Supposedly, this was a world with few men and many women. It was a world ripe for harems. Even in my old world, there were men with harems of fifty to one hundred women in the history books. It seemed odd to me that this sort of structure didn’t develop here.

This world should have turned into a world like lions. In lion culture, there was one male leader, and the rest were females. His harem of women supported him, while he offered them protection. When a boy was born, once he grew old enough, he was cast out to start his own pride. This world was ripe for a similar system. Men should each be supporting massive harems of women, rather than running around desperately forming contracts.

Strangely, the idea of monogamy seemed to have been ingrained in this world very early on, before the floods. Perhaps because the original demons were polygamists, the humans leaned toward monogamy as a counter. Even after the floods and the prosperous age and birth of the hero, the idea that marriage was one man and one woman remained. With the male population small, rather than opening up to polygamy, this culture destroyed the concept of marriage altogether, considering it selfish and counterproductive.

However, it seemed like even the men of this world had never considered the idea of forming relationships with the women they had sex with. Rather, they depended on contracts, turning the very concept into a business transaction rather than an emotional one. Perhaps it was because women were in power as a majority, and didn’t like the idea of giving up power. Most harem relationships left the man in charge as the head of the harem. All of this could have just come down to women not wanting to give up power.

In fact, in most marriages, it was the men who were the breadwinners. In this world where men had the potential to make a lot of money with little effort, this would only be reinforced. Basically, the government shut down marriages to keep men from being in power. Perhaps there was a reincarnated feminist woman somewhere in history who wanted to maintain the matriarchy at all costs. Perhaps it was only natural for those in power to want to stay in power.

Whatever the reason, the effect was still the same. Most common people considered marriage a joke, something for the excessively powerful to do to show their power. To some, it might even be looked at with scorn, particularly among those of lower classes. The high classes can maintain a marriage because ultimately, the woman has enough power that the power dynamic never changes. Polygamy and the idea of creating long-lasting love-centric relationships with women were not even considered a thing by most.

“I just thought, maybe… if a man could marry many women, he could do his part for the population, while remaining in the lives of his loved ones and children.”

“L-loved…” Mia whispered.

“Remaining in our lives…” Diana pondered.

Rigor laughed, slapping me on the back. “What woman would want the men to stick around? He’s already done his part? After that, doesn’t he just get in the way? I mean, if Diana here doesn’t get pregnant, I can sleep with her again. And if she does and has a second baby, we can always make a new contract. But what else is there to do? I mean, Diana, you wouldn’t want me around, right?”

Diana looked up tightly. “Y-yeah… what would I do with a guy around?”

Rigor nodded with a smile, but he didn’t see the look she shot me. At least to me, it seemed to say that she was not sure about that. Perhaps, if I was the one in her life, maybe she would want that to be true.

Not wanting to create any more problems tonight, and still having to find Lyra, I left the room. Everyone followed, also finding it about time to leave. Perhaps the girls didn’t want to be alone with Rigor, because they seemed to both be standing a bit closer to me. Rigor, who had already fulfilled his end of the contract, was humming to himself and seemed completely unconcerned with what Diana was doing after that.

We headed back down the main area, and I made a face. The place which was originally quite busy is now very empty. There started out with a good 500 women in the place, but now there was only about 50.

“Where did everyone go?” I asked.

Diana looked at her clock. “Oh, shoot! It’s twelve! We got classes at 7 in the morning!”

“Ah! We definitely have to go!” Mia admitted tearfully.

“S-sorry, you guys don’t have many classes, but we have to keep up the grades or we get kicked out! Only the more desperate girls will stay out passed one.”

It made a bit of sense to me. These were only fifteen to sixteen-year-old girls, after all. School started early and staying up late might be a new concept for many of these girls. They’re not exactly college students yet used to functioning on five hours of sleep.

“Ah!” Mia blushed, making a weird expression.

“What?” I asked.

Mia whispered something into Diana’s ears, and she nodded. “Ah… we’re going to go for a minute to freshen up, but we just wanted to make sure you guys stayed so we could probably say goodbye.”

“Ah? You want us to wait for you?” Rigor said that with a somewhat arrogant voice, but it didn’t sound like he meant anything mean by it.

Diana shot him an angry look, but he was already looking around, perhaps eyeing some of the drunk women still in the club. I watched the pair of girls with a somewhat amused expression. Basically, Mia realized she needed to pee, but she didn’t want to say that she had to pee, so she asked Diana to bail her out. I gave the girls a nod and Mia dragged Diana quickly off to the restroom. They really were children. Except, I just had sex with one of them. The frown left my face a moment later.

That’s the problem with starting to own up to my age. I start seeing myself as a man, and suddenly everyone else looked like children. I deflated my chest a bit with that. It was an uncomfortable thought, one I had avoided mostly since I came to this world. Before, I used my young age to exploit my mother and aunt and older sisters. It worked splendidly, and I was able to handle it because I told myself they were old enough to think for themselves.

However, the dynamic was changing now. I was the same age as most of these girls, and now I was using my advanced knowledge to exploit their youth. For whatever reason, this change didn’t go down as well as I could have hoped. I took a breath, allowing that fear to pass me by. This was the nature of this world, and whether I had those memories or not, I was still a fifteen-year-old boy. It didn’t matter if I had more knowledge about sex. I likely had more knowledge about the male and female sex than anyone else in this world.

“So, she cute.” A voice caused me to spin around.

Aiko was standing there with a broom; she seemed to be sweeping the area around the bar now that most of the people have left. Rigor seemed to be off in a corner. He was chatting with a girl who only looked partially interested. Perhaps she was one of those girls who swore off babies, or perhaps she had already paid a man or already had a baby. She looked to be a Senior, so Rigor’s chances seemed bleak. I turned back to Aiko. She was a pretty Japanese girl. She wore a sleeveless shirt and she had her hair up in a pair of sticks. She was also wearing an apron.

“Aiko… ah… yeah… Mia was my date tonight.”

“Hmm… see…” Aiko spoke somewhat shortly.

“Aiko wouldn’t be jealous, would she?” I hid a malicious grin on my face as I asked this.

Aiko stood up rigid and dropped her broom. “Ah! That… wh-wh-wh-why would jealous! Not even the Academy girl!”

“Ah… well, you were almost going to have one of my babies, right?”

Aiko turned away, her face turning red. “You… that… that was always Brooke’s baby! You shouldn’t say things like that, other women might not be as tolerant of your words like me!”

There was a sudden flash of a woman’s face in my eyes. That face was Tinya, full of rage an angry. She too almost had my baby. My teasing mood deflated like a balloon. Aiko was obviously agitated by my words, and not in a particularly cute way. I lowered my head.

“I’m… sorry… I think you’re a good person Aiko. I just thought we might be friends. I went too far.” I bowed my head.

Aiko pursed her lips. If many women had a man bow to them, they’d grow flustered and try to stop him. Aiko was a bit different. Instead, she looked on thoughtfully.

“I… saw what you did for Brooke earlier. She got drunk and almost went home with someone ugly.”

“You miss her?” I asked, trying to remain docile, but curious.

Aiko shrugged. “I’m… over her. However, that doesn’t mean I want to see bad things happen to her. I still feel like you stole her from me. I understood it. I was warned about men… a lot of man-haters come into this bar. They say men steal women just to put another notch on their belt. They like hearing my story about you…”

I frowned. “Oh…”

“You… really care about her, huh?”

I looked up. “I care about everyone in my life, you included.”

Aiko crossed her arms, trying to hide a slight coloring in her cheeks. “I suppose… we can be friends. Many girls think friend with man impossible. Aiko not one of them. But that doesn’t mean a man can take advantage of Aiko, Understood!”

“Ah! Yes, ma’am!” I saluted, causing Aiko to giggle.

“In that case, that black man Trey say you look for Ice queen, yes?”

“Lyra? You know Lyra?”

“I know queens, yes…” Aiko waved her hand. “Everyone tell bartender everything!”

“Well, don’t tell me I missed her!”

Aiko shrugged. “She don’t come to bar. Boys here. Everyone knows Ice queen hates boys.”

I broke into a cough. “Ah… r-really?”

That wasn’t the Ice queen I knew. The Ice queen I knew was actually a bit of a hornball who masturbated so she didn’t think about boys in public. Perhaps, my vision of Ice queen was the odd one. Honestly, she wasn’t that intimidating, right?

“Why you chase queen? For hunt?”

“No, no! Nothing like that.” I defended. “Actually, the reason is simple. I need an invite to the welcoming party. My sister is going to be there, and I’m afraid she might do something stupid.”

Aiko looked at me for a moment, tapping her lips. “Can you cater?”

“Cater? Ah… I did a little bit of catering in college, my…” I stopped as Aiko’s look turned strange. “I can figure it out, I think.”

“Okay!” Aiko nods, “I talk to boss. Get you job. Come back here on Saturday, I’ll get you in!”

“O-okay…” I nodded, “Th-thank you!”

“It’s fine…” Aiko suddenly blushed again, looking away. “We-we’re friends, yes?”

“Diana, you’re back!” I heard Rigor say.

I turned around as Aiko grabbed her broom and started sweeping with a final goodbye. As for me, I was confused for a moment, because while Diana was there, I didn’t see Mia at all. Diana also looked somewhat like she’d seen a ghost.

“D-diana? What’s wrong?” I asked, stepping forward.

“Th-that…” Diana actually came to me and suddenly wrapped her arms around me in a hug. “Th-they scared me.”

Rigor walked up to us, scratching his head. “Ah… yeah… what happened?”

“Where is Mia?” I demanded.

Diana looked up at me tearfully. “Th-they took her.”


Diana immediately shook her head. “Ah… two girls suddenly grabbed her when we came out of the bathroom. They said she’d been ‘selected’ and she needed to go see the Monarch now. It was really shady. Mia didn’t want to go, but they were insistent. She… uh… she gave me this to give you.”

Diana held out her hand with a small ripped up piece of paper in it. I opened it and looked. It was a small piece of paper that had the name Mia and her phone number.

“Do-do we need to call the cops?” I asked worriedly.

“Huh? Isn’t this just women business? I don’t think we should get involved.” Rigor shrugged.

I ignored him, looking down at Diana who was shaking her head. “They said they wouldn’t hurt her and she’d be free to go after they talked.”

“The Monarch… does that mean anything to you?”

Diana looked away, seeming not wanting to say anything. “That…”

“Do you know something?” I demanded.

“Ah… it’s just… there have been whispers going around about her.”

“Is this like the school queens?” I pondered.

“So-sort of. Every year, there is a group of Freshman that come into the school. There are over a thousand of us every year. We’re usually the lower classmen, the bottom of the barrel. Some come trying to get pregnant as quickly as possible, why others don’t even bother trying until the next year. However, this year’s power dynamic has been… strange…”

“Strange? The Monarch? Who is she?”

Diana shook her head. “I don’t know. Her sign is a Monarch Butterfly. She’s been taking over the entire Freshman class. There was a group of Sophomore that tried to humiliate a couple of Freshmen who publicly asked a group of boys out yesterday, and the Monarch suddenly showed up. The Sophomore ended up getting overwhelmed by the Monarch’s group and sent running. Ever since she’s been growing in popularity among the Freshman.”

“O-okay… why would the Monarch have an interest in Mia?”

“I… ah…” Diana looked down. “We’re not Monarchs! I didn’t think they’d hold us accountable!”

“Hah? What is it? What did you do?”

“The Monarch… a lot of the Freshman have just been ignoring her. She makes a declaration. All Monarch’s have to follow it. No men… Any Freshman who decides to sleep with a man is kicked out of the group and made an example of.”

“The Monarch is some kind of lipstick lesbian?” My eyebrow raised. “Just what we need. A man-hater controlling the freshman class.”

“Th-that’s not exactly it…” Diana looked away slightly.

“What’s that?

“It’s just that… this is just the stories… but they say that the Monarch is collecting the Freshman for something called a… um… a harem.”

“She’s trying to form a harem of women? What is this, yuri?” I shook my head in frustration. It is as though competing with guys wasn’t already annoying. “Well, then it’s probably good you and Mia had sex, you won’t be collected into her ah… harem, right?”

Diana closed her mouth and nodded. She seemed uncertain of the words. She seemed mostly just frightened for her friend’s sake. I reached out with one hand and patted her head while reaching in my pocket with the other.

“Look, Diana… here is my number,” I handed her a sheet of paper in return. “If these… Monarchs… give you any trouble, or if Mia doesn’t return soon, let me know.”

“You-you’d do that?” Diana shook slightly, seemed confused.

I tried to give her a reassuring smile. “I’m just a guy. Not sure if I can do anything, but if it comes to Mia’s safety, I will do everything in my power.”



“I… I wish you had taken my virginity…” Diana said in a low whisper, shooting Rigor, casually drinking with the Senior girl on the other side of the room.

I lifted up my hand to her cheek. “I don’t judge people on whether they have their virginity or not.”

Diana shook again. “O-oh…”

It was nearly 1 in the morning by the time I made it to the trolley heading back to Academy. I was completely exhausted upon entering my bedroom. I collapsed right on the bed and went to sleep. Only seven hours later, I sat on my bed with a cup of coffee in my hands. I let out a yawn that nearly cracked my jaw. Meanwhile, the shower was running in the room next to me.

“Ahhnn… don’t touch there!” the high voice of Ashton came from the room. “Aiiii…”

I took another sip of coffee as I listened to two girls playing in the shower. I had learned a while ago that Brooke was very particular about her smell. A single comment that she smells bad and she’d run straight to the bathroom to clean herself. I sent the lovebirds to the bathroom together. Brooke was suspicious, while Ashton was embarrassed in a cute way. In the end, Brooke’s lewdness overwhelmed her doubt, unable to resist Ashton’s blushes. She dragged Ashton in and started stripping her.

The door suddenly slammed open, and Ashton jumped out. She was still wet, and completely naked. My glass fell to the floor and shattered, spilling what was left of my coffee. I couldn’t help but stare at her, my eyes open and my mouth wide.

She pointed right at me and shouted. “You-you bastard! I won’t be fooled by you!”

“What? Who’s fooling who?”

Brooke came out behind her with a towel, a confused look on her face. “What are you getting all worked up for? We’re both women… didn’t you invite me to fool around?”

“I’m… I’m not a woman!” Ashton cried back up until she hit the door.

“You saw her vagina…” I sighed. “It looks familiar, doesn’t it?”

“Th-that’s… vaginas and penis are made from the same stuff. It’s just a single chromosome switched. Sometimes they look alike!”

“What’s going on?” Brooke shot me a glare.

“She thinks she’s a boy. That’s why we have a room together.”

“I don’t think anything!” Ashton snapped. “I’m a boy! I can’t believe you’d find a guy who looked like me and convince me he’s a girl just to embarrass me like this!”


“Haaah? Man my ass!” Brooke made a fist.

“Oh, you had me tricked with the boobs, but you got short hair and those muscles just like Clyburn!” Ashton growled.

“You know… I was thinking you were cute… but you’re starting to piss me off, girl.” Brooke’s teeth were grinding.

“Both of you, just go to hell!” Ashton grabbed a coat at the door, throwing it over himself, covering his body before running out and slamming the door behind him.

Brooke spun to me. “You… you did this.”

I raised my hand. “She’s a cute girl, I thought you’d set her straight. I didn’t realize she was in such a state of denial.”

“You… fix this.” Brooke demanded.


“I don’t know, just fix it!” Brooke barked, grabbing her clothing and similarly storming out the door with a slam.

“Aiii…” I scratched the back of my head. “Women… why do I have to fix everything?”

Well, I guess I needed to take care of this now. I tightened my fists to steel my resolve and then stood up. Now… I’m standing on broken glass.

“Ow…” I sit back down and bandage my bleeding foot first; the women will come next.

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